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  1. Oct 31, 2014
    Before i go off on a rant, can i ask why reboot a great series like DMC? Capcom has been failing with Resident Evil since their master piece with 4, 5 and 6 (especially 6 since 5 had some redeeming factors but not enough to make it a good game) have been terrible.

    Anyways onto the game. It follows this "new" Dante and Vergil in this new world controlled by demons. From the original
    series Dante was born a demon and a human woman. In the new game he is born from a angel and demon. Okay i can go with that, changes it a bit but not enough to think this is a bad game right? Wrong

    From here we find out that Dante has been changed from a witty badass to this uninteresting younger irresponsibly version of himself. He has no love for humans, he basically wants to sit in his trailer and cry about his past. So right off the bat hes an unlikable character. One of the opening cut scenes is him flying though the air getting dressed while a piece of pizza covers him up. He eventually changes his mind about humanity and voes to protect him, but all throughout the game hes not the same Dante we have known for years. There is even a pun at the old Dante, why? All Ninja Theory is doing is alienating the fans even more. We LIKED old Dante, and didn't want him to change. So why say F the fans for wanting the old Dante back?

    Now we meet up with Vergil, our twin brother we just find out, and hes no better then Dante. Hes annoying and whinny just like Dante, and hes supposed to want to rule the humans but its never really explained why except for "I'm better then them" In the original series Vergil wanted power, more specifically the power of the dark knight Sparta, his father. Its all out there and explained. Here its not explained and I'm sure as a fan we just didn't care either.

    Onto the art style. There's no denying this game looks great. The limbo world you visit looks stunning. Each enemy looks good and resemble a manikin(I'm assuming they were inspired from the original game) and they all look really cool. All the bosses looked stunning, they took a lot of time to design each environment and it shows.

    Onto the combat. In DMC4 you were able to switch from your devil arms and guns freely and using the d-pad you could switch from what style you wanted to use, similarly in DCM3 you could select between 2 guns and devil arms at the start of each level and you could switch freely between those. In DMC (the reboot) you only get rebellion. On certain trips to limbo you are able to use rebellion on certain painting and upgrade it to demonic or angelic weapons and depending on what button combination you old you can switch freely between them in combat. Now where this isn't the worst way to switch weapons in a action game, I don't get why you cant just cycle though it instead of having to hold a single button just to do a combo. The guns themselves are a joke, the weakest they have ever been in a DMC game, I don't think i even used them once. Combat itself feels quiet shallow. Basic SSS attacks is all you need to kill most basic enemies.

    This being a modern Hack and Slash game it has a ranking system, but its the most forgiving system Ive seen especially in a DCM game. There is no real punishment for using the same combo frequently and your rank will only go down if you get hit, it is no longer based on time.

    Another questionable decision was to remove targeting from the game. On harder difficulties targeting is a necessity to easily get rid of the weakened and easier mobs or to focus down one harder mob, like a Blitz from DMC 4. Why remove something that is in every action game and every DMC game before this?

    Overall looking past the fact of the reboot and on its own individual game, it has a few things that make it a okay game. The environments and enemies both look good. The combat is shallow and not very rewarding, but not bad either. The story and characters are both awful.

    If you look at this game as a standalone, separate from the original DMC games it isn't a terrible game, it just isn't good either.
  2. Aug 20, 2014
    Quite possibly the worst game in the franchise. Even worse than Devil May Cry 2 from the original series. The storyline and dialogue sound like it was written by a five-year old, and don't even get me started on the color-coated enemies. Just whose idea was it to make color-coded enemies and weapons?! The boss fights do not live up to their name, either. I also can't believe that the critics here gave this game a score of 86. That really shows how quality of gaming is going down the drain. Also, this new version of Dante looks and acts like a womanizing crackhead who also does meth. Also, when the hell are you going to introduce angels as a plot point, when we don't see any during the entire game? Except for Eva, and of course, Vergil, whom don't even count because they're basically giant lawn gnomes that do nothing. Yes, Vergil does nothing, even if he's a playable character at one point. Long story short, there should be a hell of a lot of holy fire going on, but I'm not seeing any of it. This game did nothing to live up to it's hype, and all it did was injure my wallet. Expand
  3. Aug 16, 2014
    In my opinion, the most important thing in a game is the gameplay, and I liked that in this game. It is true that the story is not very interesting and it gets boring at some parts, but I do not care about it, because the gameplay makes me feel that I am "The Boss". I finished the game like four times because I wanted to play every game difficulty and complete every secondary mission and I did not get tired. Expand
  4. Jul 22, 2014
    This is the **** game I have ever seen ever in 15 years of gaming. Whoever gives money to the **** at Ninja Theory studio, know that I will find you and **** on your face.

    I wanted to vomit after seeing the trailer and kill myself after seeing some gameplay.

    This is the truth, I am not exxagerating. Peace out!
  5. ECU
    Jul 17, 2014
    DmC does nearly everything right. Fast action, cool characters, dynamic levels they are all great and well tought. But there are some minor issues too. There are few too many platforming levels and they are not working well. This is an action game so controls and camera are designed for slashing, not for jumping around trying to land on the perfect spot. But the point where the game truly shines is level design. All levels follow the same design elements though they are never dull or repetitive. Fighting your way through a dynamicly changeing level is too fun to miss out. Expand
  6. Jun 26, 2014
    This is a fantastic game. The game play is amazing. The level design is one of the best I've ever seen. The only criticism I have for this game is that it was on the easier side, for the first play through at least. The difficulty of course ramps up as the harder modes are unlocked. As for the characters, I for one liked them but i'm guessing that many didn't that's why they are judging this game entirely on subjective terms. Expand
  7. Jun 9, 2014
    Yes it takes a bit of a darker tone with Dante, but come on. The visuals are amazing, the voice acting is alright, the combat was awesome, and who could forget Combichrist! I can literally sum up what I loved most about the game with one word. Combichrist!
  8. May 27, 2014
    Good graphics. Only this. The rest stinks. Really hated the game. Judge me, I'm not a big fan of Devil May Cry series, only played 'cuz I thought that it could be fun. I was mistaken. Very mistaken.
  9. May 8, 2014
    All people who already talked about the game...well all is already said.The game is good as an reboot...but the story is lacking and the characters are just ****
  10. Apr 17, 2014
    Many give this game heaps trouble because of the new Dante, who I do admit is VERY unlikeable and him with the rest of his buds just look like a tree house gang hating bad Mr Demon King who stole their ball. But don't listen to them, they are just fan boys who are just whinnig abut it not being the same as the original games. So for fluent, engaging combat, a interesting take on the story and JAW DROPPING designs to pretty much everything this gets a recommendation from me. However things you must note is that there is no lock on feature which can be very annoying and you should plan to play through it multiple times in order to get to the harder difficulties like Dante must die as the default ones are just too easy. Expand
  11. Mar 13, 2014
    Ignore all the flack that this reboot gets. It's fun, and really, that's all that should matter with a video game. Only problem I had with it is that it's far too easy. Literally the ONLY gripe I have with it.
  12. Feb 13, 2014
    This game is fantastic.. and i do mean fantastic! Best fighting out of the entire DMC series, bosses are great and fun to battle the story.. well there actually is a story unlike the other DMC games and theres no needlessly long puzzles its a 10/10 fighting game and a 10/10 DMC game.. All the haters are little **** pissed about the hair being short.. He doesn't act emo at all in the game,a patch of his hair turns white after he accquires demon form thats the explenation to why he has white hair in the others and its a decent one.. Do not listen to the idiots complaining about this game.. I never tought id say this but i agree with the reviewers way more compared to the public.. Expand
  13. Feb 11, 2014
    It is a good game with a good story. It was a nice reboot of a great series. When you compare it to the previous games, it falls flat, but as a stand-alone it was an immersive game with good graphics and an easy-to-understand fighting style. Overall it was a little too easy, and in other places it seemed the story was trying too hard to appeal to fans. It could be juvenile and the backstory of characters such as Dante and Vergil seem to rely on prior knowledge of the series, so if I was someone who had never played a Devil May Cry game, I would find the story hard to get into but still a great game. Expand
  14. Feb 7, 2014
    I have been a fan of Devil May Cry series and I have played this recently because some people urge me to try this as I was totally ignoring this reboot. I stopped playing after some chapters because it is so boring. I couldn't stop playing DMC 3 and 4 from beginning to end but this one is just **** with stupid dialogues. And those who enjoyed this game are fans of hack-and-slash game, not Devil May Cry itself. Expand
  15. Jan 19, 2014
    Quick lesson on me. 1: I've played all 4 of the previous Devil May Cry games. 2: I've beaten and liked 1-3 (finished 1 at least 10 times)

    When playing this game with the other games in mind you must remember one important thing: you play Devil May Cry games for the action, not the story. And personally, I believe DmC is amazing when it comes to the action. The story and characters arent
    absolutely terrible like many believe. The art style for the game is actually pretty interesting and I like it a bit.

    Like I said earlier, you play for the action in this series. Really, I believe the action is the best in this game out of all 5 of the games in the series. When you fight a large amount of enemies it is fun and exhilarating. The tracks that play during the fights add to feel of kicking ass in my opinion. When you get a new weapon you feel awesome and want to just destroy everything. I like the way to combat system works and I believe it is done well here. There are only a few exceptions where I feel the game is a bit unfair (Im looking at you Tyrants and the final boss!) but besides that it doesnt feel like you are out-matched when fighting. It feels nice when you hit a bunch of enemies and watch your combo meter skyrocket.

    For a hack-n-slash fighting game it does it's job well and pretty amazingly I would have to say. It's my favorite Devil May Cry game in the series when it comes to the action (you know, that thing Dmc games are known for). When I first played this game, it reeled me in with it's high octane fighting and soundtrack. I ended up not putting down the game until I finished it. It's a great game for people who like simple hack-n-slash with a little secret collecting.
  16. Jan 12, 2014
    a decent hack and slash game that maybe plays it too safe? it was an ok overall game, but one where I had more complaints than praises. The story and cast of characters were as weak as any game I remember playing in recent memories; it's basically I hate you and I'm going to kill you type of story. The gameplay is fun, however the magic wears off once you realize the move list does not grow as the game goes along, and the later weapon additions in the game were a non factor. I guess the secret to enjoying this is to not marathon play it. If your not hack n slashing, you're jumping from one area to another chaining to each other, those are the only two gametype in this game. Anyone who enjoys hack and slash games go ahead you'll know what to expect; but it is a step below god of war imo. 75/100 Expand
  17. Jan 9, 2014
    I want to say upfront that this is the first Devil May Cry game i have picked up and played. What first drew me to this game was that fact that it was a hack n slash game which is a genre i really enjoy, and its visuals. But when i started to play the game i got really hooked on its gripping story, its facial animations, and many more. Now just because this is my first Devil May Cry game i have played does not mean i don't know what is going on. In this game you are Dante who you just suspect first as a lady's man who enjoys partying but after he is attacked by a demon in the first level he gets drawn into a secret war where demons walk among the human populace. Within the first level you meet Kat who becomes very instrumental in helping Dante on his journey. Then after Kay helps get him out of limbo she takes her to meet another character named Vergil who is the leader of this group that may seem like a terrorist group but you will find out that they are actually fighting the demons that walk among the humans. When Dante meets Vergil, Vergil tries to convince Dante to join but at first Dante refuses but when convinced Dante goes into limbo where he discovers his origins which i won't spoil for you because it is very interesting. Anyways after that Dante agrees to assist Vergil's cause which is too help humanity in a certain way against the demons. Now i want to talk about some of the games positives, first the Unreal Engine makes this games visuals extremely fun to look, in this game you will be spending most of your time in limbo, and thats where visuals come into play, the level of detail in this game i believe can compete with some of the other hack n slashers out there such as Dante's Inferno, and the God of War series. You will see constantly the environment breaking apart and reshaping itself. The boss battles are another big positive to this game because not only are they really cool characters but again they use the visuals really well so when the bosses use their attacks they are just a wonder to look at, there really is no way to fully describe them. Another really strong positive to this game is the voice acting and facial animations, all the characters are believable they sound like they actually put hard work into their characters, and the facial animations are just spot on, no lip syncing problems, i would go as far to say that these facial animations are on par with LA Noire, YES they are that good. I may have said this before the story is really well written, its worth a ride and it is simply a fun roller coaster ride, there is one major plot twist at the end which brings me to my next point, this games ending is both action packed and emotional with a sense of morality. Now i will say without spoiling it the final boss battle will not end with who you think. It is so rare to find now a days a good game ending that is so satisfying it sticks with you in your mind, which this ending will do to you, because all of the characters are really memorable. One of the final positives for this game is the weapon selection and combat system throughout the game you will be introduced to at least 7 or 8 weapons, and each of them have their own visual flare, plus the best thing with this weapon and combat system is that yes the game gives you some standard combos but if you want to put some imagination into it you can switch weapons mid combo to create some really insane looking combos. This combat system is not repetitive in any major way, because the enemies in the game provide a challenge in a way that they don't just use one attack over and over again just like you they will mix and match their attacks. Now i have found no major glitches, no drop of the facial animations, and thankfully no drop in the frame rate. Now it may seem like this game in my mind is perfect with no significant flaws but there is just one flaw in the story, and it deals with the context of a certain scene in the opening cut scene. What it is, is that in the beginning Dante is in a strip club, and he is with two of the girls there, he has fun with them then takes them back to his trailer and the scene that results is that the two girls are in the trailer with Dante and he has more fun with them, and you will see the trailer bouncing up and down implying that Dante and the two girls are having strong sex. Well i didn't have a problem with he club scene because Dante was just there watching and charming the girls, and i also didn't have a problem with him taking them home but after that i think they should have cut it off there then resume when Dante wakes up the next morning. I just believe the scene i described when Dante takes them into the trailer did not have much context to be in there. So to me that was just a small disconnect from the story. I would like to say i am not against sex in video i just prefer it when it has context. In conclusion i would highly recommend this game to anyone, and my final score is really 9.75 Expand
  18. Jan 5, 2014
    This is my honest review from a fan of the original Devil May Cry series ever since the first on the PS2. This is a good game, it's a great hack and slash/extreme combat game but not a truly worthy Devil May Cry game. DmC is a lot of fun it has a good combat system that is very simple and easy for people new to this genre or who simply couldn't get into previous Devil May Crys and I would recommend it to that sort of person and then recommend that if you like it go and play the originals (not 2 though that one sucks) if you want more depth and complexity so that you can experience the best this genre has to offer. Unfortunately for veterans I have to say that this games lack of difficulty, lack of a lock on feature (why?????) sometimes lacking boss battles which were always a highlight of the originals, swallowed out, simplified and sometimes restricted combat and ridiculously generous style meter is what let this game down for me. Instead of creating a game that would be a true and worthy successor/reboot to the DMC franchise it has been geared down to be more accessible to non veterans in an attempt to boost sales and appeal which has backfired as it only sold 1.1 million far below its original forecast. had this game been a new IP from Ninja Theory it would have been very impressive, but it just doesn't live up to its legacy (it's definitely a lot better than DMC2 though, that's for sure) Again if your new to this Franchise/Genre or just simply couldn't get into the previous DMC's and wanted to go for it this is an ideal game for you, however if you are a veteran try to find as much video footage of play throughs as possible so that you can see for yourself and make up your own mind as its very hard to describe in words whether this game is for you or not. for me personally this game could've been a lot better if they hadn't stripped it of the mechanics and difficulty that made me and kept me as a fan for over ten years. I can also honestly say that you should ignore the ridiculous overating this game has received from so called professional critics who are only giving it such praise to spite anyone who didn't want this reboot, have never played a previous DMC game, clearly haven't thoroughly played this game through or just to try to counter the also ridiculous hate this game has received from fans. The user score on this website isn't fair it deserves better than that but I certainly prefer the original especially DMC 3 which was the best although 4 was still great. whichever approach you have come from in researching this game do more and make up your own mind but the combination of critic and user reviews here on Metacritic is very unreliable. Expand
  19. Dec 23, 2013
    i played this game starting to think that this is the worst game ever made in hole history but it wasn't as desapointed as i thought,but it is still disapointed.
  20. Dec 9, 2013
    personally I loved this game, I suspect the majority of negative reviews have come from devil may cry fanboys who are unable to move on from past games. If you like fast paced action games and aren't stuck in the past and are able to accept change give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
  21. Nov 26, 2013
    very solid gameplay and it has a great storyline. fans need to stop whining about how they changed dante's look (even though i miss the old one) and how they dramtically changed some of the personality. Vergil still wants power and mundus is still cold hearted and evil. Kat is an ok female character but not lady/trish good. What they got right was gameplay and style and how amazing it felt to fight the bosses. The final boss was amazing in away how it complicated dante's growth and his caring to try and redeem the boss and protect humanity. V Expand
  22. Nov 19, 2013
    It is fun that people dosent know that this game is a REBOOOOOOOT and not a continue of the other games. Please dont care about the 0 givers they dont know what they are talking about. Combat is amazing BUT they made Dane a douche
  23. Nov 17, 2013
    Forget what the haters say, this ones here and its awesome!

    Having played all the other DMC games I was at first not attracted to this game because, like everyone else I didnt like the character style. However once I played the demo I was over it as I knew the gameplay was solid.

    Graphics: These are the best the series has had to offer. Ninja Theory defiantly steps up their game and
    shows off some amazing visuals. The stages are not only the best i've seen in the series, they might be some of the coolest and best i've seen in a action game ever. Whats even more impressive is how great this game looks and its running on such an outdated game engine unreal 3 ).

    Audio: The audio is kick ass. However this time is licensed music. Its all perfectly chosen and fit the game perfect. Its a blend of metal, rock and techno depending on the stage. Since its not just game music its actually stuff that you'd probably wanna just listening to for hearing pleasure too.

    Gameplay: The game plays is awesome. Dante feels more like nero from part 4 in this one with his angelic and demonic grabs working just like neros arm grab. Imho this is fantastic as nero is my favorite DMC play style in the whole series. The game does suffer from some flaws however. Its vastly too easy. You're gonna just instantly wanna start on the hardest difficulty thats available from the start. Another thing it it seems impossible to cancel out of a move mid action.

    Story: DMC has always had terrible stories. This one at least tries and it does much better than any previous entry. However its still nothing to write home about.

    Over all this is the best DMC period. I really think people are missing out because they dont like Dantes new look and more "edgy" personality. Even though I honestly think his more edgy personality is more realistic than his over the stop shannagins of previous games.

    If you're a fan of the genre its a must have! Go pick it up now.
  24. Nov 3, 2013
    There has been a lot of controversy about DmC. The design of Dante was especially criticized. In all honesty however, being this my first Devil May Cry, I gotta say that is actually a really good game, and doesn't deserve the low rating half the users are giving it.
    First, the visuals. They look really good, and are pretty smooth. Some were complaining about it being in 30 fps instead of
    60, but it doesn't feel clunky at all. I've got to say that, personally, I prefer the original DMC's designs, but there is actually an explanation revealed during the story. While the character's design aren't as good as the original, the environment is gorgeous and polished. The soundtrack is not really memorable. Too many heavy metal songs. The voices aren't memorable either, but do their job.
    The story feels like an afterthought, but I guess those who wanted to know Dante's backstory (at least, what WAS Dante's back-story until this game became part from an alternate universe), it will entertain you. I've got to say that I didn't laugh that much to this new Dante. Everyone I know says that Dante cracks a lot of jokes and trash-talks his enemies almost constantly. The only problem is that, these aren't that funny. He says a lot of and it's just not entertaining.
    The gameplay is what makes this game truly worthy. The combos are quick, fun and really entertaining to watch. The multiple attacks with different attacks give you a huge amount of variety in combos. There are some moments of basic platforming, but the gameplay is entirely based on combat. And I'm not complaining at all with that. The bosses maintain the fun factor of the game, through some can get a little repetitive. Overall, I'm excited to try on other Devil May Cry titles, and a little sad to see this title being left behind by a bad design choice. Luckily, it will be vindicated over the time.
  25. Oct 25, 2013
    It actually pains me to see a game under-sell and do poorly just because a bunch of childish fangirls dont like the style and new story. Its just annoying. The game is fabulous. From the amazing combat and superb visuals, and not to mention the heart pounding soundtrack. I enjoyed every second of it. And the only reason its getting so much hate is because dante looks different. Get over it. Ninja theory deserved so much more from the people for making dmc matter again. Ignore all the hate, and if you haven't already, play it. You wont regret it. Expand
  26. Oct 25, 2013
    Played DMC1 when it came out and I was so impressed with all the style that I kept playing till DMD. Played DMC3 till DMD as well because I like DMC1 so much but I thought it was acceptable. I thought DMC4 deserved a 0/10 and I've stopped caring ever since. DmC is practically a new game. If the new generation enjoys it then so be it. I never understood what most kids see in movies like twilight, hunger games and these new disney tv shows, but it seems this is what Team Ninja is going for with DmC so I bid them God speed. I hope those same kids will like this as well. From the media previews and gameplay all around the internet and from watching the first 5 mins of the game (too boring to watch any further), if I had to rate it based on these experiences only, I would give it a 3 Expand
  27. Oct 12, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry is one of thee best games of 2013. In fact, it kicked the year off in January as the first best game of the year. Fast paced, heart pounding, intense, fun as hell action, and a awesomely crafted and intriguing story line, including amazing, beautiful level design make DmC one of the best games in the genre. And one of my favorite games of all time. I LOVE this game. And I really hope we get a sequel to it soon. Expand
  28. Oct 10, 2013
    I hate these fan boys of the past Dante and say how the story of this game is bad. The story for me is like one of the best stories of devil may cry it makes sense and is compelling, it feels more realistic for a story line, but don't get me wrong the old DMC's are great but I prefer this story line. Everyone seems to talk about the downs of this game what? where's the ups like how the combat is much more fluent and combos feel great to get and how swapping between weapons is so easy. The writing for this story was serious but at some points hilarious, the new Dante may be a "emo-tized" but you grow to like him towards the end as he comes from that don't care attitude to a more I do care attitude and me with the shooting the baby thing its a game its trying show that Virgil is corrupted with evil necessities and also his lust for power, overall the game is great I enjoyed intensely and was not bored through one bit of the game. Expand
  29. Sep 17, 2013
    Seeing the bad score i had to write a little bit on my own.

    I played some of the older DmC games, but none realy that extensively.
    I like dante´s new look of, the action is great, the music is awesome like the best game soundtrack i can think of right now) the jokes are actually kind of funny, the story is not toooo bad. Compared to other games of the prox genre playing Asura´s
    Wrath now, or what was that Resident-Evil-kinda Ninja game called?? I LOOVE the lack of QuickTimeEvents All in all a very enjoyable game and there is no way it deserves a 4.9 rating Expand
  30. Sep 5, 2013
    This is a great game and perhaps the best hack-and-slash game I have played. The story is well written, the characters are believable(Dante even more so than in previous DmC games) and the atmosphere is fantastic. Throw in some fun, easily controllable fast-paced combat and fantastic boss battles along with 9 different difficulty levels to play through, and you have yourself a complete package. This game is well worth it and I highly recommend that you pick it up. Expand
  31. Aug 27, 2013
    Fans of Devil May Cry franchise can abandon their fears as Ninja Theory’s treatment to the Devil May Cry franchise takes Dante into a newer, better world, complete with a fantastic combat system, stunning visuals and an amazing story of brothers Dante and Vergil’s fight against a demon king. This is Devil May Cry at its finest, covered in the blood of demons and angels alike.
  32. Aug 18, 2013
    Wow, how pathetic are people to flood metacritic with 1's simply because they're upset over Dante not having white hair..... People need to grow up, and metacritic needs to filter the BS user scores for this game because having an 86 for critic rating, and a 4.8 for user ratings makes it painfully obvious that the reviews are not rating the game, they are trolling it.
  33. Aug 14, 2013
    So dmc is finally here and is awesome the combat is refreshing the graphics are some of the best i have seen the only problem is the new dante he is annoying and will offend anyone who liked the old dante like me but that dose not mean the game deserves 2 out of ten come on guys that's just silly. Overall dmc is a solid hack and slash that's why i give dmc a eight out of ten
  34. Aug 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a bad game.

    The story is bad. The characters are unlikable. The protagonist shoots a pregnant woman in the stomach, then kills her, then later mocks the antagonist about it. A minor character makes magical portals with squirrel semen. The game rips off the Slurm Queen from Futurama, except does it entirely seriously. It thinks you are dumb, too. It's not enough that you're fight
  35. Jul 30, 2013
    When i first started playing DMC it was a while back when 4 came out. I played and got hooked. I bought the H-D collection which had 1,2, and 3 and they were fun. Then I heard of this DMC and I was excited. Then i bought it and I only have 1 major gripe with the game. No lock on. WHY NOT? but it is cool looking and the graphics were cool and i know I will get a lot of s!@# for this but i like the new Dante more than the old one. Expand
  36. Jul 24, 2013
    Devil may cry 4 was a HUGE flop, they MUST reboot the story, and the new style is AMAZING.
    The gameplay is pure fun,
    all the weapons are useful, not like in the others, when you can play ONLY with a sword.
  37. Jul 7, 2013
    What a poor game, it lacks of imagination, you know you did something wrong when a game of 2001 looks a 100 times better, I have to give this game a big 0 because you ruined a character, let's take it this way, you had a god (Dante) and turned it into a fly (new Dante).
  38. Jun 25, 2013
    The motion capture was pretty awesome than the other DmC games. I just like the combat weapon (Angels & Demon) where there is pulling enemies, shooting time and alternate impact games. The new Dante design it's so cheap. The only think i like in the game was a enjoyable gameplay. than the character's design that was so cheap.
  39. Jun 10, 2013
    Being new to the Devil May Cry universe I found the new addition to the franchise entertaining from a action aspect as well with a kick ass soundtrack written by Noisia and Combichrist. With that said. I beat it on the hell and hell difficultly and once you have mastered the combo's and upgraded every weapon it's a slight challenge. Getting a Sensational ranking is very easy compared to previous Devil May Cry's. The game does make you feel like a badass in combat but some fight's are generic and can get a little tedious and annoying. I enjoyed the Limbo parts of the game and it shows Ninja Theory had some great artistic designs but the story is were this game starts to suffer. To be honest the new look of Dante never steered me away from the game but it was his lack of a interesting character along with Kat and Vergil. Bob Barbas the demonic Raptor Reporter was the greatest and most fun boss battle I've battled in a while at the same time some boss battles are copy and paste and there is not much for innovation. The camera angles can sometimes build a mind of it's own and leave you stuck staring at the ceiling but it's a minor issue. The final verdict is that it's a okay game after going back through all of the difficulties and getting most of the achievements. The DLC Vergil's downfall holds no torch to the actual game. If you are a massive fan of the franchise it might disappoint you with only 2 hours of actual gameplay and a somewhat half assed tale of Vergil's Downfall. If Ninja Theory made a DMC 2 I'd give it a try but the game has gotten a lot of hate but if you want to give this a try, wait till a huge price drop and give it ago! Don't set your expectations high. Plus there is a moment in the game were a white wig happens to flop onto Dante's head and he looks into a mirror reflecting on the old style of Dante. Dante smirks and says, "Not in a million years". With this said it's a huge middle finger to the older franchise and like I said myself not being a huge fan of the serious I felt the anger with that being in the game. It was unnecessary and it goes to show you where the company feels about the past games and the history of DMC. We might not see a DMC 2 and with that I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed. Expand
  40. May 19, 2013
    Its a great game the story is really good compared to some other hack and slash games I've played I wish the new Dante was more like the Dante in previous games but other than that and few combat issues I had it was a really good game I'd highly recommend
  41. May 15, 2013
    Just ignore all fanboys and play the game!!! Everyone here on metacritic is just complaining at how bad it was, but it's actually really fun!! I admit, story is bad, but it makes sense, and the story was never a good part of the Devil May Cry universe anyway!

    As for gameplay, it's got the same feel from the past games, even in 30fps, and the camera is never an issue. But this reboot
    does not have a lock-on control, making it seem that the guns Ebony and Ivory have minds of their own. Dodging is now easier compared to the past games!!!
    And I'm really pleased at how the weapon system was done, you still have Dante's Signature sword "The Rebellion" which works as the balanced weapon, and now you also have Angel and Devil weapons each with their own style, blue angel weapons deal quick light damage and cover more distance, and Demon weapons are the strong power house weapons. And you can easily and quickly use these weapons at your disposal by holding down either the left or right trigger.

    But if you truly want to enjoy this game, you have to play it once, and then play it again ON SON OF SPARDA MODE!! The enemy A.I. is really easy, I was able to beat the game easily on the Nephilim difficulty, (And this is coming from a guy who never played the past DmC games till after this one, or even Beyonetta) the enemy A.I. are pretty slow and have many attack warnings, and I even found a goof that some of the enemy's won't attack you unless they're visible on camera. So I suggest playing this on Son of Sparda mode or Dante Must Die Mode! But overall great game, just treat all the other angry fanboys like the Demons in the game, ignore what they say and beat the crap out of them!
  42. May 3, 2013
    In my opinion a good game. I grew tired of the devil may cry series when no.4 came out despite being a huge fan of 1 and 3. This game seems to be different to many of the other devil may cry games in the battles, locations and most noticeably the characters. The game is alot darker but more modern (not a haunted castle in sight, which while it was cool gets abit old). The huge difference is Dante himself, while he's had many changes in personality over the years this is possibly the biggest, he's basically a incredibly cruel guy in almost every aspect, in the beginning he shows this cruel side to everyone, including his allies. By the end of the game he is even harsher in some ways but shows some small shame for the things he does to his enemies. I wouldn't put this in the same series as the other DMC to be honest. It's an entirely new one so old fans will definitely hate it. Expand
  43. Apr 27, 2013
    I will admit, I never played any of the original DMC games but there's something people seem to forget. This is a REBOOT! The team that worked on this wanted to make the game in their own vision and wanted to use this game as a way for new people (like me) to get into the series, and I believe they succeeded.

    I NEVER cared about DMC until I played this game, the gameplay was really fun
    and fast paced, the story was just okay but I was told that DMC was not mostly known for it's story anyway and I thought the boss battles were excellent. I played and replayed this game multiple times. It's not the greatest game I ever played but it definitely got me interested in the series so that's a win. Expand
  44. Apr 27, 2013
    First of all i want to start by saying that this shouldn't be named Devil May Cry, because it has nothing to do with Devil May Cry besides the name of the game and characters, The Story is weak, the characters are pretty much forgettable and contradict themselves, especially the main character named "Dante" but resembles nothing of the old character, the gameplay and difficulty is much more easy than the past Devil May Cry games, which is extremely disappointing, this game was pretty much made just for the money, however Capcom didn't get as much as they expect, i hope they cancel this and don't waste money anymore with this crap! Expand
  45. Apr 24, 2013
    I played this game as a fan of Ninja Theory, not as a fan of the Devil May Cry franchise. While I was disappointed in how much they reached back to their Heavenly Sword roots with the combat mechanic, I believe they executed it moderately better in this game. The facial animation/acting is a step down from what I came to expect by playing Enslaved, but still better than the vast majority of games. Despite the popular sentiment, I found this game to be extremely difficult and would think that the 'easy' setting would be even easier to give access to a wider audience. My biggest problem, as with Heavenly Sword, was with the combat system. It is incredibly complex, but I can understand how after mastering it, the game might be too easy. I simply never mastered it. Even in the final boss fight I was hitting the wrong buttons frequently in a panic. The plot was middle of the road. It should have been better. I wanted to see more lore about the angel side of things. Almost all exposition lies in with the demon mythology. What really blew me away about this game was the level design. It is so dynamic and interesting that it made my brain tired. There is so much moving, changing and hidden for later. I was impressed at how complex it looked, while it was able to still give me guidance. I'm still looking forward to more from Ninja Theory, but could easily ditch the DmC intellectual property. Expand
  46. Apr 21, 2013
    Ok, first off, to hell with anyone who gave this game below a five. Most of you guys wrote the review on the day of release. my thoughts? they all are a preemptive assault to try to slander what is a GREAT game. so please, you are a coherent human being, avoid the hooting dick-holes. and to said hooting dick-holes; grow up and off.

    REVIEW TIME: this is an AWESOME game. over the top
    action and furious style are dealt in spades here. absolutely stunning level design and combo chaining the likes of which the DMC 3 and 4 have trouble contending. if you're a fan of the series, give it a go. the aesthetic ma be different but the game is all DMC all the time. Expand
  47. Apr 19, 2013
    I'm not usually a fan of this type of game, see i have not played any of the previous dmc's, but from someone new to dmc, i can say that this is a solid game. After the first play through on med. hard wasn't that much harder. Son of sparda and up is where the challenge begin.
    Story was eh, typical bad guy try to take over the world you stop him, the way of doing it was really out there
    tho, got to give them that. Gameplay was awesome. moves are fluid easy to link. after this i can see me going to pick up dmc hd collection and trying it out. Expand
  48. Apr 13, 2013
    The gameplay is solid, while devil trigger sucks ass and the new style system has been dumbed down considerable. However, the characters are horrid and the dialogue reminds me of a 15 year old's fan fiction. Storyline was semi-interesting though. And c'mon, new Dante does look like a heroin junkie.
  49. Apr 12, 2013
    This game is amazing! To all the little internet complainers who have no idea what they are talking about and probably didn't even play the game and just want to constantly you are IDIOTS....It makes no sense to hate this game because they changed the character around a bit, I am a huge fan of Devil May Cry and this game is a step in the right direction, the levels are diverse and engaging, the combat feels fresh and satisfying, story is decent, love the banter with the Succubus and Bob Barbas, and the boss fights feel fresh and exciting, Arkham City used to be my favorite action adventure game but DmC is now the front runner, TO ALL THE WHINERS-STOP CRYING AND SHUT UP Collapse
  50. Apr 5, 2013
    From the story that seems to be written by an edgy 12-year-old, to the boring and easy gameplay, this is NOT a true sequel to DMC4, and it not only puts the series to shame, but the gaming industry as a whole.
  51. Apr 3, 2013
    For everyone who is giving this game a 0 doesn't even know what a 0 rated game is. This game is NOT that bad. But if you are a hardcore Devil May Cry fan I would honestly not recommend picking this up because you would be disappointed. The problem that I have with this game was that it was too easy and the music could get annoying at some parts and on my console it froze a couple of times (it may had just been my x-box). But overall I like the gameplay and the bosses are unique. The characters aren't that memorable. Is it worth sixty dollars? In my opinion it isn't worth that much considering that it only took me ten hours to beat the entire thing on Heaven and Hell. It is just a game that you would have to pick up and try out for yourself. Either you would love it or hate it. Expand
  52. Mar 31, 2013
    This game deserves a solid 1 for deceiving its fan base. It's being advertised as to find out who Dante was was before becoming the demon hunter. But the actuality, this Dante is a completely new character with no relation to the previous games and his behavior is what you called teen angst at best. The combat is especially sluggish, and the plot made references on how government is corrupt and we need to stand up and to face the demon: the government. Like we haven't heard this before, I can't see how anyone can like this game except some teenagers with overflowing testosterone. Expand
  53. Mar 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've had my doubts about DmC: Devil may Cry since it's announcement for obvious reasons. The cover art alone with the new model of Dante is not a pretty sight to see as the face of what was an amazing game series. I tried to look beyond that when I finally picked up this game so I could finally say once again that I have beaten all the DMC games. This however was not a possibility. This game contradicts everything that made DMC great. Why does Dante no longer know his father, why is his mother an angel? why didn't Dante recognise Vergil as his brother? Why does Dante become loving and caring? WHY DANTES REMODEL? I tried to enjoy the game by looking past these issues but it was just not possible. I understand that this game is a "reboot" but it is just not needed. An awful story, awful level design and awful boss battles and strategies. Tie all this with the "Limbo to real life" game settings and it just creates a confusing atmosphere that is difficult to follow and just outright makes zero sense. Even the final battle is just a literal copy and paste combination of the bosses from Devil may Cry (the original) and Devil may Cry 4. I guess this is what happens when a new company takes over a popular gaming franchise as seen with many other games recently. Not to mention to most controversial scene in this game which essentially is a massive F**K YOU to long time DmC fans. Nice move Ninja Theory. Expand
  54. Mar 28, 2013
    Capcom done a big mistake!
    They should made DMC5 instead of this game.
    After this horrible reboot they should reboot it again or they should make Devil May Cry 5.
  55. Mar 25, 2013
    I felt the need to sign up and finally post my own review just because of the negative ones i have seen. Ok, I am a HUGE devil may cry fan. But i didnt really get into the series until DMC 4, so maybe thats why i dont feel as betrayed as some of these other people do. But i own ALL of the dmc's now and have played them all. And love them all, the second one a little less though. But you all are totally wrong on this game. Yes, it is weird having this version of Dante. But this is still a very good game. I am just over half way through it, but thats enough to see the quality here. The game is also loaded with content. With multiple game modes and multiple secret missions. And a ton of upgrades. The game isnt perfect, but you people giving it 3s and 4s are out of your freakin minds, I LOVE the combat system in this game. Yea, i wish you could lock on targets still. But honestly the control scheme wouldnt work with a lock on button. And i love how every button can be remapped. This is a very high quality game. The only problem i have with it so far is sometimes it gets a little too neon-y in color lol. But i can live with that. All in all its a very fun game with alot of content, and well worth the money. And personally i kinda like the new take on Dante. Granted, i loved old Dante MUCH more. But this game is still awesome. Expand
  56. Mar 21, 2013
    I honestly think people are taking the whole new Dante design think way too seriously, Attacks have an amazing amount of variety and combos are fun and the enemies aren't half bad as well. Although i can definitely see why fans of the series would get pissed off, Im not rally a hardcore DMC fan either way so it doesn't really affect me as much. stories pretty cool but there isn't as much character development as hoped for except for in Dante and his brother. I liked it, it was fun and it was action packed Expand
  57. Mar 20, 2013
    THE GOOD: GAMEPLAY- Combat is a blast throughout the game, which is in part do to new weapons being added to your arsenal at consistent intervals. Switching between those weapons mid combo is fluid. The amount of platforming feels appropriate and is enjoyable.
    Graphics- Probable the best part of the game (which is often a bad sign) is the graphics. This game is beautiful to behold,
    especially while Dante is in limbo. THE BAD:
    Characters and Story- I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed Dante. He is juvenile and kinda of a tool, but it made for a memorable and sometimes funny character. His character progression is awful. They failed to show me why he began to care about what was going on in the story or why he didn't care to begin with. All they had was the revalation of his parents past, but it wasn't very impactful as it should have been. The rest of the characters boring and forgettable. Same thing goes for the story, which is a shame since this is a prequel/reboot, and was a prime opportunity to hook people on the world and mythos of Devil May Cry.
    CONCLUSION- Even for its faults this game was fun from beginning to end and does not deserve the user scores it is getting on here. Although the developer could have avoided much of this hate if they took more care paying homage to the previous games of this series in its gameplay and especially it's story and characters
  58. Mar 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. while the story was botched and Dante's re-design was questionable, the gameplay was excellent and addictive. One thing that annoyed me however was the fact that Mundus transforms into your typical generic behemoth, while he could have had a more interesting fight. Expand
  59. Mar 12, 2013
    First things first anyone giving this game less than 6/10 is really stupid. This game isnt perfect, only reason i gave it a 10/10 cause the user score is ridiculous. Ive played and loved all the dmc's (exclude 2) and i gotta say that this reboot is a fresh change. The combat isnt as great as 3 or 4 but i have a feeling it"ll surpass them in the sequel (if it gets one) The only problem i had with the game was the boss battles they werent terrible but they werent amazing either. The environments in the game were jaw dropping gorgeous and i love how it changes around. The old series will forever be in my heart and i still play 3 and 4 but i pull off some pretty sick combos in the new one. Final note guys give this new dmc a chance it has alot of potential. Play it dont watch it on youtube. Plus vergils downfall is awesome!!! Expand
  60. Mar 11, 2013
    esse jogo um horror mecanicas ultrapssadas,dante emo,vergil um nerd idiota

    ninja thery e capcom acordem pra vida e façam jkogos de qualidade igual platinum games
  61. Mar 10, 2013
    Great game, good story and excellent combat. Don't believe the "fan's" negative reviews, but try it and you will be not disappointed. Trust me, i did the same and has 70 hours gameplay now.
  62. Mar 8, 2013
    If you haven't played this yet and are still on the fence, then just wait for a massive price drop. As an action game, it's not a bad title. I'd say it's around an 8/10. However, this is a Devil May Cry game, a series whose pedigree is on lightning fast gameplay and timing, and brutal difficulty. This game is most certainly not that. If you are a casual gamer, pick it up at a reduced price. If you are a previous DMC fan, I would suggest a rental, or go play something worthwhile like the new Metal Gear Rising game. Expand
  63. Mar 7, 2013
    Firstly it's interesting to see how many people wrote poor day one reviews about a game that they clearly hadn't played. As time goes on there seems to be more and more positiveness about this game. I do feel however, that the public are doing a good job about voicing concerns over genuine issues that are plaguing gaming such as EA's always online DRM for Sim City or EA's Pay to win micro transactions... or just EA in general, however, it goes a bit far when we apply this to the colour of Dante's hair. Dante seems to have lost his Mojo, this is true. He also seems to have lost the ability to lock on to enemies, to be nice to people and to smile. This is where the negativity should end. Many of us who have played the game rather than the demo feel that DMC has been treated unjustly. Ninja Theory have done a very good job and technically it is a visual treat (stop whining about a 30fps cap if you really care get a TV with motion plus). The gameplay is fluid and complex. Resorting to the alleged button bashing that some 'hard core Devil May Cry' players seem to resort to will only get you as far as in previous devil may cry games (i.e. through human mode). The stand out point is the level design. Just Awesome. In a gaming world where we are getting some repetitive and generic level design, Ninja Theory have really though outside the box and provided some of the most original and mid bending level design in an action game to date. How this can be described as bland and unoriginal in some user reviews is beyond me... seriously check back over Devil May Cry 4 and look at how much back tracking you have to do through fortuna castle!! I also wonder about whether some of the negative die hard Devil May Cry fanboys actually played all the Devil May Cry series. To say that the gameplay is dumbed down from Devil May Cry 2 is just not true! In fact you may find that many of the same reviewers also complained about Nero in Devil May Cry 4, saying the action had been dumbed down which I enjoyed by the way... but I prefer DMC (5). The only true Devil May Cry games have been 1 and 3. The addition of triggers to instigate Angel or Demon Weapons is a genuis move, and i feel that adding enemies that require specific attacks was a good way of avoiding the button bashing that people believe they are doing. I feel that Capcom have suffered from a premature reboot. I truly believe that they could have churned out a continuation of the original series, however, to trash this game is to snub a great effort from a development team who have made a great game I just wish we could have a DMC line and a Devil May Cry continuation like Modern warfare and black ops... oh and vergils downfall is even better! The story comes into its own in the add on. Expand
  64. Mar 6, 2013
    First i need to say, this is not Devil May Cry but it is DMC i say this because it does not feel like Devil May Cry we know and love but feel like a new game witch is why i call it DMC.
    So lets get the hair business out of the way first, i don't care about the change they made!
    The story is okey but i like the old one better, but it has some nice points that give the story merit.
    is the worst ever in the series, it just doesn't feel fun like the old one did.
    One thing i really love though is the levels how they change and how they look. They really nailed the look and feel of limbo and the demon world. Overall the game is not bad but it`s not a that good either. Rent it or get it when it`s cheaper.
  65. Mar 5, 2013
    Ninja Theory has gone out of its way to create and breathe new life into the reboot of this beloved franchise. The hue and cry over Dante's new look would be short sighted and a downright silly reason to ignore this game. The developers have done an outstanding job trying to keep things familiar and at the same time different enough, setting the stage for things to come in future. Ninja Theory has proven their expertise at handling the license and probably (at least in my opinion) outdone the original.

    Visit: for the full review
  66. Mar 2, 2013
    When I first started this game, I had no idea what to expect, I was filled to the brim with different opinions from other people about whether this change for the series was a bad idea or badly needed. Now before I bought this game, I went out and bought the HD collection so I could get the most out of the past games and see if I turned into one of those who sought out to destroy this new upcoming series, even played the fourth one, which didn't really revolve around Dante, but was still interesting. Back to the matter at hand, I was extremely intrigued to see how they could turn such an interesting concept and amount of gameplay, to make it anew. Well, to say the least, it was interesting. As soon as it began, I knew it was going to be made to impress the more recent generation. The bumping of music constantly, the fast gameplay, but..still a good amount of story and even a taste of politics to hold everything together. Finishing the game in one playthrough, it had captivated me to find out where it was all going, how Capcom decided to put things from the original series. Enemies could get a bit repetitive at times and the moves as well, but platforming and cutscenes were smooth as can be. To really set replay value, there are all sorts of difficulty settings to keep the spirit alive. All in all, a great game, a possible great start to a renovation of a great series. Expand
  67. Mar 1, 2013
    This game is very disappointing if you have played the previous games. So don't expect any new and improved features. The characters are boring and none of them are very likable, the story isn't very good, and it isn't very fun. The soundtrack was pretty bad in my opinion, as I am not a fan of heavy metal, but I won't count that against the game. The combat is fun for a while but it is far too easy, you can achieve S ranks without much of a problem. The boss battles are one of the greatest aspects about his game because they require you to use tactics to exploit the bosses weakness. It really doesn't stick with you when you turn the game off. I played through the game once and never felt the urge to play again. While it isn't absolute garbage, I have to give it a three out of ten because I have played much better games. Expand
  68. Mar 1, 2013
    The low user score on this game, is solely because of people's inclinement to hate it for changing the original style and characters on the franchise. I for one, am a big fan of the DMC franchise, and even though, I, as everybody else hated Ninja Theory's new take the first time i saw it, i decided to give the game a chance. In all honesty, this is one of the best H&S games that's come around in the last couple of years, as well as, by far, Ninja Teory's best work (and this is coming from a fan of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword). Even when the combat isn't as deep as DMC3 or (arguably) DMC4, it's much deeper than your typical run of the mill melee action game, with new Dante's new mechanics making you alternate between long ranged fast angel weapons, slow and strong demon weapons, and the regular rebellion, as well as giving you three different ranged weapons and two types of hooks for either bringing your enemies close or quickly coming to them, with most of old DMC's signature attack's such as the stinger, with simplified controls. Yet again, it may not be as deep as old DMC's combat, but it's pretty close, and it's a blast.

    As for the other aspects of the game, the story is full of cliches, but it's way better than your typical H&S game story, and honestly (at the risk of enraging DMC orthodox fans) much more interesting than anything DMC's previously offer story wise, though it lacks the charm of the old characters. By far impressive "non-gameplay" aspect of the game is it's visuals, which aren't quite like anything i've seen before, all the different visual concepts of the limbo world are just jaw dropping, amazingly well achieved, and are complemented by a sick soundtrack that gives the game a whole new attitude.

    Overall, i was a sceptic about as other DMC fans, but i'm not blinded by my scepticism, so I was much able to enjoy this fantastic game, and you should too if you leave aside your fanboy crying for the old Dante and the old DMC style and take it for what it is.
  69. Feb 26, 2013
    when did virgil began to use sniper, he dislikes guns. the whole game play is totally broken compared to other games and story sucks. Oh boy. There is so much to say about this game, and next to none of it is good. From the absolutely convoluted, asinine, and downright insulting plotline to the poor writing, voicework, and general pacing of the game itself, DmC falls flat on its face at almost every turn. Expand
  70. Feb 25, 2013
    First thing's first Do not listen to anyone who's says that the game is a pure button masher, and that it's so easy that it's boring. I guarantee you that 99% of these people have not beaten the game on the hardest mode, nor have they completed every level on hard with an SSS ranking across the board. To do this, you must master the following:

    - complete knowledge of each enemy's
    and/or boss' abilities/strengths/weaknesses
    - perfect reflexes to the point where you are able to either evade, parry or counter any/every attack from each enemy/boss
    - perfect knowledge of each and every level in the game, as speed is a key factor into you being awarded an SSS level ranking
    - complete knowledge of Dante's abilities in order to be able to initiate SSS combos regardless of the type of enemy/boss
    - no deaths, no damage taken, and very little to no use of consumables such as health/devil trigger stars (aka potions).


    Now, onwards to the review:

    When I first saw the new look, the new Dante created by Ninja Theory truth be told, I was upset, and concerned that the game would turn out to essentially suck. Specifically, I did not like Dante's new look. I did not like how the level designs looked. And, I just wasn't convinced that Ninja Theory would be able to deliver a worthy reboot. I was wrong!

    After playing DmC Devil May Cry and beating the game on Nephilim difficulty (a.k.a. 'The Full DmC Experience' difficulty), I am very happy to write that Ninja Theory did an awesome job with this gem of a game, and also that I haven't had this much fun with a Hack Slasher since Ninja Gaiden. Additionally, I'm also happy to inform you that in my opinion this game undoubtedly feels 100% like a Devil May Cry title. Furthermore, I actually like Dante's new look, and Vergil as well. They're both really attractive to be honest (I'm attracted to pixels/polygons, I know, it's sad), and I'm sorry if I come across as shallow, but an attractive character in any game that I play increases the fun factor, as well as the immersiveness.

    Graphics: In one word? Phenomenal. Everything from the environments, all the various NPCs, the weapons, Dante himself- I'm talking EVERYTHING is polished to near perfection. The Unreal Engine is masterfully put to great use here. The characters look, sound and feel alive. Their facial expressions, their eyes, and the voice acting is something to behold. Team Ninja did such a good job here that we're talking above and beyond the uncanny valley. Not to be outdone the dynamic lighting, dynamic shadows, the particle effects... I could go on and on. It's all breathtaking. Furthermore, the game is devoid of any screen tearing or framerate issues. It runs beautifuly and flawlessly (at least the Xbox 360 version does).

    Sound: Outstanding. The voice acting is among the best I've ever heard. The music adds perfectly to the atmosphere. So much fantastic work went into creating the soundtrack for this game that it had to be released on three separate CDs. Also, the SFX is equally well done. Everything from the growl of a Tyrant, to the shriek of a Witch, to the boom of the Eryx all sound completely authentic, and all add to the atmosphere of the game, as well as the fun factor of kicking some demon ass.

    Gameplay: As stated before, I haven't had this much fun since playing the first Ninja Gaiden (remake/reboot) on the original Xbox. The God of War games also come to mind. Either way, the game is incredibly fun, and you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself still playing in the wee hours of the morning. From what I recall, there are either six or seven difficulty levels. There's A LOT of unlockables, not to mention achievements. If you're a completionist, this game will provide you easily with over 100 hours of gametime. Dante's list of moves are plenty, and they are really fun to combine into what could be an SSS rank combo. Team Ninja put a lot of work and effort into making sure this game never gets old, even long after you've beat it the first time.

    Is it worth your time and money? Absolutely, and every penny.

    For those of you wondering Ninja Theory has DLC (it's a couple bucks over here) which allows you to customize Dante's look, and you can get "Classic Dante" back with this option. There's a lot more DLC coming, including Vergil's campaign, and I can't wait because he has his own unique weapons and abilities. According to previews, his DLC titled, "Vergil's Downfall," will add at least 6 hours of unique gameplay to the game.

    In closing, I'd like to say that this game is fantastic. As a hardcore Devil May Cry fan, someone who bought the first game when it was released in 2001 on the PlayStation 2 and has never stopped playing since, I LOVE this game. You don't even need to be a Devil May Cry fan, and I'm confident you'll still love this game.

    9 10
  71. Feb 23, 2013
    The user reviews are unfairly low for this game. The story and characters of this series have always been ridiculous, and this game is no different. If you honestly believed DMC 1-4 had a great story and characters, I am really embarrassed for you. It's a shame that this game isn't going to sell well because gameplay-wise, it's one of the best action games I've played in a long time. It is incredibly polished and well balanced in contrast to many of the previous sequels, and I highly recommend it. Expand
  72. Feb 23, 2013
    Although the new look put me off. I enjoyed the solid gameplay. The fluidity of combat is a high set bar and something that all hack and slash games should set themselves at. The atmosphere and soundtrack made this game great to play. I'd like to see more things other than a DMC sequel for Ninja Theory to develop. But this game has some issues such as its Devil Trigger. Which made it awkward killing enemies. and its repetitive level layout. Overall this game is a great game. i recommend it to everyone. Expand
  73. Feb 20, 2013
    Much easier than the previous games, yes. I can't see anything wrong with that though, as this game is more available to the casual gamer. I have finished the game on devil hunter, nephilim and son of Sparda and haven't had any real problems except for a few fights that were a bit challenging. Currently playing it through on Dante Must Die and even though I do agree that it should be way harder than it is, I still enjoy it, hell, I'll even go as far to say I love it. The visuals in this game are absolutely amazing. The art direction is fantastic! As for the music, I liked the soundtrack. The aggressive songs with Combichrist pumped me right up at the start of the fights.

    Old fans of the series seem to boycott this game without even trying it and that is ridiculous. Just look at the user score of this game and you'll see what I mean. I actually find the new Dante more enjoyable and likable as he seems more human (how ironic is that?) and even though he curses quite a lot in this game, it's always done in a tasteful manner. One thing I really enjoyed in this game was the ambitious attempt at a real story. I felt for Dante, Kat and Vergil and looking forward to the DLC.

    The only thing that annoyed me in this game was the serious lack of bosses. In the previous games there were a tonne of bosses and in this game it's nowhere near enough of them! If they plan on making a sequel to this game, I hope they listen to the fans and implement more bosses as they usually are the one thing players look forward to and love about the DMC-franchise.

    If you like hack 'n slash games with gorgeous visuals, tight control and metal music, I'll say this game is for you. if you hate this game with all of your existence, go back to the old games in the HD collection.
  74. Feb 20, 2013
    This game is very good. Few faults.
    - A lot of tricks
    - Many opponents
    - At completion point grading
    - Good atmosphere
    - Interesting story
    - Beautiful girls
    - Poor perception
  75. Feb 19, 2013
    Bad game is bad. This game spits in the face of any fan of the previous games especially the 3 and 4 ones. I cannot imagine what anyone can see in this waste of time and money. The main character was replaced, the gameplay was dumbed down, the store was retconned. Had this game been released under a different name then no one would really be so mad about such a mediocre title. BUT to put the name Devil May Cry on it and then spit in the faces of those WHO WOULD pick it up BECAUSE OF THE NAME IS A INSULT. And as the new Dante would say: YOU! Expand
  76. Feb 19, 2013
    Absolutely terrible and pointless. From tasteless, childishly amateur writing, terrible graphics and ocean of bugs and glitches to a completely bland and casual gameplay that, when it actually works properly, is only targeted at replicating the visual feats of the previous games which you had to actually master back in the day. A vanity project devoid of any style, substance or passion sown together for a quick buck riding on a big name. At this point unless we see a DMC5 developed by Capcom itself in few years, it's safe to say that DMC is dead and this abomination is what finished it off with a shotgun to a head. Expand
  77. Feb 18, 2013
    *Sigh* *Sigh* *Sigh* This game is absolutely horrible and a smack to the face of the real Dante. According to the game designers "If the old Dante walked into a bar he would get laughed at." If that is their argument the same goes for all video game characters, right? Mario and Luigi would get "laughed at in a bar" may as well change them.... What about Pacman and Link? May as well change them too.

    Now getting into the game, the combat is so easy your average aborted fetus could master it, the taunt button is removed and you can get an SSS on the style meter by using a few oversimplified "combos."

    The dialogue is absolutely ridiculous, I find myself laughing at it's childishness, especially in the Succubus boss fight (A complete rip off of Slurm in Futurama as somebody else mentioned) where Donte and the Succubus yell you" back and forth.

    Some redeeming things about the game are that they added in Nero's arm mechanic (The angel lift and demon pull) which was one of my favorite thing in Devil May Cry 4, also the graphics were nice and the combat flowed smoothly.

    One of my biggest problems with this game and why I hate it so much is the games director "Tameem" claimed old Dante wasn't cool and then went on to design the new Dante to look like him, take a look lmfao, real sexy there bro. ****ing ****
  78. Feb 18, 2013
    I will admit that while the game does have some issues, the overall package is good. As a seasoned DMC player, having played 1, 2, and 3 (I want to get 4) I can tell you that it is NOT Devil May Cry good. Vergil has really fallen out of my respect, Kat just seems like a half-assed love interest for Dante, and the FOX news references are very abundant. Not to say that all of it is bad. Mundus is a pretty good villian. The whole, "control the world through debt" thing was pretty cool. And the shape shifting enviroments are also very appealing. The graphics are good, but as some of the other reviewers have stated, you tend to expect that from unreal engine games. Some characters are un-memorable, like the various demons you fight, as well as other characters, such as Lilith, Mundus' wife/prostitute/child-bearer, and Phineas, the guy who helps you get to Bob Barbas. The boss battles in this game are superb. the battles with Mundus, the Succubus, and Bob are excellent. Now to get to the issues. Can someone tell me the value behind the wig joke? That came out of nowhere! and Dante's character is VERY unnapealing. The way he acts, looks, acts, and feels makes him feel sluggish, and make him look like he is trying to emulate the Dante we know and love. While the shape shifting world is great, and the enviroments pretty nice, the world doesn't make you feel that threatened. The combat. That is one of the places this needed to be good. The combat is WAY to easy to get an S ranking, let alone an SSS. the combat feels slow, but it feels like it adds momentum to Dante, but overrall feels sluggish and slow. There are also continuity issues. While Dante can use his sword, Rebellion in Limbo, he can't use it in the real world. But Vergil, Dante's brother, can use his sword, the Yamato #which was way cooler in DMC 3# in both the real world and Limbo, which makes no sense. The Kablooey gun was given a poor explanation as to it's abilities, and Dante's Devil Trigger is bland and boring, as apposed to Dante's other Devil Trigger forms in the past, which made him look like a DEMON, or a DEVIL, like the name DEVIL TRIGGER suggests. This game doesn't deserve all the praise that it gets from some reviewers, but it doesn't deserve the hate it has gotten either. It's right in the middle, and that isn't always a bad thing. But is this the end for the DMC 1-4 characters and their story? As the TRUE Dante would say, "The end? Don't bet on it." Expand
  79. Feb 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I picked up DmC the other day over all the protests that I've heard about it on this site. Why? Because I took a look at it on youtube and watched some other people play it before I dismissed it as a bad game. Guess what? It's not. The combat is as enjoyable as you make it, like any of the other DMC games, there are a few different weapons to choose from, just like the other DMC games, and you decide which ones you like the best and learn to kick ass stylishly with them. There are only a few enemies where you are really limited to what you have to use and they are color-coded, so you're not at a loss as to what to do. The new Dante is a bit more snarky-skater-punk-hipster than the old Dante, who was a ninja turtle with white hair and a red jacket, so pick your poison as far as characters go, but let's face it; no one plays these games for the story, it's for the combat. The writing is not great, that's true. It's a little ham-fisted as far as a the evil propaganda news network goes, and they didn't steal a subplot just from They Live (which is really good and one of John Carpenter's best and you should watch it), but also from Futurama ("Fry and the Slurm Factory"), so that's unfortunate but, again, no one plays an action game for the story. Mario is a pretty stock platformer and no one is knocking nintendo for the "there's a princess, you're a good guy, what else do you need?" as a storyline. As far as the presentation of the game goes, it's decent for the game but a little forced into the "gritty reboot" corner for the story and the setting, but there are some fantastic levels that go outside that spectrum and really make the game look good such as the platforming sections inside Dante's mind and the Club level. There are even sections of the game in each level where they toss the camera into a corner or above him that are reminiscent of the old games and look damn good to boot. Fact is, most of these reviews are based on get-off-my-lawn nostalgia and not an accurate appraisal of the older games in the series. If this is a reboot, even as a one-off, it's a decent game in its own right. Don't trust the haters who just got an account to get a soapbox. Give it a look, give it a try. If you like action games of the hack and slash variety with just enough depth to give you some options, you'll probably like it. I do. Expand
  80. Feb 15, 2013
    Combat Controls
    One thing that DMC was always about was C&C, smooth controls and crazy combos. And to be honest its somewhat here not at previous titles levels(i'm looking at you three), but still fast and furious. you'll notice old favorites like stinger and Helm breaker, and maybe some new ones like karma and double jump. as said before i did have issues with the controls, if you have
    tried the game on the 360 you'll probably know what i mean, but for those that don't its the weapon change. yes one of the core elements of this game holds you back right at the start, but in the beginning it wasn't that big of a deal, later on however this becomes a big issue later on when weapon change matters. you have to hold the shoulder buttons while attacking to use the weapon, and not just a little tap to cycle them but thought the whole combo, which make the combat later on tedious at best, also the lack of lock on would seem like a problem in other DMC games here, not so much. also why are their so many dodges one is fine, with out lock one their really wasn't a need for so many making for an even easier game. And the game while full of cool combos feel shallow with how predictable and easy the enemy AI is. For most part i didn't even lose half a life bar until later on when I had issues with the controls. Even bosses fell a tad to choreographer to simple grunt expose your weak point after attacking AI. And Devil trigger is only really used to fill up health meters.All in all a very different feel from the origins of the series but not so bad that i couldn't stop playing. still in my preference for a DMC game its disappointing. way to forgiving and hands out to many S ranks in my tastes.
    5 out of 10 (on PC i would give it a 6.5 only because of key binding)
    Story and Dialog
    Now this is where i have real issues with this game. i know that DMC is not know for its moving plots and life changing writing, but this one by far is most carbon copy plot ever. no really its just like They Live, go watch this. Now i like They Live, but not its video game rehash. Why, not so much that its bad idea, no its a pretty good concept. it all come down to a connection, between me and the characters and the world its in. Dante is like a a kid who tries to hard to convince me that hes his older cooler brother, Virgil's dialog was every emotionless and uncharismatic, and Kate wasn't that bad but she seamed to perfect, some how falling in love with Dante even though their wasn't much to love.he wasn't to witty, nor was their a deeper person on the inside with complex feelings and showing his though subtle hints like the old DMC. no he was just a person that is angry at something and never really get that resolved in game. his dialog is bad, and reduced to cursing and very predictable evil banter with the enemy.also the whole half angle/demon thing left me feeling that he to unrelatable, being a mere meager human. they even use the term Nephilim which are human/angle hybrids. also putting bill o'reilly in any type of media is wrong.
    4 out of 10 (Kate really save you here DMC)
    Platforming and Puzzles
    Not bad, considering the controls. The whole holding the shoulder buttons thing was what brought this down for me. because i have to hold the shoulder buttons it make it very arduous to say the least. too many times have i plummeted to my doom because of this,(Doom is a relative term here, like i said this game is way to forgiving) the delay between switching weapon is ridiculous and frustrating. the only reason i didn't really care about mastering this is, again, how forgiving it was .puzzles are at DMC2 level so its not so bad but nothing really jumps out at you. but overall i, its meh.
    6 out of ten(meh)
    Let me be the one to eat my hat on this one, the game looks fantastic. crisp, clear, and vibrant. the levels are varied and while at time frustrating the platforming was beautiful. the enemy's look great, lots of variations of them, their attacks look amazing, so amazing in fact that i would some times let Dante get hit just to see what would happen. Limbo is just as breathtaking as they said it would be and they delivered on it spot on. i am amazed on what Ninja theory did. also on a side note the enemy's looked very much like the one in DMC2, which i liked(yeah i know is bad, but played like an adventure so i liked it), and so dose parts of limbo.
    8.5 out of 10
    Over all a 6 out of 10
    Did DMC: Devil May Cry win the heart of the hard core, probably not. Did it get new blood in the sires Yes it did. for me i prefer the old DMC to this but in all honest it wasn't that bad of a game, it just wasn't what i wanted to a game called Devil May Cry.
  81. Feb 15, 2013
    They ruined the characters. Emo-tized everything. The white hair wig joke was a slap in the face and I hope that capcom goes out of business!!
  82. Feb 14, 2013
    Let me start by saying I never played any other devil may cry( I know). Now that that is out of the way. This game is a fantastic action game with a great story amazing visuals. The weapons you get are fun easy to use but complicated at the same time. Stinging combos together to try and get a ss score is gratifying and frustrating all in one. The world you are is beautiful and engrossing I found myself just looking around. I would recommend this to any action genre fan Expand
  83. Feb 13, 2013
    Most of the reviews about this game are biased and uncalled for. DMC is exactly what a devil may cry should be; a wise cracking gun toting sword wielding anti-hero out to defeat the demons.

    Story is well written if a little predictable. The combat system is easy to get used to but difficult to master, which i suppose is one of the replay values in a DMC game. However all the other
    stuff you'd expect in a DMC game is there too such as Dante Must Die mode etc... The only differences between this and other entries is that Dante is a) younger b) has different colour of hair and is not overly using the colour red as past incarnations did.

    And none of this is a bad thing I like the old Dante and I like the new one. The new Dante is not a middle finger to the DMC fans he's an evolution. He has the same charm and wit of the old Dante, just more attitude. Which basically boils down to an overuse of bad language and gestures but i like this as i think it makes sense when you consider the psychological aspects of Dante's character in DMC.

    Change should be embraced; so what that Dante now has black hair instead of white; that he is more Punk Rock than Glam Pop the game itself is a good game. Does what its supposed to and offers up what a DMC game should.

    My final point is this if you think the combat system is "bad" or "clunky" or anything else go back and play the first Devil May cry on ps2 or HD collection and then try DMC. As DMC has a fast paced easy to pick up combat system while the original DMC has a very clunky combat system.
  84. Feb 13, 2013
    Somewhere in time I lost my love for rapid action hack n slash games but this game is insane! My love is back! The controls and gameplay are so well balanced. It's has a very understandable control system that lets you chain all the moves with all the other moves to combine wicked combos. The enemies are very diverse and challenge you to come up with different tactics. Always changing it up. The music is very cool too and the environment design is very very good. Gorgeous locations and inventive levels make sure you'll never have a dull moment even if there are no enemies around. That brings me to the pacing which is just just perfect. It's fighting, climbing, resting, jumping, running at just the right speed.

    I really like this game. highly recommended.
  85. Feb 13, 2013
    Don't listen to the blind sheep bagging this game. Ninja theory have done an outstanding job here, creating a rich and rewarding combat system and some of the most creative and original level design of this generation. Brilliant stuff!!
  86. Feb 12, 2013
    I just finished it, and i loved every second of it, there is a lot of combos, great visuals, pretty good story line although the game is kind of short and there are not too many boss fights, but still the boss fights were really cool!! this game just makes you wanna play it more and more, one just cant put the controller down wile playing this, it really never gets boring at any point, I recommend you to buy this game if you are a real gamer and enjoy playing good games instead of bi*ching about them unlike these 500+ butthurt "fans" who gave this game a bad score.
    Sorry for bad English, I did my best
  87. Feb 12, 2013
    Anyone insulting this game to me seems to still be upset over the "They changed Dante!?" issue from 2010. I say this as I suffered from this and wanted nothing to do with the game, until September last year when I saw the trailers. Even then you have the option of reverting back to the Classic Dante look in the download content. He is even put in the mid-mission cutscenes and almost all of the pre and post mission cutscenes. For starters I can say I prefer these characters to the old ones. I hate all things hipster and dub-step like, but this Dante seems more of a badass than the old one, he was witty and had a cooler edge that the previous Dante lacked. This Vergil, while more 'nerdy' in my view, is better in almost all aspects. And the leading girl is by far the best one from all the DmC games. I mean on looks alone Kat has them beat, and she also has a better background story. This story makes more sense than the other (especially DMC4 as I am still wondering how Nero came to acquire Sparda's blood and power) That was not really explained well. Really is he his son, nephew, some guy that drank his blood, what happened? The fact I had to replay every mission, location and boss fight in DMC4 made me want to commit suicide and realize how dry the well was for Capcom and how far they went for you unappreciative fans, just so you could use Dante. Really I don't thing you understand what else they could have done with those extra missions. The same with the DMC3 special edition with Vergil. The music is better than the previous two, especially DMC3. I remember trying my hardest after mission 1 in DMC4 to finish all fight scenes to avoid hearing the phrase 'The time has come and so have I.' (First verse of Nero fight scenes.) The music is different in almost all the locations and fight scenes, and get me more geared up for fighting than the other games did. The combat, I have the feeling it turned out like this because everyone wanted the iconic style ranking system and combo system, and then criticised Ninja Theory for not doing anything but make it slower and that they just copied it from the old ones, even though it was largely requested that the combat system should remain the same, or else. The 'lack of locking on' for me is a good thing, even though it is still there and they just got rid of the annoying ring. Locking on made it too easy, or too restricting, because i found I could change targets for abilities, such as Drive, by changing by flicking the stick/d-pad in the direction of the target you wanted to hit instead, either during the charge or just before the attack. Yeah it got slower, but when i played the other games afterwards, i didn't find that it got that much slower. The only down with the combat for me was the ease in which I could fill the progress through the style ratings to SSS. Nobody should complain about the mixed attribute fights being chore like, as those create the best combo atmosphere. If you want a challenge, complete those on Heaven or Hell without taking damage, especially the mixed Rages. I also read that someone said the fights were too easy on the harder levels, even though he didn't complete the game. This made me want to punch my hire a team of agents to find whoever it was, so I could kick them in the balls, because...YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE THE GAME TO UNLOCK ANY OF THE CHALLENGING DIFFICULTIES. That was directed at you Wesker500. I recommend completing this game on Nephilim level and then going up from there for the challenging fights. And Dante pretty much gets the same amount of weapons in this DmC as he did in DMC4, the weapons are pretty similar to those in all the other Devil May Crys but then again, the weapons are repetitive, and repeat themselves over and over, but in different colours. I love the half angel, half demon angle, and the weapons and powers as this made linking combos, cooler and fun, and doing so made me feel the style rank was earned, even though I think it was just put in there because, all the fans wanted it there to judge it, and the producers probably didn't. The environment is better, I enjoy that it changes a lot throughout the game, but I do miss some of the gothic themes. I didn't experience any glitches or framework problems, when I played it, so maybe it depends on the owners console/platform. I found it to be a great gaming experience, far better than its predecessor, as it was enjoyable for longer, and has better replay value. Expand
  88. Feb 12, 2013
    This was if not the best hack n slash game to come out since the first tired of everyone giving false neg feedback ....yea i was on the hate wagon for the whole makeover n my fav series is the classic dmc series but this is a perfect move n u can play as the classic dante if u wana be a cry baby....grat game ,great flow of controls, great story ,only reason i didnt give a 10 out of 10 is becasue i dnt like that he is half demon n half angel....thats the only part i dnt agree with Expand
  89. Feb 12, 2013
    Ok first thing first, It is a pregnant Demon that gets shot in the belly..... Why this gets failed to mention in every review is crazy and is it not a game about hunting Demons, this kept me from playing the game cause you all make it sound like its a woman that get shot in the stomach....... and thats crap and you all know it. Now to the actual review, story wise it is very much a rip off of "they live" but its a good one..... i really enjoyed the story and really if you have played any of the other games the story is no better or worse in those ones, the combat in the game is well done..... my only complaint is your score does not reset until you get hit and it makes it really easy to get a crazy high score with minimal effort but all in all the combat is great. Graphics are great as well and the level design blew me away, you are always changing locations and the levels are highly well done. Now boss fights were amazing but they were all so easy, once you know what to do it is really easy to avoid getting hit and overcome the boss battles. Now the really bad part about this game is DANTE........ He is such an ass in this game, the old Dante was but this one just makes it hard to care about the story at all, really no one in this game is likable..... though towards the end of the game i did start to care slightly, i'm looking forward to what they do with the next game. Really it could have been better but it could have been a hell of a lot worse too. Now you might be thinking why should i trust this guys review....... to that i would say because i am a huge devil may cry fan, so much so that back in 2002 i had a son and i named him Dante...... Though that was after the old Dante. If your a fan i would say wait till it goes on sale and pick it up, still a great game even though no one is likable. Expand
  90. Feb 11, 2013
    Pretty graphics, but crap gameplay. Basically, the same as every other Ninja Theory game. This game has an identity crisis. It tries to be both Ninja Gaiden and God of War at the same time, yet fails at being as good as either of those games. It tries to be a visceral, gory hack and slash like God of War, but
    the combat feels far too floaty and unsubstantial experience. It also tries to be Ninja Gaiden with it's end of mission scoring, but this game is just not difficult enough to actually feel any sense of accomplishment from getting a high score. And I know people will mention the mode where Dante dies in one hit, but honestly that's just an artificial inflation of the difficulty, unlike the enemy AI being substantially improved. The platforming sections are too long and are frankly boring. The story, well, it's definitely no God of War in that department. The story seems to have been inspired by teen supernatural dramas, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. I'm not into any of those shows, but if you are, you'd probably enjoy DmC. The game also includes a lot of Leftist propaganda, slamming things such as Fox News and the Republican Party (of which I am a member). Obviously, this was not to my liking. I prefer that politics do not enter my video games. Thank you very much. Clearly, I wouldn't recommend this video game for any one, except hardcore liberals. Expand
  91. Feb 11, 2013
    Ok i admit i wasn't expecting much from this new Devil May Cry reboot it its pretty good the game starts with a great intro and a fun tutorial level. the weapons are great and work amazingly well together and are original and pretty epic looking. the combat is fairly fast paced and violent just as you would expect from a devil may cry game. the story isn't great but it picks up at the end. the new Dante is not as funny or original as the one in the first three. overall it was a good attempt from capcom/ninja theory. sorry for the short review but i hope it helps. Expand
  92. Feb 11, 2013
    This Devil May Cry reboot is everything the series needed even if it’s something the fan base never wanted no there aren’t any demonic tanks or evil infused puppets but there is a will to advance the series with enriched environments that are beautifully crafted, better control schemes that don’t have you constantly beating your controller against a brick wall and a less convoluted story that doesn’t have dante screaming “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIGHTTTTTT” and then escaping in a biplane no you won’t be running through a castle to fight one boss only to have to run through the same castle to the same area to fight another boss what you will have to do is relax and allow the geniuses at Ninja Theory to tell you a tale or in the case of some fans allow them to strap you into a straight jacket and force feed you the Nuevo devil may cry medicine .

    (Dont get me wrong i loved the original devil may cry and it remains one of my favorite capcom games of all time.....right after Resident evil and Onimusha but to be perfectly honest this game was needed to bring back a franchise that would otherwise have been left buried under a mountain of Street fighter DLC)
  93. Feb 10, 2013
    I think I get why so many people hate this game but giving it so low score is just not understandable. This is not Devil may cry game...DMC 1 and 3 are definitely better than this one but this is very good action game with nice graphics and superb soundtrack that just fits in action gameplay perfectly. I'd say definitely one of the best action games on Xbox360...just don't compare this to other DMC games as this is completely different experience... Expand
  94. Feb 10, 2013
    Once you get past the fact that this game is a reboot of a beloved franchise you'll find a wonderful game hidden beneath. Combat Is fast, fun and engaging. The story is a combination of the plots of the first and third games but with a lot of fresh new twists added in so that veteran players won't be board. Speaking to Devil May Cry veterans, as a veteran myself, give DMC a chance. It's a great little gem of a game that by the end manages to capture the true DMC essence even if it has a fresh coat of paint. Expand
  95. Feb 9, 2013
    Story was good but Game play was too normal actions not very well but good Bosses are stupid and when you finish it you will have no attraction to complete new opened games from first
  96. Feb 9, 2013
    I've played the DMC Franchise before, this is totally different.The New game, DMC, is amazing.Hack and slash, great combos, nice arsenal of weapons, good story and likable characters, I really enjoyed the game. Who ever's giving this a bad review, probably doesnt like the Hack and Slash, and the awesomeness of this game.
    I mean just the core awesomness, when slayed Demons with beastly
    Sword, or other weapons...
    you cant possibly give this a bad score, its mega fun, even if you dont enjoy the story, its mega fun, the combat and jumping around Smashing Demons brutaly awesome.
    Whoever gave the game bad review, obviously doenst enjoy the Genre of the game, dont play it, go play Sims or some "peaceful" games....DMC rocks
  97. Feb 8, 2013
    when hideki kamiya left capcom this saga died.
    Its kinda sad to see a great game fall like this, cmon EVEN KAZUMA K ANEKO SMT SERIES)hell with dmc3 ,also dmc4 was amazing....
  98. Feb 8, 2013
    This game has shallow, unbalanced combat. The main focus of the game is the combat and it has not delivered anywhere near the standard of previous Devil May Cry games. The 30fps does affect the smoothness of the action and it feels as if the game is trying to catch up with the players inputs at times.

    The story is badly written and acompanied by awful voice acting. The art style/design
    is an insult to the previous titles and no amount of talking about 'white hair' can cover over the obvious flaws and shallow nature of the combat mechanisms. I also found the cortrol system to be overly clunky and not responsive all of the time. Enemies are badly designed too and are nowhere near the standard of previous titles.

    Overall, this game is a complete let down and not worth wasting time and money on.
  99. Feb 8, 2013
    One of the main things I would like to point out in this review is that my opinion of this game would be lower if there were more AAA-quality games available on the Xbox that fit into the same sub-genre as this game such as Bayonetta. To me, DmC: Devil May Cry stands as one of the best "character action" games on 360, but it does not surpass the absolute best offerings on the console to date such as DMC4 or Bayonetta, partially due to the broken style system. I enjoyed this game overall more than Ninja Gaiden II, but the mechanics of NGII's combat system were also obviously superior to this game. I've never been skilled enough to consistently achieve SSS combos in any previous DMC game, and I'm ok with that. At the time of writing this review, I've completed all the DMC's except 3 (I had traded my PS2 for an original Xbox before that came out or I would have played it too) on the "Normal" (aka Devil Hunter) difficulty. In DmC 5, however, SSS combos (NOT overall level rankings) can be achieved by pretty much anyone who knows how to button-mash their way through any simple hack-and-slash game. Similarly, if you don't care about your rank, you can cheese your way through huge sections of the campaign with minimal effort, though a few of the boss fights will force you to exhibit some skill to beat, although they all revolve around extremely predictable patterns involving swinging between a few platforms with one of your two seperate types of grappling hooks while the boss will probably be trying to vomit on you or something like that. Most of the levels look incredible, and I like how they are all based on twisted versions of everyday places such as a carnival, nightclub, factory, etc. but the actual map layouts are bland, and there's so much platforming this could almost be considered a platformer with melee combat. The lack of lock-on made me curse alot as the game miserably tried to "predictively" select the enemy I wanted to shoot with guns and/or grappling hooks. I love the soundtrack in DmC, but then again I am into industrial metal music, and I do realize that a lot of people aren't. The game even suprised me by featuring a few songs that I have had in regular rotation on my MP3 player, which is rare for me since most games either have epic movie-style soundtracks, or just boring licensed garbage like a lot of EA Rockstar games. Contrary to other user reviews, there is thankfully only a little bit of actual dubstep in the game. Industrial is not dubstep, kids. The characters have a lot of terrible dialogue, just like the other DMC games. Overall I enjoyed the story in this newest entry more than DMC 1-4 because it was the only one out of the entire series where I could even tell there was supposed to be a story, even though they did copy a Futurama episode for the factory level. Finally, I would rate this game an 8.5, I would have given DMC4 a 9.25, and Bayonetta would get a 9.5. I'm rounding up the 8.5 since there's so many zeroes on these user ratings. People are acting like it's worse than Vampire Rain or something, I mean, come on. It's actually a pretty fun game when judged on its own. However, it's a step down compared to all the other games in this series (except DMC2). Expand
  100. Feb 8, 2013
    it's boring casual game with dull combat it's so slow compared to older ones it made me come back to the devil may cry hd collection in no time... i beat it in 1 day at nephilim, gameplay is copypasted from heavenly sword... i had more fun with gunXsword (wich is an average game)... it's a game below awerage and we know why the majority of sites gave it amazing scores (capcom paid them directly or indirectly using sites as advertising) story is ripped off and lame, music is horrible and gave me migraines, some of the enviroments (they look alike those from bayonetta but bayonetta was better in all the possible ways) are great but that's not enought to give this game credit... after ruinning resident evil with the 6 now they've ruined devil may cry... good job capcom
    ah and no lovk on feature, 2 dodge buttons (cause we have to press a trigger for angelic and demonic wepones)
    do yourself a favor... do not buy it...
  101. Apr 12, 2013
    This game is amazing! To all the little internet complainers who have no idea what they are talking about and probably didn't even play the game and just want to constantly you are IDIOTS....It makes no sense to hate this game because they changed the character around a bit, I am a huge fan of Devil May Cry and this game is a step in the right direction, the levels are diverse and engaging, the combat feels fresh and satisfying, story is decent, love the banter with the Succubus and Bob Barbas, and the boss fights feel fresh and exciting, Arkham City used to be my favorite action adventure game but DmC is now the front runner, TO ALL THE WHINERS-STOP CRYING AND SHUT UP Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 65 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 65
  2. Negative: 0 out of 65
  1. Mar 11, 2013
    A worthy rebirth of the franchise as it possesses fast-paced chaotic action, which is diversified by the several weapons that make up Dante’s arsenal, an engaging soundtrack, and a story worthy of the DmC franchise.
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Beyond the near-perfect controls and satisfying combat, Ninja Theory has clearly sweated the game's atmosphere and visuals.
  3. Feb 25, 2013
    Ninja Theory have against all odds created something fresh; a creatively superb and in places fantastic action adventure game. It will not be for everyone and is certainly more mainstream than previous efforts but DMC is a rip roaring start to 2013.