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  1. 100
    As much fun as Guitar Hero - and perfect for any party. The music is great, but we miss some more game modes.
  2. Compared to Activision’s other music game franchise, DJ Hero isn’t for everyone since it targets a small specific group of people/gamers: those who have a disc jockey background or those who always dreamt to be one. Regardless of this, we have to applaud Activision’s willingness and audaciousness to introduce a new product. DJ Hero deserves a serious look.
  3. 93
    DJ Hero is a beautifully structured experience that understands the rhythm-action genre thoroughly enough to appeal directly to progression-obsessed fans, yet knows how to juggle its goods to offer a music experience that's never frustrating and wears its unpretentious accessibility with pride.
  4. DJ Hero is a fun rhythm music game that actually works quite well out of the box and although it won't have the mass appeal of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, it's still an addictively entertaining game that contains quite a decent track listing.
  5. 90
    In an overcrowded genre of music games, DJ Hero resides at the very top with the best of 'em. The original mixes are stunning and scratching the turntable is just as fun as it seems.
  6. DJ Hero is without question Activision's coolest rhythm game. The turntable has its drawbacks (it's a bit small for larger folks), but that soundtrack will give you a new appreciation for music and perhaps satisfy your DJ fantasy. Just don't pass this off as another game with a useless peripheral. It's one of the sweetest, most original games we've played in a long time.
  7. I’m hooked on DJ Hero. In many ways, it feels like a new beginning for the music genre. Freestyle Games has pulled off an impressive trick, crafting a game that holds true to its sister franchise while at the same time putting a unique spin on both the gameplay and the music.
  8. In short, DJ Hero is just what the music game genre needs- a breath of fresh air, a taste of new music, and a style all its own.
  9. DJ Hero is the confident debut of a new musical videogame genre. If you are into the electronic music you will greatly enjoy this one.
  10. 90
    Rock followers will keep favouring Guitar Hero, but now everyone can turn his home into a disco, and a friend meeting in a fun music session.
  11. DJ Hero is possibly the best rhythm action game I have ever played. There's not a dull track in the entire game - hardly surprising given how much superstar DJ input FreeStyleGames has enjoyed.
  12. DJ Hero is an exciting and brilliantly realised package, and while it may not offer the fantastic co-op experience of some of its contemporaries, its slick gameplay and fantastic presentation make it a must-have title in an overcrowded genre.
  13. Despite some lacking multiplayer and an awkward menu screen, the actual DJ experience is as lifelike - and fun - as video games have ever achieved. Don't let the high price tag turn you off of the freshest music game since the original Guitar Hero.
  14. It has its flaws. The table feels plastic, the career mode is way too thin and there are no alternative game modes. Except that the game is fantastic with 93 tracks and an amusing control. A music game has never got me this hooked before.
  15. DJ Hero is a breath of fresh air in the music game genre and we really feel FreeStyleGames has done a great job.
  16. If you’ve grown stale of the band games out there or simply want something new to try and love the music genre, I completely recommend DJ Hero without hesitation.
  17. DJ Hero is an exciting new addition to the scene and one you won’t want to miss out on.
  18. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A fantastic-action game that seamlessly integrates its controller in the same way as Guitar Hero did. [Issue#52, p.80]
  19. DJ Hero is a great game that will challenge you and give you countless hours of entertainment. If you’re at all a fan of DJ culture, then this game is definitely for you.
  20. If you like the Guitar Hero games there’s a good chance you’ll love DJ Hero and I recommend it as probably the best music game I’ve ever played.
  21. games(TM)
    When you're interacting with music in a way you never have before, you'll want to slap yourself for even giving the idea of emptying your wallet a second thought. [Christmas 2009, p.104]
  22. Getting the music right was crucial, but so is the gameplay, and the developers really nailed it.
  23. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A stunning music game. [Jan 2010, p.72]
  24. DJ Hero is one of the most refreshing, original games we've played in quite a while. Its addictive gameplay mechanics help it transcend its music and setting, resulting in a game that everyone will enjoy.
  25. Since it came into the office it has taken over as the number one requested “party game” when people stop by, even if those gamers are not what most would consider hardcore. It has the ability to reach into the core of nearly anyone and bring out that experience that games of this type should result in.
  26. After playing the game nonstop for days now, I think it’s safe to say that DJ Hero has me excited about music games again. While there’s clearly some room for improvement in future instalments, this initial foray into the world of DJ’ing is one well worth making.
  27. DJ Hero has won the bet! It is indeed possible to enjoy the “Guitar Hero formula” while scratching and mixing like a real DJ.
  28. DJ Hero doesn’t stray too far from the formula that made Guitar Hero and Rock Band into household names, but it has a fresh quality about it that the former titles expended long ago.
  29. Great songs are presented in enjoyable remixes. This game is for everyone who has always wanted to put hands up on the turntables him- or herself.
  30. With DJ Hero, Activision definitely take some of the thunder back that was stolen by Rock Band. While it doesn’t give us something completely different, it does give us one fantastic twist on a flavour that might be in the early stages of getting stale.
  31. A thoroughly engaging new experience that is well-deserving of its heroic namesake.
  32. 85
    The big takeaway is that DJ Hero reinvents how music games are defined by the innovation brought forward and, in the same stroke, revitalizes the genre with a fresh approach.
  33. 85
    DJ Hero isn’t exactly a step forward, but an impressive leap sideways into a new musical genre and an innovative gameplay mechanic.
  34. 85
    DJ Hero is almost a breath of fresh air in an already overcrowded genre. The rhythm game is becoming too much of a business and this really feels like it was designed with a lot of passion for the music.
  35. One of the more exciting things to happen to the genre. DJ Hero explores the one avenue left vacant since Beatmania, and not only provides a game that breathes a bit of life into a genre that had started growing stale, but one that’s also a hell of a lot of fun to play, in spite of the steep price tag.
  36. 85
    DJ Hero brings you a complete new experience which will be loved by every music fan.
  37. DJ Hero is simple to pick up and learn, but also difficult to master. I am yet to get a 100% score on Medium Difficulty, and I think I’m doing quite well.
  38. DJ Hero is the breath of fresh air the Guitar Hero series needed in order for the long-lasting appeal to be reignited.
  39. 84
    Dj Hero has become a music game that makes you scream for more. Thanks to the controller, it really makes you feel like you're the DJ. On top of that, the music in the game really excels. Tiny blemishes are the price tag and the lack of a freestyle-mode.
  40. It is far from the DJ simulation I was expecting and more of a button and slider memorization game set to killer jams, but enjoyable nonetheless.
  41. A pretty fantastic first entry into the series, and turned out better than I had thought. The controller itself feels well built, and I don't get the sense that it'll breakdown from any extended plays.
  42. DJ Hero will only give you a glimpse into the realities of mixing and scratching, with some of the coolest mash-ups I’ve ever heard to entertain along the way.
  43. DJ Hero is a good game. Although it lacks a story mode, or additional objectives, it makes up for these ommissions with its unique gameplay, an original turntable controller, and the wide variety of song genres included.
  44. If you love turntables, you love scratching and you love hearing music from different generations cleverly mixed together to create a unique beat then you'll just fall in love with DJ Hero.
  45. A well made title that even old farts can enjoy. From the quality set list, accessible turntable peripheral, and generally nicely implemented mechanics, there's a lot for any gamer to enjoy. On the downside, the multiplayer elements aren't nearly as convincing as they should be, making this a game you'll likely play alone.
  46. 80
    The music really does most of the heavy lifting here and I'd gladly purchase the soundtrack if one was made available but the game's lack of polish left me a little flat.
  47. It's a bit barebones, and the turntable controller feels like it could have been better in a couple of spots. But as the start of something new, DJ Hero provides a very strong foundation that things like additional downloadable content or full-fledged sequels could really build on.
  48. 80
    The game isn’t about slavish devotion to original recordings. It’s about the power of the DJ to transform.
  49. This new frontier in rhythm gaming is electrifyingly fun, but the cover charge is steep.
  50. Weak multiplayer and control issues prevent it from being the instant classic Guitar Hero was four year ago, but FreeStyleGames has nevertheless created a slick and enormously enjoyable music game that deserves to succeed and evolve.
  51. 80
    It’s an exemplary product, really, but also a very expensive one – that’s the only thing to keep in mind before settling in for a weekend alone with an awesome new peripheral, incredibly loud music and beautiful new patterns to master.
  52. The only downside is that at £100, it's asking you to put your wallet on the line for an experience that offers the same thrills as GH, but still represents a big gamble if you didn't get on with that series. It's just a fraction too expensive for our liking.
  53. While DJ Hero accomplishes a lot in its first iteration, it's difficult to ignore all the opportunities the developers are missing.
  54. A riot to play with the volume up but it really is focused on single player. If you are a fan of dance music its recommended, if not, stick to Guitar Hero.
  55. Actually you don't mix anything and everything comes pre-made... but the game is really fun and very direct on its gameplay proposal.
  56. I've been long thinking what score to assign to DJ Hero, and the final result is a heated 8, that has to sound as an encouragement for the sequel that Activision Blizzard will probably produce. It will just be a matter of improving the single player and multiplayer modes, and to correct some mistakes typical of a product at its beginning, to easily score that 9 that is very easy to reach.
  57. DJ Hero might not evoke such social activity, and it does have some lacking qualities, but with character and attitude throughout, and an impressive list of entertaining music, the game is a fun distraction from plastic guitars and drums.
  58. It may share its name with the guitar-oriented brother, but DJ Hero actually enters the stage with a few new ideas up it's sleeve. The turntable is a nightmare for everyone allergic to plastic, but it works, and it works well. The game is really fun to play, and some poor mixes doesn't matter when Daft Punk enters the stage with a blistering set. In all, this is the most exciting music-based game this year.
  59. That being said, DJ Hero is a quite fresh approach to the rhythm genre despite the areas where it obviously falters. It’s certainly an expensive game to grab, but its unique style of play and well-done mashups do a good job towards warranting it.
  60. DJ Hero is all about one thing: experiencing music, that one moment where you are totally in the zone and the music becomes part of you. With 93 great mashups that is no problem at all.
  61. AceGamez
    While not perfect, DJ Hero is still a worthy addition to the rhythm-action genre, bringing many fresh ideas to the table, but still not realizing its full potential through the absence of creation and freestyle elements.
  62. DJ Hero is a new concept and a risky attempt to bring DJ’ing in to the living room. With a great soundtrack, enough content to keep going and a style that feels trusty but new at the same, they succeeded to do that. The price is a little bit high and only the die-hard fans will consider a purchase. But the quality of the game shouldn’t be clouded because of the price.
  63. So, unless you're gifted, I'd probably give DJ Hero a pass. If there were more guitar modes to create a "party" vibe I'd probably have something different to say.
  64. DJ Hero revealed to be very entertaining even for people usually not into the DJ and hip-hop scene: we've got a long tracklist full of little gems, with a well projected and solid controller. The downsides are the too few playing modes and some weird freezes when in the songs selection menus. However it's a good start, upon which the developers will be able to build a successful franchise: if you're tired of your plastic guitars and batteries, this will give you a breath of fresh air.
  65. Entertaining but lacks the depth of its guitar-based brothers.
  66. There is wonderful groundwork here, a lot of things are handled well and it will appeal to all ages, but until players can pick the songs they want to mix then it really is nothing more than a glorified prompt-reaction exercise. Should the personalisation be upped – and that’s not going to be an easy thing to do – then the potential for this is pretty high.
  67. 75
    DJ Hero attempts to mold turntablism into a mainstream medium. It succeeds, but stumbles along the way. I didn't experience the sensation of scratching and mixing, until I turned it up to Expert difficulty. Beginner is way too easy, and Hard is lackluster.
  68. There’s plenty of room for improvement, since there isn’t much in the way of creative ability or battle variation, but the diverse track picks and simple control scheme help put together a game that will definitely keep the crowd hyped.
  69. 70
    It’s just too hit and miss, too divorced from its stated purpose and is too anaemic in its dispensation of the funk.
  70. It has a lot wider appeal than you'd think, but it'll take a sequel for this to become truly heroic.
  71. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Promising start of a new music game series is hampered by slightly unfriendly controls, lack of imaginative game modes and most of all by vast disparities in song quality. [Dec 2009]
  72. An interesting first game in the musical genre that tries something a little different. It's actually a nice little game that can be fun to play.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 42 Ratings

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  1. RayC
    Oct 28, 2009
    This is the Best music game out today. The soundtrack and mixes is what makes this game good. The music is main stream mix such as hip hop, This is the Best music game out today. The soundtrack and mixes is what makes this game good. The music is main stream mix such as hip hop, rock, pop, electronic, and just plan old scratching. The tracks are just refreshing after countless guitar hero/rock band release after release. The controller is light and well built and design. The only thing holding this down is the price for the game. They should have price it $99.99 and $149.99 for the Renegade edition. Full Review »
  2. abigailm
    Oct 28, 2009
    OMG! So fresh and fun. Not boring or repetitive like guitar hero. Easy for beginners and when you step up the difficultly, it will even keep OMG! So fresh and fun. Not boring or repetitive like guitar hero. Easy for beginners and when you step up the difficultly, it will even keep hard core fans interested. The music is fresh for mainstream fans and also features classic hits for techno loving fans. Great game A+ Full Review »
  3. Feb 10, 2016
    Dj hero is a fun music game developed by FreeStyle Games, and Exient Entertainment. The game opens up with a tutorial that is help full, itDj hero is a fun music game developed by FreeStyle Games, and Exient Entertainment. The game opens up with a tutorial that is help full, it will teach you the basic and advance techniques for playing on harder difficulties if you wish to use them. In the tutorial Grand master flash lends his voice to teach you on how to dj, which is a nice added addition. The gameplay consists of using the turntable controller however some songs allow use of the guitar hero guitars to play unique segments. The player will have to learn how to scratch, use the button prompts, crossfader and dial. There is also a black button on the controller that glows red when Euphoria can be activated (same as star power in guitar hero). Dj hero starts out challenging but once you get use the controller interface it becomes a breeze. The sound track has a a lot of fun tracks however others not so much, this may differ depending on your music preference. However I did enjoy most of the tracks served to me. There is a quick play mode were you pick your tracks and play them in your orderly desire, a career mode were you play threw each setlist with the tracks assigned to them, you also get the option to switch the track in the order desired. As you play threw the career you are granted stars, which unlock new setlists, costumes, dj boards and clubs. Since the player will be focusing on the notes being handed to them, the cosmetic stuff is not really the highlight but a good overall edition if interested in using it. Their is also multiplayer which is fun to play with a friend however unlike guitar hero or rock band both players will be playing the same notes unless one is playing the guitar and the other is playing the turntable which is kinda lackluster. All in all dj hero is a good game and at the time of release added a fresh taste to the music genre of games, it was a fun and a good starting fondation for the series. Full Review »