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  1. Apr 3, 2013
    NOT a perfect 10 but I am giving it that because of all the people giving the game a 0. What the heck, no game deserves a zero, are ou serious. In reality the game is probably a 9. I love the game it mixes MMO and shooter flawlessly but there are still some server and respawn issues that need to be fixed..but thats whats great about MMOs...they are always being updated
  2. Apr 17, 2013
    it's too bad reviewers couldn't have spent even longer with the game before submitting their opinions, because it's clear that a lot of them missed the depth of the combat that comes from unlocking more perks and mods for your weapons. combine this with multiple loadouts for different situations and you literally feel like a badass rolling around, say, marin while you blast hellbugs and raiders. this games is definitely not a 10 in execution yet, but the bones are there for the type of game i literally have been waiting for. if you liked borderlands, chances are you'll find something to like about definance. personally, i loved borderlands but really am still not a fan of the art style (that's just me). that said, definace comes across as a more plausible scenario than borderlands, so if you're into that sort of thing then it has the potential to be more satisfying.

    defiance certainly has its shortcomings, but i'm a total fan and i'm having a blast. i can't wait to see what they do with the dlc. check my reviews, i've been here for a while and i'm certainly not trion (god i wish i had their money). i just really see some awesome things about this game and it's too bad the pro reviewers couldn't see past the growing pains of the first week or two of this game's existence.
  3. Apr 2, 2013
    Finally! Defiance is THE game this console has been missing for a long time. It's like Fallout 3 meets Borderlands meets Final Fantasy. Tons of things to do MMO RPG PvP Excellent combat system NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE WIN. Now where is my fish sticks hat?
  4. Apr 2, 2013
    So far, this game is awesome. It plays great and the combat is extremely fluid. Im noy super far into it but will keep posting updates and adjust my score as I progress.
  5. Apr 29, 2013
    With the amount of fun I've been having with it, it amazes me it has been getting such low scores. The gun play is amazingly fun, I was on the edge before I played it but I am glad I did. Its a MMO without really being a mmo. Its more like a always online borderlands where everyone else is playing too.
  6. Apr 6, 2013
    MMO launch week issues? Sure, but the game is a helluva lotta fun! It is extremely easy to pair up with your friends online and take down some giant hellbugs. I think I played from 10pm to 3am last night with my friends online. It's an MMO so the game will be unavailable at times, due to them patching and fixing server issues, but that is to be expected. The graphics are really damn good for an MMO of this scale. Trion makes excellent games. They made RIFT on the PC. I'm seriously having a blast with this one! Arkhunters unite! The upcoming Defiance show on SyFy looks cool too. Expand
  7. Apr 19, 2013
    This game is not perfect but if you have at least 1 friend to play with you will have a lot of fun and you will find a really good coop game in here try it out, the 10 is because of the bad reviews, but this game is an easy 8.5, the bugs sooner or later will disappear.
  8. Apr 2, 2013
    Defiance offers a unique gaming experience that I have not had on the Xbox since Phantasy Star Universe. Defiance is an MMO RPG. An online connection and 10GB are REQUIRED to play this on Xbox live. There were a ton of patches to download at launch and there will likely be a lot more to come. The game updates within itself so it does not need to go through Microsoft's lengthy patch process (from what I have seen so far). After the updates, I found the game to be running very smooth and encountered many people in this MMO environment. For those of you who do. Not understand MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online, thousands of people are just wondering around the servers with you. As of now the servers are lag free and hopefully it will stay like this. If you are a fan of any MMO or have played phantasy Star Universe, this game is a must buy! No other game will offer you this experience on Xbox. My only complaint is that I wish there was more customization in the beginning, but I know more outfits become unlocked later on. Also it took me a little to figure out how to join your friends server but I realized you must click your name then click travel to leader when in a party. Hopefully my review helps everyone. I'm so happy we finally have an MMO on Xbox! Expand
  9. Apr 3, 2013
    Dont be deterred by the people rating 0 and bashing it by saying "it's the worst game evaaaah". Clearly they haven't played many video games. I dont think it deserves a 10 but I'm tryin to pull the average score up from the children hitting 0 and ranting. The game is a solid 8.5. Its not the best MMO I the best TPS but it's a solid blend of them both. It uses micro transactions but it's not pay to win. It's very enjoyable and like any new MMO it will be patched and tweaked.

    If you're on the fence then buy it. It's best played with a friend. I bought two copies and don't regret it. We both have has fun tonight minus a few technical glitches. There isn't a lot of down time and the quests are quick and easy to keep up with. Some include leader boards and challenges.

    The AI isnt the best but you still find yourself overrun and being killed.
  10. Apr 2, 2013
    Defiance is pretty amazing! People who give it a low score are missing the big picture here. At face value, it is less than perfect and is quite derivative. Borderlands, Fallout, gears of war, some Halo elements and a slight lack of polish. But take a step back and you realize a few things. 1. The development of this title is unlike any other console game you have ever played. Triton Worlds is following a PC development approach. Build the plain while you fly it. Console titles like Bioshock, Borderlands, etc, are finished at launch and aren't going to get any better over time. Sure, you may get level cap increases and some new areas/weapons to keep you playing, but development is done. With Defiance, the game lives on a server and will constantly be tweaked according to player feedback. While this will undoubtedly result in frequent patches (something PC gamers have had to deal with forever), it will also mean that the game you play today will be nothing like the game you are playing a month from now. The major bugs will be ironed out and gameplay will be perfected over time. The love put into this game is apparent in the difference between beta and final alone. 2. This is just the beginning! Knowing that the show is coming, and the impact it is designed to have on the game and vice versa gives the game that added kick in the pants that you won't get anywhere else. Period! The show looks really good, too! With some of the people behind BSG And Alien Nation, I expect a smart, political and socially relevant program that should have some lasting power.
    3. It's a Freakin MMO! A real one! Like, take Borderlands and throw 10,000 real live players in the mix with little to no slow down and call that anything less than impressive! I don't care if there are some bugs here and there, you have thousands of other players! Gaming with you! How awesome is that! During an ark fall event, you get to have a freakin battle royale with hundreds of players at once, all going for the same objective. As you get to the end of the event something crazy happens and you end up joining forces with the same people you were just at odds with! Is that straight out of a comic book or what?
    Lastly, the shooter gameplay elements are super tight. You won't find yourself throwing the controller or swearing at the TV. Where you aim is where you shoot. Powers, perks, melee, grenades all work as expected.

    Bottom line is, there is a lot to like about this game, and some stuff to disappoint. Disappointments will be corrected, and the good will just get better! My only gripe is that they didn't wait for next gen, just means they will be putting out a Defiance 2 instead of releasing expansion packs. But hey, small price. This game is the future.
  11. Apr 2, 2013
    Epic...... All anyone has to say about this game, they don't need to say anymore or any less. They are doing a wonderful job for a MMO on Xbox 360...
  12. Apr 3, 2013
    I honestly like the game its great and for the first mmo in awhile on the 360 i think its doing really well. Yes it has its bugs and server problems but wat mmo doesnt starting out. Give them time im sure they r in the process of fixing stuff and trying to keep the game great. Im giving it a 10 so that it can keep up with the negative. I wuld give it an 8.5 out of 10.
  13. Apr 3, 2013
    Awesome game noting else like it available for console; reminds me of a borderlands, gears of wars and rift mix up. Can be enjoyed with a few friends or hundreds of players at the same time.
  14. Apr 3, 2013
    Good game that will get better as it's patched and improved. Fun and very fast for an MMO or any type of game for that matter. Also, it's an MMO on the console, and a good one too!
  15. Apr 8, 2013
    Defiance... Well personally I love it! Ha it is so addicting. It is a free-to-play game meaning there is no subscription fee, but also meaning free-to-do-what-ever-you-(insert-bad-word-here)-want! You have two main "Quest-lines" to do or you can do WHAT EVER you want! You can go hang with your friends, start a clan, do some co-op instances, or do the coolest PVP i have seen on Xbox. When playing with your friends you can actually use real strategy unlike Call of Duty, I'm not saying that there is no strategy in COD, it just usually fall apart when you die... but in defiance you can heal your team-mates or revive them! You can have a sniper sneak behind the enemy-lines while you have a tank unload a few mags with a light-machine gun. The co-op instances are alright, on a side note I've only done one with some random people that didn’t even talk but I bet it is a lot better with teamwork. The main problem I found with the game is the connection issue they have one server that sometimes has a queue and you sometimes can't connect for a hour or two. Oh and finally you get disconnected randomly but that just happens rarely. But do I still play? YEA! This is game as I said before has some of the best PVP I've ever seen on Xbox, there is a few different types. There is team death-match which is 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8. That's pretty normal but what I'm talking about is the "Shadow War", where you fight for "points" or flags like domination in COD. But you start out with four and soon your gain three more to make it an intense seven flag game where you race with your vehicles in the "REAL WORLD" where other players can see you play and you can see them! Yea your not in a private lobby. So finally to sum up the goods and the bads three for each, Bads 1.connection. server. 3.lag. Goods 1.In-depth story. 2.Amazing PVP. 3.Great Co-op system/Real Strategy! So Finally, would I recommend this game to others? Wait a month or two until they have the lag and servers working better and then jump in! Check their Twitter, they are not afraid to say they are working on a problem and I hope they continue doing this it make it feel like a evolving game! Thank you if you read this whole thing haha! Expand
  16. Apr 5, 2013

    I personally have sunk 20+ hours into the game already and I'm slowly falling in love, honestly this game becomes addictive if you swing past the rough edges. This is a unique experience and nothing else can be offered in the XBOX 360 on this scale, so TRION is getting props on innovation, and I do
    not mean everything is ground breaking but it is a start in the right direction guys. Don't let anyone bash this game away from you if your interested in the slightest, of course any game can be improved and this is no exception. So far if I was going to be critiquing this experience as a whole it would be 7/10 but since I am seeing it get 0's I must speak out and say GO BACK TO COD FAN BOYS, DEFIANCE GOES HAM!
  17. Apr 9, 2013
    Defiance right now is the game to play, I have played FFXI, GW2, and now the FF XIV beta, I can say this game is so much fun online, its a different kind of animal.

    I know they are people are complaining about the servers but then your not looking at the bigger picture, this game hold thousands and thousands of players in 1 world and there are no lobby rooms at all.

    You will see
    people go about their quest to get the final contract done or race out to do a Ark Fall which is one of the coolest thing I have seen in a game.

    Also Xbox 360 needs this more then anything else because this proves it can be done online without the MMO fees and play and even with the DLC nobody gets left out because they didnt get it.

    Many people worry about the updates, well Trion Worlds have full control over this on their end of the server for those updates so that is another plus for xbox live. This is only the beginning and they have the formula to make another with fantasy settings.

    Like Richie said "Its Final Fantasy, Fallout, Borderlands mixed."
  18. Apr 11, 2013
    I made an account on metacritic just so I could explain to anyone reading this how amazing I find this game. Coming from games like Call of Duty and Halo, I needed something different. This game was it. The world is HUGE! I have a lot of fun just exploring it! Like today I traveled all the way to San Fransisco only to have the Dark Matter Monolith, which was interesting to see, destroy me in one shot. Other than some lag here and there, I haven't had any problem with the MMO. The concept is really interesting. The game itself is a blast. To add on to that, the show is going to coincide with it! How awesome does that sound! I know any problems with this game will be patched in the future, so I'm not worried about the small, graphic problems right now. Expand
  19. Apr 17, 2013
    I am sorry to disagree on most bad reviews this game is getting. I gave a 10 just to keep up with the pathetic ZEROS. This game has been the most fun I've had in quite some time with some friends and it keeps getting better. They are fixing the game even more now and after the patch it got smoother and better. My real score would be about 8 because it doesnt have the best graphics in the world and at first glance may seem like a simple shooter but there really isnt anything like this on the Xbox 360 and its tremendous fun! So much stuff to do, love it! Expand
  20. May 25, 2013
    As others have done and stated, this game is not a 10 but I scored it as such to offset childish "reviewers"(term used VERY loosely) that have scored this game a 0 or some other super low score. The simple fact that someone gives the game a 0 takes away ANY credibility they may have had, with me. They are not reviewing honestly. IMHO, the game is a solid 8-8.5.
    Before I write my review,
    I will give you a little back ground on myself, as a gamer. As my "tag" clearly states, I am 40 years old. I have quite literally been gaming since Pong, at least 36 years of my life. As a child, I lived at the arcade. When I wasn't gaming at the arcade, I was playing Pong at hone, moved on Atari, Apple II E, Commodore 64, Packard Bell pc100 with 3dfx voodoo video card, the first ever true 3d rendering video card, Had some AMD's a few more PC's, Nintentdo, Nintendo64, Sega CD, Dreamcast, Paystation, X-box, 360. I have literally played thousands of games and enjoy many different genres. I would probably be considered as a long time hardcore gamer, I just consider myself as a lover of the past time.
    Before I bought Defiance, I hopped online, came here to MetaCritic and started reading eviews. I did not pre-order the game. I had considered it but did not know enough about TRION Worlds so waited for release. As I was reading the reviews here, I started to get skeptical about buying this game however, lucky for me, I am no sheep and only read reviews to get an idea of what I might be in for. In the end, I will either rent the game, if I still have doubts or I will decide that the game may warrant a purchase instead of rental. This decision is also based off of a lot of time consuming video footage of any game in question, as well as reading many articles about the game. With Defiance, I was and am absolutely happy that I decided to make the purchase. I had not seen the show prior to purchasing but have since caught every episode.
    There are complaints of the story lacking but these people give no consideration that this game is designed to be played in conjunction with the show. Yes the show is in a different part of the Defiance Earth but still fills in many blanks. I also don't believe that these people put much effort into finding/listening to the data recorders that can be found through out the game. They do quite a good job at answering many questions to the story. The who, what, when, where's and why's. I find the story to be well written and the voice acting was very well done, IMHO.
    There are "episode" missions in the game, from time to time. This is where characters from the show come over to the game world. The same actors/actress' that do the show do the voice acting for their digital likeness'. Just the fact that the game and show crossover, in the manner that they do, is groundbreaking stuff. I, for one, cannot wait to see what else they do with this aspect of the game. So far, I have really enjoyed the episode missions and all other missions in general.
    There are several different mission types in the game. There are Main missions, which are your story line missions, side missions fill in story details, you have "emergencies" which occur all of the time, all through out the world. They usually involve collecting samples, while killing many Hellbugs, rescuing prisoners, while killing many enemies, busting up road blocks and so on. The game is filled with action. You also have time trial missions, hot shots, which are sniper missions and then rampages, where you have to kill as many enemies as possible, before dying. All while staying in a predetermined space in the open world and using a "special" weapon. These are quite fun. Finally, there are the episodic missions and Ark Falls. Episodic missions, as stated above, "star" a character from the show, coming do the game and you run missions for/with them. Ark Falls are the part of the game where you get the huge crowds of players battling various types of enemies, in large numbers.
    Beyond the "story" mode, you have several types of MP modes to choose from. You have Co-op which can be played with 4 players. These are basically the "dungeon" maps of the game. You will fight your way through a more confined area, achieving goals along the way and usually encountering a nice boss fight at the end. I find these to be very fun and a slight change from the vast, open world. As of right now there are 7 Co-op missions to play but they are adding new ones from time to time. You have straight up DM. They only have 3 maps as of now BUT more are coming and they haven't charged for new additions. There is also Shadow Wars which is a HUGE TDM game that is set in the open world of Defiance. There are various missions for the game but mostly control and conquer. This mode is also very fun to play and offers more variety to the world of Defiance.
    Running out of characters so I will sum it up,BUY this game if you want to enjoy a game.
  21. May 6, 2013
    I thought about giving this an 8 or 9 but the reviews are so low that it needs a pick up. People are pushing others away from this game because of the bad reviews, yet this is a great game. When it was first released it had quite a few glitches yes, but its an MMO that is going to happen every time. Don't let these other people's bad reviews put you off on a rare experience. This game is a solid 8-8.5, the only thing that really takes it down is the salvage matrix(its the way you mod your weapons) its a little quirky and could use some adjustments. The great thing is, being an MMO that can be changed because of it being server based. Give this game a chance yourself and don't go in expecting WoW, or Skyrim. The story is really good and the customization are good and plan to get better. Rent it and give it a try. Oh, and there's no monthly fee. Only micro-transactions. And those are stuff thats not necessary or going to make the game bad if you don't spend money. But the micro-transaction are there if you choose to spend some money on your character. Good way of funding the server maintenance without charging a fee. Expand
  22. Jun 5, 2013
    I ended up purchasing Defiance on a whim with low expectations as pretty much every other MMO that has released in recent memory has been incredible disappointments. I had played Rift previously so I knew a little of Trion going in. I find that the more I play Defiance the more I like it. I've managed to finish the entirety of the missions with the first of the big DLCs just on the cusp of release.

    Since release they have done a passable job as squashing bugs and putting out new content. I think many console players haven't had any experience with other MMOs at launch because Defiance's was comparatively smooth. I've gotten several friends to play and despite a few slight annoyances, we're all enjoying the game immensely. I trust that with Trion's historical responsiveness to their communities that the game will only get better as time goes on.
  23. Apr 11, 2014
    People keep comparing it to games like WoW. It's not like Wow. This may be both one of the best MMOs as well as 3rd person shooters I've played. Blast away.
  24. Apr 7, 2013
    UNIQUE to the platform! that is why this is a 9, most customization for a multiplayer game on the 360 and the only MMO for the last few year. Mix of Borderlands and Red Faction with more things to do than I can remember in a multiplayer game. The arkfalls while laggy are extremely fun and massive with ton of people contributing. You can come up on a randomly generated sidequest like help out the convoy and start by youself and finish with five strangers working together to get it done. The world is MASSIVE plus the promise of new worlds and a vehicle at your whistle at any moment makes traveling fun, with jumping of mountains and landing in the middle of firefights. I am sorry if you have a PC and this is nothing new to you but if all you have is a console and this sounds fun then get on it! Expand
  25. Apr 5, 2013
    I've never been a big fan of mmorpg's,sure I've played wow and dcuo. but I gotta admit defiance is a great game.this is really the first huge mmorpg on xbox360 and it's been so much fun,think of defiance like Borderlands meets fallout and a lil bit of ff in the pot mix it all together and you get there are some server problems but i'm sure those will be fixed soon enough.give this great game a try I think you will enjoy it allot like many others have. Expand
  26. Apr 10, 2013
    Although there are many issues right out of the gate, lets not forget what Trion has accomplished in this Original title. For many that are unaware of the complications of MMO's, there will be negative feedback at first, but World of Warcraft and Guild Wars and such were not created overnight. Games like this require patching to find and eliminate bugs that occur through trial and error, and thats what is happening now. If you believe a game should run perfectly smooth with thousands of players on one map, and multiplayer games that average 64 vs 64 or larger, than this game is not for you. Defiance is a project that I believe can only get better over time. The story is good enough to make you wonder what comes next, as tied in with the television series on Scifi, the story will be evolving accordingly and continue to be updated in seasons. There are enough time trials and battelgrounds to keep you and many of your closest friends playing together for a long time.
    Weapons building and costumizing is very addicting. Guns have levels of rarity which make them better as in all MMO's. Then you find that purple extra rare weapon, then you can add things of similar rarity in parts, like scopes, clips, barrels and stocks, making your weapon original to your play style and desires. Occasionally you can find a part that changes the elemental powers, like bio, chemical, electric, and disruption to name a few, making the combinations endless. Through leveling, your character develops different abilitys, like cloak and decoy. For a small price, your "talent" tree can be changed at any point in the game, which is crutial if you don't enjoy your original choice.
    I find the combat system to be solid when the game is running clean. You are rewarded for headshots and critical hits. Players familiar with MMO's understand bosses are not 1 vs 1 friendly, which is fine because when you choose a mission and get to the site, there are usually friendly players already working on the bosses, and believe me, they are greatful to see you.
    Finally to pick on Defiance a little bit, the driving mechanics do feel a bit blocky, along with the issue of a small back pack, which consistanly forces you to break down or sell items you will not use. There is currently no storage bank or auction house to seel items to other players in need, which is very helpful when you are looking for a specific item. Lastly, when you join in an Arkfall battle, which is extremely fun, many players look like a default character which is due to the amount of characters on screen i'm sure, but also sure that this issue will be fixed shorty.
    Defiance is not perfect, but its original for consoles, and a great start of something I can see building up very strong. Give this game a chance with an open mind, and don't expect a Call of Duty pace, and you will enjoy this title. No game deserves a true zero rating, so hate all you want, and realize some games have put out a near exact copy of itself with minor tweaks for many years, and getting rave reviews. Keep that in mind.
  27. Apr 9, 2013
    Not brilliant but a amazing job done for one of the first real MMO on the xbox, fun and addictive to play, keeps me playing and i'm confident that it get the support to evolve to an permanant mmo for the console for the coming year
  28. Apr 16, 2013
    Not a 10 for reasons including graphics and story, but the game is amazing. An MMO that works and is patched daily is perfect for the Xbox. I was VERY skeptical about this game at first but I bought it and haven't regretted it one bit. Buy the game. You will not regret it.
  29. May 25, 2013
    Defiance is a great game especially for the lone player looking to play a fps mmo....i'm very impressed with the initial content and flabbergasted by the constant content and patch updates potentially can be great!
  30. Apr 2, 2013
    Defiance is truly taking a step into the right direction for MMO's on consoles. The game isn't the most beautiful game compared to games like Halo, Gears of War or any top games. BUT it does have really fun gameplay and lets be honest if you flipped the game case over and saw 1-10,000+ players for online capability then you'd be excited too. It has features that will remind you of borderlands and the world truly feels like a Fallout setting minus all the buildings. Disregard the negative reviews and the people who say its not like borderlands or fallout, well obviously it's not those games but it reminds you of them. Overall Defiance is a solid game, as long as they keep assisting with the servers. Overall it is a 9 out of 10 because the gameplay is what makes it great. Graphics are probably at a 7.5, it grows on you Expand
  31. Apr 19, 2013
    I'm not sure what's wrong with people, or what they're expecting out of a game, but Defiance is one of the best games I've played in recent history. I'm assuming a lot or people bought it thinking that it was some typical third person shooter where you blast baddies in narrow corridors. Well it's not. It's a fully fleshed out open-world third person MMO. Not only is it a great companion to the TV show of the same name, but it does a great job establishing itself as it's own entity.

    If you've enjoyed any sci-fi game in the last 10 years, this game has hallmarks from all the best. Halo, Borderlands, Mass Effect, Fuel, it's all there for you enjoy albeit sometimes it's very clearly blatantly emulated from the source. Like Fuel, the game contains a huge map that sometimes takes forever to traverse. Which is why I'm assuming they give you a vehicle within the first few minutes of the game. It works out though and a long drive is never boring because events happen along the way. And to be honest, after a week, I've still only enjoyed half of the map, I haven't even bothered to head east yet.

    I can't count how many times I've been cruising from one objective to the next only to be confronted with the pop-up option to save some farmer from mutants, or rescue a group of people from a hellbug infestation or even see a large number of people fighting an army of hellbugs in of the games many random events. Like Rift, Trion Worlds added many random events to the roster in this game, and they allow people(who would otherwise go about their business alone) to come together to accomplish an objective. I can't count how many people I've had the opportunity to join up with after a large battle.

    It's not all roses and sunshine though. As a console player there are natural limitations to my tech and so far the elephant in the room is framerate. The ONLY time I've had issue with it however is when large numbers of people are fighting groups of hellbugs and to be honest it's hardly noticeable. The game did crash on me once though because of it. The menu system is a little clunky and could use some refining and streamlining as well. For instance, if I were to mod a weapon, I have to enter a separate menu within my menu instead of having it as an option on the character/inventory screen. Also, the menu system for the social portion of the game is confusing and could use some reorganizing, possibly even instead being turned into a full screen overlay in order to navigate it better. There are hardly any issues at this point as the dev team has eradicated a huge amount of launch problems already and the game runs as smooth as any other.

    Another console problem is cooperation. Console players haven't been adorned with a great deal of co-op games and it shows here because people are lone-wolfing like crazy. While I've been lucky enough to team up with a few people occassionally, a majority of my time has been spent in solitude. Perhaps it's because I'm lower level and things haven't progressed enough or maybe people really are that stupid. It's best played with friends and I have a few that will be getting the game soon and will be able to enjoy it with me.

    Sadly there is no cross-platform play but if you're looking for a great MMO on console(especially the 360) Defiance is one of the few and best options out there. Other than DC Universe on the PS3 there isn't another console MMO that I've enjoyed this much. With plenty of content planned for the future I plan on enjoying it for a long time.

    If you need someone to fight alongside find me on XBL, Gamertag: Dude Largepants.
  32. Apr 3, 2013
    I haven't been a fan of MMOs...until now. Finally, a MMO that has nothing to do with elves, knights, wizards or that sort of thing. I actually have the ability to control to my weapon instead of just merely "point and click" my character at the general vicinity of an enemy and get this...NO SUBSCRIPTION REQ (Good job Trion)!!!. Yes, understand there are some minor bugs, but nothing, that didn't hinder my game experience and their website says they're working on it. Be patient at first learning the game, but once you got it, be ready because the action never really stops. You can either be your own "lone Ark Hunter" sort-a-speak, or "join the fight" with other players on missions, expeditions, or whatever you feel you need to do to make yourself relevant in the game. Now if you will excuse, I have "Hellbugs" to squash and a big ol' crazy Mutant with a BFG to take out. Expand
  33. ren
    Apr 3, 2013
    Yes this game has had it's day one server issues and huge patch's but its a MMO (if your unsure google it) there's no limitations (including no sub fee!!)

    Say goodbye to the 16/24 player limit on xbox and enjoy a massive Borderlands/Fallout style game with a never ending story, it never has to end, it's constantly updated with new tasks, story's, missions and bug fix's.

    If you
    understand this you and put up with the first few days of teething problems, then get it now, if not wait a few weeks for it to settle down and take another look. Expand
  34. Apr 15, 2013
    Defiance really served on pretty much everything- Good graphics, good gameplay, good music, it's all just so easy to love. I'm already wishing they would make a Defiance 2....
  35. Apr 7, 2013
    I went into this game with much reservation and, seven hours in, I am pleasantly surprised at what a fun, deep game Defiance is. Arkfalls are a blast, as is every other mission I've played. Folks deride Defiance for its "go here, kill everything, hold X" gameplay, but I love it. It's a shooter after all.
  36. Apr 6, 2013
    This game is now after three days of constant play my favorite MMO (I'm mainly an MMO/ FPS/Adventure gamer.) And sure the game may rarely have a tiny issue with the framerate, which only ever drops by a tiny bit when at least 100 people are on screen fighting one of the many epic arkfall boss battles. This game could easily be my game of the year... And disregard all of the reviews bashing this game, frankly they don't know what they're talking about. So to all those out there wanting to try something different give this game a go, it is no generic third person shooter. (9.5) Expand
  37. Apr 12, 2013
    I've never been a fan of MMO's on a console before. Then out comes Defiance. I really enjoy this game. The plot is awesome, the story line flows very well, the game is fun to play and I love the tie into to the TV Series.
  38. Apr 3, 2013
    People need to stop writing reviews on this game after only playing a few missions. You can run around quest and gear up like a normal mmo. You can also go to matchmaking and play against other players like every other first person shooter. It has team death match and objective type games. The more you gear up and unlock skills the better you will be in the pvp part, but you still do fine when you first start off you just have to work harder for the kills. Over all I would give this game a 9 because it still has a few bugs, but if you like mmo's and first person shooters this game does very well in mixing the two. Expand
  39. Apr 4, 2013
    So I got this game yesterday after playing a bit of the beta, which was mediocre. This was the first MMO I have played on the consoles, so I didn't really know what to expect. What I have found is that this game is really fun and definitely more polished than the version in the beta (no suprise). I've played maybe around 3 hours, but so far the game play has been fun followed by an intriguing story. Doing missions alongside thousands of companions is quite a fun experience. Also, the developers of this game are very dedicated to it, so if you find issues with the game, if any, they will probably be patched. This appears to be a game I will be playing for a while and was definitely a pleasant surprise. The only down side I've seen so far is the servers, but that is to be expected in the first couple of days of the game, especially when Trion didn't realize how many people would buy this game, which is a lot. I look forward to playing some more! Expand
  40. Apr 4, 2013
    Don't believe the low reviews. Like most I was disappointed that there were launch issues and basically could not play for 2 days. I cannot believe every online game that comes out has launch issues. Can someone put enough servers online to start. Anyway once I was able to get in it is a good overall game and looks like im going to have a lot of fun with it which if you give it a chance I think you will too. Expand
  41. Apr 5, 2013
    This is a good solid mmo for the Xbox the only people who bash this game are the pc players personal i think the game was made for console not pc it's fun and a step forward to have more mmo on consoles.
  42. Apr 8, 2013
    Defiance has nailed the art of MMO with a variety of different things to do such as: driving, PVP (player vs player), PVE (player vs environment), co-op, a great plot to a almost perfect storyline and tons more!

    The best thing about Defiance is how much there is to do from exploring to the main missions or even side missions in which there are hundreds...

    Co-op is easy and fun with
    friends as well as random people you may encounter whilst doing a main mission, these people can easily come up to you and help you with your mission, no lobby's involved!
    PVP is good fun although it is a let down due there are only 2 maps to choose from, however with DLC confirmed we can be sure to see more PVP maps to come our way.

    The graphics are quite poor but what do you expect from a game with thousands of players in it at one given time? If it were to have graphics such as FarCry 3 or Crysis 3 then the game would not be able to run at all on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

    However, I do have problems with frame rate on the xbox 360, the game just does not run so smooth when you encounter major Arkfalls when there are literally hundreds of players in one area at one time, although this is easily patched and that's the best thing about Defiance, patches... Patches can be made whenever they want and can be made very frequently, making a brilliant game even better!

    So why not try Defiance? It's fun alone and even more fun with friends, it's definitely worth the buy...
  43. Apr 9, 2013
    This review is based off of content before the show's release. My actual number that i would give this game in its current state is an 8.6. irresponsible people who give this game a 0 clearly did not give it time and are too lazy to give it what they even think it's worth which artificially lowers the game's overall score. If you think it's a four, give it that. A zero is a broken and literally unplayable game. Even my most hated game is not a 0. Positives: 1. 3rd person shooter with load out system skill tree (You can have one super power and 8 perks; also when you've unlocked enough you can make different load outs and cycle between them). The game play is easily the best part of this game. Once you find your favorite guns, shooting people in the face with them will never get old. The perks you unlock actually feel like they make a difference. Overall engaging enemies is more about skill and preparedness rather than what level you are which means a lot. 2. handles servers with hundreds of people almost flawlessly; you can literally be fighting with 300 people at an arkfall, feel involved, and have no lag. 3. Features a variety of mounts that can be summoned at any time in order to traverse the map easily. 4. No subscription. 5. The great foundation this game has is guaranteed to be expanded on when the show airs. The story which is currently one of its weaknesses should be improved along with more content. Speculation yes, but seeing as the creators dumped 105 million into the update process I'm inclined to believe the best is yet to come. 6. Features a decent pvp system that is incredibly fun, rewarding, and skill based. No matter your level, if you have good guns and some skill you'll do fine and get a bunch of exp. However it seems that so far their are only two modes and they need to add something more out of the ordinary than king of the hills and tdm. 7. Enemy variety and missions dramatically get more interesting as the game progresses. 8. The graphics are actually surprisingly good, however the landscape is not that diverse. This is being said however while most of the continent still hasn't been released. 9. The arkfalls are incredibly fun and rewarding. They are big part of giving the game continuity. 10. People dynamically joining your missions is always a joy and helping your friends is not hard to do and rewarding since the enemies and loot adjust to your level and number of people in the area. 11. The game features fun and rewarding co-op missions. 12. Everyone has their own loot!, this should be a given in games nowadays but unfortunately it's not. 13. Game features a way to convert garbage loot into a valuable alternative currency called "salvage", which can be arguably more valuable than the main currency scrip, without having to go to vendors. This makes looting so much more fun than in games where managing loot becomes a chore. 14. Your favorite gun can stay your favorite gun for what seems to be forever. The drop system in this game is weird. A gun you loot at level 20 can still be awsome at level 200 and beyond. I am currently level 500, and using a gun i love that i found around my 100's Guns can have elements and can level up from use to get a bonus perk. Also any gun is capable of using four mods. 15. The modding system is great. mods are very diverse and some (synergy mods) can have increased bonuses if multiple of the same class of mods are attached to the same weapon. With enough salvage you can safely remove mods and also add slots to weapons that don't have any. 16. The interface and controls are excellent on the xbox and clearly made with the console in mind. This game was made for the consoles, so please don't buy it for the pc thinking you'll have an equally excellent time. Negatives: 1. The story so-far is garbage and cut-scenes are scarce with little intrigue. Some of the characters develop fairly well so far but none are quite that awesome yet. The script is also fairly generic and the plot won't get your blood pumping too much. This is one of the game's biggest sins, however there is hope that the show will help cure this. 2. there are a few minor glitches. 3. Even though the great gameplay can largely help you ignore it, the side missions and missions without intro cutscenes are fairly repetitive featuring almost always the same thing: either defend against waves of people or hold x on something. the missions eventually get more diverse in featuring different temporary power weapons or giving bosses, however it still mainly boils down to the same thing. 4. The game tutorial is not the greatest, leaving you to read most of the info on the menus and online. 5. Cutscenes do not feature your groupmates, and while doing main missions and side missions you can feel like your going it alone even though there are hundreds of players near you. 6. I never stopped and appreciated the music, sfx, or most of the voice acting. Expand
  44. Apr 11, 2013
    So far I am loving this game. Yes, it has bugs, Yes, the graphics are a bit watered down (on Xbox at least), and Yes, this is going to be different than most anticipate. This is in fact a MMO. Something that the consoles have been missing for a very long time. I have played many MMO's in my time. I even beta tested WOW. Every new game, especially MMO type games have bugs, server problems, etc. You need to give it a chance to be out for a while, allow people to report bugs, and give the game some leniency. Graphics are actually better than I thought being a MMO on a console. You must remember, there is a 6 yr old console here trying to handle millions of things at once. A MMO has way more things going on in the background than most any other game. I truly believe that this game will only get better. I have only put about 5 hrs into it, but I am impressed. Shooting mechanics are great, acting seems good, and story is still to early to tell. I truly believe that this is definitely worth price at retail. Get it and see for yourself. Expand
  45. Apr 12, 2013
    Very fun game that you can lose hours in, just exploring the world. The characters aren't phenomenal and there are a few in-game issues that need to be ironed out by Trion Worlds, but people need to realize that therre can be up to 10,000+ occupying the game at any given time. The graphics aren't the greatest, and there are a few things that can't be fixed (voice acting and some confusing plot developments) but the pros far outweigh the cons. Ark falls, randomly occurring events that sometimes involve upwards of a couple hundred players at once, are one of the most fun and engaging experiences I've had on this generation of consoles in terms of cooperative play, and with the things Trion has planned with its season pass for the game, it will only get better. Collapse
  46. Apr 14, 2013
    Guys, don't listen to those angry and upset fan boys who give the game a 0 or negative rating, read this review and hopefully it convinces you! Defiance is a very good game, I've decided to review this game simply because it keeps me playing and I want people to join in! When I started the game up it was slow and I thought it was going to be a waste of money. However, after the tutorial which is incredibly bad things started and the pace of the game definitely changed. 10 minutes later, I was battling huge monsters with loads of other people, and the rewards from these 'Arkfalls' improve as you level up your EGO rating. And, not forgetting the joy it brings when you see your name on the top of the leader boards. All games have their faults, this game definitely does. Connection issues appeared started within the first hour or two and it made me so angry! But this did sort itself out after a few hours and I haven't disconnected since.Other faults would be the extremely repetitive side quests, all you have to do is hold X for most parts. Yet, this fault didn't matter to me, I couldn't wait to finish all the side quests and main missions to get ready for Season Two.......... but wait, there's more? Yes, there is more! You have co-op maps, with bosses that are intermediate to extremely hard and require TEAMWORK to complete! Social aspects such as clans and groups to finish quests. Shadow Wars, where you can practically queue up for one or just randomly walk into one without realising, I would in a way consider a random event. And there are also separate competitive maps, Waterfront with 6 v 6 and Observatory with 8 v 8. Alongside all these aspects and more are challenges that they expect you to complete, in which will finish off the first season. What you guys might not know, is that as the TV series expands, so will the game. For example, when season two of Defiance comes along on TV, it will on Xbox 360 and other platforms as well and hopefully expanding the map! Adding onto the map, there is varied terrain which keeps you away from the lack luster experience that you would find in most MMO-RPGs that consist of the same terrain over and over again. There are 5 or 6 different factions and a variety of weapons that will keep you looking in the supply store for more. There are also many different vehicles to choose from, each with unique speed, durability etc. Overall, I would highly recommend this game to anyone because its a fairly good game in some place, faulty in others but definitely outstanding in conclusion!

  47. Apr 15, 2013
    I am having a lot of fun with this game for the 360! It is a fresh idea to be in sync with the show from the beginning. I am looking forward on seeing how the episodes correlate with
    The missions! I always enjoy back stories and Easter eggs in movies. This game helps with the Emerson into the defiance universe!

    Few bugs but trion and devs are working hard at addressing issue! Keep up
    the great work. I also enjoy the events occurring regularly! Expand
  48. Apr 25, 2013
    When I first saw this game I was very skeptical about it. Of course, it looked like a Borderlands clone to me but when I actually sat down and played it; I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay even with it's glitches. I mean it's Xboxs first mmo in a long time and to top it off Trion has been very responsive to customers which this is a rarity to me.
  49. Apr 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Defiance Review Xbox 360 for more reviews check out )
    Defiance is Trion entertainment's epic third person shooter MMO, that takes place is the Post Apocalyptic future. Defiance is a game the plays along with the TV series on the SYFY channel. Events that occurs within the show affect the game and vise versa. There are two main civilizations that make up the game being the humans and the Votans. The Votans are a humanoid civilization similar to the look of human beings with prominent features in the face. The humans make up the majority of the Earth Republic, and while both humans and Votans can enlist together, there is a dislike for the Votans race. In game you take the role as an Ark Hunter. As an Ark Hunter, your job is to seek out Arktech. The Ark Hunter acts like a soldier of fortune. The Arks were ships designed by the Indogene, which is a race of Votan. These Arks contained the Votan race and brought them to earth, via cryosleep. There was a great explosion killing many of the Indogene and causing Arkfalls. These Arkfalls are responsible for the human mutants and Hellbug infestation.

    Graphics: The game is not a graphical achievement, but buy no means is this an ugly game. Environmental textures and design is really where the game succeeds. The environments remind me of a Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 combined into one beautiful world. I love seeing the mix of urban, alien, and nature thrown together. Texture models are decent, but not highly polished. Compared to other games, characters look pretty rough, The roughness is do to the lack of detailed textures of the faces and bodies. There are no rough edges or pixel blocks, but the subtle details that make your character look real are missing. There is some texture loading issues, but recent patching has helped with the issue. Glitches are sometimes present, but have been addressed with patching.

    Controls: Controls are very simple. The game plays very similar to the Call Of Duty control scheme. The controls should feel very familiar with most gamers.

    Audio: In game music is top notch, combined with decent voice acting. Still do not understand why people use curse words in game just to make it seem cooler,

    Gameplay: The game is a third person shooter MMO. The game consist of both PVE and PVP game modes. PVE consists of story missions and side quests like in any MMO. Story quest are broken up with cinematics and dialogue leading the character into the next area and quest. Story quests are broken up by various dialogue and cinematic pieces which flow well. There are many side quests within the game if you do not feel like doing the main quest. These quest help your leveling and your chances of getting better gear. The overall story of the game shows a lot of potential especially with the tv show aspect. Missions can be run with groups of four players, or you can run it solo. You can assist people with their missions Guild Wars 2 style and not even be grouped with them. Doing this will still get you XP and Loot. The world is always evolving and other players will affect your questing both good and bad. The Arkfalls provide a fun alternative to the main story and tend to be great ways to gain new gear and XP. Arkfalls will be indicated on the screen by a red marker. Do not be surprised to see many people attacking the Arkfalls and their defenders. Arkfalls should be attempted with a group, but some easier ones can be taken down single player, but it will be a challenge. PVP is an interesting concept and can be split into two types. Traditional PVP places you in a typical shooter multiplayer mode. Two teams fight to the death on random maps. There is another aspect of PVP called Shadow Wars. Shadow Wars can be up to 128 people fighting it out on teams of sixty four players each. The game will let you know that you are in the vicinity if a Shadow War and will allow you to jump in. This game mode is territory control, but uses the map area that you are currently in as the battle arena instead of going to a pre created team deathmatch area. Many people are currently playing PVP more than PVE. The upgrade system and weapon system is very deep, allowing for different mod types and abilities to suit your style. PvP reminds me a little bit of Planet Side 2. Character looks and outfits are customizable, and can be purchased via in-game or through micro transactions. Currently there is no cross platforming, but the game has been set up for it.

    Overall: The game is solid and brings a lot of things to the table. With the rough start in terms if patching, the game is getting smoother. While not perfect the game does deserve praise. The cross platform ability would give this game a huge jump in the right direction.
  50. Oct 12, 2014
    Before buying this I looked at the critics comments, but I put those in perspective... a critic is exactly that someone that criticizes. Then I looked a the player comments and see what those that actually play and use the game and not review one had to say and I agree for the most part this is a pretty good bang up game for the money and keeps you moving. For those that complain it is the same old go here, kill that, do this mission then another, REALITY CHECK! I have fought in 6 different conflicts in 6 different parts of the world and you REALLY WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING? War is exactly that way. You go here, look for that, kill something or a whole lot of someones if you have to, and the next day you go out and you do it again, and again. What did you expect? Lollipops and unicorns ... if so .. I think there are still a few Care Bear Games around you could check out.... Yeah, I am a grandfather of 16 ... with two sons under the age of 12 ... AND I PLAY XBOX ... because my grand kids and kids aren't going to show this old man up too easy if I have anything to say about it ... besides it was your grand-parents generation that invented these things not some young snot-nose college kid and I owned the FIRST ATRIA SOLD ON FT. RILEY, KANSAS two days after it was released... so there! Expand
  51. Apr 12, 2013
    Very fun game that you can lose hours in, just exploring the world. The characters aren't phenomenal and there are a few in-game issues that need to be ironed out by Trion Worlds, but people need to realize that therre can be up to 10,000+ occupying the game at any given time. The graphics aren't the greatest, and there are a few things that can't be fixed (voice acting and some confusing plot developments) but the pros far outweigh the cons. Ark falls, randomly occurring events that sometimes involve upwards of a couple hundred players at once, are one of the most fun and engaging experiences I've had on this generation of consoles in terms of cooperative play, and with the things Trion has planned with its season pass for the game, it will only get better. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 27
  2. Negative: 3 out of 27
  1. Oct 7, 2013
    Defiance is essentially a single player shooter, that has been retrofitted to an MMOFPS. The multiplayer component doesn't really add anything to the game, if you don't count some random back-up crews as such. [Aug 2013]
  2. Jul 3, 2013
    Do you feel like shooting something? Are you enjoying action games? Do you wish to be with other people in a world that's evolving not in the game itself but in its TV series as well? In that case feel free to try Defiance out. Just be expecting nothing more than some solid action that hardly holds your attention for a long period of time.
  3. Jun 10, 2013
    With its straight focus, repetitive missions and static world, Defiance shouldn't work as well as it does. There's potential here. [July 2013, p.69]