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  • Summary: What if you could change the past? What if you could control the future? What if time was on your side? Play as Wilbur Robinson and experience the thrills of time travel adventure. With a ton of crazy gadgets at your disposal, battle enemies and solve puzzles while in pursuit of the dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his diabolical robotic hat, Doris. It's up to you to thward their evil plans and save the future! Explore ancient Egypt, the Robinsons' mansion, The Hive and other supercool locales. Break out the Charge Glove, the Disassembler, the Scanner, the family Album, the Havoc Gloves and the Leviathon device. [Buena Vista Games] Expand
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  1. This is a great game for kids, adults and families and makes a refreshing change from some of the stuff in the shops at the moment.
  2. For kids who have seen the film then this game is going to be a grand expansion for them to get some hands on with Wilbur and Co. For anyone else then there’s some decent adventuring to be had here despite the simplicity of the game’s premise.
  3. No matter the console, Meet the Robinsons is a darn good video game. The game is smart, vast, and really does offer something for everyone.
  4. It won't change your world, but Avalanche Software - veterans of several Rugrats games as well as the forgettable 25 To Life - have delivered a game that is perfectly attuned to the capabilities and sensibilities of its tween audience, and filled it up with solid gameplay that assists or challenges them at just the right times.
  5. Straightforward, fun, and filled with content, Meet the Robinsons is sure to keep a smile on your face while you experience life as Wilbur Robinson.
  6. Multiplayer for the minigames would have made a great addition to extend the replay value of the game.
  7. Button mashing is boring. [Issue#20, p.93]

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