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  1. Aug 30, 2014
    Seriously, what the hell happened to this series? Dead Space 1 was fresh, original, and still one of the best games of the generations. DS2 took the bigger-better-more approach, but in the end it was still a good game, even if it felt too linear and action-focused for me. But this, this is just a joke. It hurts me to see that a game with this good graphics is just dumbed down to a shooter. And not even a good one. The controls are way too clumsy for the action, which is OK for a horror game, but this is not one anymore. The story is so cheesy, that I had to skip all the cutscenes in order to not hurt my brain. I can't even describe the disappointment towards f*cking up something that I once loved like this. From what I've read, the game was a commercial failure, so I'm happy for that, but I still don't think that EA's self-proclaimed super producers learnt anything from this, so they will keep trying to make the same game over and over again, while putting it in a different box every time. Expand
  2. Aug 21, 2014
    Dead Space 3 is a disappointment to anyone who played and enjoyed the first two games in the series. There are several reasons why that I will explain in this review. Within the first 30 seconds of the actual game, after a well-done and interesting explanation of the story so far, Isaac Clarke (the protagonist of the first two games) is being manhandled by soldiers who have escaped from every other modern military shooter (but with the cool LED suits this game is known for) and have tasked this man with going to recover his ex-girlfriend that we overheard breaking up with him over voicemail. From there, the game never lets up in letting you down. The tension of having too little ammunition is gone. Say hello to universal ammo clips! (Who got their **** Mass Effect systems in my Dead Space? EA, the corporate embodiment of missing the point and hegemony, that's who, silly! More on that later.) Remember the body horror of seeing former human beings transformed into twisted masses of pulsating yellow flesh that you must dismember in the bloody, poorly-lit corridors of a spaceship-turned-tomb in the vacuum of space to really punch home the isolation? That's gone too! You'll start the game in a wide open environment where it seems a Church of Unitology (described in the game as a dangerous cult, like Scientology but with actual proof, however misguided, of their belief system) has somehow overrun the entire Earthgov so you now get to fight faceless soldiers! You've never experienced banality like THIS in a Dead Space game! Now, you will actually fight necromorphs because somehow they built a Marker the size of a skyscraper without the government or anyone else noticing, but they are pushed towards you in a version of the earlier games' "wave of enemies" sequences that never really let up, so they get old, well, the second time you do one and realize that this is the game from now on. Now that Unitology actually rivals Earthgov in reach and power, **** you might as well play Gears of War because that is now the story: aliens vs. Humans. The new crafting system is... serviceable. Honestly. Getting new weapon blueprints and just making **** up is actually mildly enjoyable. To offset that good thing, there are microtransactions that are **** abominations (you can pay for a faster little robot to gather stuff for you. You literally pay EA to do something faster than you would in the game normally. If this were competitive that's blatant pay-to-win **** but that has little to do with the direction of the game, that's just EA ****ting all over a good thing because they are not at the forefront of anything interesting, and if they are it's because they accidentally left a developer to their own devices for a little too long. Like this franchise. Almost nothing interesting was revealed in these last few paragraphs, but the complaints that I have are pretty much what appears throughout the game. Sadly, this evolution is EAs forte though. Have an interesting hit and then completely misunderstand that the reason it was a hit was because it was unique in its style, tone, content, whatever and thinking that if only there was a more streamlined (generic), polished (shiny-looking), interesting (action movie) way to tell that story, it would be great. No, EA, that works for Madden (any sports games really) and Battlefield fine because neither of those franchises have stories. That was not the case of Dead Space... but it is now. So congrats on your shiny, new corpse. You **** it to death with your mediocrity. Expand
  3. Aug 17, 2014
    This game was such a huge disappointment... The crappy crafting system, the retarded enemy ai, the predictable "take the long way" situations, fetch quests similar to those in a repetitive and boring mmo in a single player "horror" story. The replacement of bad-ass Ellie to "damsel in distress can't do sh*t myself anymore" version of Ellie. Plot holes, the plot itself, micro-transactions to play a single-player game.

    Everything adds up to a huge 1, 1 it gets for graphics, but would rather look at my computers wallpaper background of the Dead Space 1 or Dead Space 2 for 9 hours than play this **** anymore. Why not loop big buck bunny on repeat for 9 hours, still a better story than this crap.
  4. Jul 7, 2014
    Dead Space 3, well, is a good enough game, although not as good as Dead Space 1&2. Due to the greedy EA's policy, the game has been split up on several DLCs. While many of those DLCs have just minor effect on the game play, the biggest one, the "Awakening", is a *direct sequel* to the main plot of the game. Got it? EA is trying to sell the part of the game that should have been included in the minimum package! Disgusting!
    Also, so named additional missions are almost identical from geometrical point of view. I mean, they are very, very similar to each one; the only difference is just enemies and loot. Meh.
    The giant spider boss is too enduring, and he is almost the only one boss in the game! Meh, once again.
    Bottom line: buy the game at your own risk. I'd recommend to buy a GOTY/DC/Gold/Platinum version (if they will ever appear) of the game, including at least the "Awakening" DLC. Otherwise, you'll just miss the final part of the game.
  5. Jun 5, 2014
    As much as I would want to give this game a 10, it really doesn't deserve a 10. The story in here TOTALLY ruined the story for this series, seriously a machine or a temple or whatever made by the aliens, and in the game they are just stupid brain dead zombies, what? It just doesn't add up. The story in here, was just........ Not interesting like the first 2. I let the 2nd one slide because they couldn't out do the first game, but this one was just a sad excuse for dead space. I'll give you some credit, because you made something new instead of just doing the same thing over and over again like call of duty is. I liked the co-op though, but what really made me mad was when there wasn't a split screen. Seriously, that would be so much easier than playing with stupid people who are 5 year old children. I did like the "Make your weapon" feature that was a nice touch. But the suits in here really stunk I mean, there was nothing really that cool about these suits. I also liked the ammo, not ammo for a specific weapon. Would I recommend this? Eh, maybe depends on what you want, if you wanted it for the story, you would be really disappointed in this game if you liked the story like me. I would really want to give this game a higher score, but it just doesn't deserve it. Expand
  6. Feb 8, 2014
    DS3 induces major facepalm in so many ways it is unbelievable considering its former pedigree of DS1 & even DS2... The mish mash of concepts that fails to come together as a cohesive whole just did not entertain in anyway like the previous titles.
  7. Dec 30, 2013
    I feel like this was kind of a cash crop for EA.. They focused heavily on 'crafting' where you have to use supplies that you find throughout the game. They give you the option to purchase components and materials through micro transactions. I felt somewhat let down by this third installment.
  8. Dec 5, 2013
    Current score is pretty much accurate. I can't even stress how painfully disappointing the second half of this game is, compared to the first. The zero gravity exploration was gold and I thought this game was on pace to be every bit as good as the first...then you land on the planet and this game goes downhill from then on.

    Endless enemy spam, enemies blocking you into corners that
    spawn right next to you. The axe enemies that take way too much damage but continue to be thrown at you like crazy. Barely any necromorphs from the first game, just these annoying charging super enemies all day. Human enemies that are worthless. I've given up like 15 times during the 2nd half of the game out of boredom/aggravation, but continue on because I paid 20 something bucks for this game.

    Total letdown after the first two, which I thought were tremendous and would rate both of them as solid 9 to 9.5's. This wholly deserves it's 6, at best, rating.
  9. Dec 5, 2013
    I had very little expectations for this game having never played the series before, and found the game to be bland and at times illogical. For whatever reason the combat just seemed rather boring. When targeting humanoids the reticle pretty much snapped to their heads, making combat with them way too easy. And on the opposite side of the spectrum I found the monster things taking forever to kill. Perhaps it's just my unfamiliarity with the series, but I would use clip after clip of ammo to kill a handful of them. I also found the game to be glitched in a manner that I couldn't continue on in the first space level. I looked up guides and videos for this spot assuming I must have been missing something... Nope the game was just broken After trying that one little part for 45 mins I just gave up on the game altogether.
    Also, in dead space people talk without helmets or whatever their special breather/climate control system is, in space aka a vacuum. Stupid. Maybe somebody at there studio should read up on space and vacuums and how there is no noise in a vacuum considering there is no air for the sound waves.
  10. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Amazing looking detail, creepy environments, nice looking snow. 10.

    Sound: Creepy sounds, great voice acting, unique gun sounds. 10.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is similar to Dead Space 2, but now with more customizable options. You’re now able to build your own weapons, add attachments, and upgrades to them. The gameplay now throws more and more waves of enemies at you
    than in normal games, but mainly because this game seems to be taking the co-op route. In co-op Issac teams up with Carver and during some of Carvers quests, Carver sees and experiences things that a player playing as Issac won’t see. One example, Carver is stuck fighting off his inner thoughts but to Issac he is frozen still while Issac has to defend him. The game has new resources to loot that allow you to purchase blueprints, and create new weapons. There are optional missions during the main storyline but most of the optional missions seem like they are repeating and some areas look way too similar (copy pasted). Overall the whole game is an amazing experience that still retains its horror roots only with more action, and scripted events that are now sharable with your friends. Boss fights are also fun and make you think a little, some puzzles that are neat but still simple. Disappointed they took out multiplayer, while it wasn’t anything innovative it was still something extra, playing co-op itself will get old quick. 9.0.

    Story: The story continues to follow Issac after the events of Dead Space 2. It’s a good story that is like watching a nice action movie only mixed with some horror, and even some romance. 9.

    Lasting Appeal: Worth the purchase, clocks 12 hours single player alone, leaving replay value for collectibles. 10.

    Overall Score: 9.6 out of 10.
  11. Nov 1, 2013
    easily the weakest game in the series but still a fun game nonetheless. Great combat and still some jump scares that remind me of the old dead space. the story is a little convoluted but there are good performances by most of the characters. the necromorphs are creepy as usual and the wide array of guns that you can dismember their limbs is fantastic. I really enjoyed the graphical style of this game and the location however there really was something lacking that made the previous 2 games so special. Expand
  12. Oct 28, 2013
    Coop Mode
    + Nice Weapon building system
    - no real difficulty levels.. just bulletsponges
    - bugs, bugs bugs,
    - EA Origin
    - lazy Writing and stupid story
    - Lame and really dumb antagonist
    - Lazy Level Design
    - Stupid AI
    - even more Bugs
  13. Sep 8, 2013
    If you like sci-fi shooters such as the Lost Planet games and Red Faction Armageddon, Dead Space 3 should interest you. If you are truly hoping for a creepy survivalist game something similar to the first Dead Space game you will probably be disappointed. However even as an action game Dead Space 3 is great fun. After all Dead Space 2 was already much more action-oriented than the first game, so if you loved DS2 you should enjoy DS3 as well. What stands out to me is that you now have weapons customization and a slightly more open game world. My only complaint is that the frozen planet environment in Dead Space 3 is not that unique and interesting, the Lost Planet games have already done it more convincingly. Some other kind of planetary environment would have made this part of the game a more unique experience. All-in-all though, Dead Space 3 is a fun sci-fi shooter with some jump scares here and there. Expand
  14. Aug 23, 2013
    It's an action game, no longer a horror survival game. It feels way too much like Uncharted 2. After 30 minutes of playing this, I just wanted to turn on the PS3 and finish Uncharted 2 for the fifteenth time. Good graphics and voice acting though. There's a lot of effort but it just felt like a huge let down.
  15. Aug 19, 2013
    Micro-transactions are useless but the game experience was pretty solid and the co-op was a blast. I got this from the bundle but I'd have bought it for ~$40.00 had I known how good it was going to be.

    Soundtrack was pretty good but I wish they had more songs. I really liked the side missions as they were pretty much just extended bits of the campaign that furthered character

    I give this 9 out of 10 beans.
  16. Aug 13, 2013
    Dead space 3, it may not be as scary as 1 and 2, but still it is great fun to play with great set pieces and stunning visuals, and with a great weapon crafting system that should keep things interesting for the whole duration of the campaign, and will probably have you coming back to test out different combinations.
    The story is probably one of the weakest part of the game as it is not
    interesting with lack lustre characters it just isn't engaging. Thankfully its environments will keep you playing as the game looks stunning and travelling across tau volatis (if I spelt that right) is great and for those who are worried about that classic tight corridor feeling is still present but not as much and that is no reason to say the game isn't scary at some parts it will keep you on the edge of your seat but this instalment seems to be more action focused.
    All in all this is great fun to play shooting those necromorphs is more fun than ever. (I didn't get around playing co-op)
  17. Aug 13, 2013
    At first i was rather worried about dead space 3 been more action then horror and be like the very disappointing resident evil 6, So far i am up to chapter 14 and i am honestly absolutely loving it, Dead Space 3 is the perfect blend between action and horror while the 2nd game in my opinion was more of a horror game with A nice amount of action. Its true that the game has shifted away from the pure survival horror feel of 1 and 2 but in my opinion this was really the only way to go with franchise, you can only scare a person for so long until they get used to seeing it, Dead Space 3 is large then life, graphically it looks more like Dead Space 2 but with alot more colour, the scenery and background is beautiful, so much hard work has gone into dead space 3 and it really shows, the game play feels the same with cool yet not very important added features, downsides so far honestly the story is rather slow and very random, very average writing, overall so far Dead Space 3 to me is an 8.6/10, a great game would definitely recommend buying Expand
  18. Aug 8, 2013
    There are two ways to look at Dead Space 3, firstly as a pale shadow of a successful survival horror series, or as an enjoyable action experience. The horror is just about gone and the few attempts at it fall flat, but the core game-play is tighter than ever and is a joy to play with a friend. My advice is enjoy the game for what it is, an atmospheric action game and don't lament the loss of that special type of horror it once had. Expand
  19. Jul 28, 2013
    Expectations: Going into this game I had mediocre expectations. Score: Graphics: 8/10 Campaign: 8/10 Sound: 9/10 Gameplay: 7/10 Multiplayer: 7/10 Final Score: 7.8 Final Verdict: This is the first game this year to have fully exceeded my expectations across the board! In terms of graphics there are a few tweaks which could be made here and there to improve them but nothing game-breaking, the sounds in the game add a whole layer of satisfaction to the whole experience in particular the dismembering of necromorphs. I feel that the campaign was a good conclusion to the 'Dead Space' series, which they then ruined by adding the 'Awakened' DLC! Multiplayer is average adding and subtracting to the overall experience in various ways, the most annoying part if this is where you can spot a segment of the single-player campaign, which was specifically designed for co-op play. Expand
  20. Jul 23, 2013
    While it may not quite stand up to it predecessors, it's still a very decent game. It's unfortunate that EA did what EA does and tried to appeal to a broader base by taking away a lot of what Dead Space what it is. However, as a huge fan of the series, I still found things to enjoy. I think it deserves more like an 82-84, but I can't get that technical I suppose, so an 8 will suffice. If you're looking for a genuinely scary game, then this isn't it, but if you're looking for a decent third-person experience, you may be in luck. Expand
  21. Jul 12, 2013
    You know despite what people say about the recent Dead Space 2 and 3 being a sudden shift from survival horror to an action oriented game with horror aspects its hard to argue with what Dead Space brings to the table. Some people even argue that the entire series is guilty of merely using cheap scares or borrowing too much from the franchises its clearly inspired by. So why is it that these games should be shown way more appreciation than they get? Its all in the execution and the detail put into the games. I'm not talking about graphical detail, oh no, waaaay too much president is put on graphical details at present. I'm not even talking about gameplay or the controls that people seem to have such an issue with, seriously if you don't like this style of control bugger off back to the ivory tower from whence you came. I'm talking about the little details, the fact that the world you inhabit is comprised of environments clearly meticulously crafted. Even down to the doors and mechanisms you interact with, it all serves to engage you in the universe you're a part of. These sorts of details are something lacking in many modern games that occupy themselves so much with graphical fidelity and polishing up explosions and the crumblings of buildings. Another massive plus for the series is that it is one of the few franchises still carrying the horror flag. Whilst it may have gained an action spin in recent times, it is a testament to this series strength that it can still appeal to an old school survival horror fiend like myself. Don't get me wrong, I like action games too and the action involved here is just enough.

    So the controls aren't lightning smooth like some games out there but they are fit for purpose and serve to carry you through what always promises to be a compelling and exciting adventure. With that going for it as well as scares and atmosphere to boot its such a shame the franchise is on hold at the moment. Having just completed this mammoth game (Dead Space 3) as well as the frightfully short Awakening DLC has reminded me of just what an excellent series this is and I wish it could be left to its own devices to simply continue being awesome without the meddling hands of external sources who are clueless as to the real reason a game like this is successful which is due to consumers in fact not being mindless sheep who crave COD and GOW clones.

    In short, this is an excellent game with so many varied environments and experiences that it puts most of the 'AAA' market to shame.
  22. Jul 7, 2013
    Dead Space 3 continues further down the road of a action game rather than a horror game. The plot starts off strong but as the game progresses it gets worse. The game wares thin in story and tries to throw in these absurd plot twists that take you right out of the experience. The HUD is still implemented well, like your health appearing on the back of the player and everything popping out of your suit. The gameplay is still the same as the first two, but the addition of the crafting bench gives you a lot of options to get rid of your enemies. There are more action set pieces on this third installment than the previous two. The first half of the game is somewhat scary bringing back those claustrophobic hallways that made the series so scary. The second half open things up giving you more area to run away from your fears. The co-op is fun but makes the game even less scary, as the game needs to be played on a higher difficulty to have any sort of challenge. Dead Space 3 tries to rap up the Dead Space trilogy but in reality it should have ended with two. Expand
  23. Jun 17, 2013
    This game is so under-rated. Yes it is not as scary as the first 2, so what? the gameplay is excellent, it has the best weapon customization in any game ever and the story line is emotional, but yet compelling. This game is beast and in my opinion is better than the last of us or tomb raider
  24. Jun 12, 2013
    Aburrido, ya no es un juego que te envuelva en la experiencia como los dos anteriores. Muy repetitivo. La verdad una decepcion, no vale la pena comprarlo
  25. Jun 3, 2013
    Dead Space 3 is a thrill ride from start to end and easily the best entry in the series (which is saying a lot). The weapon customization system is super-deep, the set pieces are huge and it's an amazing experience when played with a friend. I also thought the story was underrated and it's interesting to see how each player has different experiences throughout the game. I'd recommend playing the first two before this one, but it's a game that shouldn't be missed. Expand
  26. Jun 1, 2013
    dead space 3 is a great experience it definetly feels like dead space but it tries to be a third person shooter like gears of war but I found the cover mechanic to be close to useless and I did not like that it focuses on more action but I still had fun with the game, once again electronic arts nailed the atmosphere of the game, I also love this universe, however I prefer the second dead space over the third, nevertheless dead space 3 manages to tell a good story and have good gameplay even though with that cover mechanic, this game is a good experience from beginning to end, if you are a fan like me you should pick this one up! Expand
  27. May 26, 2013
    From beginning to end, this game felt real cinematical. You accomplish a task to save your loved one, fight off villains, get betrayed, and ultimately sacrifice yourself. The gameplay 's very smooth and features vivid customization. Too much drama and not enough Bang-bang, pew-pew.
  28. May 25, 2013
    Dead Space series finally completely ruined, why oh why must EA insist that developers strip out the soul and atmosphere from games and replace it with generic cut and past levelsenemy's. I thought dead Space 2 was bad enough having made it an on rails shooter this is even worse. In an effort to make it feel more open world you now have endless repeating corridors and the same axe wielding? zombie enemy's spawn behind you every two minutes. An non-required crafting system that just feels like its there so they can add in micro transactions. I couldn't even be bothered to finish it and it will be the last Dead Space game I play. Expand
  29. May 1, 2013
    This third instalment may have went for a more action approach, but it still manages to successfully scare the out of you! Along with stunning graphics and a great storyline, Dead Space 3 is a great second sequel that isn't just a thrilling ride but also an incredibly tense action-horror-sci-fi game. The only flaws in this game are that it can be frustrating at times and the fact that the crouch button is the same as the location-tracker button, which can lead to confusion. Expand
  30. May 1, 2013
    Having a lot of fun with this game and already on the second playthrough. Reminds me of Resident Evil 4 in space in some ways. I didn't like the first game enough to ignore the second one and only picked up the third to replace the awful Dead Island Riptide but I'm glad I did. Not sure why some reviews are hating on the weapons creation (which I think is awesome) and that it strays from the other earlier DSs but since I didn't play those it's possibly why I find this one so charming. If you don't like this game enough to give it a two you are hating on the wrong things.... go play something awful like Dead Island Riptide. Expand
  31. May 1, 2013
    With Dead Space and Dead Space 2 being some of my favorite games of all time, I desperately wanted to like Dead Space 3, and for the most part, I did. The gameplay, visuals and sound design are as solid as ever, and at the very least it's great to be back in the DS universe again. However, DS3 has some serious issues, and at the end of the day, one can't help but feel like the series has severely derailed itself as of this current installment for a few big reasons.
    The biggest problem that DS3 has given itself is that it simply isn't scary. There are a couple of parts that start to hint at the classic DS atmosphere, but these moments are brief and quickly over-shadowed by action sequences. Now, in all fairness, I don't think DS was ever truly a survival-horror franchise in that it has always been pretty action-oriented, but seriously, DS3 is almost never scary. I think all of the subsequent flaws play into this lack of scariness in one way or another.
    This might be seen as a nitpick, but by the end of the game this was seriously bugging me: all of the character models for any given enemy type in any given location are EXACTLY THE SAME. The previous DS games had a good variety of character models for the slasher necromorphs, but seriously, every single slasher you run into on the old space stations and ships is IDENTICAL to the last one. The same goes for the slashers down on the ice planet as well. This may seem minor, but it gets really old feeling like you're fighting the exact same alien over and over again for three hours. Of course there are the twitcher slashers and the lurkers and pukers and whatnot, but the generic enemy type that you see for the majority of the game has maybe three different models.
    The first DS did a good job of making each stage of the Ishimura feel distinct, even though 95% of the game took place on that ship. DS3's level design feels incredibly repetitive, even though the first third of the game takes place on space ships and the second two thirds takes place on the Tau Volantis. I felt like the developers were trying to cover this up by adding useless gimmicks like climbing ladders into the mix. I think the problem is that the environments of DS3 feel less lived-in than previous games in the series. I was very excited to learn that there were multiple space ships to explore this time around only to find that they all look exactly the same on the inside. As for the other environment in the game…
    Tau Volantis just isn't very interesting, and you spend the majority of the game there. For one thing, it's all ridiculously derivative of the Lost Planet series, only there isn't the same sense of epic scale. An ice planet just doesn't lend itself to horror like the corridors of a space-ship do, and the developers seem to know this because the interior sections of Tau Volantis are obviously trying to emulate the feel of DS corridors and environments, except they still suffer from the repetitive designs that the REAL space environments already suffer from.
    One final note (and there are many more but I have 5000 characters to work with here) is that the game has a very imbalanced sense of difficulty. In many ways the game is far too easy. I never ONCE came close to running out of ammo or health (I played through the whole campaign on hard) and the crafting system is far too forgiving. In other instances the game can be difficult, but not in the right ways. DS3 has a terrible habit of just throwing a million enemies at you at a time. The fights often stop being fun and move into the zone of ridiculous tedium, and this is not helped by your never-ending stream of ammo and health packs. You won't die much, but you will be forced into far too many fights that just don't seem to end.
    After all of this, one realizes that Dead Space 3 is just boring. I didn't even talk about the clumsy writing or the laughably ridiculous final boss fight, but the repetitive enemies, locations and encounters all add up to a very sleepy, unambitious tone. The game is a little scary here, a little action-y there, but there's nothing really bold about it. It's very clear that EA has finally got its hooks firmly planted in the franchise, which is now bleeding out from trying to cut itself up into enough bit-sized pieces to not offend anyone too much. The game can still be enjoyed, but in the end, you might as well just play through the first two games again because they surpass this misstep of a sequel in every single regard.
  32. Apr 26, 2013
    Why did they have to ruin this series too? I just dont get it. EA did the same thing again in their lust for sales and wrecked the gem Dead Space (1) was. They made Isac into an idiot from this mysterious silent protagonist. Mystery is really the thing whats missing in this, its just a dum linear actiongame instead of great puzzles and atmosphere. In DS1 the whole setting was different and the horror was really there. Isac never said a word and he stayed the mysterious character all the way, making it so interesting. Now the made him say some stupid oneliners and crappy jokes etc. bs.. totally ruined it. This game is completely different from what it was. Now its just a 3rd person shooter with monsters and QTE. And why am I shooting ppl instead of necromorph? Why? I cant see any other reason for all these bad decisions but to get CoD gamers to buy this crap. What a waste. I hate EA for this now more than ever. Expand
  33. Apr 25, 2013
    The tale of the engineer Clark has been long overdue for completion and I am glad that I was able to jump on the train for this release right out the gate. The familiar controls and graphics are easy enough to get connected to once more and the addition of a Co-op mode was one of my best draws for this game.

    It was also refreshing to see that items perceived by one player did not show
    up for the other. Which meant that both players got allotted items for them and them alone. While the main villain is incredibly dense and albeit extremely stupid for a scientist I find myself easily getting behind Isac in the effort of making him die. Expand
  34. Apr 24, 2013
    Dead space 3 is still a great game even if the game is less scary. Even though the game is less scary the game still has many horror elements to it. The creatures themselves are really well designed and there is a variety of them to see. The atmosphere is similar to the previous games but this time around you spend some time outdoors. The environments and character models look great as they always do in the dead space franchise. The game play is really enjoyable as you kill necromorphs with different customize weapons. This is a new addition to the dead space franchise and takes some time to get used to. But after tweaking around players can kill necromorphs with there own customized weapons which is very enjoyable. The story is nothing amazing but its had some survivals element to it. Another new addition is co-op where you can play with another player via online. Split screen would have been cool and more developers should think about adding it. In my opinion Co-op is a fun addition but makes the game more of an action game and less of a horror game. Overall, the game play is really fun and the addition of co-op will excited some people. Expand
  35. Apr 24, 2013
    I can honestly say that this game is amazing, there are some flaws here and there such as the micro-transactions but except for that there really aren't nearly as many faults as the big reviewers make it up to be. Sure the rock climbing sequence was lame, EA is trying to rip you off with the micro-transactions and there should've been more suits in the game; but why on earth would that ruin a great experience when there is an amazing story, amazing characters, a majestic upgrading system and epic environments. People cry over the fact that the game ain't very scary, true... the game isn't very scare IF you play it in coop! Otherwise it actually has it's fair share of scares. Don't wait, pick this game up now! Expand
  36. Apr 19, 2013
    When A Great Genre Game Went Mainstream

    There comes a time in every game series lifespan were they begin to slowly degrade the lifeblood of a franchise as they slip farther and farther from the greatness it use to be. Dead Space 3 is the perfect example of a franchise in a state of flux as we leave the world of quite suspense for a world of crashing explosions. While I enjoyed Dead
    Space 3 for what it was (a third person shooter with the standard amount of suspense to keep it interesting) I could not help but long for my 8 hour play sessions of Dead Space the original in the dark with my Turtle beach's listing to the deafening silence as thing skittered through vents and shadows that made you question if you had just saw something or if it was just your imagination playing with you. Instead met with with Isaac Clarks non stop ramblings over the fact that is ex gf was with some other guy a point that seems entirely irrelevant as creatures continually try to murder him. I longed for the long dark hall ways of the ishimura were you could shine your flash light through the darkness and be greeted by horrific face of a necoromorph lunging towards you as you scramble backward and fire the last 10 shots you have with careful precision. This is all but lost in Dead Space 3 replaced by open planets with cover placed strategically through many sections of the world with soldiers shooting at you with reckless abandon as you hold the trigger down firing the nearly endless amount of ammo that you have which also now works for every weapon I truly thought I had some how switched from playing Dead Space 3 and some how had ended up in Gears Of War. While the game does have some redeeming qualities and is worth a play through it really no longer part of the Dead Space series in my eyes Dead Space 2 began to break away but kept enough of the original that it still could be considered part of the horror genre Dead Space 3 completes the break from the true roots of the original game

    The Verdict: Overall a well made game but far fallen from what the franchise once was new players can play with ignorant bliss while veterans of the series long for better days!

    Game Play:
    7 Core mechanics are the same ammo and health concerns have been eliminated in normal mode many missions and environments are used way to often

    7 Are on par with the current crop of AAA games but nothing special

    6 Fairly underwhelming story

    Single Player 10 Coop 9 (Coop takes away from some of the ambient sounds in my opinion)

    Replay Value:
    7 Many different modes to choose from replay as opposite Isaac in coop for some extra stories
  37. Apr 13, 2013
    As a fan of the first two games, I was eagerly awaiting this game. I'm pleased to say this is a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed. While it may not have quite as many "jump out of your seat" moments, it does have them now and then you will find yourself wiping your sweaty controller hands frequently.

    In regard to the story, there are some cringe-worthy moments, mostly involving a
    weird love triangle. No spoilers, but you won't enjoy those parts. Those moments aside, the story keeps you interested throughout the whole game and really ties up the trilogy well.

    In regard to how it looks, Dead Space 3 is gorgeous. I played it on Xbox 360 and for me, it's only behind Crysis 2 in terms of graphical beauty (talking about Xbox 360 games only here). By beauty I mean disgustingly awful creatures, of course, though the environments are spectacular and the physics extremely well-done. The oft-varying environments are a welcome change to the narrow corridors we were usually confined to in the first two games.

    One thing I don't appreciate is EA's money-grubbing hands making the true end to the story a DLC. That's right, if you just finish the game without buying Awakened for 800 MSP you won't know the true end to Dead Space 3. Granted, the end is awesome, but really? Should we have to pay an extra $10 to see it?

    All points considered, Dead Space 3 is a worthy sequel to the series and an extremely fun game to play. It's also worth noting that it took me about 24 hours to play it through completely, as compared to about 12 hours for each of the first two. Granted, I did all the optional missions and did a lot of exploring, but I was still impressed by the length. No spoilers, but the end (the TRUE end) of the game leaves it wide open for a Dead Space 4. Conclusion? I will be extremely disappointed if there isn't a Dead Space 4!
  38. Apr 8, 2013
    -1 for traveling in 1000 elevators
    -1 for lack of boss fights

    On the whole its what fans will want. Another narative with a protagonist who builds everything because he's the only engineer going from floor to floor killing necromorphs like a Metroid without having to shoot the doors...oh wait you have to shoot them with your hand.
  39. Apr 7, 2013
    I was going to make a long review but I am going to make it short: Dead Space 3 may not be the same as its predecessors, but it still is rather enjoyable. The scares never came to me as a selling point for Dead Space, I play the games because the story was interesting and the gameplay was excellent. Too many people are just angry with the fact that its not as scary, and instead of actually attempting to link the story together, they bash it because EA only cares about micro-transactions", and, "Hurr durr not enough scary moments". The new weapon crafting system is much better than the old Power Node system. The story, while cinematic to a fault, was still on track with the previous installments. The human enemies do NOT ruin the game, they are a fundamental part of the story. At the end of the day, one can determine those who really enjoys the series from those that simply played them because they were survival horror. This game is excellent, and people are angry because it wasn't exactly the same as the first two. Expand
  40. Apr 5, 2013
    When I saw the new trailer for Dead Space 3 I wanted it crap my pants. Since I was a huge fan of the 1st and 2nd game I had quite high expectations for the 3rd in the series. I played it and was mildly impressed at first. There were no scares, I was fighting humans and not Necromorphes, and it all seemed to be an action game instead of an horror game. But when I got a little further in the game It got more classic Dead Space, with the Necromorphes popping up in elevators and epic bosses. It turned for the good. I don't like the new weapon system and side mission, but it ads a little "game" to the game.

    All in all a solid gaming experience
  41. ARO
    Apr 2, 2013
    Absolutely no different from the first two. Completely unscary, repetitive, predictable, silly and just plain boring. I came to the point where I just couldn't care or be bothered any more, so I traded all 3 games in for Tomb Raider. Much more worth the time and a much more memorable experience than the Dead Space trilogy.
  42. Apr 2, 2013
    ------------9 masterpiece-------------
    dont listen to negative votes,a must have game,ppl always say that the first games are better without actually playing it.dead space is a unic game ,because it well scare the out of you,just play it alone with nobody around with your headphone ,i could not make it,amazing graphics they worked hard on
    it.the co-op sounds cool but i did not tried it.the maps are bigger than the other 2 games.changing ammo to be universal is a god thing also.some weapones are weeker than befor,like plasma cutter and line gun,and most of the weapons are useless,all items required a lot of materials to find.i did not like crafting weapons i prefer the old way,so many variables to understand and you cannot test it freely,but some ppl liked it .suites are beautiful is a long campaign but you will never get bored .there is a couple of secondary missions ,you should not miss it,they are extra gameplay hours.
    cons:stupid glitchy bosses and you have to fight the same boss for three times??enemies does not have detiles,they look like a piece of glitch.
  43. Mar 31, 2013
    The Dead Space series is one of the best survival horror games of all time. Dead Space 3 does a lot to separate its self from that, but that doesn't mean it's all bad. So lets start with the positives. The combat that was present in the other Dead Space games is back but a lot faster and fluid. The Creepy atmosphere is also back and is better then ever. Some new creatures that add more to the creepiness of the game. Now the negatives. The crafting system is not a fun, or rewarding as the store credit system present In the first games. The over the top action sequences are used to much, and to add to that the stupid QuickTime events aren't necessary at all. In all Dead Space 3 is the Worst of the series, but that doesn't make it a bad game at all. Expand
  44. Mar 28, 2013
    This is a very average repetitive action game. I am very disappointed because all the elements that made Dead Space what it is were removed. I understand you want money EA and in so you need to make it more appealing to most audiences but this is not the way, why don't you just create a new game. I'm just sick and tired of all GoW and CoD and all the other third person action games. We had something unique with Dead Space and you just blew it, way to go. So as an action game is average, as a survival horror game it's dreadful. I just hope Visceral Games finds another publisher for Dead Space 4. I want Dead Space back, I want to feel terrified, I want a good story, I don't want repetitive bs. I don't want GoW clones. Shame on you EA, way to ruin Dead Space. Expand
  45. Mar 24, 2013
    Great game and history. The script of this game can be easy a great movie. From the technical view, the details of the levels and characters are more advanced that other games from this year release. I don't want to finish it (about 44% made right now). For Visceral Games, maybe a little more of history and less killing would be great for the next DS.
  46. Mar 24, 2013
    they killed it. dead space a great game its a bit scary. dead space 2 awesome game. dead space 3 lost planet. i mean really i have only 1 question: why? ps. why do you kill humans its not cod its dead space a zombie game+ its really boring and lazy writing
  47. Mar 21, 2013
    Dead Space 3 is a great game, and still captures those amazing horror moments you'd expect from the franchise.

    It's extremely story-driven, and tells a great story from beginning to end. Fans of Dead Space should enjoy this game, and the co-op element is nothing but great times and doesn't remove any horror aspects what so ever.

    Even though there's some hiccups with puzzles,
    overpowered enemies, and frustrating sequences it didn't take away anything from the end product. It may not be the best of the three games (Dead Space 2 is still the strongest of the three) but it's still a fun, entertaining and scary game. A great way to start off 2013. Expand
  48. Mar 20, 2013
    Where to start? Well the whole micro transaction (Where they have things to "help" you play their game) thing is bs, on top of that they have a lack of I'm going to call them materials so unless you're deep into the game you won't get to touch their "dev team" weapons. Wait there's a solution! pay them money to access the materials needed to get their guns that are not worth the space they're hosted on.

    The campaign is crap to put it blunt, the first two were amazing granted they wanted to step away from the whole jump scare thing that got them to the dance in the first place but this campaign (Especially on a second play through) was too easy and often frustrating as nothing was really clear in certain parts on what to do and I often felt like my deaths were the games fault for throwing me into situations that were hard to get out of.

    On my second play through and late half of my first one It felt too easy once I figured out "Wait a minute, I can slap a rocket launcher on this thing" Ammo was few and far between UNLESS you made it on the work bench and kept your inventory loaded. That's another gripe for me was the limited space of inventory, how about upgrades for more space? A lack of multiplayer really hurts this games replay ability and the add ons don't really add much to the game so spend your money on something else and wait till this game hits the bargain bin.
  49. Mar 20, 2013
    Let me start off by saying, Dead Space 3 is NOT a bad game. It's graphics are top notch and the combat system and enemies are extremely well done. The game is also very strong in the sound department, bringing back the classic dead space atmosphere. The gun customization is cool and the possibilities are pretty endless. That, however, is where the good ends. There is also a lot of bad in Dead space 3. Brace yourself. The enemies are too predictable, I shouldn't be able to expect when and where they will pop out but it becomes easy after a while. The plot is flimsy, and never really amounts to anything in the end. It becomes increasingly obvious that the devs were scrambling to finish this game because the levels feel barren and you feel like you are running through an unfinished game. Then, when you feel like the plot is going somewhere, they pull the rug out from beneath you and send you to credits.

    That is, unless you buy Dead Space 3: Awakened (or should I call it Dead Space 3: Ending we forgot to include DLC). They give you an embarrassing 2 hours of gameplay filled with mind trips that should have been spread out throughout the game instead of all at the end. Compared to other DLC like say, Mass Effect: Citadel, you are not even coming close to getting your money's worth with this.

    EA obviously cut their budget, and forced them to include a ridiculous amount of stupid dlc that doesn't do anything useful in game. It sucks, because they marred what could have been a goty release but instead what we got was a whole lot of backtracking through shoddy scary environments.

    Let's just say I won't be trusting EA with a preorder of Dead Space 4, if they even decide to make it after this.
  50. Mar 19, 2013
    Great game play, pretty good story, Isaac is back and better than ever but this time, with a friend. I enjoyed the Co-op so much! Great all around, scary fun!
  51. Mar 18, 2013
    By far the worst game in the series and plainly, just a bad game. Saves load you an hour before the last point you should be (guess the fathers of the creators didn't teach them numbers correctly). Also a fact as I am Greek, the producer's surname (Steve Papoutsis) means his d|ck is a grandpa, mine on the other hand (KOKK-IN-EASS) means something much better. Games like this make me feel good that these people are just so inadequate. To the next failure, losers. :D Expand
  52. JEK
    Mar 18, 2013
    I'm a fan of deadspace series. Good graphiics. Gameplay. The first part of the game was really exciting. Then the story became dragging. But overall this is a good game. I heard that they will cancel Deadspace 4. I hope not. I will still buy this game.
  53. Mar 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This Game Looks Promising and Great, The Weapon Bench System Looks Great and the game Looks Bigger Than the previous 2 games. While a Great Horror Game, It a Less Horror and Kinda Less Darker. Expand
  54. Mar 16, 2013
    Si hay algo en que los 2 primeros juegos se lucen ademas del terror es en su historia y con esta tercera entrega no hicieron la excepción.

    Cuando me supe que este juego iba a dejar de ser solo un survival horror y se inclinarían hacía la acción como con RE 6, pensé que el juego me iba a decepcionar que ya no me iba asustar como con las primeras 2 entregas, quería llorar bueno hablando
    en serio, no me daban ganas de jugarlo y lo único que podía pensar de DS 3 es que iba a ser una cagada...PERO al jugarlo y terminarlo,visceral games me cerro la boca;si bien no es el survival horror como en la primer entrega sigue estando presente al menos yo me asuste en muchas partes y caminaba con cuidado ,la música y el sonido son de lo mejor en este juego.Bueno ahora hablo sobre los puntos del juego. Gráficamente el juego se ve excelente, los detalles de los escenarios, la ambientación, cada punto cada cosa se ve realmente hermoso.
    La jugabilidad también esta muy buena un tanto mejorado de las entregas anteriores.El sonido es algo de lo mejor, lo que si no tenía un volumen tan alto no se si era mis auriculares o era el juego mismo pero a pesar de eso es genial :B. Inteligencia artificial buena pero podría haber estado mejor :D :D.
    De innovador tiene el coop que no lo pude probar porque en modo offline no tiene pantalla dividida pero si lo tiene por interconexion que algún día probare ,el arsenal de armas, el poder crearte armas o fabricar objetos es una idea muy buena y el esquivar/agacharse, es algo genial estar disparando y esquivando al mismo tiempo,muy útil.
    Si yo podría tener mi lo bueno y lo malo" de este juego sería que: Bueno: La historia es algo que esta a la altura de las entregas anteriores y con giros de la nada que hacen putear o terminar odiando a alguien PERO el final lo caga :B. La ambientación, muchos y muchos lugares para explorar por ej: El espacio.Sonido y música.MUCHOS Y MUCHOS ENEMIGOS, no podes estar tranquilo si te vienen a atacar siempre vienen de a 5 o mas, eso es algo bueno porque te quedas sin vida y sin munición rápido :B(es desesperante estar disparando,esquivando y corriendo porque 20 necromorfos te atacan) Y el diseño artístico.

    Malo: Mucha pero mucha munición, esta bien que sean muchos bichos y que te dejen seco tan rápido(aveces) pero encontrar munición por cualquier lado o que mágicamente aparezcan de la nada no es algo bueno.El final.

    A pesar de que Dead space 3 se inclino al lado de la acción, aun están esos momentos de miedo que en varias partes del juego lo van a sentir y hay varios momentos épicos que hacen de este juego algo excelente.

    Sacaran una 4ta parte a pesar de que las ventas no fueron las esperadas?.
  55. Mar 8, 2013
    It's not really Dead Space proper anymore, since this is now an action oriented Co-op shooter, but as a shooter it's fairly competent. This game doesn't reinvent the wheel, it's lost all of the shock value and horror elements (especially if played with a partner), and there are far to many elevator/door/transition rooms (way to mask the load times guys). I won't even bring up the micro transactions since that horse has been beaten to death already.

    With all of that said, the game isn't bad. It's good for a weekend romp with a buddy, and the real shame of the game is that the most interesting aspects of the game come early on, with the rest of it getting stale. For example, early in the game you have some options to explore crashed freighters in space, and to do so you get to float around in zero-g exploring different areas and finding hidden rooms, etc. This is great, however the game goes into a much more linear mode shortly thereafter and becomes another Gears of War rip-off. Let's hope this is the end of the franchise it's time for some fresh ideas.
  56. Mar 7, 2013
    Dead space3 makes for a good 3rd person shooter with fantastic graphics and combat that can provide some nice moments of frantic on the spot re-thinking tactics as well as sporadic moments of high pressure. but as a "Dead Space game" its only a solid entry that strays to far from what made it the reason so many of us loved and hoped would continue to be, and that reason was horror. Now if you had any concern for the new entry into the series to be even more action focused and less nightmare driven then the previous Dead Space2 then congratulations, you where right! Dead space 3 continues the story of Isaac Clarke and boost a few new characters then the last game including a new villain Unitologist that for the life of me can not remember his name (which i am not surprised due to the flat cast of characters throughout) and returning support character Ellie (now with a magic eye ball) as well as a few others but most importantly John Carver who will act as isaac's new bro and function as the other player in co-op. Now, for the sake of not having any spoilers bleed out i am not going to say anything about the plot, events, story ect. that happen in the game however i will go on record to say that i was able to play through the whole game in co-op with a friend and although its not the direction i wanted to see the franchise go i can vouch for the games co-op as being "a lot of fun" ether with a personal friend or a complete stranger over Xbox Live. Dead Space 3 also sports a new weapons craft system that is in the form of the previous games "work benches" and are peppered throughout the game for you to ether sell, upgrade or craft all of your new found junk into making med packs both small, medium or large, ammo (which is now universal no matter the gun) weapon parts and finally weapon mods or "Circuit's" which by finding or crafting is what gives your gun stats like increased reload speed, damage, rate of fire or a combination of the bunch. Necromorphs are back and are as pissed as ever but in a much less terrifying way, i could not put my finger on it but there was something about them that seem to me as a little weak on the scares and lacked any and all of that gut wrenching feeling i got from previous titles though never the less they are still satisfying to brutally rip through. Also the environments lack that character that the other games nailed but that's not to say they are boring to move through just don't expect to see buckets of blood everywhere. At the end of the day Dead Space3 is a pretty fun 3rd person action game with some "gotcha" type moments tied into dark hallways, brutal gore and violence, the emptiness of space and a nice cheevo list with a really fun co-op mode not to mention a campaign that is really freaking long and you have a really nice package overall. Just remember the not so good things i said. Dead Space3 does NOT suck rather the direction they took it does. Thank you for your time Expand
  57. Mar 2, 2013
    I was surprised at how well this game turned out. All I had been hearing before buying the game was that it was Resident Evil 6 2.0. I personally hated RE 6 with a passion so I was very weary going into this. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. First all, there almost zero change the core gameplay, which I love in a game like this. The emphasis on horror was lowered but, believe me, there are still plenty of spots in the game that get you to jump a bit sitting there. The story is actually pretty good but I'd highly recommend playing the first two before jumping into this one unless you want to be totally left out of the loop. The biggest issue I had was with the new checkpoint system, especially in regards to doing the optional missions. There's too much of a gap between checkpoints and if you want to do any of the optional missions, you need to make sure to set aside the necessary time to complete them or else you'll have to start all over from the beginning if you need to quit midway through. While I do wish it still had the emphasis on horror, I can't say this was a disappointment. I think it's a good game, easily worth the 30 dollar price tag you'll find it having this summer. It's not something that will blow you out of the water, nor will it be better than most, if not all, of the blockbuster hits coming in March. But it's a decent shooter that will occupy your time. Expand
  58. Mar 2, 2013
    For me, the most obnoxious thing about Dead Space 3 wasn't the game mechanics or overall story, both of which are adequate, but the very character you play. They really should have left Isaac Clarke mute like he was in Dead Space 1. In that game, you could project whatever personality you wanted onto him: I personally thought of him as someone who would under normal circumstances be thoughtful, self-controlled, and quiet, like many real-life engineers and scientists tend to be. I like people like that, so I liked Isaac. Unfortunately, in Dead Space 2 they gave him a voice, and did ever he use it. I no longer liked him. The trend is ramped up even more in Dead Space 3, making Isaac Clarke one of the most exquisitely annoying video game characters in recent memory. There's something wrong when you regularly have to suppress the urge to yell "Shut the f**k up and quit your whining!" at your own character in a single-player shooter.

    What is it, exactly, that makes Isaac so grating? First there's the voice itself: he sounds like he's about eighteen, even though he looks at least twice that. It's jarring. Then there's the melodramatic moaning and groaning during combat why does Isaac have to shriek like he's being tortured on the rack every time he falls down or takes a punch? And then there's the frequent and usually pointless chattering, both to himself (essentially to remind the player of the goals of a mission, in case they've been forgotten since the previous reminder two minutes ago) or with the other members of the team exploring Tau Volantis. All the talk-talk-talk makes you appreciate how the general lack of dialogue in games like Bioshock, Half Life, and the first Dead Space adds to the eeriness of their atmospheres. But worst of all is Isaac's personality, which emerges fully in a puerile love triangle side-story that has been unnecessarily grafted onto the plot. Isaac's endless sulking and complaining made me understand why Ellie left him for the far more dignified Norton. He comes off like a self-obsessed, self-righteous, self-pitying high school student mooning over an an unrequited crush, and not like the embittered and traumatized adult he's presumably supposed to be.

    I don't know why the developers chose to make Isaac such an immature putz maybe it's just lazy writing, maybe the marketing department wanted them to appeal to a younger demographic, whatever. But I'm seeing this trend more and more in games the strong, silent (and undoubtedly scared s**tless) type of computer game main character seems to be going extinct. Someone ought to make a mod that lets you replace Isaac with the Doomguy then you'd have a pretty good game.
  59. Mar 1, 2013
    Gears of War/Halo/Doom.... all games this one copies, no originality, everything happens in threes, you spend more time running around scavenging for on the other side of the level because you need it to open some door or fix something.... Frustrating and forgettable... should have saved my money
  60. Feb 28, 2013
    Does anyone remember the bat things, that would make dead bodies come to life as necromorphes? Those have somehow vanished from this series. I was completely freaked out of anything, even dead, somehow coming to life in a crazy deformed monster. Those were the Dead Space moments that, like Isaac in the second game,made me lose my mind. As a Dead Space game I call this a 6. However, as an action game, which im a fun of that too, I give it a solid 9+. The controls are the tightest out of most games out there. I love the co-op too. What I noticed is that DS3 feels allot like Lost Planet, and the next Lost Planet looks like a Dead Space game. Very odd.

    My suggestion to EA, may not be popular, but end the story of Isaac Clark. Creat a story like the IPhone app game was for Dead Space. That's my take on it. I do very much love this game, and hope for more
  61. Feb 27, 2013
    Atrocious saving feature. It autosaves at random points in the game. Let's say you've been playing for a few hours and want to turn off your console. You save it at a certain point, thinking you'll be able to start at that point the next time you play. WRONG. You're very likely to start where you were about 15 minutes prior to that in some other area. So you've no idea where is a good "stopping point" while playing so that you won't have to re-do the same things constantly! Oh, and you move around like chunk of cement with feet while you're enemies are all necromorph track stars and wrestling champions. Seriously, they will surround you and just hack away. You've no real defense for this because they run faster than you can't bug out and regroup. Your melee attack is pathetic and won't do enough damage to get them off you. And try aiming and shooting something that's less than a foot away from you--the camera angles suck. OH, and enemies come out of solid walls I kid you not. While inside the beast alien thing trying to set up beacons, I backed up into a dead end section of tunnel so that at least I knew my rear was safe. Nope. As I was blasting away at the hordes coming toward me, I was jumped from behind...which led to an abnormally long "spam press A" fight graphic. Yay, I got him off me and squished his head in, but now 6 others have closed in and i'm surrounded. Wonderful. I died again and again at that point in the game. Then I realized I hate this game. I was oftentimes agitated and frustrated about one thing or another. An arbitrary autosave feature to replace the save stations from 1 2. The bench has completely changed, and it's annoying as all heck. You have to end up collecting all kinds of random parts to upgrade or create weapons and/or your rig. What is this, WoW? Am I farming for tungsten!?? If there's a Dead Space 4, I won't be playing it. Expand
  62. Feb 26, 2013
    Really slow moving character that runs into a lot of things. No brightness change. Poor story and characters. Weapons customizing not on par with New Vegas or AoT and third person gameplay below par. Comparable to RE6.
  63. Feb 24, 2013
    If you feel the Resident Evil and Final Fantasy series have continued to slump into some awful abyss, then you will likely find the third installment of Dead Space to fit the same category. They have destroyed a strong environment of survival and horror, and changed it for some 13 yr old kids shooter style; albeit in third person.
  64. Feb 24, 2013
    Ive always been a huge fan of the horror genre. I loved the first two Dead space games. and i love Dead space 3 just the same. but there is something missing. The initial sence of terror. while still there, is lacking. But despite that, dead space 3 is one hell of a game. If you want the full experience play the coop. that is where this game stands out. i wont give anything away but seeing a toy soldier has never been this scary. The only time i was truely scared in this game was when my coop partner started screeming and spinning in circles in an elevator to something i could not see. This game offers an intense action packed experience that anyone fan of dead space or not, could love. I love dead space 3 and i cant stop playing it. I highly recommend this game. Expand
  65. Feb 24, 2013
    Don't let some negative reviews fool you. This is a great game. It has enough horror elements to still keep the Dead Space feel to it, but has enough changes to keep from feeling like more of the same. The co-op alone makes this game worth a purchase. There's also a ton a re-playability with the different difficulty levels, and the new awesome gun creations. The only negative thing about this is game is the final hour or so. It was so tedious and boring that it gets to the point where you keep saying to yourself "I really wish this game would just end already". That's never a good thing and by the time the story ends you really just don't care anymore. This last portion of the game was enough to lower my score from almost a 10 to more like an 8.5 or so. Yeah, the last hour is that bad. I rounded up my rating to a 9 because a lot of these lower scores are just not fair to the game. It's just more people jumping on the current gaming bandwagon, which is to hate games that make changes from their originals and cry that the developers "aren't being true to their loyal fans".

    This game is definitely worth checking out, and is an early game of the year contender for 2013.
  66. Feb 23, 2013
    Being a horror lover, I've been a fan from the start, placing myself in a dark room alone with headphones turned up to 11, enjoying the first Dead Space experience in a way that I'll never forget. Since then, two iterations have emerged and I have thoroughly enjoyed both. Both sequels however, have not met my expectations pleasantly in regards to the 'true' horror experience that the first release was. That fact however, should in no way affect the score for the later titles as Dead Space 3 is a superb game. As many have pointed out, Dead Space 3 weighs in heavily on the action front but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's completely devoid of the horror that the series is known for. The catch here is that it's only a scary experience if you want it to be. The shooting mechanics are as they've always been though slightly more fine tuned. Strategic dismemberment of the Necromorphs is ever present and important as they are much faster and aggressive this time around. The fights against the human 'Unitologists' aren't nearly as tense or gratifying and can be at times a little detrimental to the overall atmosphere but let's face it, when you've played all the games and appreciate the story and lore, who doesn't want to unload a plasma cutter into one of those fools?
    At the normal setting(not recommended), you will breeze through the campaign easily, your inventory filled to bursting with health packs and ammo, necromorphs falling left and right to your overpowered arsenal. Turn up the difficulty however, and you're more likely to enjoy yourself if you seek that good ol' desperate feeling.
    I started off on hard and met a respectable challenge, at times damning myself for not stocking up on supplies properly and at other times feeling like the damn hero that Isaac Clarke, the most unfortunate engineer in the history of man, has come to be. For me, the perfect experience in DS3 was playing the game in 'Pure Survival' (a mode unlocked upon completion), where all ammo, health, upgrades and stasis etc had to be crafted manually with the resources you find lying around.
    Optional missions pop up here and there and are a welcome addition, in particular because aside from one, they were some of the most frightening missions in the game and serve to enliven the atmosphere of the various locations. The weapon crafting system albeit confusing at first glance, is quite frankly excellent (again, on harder difficulties) as it is truly gratifying, especially when you've evaluated your situation and find a combination of weapon parts that really save your hide under certain circumstances. Spend enough time here and you will be thankful for the opportunity to do so.
    A lot of flack has been thrown at DS3 because of EA and most notably, a modern trademark of that company: Payed downloadable content that will help you on your world saving conquest. I had read about this before I played the game but admittedly, I didn't even noticed the feature until my 3rd playthrough. If you dislike this kind of thing then fret not, it is in no way an imposing mechanic nor a requirement to play, complete or enjoy the game.
    Co-op, the most recent and potentially worrying addition to the franchise works as expected. The mechanics are solid but aside from a larger insight into Isaac's partner Carver, it doesn't offer much in my opinion. It should be noted however that I play the Dead Space games for isolation, horror and atmosphere purposes, others may take great pleasure in teaming up with a buddy for the murder party.
    I enjoyed the story despite the fact that at times, it's a bit on the clichéd side with some truly corny 'love' moments. That being said, considering Isaac's journey from one awful situation to another, I completely accepted the more 'heroic' turn of events this time around which are naturally followed by a more 'grandioso' style of storytelling. Besides, anyone who questions Isaac's 'bad-assness' at this point should just play a barbie game. Overall, I would recommend Dead Space 3 to anyone who enjoys either action or horror. Both elements are ever present in the game and the mechanics are, after 3 iterations, very tight and the game performs admirably. I don't consider graphics a necessity in the creation of good games but they look great here and the expansive space areas are fantastic. Get this game. And if you prefer to buy used games then worry not, the online pass/co-op is in no way critical to your enjoyment of this excellent gaming experience.
  67. Feb 23, 2013
    don't listen to the fanboys, Dead Space 3 is good game.
  68. Feb 22, 2013
    Is it just me or are fanboys as well as critics really reluctant to change? I feel Dead Space 3 succeeded where RE 6 failed: to provide a good combination between Survival Horror and 3rd person shooter. The control feels better than RE, the set pieces are better integrated into the game. Sure, it becomes more action oriented but Visceral Games have outdone themselves this time by increasing the scope of the Dead Space Universe. I was one of the few people that never got hooked on Dead Space, but now I am. If critics and fan boys are whining so much these days, why didn't they buy critically great shooters such as Binary Domain? or if they really liked the Survival horror genre, why didn't they gave Shadows of the Damned or RE Revelation a chance? Maybe because we're spoiled with choice? Expand
  69. Feb 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let me start by telling you what games I do like. Mass effect 1,2&3. Dead Space 1&2 and Bioshock 1&2 to name a few, just so you know what page I'm on. This is one of the worst games I've played in a long time for the 360. I bought it due to the reviews on and because I loved 1&2. For the first time in a long time I didn't do my research properly. Big mistake.! I found that you spend more time trying to build a gun in the beginning than using one and even if you do get it right, killing the necro's is like trying to take down an elephant with a pea shooter. The stasis is nearly useless as it runs out after a couple of goes and you have to be very accurate with it. It takes a lifetime to recharge and even if you do hit your target by the time you have reloaded your pea shooter you will find them all over you anyway. The game play isn't horror! At best it's jumpy and that's mainly because every door that you open and close sounds like you are about to be attacked, speaking of doors, you need to be 5mm from the panel to open it and don't think that you can stand back from it to give yourself a fighting chance because if you do it will just close again. You feel as though you are being dragged through the game and after a while you just want it to end, either through boredom or frustration. It might be my imagination as I've not played DS 1&2 for a while but the controls feel different and clumsy. I admit that the graphics are quite nice when you get a chance to look out of a window but the rest of it is dusty (probably to hide the low res graphics) I've only been playing it for about 8 hours and I had to restart it after about 3 and a bit because I built a gun that was rubbish, my bad I think? I can appreciate that many of you will be thinking that I shouldn't be giving my opinion at this early stage and normally I'd agree with you but I have very little desire to pick my pad back up again. I bought the limited edition version because it only cost £2 more from game's £43 price tag but as far as I can make out unless you're doing a co op the only thing you get is the use of two suites for 24 hrs, EA making more money off DLC again, what a surprise! Please don't buy this game, if you have play it then rent it but the best thing I can suggest is to believe the game died with Dead Space 2. It's that bad. Roll on Bioshock 3. Expand
  70. Feb 21, 2013
    Loved Dead Space 1 and 2 and I loved 3. Yes, it's not as well paced or atmospheric as the first two games but it is still a great game! The campaign length is amazing. How people complain its too long are crazy! Go back to you 5 hour campaigns then.. Recommended!
  71. Feb 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'll start off by stating probably the only positive thing about this game: the graphics are stunning and the environments appropriately desolate and grimy. Having said that, this is one of the most dissappointing follow-ups to one of my favorite games of all time. Pretty much everything in this is a step in the wrong direction, either completely out of left field or backwards. At the end of DS2, Isaac defeated the Marker both from without and within, and with his new friend Ellie, rocketed off to freedom. Well, in this game, Isaac has not only hooked up and boinked with Ellie (because in video game storylines what else are you supposed to do with a woman), but they've split up because Isaac has become a self-pitying recluse who is thrust back into the fray at gunpoint and spends the game complaining, wondering what the hell he's doing here (I can relate). When the game lets up on the Quicktime events to actually let you start playing, Isaac starts shooting at...dudes with guns. In a franchise that was supposed to be about shooting zombies to pieces, you start out by ducking behind cover and shooting dudes with guns in the face. Welcome to Call of Duty: Dead Space. The Unitologists, who made for great enemies with their methods of infiltration and subterfuge in past games, are now dudes with guns. They've managed to take over all of Earthgov, who were the totalitarian enemy in DS2, and have now reduced them to a SINGLE SQUAD. Wow, for a game that features alien monoliths that turn people into zombies, this game is making all this VERY hard to buy. So after the intro to Army of Isaac, he reunites with Ellie, who proceeds to lock lips with one of the jarhead military guys right in front of him. And now the zombie shark has officially been jumped. Ellie is Bella and Isaac is Edward. With the fate of humanity in the balance, Isaac now gets into p***ing contests with Military Jacob over stealing his girl.

    The rest of the game is a tedious fetch-quest much like the 1st game, but whereas you felt put upon with the two other NPCs sending you here and there, now you fly through space and trudge in sub-zero terrain while a crowd of token characters like Bald Chick, Old Guy, and Redneck Jarhead tell you where to go while they sit back do jack squat. Meanwhile, you get to grab this thing and open this door and start this engine while you collect "resources" and "spare parts." Remember how players complained Dead Space didn't have the best weapons? Well the developers have passed that job down to us as we now construct guns like rusty Legos and find out that they're all still just as weak as ever, only now you, the player, have seen how fruitless your efforts are. That's pretty much how you experienced Dead Space 3; you don't play it, you work on it. You know, I can practically see the stiff-suited market researchers sitting around thinking how much crap they could cram into this game for the sole purpose of hooking more sales. We need that Twilight dollar, let's put in an overly dramatic and unneccesary love triangle! We need that Walking Dead dollar, let's add more useless NPCs that will serve no purpose other than to die at some point! We need that Mass Effect dollar, let's make the players pretend this is an RPG all of a sudden and collect parts!

    I never quite understood why EA was painted as a money-grubbing, artistically-bankrupt company, but now I know all too well.
  72. Feb 18, 2013
    Disappointment is the single most relevant word to Dead Space 3. If it were only that it wasn't a survival-horror game, but still a fun action game it would be great. Instead it plays like an unfinished game; designs get reused too frequently, details and character interaction is missing, and a certain level of polish is absent. Most of the action is walking into a room and fighting a huge wave of enemies, followed by a similar room with another wave of enemies. Backtracking is quite frequent, and during these quiet moments there's nothing to fill the void except boredom to get out. Side missions are especially prone to this, and because of this the game feels both small and dragging on for too long.
    The story is easily the weakest part. It begins confusing as so much of the game world has changed radically since the last installment, and important character development fails to pull through. By the time changes start happening it's hardly effective as the level of involvement from the additional human survivors is minimal, and relies much on the players own assumptions. Worse is the dialogue, it is cringe-worthy awkward, and at times uncomfortable to sit through. Unfortunately there is no button to skip cutscenes.
    Overall the game feels rushed out of production to meet a deadline; hopefully future installments will have a larger team, a smaller scope, or a longer time table to complete the game.
  73. Feb 18, 2013
    i was a big fan of Dead Space 1 and 2 but this one is just boring. You can customize the weapons which is kind of fun but it is a hassle to get the necessary resources and then they offer to sell you whatever you need if you give them real money. Give me a break! The real world and real money shouldn't intrude into my video game experience. E.A makes some good games but they are greedy. They are too focused on making money with D.L.Cs and other crap. Also it used to be a good horror game but is now just an average third person shooter game. Expand
  74. Feb 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. By now you probably know that Dead Space 3 isn't a survival horror game like its predecessors, but rather a third person action shooter. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if it's done well, unfortunately in Dead Space 3 it is a complete failure. Most of the combat (and there is a lot of it) follows this pattern:

    -Isaac enters a small, cramped room.
    -Room gets locked down.
    -Wave of necromorphs spews out of vents.
    -Another wave of necromorphs.
    -...and another.
    -...and another.
    -...and another.
    -Room opens up.
    -Move on to next room, repeat.

    The strategic dismemberment that was so enjoyable in the first Dead Space game is completely gone. Each of these waves has so many enemies charging at you so fast, that you will repeatedly end up backed into a corner while you mindlessly empty clip after clip into an undifferentiated mass of arms and legs and tentacles. Impalement is also of little use, since there is no time to stop shooting at the dozens of enemies who are mobbing you, and if your telekinesis picks up the wrong object from the gigantic pile of limbs and items, then you're as good as dead.

    Not all the combat is atrocious. The end boss is one of the most epic I've ever seen, and there's another memorable boss fight around the middle. Unfortunately most of the boss fights will be against the Snow Beast, who seems to have no shortage of respawning tentacles. Perhaps the combat is more enjoyable in co-op, since the game was clearly not designed around solo gameplay, but I don't know. Both of the co-op partners I found in message boards have flaked out. That's another thing that is extremely frustrating about this game; if it was designed to be played by two people on two separate consoles, why does it include no tools for finding a co-op partner?

    The game has other flaws, such as generic, one-dimensional characters; formulaic dialogue; a clunky weapon-crafting system; and an in-your-face microtransaction system. The game also froze my XBOX 360 a few times. As extremely annoying as these things are, they are small potatoes compared to the epically bad and frustrating combat I've already mentioned. I could overlook these other flaws if I actually enjoyed playing the game, but the bottom line is that the combat is so pointlessly long and repetitive that it ultimately turns Dead Space 3 into a game that is just simply not fun to play.
  75. Feb 18, 2013
    Dead Space 3 was innovative, fun, and offered a slightly different experience to it's predecessors. While definitely a more action based installment, the horror element is certainly there and well done. I found myself at times dreading the next room or jumping at the next enemy surprising me, wile not as fearful as the first, it did have the action part more well done than it's predecessors.

    The action portion was great, being able to customize a huge number of elements on my weapons from upgrades, to barrel combinations, I was never short of a fun, new way to massacre necros. In addition, moments of empowerment are quite exciting, being able to use your (assuming you're accurate) solid aim and superior intellect to crush groups of enemies.

    While I wish it was more horror (like the first installment) I think in and of itself DS3 was very well made, and very fun. I personally think that reviewing this game in strong comparison with the first is foolhardy, as it is *meant* to not be as much horror and much more action.

    Although I rate this game a 9, I am going to give it a 10 to offset the ridiculous fools here that leave crappy *opinion only* based reviews and are upset because *their* personal desires are not met (I also see many of them seem to be "hipster gamers," apparently it is just plain cool to hate on big game companies).

    I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for some good scares, and lots of gruesome, gory, and exciting killing.
  76. Feb 17, 2013
    Great game. A good addition to the Dead Space saga. I am just fed up with online passes and micro transactions. I have been renting and buying used games for almost thirty years and I do not want to stop. If publishers want to make more money make better games, quit nickle and diming people.
  77. Feb 17, 2013
    As a fan of the series, I loved Dead Space 1 and 2, I had high hopes for Dead Space 3 when I initially saw it, but then I actually played the game and noticed not only flaws in the gameplay itself, but flaws in the story, writing, and even the graphics in a many places. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this game at all, I do however, hate what Visceral and EA have done with this game, Microtransactions for weapon parts and resources, DLC on day 1, achievements for future DLC already in the game on release, all of these are hallmarks of EAs cancerous, greedy touch on the series. Gameplay is much, much easier than any other game in the series (even on impossible). Graphics are improved by a fair bit, but graphical glitches in many areas detract from these improvements. Weapon customization effectively breaks the game within 5 chapters of starting it (about 1-3 hours of gameplay), the force gun and shotgun makes every normal enemy in the game a joke. Story was interesting, but could have been executed better. Overall, this doesn't feel like a Dead Space game, it lacks the scares, the psychological horror, even the simple but difficult gameplay that previous games executed flawlessly. I will note, however, that if you have a co-op buddy to play the game with, this game can be tons of fun. Buying it is up to you, but I personally wouldn't recommend it Expand
  78. Feb 17, 2013
    They killed the scary experience with DS3, made the game for CoD newbs that just want action and nudity (Ellie's "upgraded" rack) and care nothing about a good story and atmosphere. Same thing happened with Resident Evil 5 and also with Hitman Absolution (less stealth and poor story, shallow characters) Unfortunately, these ignorant people far outnumber the original fanbase of the Dead Space franchise and thus, games are e being shaped to please THEM. At the end of the day, corporations are out there to squeeze every cent out of each product and Dead Space fell victim to that. Kudos to franchises that manage to keep their uniqueness despite that fact. Expand
  79. Feb 16, 2013
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Dead Space fan, but this one just didn't have the magic that the first two had. The story wasn't as personal this time around and Isaac was flat throughout most of the game. There weren't any 'Wow' moments, clever gameplay moments, or awesome lead ins to the next chapter this time around. Think back to how scary it was when you first encountered a Stalker in DS2, or how disturbing it was when you saw that mother cradling her dead necromorph baby? Or when you finally fought the Tormentor that had been stalking you for half the game? There weren't any of these incredible moments in DS3 that captivated me or had me dying to know what happened next as in DS2. Aside from story complaints, this game was predictable and boring as well. How many times did they make you back track? How many environments looked EXACTLY the same? And just how many times did you walk into a room, and fight a bunch of necromorphs, walk ino another room, fight a bunch of necromorphs, and so forth and so on. Part of what made DS1 and 2 so great in you never knew when or how many necromorphs you'd be fighting... DS3 just made it a tired, predictable formula.

    If there's another DS game in the future, let's hope they bring the magic back.
  80. Feb 16, 2013
    As a 3rd person shooter it's clumsy and antiquated. As a Dead Space game, it is completely out of context with its predecessors, the story and writing are hackneyed, derivative, uninspired, lazy; its just bad, no way around it, cringe inducing. A game developed with a focus on ticking off boxes in order to appeal to a wider audience.
  81. Feb 16, 2013
    Great game. Better than the 7/10 some people are giving it.
    Found this to be a great addition to my co-op games which is my preference with great graphics and exceptional sound. Die hard fans probably wont like the co-op as it definitely takes the scare out of the game but for a shooter excellent. Found the making up guns fun and always having to go back to a bench and changing my new gun
    after finding my new colossus to be a squib. Give it a try as its miles ahead of Aliens colonial marines which is dire. Expand
  82. Feb 16, 2013
    6.1 really... 78 critic review score really... sometimes people baffle me, if you were a fan of dead space 1 or dead space 2 you should feel right at home here, i say "should" because before the game released there was people moaning about co-op, your on an ice planet there's know more dark hallways this isn't dead space.... first off the co-op is optional, so if you don't want to do co-op then don't pick it, the second thing is 70% of the game your still in dark hallways so it has the same DS feel, it's still creepy, there's still scares people need to relax... is it a little more action focused then DS 1 2 yea, does that change that this is still an awesome entry into the series... NO... the only downside for me personally is this game has a lot of backtracking but that's nothing new for people that played DS1 (quick tip if u beat the game sit through the credits cause there's something not to be missed at the end) Dead space 3 starts 2013 in an awesome way. Expand
  83. Feb 16, 2013
    As a huge fan of Dead Space 1 and 2, this game isn't quite as good in single player compared to its predecessors. However it is still a good game and very faithful to the series. It's been developed with co-op very much at the forefront. This creates a myriad of small issues in regards to the single player. The negative impact is much less than FEAR 3's implementation though. The good news is that the co-op is actually quite enjoyable. I played through solo on hard, skipped most side missions. Came back to play co-op and the side missions have been more action orientated. These are satisfying to play through with a partner. Trying out different weapons is a good way to keep me playing.. Carver's hallucinations, however rare, are a smart way to use the universe. Visuals are quite good, attention to detail is very high in the world and cut scenes. Environmental variety and snow setting is a good choice for the series There are a few jump scares, some great space exploration. Ultimately, co-op is a pleasant surprise and single player is still pretty good. Expand
  84. Feb 15, 2013
    I think the scores are too low. I'm a picky, hardcore gamer like many of you, and I believe they improved the game. Sure, they didn't give us the goose bump feeling from the first game, but that's hardly because the game is worst we just now what to expect. So instead, they gave us more action to compensate and the co-op is a bonus. It's fun and worth buying.
  85. Feb 15, 2013
    And we finally got a 3rd DS, seems legit. DS3 is probably the weakest although I did not play DS2 so I can't say its the worst, but comparing DS3 to DS1 isn't fair because, both of them are good in their own way, Im gonna go DS1 on this. Now lets talk about the game, The Graphics are pretty neat but a lot of people say its the same as ME3, and that it's third-person like ME, to me the argument is really stupid, they are both different games. The solo campaign is a 50/50, some of it was really cool and the other sometimes it was really boring. That's about it, my verdict: 7/10. Expand
  86. Feb 14, 2013
    The game is great and the plot is amazing and blew me away, but being a fan of the other 2 games i saw some great features be left behind, such as saving at a save station, power nodes and the store, I love the bench and the way so many guns can be built but the whole universal ammo idea though it was completely nesscary left out the inventory arangement the other 2 had, i played on hard and had so much ammo I didn't need, with this ammo stituation the game became a lot less scary as I knew I had enough ammo to be able to expand 3 stacks and still have plenty, and although the idea of the suit rack was awesome I did like how once you upgraded your suit every suit would be the same as the other suits, it made them feel more like a visual effect rather than something that would actually give you a special bonus for wearing it, and I know I am probably whining a little here, no lies the games great I love it and it stands proudly as a worthy third installment, i just wish some of the other games features had appered in this. At least you can't go through the whole game using only the Plasma Cutter on hard. Expand
  87. Feb 14, 2013
    First, I should say that the last two Dead Space games were pretty fun for me. I pre-ordered 3 for a day one pickup. I was looking for ward to the game. And I can't say it disappointed. 3 has better graphics, a more detailed story and game universe, and more to do...but is it better?

    Despite all the improvements, I found myself slightly bored with this game. The added side quests are
    nice to expand the story, but they distract from the plot in a way that seems really unneeded in what's supposed to be a "scary" game. Same with the collectible parts for weapon upgrades. A lot of reviewers have been going on and on about the new weapon system, where you find various parts and circuits to improve or make new weapons. They seem to like it. But it's not for me. It just took me out of the story and added a layer of complication that I didn't expect from a game of this nature. I just wanted to creep through the halls, killing baddies and solving some puzzles in zero g. Crafting didn't really fit into this game for me.

    For those who care about multiplayer, this game has drop in and drop out co-op. I didn't try it.

    Overall, I can't really suggest this game to everyone. It is a cool sci-fi universe and the stuff on the screen looks great, but the game sort of has turned away from the purer version which offered more thrills in an exchange to give players more to do, and I can't say the series needed that.
  88. Feb 14, 2013
    Alright, so I played Dead Space 1 and 2. Great survival horror game, but honestly Dead Space 3 wasn't great. I usually jumped in the other two, but with the Dead Space 3 they made it were your on a planet and it doesn't make me jump, because it's a big world to play on, but doesn't bring a scare to me. Plus it's hardly dark in the game to really bring out the horror in it.
  89. Feb 14, 2013
    ds 3 is a great game fulfilling the dead space story. too many negatives from so called survival horror game players, who cannot see the tension building within the game. lets remember visceral developed the game, and did a fantastic job. not all survival horrors are based in a haunted mansion or an asylum. i have played hundreds of games, and my love is survival horror, and the dead space trilogy still stands out as some of the best games i have played. well done visceral, come on ds 4, and you lot of whinging girls, grow up, stop moaning and play the game the way it was made to be played. you never know you might actually get it! Expand
  90. Feb 14, 2013
    First off I am a long time, die-hard, 100% Achievement in both DS1 and DS2, faithfull fan. However...
    I cannot wait to see the day when EA crashes and burns like any third installment in their franchises.
    Once again, like so many unfortunate developpers before them, Visceral Games have allowed their beautifully crafted, rich, compelling, niche title to be bastardized, reduced,
    simplified, and "cookie cutter'd" by EA's pursuit of money and sacrificial expediancy. I am writing this review not even having completed the game yet, which is a first. I have about 20 hours in, with a co-op partener, and have experienced everything from intense frustration, to sheer apathetic bafflement in regards to many aspects of the game.
    Atmosphere and Setting: While a serious departure from the previous two titles, DS3's arctic setting is actually quite refreshing in most aspects. The weather is believable and the buildings and ships are satisfactorily done. The best part about Dead Space was suspense about when an attack was coming. While several upcoming encounters were obvious there were always completely unexpected jumps between the snail speed crawls through corridors and corners. The overall feel sufferes intensly at the hands of non stop, almost labourious combat, and LITTERAL "copy pasted" levels such as the side missions. All the same corridors, the same encounter timing, the 3 step lowering of the supply pallet at the end... Even nintendo in the 1980's would facepalm at such repetetiveness. The soundtrack: Both musical and ambient noises, are inaudible over the constant fighting. Dead Space one's elevator and door noises still make me scream in side my head "SHHH SHHH SHHH BE QUIET YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE ME AWAY :S" That sense of trying to sneak around and not be found was epic... and totaly lost when Isaac, now apparently profficiant in millitary weapons and their design, runs around with rocket launchers and bulpup rifles. World credibility: Remember the time when each enemy type had a backstory or at least an origin? The normal Slashers were everyday people, the Lurkers and Crawlers we're infants and toddlers, the Twitchers came from hosts with stasis, The Pack were children... There are so many missing peices to some of these enemies and the world itself. If this was a super top secret military research zone where are the children coming from? Why can't a door malfunction and not be followed by an attack? Or better yet, not magically un-malfunction the second the attack is over? And wasn't this game supposed to be about scavenging? There was a time when I never used the safe, never sold ammo (for the one or two guns I was using), and actually had a chance to run out if I didn't MANAGE MY INVENTORY properly. I remember that being a selling point of the earlier installations. Now, even on Hard, I am leaving stuff behind because I can't carry it all. Other Frustrations: Autosaves vs Save Points: I really hope there are manual save points in single player. Several times now I have been set back two or even three whole missions, yet kept my gear from them... Bugs and glitches: Can't say I've had any deal breaking problems here. But lets say the stories of some other people's bugs are more frightening than the game has been so far. New Weapon system: Took a bit to get used to. Overall I miss when Isaac was an engineer, not rambo with a welding ticket. A lot of trial and error to figure out how it all worked. The blueprints were quite confusing and the lack of a more well laid out tutorial was a setback. But since I'm always complaining about developpers dumbing things down I really can't make a stink about this now can I? Quick time events Instant deaths Enemy Generation Enemy Reactions.
    -QTE's are for games that lack developper talent to create open, intelligent combat scenarios. I'm getting way too sick of "mash (A) to not die" -Instant deaths are a real let down in a game. They fail to reward quick thinking and ingenuity and make you grind through a multi step scenario where you learn from one death how to get to the next death until all the steps are over. The rappelling sections and Snow Beast are perfect examples of this. I've had several occasions where he runs at me undodgeably, hits me, and stomps on me non stop till I die without even the slightest chance of even getting up. -While I've been avoiding the "Gears of Space 3" whining, since when could Stalkers pop out of the ground like locust? -Apparently being hit by anything short of Contact, Force, TK impale, Rocket or Grenade causes no reaction in enemies. Didnt we used to have trouble shooting their limbs off with bullets? Hence the Plasma Cutter, which is unsuably weak despite a plethora of +2 Damage circuits. I'm running out of space here but you all get the idea. While the game is begrudgingly frustrating it's still somewhat fun. But this is NOT my Dead Space. Hey EA, do better, suck less.
  91. Feb 14, 2013
    Being a big fan of the first two games, i have to say i still love this one too. I have been mostly playing in Co-op with a friend and while it takes a lot of the scares away, it's a very very fun experience. The new crafting system is great and addictive. The gameplay is indeed more action based, but even then it really still feels like a dead space game. Or at least the atmosphere. Audiovisually it's again really impressive. I like this new approach to DS series. And if i want the survival horror experience, i can just play the previous two games. But the co-op is just tons of fun. Me and my friend are already looking forward to a second playthrough. Expand
  92. Feb 13, 2013
    Dont listen to all the negative crap about this game, Iv been a fan since Dead Space 1 and have loved every minute of every game. This third game is no different. Awesome from beginning to end. The addition of weapon crafting in this one is probably one of the best things they could have done. So much fun!! This game is well worth picking up.
  93. Feb 13, 2013
    This coming from an original dead space fan, this game plays more like "whack-a-necromorph" than dead space. Plentiful ammo, unfamiliar/complicated resource systems, and predictable ambushes are the main issues. Feels like a shooter rather than a survival horror game. Regardless, I still love this series, and I love this game. I'd get it used or at a reduced price if you aren't sure about buying it new. Expand
  94. Feb 13, 2013
    One of the greatest franchises is back with the third game... Dead Space 3! Right off the back in the story, action hits! The story is so chrisp and is a great way to continue the story. The action based horror games bringes everything you have expected plus more with the Co-Op mode able. Fighting with your buddy makes killing aliens so much better knowing you have him by your side. Overall, the game has great graphics, controls, and a great story. This is worth your 60$ for you to check out! Expand
  95. Feb 13, 2013
    Dead Space 3 was fun and engaging and just a bit scary when it was supposed to be. The action was faster and fluid. The environments were beautiful and the effects well done.
  96. Feb 13, 2013
    Skip this game unless you you enjoy running down repetitive hallways fighting the same uninspired enemies over and over again. Case in point, you are only ever attacked when a necromorph comes out of the ground or out from a vent, over and over again and again. Dead space 1 was by far the best game, good survival horror with a fun story. Dead Space 2 was a bit of a departure from that combination and a little less fun. EA has since taken over and made this into an average 3rd person shooter with no personality. I don't see the purpose of the multiplier it seems like it is tacked on so EA can make more in micro transactions.

    All in all this game was unnecessary if they were going to make Dead Space 3 in this fashion. Without the survival horror aspect of the game it has become an mediocre 3rd person shooter... maybe worth a rental but not worth buying.
  97. Feb 13, 2013
    Best Dead Space to date!! Sure its not the survival horror that i have know to love.. BUT the CRAFTING and the Torque bars to unlock certain doors, the Co-Op, the ability to replay levels to 100% everything, the extra new game modes as well!! Wish it would be scarier but overall im 100% happy with the Game its self.. The Micro Transactions are Pathetic.. But that is EA for ya... Milking their customers.. But overall i love it!! Expand
  98. Feb 13, 2013
    The good: Game play is solid. Controls are very responsive and the Graphics are top notch, even with the little details of the light from your mask reflected on walls Gun creation makes for a more in depth experience into Dead Space Lore. Co-Op is real fun with a friend Lost to explore and find High replay value The Bad: (may contains some small spoilers) Story is kind of weak and the love triangle felt very forced and primarily, boring
    not so scarey anymore. I had a few moments of jump, but nothing compared to Ds2
    Kensis is not what it use to be. Seems to miss the mark on impaling random items at enemies. I found it harder to find things to pick up... and when you could, it wasnt very useful. Rappelling parts are pretty annoying. buggy in some areas. At times textures didnt load. Clipping would occur or Items would not disappear after pickup.. Boss battles (if any) were kind of easy on Normal. overall:
    I did enjoy playing it as a game and am already moving into new game But its not the dead space I love. It is a solid game and worth playing with a friend. It has some great moments. score of 8
  99. Feb 13, 2013
    It's hard to review this game objectively as a fan of the first two Dead Space games (in particular the horror elements of those games). A lot of the hate is coming from the fact that the tension and atmosphere of the first two Dead Space games is very reduced in this latest iteration, and us gamers (ever a fickle bunch) don't seem to respond well to change. That said, for what it is the game is..... decent. It took me quite awhile to force myself to play through this game, and that alone should say something: a quality game should not feel like a chore to play. The story (at least to me) was uninvolving, and I repeatedly asked myself why I cared about what was happening. The presentation is a shining point of the game; the graphics are good with excellent lighting and particle effects, and the sound design is top notch. The biggest problem I see with the game is the focus on 3rd Person Shooting. Fine, the wanted a more action oriented game. I can deal with that. The problem is that there have been no significant changes to the gameplay formula to accomadate this shift in focus, leaving the game to fall flat under other 3rd person shooters on the market. This game is good enough for me to recommend to Dead Space fans, but if you're a survival horror fan, steer clear. If you're a fan of 3rd person shooters, play Gears of War or Uncharted. Dead Space 3 is decent enough game, but it's a game that has lost its identity. Expand
  100. Feb 13, 2013
    Currently Im in chapter 15 and absolutely love the game, looking forward to finalize it and then play the new game+ classic mode, for the better DS experience. This game is pure fun and still the thrill is there I am playing Solo campaing during night time on 50" TV with home-cinema surround system and for sure the creepy atmosphere is there. Again this one is not the same pure horror experience as in DS1 when you needed to explore the dark, creepy locations of the Ishimura starship, it is more like horror/adventure with some more action but still with a lot of creepy, dark corridors/rooms mixed with outside areas with atmosphere similar to John Carpenter's "The Thing", with limited view due to permanent snow storm and necromorphs jumping out from the ground...The gameplay is very smooth giving you great control of each Isaac's movement, mostly you will fight the necromorphs with some soldiers occasionally, as I have mentioned ealier the weapon crafting is fun, no need for microtransactions, I stick to two or three favourite guns which are working well against any enemy. This game is a blast, will keep you at the edge of your seat from the beginning, would recommend it to any action/horror game fan! Expand
  101. Feb 5, 2013
    A tip to everyone, DO NOT LISTEN TO NEGATIVE USER REVIEWS, people often don't understand the meaning of 10 or 0, so just don't listen. Now to the review, in short, Dead Space 3 is the classic Dead Space you've come to know and love through and through. The story is still excellent, the visuals this time around are impressive, and the gameplay is still as grossly satisfying as ever. The new weapon system provides excellent variety, and the co-op mode is not intrusive. Co-op, in fact, adds to the story line making Dead Space 3 a much more worth while experience. The only problems I had were a few backtracking moments. The game is scary, a little less than previous installments, but is still satisfying. If you are a classic DS fan you will love this, if you are new to the franchise, you will love this game. Worth all the money, and if the game doesn't seem scary enough, play hardcore, you only get 3 saves for the entire game and if you die you go back to your last save. It is extremely intense. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 68 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 68
  2. Negative: 0 out of 68
  1. Apr 15, 2013
    There’s also unevenness to the pacing between the high-energy action divided by constant collect-a-thons.
  2. Apr 5, 2013
    A great horror game was turned into a decent co-op shooter. Dead Space 3 is well-made but the uniqueness of the series is gone. Was that really the goal? [CD-Action 04/2013, p.66]
  3. Mar 23, 2013
    An impressive all-out action blaster that betrays its horror roots for a lower common denominator. [Apr 2013, p.64]