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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Developed by Premium Agency, DEATH BY CUBE is a strategic twin-stick shooter in which players attempt to defeat cube shaped enemy robots of all sizes. With simple yet challenging game play, DEATH BY CUBE allows players to destroy an army of oil covered enemies in addictive and map-specific combat. Take on missions in single player mode or enjoy heated battles in online and offline multiplayer modes. LEO is a robot, one who awakes to find that he has lost his memory. All he knows is that he must reboot the heroine robot SELSIE, so he sets forth on a mission hoping to regain his memory. To his surprise, he finds the world is now filled with battalions of enemy robots, drenched in bright red oil, and shooting bullets every direction. What will LEO find beyond the barrage of enemy robots, bullets and red oil? [Square Enix] Expand
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  1. It's an interesting take on the Twin-stick shooter genre and while the story really isn't anything special or engrossing, at least it has one unlike the majority of others.
  2. Players with the ultra-competitive wiring to endure Cube's frustrations will find a satisfying level of strategy beneath its berserk facade.
  3. Yet another downloadable Robotron clone, but one with some interesting, if peculiar, ideas.
  4. 60
    Twin stick shooters are normally awesome - this one isn't. Avoid it unless you like extremely hard games or pretending things are good to just to annoy people.
  5. The folks at Premium Agency were clearly inspired by Geometry Wars, and just added some blood and cubes. But, in the end there is a dead online multiplayer community, with little hope of attracting players from the single player campaign. Anybody looking for a less frustrating Shooter/Strategy should take a pass on this one.
  6. 49
    Death By Cube looks, plays, and feels like a community game, which makes the $10 price tag all the more upsetting. It's generic, frustrating, and not really fun. I don't see why you'd pick this up over Geometry Wars or any of the other twin-stick shooters out there.
  7. 25
    DBC's trouble goes deeper than simple poor design; there's no vision here, no sense of what the "point" of the game is.

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  1. TomaszT.
    Feb 3, 2010
    A robot who have lost memory is shooting cubes/robots which die in a very bloody way. Very poor graphics, repetitive/boring gameplay, weird game concept. Expand