DeathSmiles II X Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Cave
  • Release Date: May 17, 2011
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Summary: This game supports Japanese only. "DeathSmiles" comes back as "DeathSmiles2X"! This time it takes place at Christmas. Angels fight at snowing Gilverado. "DeathSmiles2X" is a sequel to the Horizontal side scrolling STG "DeathSmiles". Check out the new "DeathSmiles".
Rating: T
Developer: Cave
Genre(s): Action
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity
Cast Credit
Mitsuhiro Kaneda DLC Music Composer [Basiscape]
Masaharu Iwata DLC Music Composer [Basiscape]
Noriyuki Iwadare DLC Music Composer
Motoi Sakuraba DLC Music Composer
Kenji Ito DLC Music Composer
Hiroyuki Tanaka Designer
Tomoko Sasaki Music: Ending Song
Takashi Sato Special Assistant
Manabu Namiki Music Composer [Basiscape]
Manabu Namiki Music Composer [Basiscape]
Manabu Namiki Music Composer [Basiscape]
Noriyuki Kamikura Music Composer
Noriyuki Kamikura Music Composer [Basiscape]
Yasuhisa Watanabe DLC Music Composer
Motoaki Furukawa DLC Music Composer
Takeharu Isogai Designer
Naomi Iida Voice: Windia
Naomi Iida Voice: Windia (Japanese)
Makoto Asada Director
Makoto Asada Producer
Makoto Asada Producer
Junya Inoue Director / Illustrator
Junya Inoue Voice: Tamecos (Japanese)
Junya Inoue Voice: Tamecos (Japanese)
Takashi Ichimura Chief Programmer
Tsuneki Ikeda Programmer
Yuji Inoue Programmer
Daisuke Koizumi Programmer
Masahiro Suzumura Programmer
Toshihiko Sera Programmer
Akira Wakabayasi Chief Deisgner
Hideki Nomura Designer
Anna Kagami Voice: Supe
Anna Kagami Voice: Supe (Japanese)
Miho Hayashi Voice: Casper
Miho Hayashi Voice: Casper (Japanese)
Yasuko Funasaka Voice: Lei
Yasuko Funasaka Voice: Lei (Japanese)
Rumi Abe Voice: Follett
Rumi Abe Voice: Follett (Japanese)
Natuko Tauchi Voice: Rosa
Natuko Tauchi Voice: Rosa (Japanese)
Kaori Nakamura Voice: Sakura
Kaori Nakamura Voice: Sakura (Japanese)
Junpei Asashina Voice: Dior
Junpei Asashina Voice: Dior (Japanese)
Sei Hara Voice: Satancrows (Japanese)
Sei Hara Voice:Satancrows
Atsushi Tanabe Voice: ???
Atsushi Tanabe Voice: ??? (Japanese)
Yoshimi Kudo Music Composer
Yoshimi Kudo Music Composer [Basiscape]
Toshiaki Tomizawa Special Assistant
Kaori Itamura Special Assistant
Takumi Yamaoto Special Assistant
Yosino Aoki DLC Music Composer
Ryu Umemoto DLC Music Composer
Ryu Umemoto Music: OP/IIX Demo BGM Ect
Mitiko Naruke DLC Music Composer
Kenichi Takano Executive Producer
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