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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Strategically place your towers on the map to prevent alien enemies from stealing your power cores. Play for just fifteen minutes or several hours! This award-winning game includes 10 hours of story play with 20 unique maps in the Awakening campaign, four bonus Borderlands maps, a wide variety of tower and enemy types, an interactive soundtrack, plus over 100 unlockable challenge modes adding dozens of hours of additional fun. Protect the Cores. [Hidden Path] Expand
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  1. One heck of a buy for $10. For anyone who has yet to venture into the Tower Defense genre of gaming, it provides a uniquely appealing style of RTS/puzzle gameplay that is sure to addict most everyone who gives it a go.
  2. I never would have expected such as basic game as “Tower Defense” to be given such a great make over with some gameplay tweaks and be such a worthwhile and addictive game. While you can play a very basic version of this type of game on thousands of websites, if you enjoy playing them this is one of the few commercial ones that is worth your gaming dollar.
  3. The pinnacle of design for tower-defense games, and not just because of its fancy Gamebryo-powered 3D graphics. It’s challenging and complex without breaking the same simple rules that all tower-defense games follow, even the most unsophisticated ones. Taking a simple yet classic game design, then adding depth and polish to it, is probably the purest way to make a great game.
  4. Defense Grid provides all that is great about Tower Defense games and suffers from none of the pitfalls.
  5. If you don't like tower defense games, then Defense Grid won't change your mind about the genre. However, if you do enjoy the occasional tower game or enjoy strategy games in general, Defense Grid is definitely worth your time.
  6. Completely towers over the rest. [Dec 2009, p.107]
  7. It's still just another Tower Defence game, but at least this one requires some genuine strategy.

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  1. Jun 17, 2012
    Truly one of the best strategy games on the 360, and one of the few that have stood the test of time. Though I have finished all the levels many times, I still come back to try new things and test new strategies. It'll never have the following of COD, but as a tower defense game, there is none better. Collapse
  2. AnthonyP
    Sep 8, 2009
    Excellent game at a fantastic price. This game, with 4 fewer levels, retailed on the PC for $19.99, and I strongly considered buying it. Coming out on the Xbox for half that price makes it a fantastic deal for anyone who might even consider liking the tower defense genre. I'm a big fan of those games so I'm slightly biased, but this is an excellent example of TD design. It does have a lot of the normal towers (fast machine gun, splash damage, "poison", slow, anti-air, etc.), but they work together very well and have a few non-standard towers and features as well. The presentation is excellent and it feels much more controlled and well put together than the similar Savage Moon on the PS3. It does have a few interface hiccups (I should be able to easily see what medals I have an haven't earned), and I have no idea why there isn't a "get gold in everything" achievement, or why their scoring system is so strange, but all that said there's a ton of content at an unbeatable price. Inclusions of fast-forward and flash-back buttons are welcome additions, though the flash-back does risk making the game a bit easy. I would have liked to have seen some "extreme" difficulty above the "challenge" modes. Either way, check out the demo - if you like it then the game is definitely worth buying. Expand
  3. MerfM
    Sep 6, 2009
    An utter bargain and delight of a game. its a great tower defense, probably only beaten by Plants v Zombies in the genre. This is closer to the traditional tower defense games and has top notch presentation, lots of levels, challenges & depth. there have been some amazing xbla titles recently but for only 800pts this is the pick of the bunch for me, yes its even better than Trials HD. Expand
  4. NickBrooks
    Sep 15, 2009
    Pretty much perfect implementation of a tower defence game, lots of small tweaks and features that show attention to detail. Graphics and voiceover are also very polished.
    Such a shame the metacritic score is dragged down by the idiotic 60 from Teletext (that great bastion of gaming journalism), who admits that it's a great game, but gives it a low score because he doesn't like tower defence games (hint - get someone to review it who at least likes the genre/concept).
    Sep 3, 2009
    Its desktop tower defence, this time though someone made the smart idea of giving it a 3D view and a Scifi setting. if you have played any of the free internet tower defence games then you can expect the same here. its still a good game and its cheaper than the PC version found on the likes of Steam. Expand
  6. Jun 30, 2013
    Well done tower defense game. I felt that it would have been better if the enemies actually fired back at you and you had to repair units, etc., something that even some of the free online tower defense games do. However, still a great game and some of the later levels are extremely hard. Worth purchasing if you are a tower defense fan like myself. Expand
  7. Jul 18, 2013
    The graphics, music and sound effects are high quality. I was able to get through the Awakening capaign fairly easily, but got mopped up on Boderlands. I couldn't complete a single level. There is no difficulty switch and it feels the game is geared towards only a couple possible solutions. To echo Shinigurai's comment very frustrating. I've been playing games for a long time, and fortunately it's rare that I run into games like this where the levels are too extreme. Expand

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