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  1. Apr 8, 2012
    This game is so bad. I wanted to like this but it's so broken , treble graphics, coop is so bad and it took them 5 1/2 years to make it. It should never come to the stores.
  2. Jan 16, 2013
    In the 7 years this game was begin developed, every single idea in this game was done and done better. This is the mutant offspring of Borderlands, Dead Rising, and Left for Dead. The game is a mess. If you want to shoot things with crazy weapons get Borderlands. If you want to kill zombies with crazy weapons get Dead Rising. If you want to just kill zombies get COD for all I care just avoid this game like the zombie plague.

    On a side note, I ignored the story through the entire game and was still left unsatisfied with the ending. The story is bad, the gameplay is awful, and the game is one of the few titles I've actually sold back to Game Stop in the past 5 years.
  3. May 11, 2014
    Really terrible. An awful idea that has been done to death executed poorly, this is the best thing I can say about this boring collaboration of design flaws. The trailer for this game also shows the problems with videogame marketing as it made the game look quite arty but no.
  4. Nov 8, 2011
    Ive never been less interested to play a game after the first 20 minutes than Dead Island. Sure the concept is good but the gameplay and features have been done to death with zombie games. As a new franchise, they needed something different in the zombie genre in order to take flight. Dead Island doesn't deliver anything we haven't seen in previous zombie titles. This is pretty much Dead Rising on an island. Expand
  5. Jul 21, 2012
    Okay, what they've tried to do seems great on paper, but its not executed properly. This game is repetitive and unsatisfying. It should be possible to have way more fun, but it just seems like the combat is the only aspect to this game. Kick over a zombie and bash its head in. Gets old pretty fast. But, what really bugs me is this game is supposedly an RPG. Is that meant to be a joke!? You get to pick from four stock characters and that's it.

    There's absolutely no character customisation and you've no interaction with NPCs other than choosing whether or not to accept mission, but I suppose even if you could actually say stuff to them, you wouldn't want to because they're all the same tired, melodramatic clichés we've seen a million times before and yet ANOTHER game with Steve Blum doing the same voice.

    Oh and there's no Day/Night cycle. In an 'open world' zombie game? That's ridiculous.
  6. Sep 8, 2011
    ok, well i will start off by saying that i review based on 3 main points of interest, gameplay, graphics/visuals and fun factor.story would fall in there but some games(sports for example) may lack so one must know how to dissect a game properly to give a fair and non-biased view by playing the game hands on. i own 360/ps3/p.c. and by no means am i a fan boy, im a gamer who is a fan of good gaming exp's. with that said dead island. like all of us we watched that wonderfully made trailer and like most of us had high hopes for this game, and like some of us knew that trailer was a tough act to follow. so to make a valid review i must not combine the thoughts of the trailer w/ this game because it would make reviewing the game w/ a mindset which is "f*ck this stinks, trailer didnt look like this !" but to be honest how many trailers do actually live up to the hype that is something which could be used for a hollywood production? not many. w/ that aside i am a old school gamer who has found it necessary to make reviews here and there because a review is just that, insert game into console and explain to other gamers exactly what the exp is like, how the controls are, should you buy or rent etc. and of course this is just an opinion but i have had the pleasure of playing many many games and can tell you what is worth playing and what is worth leave displaying at local game store. when i put this game in i had already heard mixed reviews and some that were so mixed in regards to either very good or very bad, and found it funny how there was a small middle ground, either hated or loved, no in between. well to start off i try to look at the positives in every game and try my best not to pick a game apart by flaws, especially if the flaws out do not out weigh the positives. graphically the game isnt top notch but it isnt bad either, thats a draw and to me graphics can be overlooked so as long as gameplay/fun factor/story is solid, unless the graphics hender the ability to decipher wtf you are looking at but this was not the case, graphics are not bad.. but one thing i did notice was that the game was very tedious as far as looting from the very beginning, now i dont mind looting, actually enjoy it but i was not enjoying a stack of suitcases within 5 feet of each other and the overly animated sequence when one grabs something (almost like every item that can be grabbed looks like "give me that f'n energy drink") but its not a game breaker. minor. then i started to hear the voice of the person i picked to play w/ starting to repeat the same "i kill you" and "maybe something inside" and this is done every time you search something or take a whack at a zombie/undead,again it is minor, very annoying at times, but again not a deal breaker.. but already im dealing w/ 2 few minor issues which are are starting to bug me and i have finished 1 quest, 10-15 mins into the game. now lets get to controls. well they can be unforgiving at times and takes a little getting used to but after playing now for a few hours, i still dont feel i have complete control w/ weapons, aiming and rage. but i have learned a few tricks to rough it out and kick button is the secret for me (until you face bigger, meaner zombies and then the kick isnt as effecting. but again controls not a major set back but doesnt help the cause. now some of the quests will have you running back and forth to the same spots and rinse and repeat, this can get redundant but im just trying to have fun, because this game is not a serious survival zombie game, and if you jump into this thinking so then i will say you may be disappointed. and do not think you will get an emotional or gripping story via the trailer, again you will feel cheated if you do.w/o going into a long dragged out review i will give it to you as i see it. we all have different tastes and ideas of what a fun game is, but to me im not having much fun, along the way i found minor flaws here and there but then ended up w/ a bucket full of them, and flaws are not a deal breaker so as long as the game can keep one wanting more and arouse enjoyment. and unfortunately i did get the special edition and didnt bother to use the dlc's. i just did not enjoy myself w/ this hack and slash. hack and slash isnt a bad thing, not at all, some of my fav games are hack/slash. but to me it just got old and fast. keep in mind i was happy i bought this game, before i played 4-5 hours of it and now i (want to say regret it) wished it would stay in my console for a few days or some co-op but i do not enjoy this game.yes there are some good points, the gore, the grunts and screams from the zombies but thats not enough for me.i am saddened to have written a review which is less than stellar for this game,but because i made an investment in it doesnt mean i will entertain others by giving gamers what they want to hear, instead i must give you my opinion and that is, i highly recommend you try b4 you buy,im unhappy w/ D.I Expand
  7. Sep 11, 2011
    To me, it's extremely ODD that many posted user-reviews spend so much available text-space berating and reviewing OTHER user reviews. . . Any review is merely an opinion and to overtly and mistakenly judge that certain user reviews are more credible than others is, yet, another opinion. -"My dad can beat up your dad" argumentation is silly and does NOT contribute to any meritorious discussion about this novel, new mess from Techland via their half-baked Chrome engine. . . DEAD ISLAND is a buggy, often broken, beta-quality muddle of concepts and it, routinely, makes NEW VEGAS, at its earlier launch, look like a storied and pristine example of flawless game design and implementation. /cough. Trollery aside, with droll fetch quests bordering on the inane, erratic AI, pop-in, FPS swings, insta-spawing zombies in familiar places, repeat-spawning of cash inside treasure chests; er, suitcases, paying-a-workbench to upgrade a pipe, or whatever, DEAD ISLAND is DOA with its many bugs, glitches and half-done Q&A. Aside from the released Steam version being an incorrect XBOX beta version and then being patched so that users would lose their DLC, savegames, etc; the following PS3 patched-version would then erase all Trophy support and create yet another set of diverse oddities, while the XBOX patch is under review, prior to any release; DEAD ISLAND was shipped incomplete, beta-quality, shoddy. Some users have claimed that they have not experienced ANY anomalies with the game, minimal bugs, no weirdness, just grand game design all-around; although, if that were strictly accurate, WHY would so many diverse users on various systems report similar strangeness when encountering the same quests and traversing much of the same terrain? To be sure, as an open world, each player would find their own way, use their own weapons concoctions and approach questing in a random manner; BUT, why then does Techland's FIRST patch have nearly 40 admitted corrections and adjustments if everything is so wunderbar in Banoi? DEAD ISLAND will be soon forgotten, like BRINK. . . Expand
  8. Jan 15, 2014
    Dead Island wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It's a disappointment. Controlling the character is all wiggly and slippery. It's hard to move the character properly. Aside from choosing characters, the weapons literally have health bars [except for firearms], which is odd. You have to constantly repair weapons after using them on zombies. The same exact zombies reappear after I just killed them. Another problem is that if the character dies, you lose a lot of money. The driving is terrible. You don't get that much ammunition. The side missions are so demanding. The only thing I like about this game is the Ryder White campaign. Techland had a lot of areas to improve on. I wish they'd improved Dead Island, but it's too late. The game is already published. Expand
  9. Sep 9, 2011
    This game has neat concept, open world zombie game, but wrapped up in mediocre gameplay and tons of glitches. There are save glitches that breaks the game. Random awkward respawn for cheap deaths, and tons of other glitches, missing animation. techland promised fixes but now they saying September 29th ie before they release their DLC. Also this game is a bore fest solo, if you are thinking of going solo you better rent first, this game is definitely made with co-op in mind. With that the co-op causes all kinds of other glitches and it's hard to connect to people even your friends through online. The system link works great though but who has time to lug around their consoles to friends houses. This game reminds me of homefront, great concept in MP action but ultimately ruined because of glitches and bad netcode. and that game had empty promises of fixes as well. If you are thinking of getting the game try to find it used or wait till at least October to see if they came through with their fixes. As of now I just can't recommend this game for the full $60 . If the game was more polished I would probably give it a 6 or 7. Expand
  10. Sep 11, 2011
    As you can read; there are over 100 user reviews that are "positive", yet, the average is still only a low 6.7 out of 10; That's telling you something.. that this game is lacking... Both USERS and CRITICS alike grade it about the same: "Just OK". Most users, such as myself, that are reviewing it are fans of all things "zombie", and the game still doesnt score in the 80's (an average needed to be considered a great game) - So you've all answered it for us: This game is only "ok". It's "decent at best". It makes for a great rental or used purchase if you can get it for under $40.00â Expand
  11. Apr 16, 2012
    First thing to say. Zombie games must be arcade and not some weird ass rpg game. After playing it for 2 hours i was totally bored. For me a zombie game must be like Left for Dead. Classic shooting some zombies brains out. Yeah there are some good stuff in the game ofcourse. But i was really disappointed when i played this game.
  12. Sep 12, 2011
    I was on the fence about this game and Resistance 3 so I rented both first for 2 nights each. Let's just say, I purchased Resistance 3 .. EASILY!! Granted, I am not a big RPG fan and if you even remotely do not like RPG's, then don't get this game. It is basically, running from place to place to pick up crap, there are NO weapons ANYWHERE. I played for like a half hour and only found 2 items to pick up and use as a weapon. I did give it one for some of the visuals but it really is a disappointment to say the least. Expand
  13. Sep 6, 2011
    The 360 version features broken matchmaking for the vast majority of players. One should not be surprised at the broken network code, considering that these are the same artisans that shat out the deplorable Call of Juarez: The Cartel (47/100 on Metacritic at the time of this writing). The Chrome engine is dated and can't handle spawning more than 5 zombies at a time. There is no suspense, as money is plentiful and all the loot respawns with a great frequency. Do not buy this game before reading the Edge Magazine review. If, after reading their litany of (spot on) complaints you still feel like playing it, rent it from Gamefly (or, better yet, check yourself into an institution). I don't generally write reviews for games (especially negative ones) but this is the most ripped off I have felt with a game purchase in the last 5 years. I had my reservations, but seeing the fairly positive reviews, swallowed them and went ahead and got it. Should have gone with my gut. As an added bonus, if your pre-ordered the game on Steam, you got a broken dev version that they now have to repair (making your DLC, save games, and game data corrupt in the process). That is the general level of competency you can expect from Techland and Deep Silver. Expand
  14. Sep 14, 2011
    Why am I not seeing anyone writing about what I believe to be the worst part about this game. The Zombies level-scaling! WTF?!?!?! Seriously? Zombies are dead, the dead decay, therefore, if anything, zombies should get weaker over time. Which I don't think they have to, but keeping even the weakest the zombies just as strong as the player throughout the game? LAME! What's the point of leveling up or getting and upgrading new and stronger weapons, if it doesn't even freaking matter!?!?!?! Well? Can someone explain the plus to this? Regardless of where you are in the game, and what weapons you have (Aside from firearms later in the game). They are just as hard as the first zombie you beat with a crappy oar. This makes the game feel as if there's no character progression, because you don't get stronger. Well, you do get stronger, but so do the zombies. I can understand making the hordes larger, throwing the new stronger enemy types, but keep the weak zombies in their place, and throw the strong enemies at you. The endless fetch quests area bit annoying, as well. Once again though, if you're not going to feel any stronger after accumulating XP and levels and new weapons, then wtf is the point of even doing the dumb a$$ fetch-side-quests? I'm going to just play through only doing just the main story quests, and probably beat this travesty in 5 hours, considering the game is focused on millions of repetitive crappy side quests to give it any meat. As I mentioned before, no point in doing side quests and leveling up if there's no real reward for doing so, aside from wasting time that could be spent playing a better game. Expand
  15. Sep 12, 2011
    Hmmmmm where to start? The idea of the game is fantastic, and had so much potential! The FINAL PRODUCT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF A SHAMBLES, the story is that of one that has no depth, the missions and soooooooo repetitive. "Run around help someone out, turn this on, get this from here bring it back there". I'm sick of unknown game studios having someone make a trailor for a game just to promote a product the apart from name has nothing much in common with the end result. The game is so rough around the edges and so slow to progress techincally from something like Far Cry 2. The game leaves you feeling cheated and out of pocket, wish I had never taken Deus Ex for part trade in. If like me you are an old skool gamer who can tell the difference between good and bad you will save your cash and avoid this like the plague. What a wasteof total time, effort and cash. PURE GARBAGE! Expand
  16. Sep 30, 2011
    This game would have been so much better if it was delay a few months more to fix the many bugs it has, and this game has more bugs than a bug farm!! Furthermore anyone who says this game is good or even rate it higher than a 6 is not a gamer. 1stly the game is sorta fun but it wears off very fast and the reason is because you do the same time over and over.... for one almost all of the mission feel the same.... either go to a location , find a item , do this. do that its no variety at all. 2ndly the driving is horrible and lacks any sense of real driving even if its 1st person view . You can even see behind you to reverse. 3rd. no variety in weapons.... yes the game has lots of weapons?? not exactly you get different variations on the weapons... ex. feeble hammer - dangerous hammer n etc. what?? no chainsaws??? flamethrower?? 4th. The enemies you encounter feels lazy and dull ex. the big zombie knocks you back ok fine... why is it that the stray jacket infected knocks you back with the same impact if he is charging at you with full force?? Again you will have fun letting out rage on this game but personally i enjoyed left 4 dead n dead rising a whole lot better than this. I was highly disappointed!!!!! Expand
  17. Jun 9, 2013
    Textures were reused so many times it was sad. alot of the plot was silly. "i know a shortcut to the laboratory!"....why are you running we have a car like 5 meters to the left of us. if you play properly its virtually impossible to die and equipment is level based. that's pretty dumb, like anyone has a home-made knife. after about 2 hours of the game it gets pretty stupid with the plot, far to easy in combat, and the shotgun isnt even that good. 0.3 meters directly into the head or cheats and it does pistol/rifle dmg. i mean come on...bullets don't even pierce. "shoot it!" "i cant its behind very hollow wood!" Collapse
  18. Feb 20, 2014
    I did it. I found a game worse than CoD. I really have. Never have I been such hyped to play a game, only to have that hype thrown into a **** blender, and out came a steaming pile of crap. I hate this game. I hate it. But... Why do I hate this game? HERES WHY: YOU CAN ONLY HIT 5 TIMES BEFORE HAVING TO WAIT AN HOUR TO HIT AGAIN, THERE ARE NO GUNS, HALF THE MAP IS UN-ACCESABLE, TRYING TO KILL **** ISNT FUN, A TEDIOUS STORY NOBODY GIVES TWO CRAPS ABOUT, AND A TEDIOUS INVENTORY SYSTEM. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. PLEASE. Expand
  19. Nov 26, 2011
    this is the worst zombie game i've played,it's not scary,it's not even fails at what it was supposed to do-be fun.the weapons break to easily,yes its supposed to be realistic but i dontnwant my machete which cost £2000 to repair be broken in 3 hits!theres never enough zombies at the right time,and when there are they're impossibly hard and there about 30 of them crowding you.missions are reptative always going to get something for someone(i had to get a teddy once),guns are okay once you get a decent amount of ammo(which is hard to find in most of the game)overall this is a very poor game.only buy it when it's reduced to £10. Expand
  20. Jan 28, 2014
    Maybe I got spoiled on playing a few great games before this, but I'm disappointed in this game. The story line is horrible. The graphics are not that great. And the fighting style has really no strategy to it. I'm looking for a great zombie killing game and I didn't find it here. The positives are it's rpg style, so you can level up your character. You can upgrade and mod your weapons which is cool ( exactly like borderlands) . Now that I say that. To sum this game up its a C rated zombie killing Border Lands knock off. Expand
  21. Sep 13, 2011
    Its really sad how a game with this potential turned out so annoying, first of all you take too much damage, weapons break after you kill about 3 zombies,and the whole concept of money is dumb, why do i need money to fix my stuff ? why do i need money at all on this situation? You can't interact at all with the scenario everything seems to be nailed to the floor, except for beach balls which are the only thing you can interact with, but the physics are horrible.
    Combat is extremely repetitive it doesn't change from start to end, in Dead Rising you got sweet skills and upgrades every level, that actually made you feel how you character is getting stronger, on Dead Island skills are pretty much useless as Zombies actually get stronger while you get a skill that allows you to do more damage while drunk, the skills would help somewhat if zombies didn't get stronger, Why do Zombies even get stronger ? i find no reason, are they are capable of learning?, their bodies are able to build muscles ? in that case are they even different to the non infected or my character is paranoid and sees them as zombies while there is actually no infection? that would be a sick plot for a psychological thriller . Runners are faster than you, you cant escape and also you cant fight cause they come in groups and chances are when they charge at you they will miss, leaving you surrounded and hopeless,also you character seems to have no weight to him, he gets knocked down way to frequently. There's no plot whatsoever, quests are dumb i feel no motivation to help someone find her Teddy Bear, that's an actual quest found in the game, a grown woman asks you to risk your life for a god damn Teddy Bear, also rewards aren't worth it , this wouldn't matter in a game like Borderlands where combat is fun and rewarding, but in this game you don't really want to fight, you want to get things done, cause its impossible to enjoy getting killed over and over again, even worse if you know there's nothing different you could have done as combat is extremely simple you literally have 2 abilities, kick and swing, you can also throw, but its useless, as I said before you cant learn abilities, you are stuck with kick and swing for the whole game.
    A zombie punch seems to be way stronger than bullets, if a zombie hits you, you loose about 1/3 of your life, but you loose about a 1/25 when you are shot. Your character is a tool, he gets bossed around like no one else, people even say things at you like "What are you waiting for" after you accept their quest, they don't have the slightest of gratitude.
    You get in situations where you HAVE to do what the tell you, in main quest a guard asks you to look for his friend "Ken" who is most likely death, if you don't he wont let you pass, a guard makes you risk your life for a dead man. people in the island have no interest in helping you, but the still demand your help... , In Fallout you would have been able to kill the guard to advance to the next area, at the cost of loosing Karma, but not in this game, you are as good a Jesus and are forced to be a tool.
    This is kind of a personal point but, Zombies walk around with their flesh ripped off, still they complain when you hit them, Zombies don't feel pain, i know they are fictional characters but still there's a pattern to follow.
  22. Oct 3, 2011
    Graphically it doesn't look too bad, but fetch quest after fetch quest is enough to put even the most hardened zombie genre fan off. I gave up after about 4 hours.
  23. Oct 15, 2011
    Biggest Disappointment of the year, this game suck more ass then a ass sucking vampire. I really wanted to like this game alot, but its a horrible broken game full of bugs and glitchs and crappy cutscene animations. the game also gets boring and you have to force yourself to play it to the end.
  24. Feb 11, 2012
    Started out as a great game, problem for me was when my 20 hours save file got corrupted. Because of this I would warn people to keep in mind that many of the bugs in this game haven't been rectified by the developer. I think they are more focused on Dead Island 2.
  25. May 5, 2012
    A really bad game. Bought it thinking it can't be that bad.. and tolerated it for so long.. but put it down because it just isn't fun. It is a cross between Borderlands, L4D, and Dead Rising. It could have been great. But you get knocked down by zombies so easily and have to wait to get up. Then you respawn at a random location, and you can't simply rush back- ombies respawn quickly. Your best weapon quickly becomes useless as it degrades, and you end up with no money to repair. The quest management is broken, randomly not letting you follow a side quest, which consist generally of 'go here and get this'.

    People look like manikins from hell, and the graphics suffer from glitches and draw in, but they are bearable. Voice acting is pretty poor. If they removed weapon degradation and zombies knocking you over (or at least made it rare), rehauled the quest system, it could have been really good. But as it stands it is just damn annoying. Every tactic I take results in me getting overwhelmed and left with crap, worn weapons that no longer deal any damage worth the while. I tried so so so hard to love it, and failing that, I tried hard to respect their vision and play it through. But ii is just tedious. I still wish I could love it- but I just can't bare to put it in my Xbox again..
  26. Sep 28, 2011
    I really wanted this game to be a big hit! and when I got the game I did like it. However there were so many glitches it made the game unbearable, but not being one to admit defeat and that Id wasted my money I continued playing the game and for the most part having fun. that is until a glitch which took away all my weapons and my hands occurred and saved that way! And to top it off the tech support was terrible! (even blaming me for not making a back-up!!). Now this game can boast being the only game I have ever taken back! full refund too! :-) Expand
  27. May 20, 2013
    Ok so i have been wanting to get a zombie based game for a long time and when i saw Dead Island game of the year on sail for $15 new i got it in a heart beat. I was super pumped to get home and play it. But just like a Vegas marriage it did not last long. With multiple texture errors, massive lag and multiple glitches, this game left me wanting to shoot my balls off with a shot gun. But with a pretty fun start to the game i was willing to look passed it. But then the glitches began to rip my eyes out and skull me. To begin some zombies started glitching out in a time where i need to kill them. then i had zombies who were arm less hit me and push me with ghost arms. At the end of the day i have not finished this game and i dont know if the massive rage that swells in my head is worth it. Expand
  28. Nov 14, 2011
    I wanted to like this game, I REALLY wanted to LOVE this game. I tried, but I couldn't. With a game breaking weapon break system, horrible release version full of glitches, patches that caused more issues than they fixed, and "Pre-Order DLC" that still hasn't been released (it was announced today to finally come out on November 22nd, months after release) I can say that when I traded this game in, the 25 dollars I got back were a sore disappointment. A game with huge potential that got horribly mishandled by what seems to be a fledgling developer may have been the nail in their coffin for me. Expand
  29. Sep 7, 2011
    I really, really, REALLY wanted to like Dead Island. 15 hours later, I can tell you that I don't at all. 5 1/2 years of development gave them enough time to "borrow" elements of game play from other (far superior) games in an attempt to emulate the glory of these titles. Whether you're talking about the the Co-op of Left 4 Dead (Dead Island started development as a single player game), the inventory of Borderlands (500 different pistols with barely discernible stat differences and names), or the crafting of Dead Rising 2 (get a blueprint, collect pieces, assemble at a workbench), Dead Island tries and resoundingly fails to utilize these in any way that does justice to the titles it lifted them from. (PROS)
    30+ hours of gameplay.
    Ambient audio and soundtrack are both surprisingly top notch.

    Beating a zombie to death rarely looks as satisfyingly devastating as it does in this game. (CONS)
    Matchmaking is broken on Xbox LIVE at the time of this writing. You are not able to join into games with people who are not on your friends list. Even if you are friends with someone it is more than likely that you will be unable to invite them to your game (or vice versa); regardless as to whether or not you are in the same Chapter/Area/Level Range.
    30+ hours of fetch quests. The vast majority of the missions (at least in the first 15 hours of play) involve an NPC telling you they need something (or 5 of something) and that they expect you to fetch it. This is fun for the first hour or so, but it's novelty wears off very quickly. Especially considering the amount of time that you will spend backtracking through familiar and well trod areas to turn in quests. A narrative that does not immerse you in the world. You stumble across an NPC that is dying of thirst. They ask you to fetch some water from across the island. You scratch your head and wonder what is wrong with the six cans of "Energy Drink" at their feet (or, for that matter, the bottles of water across the room). The game is rife with idiosyncratic narrative elements that absolutely destroy and suspension of disbelief. Game mechanics that depend on you feeling as though you're low on resources to make any sense at all. All the items that you can pick up in the game, be they weapons, money, healthpacks, crafting components etc respawn very rapidly. When your weapon takes damage over time (which is does very rapidly) You don't have to be concerned as You have more than enough money to repair it, a new weapon to replace it with and enough snack bars and energy drinks lying around to make it very hard to find yourself in a situation with any tension related to the "Survival horror".

    Enemies that respawn in exactly the same number/location/configuration every time you pass through an area. Since you'll spend a lot of your time on the island backtracking to places you've already been it won't take long for you to know which bodies are dead and which are zombies, where the super zombies spawn, and how many times you need to fight the exact same three zombies before you're ready to turn your makeshift club on yourself. Inconsistent graphical presentation. The Chrome engine that Techland employs in this title is terrible at rendering shadows and vegetation. This makes it especially terrible at rendering tropical locales. When you combine this with the overabundant bloom, inconsistent texture resolutions, and last gen environmental effects it makes for a game that is at times pretty; and at other times so ugly that I would gnaw my own arm off to escape were I to wake up next to it in the morning after a night of heavy drinking.
    Terrible, stilted animations. While not readily apparent on the zombies (as they are supposed to look unnatural when they move) this becomes quite atrocious when watching any NPC perform any animation whatsoever. I would be surprised if motion capture technology was used at all in this games animation process. Broken collision detection. For a game where the primary focus is beating zombies to death you figure that they would have spent more time refining this core element of gameplay. Sometimes your swinging weapon will decapitate a zombie that was clearly out of range of your attack and other times it will pass right through a zombie torso (allowing them to close the distance and attack). Lots of frustrating combat missteps as result of this.
    (Final Thought)
    In closing, I would like to say that a certain kind of gamer will love this. It is a mindless open world beat 'em up and a lot of people don't play games for style or substance. If you were expecting a AAA title in line with some of the other releases this coming this fall, you'd be better served not playing it, renting it, or waiting the month it will take for this to find it's way into the bargain bin.
  30. Sep 11, 2011
    I am blown away at how bad this game this. Seriously. Before I begin, let me address the positive reviews that say "Do not believe the negative reviews": Nearly 1/3 of reviews of this game are extremely negative. We should not be ignored.

    The game is ridiculously bad on so many levels. It starts with an amazing concept that has infinite possibilities, except, it somehow makes it
    childish, clunky, and boring. I was promised an interactive sandbox. What I got was a world in which I can look, but can not touch. While Dead Rising offered a third person world where everything was a weapon, Dead Island offers a first person world where nearly nothing is a weapon and anything that is a weapon breaks strangely easily.

    The game opens by violently ripping the individual who tends to obey and respect the law from the game. None of the characters (that can be played as) have backgrounds that are relate-able, all of them are pretty much deserving of getting eaten by a zombie. The game just comes across as lazy: every single time you need energy, you have to chug one of the many energy drinks that can be found. For those of us that don't care for energy drinks, it makes one wonder, why can't we have other food be used as energy? Is this laziness by the developers or is this supposed to be some sort of humor, playing on the "energy" in "energy drink"? The mechanics are simply clumsy. Aim for the zombies head; hit his leg; that is to say if you do not miss entirely. The missions given to you by the NPC are extremely tiring. Not because they are boring, but because I find no motivation in finding spark plugs for some guy who just opened his garage door and yelled "hey you! I have a job for you!" And, reflecting on the main story, the developers do not attempt to explain why I was spared while everyone else dies (besides that I got black out drunk and passed out in my hotel room while everyone is eaten alive). Furthermore, I can not see why I my immunity to the virus is, at all, essential to the NPCs surviving, as they claim it is.

    Then there are the portions of the game that are just childish. In the first hour, it became glaringly obvious that every single female NPC was in a bikini and was well proportioned. Every time that the main character is referenced, it is as "he," even if you play as a female. There is even a bungalo where a dead gore-ified naked woman, tied down to the bed posts, with cameras surrounding her. I understand that many games tend to show females with sexist stereotypes, but this game does so in a glaringly obvious fashion that reeks of immaturity. The fact that one of the females is rough and tough body guard does not balance out the before mentioned.

    It took me two hours to become extremely bored of this game. I returned it immediately to my local GameStop, taking a $28 loss. This game is so bad that I would rather take an immediate $28 loss than have it all around my house. This game had so much potential, yet, what I got was a clumsy looking glass that showed me an world that I could look at, but barely touch.
  31. Oct 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have really enjoyed playing Dead Island. I love Zombie movies so I guess I am the target demographic. This is a dumb stupid game , in the nicest possible way. Don't look here for knowing social satire a la Romero's peerless trilogy. Rather it is Daw of The Dead- the slick flash remake. More likely it is the even dumber Day of the Dead remake. Yes, that crudely drawn. However the game is great fun. I had no problems with bugs or controls. You have nods to Romero's classic shufflers "walkers", and the fast runners of the 28 Days later and previously mentioned remakes. These "infected" are fantastic as they shriek and rush you. This not a great game but it sure is mighty fun. Expand
  32. Dec 19, 2011
    Not hard to see where this game went wrong. The first you thing you notice is the terrible button layout thatâ
  33. Jul 6, 2012
    Not only is the game way too hard, when you get hit enough that you have to walk even a few feet away, often the monster size zombies your facing will completely regenerate- mine not only did that, it turned around and lost both of the $600 knives I had thrown into its chest while trying to kill it. Completely ruined my gaming mood for the day, this game actually makes me feel like not playing anymore. When you can go through a chunk of the game and make only a tiny bit of money only to lose it immediately, you really just want to chuck the controller at the TV, the xbox out the window and the game through the window of the company that made it. Want pointers? - Fix the driving mechanics
    - Don't make almost every hit from a zombie a knock-back hit
    - If you can't stop the zombies from regenerating while you're 10 feet away grabbing an energy drink, make it so that the thrown weapons always drop and remain for a while so that the player doesn't lose even more weapons
    - Armor of some kind would be nice, particularly if the zombies can beat the crap out of you in a single hit, and that's just the regulars
    - While it is very nice that you can pick your weapon lineup, after you run out (chucking them at big guys) you really start to wish that the rest in your inventory would cycle out for you There are more but I have other things to do and I just can't be any more frustrated with this game right now.
  34. Feb 10, 2014
    How do you start with a game that is frustrating from the off? The missions make no sense, the combat is unfair, the weapons are useless, the AI is random, the zombies are always going to hit you and you are always going to miss them, guns are absolutely useless even though one of the characters is a "Weapons expert", the acting and cut scenes are so badly acted and animated that they are almost too painful to watch, Most of the higher level zombies (i.e thugs) are impossible to kill in one life unless you sink 30 bullets in to them and oh bullets are scarce, you die if you fall from a 10 foot roof, the game will spawn you right in the middle of a horde of zombies or humans who will instantly kill you again, did i mention the fights were very unfair? I could go on and on and on. The only saving grace is the fact that very very occasionally you will pull off a one swipe kill or a kick/slash combo which stirs some kind of emotion though I'm not sure if it's enjoyment or just relief at a break in in the monotony. I know this review is very late but if it stops just one person from buying this game then my work is done. I s'pose on reflection, a 4 was a bit of a high score for this game. Expand
  35. Jun 9, 2013
    Textures were reused so many times it was sad. alot of the plot was silly. "i know a shortcut to the laboratory!"....why are you running we have a car like 5 meters to the left of us. if you play properly its virtually impossible to die and equipment is level based. that's pretty dumb, like anyone has a home-made knife. after about 2 hours of the game it gets pretty stupid with the plot, far to easy in combat, and the shotgun isnt even that good. 0.3 meters directly into the head or cheats and it does pistol/rifle dmg. i mean come on...bullets don't even pierce. "shoot it!" "i cant its behind very hollow wood!" Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 75
  2. Negative: 1 out of 75
  1. Mar 1, 2012
    Dead Island is a hell of a ride from start to (near) finish and is a zombie game that stands out from the rest of the pack.
  2. A wasted opportunity - frustrating to play and too ugly to love. [Dec 2011, p.98]
  3. Nov 23, 2011
    I admit that I was not expecting much from Dead Island, given the oversaturated subject matter and the delayed development time. And while the game definitely has its share of weaknesses, it is pleasantly surprising in its own right.