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  1. An outstanding game for the asking price.
  2. 80
    Networking quirks aside, Deadliest Warrior offers loads of enjoyment for its $10 entry fee. It strips away the mountains of abstruse techniques which characterize most modern fighting games, and revives the accessible short-form action of realistic brawlers like Bushido Blade. It's incredibly fun, and addictive.
  3. Deadliest Warriors is a nice beat 'em up. If you're looking for a traditional fighting game with combos, specials and super moves, simply look for something else. Deadliest Warriors looks like the old Bushido Blade from Square Enix, with fighters with few moves to use, and the possibility to win a fight with a single good strike. This game is cheap, but it offers a deep and complex fighting system, where players must use reflexes and patience to punish every single mistake from the opponent.
  4. Deadliest Warriors is childish, in all the best ways, It takes a ridiculous premise and makes it work by doing everything over the top.
  5. 70
    If you're looking for something simple and bloody (and I mean bloody) that doesn't take itself too seriously, Deadliest Warrior could be for you.
  6. 70
    Overall Deadliest Warrior is a game that casual fighting game fans will enjoy simply because of the instant gratification.
  7. This brutal and unusual fighting game is both sharpened and dulled by its attempts to realistically portray fights to the death.
  8. 65
    Deadliest Warriors lacks in depth but makes up for it by having some great graphics. The game fails to impress in many areas and for ten euros you should be able to find a better fighting game on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine
    Warrior isn't nearly as deep as other Arcade fighting games, but when buddies and beers are near, it's a decent choice. [Oct 2010, p.81]
  10. The combat, plain and simple, feels hurried. That isn't excusable. Add in the fact that there are just so many great fighting games available on the Live Arcade right now, and there's no reason to even consider buying this game.
  11. The gory limb removals and impalements-via-javelin are cheap fun that will treat anyone with the patience to tangle with some sluggish controls and simple combo moves.
  12. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Guilty pleasure - with emphasis on guilty. [Oct 2010, p.111]
  13. Deadliest Warrior fails on two fronts: as a representation of the show it's based on and as a fighting game altogether.
  14. The world is still waiting for a title that can successfully merge history with the art of taking your opponent to pieces bit by bit. Deadliest Warrior just isn't it and when you consider that you could probably pick up a genuinely good scrapper in the bargain bins for the same price, it really isn't worth you blowing your dough on this.
  15. It's fun for all of 20 minutes, and then you'll either be ready to delete it forever or will have moved on to a better fighting game. Either way, don't bother. You'll have more fun watching the brilliant-but-awful TV show and then playing something - anything - else.
  16. If you are a hardcore fighting game fan then Deadliest Warrior probably isn't for you. It feels very clunky at times and will be short lived as the unlockables can be obtained in just a few hours.
  17. Few characters, boring design and terrible animations make Deadliest Warrior a fighting game that's best left ignored.
  18. Thanks to a quite absurd damage system, you can find yourself downed in three or four hits, usually meted out with all the precision of a Friday night drunk in Basildon.
  19. It's a clever idea, but the mechanics of this high-damage fighting game don't lead to a lot of interesting depth, making it all fall flat.
  20. If you like a good fighter with some depth and complexity, it's not the game for you. And if you're just a casual player who likes the show and is excited to try a fight game that explores the same concept, you likely won't last an hour through the lackluster production values.
  21. 33
    Gather a few friends around the TV and Deadliest Warrior can provide about an hour of brainless laughs, but I don't see much appeal beyond that.
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  1. Apr 22, 2013
    Painfully bad...
    +- basically the game has realistic damage so you die pretty quickly, I would usually be on the fence whether this is a good
    Painfully bad...
    +- basically the game has realistic damage so you die pretty quickly, I would usually be on the fence whether this is a good thing because it requires fine tuned balance among the characters to pull it off well... but here the balance is broken.
    -The game requires for you to find the broken over powered 1 hit kill combo's or 1 hit kill ranged attack.
    The characters are not balanced, some have ranged weapons and one of them has a one hit kill ranged attack (Spartan), the game essentially requires you do use the dodge button alot and thankfully its the only game mechanic that seems to work
    -Parrying, is broken. It requires absolute perfect timing and it never works.
    -Stamina drains when swinging your weapon or blocking. When you run out you can't block and your attacks become weak & slower. Problem is regardless of how much stamina you have the block sometimes works and other times fails. It can fail if your not facing the enemy perfectly! Like a few degress off and you'll end up being hit without knowing why unless you've played enough to know this.
    If your stamina drains in the middle of a combo you stop blocking.. its so iffy its really unacceptable.
    -Controls are wonky as hell, your fighter does not auto turn to face their opponent and turning around is slow so you'll end up getting killed if someone moving sideways rolls behind you, they'll end up killing you real fast.. basically all about using the bad controls to your advantage. Fast characters have an advantage if they can figure out this (indian and ninja).
    -8 fighters, thats nothing compared to all the new fighting games out there

    Graphics are pretty mediocre, I don't know how else to say that this game is a waste of money and time. Even the first Street Fighter that came out 20 years ago is better than this game.
    +It draws upon Mortal Kombat's severe blood & gore, but that does not make a good game, its supposed to be icing on a cake not icing on a bucket of vomit.
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  2. Oct 9, 2010
    This game works, there is no doubt about that, but really I just don't like the game, it's not because it's based on a show, I like the show,This game works, there is no doubt about that, but really I just don't like the game, it's not because it's based on a show, I like the show, it's just that this game is broken, it looks awful, some characters are completely and utterly useless. frankly this game is a waste of ten dollars, I can buy tons of better PS2 games for the same price. I mean this was a poorly done clone of bushido blade, I saw potential in bushido blade, but this game isn't so much a step up as a leap backwards. Full Review »
  3. Aug 29, 2010
    I've played a LOT of fighting games in my time, and really, this is one of the worst. I understand that this game is supposed to be realistic,I've played a LOT of fighting games in my time, and really, this is one of the worst. I understand that this game is supposed to be realistic, calling back into the days of Bushido Blade on Playstation One, but really it doesn't have that feel.

    Now, the show is my "guilty pleasure", it's nothing I watch for it's scientific merit (which is good, cause it has like none) I watch it to old style weapons used, and the carnage they do. The game is supposed to take that feel, and run with it, but it really doesn't. The biggest issue with this game, is it's control. There are just a TON of things wrong with it: first off being how loose the game plays. Your movements get so far with a slight push of a direction. And since you don't auto face your opponent (a crime in 3D fighters) if you back away, you leave your spine open to attacks. Then even trying to face your opponent can be a chore in this game. Attacks often are sluggish to respond, and take a while to finish. And heaven forbid you miss a combo, you're stuck in that animation until it's done. The graphics are also an issue. Really, this game looks only slightly better than a PSone game (at the end of it's run) so, really, I've seen games look a lot better, with a lot less. Look at SoulCalibur also for download, it's graphics run smoother, and look better. The sound doesn't fare any better. Voices go from bad, to just awful. The Samurai's voice actor sounds like he's recording it in a closet. The Pirate is actually one of the worst voices I've ever heard. And the others, basically just are generic. And the music isn't better, well, that's not entirely true. The music can't be better, because there is none. Now for a fighting game, not to have music, is unforgivable. There's absolutely no reason not to have music at stages. All there is, is ambient noise, and the awful grunts of the characters.

    But really, you can get past bad control, bad graphics, and bad sound, if the game play is good right? Well here, it's not. Damage is so much in flux, and characters die so quickly, it's hard to even have fun in this game. Characters like the Viking or the Spartan can kill a character right at the start of the round. One shot, done. In my time playing this so far (beaten arcade 3 times, and played about 20 online matches) very few matches last longer than six seconds. This is not good for a fighter. You never truly feel in control of a match. Combo's are pretty well unneeded. You'll find one that does high damage and spam that over and over until the match is done. With it's poor targeting, and the high damage, it really is a chore to play this game. One of the nice things about Bushido Blade, while you COULD die in one hit, it rarely happened. But this game, it happens rather often. So, what do you do? Well, you hope your spear does an instant kill, and repeat the same combo over and over and hope you win. Really, I'm starting to ramble here. This game had potential, and reading some reviews I got the game, and now I regret it.
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