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Mixed or average reviews- based on 62 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 62
  2. Negative: 11 out of 62

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  1. Sep 6, 2013
    Are you guys all part of the development team for this game? How you could have actually played this game and given these positive reviews I don't know. Even with my having loved the original game and really wanting to like this game, I could not.

    There was more to dislike but the biggest problem with this game by far is the one thing that had to be right for the game not to be ruined
    and kind of pointless. What do you do in this game more than anything else from the beginning of the game to the end? Jumping. The controls are awful and the jumping is the worst! This is unforgivable. Both the accuracy and the timing of the jumping are off.

    Another problem is the voice over. When you are listening to the voice over you will think you are playing a game for preschoolers. Mickey should throw apples? Really? It's like playing a "Doom" remake and they add a voice over that says you should fire your gun and open doors. If only the narrator had some advice on how to improve the controls. With this much wrong with the game there's not much point in critiquing anything else. Do yourself a favor and play the demo before buying.
  2. Sep 3, 2013
    I give this game a 9/10 cause the devs did what needed to be done, re-made the game with making sure if it ain't broken, why fix it!?

    Beautiful graphics, amazing sound. Excellent music and gameplay works the same way like before, although they did made some changes, like jump and certain things.

    Love this game and now I want is World of Illusion, its sequel.
  3. Sep 4, 2013
    The game was good, but not great. It was incredibly short and way too easy. I'm talking Journey's length. When the challenge started to ramp up a bit it was already the last level. I commend Sega for their efforts because it's true to the original and I think they really put effort into this. The music is awesome, the graphics are nice, and it's definitely charming and delightful, I just wouldn't recommend it for $15 considering the lack of challenge and having finished it in less than two hours. Expand
  4. Sep 5, 2013
    I have very fond memories of the original and this is a very faith re-imagining. Each scene feels familiar yet the graphics, sound, story, control, etc, all come together to bring the game to life in a way not possible before. I definitely recommend this game to any fan of the original and for those who missed it. Anyone who enjoys the adventure plat-former genre should get there moneys worth out of this game. Expand
  5. Sep 6, 2013
    Its insultingly stupid, even the children its meant to entertain would be insulted by it. The levels are far too short with absolutely no challenge throughout. The narrator makes me feel like I'm being read a bedtime story or playing King's Quest at the age of 30. Mickey's animation is ugly, his design poor, and their is no variation to the control scheme. Its essentially Klonoa, without the charm or quality and fantastic level design. Tomba is still more enjoyable than this game and that came out long before this (and long after the original Castle of Illusion). The original is better, even the sega master system version is better and in terms of actual fun? No this remake is not fun, its by the numbers, its generic and its sad to see that this is the way new players get to see what was once a fun series of games. Expand
  6. Sep 4, 2013
    This is a good game but not great as Disney Infinity. This game's worth a try. I have endured a new experience playing this game. The graphics are good. I love the scenery around.
  7. Sep 8, 2013
    Very nice game for all the family. My 7 years old kid loved the demo so I bought the full version and since then he didn't stop playing. I enjoy watching the beautiful graphics and helping him pass the challenging parts.
  8. Sep 7, 2013
    The original Castle of Illusion is a wonderful game (on both Master System and Megadrive), and when I heard that Sega were publishing a remake, I honestly wondered what it was going to be like. Perhaps, like Flashback as well of recent, these aren't remakes, but more realisations, and ultimately attempted transformations of a classic, and in a way trying to make it appeal to a modern audience?

    Ultimately they both fail, as the originals are still classics, and if you really want to sample them, go to the originals!! But still, I have to say that I felt spoilt with this latest update.

    The graphics and sounds are wonderful. To me, it not only evoked the care and attention to detail that belongs perhaps to the DIsney universe, but more to the fact that I was reminded of the other Mickey Mouse games on Megadrive, Fantasia and World of Illusion!! The graphics are gorgeous beyond belief, almost hand drawn and animated it seems, and the music and sound effects compliment them it all melts together, and I couldn't help to be pulled-in.

    The gameplay is where the game falls-down a little. The game is far too short, and any challenge to be found is in the initially cumbersome control method, which does need tweaking. But if the game can be a mite unfair, and if it is over too fast, then its a quality ride for sure, and one that has been treated with a lot of due care and attention, and the platforming action (and challenges!!) will keep you coming back in the short-term.

    No, its not the ultimate edition of a long-loved classic, but its a quality, passionate tribute. I would recommend playing the demo and having a go of it, and see what you think.

    My last word is for Sega: If you really wanted a Mickey Mouse game to update, could you update Fantasia? It wasn't the best game ever (even though it looked pretty), and with today's standards (exercised in this game for example), it could truly shine.
  9. Sep 11, 2013
    Let me start off this review by admitting that I didn't buy this game on purpose I actually downloaded this game accidentaly, even though I thought I cancelled out of the purchase (I pressed the B button, which usually means cancel), and it started downloading. It's a story for another time. I tried to contact Microsoft and explain to them, and ask for a refund, but my efforts fell victim to futility. After I stopped moping, I decided to try the game out after having read the reviews, with an idea of what I was in for. Overall, the game has its ups and downs. I've never played the 1990 original so I can't really compare, however.
    I've only played the game for a few hours, and made it up to the fifth stage (the castle stage), but I think I have enough to write a review. Reading through some reviews first I was expecting the game to be too easy to be satisfying, but it has its challenging moments. Some parts, however, felt cheap. For instance, the second boss in the game, the Jack-in-the-Box, took about ten tries before I cleared it, because I had a fair bit of trouble figuring out how to avoid his punching glove attack I had to go to the edge of the venue and jump, but with very precise timing. But overall, most of the difficulties I encountered were taken care of not before long, and the game is a bit on the easy side a difficulty selection might have been nice. The jumping controls felt a bit tight compared to other platformers, which didn't cause too much trouble but was still a bit frustrating when it came to the platforming sections.
    There are collectable items you can aim to get throughout the levels, some of which unlock new costumes, and apparently after clearing a level you unlock the time attack for that level, so there is a bit of replay value, but once you've beaten the game there's not much to go back to.
    In the end, I'm not too upset about losing $15 to this game, it could've been worse, but I still feel a little bit upset. Oh well, it's Microsoft's fault I clearly said 'no' to buying the game, and yet it made the download. Check out the demo first.
  10. Sep 27, 2013
    while i never played the original, this game is a very fun well made platformer. the controls feel a bit off at first, you'll get used to it. the graphics are beautiful, and you travel through different areas to get seven different gems. the voices are good, as well as the boss fights.
  11. Jun 25, 2014
    Cute game if you have kids. They will love it. Nice graphics simplistic gameplay. Is it worth the 15 Euros? NOPE. But on sale its great. I got it for 7 euros and it was a great deal. If your kid is in love with mickey mouse as is mine its totally worth the 7 Euros.15Euros on the other hand hmm I dont know. If you want it wait for it to go on sale on xboxlive. Sega games often have special sales. If you are an adult who wants a platform experience AVOID this game and buy a Rayman game , a Sonic game or a Mario game if you own a Nintendo concole. This game is strictly for kids Expand
  12. Dec 19, 2013
    I remember fond memories of Castle of Illusion as well as other Mickey Mouse and Disney games on the Sega Genesis and this remake of the 1990 smash hit game is a dream come true and it lived up to the hype as well as Duck tales remastered another childhood classic. Castle of illusion does everything right from the level narration, to the beautiful soundtrack and it also includes the original soundtrack and to top it off it plays perfectly and looks stunning but as it is Disney you cannot expect anything less. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
  1. Oct 23, 2013
    With such base-level functional inadequacies, this retro rehash comes labelled predictably with a 'for fans only' tag. [Issue#140, p.117]
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    One of the best platformers published this year, beautiful and varied, but it’s a shame that it ends after just two hours. [11/2013, p.70]
  3. As much fun as you'd expect from vermin. [Nov 2013, p.96]