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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 64
  2. Negative: 8 out of 64
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  1. AceGamez
    All in all, Dead to Rights: Retribution is a solid action title, elevated above many others by dint of a canine companion who finally manages to make having a dog in a videogame completely worth it.
  2. Pelit (Finland)
    A quite good FPS slash beat 'em up. The fighting is fun, but Grant City is a visually dull place. [May 2010]
  3. For fans of the series Dead to Rights: Retribution is a must-have. For others it is a good way to get used to the action genre, because no prior skills are needed.
  4. Dead to Rights: Retribution isn’t subtle or refined, but it excels at letting players move from one sleazy place to another and scouring it clean of life.
  5. In conclusion, Dead to Rights: Retribution throws a few curve balls into the third person action franchise. It does take a little getting use to the controls but once you have mastered them, you’ll shooting and biting in no time and wanting to play more of Shadow.
  6. Retribution gave me absolutely nothing that I was expecting it to, what I was offered in its stead was amazingly violent and fast-paced action. The game achieves almost everything it set out to do, and I have to applaud that.
  7. 79
    Dead To Rights Retribution can be considered one of the better action games of the year. It’s bloody and brutal, gameplay and controls feel good and the switches between Jack and Shadow help to fight off repetitiveness. If you don’t like blood and extreme violence, stay away from this game, but they are bountiful in the game. Recommended for those who like over-the-top action.
  8. It's like one of those trash movies: you feel somehow guilty but you still have fun playing it, thanks to the over-the-top action sequences and characters. Consider it if you like the brainless action genre and you can't wait for the bigger titles to come out the next month.
  9. Overall, this is a good return to form for the series, and fans will love this game. Action game fans who are a bit more cautious with their purchases should certainly rent this, as the lack of multiplayer may not immediately peg it as a purchase, but don't be surprised if the Shadow levels and the sheer brutality make you want to purchase the game.
  10. For a series that was considered to be dead, Dead to Rights: Retribution greatly exceeds the poor reputation set up by previous iterations in the series.
  11. Although Dead to Rights: Retribution is somehow enjoyable to play at, we cannot help having a déjà-vu feeling. Substantially, it is a remake of the 2002 edition, updated to modern technology and consoles.
  12. All in all, the gameplay is very realistic and well done, but the game did let me down after I had so much fun with the first one.
  13. Dead to Rights: Retribution is a solid game which looks pretty good based on a fictitious NYC. The combat whilst dynamic, does get a bit repetitious and by mission 10 you'll be glad it's over rather than begging for more.
  14. 70
    It may not be the deepest or most original action experience out there, but it's hard to deny the cheap thrills, over-the-top attitude, and mind-numbingly brutal mayhem present in Volatile's latest.
  15. Dead to Rights: Retribution is fun, fast and exhilarating. You go from shooting to cracking jaws with your fists in mere seconds, and the mechanics for doing so are rock solid. It slows down at times, but this is still a worthwhile ride.
  16. Yes, it's cheesy and not the most polished shooter on the market, but it's the perfect rental, a game that'll last through the weekend and dish out plenty of rewards.
  17. 70
    Dead to Rights: Retribution is a mediocre game. It has good points, it has bad points, but it never comes up with something special. It's a fun game to play, but just for once and never again.
  18. We all need a Die Hard every now and then, and that’s exactly the kind of spirit Retribution evokes.
  19. Overall if you are a fan of the Dead to Rights series be sure to check this game out. If you are brand new to the series you should definitely give this title a shot to see if you like it, however, rent before you buy.
  20. With a forgettable story, bland characters and a huge sense of déjà-vu, Namco’s re-envisioning of its precious Dead to Rights franchise manages to keep you afloat, but never elevates your level of excitement beyond just treading water.
  21. In the end, the game is a wash and quite forgettable. You’ll enjoy some moments as you play but won’t remember them the next day.
  22. Sure, it could have been executed better, and yes there are better shooters/fighting games out there. But for something which came out of left field with little announcement, it’s got a good 10 hours of play in it, and I can think of a worse way to spend that amount of time. Uninspired, but respectable for being what it is, unashamedly.
  23. 68
    It offers a good challenge for action gamers, but they'll probably miss some features like a multiplayer mode, or some more depth.
  24. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Comfortable in its saggy skin, and really quite good at what it does. A bargain bin gem. [July 2010, p.94]
  25. Games Master UK
    Zesty and packs a punch, but becomes over-familiar very quickly. [June 2010, p.74]
  26. Dead to Rights: Retribution is a decent shooter, but it simply has nothing new to offer, and doesn’t do a particularly good job of presenting itself.
  27. 65
    Dead to Rights: Retribution is by no means a bad game, though it can't really be called a good one either. Redundancy runs rampant in nearly every aspect of the game.
  28. The story is bombastic and gratuitous and level design can be needlessly frustrating, but the strength of the combat and Shadow’s stealth largely compensate.
  29. The enemy AI is predictable, typically running straight at Jack; ordering Shadow around is hit and miss; there's zero help when it comes to targeting enemies (i.e. no lock-on function); and the animation can be disjointed and completely bizarre.
  30. 64
    It is one of those games you can pick up at your local rental place, play for a couple days and completely forget about. It can be fun at times, but can be tedious and frustrating at others.
  31. Dead to Rights: Retribution can provide some good B-movie fun at first, but it soon gets overly repetitive and the niggling flaws soon begin to grate more and more as the game goes on.
  32. Dead to Rights: Retribution is an enjoyable game with huge action elements, mixing beat´em up and shoot´em up in some variety of ways. It has easy combat mechanics and amazing takedowns moves, but honestly the game doesn´t offer the same experience than other titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  33. Dead to Rights: Retribution showed a lot of promise with some innovative side-steps, but fails when it comes down to line.
  34. Edge Magazine
    It's simple, enjoyable, and in wisely steering clear of trying anything grand or complex, is an enjoyable if self-contained success. [May 2010, p.97]
  35. Possibly the world's least anticipated sequel, but a surprisingly enjoyable brain dead romp all the same.
  36. A far bigger problem is simply the fact that the game gets boring all too quickly.
  37. Namco delivers violent and old school action that feels just like a Chuck Norris movie. Unfortunately, also in the bad way. That means the story stinks and the dialogue is unbelievably bad. Still, it feels good to just disconnect the brain for some heavy action that really feels like a direct to DVD movie.
  38. It would have been much better if Volatile had given the game some personality, instead of using all ideas from other games like Gears of War, Arkham Asylum or Max Payne.
  39. 60
    Go here, kill them, do it again. It’s rough around the edges –- shadows look like crap on people’s faces and the enemies aren’t smart –- but it could be worse.
  40. Perhaps the greatest issue with Dead To Rights: Retribution is that it feels like last generation's ideas and standards reanimated for a new set of consoles.
  41. A reasonably solid action game with a few good ideas, but definitely a step below the top-tier franchises.
  42. An entirely average experience with mediocre graphics and a story laced with cliches. But it is fairly entertaining, fun even, while it lasts.
  43. Competent. Functional. Other than the presence of your canine sidekick, there is absolutely nothing in Dead to Rights: Retribution that hasn't been done before (and probably better) in other games.
  44. This new Dead to rights may appeal to B-Movie fans. For everyone else this is just a decent game with too many problems and a dog which just barks and doesn't bite.
  45. There's not a single moment worth experiencing. It's a dull, monotonous title that needn't be played by anyone, especially with all of the quality already available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
  46. Dead to Rights: Retribution is a lukewarm 3rd person shooter, whose redeeming qualities are overshadowed by overly repetitive gameplay.
  47. The shooting, hand-to-hand combat and sneaking segments can all be fun, but for a very short time. Apart from that, the game has little of true value. It's probably best to avoid it.
  48. Dead to Rights is a lot like its belligerent hero, getting the job done in the crudest manner possible, leaving behind nothing more memorable than a sticky adolescent mess of blood, bullets and profanity.
  49. The few saving graces offered by the inclusion of a scrotum-seeking pooch do little to alleviate the more fundamental problems the game faces as a third person shooter. Dead to Rights: Retribution is a load of balls in exactly the way Volatile Games didn't intend.
  50. A disappointing sequel that resembles (in the worst way) everything we've seen in the previous entries of the series. Fun to play for a very short period, the linear gameplay and the lack of multiplayer and co-op mode make this game a failure under many aspects. It could be worth a rental for the week-end, but there are better ways to spend money and time.
  51. For all your dull evenings, there is Dead to Rights : Retribution. An ugly, not very original and merely polished game, but still very satisfying when you just need some enemy-bashing.
  52. Dead to Rights simply coats the environment in red and its characters in force-fed grime and loathability. What's left is an experience that provides some basic action sustenance, but lacks any real purpose or direction.
  53. Everything on offer is sub-par. But if you’re a sucker for mindless violence and a distinct lack of storyline, then you’ll probably enjoy Retribution.
  54. The plot wavers between comic-book badassery and awkward melancholy, making you wonder whether the writing team couldn’t come to an agreement on what kind of story they wanted to tell.
  55. Official Xbox Magazine
    Retribution's grim, obscenity-packed narrative fails to hit any high notes. [July 2010, p.83]
  56. X-ONE Magazine UK
    This shooter is out of date. [Issue#59, p.97]
  57. Dead to Rights: Retribution is a big disappointment. The gameplay is boring from start to finish and has a lot of visual flaws.
  58. 42
    My issues are that this game is so damn generic, shallow, and content with being nothing special, it surprises me that it asks you to pay full price at the door.
  59. I would give a C+/B- based solely on the merits of the game, but I just can't ignore unsavory business practices when they're out to con gamers like you.
  60. I’m only recommending this game to the patient—desperate for something they’ve experienced before.
  61. Dead to Rights: Retribution might not be particularly bad in a certain aspect, but it’s so mediocre and uninspired that there is no valid reason to spend your time on it.
  62. If you aren’t playing Dead to Rights: Retribution for its silly good old-fashioned crime story arc, you are playing it for the wrong reasons. It may be a farce, but Dead to Rights: Retribution is the equivalent of a straight-to-DVD Dolph Lundgren or Jean-Claude Van Damme film.
  63. games(TM)
    It's only with extended play that Retribution's meaningless sadism, over-the-top machismo, mish-mash of gameplay elements and backdrop of futile storytelling destroy any possible reason not to put down the controller. [Issue#96, p.126]
  64. A pretty big disappointment, especially when compared to other action games including the two that I mentioned. I have no issues with someone making the equivalent of a B style game, and let's face it, that's exactly what Dead to Rights is going for here. However, it misses the mark completely when it comes to gunplay and combat, and the sterile, boring environments that you get to endlessly shoot dudes in don't help it at all.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 38 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 38
  2. Negative: 7 out of 38
  1. Jun 28, 2017
    Dead To Rights Retribution is a great 3rd person action game

    Gameplay is broken into 3 types of sections:shooting,brawling,and
    Dead To Rights Retribution is a great 3rd person action game

    Gameplay is broken into 3 types of sections:shooting,brawling,and stealth.Shooting sections are your fairly simple cover-shooting mechanics but the gunplay is somewhat satisfying,even if there are only about 6 weapons in the game.My favourite part of the game is the brawling.The combat system is surprisingly deep.You have low and high punches,guard breaks,clinching,disarms and a bunch of brutal takedowns.The sheer brutality of the combat system suits the atmosphere perfectly.The stealth sections let you play as a dog named Shadow.These will nearly always consist of getting a keycard for Jack to go through a door.The AI in these sections is quite poor,making them quite easy.

    The graphics are ugly,but the framerate remains solid throughout.

    The story here is very much filled with b-movie cheese,not the worst I've ever seen though.

    The sound design is solid,but the soundtrack is mediocre.

    Overall,Dead To Rights Retribution shows that graphics don't mean everything.Great game,highly recommended.
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  2. Apr 15, 2017
    Voilà l'exemple d'un développeur qui a les yeux plus gros que le ventre : à vouloir tout faire en même temps pour en mettre plein la vue, laVoilà l'exemple d'un développeur qui a les yeux plus gros que le ventre : à vouloir tout faire en même temps pour en mettre plein la vue, la baudruche finit par éclater. L'ambiance policière très sombre rappelle fortement les Max Payne (bullet time compris) sauf qu'heureusement le "héros" est beaucoup moins pleurnichard et pour cause, puisqu'il est aussi un distributeur à gnons baraqué comme une armoire normande. Hélas, le temps est insuffisamment ralenti et le blaireau ne peut pas plonger.

    Puisqu'il distribue des pains à l'envi, ça vire au jeu de baston à la con sauf qu'il faut cogner sur les débiles pendant une semaine pour leur péter la gueule. Idem pour les fusillades à moins de tirer dans la tête à chaque fois. Quant aux munitions elles se font décidément trop rares, tout ça pour obliger le joueur à bastonner.

    Pour le reste la maniabilité est des plus correctes pour un TPS à la Gears et le jeu n'est pas vilain. A signaler que le cabot est fort distrayant : le voir boulotter les méchants très méchants et entendre leurs cris constitue sans nul doute le plus gros atout du jeu. Mais la longueur des niveaux remplis de crevards à dézinguer et fracasser entraîne une trop grande lassitude eu égard aux défauts énoncés plus avant.
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  3. Oct 10, 2015
    When I first decided to put this on my list for GameFly I wasn't expecting too much as the ratings hovered around a 6.2-6.9. I was thinking IWhen I first decided to put this on my list for GameFly I wasn't expecting too much as the ratings hovered around a 6.2-6.9. I was thinking I would just getting a cop story, which was quite different for me and everything I have seen, but for me I got much more then that. I got a dog AI that I fell in love with. The dogs AI was so crisp and perfect I couldnt believe that this game had came out in 2010 (I played this game in 2014). The story was about revenging your dads something or other I dont remember details and I dont want to spoil anything for anyone but I remember getting relatively involved emotionally. I felt when the dog would get hurt, I felt when certain things would be said about the dad, and for once I actually striven for Gold shields, Which was how you ranked on missions and mini games. This game for a good certain amount of time was my favorite story. Then Mafia II came along but anyway this game was good for about 15-20 depending on if you replayed levels so you could get a higher shield. There is very low replayability unless you go back for achievements. Overall im giving this a 7/10 and specifically a 7.6/10. Although it is still one of my favorite games of all time there are minor problems with bugs nothing major and the graphics even for 2010 were probably just average. Along with the lack of replayability that is why its getting a relatively low score for one of my Top 10. I would definitely recommend renting this game and only buy it if its sub 10$ Full Review »