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  1. 75
    Purely as an action-RPG, it's a competent game with a few significant flaws in the name of simplicity/accessibility, but as an experience, it shines with humor and wit all over, and makes me hopeful for an improved sequel.
  2. DeathSpank: Fast, humorous and vibrant. DeathSpank is a surprising downloadable hit and a marvelous and amusing Diablo clone. It's easy to play for a few minutes only to see that two hours have gone by.
  3. Jan 15, 2011
    DeathSpank has stylish "paper cut-outs" as characters and scenery (which are especially impressive at a full HD resolution on PC), sharp dialogue, and nice music – it only needs thought-out gameplay to succeed. The game is hardly worth a second playthrough, and that's a death warrant for any aspiring Diablo clone.
  4. While the game is certainly long and a blast to play, there is a lack of variety when it comes to quests.
  5. The fantastic dialogue, beautiful setting and overall charm, whilst appealing, will struggle to remove attention from the gameplay that in most cases will be the difference between a love and hate relationship for most gamers.
  6. As a single-player game, though, DeathSpank really shines. The addictive nature of leveling up and looting treasure chests and fallen enemies is here in spades, not to be missed by fans of the genre. It's also one of the better-looking and most polished titles in the digital space.
  7. Edge Magazine
    Hothead games may just have discovered that the best way to dispel Diablo's shadow is to make light of it. [Sept 2010, p.92]
  8. When the curtain falls DeathSpank feels like something of a disappointment, but there's undoubtedly a market for the end product. If you like your loot-'em-ups, and you're looking for something humorous and a bit different, this is clearly the game for you. Just don't expect it to sparkle in the way which many, myself included, hoped that it would.
  9. Ron Gilbert delivers another sweet piece of art. Hilarious and technically fantastic, Deathspank fails to become another classic just because of its repetitive gameplay and quests design.
  10. DeathSpank is an absolutely brilliant product and is one of the best titles that I had the pleasure of playing.
  11. A really great game, terribly funny and very addictive if you love games where character evolution is the key.
  12. Brilliant and funny, DeathSpank is an interesting hack'n'slash, blessed by Ron Gilbert irony.
  13. DeathSpank isn't some weenie little diversion; it's a full-blown, long RPG with a huge overland map. Which at 1200 MS Points (or $15) is more bang for your buck than just about any other title out there.
  14. Clearly, DeathSpank's main strength is in its dialog and humor. As an Action RPG, it remains a little too simple to fulfill the needs of hardcore hack'n slash fans, and some game design flaws and ergonomics mistakes render its 10 or so gameplay hours a little bit tedious and less inspired than we'd hoped. It still is a visually charming, point'n click and silly ideas enriched adventure to dive in. Its shortcomings can easily be ignored by those who like games that don't take themselves too seriously, something DeathSpank achieves with flying colors.
  15. There are so many good things in DeathSpank; the amount of loot collecting (and bacon), quests to complete (and bacon), and fantastic look and feel of the world make up for any shortcomings and give a lot of value and enjoyment (and did I mention this game has bacon in it?). If you're a fan of action-RPGs, you will not be disappointed, and those looking for a game that will bring them into the genre need look no further than DeathSpank.
  16. Long, funny, original and addictive, DeathSpank manages to make one forget its little weaknesses and have a smile.
  17. Some of the jokes can be hit or miss, and the inventory management system leaves something to be desired but DeathSpank is a well presented, highly amusing loot-crawling adventure.
  18. 80
    Not only is it in on the joke, but it's willing to take the punchline-accompanying prat-fall and mandatory pie to the face.
  19. DeathSpank certainly isn't a perfect game by any means, but it does a very good job of bringing the loot RPG to the consoles with a good story that made us want to search every inch of the world that Hothead and Ron Gilbert has created.
  20. Judged on its humor alone, DeathSpank is a great game. However, some major problems often mar the gameplay, making it more fun to laugh with than it is to play
  21. What we've got with DeathSpank is really a pretty sweet deal: a lot of triple-A game for a budget price.
  22. And again Ron Gilbert shows why his games are so appreciated. Deathspank is a stylish action game with a great sense of humor.
  23. If you got it bad for the Monkey Island franchise, DeathSpank might just be the game for you! With great graphics and a hilarious dialouge, one just can't go wrong with this action RPG.
  24. It won't blow you away with innovation or graphical prowess, though every aspect is enjoyable, effective, and responsive like a game should be. DeathSpank is worth it for the cheeky demeanor, simply put, but well worth it for sure.
  25. Most of the flaws are simply disappointments, and there's a good game in Deathspank, even if it isn't as good of a game as it should have been. The humor, thankfully, manages to hold strong, with non-stop jokes and constant fourth wall breaking.
  26. Games Master UK
    A solid debut for a great new hero, with belly laughs to match the brawling. [Oct 2010, p.77]
  27. games(TM)
    Both wit and genre-expectation emerge almost unscathed. [Issue#99, p.112]
  28. It's an ace introduction to a genre that isn't well-represented on consoles, and it's funny and engaging enough to capture you for hours at a time… even if you're all by your lonesome.
  29. Goofy humor and a bevy of wacky objectives make it easy to lose yourself in this action role-playing game.
  30. If you've played any Diablo-style RPG and any Monkey Island-style adventure and enjoyed them, you know you'll like DeathSpank. It's a hilarious and seamless combination of the two genres more than worthy of your 15 bucks and a couple weekends of your time.
  31. DeathSpank maintains a tongue-in-cheek quality throughout that mocks hackneyed game conventions even as it celebrates them. If you've played several RPGs before, you'll definitely be in on the jokes, but the never-ending fetch-quest gag isn't quite as funny when you actually have to do the legwork.
  32. For one of the rare games that actually made me feel like I wasted my time after playing it, I did enjoy the ride.
  33. A funny mixture between Diablo gameplay and the Escape from Monkey Island humor. A solid hack 'n' slay adventure.
  34. While it's an uneven experience, the action works well enough and the game's sense of humor hits often enough to make it come together pretty well. Unfortunately, it also gets a bit monotonous, largely due to some repetitive quest design.
  35. 85
    If you like sweet loot, hacking things to death, looking at beautiful landscapes and laughing at good writing, you might want to pick up DeathSpank. However, although the game shines in many areas, it does have its flaws.
  36. 100
    With the exception of food, water and, if necessary, important medications, I can't think of anything more worthy of spending $15 on this week. This is a high point for comedy in games, built on a solid foundation of time-tested gameplay and bacon that everyone should experience.
  37. This is a beautiful combination of hilarious dialogue, an equally entertaining storyline and great Diablo-esque gameplay all wrapped in a beautiful and varied environments. Tons of armor, weapons and sidequests all contribute to making this a varied and lengthy experience for the asking price. Beyond a doubt one of the best downloadable titles out there today.
  38. Not as daring as you'd hope in terms of gameplay or humour, but this Diablo parody has its moments.
  39. DeathSpank maintains Gilbert's creative and ironic vein, making a parody of many of the fantasy RPG clichés. The co-op mode, great graphics, very enjoyable gameplay and a very good longevity (for an Arcade game) make DeathSpank a worth buy.
  40. Its funny, its well-crafted, it has more polish than most full-price games and its only 1200 Microsoft points. This is as close to a no-brainer as it gets in video games. Buy this game.
  41. Official Xbox Magazine
    It's a bit slow to get its hooks into you, but once you clear the first area and open up the rest of the absurd world that its hero inhabits, you won't want to leave. [Sept 2010]
  42. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Smart, thoroughly fun and just a little ugly. [Sept 2010, p.100]
  43. 89
    There is only one way to really do justice to DeathSpank and that is to quote one of the game's characters. In the words of Annie the Orphan: "I love you Daddy DeathSpank."
  44. Deathspank is a solid and eminently playable slice of RPG gaming, and fans of Diablo, Baldur's Gate and the like might truly enjoy the opportunity to play a lightweight comedy homage to past favourites.
  45. 90
    Take an idea from someone who's designed multiple amazing games, add in a team who makes games they'd want to play and loves what they do, avoid the red tape of the retail distribution process, and what do you get? A great game like Deathspank, which provides a $60 experience for just $15.
  46. 80
    Although DeathSpank is only roughly ten to fifteen hours long, it provides plenty of bang for your buck.
  47. Some fresh ideas in this funny and debunking action RPG. What makes it really unique is the humour, and there's a good bunch of fun to be had slaying the enemies. It lacks some deeper growth of the character and some better puzzles, but for genre lovers it's really worth every cent of its small price.
  48. DeathSpank may not be perfect, and it may take many of its gameplay cues from other titles, but it's a fun and entertaining romp which is well worth a look.
  49. Cable-TV executives may not have major networks to fear in the summer, but they should be terrified of deep, blissful time-sucks like DeathSpank.
  50. In many ways, it's a success in showing how comedy can be used to make once-exciting game genres interesting again, but fails to come full circle as a finished product.
  51. 80
    It would be great news if the sense of humor of Deathspank spreads to other games, or at least if Ron Gilbert gets encouraged and makes more games.
  52. DeathSpank's mishmash of genres is definitely entertaining at first, but it never manages to live up to its appealing concept. It's trying to combine the best parts of two beloved genres, but in doing so it creates a product that's not as good as either.
  53. 90
    There hasn't been a funnier, more singularly creative videogame since Brütal Legend. And where Double Fine disappointed some with odd game design choices, DeathSpank does nothing but please.
  54. Occasionally, you'll be reminded that, as funny as it is, the gameplay of Deathspank is nothing special, and if you stripped away the laughs, it would be a pretty average experience.
  55. X-ONE Magazine UK
    DeathSpank's going to thrill some as much as it will frustrate others. [Issue#62,p.101]
  56. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A masterful blend of genres, but with many ideas of its own. Worth the low, low asking price. [Oct 2010, p.120]
  57. DeathSpank succeeds at what it set out to do, it gives you some laughs, makes a mess of mobs and keeps you busy for a few hours.
  58. 80
    DeathSpank lets gamers experience humorous dialogues, good gameplay and stunning graphics. Be sure to pick it up the next time you visit the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 100 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 12 out of 100
  1. Aug 25, 2010
    I don't see how anyone gives this game a zero. Is it easy? Yes It it the best RPG out there? Of course not. Is it fun? Yes. This is a greatI don't see how anyone gives this game a zero. Is it easy? Yes It it the best RPG out there? Of course not. Is it fun? Yes. This is a great game to just goof off in. It makes fun of RPG's without totally taking you of the fun of playing it. Someone not naming names(GG) stated that the grinder gets tedious. Even if you had to get rid of 30 items you could grind them all in less then a minute and a half. How many times have we played games where we had to kill creatures that had done no harm to us for over five hours just to level. Me thinks GG is new to RPG's otherwise he could find something better to whine about. Look I will give you some reasons to play the game and some reasons not too. Reasons not too include short game. You can be finished in less then five hours. Armor selection. Once you reach a high level there is one armor(Dragon). Crossbows, only a few decent ones in game. Side Quest most side quest in the game are very simple. Dumb Humor this game is full of Airplane/SpaceBalls/Naked Gun humor. It is all better then (Insert Wayan's Brother's movie Here). While I put those as reasons not to play in truth those were some reasons I was excited about getting into the game. Reasons to play Fun, It is like going to the movies Sometimes you just want to enjoy and not have to think like crazy. Artistic , how many other games do you have to collect Unicorn Poop? Coop has been wonderful. My wife basically makes it her job to not get hit and continue healing me. She has fun and I have fun. This game was not designed to be Oblivion or Dragon Age it was designed to be quick easy fun. Is it the best game you will ever play? no Is it worth it for only $15.00 HECK YEA P.S. Don't listen to grumpy cause he's grumpy. Full Review »
  2. Aug 28, 2010
    DeathSpank is painfully average. The graphics are nice and the dialogue can be funny. However the gameplay is just way too monotonous. EvenDeathSpank is painfully average. The graphics are nice and the dialogue can be funny. However the gameplay is just way too monotonous. Even the story missions force you to grind. You'll always be changing weapons and most weapons have a special unique skill. This would be nice if you could choose to use these skills when you need to and not whenever you press the attack button. It's flawed, but it's opened the door for a hopefully better sequel. Full Review »
  3. Aug 23, 2011
    For me, this and its sequel are some of the best arcade games available. I have no complaints other than it can get stale after a while, allFor me, this and its sequel are some of the best arcade games available. I have no complaints other than it can get stale after a while, all of the quests can feel like the same thing over and over. However, the humor in this game is spot on, the game play is fluid, and the characters are most certainly memorable. Definitely worth a purchase, one of the 1200 MS purchases I have not regretted. Full Review »