Death By Cube Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 24
  2. Negative: 6 out of 24
  1. 25
    DBC's trouble goes deeper than simple poor design; there's no vision here, no sense of what the "point" of the game is.
  2. 68
    Death by Cube seemed like a very good game at first. The first half hour I had incredible fun, but fast the notes were increasingly red, meaning bad, worse, impossibly bad. The game has potential, but having to replay a level eight times to unlock enough coins to advance, is a tad overboard. The pure chaos and difficulty make for a lack of tactic. You're basically raping your controller, in the hope of escaping the battlefield alive, realizing you've only gathered a measly 350 coins. That's with the next level costing 4600 coins. It's not a bad game, but it does pay homage to its title. Dying by cubes is your infernal fate in this game.
  3. There are a lot of levels and unlockables to discover. Also, earning ranks and setting high scores could keep you busy for days. However, the multiplayer component is not well supported, and gameplay soon gets dull and repetitive.
  4. A surprise hit. Whilst there are better titles of a similar nature available on the Xbox Live Arcade, the game provides great enjoyment amongst a vast amount of frustration, mostly caused by the high difficulty setting. If you enjoy the trial, Death by Cube is a worthy purchase, even at 800 Microsoft Points.
  5. Edge Magazine
    It shows that this most predictable of genres is still capable of throwing out interesting surprises. [Mar 2010, p.97]
  6. The sad truth is that there are better looking, better designed twin-stick shooters on the Indie Games channel for a fraction of the price, produced by inspired individuals who have moved on from Beat the Blockoids. Give them your Microsoft Points instead.
  7. The folks at Premium Agency were clearly inspired by Geometry Wars, and just added some blood and cubes. But, in the end there is a dead online multiplayer community, with little hope of attracting players from the single player campaign. Anybody looking for a less frustrating Shooter/Strategy should take a pass on this one.
  8. Death by Cube has some great potential to achieve in a sequel; it's just that right now there are some serious flaws that are holding it back from achieving commercial success. Did we mention that it soon becomes frustratingly, bang your head against the wall hard? DBC is fun for a good thirty minutes, and after that you are better off putting it down, which is not worth the 800 Microsoft Points ($10) to download. Just go for the trial version.
  9. There's some enjoyment to by found here, but by the end of the experience fun will be nothing more than a fond memory.
  10. In the end, Death by Cube is a decent, cheap arcade shooter for any fan who needs a quick fix.
  11. Death By Cube is an amateurish two-stick shooter with a lot of design flaws.
  12. Unless you still fantasize about the dually-analog genre, you may find your money better spent elsewhere.
  13. 49
    Death By Cube looks, plays, and feels like a community game, which makes the $10 price tag all the more upsetting. It's generic, frustrating, and not really fun. I don't see why you'd pick this up over Geometry Wars or any of the other twin-stick shooters out there.
  14. Yet another downloadable Robotron clone, but one with some interesting, if peculiar, ideas.
  15. Leo's quest to find out what happened to him should have been more about a journey why gamers won't pay 800 Microsoft Points to play Death by Cube. The story, graphics ,and sound are mediocre at best and not something Square Enix fans would expect from such a distinguished company.
  16. 60
    Twin stick shooters are normally awesome - this one isn't. Avoid it unless you like extremely hard games or pretending things are good to just to annoy people.
  17. Official Xbox Magazine
    We're sure some of the more masochistic shooter fans will bask in Death By Cube's tough-as-nails difficulty level, but all others should move along. [Apr 2010, p.83]
  18. Death by Cube is such a simple game, yet so much fun and so satisfying once you dig in to the upgrade systems.
  19. Players with the ultra-competitive wiring to endure Cube's frustrations will find a satisfying level of strategy beneath its berserk facade.
  20. The only thing Death By Cube has to offer that its competition doesn't is an excessive level of blood (or red robot oil), but that alone doesn't warrant a purchase.
  21. Something a little different but doesn’t have enough hold to make you stay with it for long periods.
  22. Unlike a majority of twin-stick shooters out there, Death by Cube will only be enjoyable to a select group of gamers. The high level of difficulty exhibited in the first few levels of the game will likely turn off those who aren't looking for something very challenging.
  23. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Highly recommended for those new to the twin-stick shooter. [Issue#56, p.105]
  24. It's an interesting take on the Twin-stick shooter genre and while the story really isn't anything special or engrossing, at least it has one unlike the majority of others.
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  1. TomaszT.
    Feb 3, 2010
    A robot who have lost memory is shooting cubes/robots which die in a very bloody way. Very poor graphics, repetitive/boring gameplay, weird A robot who have lost memory is shooting cubes/robots which die in a very bloody way. Very poor graphics, repetitive/boring gameplay, weird game concept. Full Review »