Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 26
  2. Negative: 21 out of 26
  1. Oct 21, 2010
    It's not perfect, and the art style can be irksome with its intentionally marred characters, but for five bucks (or for free), Dead Space: Ignition delivers a good backstory and a few pieces of entertaining puzzle gameplay.
  2. Oct 21, 2010
    There are right and wrong ways of offering downloadable goodies in preparation for an upcoming release and Ignition is the wrong way. The short side story doesn't bring anything of interest to the table. This should have just been a free motion comic series in the same way the first game had; we shouldn't be charged to play three types of mini-games over a dozen times.
  3. Oct 24, 2010
    Essentially, you're paying five bucks for some story and unlockable content when you purchase Ignition. Whether that's a good deal to you or not is your decision, but for the majority of our readership demographic, it's probably worth it, hence the Buy It recommendation despite the low score.
  4. Oct 21, 2010
    Even for hardcore Dead Space fans (which we are), skipping Ignition will mean missing nothing of import to the Dead Space canon.
  5. Oct 21, 2010
    Overall, as I have mentioned, Dead Space Ignition is just a very poor attempt to generate hype for Dead Space 2. The art is bad, the mini games are not fun, and the experience is short unless you go back for more endings.
  6. Oct 21, 2010
    Dead Space Ignition is a cool idea -- a prologue that bears fruit in the real game -- but it's just so poorly executed.
  7. Jan 10, 2011
    Dead Space Ignition is not worth the purchase unless you want to get the unlockable content for Dead Space 2, but if you want the unlocks then you may as well just pre-order Dead Space 2 and get Ignition for free. Play the game long enough to secure your unlockables and then go play something else.
  8. Dec 22, 2010
    This small collection of minigames offers little for even the most fervent Dead Space fan.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Dec 13, 2010
    The story and comic feels light-hearted where it should be dark and disturbing, and the games lack longevity. [Issue#67, p.105]
  10. Oct 21, 2010
    Dead Space Ignition is ugly to see and boring to play.
  11. Oct 21, 2010
    As a free extra to the main game it would've been acceptable. As it is, an expensive entreè to what's to come, Dead Space Ignition feels like an unpolished add on. If you can't live without the unlockable extra weapon to be used in Dead Space 2, you might consider buying it. Otherwise, patiently wait for the big deal in January and save the money.
  12. Oct 21, 2010
    Filling the narrative gap between the two main chapters sounds original, but the game completely fails. Ignition is a faux pas in Dead Space universe, with annoying gameplay and horrible graphics: an experience you can easily and definitely avoid.
  13. Oct 21, 2010
    Dead Space Ignition is a great idea, an optional introduction to a top tier game available as downloadable content. Imagine the opportunities this kind of product could have offered. Instead this game is equal parts frustrating and boring.
  14. Official Xbox Magazine
    Dec 13, 2010
    As a pre-order freebie, Ignition isn't bad, but it isn't worth paying for or playing through otherwise. [Jan 2011, p.69]
  15. Oct 21, 2010
    When your game makes you want to skip the egregiously tedious gameplay so you can see what happens in the utterly forgettable story, you know you're doing something wrong.
  16. Oct 27, 2010
    For those fans expecting a gameplay experience up to par with the franchise, let your hopes drain now.
  17. Dec 22, 2010
    When both the story and the gameplay are as weak as this then you're better leaving this on the virtual shelf and picking up Dead Space Extraction instead.
  18. Oct 28, 2010
    If you're a huge Dead Space fan, you may want to put two hours aside to play through this game to get the Hacker Suit. If your interest lies solely with how Ignition serves as a prelude to Dead Space 2, you're missing nothing interesting. I doubt the "that's what she said" joke or Franco Delille's story will be referenced extensively when Isaac returns.
  19. Oct 25, 2010
    A bridge between the two Dead Space games that is completely broken with its terrible graphics and A.I.
  20. Oct 21, 2010
    Adding insult to injury is the success Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, a $5, fully produced prequel to Dead Rising 2. The bar was raised, and Ignition has no business occupying the same space.
  21. Oct 21, 2010
    The idea of an interactive comic as narrative expansion is a sound one, but Ignition entirely fails to do the concept justice.
  22. Games Master UK
    Dec 29, 2010
    A dull story. [Jan 2011, p.89]
  23. Oct 21, 2010
    It is nothing more than a few simple hacking tool mini games set in the Dead Space universe, plain and simple.
  24. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Dec 28, 2010
    Weak enough to make even uber-fans blanch. [Jan 2011, p.113]
  25. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Dec 25, 2010
    A partner title without a fraction of the main series' spark. [Issue#66, p.103]
  26. Oct 21, 2010
    Unless you're a huge Dead Space fan and absolutely can't contain yourself around anything remotely related to that universe, skip out on Dead Space Ignition.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 29 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 29
  2. Negative: 15 out of 29
  1. Mar 20, 2011
    Almost total rubbish !!!! A game is released that you really enjoy (Dead Space 2) and you hear that there is a tie in game that has a mainAlmost total rubbish !!!! A game is released that you really enjoy (Dead Space 2) and you hear that there is a tie in game that has a main game reward attached to it, so what do you do? Like the chump EA knows you are, you spend your Microsoft points on this piece of useless trash. I hate myself for buying this game, and trust me, you'll feel the same way. Don't do it. It's totally shameless exploitation and manipulation on the part of EA. I paid full price for Dead Space 2 and there is absolutely no justification for the content available for completing Ignition not being available in the main game already. Some people may feel I'm unfairly picking on EA over this, but quite honestly I feel that they are the worst offenders with this kind of thing. Anyway, that's my rant finished. Trust me, this game is not good. Feel free to find out for yourself though. Full Review »
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    The most pointless waste of money i have every spent, plot is awful, the comic visuals are badly drawn, and the small amount of game playThe most pointless waste of money i have every spent, plot is awful, the comic visuals are badly drawn, and the small amount of game play consists of poorly made puzzle games for which there are far better flash games on the web for free! I doubt my ps3 even hit 1% load. Full Review »
  3. Jan 26, 2012
    This game is not really a game, its a pretty well made and enjoyable comic, actually if this would just had been the comic it would have beenThis game is not really a game, its a pretty well made and enjoyable comic, actually if this would just had been the comic it would have been great! I would have given a higher score, but its because of the stupid puzzles that this game is kind of ruined. It seems to me this is like ruined potential when it came to gameplay since the puzzles get horrifyingly hard near the end. If they would have made longer the comics and make it have a little bit more story then I would be fine! In fact I would be quite pleased to give 5$ its just the stupid mini games that ruin everything. This game CAN be considered only if you are interested in a little story in an interactive comic but the gameplay is just **** ill admit. So think before buying this game. Full Review »