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  1. Jan 24, 2013
    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Without being a hardcore-fan of the franchise and generally being against the workflow of Capcom, I was pretty sceptical regarding the reboot and the character design changes. But the game itself was very entertaining. Nice hack and slash, fantastic graphic and framerate, a simple story. But sure it has flaws: it is pretty short. You have to like the **** persona of Dante and some jumping parts are frustrating. Still its a good, fun game. Expand
  2. HMK
    Jan 26, 2013
    DmC is a re-imagining of the Devil May Cry series, after getting a lot of negative reaction in 2010, I can tell you right away that you don
  3. Jan 27, 2013
    When I first saw the trailer for the new Game i was disappointed With what Ninja Theory changed but I held on to the hope that they would excel at the one thing that the series is known for "The Gameplay" if they Fraked that up all the Hate wouldn't be misplaced, but Luckily the Action Measures up very well to the rest of the series even better in some ways, this game is much more approachable than any of its predecessors.
    "The Story" is the Generic "Dante must save Humanity from being enslaved by the Forces of Hell," nothing special.
    "The Presentation," this game runs on the Unreal Engine so there's alot of texture pop-in if you played Gears of War you'll know what i mean, the overall look of the game is awsome, all the combat take place in "Limbo," a world parallel to ours where the demons inhabit, where the Laws of Physics don't have meaning, making any area that Dante is dragged into Limbo from Interesting. "Overall" the Game is a Success, The characters may not be as likable than in the last games, but the Action & the Environments of Limbo are a solid step towards a bright future for the series.
    This is a safe buy... I give DMC: Devil May Cry an 8/10.
  4. Jan 29, 2013
    At first I wasn't going to buy this game. I thought Bleh I hate that new Dante look. After a small boredom spell I broke down and bought it. Honestly it is a prequel with a modern day twist. A lot of the modern day technology we use today didn't exist then so it brought the series up to speed. It took a classic genre with a classic character and breathed new and vibrant life into. Whoever said the writing is bad doesn't know anything about the character. The characters dialogue fits him to a T. The story and the undertones are amazing. As well as the allegories it subtly hid in. I think this game deserves the critic score it got because all in all I was really impressed even after coming in with very low hopes. The overall story kept me engaged and the climax blew me away. I loved the game and I applaud the studio. I would love for then to continue the series from that game. To me it has potential for a game of the year nomination. Expand
  5. Feb 25, 2013
    First thing's first Do not listen to anyone who's says that the game is a pure button masher, and that it's so easy that it's boring. I guarantee you that 99% of these people have not beaten the game on the hardest mode, nor have they completed every level on hard with an SSS ranking across the board. To do this, you must master the following:

    - complete knowledge of each enemy's
    and/or boss' abilities/strengths/weaknesses
    - perfect reflexes to the point where you are able to either evade, parry or counter any/every attack from each enemy/boss
    - perfect knowledge of each and every level in the game, as speed is a key factor into you being awarded an SSS level ranking
    - complete knowledge of Dante's abilities in order to be able to initiate SSS combos regardless of the type of enemy/boss
    - no deaths, no damage taken, and very little to no use of consumables such as health/devil trigger stars (aka potions).


    Now, onwards to the review:

    When I first saw the new look, the new Dante created by Ninja Theory truth be told, I was upset, and concerned that the game would turn out to essentially suck. Specifically, I did not like Dante's new look. I did not like how the level designs looked. And, I just wasn't convinced that Ninja Theory would be able to deliver a worthy reboot. I was wrong!

    After playing DmC Devil May Cry and beating the game on Nephilim difficulty (a.k.a. 'The Full DmC Experience' difficulty), I am very happy to write that Ninja Theory did an awesome job with this gem of a game, and also that I haven't had this much fun with a Hack Slasher since Ninja Gaiden. Additionally, I'm also happy to inform you that in my opinion this game undoubtedly feels 100% like a Devil May Cry title. Furthermore, I actually like Dante's new look, and Vergil as well. They're both really attractive to be honest (I'm attracted to pixels/polygons, I know, it's sad), and I'm sorry if I come across as shallow, but an attractive character in any game that I play increases the fun factor, as well as the immersiveness.

    Graphics: In one word? Phenomenal. Everything from the environments, all the various NPCs, the weapons, Dante himself- I'm talking EVERYTHING is polished to near perfection. The Unreal Engine is masterfully put to great use here. The characters look, sound and feel alive. Their facial expressions, their eyes, and the voice acting is something to behold. Team Ninja did such a good job here that we're talking above and beyond the uncanny valley. Not to be outdone the dynamic lighting, dynamic shadows, the particle effects... I could go on and on. It's all breathtaking. Furthermore, the game is devoid of any screen tearing or framerate issues. It runs beautifuly and flawlessly (at least the Xbox 360 version does).

    Sound: Outstanding. The voice acting is among the best I've ever heard. The music adds perfectly to the atmosphere. So much fantastic work went into creating the soundtrack for this game that it had to be released on three separate CDs. Also, the SFX is equally well done. Everything from the growl of a Tyrant, to the shriek of a Witch, to the boom of the Eryx all sound completely authentic, and all add to the atmosphere of the game, as well as the fun factor of kicking some demon ass.

    Gameplay: As stated before, I haven't had this much fun since playing the first Ninja Gaiden (remake/reboot) on the original Xbox. The God of War games also come to mind. Either way, the game is incredibly fun, and you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself still playing in the wee hours of the morning. From what I recall, there are either six or seven difficulty levels. There's A LOT of unlockables, not to mention achievements. If you're a completionist, this game will provide you easily with over 100 hours of gametime. Dante's list of moves are plenty, and they are really fun to combine into what could be an SSS rank combo. Team Ninja put a lot of work and effort into making sure this game never gets old, even long after you've beat it the first time.

    Is it worth your time and money? Absolutely, and every penny.

    For those of you wondering Ninja Theory has DLC (it's a couple bucks over here) which allows you to customize Dante's look, and you can get "Classic Dante" back with this option. There's a lot more DLC coming, including Vergil's campaign, and I can't wait because he has his own unique weapons and abilities. According to previews, his DLC titled, "Vergil's Downfall," will add at least 6 hours of unique gameplay to the game.

    In closing, I'd like to say that this game is fantastic. As a hardcore Devil May Cry fan, someone who bought the first game when it was released in 2001 on the PlayStation 2 and has never stopped playing since, I LOVE this game. You don't even need to be a Devil May Cry fan, and I'm confident you'll still love this game.

    9 10
  6. Jan 29, 2013
    I'm gonna be quick here. The graphics and the soundtrack are amazing. The story could be a positive too, but the characters are just "meh". The ending was brutally forced and unsatisfying. Devil Trigger is a great disappointment. The game-play is fun. Is an OK casual game imho.

    Btw, Dante is by far the best character in this game, don't judge by his appearance. Now, if you're a fan of
    Vergil, I would recommend avoiding this game, they destroyed the character. Expand
  7. Jan 29, 2013
    The people rating this sub 5's and such are being incredibly close minded. Majority of their hatred is stemming from a knee jerk reaction to the changes made to the characters and not to the game itself in anyway. Anyone who calls this game a step backwards in terms of story is already lying to themselves. I loved the old DMC's, I really did. But let's be honest here, they had little to zero storyline and the characters had very little fleshing out done to justify their motives and ideals beyond the most basic.

    Now step into DmC, a world where Dante looks slightly different, but still in my opinion retains his **** charm. What's important however, is now not only is he arrogant, ****, and ridiculously powerful giving you that "I'm a badass" feeling, but he's also got some measure of depth. Dante in DmC now shows off characteristics that suggest he does think, and feel, beyond the relentless drive to kill demons for fun. He's now a complicated character who faces tough moral decisions to protect humanity or follow the only family he has left. I also greatly enjoy the fact they're embracing the Nephilim concept, something that was always there but never realized fully.

    All in all I'd say the game is very solid. It improves over old DMC's where it should. Weapons feel better and stronger. Combat is more fluid than it's ever been. The level design is AMAZINGLY good. Boss battles all feel epic and have interesting mechanics. Though I think they could have seen some improvements. The upgrading system is lengthy and offers many of the old favorites, along with some new. The item system is much same as past with similar things to pick from. Sound quality is good. I know some people aren't happy to see a reboot, changing up a formula that was successful, however shallow it may have been. However, if you're honest with yourself for a minute I'll say the old DMCs didn't pull you in for story, characters, or depth. It was purely about the combat, the styling combos, the over the top action, etc.. and the new DmC has all of those things and does it better than past games have. Now its joined by a storyline that, while not perfect, makes a ton more sense than old games, a main character who actually has depth, a meaningful reason to oppose Vergil (who's not already dead), and the basis for a series of games that could only get better. I support this reboot whole heartedly despite all my previous reservations based on the trailers and screenshots I'd seen in past.
  8. Jan 30, 2013
    This is the first DMC i had ever played and for those saying its repetitive obviously didnt get far enough to unlock all the skill sets and all demon/angels weapons. This game keeps your attention as the gameplay constantly changes and each mission has a different feel to it. I can't understand the overall negativity of users on this game, What a great way to start 2013. The story was also very witty and this new DANTE kicks some..White hair Dante is dead! Expand
  9. Jan 30, 2013
    Terrible, just terrible. His one-liners are so idiotic and it makes you feel that he tries to hard. There's too much swearing to actually add to the non-existent humour and as for the characters, oh boy. Vergil is a douche bag that talks too high and mighty for himself, i understand that Vergil is very smart and all but the way they portray him, first of all he's ugly second of all get a better voice actor, not some dude that sounds like he's trying too hard to sound smart. Dante is just horrible throughout the whole game that it's not even funny. For a demon king Mundus is very human like and just has a not right feel to it. Who the **** is Kat? And all in all, Dmc is terrible, it has nice graphics and a killer soundtrack but it's terrible. Devil May Cry 3 was the best Devil may cry game ever created, bring it back. That is all. Expand
  10. Feb 2, 2013
    Don't be fooled by what most of people have said, this is one of the best action games of this year. The story is WAY deeper than ANY other Devil May Cry game, with a huge replay value, the combos are more stylish, controls are easier to deal with and the graphics are just stunning. The characters are also more believable, thanks to one of the Ninja Theory's specialties their incredible motion-capture work. Even if you are an old DMC fan, i'm sure you will be pretty satisfied with this title. 10/10, for sure. Expand
  11. Feb 9, 2013
    Story was good but Game play was too normal actions not very well but good Bosses are stupid and when you finish it you will have no attraction to complete new opened games from first
  12. Feb 10, 2013
    I think I get why so many people hate this game but giving it so low score is just not understandable. This is not Devil may cry game...DMC 1 and 3 are definitely better than this one but this is very good action game with nice graphics and superb soundtrack that just fits in action gameplay perfectly. I'd say definitely one of the best action games on Xbox360...just don't compare this to other DMC games as this is completely different experience... Expand
  13. Feb 11, 2013
    Ok i admit i wasn't expecting much from this new Devil May Cry reboot it its pretty good the game starts with a great intro and a fun tutorial level. the weapons are great and work amazingly well together and are original and pretty epic looking. the combat is fairly fast paced and violent just as you would expect from a devil may cry game. the story isn't great but it picks up at the end. the new Dante is not as funny or original as the one in the first three. overall it was a good attempt from capcom/ninja theory. sorry for the short review but i hope it helps. Expand
  14. Feb 19, 2013
    Bad game is bad. This game spits in the face of any fan of the previous games especially the 3 and 4 ones. I cannot imagine what anyone can see in this waste of time and money. The main character was replaced, the gameplay was dumbed down, the store was retconned. Had this game been released under a different name then no one would really be so mad about such a mediocre title. BUT to put the name Devil May Cry on it and then spit in the faces of those WHO WOULD pick it up BECAUSE OF THE NAME IS A INSULT. And as the new Dante would say: YOU! Expand
  15. Mar 5, 2013
    Ninja Theory has gone out of its way to create and breathe new life into the reboot of this beloved franchise. The hue and cry over Dante's new look would be short sighted and a downright silly reason to ignore this game. The developers have done an outstanding job trying to keep things familiar and at the same time different enough, setting the stage for things to come in future. Ninja Theory has proven their expertise at handling the license and probably (at least in my opinion) outdone the original.

    Visit: for the full review
  16. Nov 19, 2013
    It is fun that people dosent know that this game is a REBOOOOOOOT and not a continue of the other games. Please dont care about the 0 givers they dont know what they are talking about. Combat is amazing BUT they made Dane a douche
  17. Apr 12, 2013
    This game is amazing! To all the little internet complainers who have no idea what they are talking about and probably didn't even play the game and just want to constantly you are IDIOTS....It makes no sense to hate this game because they changed the character around a bit, I am a huge fan of Devil May Cry and this game is a step in the right direction, the levels are diverse and engaging, the combat feels fresh and satisfying, story is decent, love the banter with the Succubus and Bob Barbas, and the boss fights feel fresh and exciting, Arkham City used to be my favorite action adventure game but DmC is now the front runner, TO ALL THE WHINERS-STOP CRYING AND SHUT UP Expand
  18. Apr 19, 2013
    I'm not usually a fan of this type of game, see i have not played any of the previous dmc's, but from someone new to dmc, i can say that this is a solid game. After the first play through on med. hard wasn't that much harder. Son of sparda and up is where the challenge begin.
    Story was eh, typical bad guy try to take over the world you stop him, the way of doing it was really out there
    tho, got to give them that. Gameplay was awesome. moves are fluid easy to link. after this i can see me going to pick up dmc hd collection and trying it out. Expand
  19. Feb 11, 2014
    It is a good game with a good story. It was a nice reboot of a great series. When you compare it to the previous games, it falls flat, but as a stand-alone it was an immersive game with good graphics and an easy-to-understand fighting style. Overall it was a little too easy, and in other places it seemed the story was trying too hard to appeal to fans. It could be juvenile and the backstory of characters such as Dante and Vergil seem to rely on prior knowledge of the series, so if I was someone who had never played a Devil May Cry game, I would find the story hard to get into but still a great game. Expand
  20. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where to start? How about with the complaint that Ninja Theory and Capcom are brushing aside? This is the new entry in a decade long franchise, but has been taken in a vastly new direction - NT and Capcom would have you believe this excuses them for all the ridiculous decisions they've made. Dubbed "Donte" by skeptics, the main character has undergone rather a bizarre transformation. Where before we controlled a light-hearted half-human, half-demon devil slayer with a fondness for pizza, crazy action and adventure, now we're playing as a half-demon, half-angel potty mouth teenager. Is he a badly designed character? A well designed character? That is by and large, a matter of opinion, and I do not find him to my tastes. He is written poorly and his goals are nonsensical, as is his motivation - which seems to primarily exist in the form of a throw-away female who has questionable relationships with squirrels.

    Unfortunately, Tony Redgrave isn't the only one hit by the re-design hammer. His brother, Vergil - now dubbed as Vorgil or Vergul or the like, was once a power hungry half-demon, driven to this by his failure to protect his beloved mother. Now? He's rather like Hugo Weaving in V for Vendetta. Only poorly acted, with with a fixation for acting like "Anonymous". Once he hated human firearms, but in DmC, the katana wielder uses a military grade rifle to shoot a pregnant demon hostage in the womb - and after giving her enough time to realise that he's just given her a rather swift abortion, pops her in the head. His brother later brags about this to the demonic 'father' figure.

    That leads us nicely into the plot of DmC. There's not really much to say - seen the movie, They Live? It's more or less that. Mundus is controlling humans and blue isn't very happy about that, and he requires the help of his brother red to assist him. What follows is 5-6 hours of running about, swearing like demented teenagers and predictable plot-threads with no semblance of a character arc. Indeed, rather than an arc, the characters simply transition from one perspective to the other, in a completely illogical manner. But none of that is really important. Story, writing, characters, dialogue - inconsequential in a Devil May Cry game for the most part, excessive fluff that only adds to the package deal. So what about the core? What about the gameplay? Oh boy...
    I could complain about how I don't enjoy the gameplay in DmC, but that's all opinion and I'm sure you'd just disagree with me - I'll start off with some hard facts:
    DmC runs at half the framerate of DMC3 and DMC4
    DmC has 13 less moves than DMC3, and that's being generous. DmC has 8 weapons. DMC3 had 10. This is again being generous as many of the weapons in DmC act more like modifiers than actual new movesets.
    DmC has no styles, you could argue that the weapons have been rolled in with the styles. DMC3 had six styles. Some enemies in DmC are (seemingly) immune to certain weapons, forcing you to play in a specific way, whereas in prior games, you had more freedom.
    At the same time, many enemies in DmC can simply be stunlocked with a single attack with no hope of breaking free. There are many battles in the game that can be won by using one hand, one attack, and not even looking at the screen because there's (very poorly implemented) auto-aim and no lock-on.
    Those are facts that cannot be denied, but on the subject of opinion? I find the game to be a boring button masher with no depth, there's no room for creativity and I didn't die a single time during my time spent playing (up to and including Son of Sparda) In every way, shape and form, this is a downgrade from previous games in the series. Taking a different path doesn't excuse it for being inferior to prior games in every area. What about the visual presentation? This is perhaps the game's strongest point. When I say presentation, I don't mean performance - DMC4 ran at a solid 60FPS and rarely seemed to dip below that, even in the most elaborate and grand of battles. DmC runs at 30FPS max, and often dips as low as 15 if not lower, seeming to average out at around 20-25. I didn't experience any hard-crashes, but did run into a number of stupid glitches that seem like they shouldn't exist in a game with this high a budget.
    Visually, the game has some nice touches.

    The way that Limbo shifts about is a pleasant effect, if not mind-blowing, and whilst the characters designs are not to my tastes, at least some of the assets are of high quality. It's just a shame that you can't say the same about the gameplay, the writing, the story and so on. The character of Donte simply isn't one I wanted to root for, he had no redeeming features and was thoroughly unlikable.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. Buy the DMC HD collection if you want some proper Devil May Cry. Already beat it? Try Anarchy Reigns, or Bayonetta, or Vanquish, or Metal Gear Rising.
  21. Jan 18, 2013
    User score is just plain insulting and undeserved for this game. 99% probably havent played the game at all or given it a fair chance. This game is solid on all areas, and deserves a fair score.
  22. Jan 15, 2013
    Gameplay is atrocious compared to DMC 3 and 4. Its is a huge step backwards. Jump cancelling is put in the game just because the previous 2 games had it. In this game jump cancelling is lame. You can hit the skybox on the maps with jump cancelling and that devil bringer rip off. You can keep a enemy in the air indefinitely and be safe from everything else. While previous DMC games it was a test of skill on how long you can stay in the air, this game hand feeds you air time.

    The reason for this is because NT/Capcom wanted casuals to feel pro or something while playing a DMC game. So they watch videos of pro players for DMC3/4 and they are in the air most of the time and they just put the two together. They just made it so its super easy to stay in the air. They totally missed the point of DMC's high level gameplay, which was to make your enemies look bad and you look stylish. Air time is just a byproduct. So what we end up with is a clunky combat system with awkward controls. Donte pauses for a brief moment after every attack which contributes to making the gameplay clunky. There's too much platforming in this game. Pointless platforming. They make too much of a deal out of the shifting environment shtick. While previous DMC games never had strong stories, they were still enjoyable games and had enjoyable characters. DmC however is just screams tryhard and edgy. All that cussing is uncalled for.
  23. Feb 12, 2013
    I just finished it, and i loved every second of it, there is a lot of combos, great visuals, pretty good story line although the game is kind of short and there are not too many boss fights, but still the boss fights were really cool!! this game just makes you wanna play it more and more, one just cant put the controller down wile playing this, it really never gets boring at any point, I recommend you to buy this game if you are a real gamer and enjoy playing good games instead of bi*ching about them unlike these 500+ butthurt "fans" who gave this game a bad score.
    Sorry for bad English, I did my best
  24. Jan 16, 2013
    Well, just spent about two days playing this game, and I'm done. If this didn't have the name of a famous franchise no one would care, it'd be forgotten in weeks. The story feels like it was written by a teenager, the dialogue literally devolves into a comparison of penis size at one point. Beyond the story, the game play is extremely sub par. The game doesn't run at a consistent frame rate, which felt slow to begin with. Seems really off putting in a game that should have a focus on combat. Probably the most insulting part is the difficulty. Actually calling it difficulty is laughable. This game goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to being the most casual, easy, boring, button-mashing trash ever. The "hard" difficulty "Nephilim" is easier than the easiest difficulty in DMC3. It's easier than easy mode in **** God of War 3. "Son of Sparda" it advertises as something that will require skill! It doesn't require anything except the ability to recognize when one of the monsters is doing their extremely telegraphed (so telegraphed in fact that they LIGHT UP IN BRIGHT NEON LIGHTS when they are about to do it) attacks. Expect about 5 seconds to react to most enemies. Not even kidding, time it. One of the challenges I won by doing 2 attacks for 30 seconds. One, I would hold O to uppercut, and two, I would press O again to do a downward slash and then I repeated that until everything in the room was dead. It's not like that's even an isolated incident. Some moves provide so much invincibility that there's no reason to stop spamming, ever.

    Long story short, I am beyond disappointed. I can't believe I ignored everything I heard about this game and gave it the benefit of the doubt. I thought good game play would make up for any other shortcomings it had and it never delivers. Don't waste you money on this. Rent it if you must sate your curiosity.
  25. Feb 20, 2013
    Much easier than the previous games, yes. I can't see anything wrong with that though, as this game is more available to the casual gamer. I have finished the game on devil hunter, nephilim and son of Sparda and haven't had any real problems except for a few fights that were a bit challenging. Currently playing it through on Dante Must Die and even though I do agree that it should be way harder than it is, I still enjoy it, hell, I'll even go as far to say I love it. The visuals in this game are absolutely amazing. The art direction is fantastic! As for the music, I liked the soundtrack. The aggressive songs with Combichrist pumped me right up at the start of the fights.

    Old fans of the series seem to boycott this game without even trying it and that is ridiculous. Just look at the user score of this game and you'll see what I mean. I actually find the new Dante more enjoyable and likable as he seems more human (how ironic is that?) and even though he curses quite a lot in this game, it's always done in a tasteful manner. One thing I really enjoyed in this game was the ambitious attempt at a real story. I felt for Dante, Kat and Vergil and looking forward to the DLC.

    The only thing that annoyed me in this game was the serious lack of bosses. In the previous games there were a tonne of bosses and in this game it's nowhere near enough of them! If they plan on making a sequel to this game, I hope they listen to the fans and implement more bosses as they usually are the one thing players look forward to and love about the DMC-franchise.

    If you like hack 'n slash games with gorgeous visuals, tight control and metal music, I'll say this game is for you. if you hate this game with all of your existence, go back to the old games in the HD collection.
  26. Jan 16, 2013
    Regardless of the fanatics, who can only be satisfied when developers regurgitate the same game repeatedly for decades, DmC stands as an accomplishment by every unit of measure. The fact that Capcom even attempted to innovate on this title is remarkable and is to be commended. DmC expands a space previously reserved exclusively for the most extreme of the hardcore. The Devil May Cry series originated in a different era and for as good as that game was during its generation, the market and the audience is vastly different today then it was back then. Unlike DmC's predecessors, this game is simple to play, yet difficult to master.

    It's narrative is compelling, interesting, and witty. The action is engaging without being cumbersome, and most importantly it's fun as HELL. If you like action games, particularly Bayonetta or earlier Ninja Theory games, this title is a must own. Do yourself a favor and dismiss the crybabies or you might just miss out on a legitimate 2013 game of the year contender.
  27. Jan 31, 2013
    This is an amazing game. The jump and run action is fun, the combat is fun as always in a DMC game. You have everything you had before plus amazing art. The environment changes all the time and is vibrant and alive. This game really set the tone for what I would be expecting in the future from game makers. I want a rich experience with the surroundings, the visual side of what DMC has shown on that regard seems unparalleled. The soundtrack is also quite good and regardless of what the hipster fans of dmc 1 and 3 will tell you the story and the characters are great and better even! Expand
  28. Jan 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I personally loved this game. I have played all the other before. with the exception of number 4. To me this was an amazing game. The combat, the story, the interaction between Dante and Vergil was great. It was nice to see an actual fleshed out story and background between Dante and Vergil that had been only alluded to in the others. The story also takes a pretty cool modern take on social fears. And a very fleshed out story as well. I had some issues with the story but they were very minor things. Ending of the story was great except for the very end. It felt like a letdown because it was building to this very high point that you thought was going to make Dante and Vergil's relationship different from the original games, but turns into the same.

    Dante as an individual was something that i enjoyed. He starts off as his usual arrogant self like his main universe counterpart, not wanting any help, to becoming a character that is fully realized at the end. His visual style was very likable too. Even a little nod during the beginning to his main universe counterpart.

    Combat was great. I loved that you could string out so many moves so quickly, as i am a button masher person. Platforming was great too.

    I would definitely recommend this game to someone who loves quick pace action and just senseless killing one enemy after the next.
  29. Jan 18, 2013
    Let me start of with this: It's amazing, the story is the best in any DMC game so far, and it plays so smoothly, even at 30 FPS.
    The gameplay is by far the most fun I've had in any DMC game, it's responsive, the combos a sweet, and the fact that they removed styles shouldn't erk you, the knew hold down the trigger button system works way better, and adds even cooler chain attacks, Limbo
    is such a unique and artistic setting that it's impossible not to love, even when it's trying to kill you.
    The fact that the environment moves around and tries to kill Dante added a nice level of surprise to every mission, even if by the last three levels started to get predictable.
    The new design fits, it doesn't matter if you don't like it, it fits, and what made this Dante really cool is that he had more of a personality than old Dante.
    The new character Kat is by far my favorite DMC female character so far, I wont say why though, too much spoilers.
    However it's a little short, clocking my play time to a little over ten hours a nephilem mode, and it's a little too easy, but those a minor things.
    Dantes latest adventure is a major improvement all around, and I also would like to mention, don't trust the user score, it's just a bunch of old fans angry because the didn't get a normal DmC experience, they however, got something better.
  30. Jan 20, 2013
    This game is bad, the combat can be fun but the enemies are just to easy and the difficult mode are forced and don't feel natural, the history is to plain and childish ("we will conquer the world trow debts" ).
    And the characters, they really **** this up, vergil now use guns and have 0 honor, is motives are like any other run of the mill antagonist , dante is a **** punk - emo, that in
    the first 20 min u only want to kill him and his new partner is so weak that u cant just buy the rest of the history.

    Congrats capcom you kill another great game you **** resident evil and now you are coming for Devil May Cry
  31. Jan 15, 2013
    It's almost as bad as predicted. The combat can be fun, however everything else is like a middle finger to the fans of the series with bad writing(even for Devil May Cry), awful story, uninteresting characters, and little challenge.
  32. Jan 15, 2013
    NT's latest reboot of DmC franchise is exactly what gamers should hate gaming right now. It depicts how casualized gaming has become,, so it can appeal to the broader audience. Sure, the argument against it is, hey, Capcom wants to make money, so of course the right thing to do is to appeal to the biggest demographic there is, which is apparently 12 years old kids spouting memes and swear words on XBL. So really, if you are a fan of DmC franchise, this game is not targeted at you. Expand
  33. DMP
    Jan 15, 2013
    The game isn't completely horrible as some make it out to be. But if you're the type for hack-'n'-slash, especially a fan of the Devil May Cry series, you're in for some real disappointment. I am a long term fan of DMC, starting off from the first playing up until 4. Now, the Devil May Cry series isn't supposed to be known for it's story, but after the developers Ninja Theory made some comments about their DmC story rivaling literature and cinema (paraphrased) of today, you might want to consider it a selling point. And after you play this game, you will realize that that selling point is in the other direction. The story is horrible, and progresses its self through cutscenes after cutscenes of nonsense. It doesn't stop there; Dante constantly talks and deliver the worst one-liners in the series in this game that make you want to cringe.

    The combat is way dumbed down, with the removal of lock-on and taunt from previous game in the series, leaves you with simple button-mashing on poorly developed enemies.

    The target audience for Capcom and NT with this game are newcomers: younger generation of gamers and casual video game players that never had a DMC experience before. They may get those people, but Capcom and NT have thrown a few middle-fingers to existing fans throughout its development and handled poor user feedback and criticism shamefully. It'll be a shame if there is a sequel in this reboot and not in the classic DMC series.

    I don't mind the music change personally, but it does get dull after a while listening to the same dubstep music over and over.

    This game still has merits. I think it rightfully deserves a 4 for still being playable, just extremely and exhausting mediocre for a pedantic experience.
  34. Jan 15, 2013
    For each good aspect i find like the well implemented platforming, the varying combos, and interesting boss fights, I find another bad flaw to match it. The game is a hack and slash and plays like platformer. The varying combos become useless towards the end of the game. Interesting and unique boss fights like bob barbas are offset by more story driven ones that dumb down what could've been very difficult fights; Vergil, Mundus, and the slurm slug. To place a cherry on the cake, the new Dante seems to be a prequel to what we've seen in the earlier games. His catch phrases seem less funny and more aggressive; Like a child trying to hurt someones feelings at the playground. Expand
  35. Jan 15, 2013
    Combat is slow, limited and has next to no variety i.e enemies that can only be killed by one weapon, no styles, angel/demon stance ripped straight from heavenly sword, another game by NT. Story is a rip-off of they live. Character development, design and dialogue are outright outrageous and disgusting, not to mention it insults the fans of the franchise. There's even a scene in which one of the protagonist's allies shoots an unborn child and then kills the mother after she realizes what happened, while in the previous games he despised guns. The only redeeming points about this game are the visuals. Expand
  36. Jan 15, 2013
    DISCLAIMER: As with all reviews, they should be taken with a grain of salt as they are opinions and like opinions they differ considerably from person to person.

    DmC: Devil May Cry is an decent game within it's own merits but falls short in many other area for one the combat is accessible enough for anyone of any level of gaming to pick up this game and almost immediately began
    to enjoy it. The combat is made to be as gratifying as possible for players, making the player feel accomplished with it's combo system. The combat is done really well, however my major complaints are simply that there isn't enough of it nor is it challenging enough and nowhere near as exciting as the games before it in the series. The game tries it's best to offer variety in its combat with new enemies, new weapons, and new abilities but the game limits you in how you approach enemies, said enemies require said weapon in order to be defeated. That kills the fun that DMC is known for, being "stylish" gone with the days of multiple styles, multiple move sets/weapons, almost every fight can be approached how the player wanted. In DmC it's approached depends solely on how the developer's want you to. Lack of player creativity in this department.

    Moving on to the stage design. The stage design is brilliant; Ninja Theory knocked out this one out of the park, the platforming is amazing and Ninja Theory should really consider making a platforming based game; they've proven themselves well in this area. Unfortunately in DmC there is simply way too much of it, and not enough combat. The game feels slowed down and tedious half way through the game due to the over abundance of floating platforms the player must jump on/interact with. It really conflicts with what they were trying to do (a fast paced action game).

    In regard to the story it feels like it's trying to be too many things at once, it wants to be hardcore, or it wants to be comedic or it wants to be shocking or it wants to be suspenseful. It just doesn't know, it's trying it's best to excel at all areas but ends up falling short all together and because of this the story (although told in a unique way) becomes uninteresting, protagonist has no character other than trying to appeal to a younger demographic with swears and rude gestures and the like; other characters in the story have little to no personality, become difficult for player to relate to. And a central plot which can be easily determined from the first two missions.

    +Good combat! +Really good, well thought out stage design.
    +Very accessible -Excessive platforming detracts from the main focus of the game which is the combat
    -Story is unmemorable, tries too hard to be taken seriously
    -Characters are unlikeable and have no depth
    -Not enough variety in combat
    -Graphical downgrade from it's predecessor
    -Limited by it's engine. (Unreal 3)

    4/10 - Game is average at best, although it does well in making combat accessible it falls short in many other areas of the game and is nowhere near the quality in comparison of that of it's predecessors in the series.

    If you're interested in picking up DmC: Devil May Cry, I strongly recommend you give the game a rent before purchasing.
  37. Jan 15, 2013
    I was a long time fan of DMC, but this DmC isn't the same game I once loved. The combat was touted to be more accessible, but I found it too easy as a veteran of the previous games. When the game does let you play its a slow button masher, but action is readily interrupted by cutscenes and the whole experience became an annoyance by the end of things. The weapon switching was not instant like I felt that it should be, the lag between my trigger pulls and the actual in game action was noticeable and irritating. The fire and ice enemies made the game more of a chore when fighting in areas of mixed enemies, this severely limited my choices and combos would fall flat as the lack of lock-on would send Dante attacking in the wrong directions. The story was abysmal, but I don't buy action games for the story. Unfortunately the gameplay cannot float this game alone with more platforming than actual fights. Expand
  38. Jan 15, 2013
    This is a messed up game, there's no other way to describe it. The story makes Mass Effect 3 look like a Shakespearean masterpiece, being filled with witty banter like "Who the f*** are you?" "I'm your prom date you ugly sack of s***" "F*** YOU!" "F*** YOU!" and "Now the world is your b*tch and so am I"; pure poetry. Try comparing this dialogue to that of the previous Devil May Cry games, which opened boss fights with funny and occasionally bizarre scenes, such as one where Dante and Agnus act out a strange and over the top parody of Elizabethan drama before fighting. Issues are also raised in the story which far outweigh the the poor dialogue in terms of bringing the game's quality down such as one scene where a character kills murders a pregnant character and her unborn child; it baffles me as to how such a scene was ever allowed to be included in the game. The setting looked to be the only decent part of the game for a while, but it ends up disappointing in the final background, serving only to be backdrops that have no interaction with the gameplay apart from one awful level where you have to dodge flying Word Art barriers The voice acting is awful, with almost every single character, Dante included, sounding totally disconnected from the game, which only worsens the already pore dialogue
    The gameplay itself is a complete bastardisation of the Devil May Cry franchise, being incredibly easy and with far less crazy combos, partially due to the decision to make angel and demon weapons activated by pulling their respective trigger, which greatly limits the number of moves possible. Meanwhile, the demon axe is severely overpowered and the angel weapon is more or less useless, only needed when you fight a particular kind of enemy which is immune to all your other weapons. The AI is awful as well, with enemies slowly lumbering towards you and attacking you one at a time, removing the potential for any great challenge in the game.
    I could write more about this game and why it is so bad, but I'd rather force the game out of my mind and forget it ever existed
  39. Jan 15, 2013
    Anything that was remotely challenging about previous entries in the series has been completely edited out and what remains is a cutscene riddled, slow paced "action" game that puts more emphasis on trying to be "edgy" by overuse of curse words.

    Even if you disregard the fact that Dante has been rebooted to a younger audience the gameplay still lacks in every area due to easy difficulty
    levels and slow action.

    If you've played the previous entries there is nothing new or exciting about this game and you should just let it fly off your radar
  40. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is an affront to everything the original series stood for; gone is the high level difficult gameplay and replaced with a watered-down mediocre experience that presents itself as somehow superior to the previous installments. The story is bland and laughable, especially so because of how pompous and full of hubris Ninja Theory has been in their declarations, stating this game would shatter the perception of what a game could be and would attain "Shakespearean"-level storytelling. No new innovations are actually present in the new game aside from increased amounts of platforming, which is hardly what drives the core gameplay. In addition to the watered down combat the Stylish meter is no long a measure of how varied your combat can be, or how creative you are, but rather just a hit counter with a different set of paint, you can literally use the same attack to go from D to SSS.

    If you are a fan of the original series DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.

    If you are a fool who loves blatant attempts at cashing in on recognizable franchise then this one is for you!
  41. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is an insult to everyone that's a fan of the older DMC games. Protagonist is an edgy teenager pandering to 15 year olds that can't swear in front of their mommies or they won't get dessert after dinner, style meter was completely destroyed, runs at 30 FPS, has no lock-in button and most weapons are useless if you can just axe people to death, horrible soundtrack. Gave it a 1 cause it has nice visuals sometimes. Expand
  42. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is turgid and awful 'game' in which gameplay consists of mashing the buttons until you receive a good rating - wandering around boring environments and listening to Dunte say things like "C'mere" and "You missed" in a boring 2cool4school Hollywood-esque voice over

    The story and art direction is turgid edgy hipster **** with a dash of Screamo metal thrown over the piece like
    cat sick coating a dog turd Expand
  43. Jan 15, 2013
    Where to start with this awful game...

    Struggles to maintain 30 FPS when DMC 3 and DMC 4 maintained 60 FPS; this means DmC can rarely handle more than 4 enemies on screen. Cutscenes tend to have issues with noticeable FPS drops
    Characters are unlikable. Donte is a prick that acts like trailer trash, Vorgil kills a defenseless woman, and Kat is just a plot device. After Vorgil kills
    Lilith and her baby, Donte mocks Mundus about it. I know that we're suppose to hate Mundus for being the 1%, but come the **** on; that's just heartless. How can NT sit there with a straight face and tell me that Donte and Vorgil are so much better people than Mundus?
    Game doesn't have any of the over-the-top cutscenes that became a big part of the action genre in DMC 3. Instead, Donte and Vorgil are edgy and abort fetuses.
    The dialogue is awful **** you, **** you, **** you).
    There are no more styles; only generic light, medium, and heavy stances. Welcome to Heavenly Sword 2.0.
    Style meter is more-or-less a damage meter now. You don't have to mix up your combos. Just keep hitting them with Arbiter.
    Demon Dodge + Arbiter gives you an easy SSS (S rank alone should never be easy in DMC, otherwise where's the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment?)
    The plot is awful. It's a rip-off of They Live and poorly done at that. After Mundus dies, the hellgate opens and demons pour out. I guess Donte and Vorgil don't seem to care that countless humans will likely die because now demons are running wild through the world. Donte fights Vorgil because Vorgil wants to rule humans, but Donte refuses to kill him because he'd be worse than Vorgil or some **** like that. The plot doesn't make sense.
    Gameplay is watered-down. Each weapon has significantly less combos than in DMC 3 or DMC 4. There's a dedicated launch button now instead of the class lock-on button+hold back+B or Square. The game has two dodge buttons; two dodge buttons is a waste.
    There's no lock-on. What does the game honestly gain by losing the lock-on button to focus on the specific enemy you want to attack?

    The game is just one deeply offensive insult to DMC fans. Don't listen to the gaming "journalists" that antagonize and troll DMC fans over this; this game is absolute garbage. We've known that it's garbage from a design perspective for years and the demo confirmed that the gameplay is a trainwreck, but it still receives 9s and 8s. Do yourself a favor and buy anything else. DMC HD Collection and DMC 4 cost less than DmC and are much better. You can buy Bayonetta and that game is much better. You can wait next month for MGR.
  44. Jan 15, 2013
    I really tried to like this game. Really wanted it to be a great game but it turns out its bloody awful.
    Previous devil may crys were stylish action and fast paced combat. There is nothing fast or stylish about this game. The 30fps although allows for better environment it cannot handle quick actions.
    Then comes the combo and ranks, which in this game are not interesting . In fact they
    are sloppy and dull.
    Story wise feels like a twilight movie. I mean for goodness sake the game highlight is the cheesy swearing. Oh and vergil shoots a pregnant woman and dante seems not to care. Honestly if you are a 12 year old who thinks is cool to smoke and swear then this game is for you. If you are a serious gamer and fanboy since back in the day(myself included) then avoid this game or resell it like i did.
  45. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game, oh boy. Speaking as a woman it's vile and reprehensible. Doing whatever disgusting reprehensible thing necessary to get the outcome you want is something the main villain is supposed to do, not the main hero. Yes, Dante was trying to lure Mundus away from the Hellgate, but it Expand
  46. Jan 15, 2013
    Devil May Cry 4 was my first game in the series that I played, and all I can remember about the game was neo, and an older stronger bloke called Dante. I loved the game. Now all I know about Dante is what I have learnt playing DMC, so all these people who are saying he is not Dante, this is not Dante, I hate you Ninja Theory. I cannot understand what they are talking about. But from my point of view. Very Good Game. And worth a play though by even none Devil May Cry fans.... Expand
  47. Jan 15, 2013
    This is not the game you might be expecting.
    Perhaps you were eager to get your hands on this game because of its title. "DEVIL MAY CRY", it says, claiming to be a part of the superb franchise that revolutionized hack and slash gameplay and set the standard for 3D action games since its debut. This game brought this revolution to a full stop and instead chose to dumb down the complex
    combo mechanics that its prequels have perfected over the years.

    'Streamlined' is the right word to describe the gameplay offered in DMC. Linear corridors, nearly broken combo mechanics that offer up infinite attack strings early on in the game, and a story that is either predictable or just horrendously insulting to the player. You will see very grotesque imagery throughout your playthrough (starting at the main menu screen) and dialogue that is downright juvenile.

    If you yearn for a well designed hack and slash game, don't get your hopes up with this one. It is playable when it comes to mechanics, but the real problem is being able to actually endure the dialogue and imagery that the designers of this game seem to consider artistic.
  48. Jan 15, 2013
    Well here we are with a new DmC entry, I'll get right to the point with my review in a checklist style
    5/10,it is a downgrade from previous Devil May Cry titles as losing the Lock On button forced the game to also lose plenty of moves that required the use of the lock on to be able and perform d-pad motions, depth of combat was also taken out or completely changed from previous
    DMC titles, now all moves combo into each other making flashy combos easy for everyone, even a blind person could make "sick" combos, NJ style of depth takes the form of enemeis that have unique weapon weaknesses or weak spots, this hindrances the gameplay as you have to interrupt your attack in order to reposition yourself or change weapon, in order to not affect your combat grade, NJ decided to also alter the way the game grades you, in this version of DMC as long as you dont get hit, your grade wont be reduced, even if you stand doing nothing for minutes, whereas in previous titles you had to think of smart ways to keep it high, either by varying up your combos or throwing a taunt here and there, this new system as you can see takes away from the skill.

    All enemies telegraph their attacks, well they always do in the other games, however in this version they take several seconds before they launch their attacks, combine this with a low enemy count and the inability for most of them to attack Dante while he is doing air combos and you got yourself a very very easy game.

    so for me, the combat and difficulty in this game while fun for new comers of this franchise, is completely lacking and lost of feeling of challenge.

    Music : 5/10 this is mostly a matter of opinion, some of the tracks are quite good and do seem to fit the franchise, however all the ones that include heavy use of dubstep (boss music im looking at you) are really aweful and show poor taste

    Graphics: 6/10 unfortunately for DMC, the developers decided to use the Unreal Engine, while its not a bad engine they did have a better engine they could have work with, CAPCOMS MT Framework engine, thus DMC's visual while good were not better than what we have seen in DMC4, a title released about 4 or 5 years ago and certainly not up to par with other titles released in 2012, however the only redeeming quality was the art direction of the game, the changing city and special effects used in some stages was quite good, too bad character models and animations werent.

    Story: 5/10
    If anyone has watched the movie THEY LIVE by John Carpenter, you would know that DMC's story is almost a complete Copy/Paste of it, except that THEY LIVE at least had decent dialogue, whereas DMC's dialogue is just crude and childish, even going to compare $%^ sizes between some characters, however Story should never be a reason to play a DMC title so instead of the 2/10 I was going to give it, I'll bump it up to 5/10

    Final Thoughts
    For me this DMC game has changed from action genre to the hack and slash or brawler genre, for example like those Dinasty Warrior games were all you do if perform 100+ hit combos just mashing the X button, now I don't mean to say the game is bad, DMC is a good game, but not as a Devil May Cry title, had the game had another name it would have been alright because I would not have had to compare it to its previous titles and see how many features were removed to make the combat extremely simple and depth lacking.

    so my final score is a 5/10
  49. Jan 15, 2013
    Anyone reading this review will understand that i am a original fan of the series, but ill try to be objective.
    This DMC games seems like a god of war clone with a "sazzy" pottymouth protagonist with a "attitude" Combat is okay, not great but ok. Boss fights are downright horrible. Graphics seems like something taken out from epic mickey and seems out of place but i suppose its "surreal"

    Some story elements are ok enough,but the whole thing reeks of being made for like 15 yrs that wont see the obvious plot direction. Its clear that this game was made for a demographics around 13-15 that still think saying **** is cool. Sadly am 28

    Straight to the point, if you like dubstep, 30fps combat,swearing, "special" heroes that are "developing" and your born after 1999 then this game is a good choice when it comes on sale.

    If your a fan of the DMC franchise you should stay clear of it...

    if your a fan of Dante the character you should avoid it like the plague
  50. Jan 15, 2013
    Forget the old games, DmC: Devil May Cry fails on it's own merit. With an incredibly low skill requirement, combat system that restricts experimentation through "color-coded" enemies, painful platforming, and frustrating controls, there's little to like about this game. While the levels look great, they are as linear as can be and "secret" areas are ham-fistedly obvious with the only challenge being whether or not Dante will choose to grapple correctly or fall to his death. Enemies are passive and lack any real originality, save for a few decent enemy types. The game performs terribly and framerate drops are common and obvious. While the game manages to be relatively bug-free, a few glaring examples still exist such as Dante's ability to jump all the way to the sky box using his occasionally trusty grappling hook. Complaints about the story alone could fill a review several times over but it is the actual gameplay mechanics that make Ninja Theory's latest attempt at success fall flat on its face. Expand
  51. Jan 15, 2013
    When we were kids, who played DMC series, we all dreamed of one day, if we could for just once, open a demon hunting shop, hunting demons ( Evils ) with styles by using creativity and wit so we can be cool.

    But the new kids who play DmC, they will all think dropping F bombs, bully fat guys, insulting people and being filthy and dirty are in terns of BEING COOL.

    Dante---a true hero
    who acts like he cares free but actually cares about humanity and friends around him with a kind heart. When people said demons never cry, he cried for friends and his family when no one can see it.

    Donte--- A FOUL LANGUAGE **** HOLE. Who even think he is the key of humanity.
  52. Jan 15, 2013
    as bad as people claim this is they are blinded by nostolgia when it comes to the story, NONE of them had good stories, they were all cliched, the first one they crammed so many cliched plots into one... "you remind me of my mother, i love you now because we are both different and lone wolves. lets fly away into the sunset" as for the killing babies....the main character doesn't kill a HUMAN baby it was the son of the devil and a demon... if people are doing to nitpick at least be correct Expand
  53. Jan 15, 2013
    Writing is terrible. The story trys to pass itself off as shakespearian but is really just an immature They Live rip-off. Worst is the characters, who are completely unlikable. Gone are Dante's fun, hammy personality and one liners, replaced with **** YOU and blow jobs. Vergil, who went from a stoic, determined swordsman, to a baby killer who brags about his big dick. And Mundus, who went from fallen angel to sleazy businessman (And arguably more likable and sympathetic then Dante or Vergil). Kat is meh, and Phineas is cool, and should honestly be in a better game. The REAL problem with the game, however, is the gameplay. Enemies are significantly dumbed down and combos are designed to be very braindead and mash friendly, which adds up to a game that's so easy you could sleep on it. Enemies that can only be hurt with certain weapons, which really limits the creativity of combos. A screwed up style system that rewards based on damage rather then skill, which means one or two hits from the ax or fist weapons can give you an SSS rank. Poor bossfights. None of the bosses really put their heart into it, and there's only one duel boss in the game, which is also too easy.

    Of course, this wouldn't be TOO bad if it weren't for Ninja Theory and Tameem taking so many shots at the old fanbase and games. Not to mention all the "Gaming Journalists" (HA!) getting in on the bashing (I'm actually pretty certain everyone's given this rave reviews just to spite the fanbase. Jim Sterling's review in particular makes this obvious. A Tweet between Ninja Theory and XOM also proves that they payed off at least one reviewer, but I digress.) All this mud slinging is the worst part about this game, as despite all the problems, it's not THAT bad but mearly "So Okay It's Average". The insults are why it gets a zero, and why I got it used instead of new.
  54. Jan 16, 2013
    Boring cutscene:
    Casual final boss:
    Auto lock issue:
  55. Jan 16, 2013
    This game is a reboot right?
    So, here is a big question: Why reboot?
    Reboot are usually used when the universe is **** beyond recognition and you have a bunch of plot-holes and stuff you just can't get rid of. So why did they reboot DMC, a great series? For nothing that's why.

    And not only did they reboot it, they also picked the worst design choices i have ever seen. Trading DMC
    beautiful worlds for a "hur dur dark n gritty with evul rich peepl" where **** YOU is written all over the walls and a protagonist which only methods of discussing are saying NO U and hostaging dead babies with Ken(Barbie) for a partner? Real smooth move NT.

    Not only were the visuals and story throw into the trash but the gameplay too. Now you can get an SSS pressing X three times. How fun!

    Anyway, this game is so bad, they will need ANOTHER reboot after it, just to clean it out of the DMC name, which it's not worth of. That is, if NT and crapcom are still alive after this.
  56. Jan 16, 2013
    The game is made with one person, spit in your face in as many ways as possible, and it does just that, that characters are juvenile and unlikable, they alienate old fans with insults to the characters they replaced, as well as having awful dialogue and committing horrible acts (shooting a pregnant woman and taunting the father). The gameplay is sub par, the controls are clunky and the style rating is pointless, giving you a perfect style rating despite you having done nothing stylish. The difficulty is not existent aside form the awful controls, enemies have very few attacks, are stunned by everything, and kindly wait 5 seconds after alerting you to the face they're going to attack before doing so. The art style is ok in parts, but at the start and towards the end becomes rather dull. Oh and one of the protagonists uses squirrel semen, this is canon and affirmed in the dialogue. The game leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth and nothing more. Expand
  57. Jan 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Playing this games feels like reading a furry fanfiction, a bad one, it´s that bad.
    Vergil kills a pregnant woman for christ´s sakes, and he's not even the bad guy.
    What the heck where they thinking?
  58. Jan 16, 2013
    The new story makes sense it has an american feel to it and is not as hard to follow. The DMC of old had a story that would make you go cross eyed and questions that went unanswered. This story feels solid complete makes sense and makes you more emotionally invested in the character something the DMC of old was unable to do. There are things I didint like about some of the changes such as the gun models ect. But the reboot is going to keep the series alive and well and at the end of the day all i want is more DMC. Long live DMC Expand
  59. Jan 16, 2013
    I am enjoying this game like crazy! I played the original but that was it! I don't understand what all the fuss is about. The gaming community is the most self entitled group of people I have ever known. They make the whole group look really bad when they cry over this stuff. And how they all came in here without playing the game and rated this a one is a clear indicator of how much they should NOT be taken seriously. You guys MAKE ME ASHAMED TO IDENTIFY MYSELF AS A GAMER. Expand
  60. Jan 16, 2013
    This game was a average game on whole. But from the DmC series we expected more. The plot came off as juvenile, the ending was laughably bad, the combat was fun but shallow compared to DmC 4, and it is also a much more easier game compared to the others. This game put more into advertising then actually game-play development and story. Sad to see a series like this come up with such a bad game.
  61. Jan 16, 2013
    0 I even need to explain how HORRIBLE this game is? The story is horrible, The Final Boss battle was a disappointment, Crapcom and Ninja Theory being **** The graphics are par at best, and [Most of] the characters in DmC are unlikable. However, the only characters that took my interest were Kat and Phineas, everyone else were either Sadistic or plain uninteresting. The Gameplay is HORRIBLE, why the F*** is there no manual lock-on function to perform better, more agile, combos with your weapon set? And why did they use the Unreal Engine instead of a MT Framework system? Makes no god-damn sense.
    superninjatam and alex jones insulting the original DMC fanbase, these so-called "reviewers" being bribed to PRAISE THE LIVING S*** out of this game, and insulting us even further by adding a Easter Egg of DINO looking at a mirror with Original Dante's wig during the 1st mission while DINO goes on and says, "not in a million years" before throwing it to the ground.
    ...To be honest, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, which will be release next month, feels more like a Devil May Cry game than this piece of F****** S***.
    I'm glad I've listen to my wallet, my peeps, and Main Event about this atrocious game.
    Saved $60+
    ...One more thing, you'll have to wait next month for Vergil's Downfall to be released for those who bought this damn game.
  62. Jan 16, 2013
    This was a fantastic game. I am not sure why everyone hates it so much. To me this sounds like a similar problem a bunch of children had with the ending of Mass Effect 3. DMC did a fantastic job in every aspect, people are upset with the contemporary setting and the short hair, get over it. DMC 4 did terrible and for good reason, it was washed up and nobody cared. Ninja Theory accomplished exactly what they wanted, people to talk about there game, no ink is bad ink in the review world. The more people that write bad reviews, the more hype the game gets. So in my opinion, keep the bad reviews coming because it is giving a great game more and more spotlight in the media. Congratulations Ninja Theory on the fantasmic-eye-candy-licious orgasm of the mind accomplishment that is DMC. Expand
  63. Jan 16, 2013
    Starting with gameplay:
    -Undeniably laughable difficulty, this is an objective fact. You cannot maintain the stance that DMC's even hardest difficulties pose a challenge and claim to be a 'gamer'
    -the Style system, subjectively the most important piece of the Devil May Cry formula has been hideously disemboweled in this title. There are barely penalties for spamming the same move, combos
    can now break through more than one grade, and gaining ranks is child's play. Don't try and claim that this makes it more accessable in a positive way, because the Style system is the most fun and rewarding aspects of Devil May Cry, and this new system replaces building a balsa model with playing with Duplex. See /watch?v=BNyNX0jY7aA before you reply
    -Canceling has been ruined under the new system. Although in previous games the jump-cancel has never been identical, the new system promotes either ignoring the feature of jump-canceling or the explotation of jump-canceling to gain higher combos unfairly.
    -Elimination of lock-on system makes manipulation of direction attacks a thing of the past, and creates a stronger focus on mashing on the enemy in front of you as opposed to using the 3 different lock-on systems to quickly engage a new foe. Basically, this allows people with low brain power to play the game without having to plan out their attacks.

    Character design:
    For a full explanation of why Donte is terribly written, please go to /watch?v=BuoUfyMUQTc
    However, I will gladly sum up why Donte and the other Ninja Theory cartoon characters are terrible without mentioning the hair.
    -Vorgil, Donte's brother, is now an overly edgy and stupid looking caricature of his role in the past. For instance, in one scene, he purposely shoots a pregnant woman with a sniper rifle with the goal of keeping her alive and aborting the fetus. This is from the character who canonically would not use guns as they were dishonorable. And don't give me any bull about how this is only offending me, as i've seen far worse things handled in far more mature ways. Ninja Theory's only goal here was to be as anti-confirmatory as possible, which they succeeded in in an unintentionally hilarious way.
    -Kat, the main Donte-Gal, uses magic squirrel semen to do magic. To quote the article, "Ninja Theory has kept its sense of humour." Hilarious, right?
    -Donte is a whiny spoiled brat. Watch the video above, seriously. Watch it. This is coming from the goofy, lovable, and overall kindhearted Dante of Devil May Cry. I don't know who could possible prefer the rebooted character over Dante, excluding mallgoths who shop at hot topic Dialogue
    -"F**K YOU' "F**K YOU" "F**K YOU"
    -"I've got a bigger dick"
    -"I am Mundus, the Demon King"
    This game seems like it was written by children, for children.
  64. Jan 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm so completely and utterly baffled by some of the negative reviews of metacritic, and it really saddens me to see such a well-designed game suffer from the immaturity of a spurned fan-base who believe they are the all-knowing force that should dictate what Capcom does with it's already established gaming franchise. Capcom gave the "Devil May Cry" name to a very well suited designer in Ninja Theory. They have shown an incredible ability to display subtle character emotions through their other games, and with this newest project they've attempted to blend this talent with truly superb hack-n-slash gameplay. The result is DMC, a game that despite a few quirks, does contain plenty of material worthy of merit and recognition. The story of DMC isn't perfect, and it isn't necessarily a nail-biter, but it is at the very least entertaining, and takes several liberties to present the familiar Devil May Cry lore in a fascinating new light. Despite what several reviews have stated, I've found that Ninja Theory has done well to establish an interesting cast. The new Dante is presented as a confused young man who knows little of his past, and after meeting his brother Vergil, he sets out to confront the "demons" (ha, demon pun) of his past. Dante has all the attitude and raw style you would expect of him, but he's also presented as a dimensional character who also cares for humanity, and throughout the game, he grows an interest in his female human companion, Kat. This Dante can be cruel and unlikeable at times, but as a whole is presented very well. The mo-cap also does an excellent job of presenting the subtle emotions and expressions on his face, which I found drew me more into the story. Supporting characters such as Vergil, the twin brother who as it turns out has slightly more sinister and ambitious goals than first believed, and Kat, the human-psychic companion who proves her worth by saving the Nephilim twins time and again, bring something to the table, but as a whole the story is more focused on Dante realizing who he is, and setting out to avenge his family. The primary antagonist Mundis is a serviceable, if slightly stereotypical, baddie, but he doesn't necessarily do anything out of the box that will make you say "wow". As far as the actual writing goes, it is far stronger in some areas than others, but as a whole comes off as entertaining, without really making you think too much. A lot of people seem to have issues with certain aspects of the story such as the "my dick's bigger" line Vergil drops towards the end and the now infamous "assault-rifle abortion" seem to take things too far out of context. The Vergil line was part of a series of brotherly insults traded between Dante and Vergil, because, you know, they are TWIN BROTHERS. I'm sure out there in the world right now are twin brothers who've had the exact same wording come out of their mouths. As for the "abortion", I fail to see what could possibly be offensive about a man shooting and killing the unborn son of a demon king while it still resides in the womb of a demon woman. That, to me, is a perfectly justifiable act. As for the gameplay, I find it to be simplistic,but incredibly enjoyable. Combos start out basic and quickly become more complex as you add more and more of the games weapons into long, unending chains of death and brutality. You have familiar weapons like sword Renegade and dual pistols Ebony and Ivory, which serve as the base weapons of the game. Meanwhile, holding the left or right trigger transforms weapons into angel or demon based weapons respectively. Angel weapons have a slight flair factor to them and typically are fast, low damage dealing weapons that are excellent to string to the end of combos because the speed quickly allows you to add more attacks to the end of a chain. On the flipside, demon based weapons are the heavies of the game, dealing more damage in slow, brutal blows that serve excellent to demolish enemies with protection in the form of shields. Once you gain all of your abilities it becomes extremely satisfying to chain and switch between every single weapon in the game in non-stop combos of death. As for the enemy variety, well, it could be better. Soon in the game enemies that can only be harmed by certain weapon types quickly limits that same arsenal that made the game so fun in the first place. To sum it all up, the new DMC is a vastly entertaining game worth trying out, and is far better than other user reviews on metacritic will have you believe. If you want to try out some excellent hack-n-slash, this is what you want. If you were a fan of the DMC series before this game, rent it, play through, and see what Ninja Theory have brought to the table. Hopefully, more people stop being bias and this game sells well, because I for one, and hoping for a sequel. Expand
  65. Jan 16, 2013
    The story is very Bad..Game Play is very Bad. Auto Lock on System is Very Bad. It make You will can't control Target. Attack Range is Very Far. It make u can't Combo 3 Enemies in the Same time. Boss Fight is Very Boring. The Last Boss Vergil in DmC is very Slow and Vergil 's Skill is very Easy to Evade..
    And Its Cutsence....I can't Belive This is DMC if I see Cutsence intro. In game has
    Sex Sense of Mundus....It make me Sick...I hate NT Expand
  66. Jan 17, 2013
    Fantastic game. The gameplay is fun, fast and variable. The game looks great, as does the character design, and the music is rocking. I haven't played the previous DMCs, but I really like the characters in this reboot, especially Dante. The dialogue is snappy and doesn't take itself too seriously. I would urge fans of the previous series to give this game a chance, and not reject it just because "It's different, Dante's different." Expand
  67. Jan 17, 2013
    Well, I finished this game in only a few hours and was heavily disappointed. I made sure not to listen to any fans bashing the game because it wasn't the same as the originals just so I could observe it for myself and as a standalone game; not an entry into the series.

    I'm okay with swearing, but the characters were swearing and using sexual imagery constantly, it was completely
    juvenile. The story was extremely boring, just a simple "we are special because of x so this means we are the only ones who can kill y". The gameplay was also very repetitive with bosses that would take one swing every few minutes and let you wail on them forever until you dodge their next move, it was disgustingly easy even on the highest difficulty.

    Do not buy this game, if you want to play it then just buy it second hand but don't expect anything good.
  68. Jan 17, 2013
    Being a long time fan of the Devil May Cry series, I was so excited when I found out this game was coming out. I finished the game yesterday & I have to say that is game is amazing. It was so much fun to play, the story was awesome & it's the same Dante just a younger more rebellious version. A lot of people hung up on idiotic technicalities like, his hair being different are cheating themselves out of a good game. I like where the story went, the ending was good, it was a nice way to show how Dante came to be the awesome loveable Demon killer so many have grown to love. Some people claim that they had issues with the speed of the game but I personally encountered no glitches or anything wrong with it. It's worth playing & if you're a true DMC fan then it's definitely worth buying. Ninja Theory took a risk & they succeeded in making an all around hardcore game. I'm impressed to say the least. Expand
  69. Jan 17, 2013
    Well, this is my review. I should note that I borrowed the game from a friend.


    I consider the story in this game to be mediocre at best as they could've done A LOT better considering the amount of potential this game had. Unfortunately, the writing was left in the hands of Ninja Theory...whose literary abilities are so good they had to hire outside writers for Heavenly Sword
    and Enslaved, and the writer for Heavenly Sword had to rewrite the majority of the script because it was THAT bad. Suffice to say I was genuinely disappointed with what I saw.

    And let's face it guys, while the DMC games has never had a stellar 10/10 storyline...neither does this one.

    Story: 4/10


    For all of the defenders trying to shoot down the 'the combat is bad' complaints, I'm not sure what standards you're going by, but the standards of the series and the genre in general is far higher than what we got handed to us. It's watered down, boring combat that you could basically sleep through, not to mention the game was PAINFULLY easy even on the highest difficulties. Remember the Vergil vs Dante fight in DMC3? That was a thrilling, exciting and difficult battle. Vergil in DmC was incredibly easy, boring and slow paced, even on the highest difficulties. Not to mention the utterly pointless cutscenes that constantly came out of nowhere completely disrupting my pace. I also think the style system was completely casualized in this game. In the previous DMC games you had to actually switch it up, do different combos and improvise in order to increase your stylish rank whereas you only need to press 2 buttons (yes, really) in order to get SSS in this game.

    Combat 3/10


    This is the big one guys. I found most of the characters in the game to be mundane and bland and I didn't find myself liking anyone. Vergil is contrived and gives off this air of being an obnoxious wanker, and Dante is well...Dante. I feel like they couldn't settle for a character for Dante, was he and edgy "F*CK YOU" teenager? A kid with a rough childhood rising above it? An antagonistic douchebag? The answer is all of them, because they couldn't be concrete with him and his personality.
    I found myself not giving a dime about Kat or anyone beyond that, it felt like she was just there to drive the story forward and was generally useless except for intel gathering and withstanding torture.

    Characters 2/10


    It's one redeeming feature. Except it's TOO DAMN RED. Everything is so much red it almost hurt my eyes. Graphics wise it's great and I never dropped below 30fps for me.

    Visuals 7/10


    Not only is DmC a poorly written game with cringeworthy dialogue, but it doesn't try and dial it back and go ''Hey, guys! We're MEANT to be corny and a parody!" it takes itself SERIOUSLY, which is laughable in of itself. Outside of the notable lines like 'wet chunks', 'f*ck you', 'you're an a*shole', etc, the dialogue is bland and monotone or just plain not interesting. Having gone through the entire game from start to finish, I never felt enthralled by anything that was going on and simply laughed at the idiocy that was going on in my television more than caring about the story or the characters.

    I give it a 2 simply because some of the combos were fun, but that's it.
  70. Jan 18, 2013
    just so weird, it's look like demon don't know how to walk, even boss, boss, why are you so big and so easy to hit?
    Are you making Legend of Zelda?
    Hope DmC 2 will be better, NT will be better.
  71. Jan 18, 2013
    There are valid reasons for the toxic rating of this review. Put simply, this is a blight on the DMC franchise, despite having strengths as a generic game.

    The first and most resounding thing that can be said about this game is that it has sent the Devil May Cry series backwards. Having just finished DMD mode, I feel can say this fairly. The gameplay is strong and consistent, but far
    weaker than previous games. It lacks refinement, clarity and most of all, precision. These are some of the factors that had previous defined Devil May Cry in the gaming world. The game's arsenal is varied and the Angel ideas are fresh and invigorate the game, but because they exist as mirror images to most of the Demon arsenal, they lose some of their originality, which is a great shame. One factor that must be praised is that, at times, the level design is phenomenal, with enormous sweeping levels and backdrops that can leave you in awe. This success cannot be overlooked. As the game runs on, certain aspects become increasingly more prominent, especially one - that the game is trying too hard. Trying to be provocative, trying to be relevant to modern times, trying to make its mark on the Devil May Cry franchise. This is perhaps the games biggest downfall, at times utterly spoiling an otherwise enjoyable game. You only have to get as far as the Succubus boss fight to understand where the game is going. Dante repeatedly talks to himself, crudely pointing out the obvious and spoiling the narrative. The language from the cast generally is repulsive. Dante was always rude and arrogant, but he expressed it in forgivable ways. This new Dante does not, having a severly lacking vocabulary and a child's mind, flawing the character and the story. I will avoid judgement on some characters because they have been built from the ground up. However, for Virgil, an existing character, the failure is unforgivable. One of the most original characters ever created in a video game is confined, limited and reduced. This is not the Virgil you know. As Virgil is intended to mirror Dante, so does the criticism. I will avoid my opinion on the new Dante design, but certain things must be said. The realisation of the design is poorly executed with this badly composed in-game model. Although this is a graphical complain, it is rather embarrassing for NT after going to such lengths to create a new Dante and Virgil, then failing to be able to convey their ideas. If this were a new IP, then perhaps I'd be more favorable, but this is a Devil May Cry game and it has a lot to live up to. The graphics fail to match the previous DMC installment, despite it's relative old age. The use of Unreal Engine instead of MS Framework is highly questionable. Another comment is that the political and ethical background to this story is fundamentally flawed by the extremely crude and foul nature of characters on both sides. It only exists to mask the mediocre main story line. I intended to keep this review short, so in conclusion i will say this: The game succeeds in many aspects and the hard work is clear to see, however it let's itself down too many times in trying to match high octane popular culture and come across as "edgy" and "modern", of which is fails in each given attempt. I consider this a blight on an otherwise stylish franchise. My one final message is that I hope and pray that Capcom will take back Devil May Cry and send it back in the right direction. Expand
  72. Jan 18, 2013
    First and foremost i have been a Devil May Cry fan since the first one so every time a new DMC game was being released i got hyped over it. Now since this reboot, my biggest fear was that the gameplay won't live up to its predecessor, i did not care if he had white hair or not that wasn't my main concern of this reboot. It was the gameplay that made me love this series so much because it was innovative. Now with this reboot i felt like the series has taken a step back in terms of gameplay. It's not as deep or complex as the ones before it and i found it to be very repetitive and lacking innovation from previous games. Also the story and the characters in this game are very childish and immature. I have nothing against violence and offensive language or even nudity in video games when it is done right, but in this game it's way over the top and very excessive that it seems to me that this game was developed by a bunch of immature emo screamo gothic teenagers. I am very disappointed in Capcom for approving this game as a reboot thinking that us Americans and Europeans are into childish and immature themes of this game, and thinking that will be all over it.... Expand
  73. Jan 18, 2013
    The game design is most annoying. Several issues with the PS3 version. General lack of purpose feeling while playing. Tons of explosions, nudity, but not a deep history.

    Those are just a few of the flaws that plagues this title. I used to like CAPCOM because it wasn't trying so hard to please "Western" gamers. They are just making a fool of themselves in the process. If for CAPCOM the
    above flaws reflects the "Western" desires, then by no means I am a "Western" citzen. Expand
  74. Jan 19, 2013
    Ninja Theory has been known for her writing,ha,ha,ha where?Because in DmC Devil may cry They failed big time,story is not interesting.The ending can be seen a mile away.Cutscenes are done with no imagination compared with the DMC 3 and 4, they are ridiculous.Weapons terrible,lack of diversity.Styles there is non,no lock on.The verdict, HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
  75. Jan 19, 2013
    Don't listen to the hate. This game is actually quite good. Stunning graphics, amazing music, a story that is interesting, fantastic acting, and the Dante we all know and love. This IS Devil May Cry. The controls are tight and responsive, the battles are furious and fun, and yes, there is a humorous homage to Dante's white hair early in the game. At least rent this beast and give it a shot. I think if the "haters" would just shut up and play it they would be pleasantly surprised. Ninja Theory has grown so much as a developer wherein each game is better than the last. They should be proud of DMC and I hope Capcom and players allow them a sequel cause all I wanna do is keep playing. Thanks Ninja Theory. Expand
  76. Jan 19, 2013
    Devil may cry is not a terrible action game in fact it's a bit Better than most, however the story is god awful with no substance to it, and when compared to the older DMC games it's utter garbage
  77. Jan 19, 2013
    This is a downgrade from the original series, very slow paced, removing the lock on bottom removed the ability to do more combos and there for removing the reason for the style meter which is broken, does not go down if you do not receive damage. Really neutral character design but worst dialog ever, just for that is under 5 out of 10, this is more insults than anything else, not funny at all and not cool. Lack of enemies on the screen, does not feel like is hard. Expand
  78. Jan 20, 2013
    A new look for a long running franchise, the DMC: reboot certainly raises eyebrows with some questionable changes. A simplified combat system, altered character appearances, new story and 30 frames per sec cap has brought a lot of negativity towards Ninja Theory's take on this Capcom property. But despite the fan boy rages and the flood of negative comments coming forth, lets be clear. DMC: Devil May Cry is not only a good game, but a great game. Story wise, the new origin story for Dante certainly aims to explain more about the character and his world then the previous games had done. Presenting Dante and his supporting cast as far more well rounded and believable characters. Dante still has his fun loving attitude, and stupid one liners, but now they are far more spread out with a series of other emotions, and this adds depth to the character a s whole. Visually, DMC looks great..when everything is loaded. The unreal engine presents from beautiful environment, and some crazy effects (mostly seen in limbo), but the occasional pop in can really break the flow or made texture look muddy and poor. Its not a deal breaker, and not something that occurs during gameplay, but its certainly visible during cut scenes. Combat is far more simple and inviting, allowing players to get into the grove and flow of the game before presenting them with more weapons and abilities. This progression feels slow, and early on the combat system feels far too simplistic but after a few hours the game opens up with multiple weapons and abilities. DMC: Devil may Cry isn't perfect, but its a great first step for Ninja Theory. One only hopes they look at Devil May Cry when crafting their sequel. Cause this game needs a Sequel, the world crafted here is easily the most engaging of the series. This DMC positions itself as my favorite DMC, as an entire package. The story and world presenting enough support to forgive the weak start, and pop in textures.

    This game is worth your time, Rent it, and give it the chance to impress. Note: The Dante "Wig" joke is hilarious to all but the people who are way to worked up over this reboot. Seriously, this is a new alternate time line Dante, deal with it already.
  79. Jan 20, 2013
    This is a fantastic game in which I was so pleasantly surprised. Yes, this is different than the other Devil May Cry games and for one, I am glad it is. It definitely doesn't ignore the past as many of the overall themes are kept intact. The thing to remember is this is a RE-BOOT, not a remake. The series is being taken in a slightly different, more edgy direction than the first and I love it! Dante is crude, he is a bad ass and exactly what Dante should be. He's a freaking demon and angel mixed, he's no saint. I love the art style and direction of the story telling and also LOVE the characters. This is a great action title that is well worth your money. If you are a DMC fan go into with an open mind that this is again, a RE-BOOT not a remake and enjoy the game for what Ninja Theory has planned, because this is going to be a great new take on an old series that was dying for some life. Expand
  80. Jan 24, 2013
    I have been a fan of devil may cry series since it 1st came out. I was very worried about the new dmc and boy was i wrong. This is a fantastic game and has everything a devil may cry fan could ever ask for. The new Dante is cool (still prefer old Dante). I think everyone should give this game a chance before you start judging it. This game has everything stunning visuals, great music and a well put together story. Trust me give it a go :) Expand
  81. Jan 21, 2013
    How can anyone rate this game highly when it's gone backwards from previous DMC games? This reboot has failed to surpass previous DMC games and in it's attempts to be modern, it's ruined the DMC name.
    How can anyone enjoy a game with such sickening language at every turn and a truely awful storyline. The combat itself is slow and broken at times, thanks to the poor decision to use Unreal
    Engine instead of capcom's previously used MS framework - A poor decision by Ninja Theory. In short, this game will disappoint most original fans and will repulse new comers. Avoid this game like the plague. Expand
  82. Jan 21, 2013
    I don't understand the hate towards this game, after completing it I went back to the previous DMC games. While this game is lacking in technical quality of previous titles baring DMC2. This title has the best level design in any DMC game, but lacks in challenging battles. Ninja theory are trying to give sense to Dante's story by building him up to become the character we know and love so, ignore the haters try this game because this is Dante's future. Expand
  83. Jan 23, 2013
    Let me just start off by saying that I like the new Dante. I don't find anything wrong and in fact may actually like the new Dante more than the old. Now that I have gotten that out of the way the real reason I am writing this is to give you the REAL information about the now famed "baby shooting scene" that takes place in the later end of the game. SPOILER FREE: it's really not that bad, everyone is talking about it like Virgil just killed some chick with a baby and then laughed at the father. When you ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME!!! you will know that Virgil has a very good reason to do so, even if it is somewhat questionable, it is not the worst thing in the world. SPOILERS HERE: So Virgil killing the baby of the devil is a bad thing? END OF SPOILERS Overall, I loved this game and it definitely brought back nostalgia for the old games while also being an entirely new experience. I found this game very fun with a great story and great characters. The only complaint I have heard that I somewhat agree with is the complaint that it is too easy. And it is pretty easy, but if you unlock the one hit death mode with regular enemy health bars, then i think that you will find that it really isn't that easy. All Ninja Theory did was give easier modes for people who don't want the default to be too difficult. All they did was expand the range of the game by making it more accessible. In the end, this is one of my favorite games of the year and is one of the best "button mashers" I have played in recent memory. Expand
  84. Jan 22, 2013
    Previous DMC with Dante where **** awsome and there it goes ninja theory with this **** ... I mean there is nothing new or special about this game. Stupid history, new boring Dante and the worst part is the gameplay, ITS JUST PATHETIC COMPARING WITH BAYONETA OR EVEN OLDER DMC.

  85. Jan 22, 2013
    I'm not going to lie i was one of the people who was angry when the new Devil May Cry was first shown. With that being said i think it the controversy really helped make the game as amazing as it is. The combat is very fluid and easy enough a new person to the series can enjoy it yet deep enough to keep the hardcore fans quite happy. The new Dante isn't our old favorite but he is a pretty close second i mean gone are the super over the top jokes and replaced with some great sarcasm that i found quite refreshing. The Story to the game is also pretty damn good, some people have complained that they made the story "Political and Anti-Business" well its just a game poking fun at our world. I think it has one of the better stories in the series rivaling DMC 3.

    In the end no this ain't our old Dante kicking ass while being the BA MF we all know and love but man ninja theory did a great job with the series and in my honest opinion made the second best Devil may cry game yet. (Nothing can touch Devil May Cry 3 that game is a masterpiece
  86. Jan 22, 2013
    To keep this short and sweet, I had fun with this game. Weird right? Giving it an 8 because there were things that could have been done better, but what game doesn't have room for improvement?
  87. Jan 22, 2013
    I gave this game a chance Ive beaten all 4 Devil May Cry games I find nothing wrong this games Just because its not the old Dante doesn't mean its a bad game
  88. ADH
    Jan 22, 2013
    Alright, keeping in mind that this game is in fact a reboot it loses some points purely for being a reboot. This is not to say that the game is bad, it actually means I am generally biased against remakes/reboots.

    Okay, now that the reboot lashing is out of the way let's begin. DmC Devil May Cry is exactly what you'd expect from a series of this caliber, it's fast-paced, nonstop, pure,
    unadulterated badassery. It takes a whole new lease on the story, fills in the gaps where we wonder "what happened pre-DMC3?" And expands on the part where Dante says in DMC3 "Quite frankly, at first, I didn't give a damn." It shows how the new Dante becomes the Dante we know and love.

    The combat is absolutely amazing with combos being fun, flowing and fantastically brutal, using the triggers to not just switch weapons but to morph Rebellion into something entirely different is an amazing innovation in Devil May Cry's combat mechanics. The downside to the combat is that the enemy types are extremely limited and most of them are just variations of basic enemy types who can only be attacked by a certain type of weapon. Still, punching bags are punching bags and demons are bullet fodder.

    The visuals are stunning, the cutscenes look more like a Square Enix grade CGI movie, (seriously, go search up Advent Children if you don't know what I mean) and the gameplay graphics and animations look fluid and well designed throughout. Again a downside to the graphics is that there are a few minor glitches but nothing game-breaking and when you're in combat it can be hard to for the game to keep up with the commands you're punching through your controller, probably as fast as I'm writing this review at nearly 2 in the morning. so when you're in the middle of a fast combo the framerate can chug a bit (hopefully they'll fix it with an update).

    The story, as I mentioned at the start of the game, is relatively faithful to the old games, the difference being it's been worked around and changed a bit but it sticks to the general premise i.e. guy born with demon blood, has massive sword and 2 guns, use said sword and guns to get new stuff, kill big things, get rejected by women, go home after ending the apocolypse. You get the idea except one thing in that summary I actually think Dante's finally found love! (Saying no more, play the game to find out.) And it now works to incorporate 2 major villains from the old series into the same game, which is a very nice touch.

    The story may be a bit juvenile and immature at times but it also has the classic humor in there, which along with the new-ish story and characters makes it fit amazingly well. And allow it to flow almost seamlessly from one line to the next. It will make you laugh. A lot, which is part of the game's charm. And with the Vergil's Downfall DLC coming very soon should allow it all to expand even further, and will hopefully give it that darker edge. Which is great.

    I openly admit I had low expectations of the game, viewing it as just another cash-in on a great series, but I am proud to say I was wrong. This game went above and beyond all my expectations and I can freely and wholeheartedly recommend this game for anyone who is either new to the series or an old-school veteran. It brings a modern perspective to a classic story and does so with such style and grace that it's easy to forget you're playing a reboot of an 11-year-old series. The only problems people may have is the linear design of most of the levels, and the collectibles seeming more like a chore. But it's a solid game and it's presented so well, it's hard not to love it.

    If you look past the new designs and changed story, it's still the same game that we all know and love. Which is why it's an instant favorite in my books.
  89. Jan 22, 2013
    So what's in a name? For many it would seem that the name is everything. Devil May Cry has been a must play for those who want a game the blends the enjoyment of the arcade scoring and action adventure titles into a tongue-in-cheek narrative of Dante, a young demon slayer who spouts one-liners like a true over the top action hero. This newest entry seems to garnish the same level of hatred that Devil May Cry 2 earned, but this was before the game even launched. Everyone would agree that Devil May Cry 3 was the apology posed by Capcom and it was an amazing game. So what is so wrong with this reboot? Or better yet, what is it lacking? I for one do not see where the hatred is necessary and while it is a reboot it contains the formula of what Devil May Cry has been about for the past decade. A new fan can embrace this game and an old fan can gladly add this to their gaming library. The two sons of Sparda on opposite sides of the issues? Check. Dante being a disrespectfully hilarious rebel in the face of terrifying demon lords?Check. A female character?Check. The list goes on and on and while this is a reboot, many of the elements of the original franchise remains. The combat feels fluid and responsive while tossing in enemies that allow me to explore the weapons and link them into a crazy combos. The amount of extra difficulties and extras keep me playing to reach a 100% completion rank. Even the Bayonetta-like Limbo gives the world a feeling of darkness and provide a playground for Dante's abilities. Where I did find some problems where some of the expected areas. The boss battles are a Capcom staple of pattern recognition and smart hack-and-slash and platforming. I clocked my first playthrough at around 8 or so hours which is a double-edged sword for myself. The Devil Trigger felt more like a last minute add-on rather than a way to become the true demon shredder that Dante is portrayed as. Also the original control set-up gave me some problems in the beginning, but with practice I was stringing together weapons in no time. If you take DmC and compare it to the other reboots and sequels, like Hitman:Absolution or Resident Evil 6, then this game shines in staying closes to what the previous series made great. Expand
  90. Jan 23, 2013
    When DMC was first announced at the Tokyo game show in 2010, I admit I was sceptical, everything had seemed to have changed, but as development went on I saw this a chance for the western developer Ninja Theory to step up and make a impact on the gaming industry and fortunately the new DMC Devil May Cry is defiantly a step in the right direction. You play as Dante a demon-angel hybrid known simply as Nephilim, along with your twin brother Vergil and a medium named kat, you set out to stop the demon lord mundus and destroy his evil empire, while uncovering the mystery of Dante childhood. I won Expand
  91. Jan 25, 2013
    Good game. I mean story is better, platforming is fun and action is cool. It might not be as varied as the original DMCs, but still ahead of competition. And people giving it 0/10, wtf. Just because the character looks stupid??? Do these people even know what a 1/10 game is like (points to something like Superman 64) i could understand 4/10, but WTF
  92. Jan 25, 2013
    The is a great reboot of the franchise and keeps all of the fun action elements of the previous installments. The art is awesome and the design of the levels are all unique. The acting can be bland at times but gives a better story than previous DMC games.
  93. Jan 26, 2013
    I have beaten both DMC1 and DMC3 (the original!) on Donte Must Die mode. I have beaten Ninja Gaiden SIgma on master ninja mode. God hand, Bayonetta, all owned and conquered. These games are all highly skill based difficulty, not cheap. I say this to let you know where I come from. DmC deserves a place in their hierarchy.
    1. Lets talk about FUN. The game is fun! The combo's are
    not button mashers, each weapon is designed for a specific purpose, and yet, one can still find unique combinations for excellent demon slaying. Weapons are not only for damage, but excellent crowd control tactics as well. Its excellent and accessible. Accessible does NOT mean easy. Do not judge the game's difficulty on its nephilim mode. I would consider this "normal mode" Most of your negative critics here are judging it on that. The difficulty of the game is about your skill, not cheap enemy moves. The next difficulty mode, Sons of Sparda, speeds up enemy reaction time, aggresiveness, and begins to combine the enemies in new ways. 2. Enemies are a joy to face btw. There's nothing as good as the cats from DMC1, but the enemies are mostly varied, have a weakness to exploit, well animated, and entertaining to fight. While there aren't many bosses, they are entertaining in their own right, and I can see them becoming much more difficult as the difficulty raises. Hell and Hell mode, where Donte dies in one hit, (without using super Donte) may go down as one of the crowning achievements a gamer can accomplish. 3. The game's platforming is a little to be desired. Its repeated a little too often, and is dodgy on "swing" detection" at times. Still, its nothing horrible. As for the story, WHO CARES. Its a game, and a DMC game at that. The story has always been crap. This one isn't really that bad either. You'll watch it on your first playthrough, then skip it as you begin to tackle the real challenge the game has to offer on higher difficulty.
    TLDR If you like fun, accessible, skill based action games that have varrying difficulty for all types of players, GO GET IT NOW.
  94. Jan 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game takes the gameplay of Devil May Cry series and steps it up a lot. The game play is very fast and upbeat with a lot of weapons to choose from and combat flows really well but. The story is god awful as new Dante is a Emo old Dante wannabe who does not care for humans and is boring. The new Vergil shoots a gun and kills pregnant women and shoots her in head afterwords and no action cutscenes like old games just stiff story. Expand
  95. Jan 26, 2013
    The game is better than I expected, even with a different Dante, the development team has made a great work. It´s not fair to say that the game is worse than the previous ones, some elements have improved in this game.
  96. Jan 26, 2013
    Great game, haters aside the new DMC is a great game, solid gameplay and a well told plot, also an awesome design, from foes till scenery details all have a great design, worth buy!!
  97. Jan 26, 2013
    DMC is an excellent combination of old and new. You've got stylish action and the B movie vibe while mixing things up for a more interesting narrative and fun combat that doesn't require you to memorize a list of move sets. The campaign is short but you'll have fun.
  98. Jan 27, 2013
    A thoroughly enjoyable game, the combat is smooth with only a few minor flaws and feels refreshing yet slightly familiar. As for the story I found it engaging, this is where to game differs from previous entries the most (for obvious reason) but the main characters and their stories are engaging and the fresh take on Virgil's story alone is worth watching.

    Don't knock it before you try
    it and I can't wait for bloody palace. Expand
  99. Jan 28, 2013
    In fact the real score is 7, because is not a bad hack and slash, but is a terrible DMC, the personality of Dante and vergil is a lot different of the original characters in a bad way, in the original Vergil dont use guns, and Dante is a bad ass, the enemys are repetitiveness and the combat or gameplay is not good, is better ninja gaiden 1 and 2, Bayonetta, god of War and Dantes inferno, for my this is a not DMC, is better the DMC 2 than this Expand
  100. Jan 29, 2013
    I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this DmC game, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. This is a REBOOT, and it has a different feel than other DmC games -- but the hack n slash combat is still amazingly fun, the old challenge is there, and I found myself laughing many times at Dante's ridiculous bravado... in a good way. The story is straightforward and has a few poignant moments. Most of all, this game looks better than any other DmC game, with more color and a dynamic environment that is constantly shifting and trying to kill Dante. I could not imagine this game being more fun to play, plain and simple, and that's what all video games should be about. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 65 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 65
  2. Negative: 0 out of 65
  1. Mar 11, 2013
    A worthy rebirth of the franchise as it possesses fast-paced chaotic action, which is diversified by the several weapons that make up Dante’s arsenal, an engaging soundtrack, and a story worthy of the DmC franchise.
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Beyond the near-perfect controls and satisfying combat, Ninja Theory has clearly sweated the game's atmosphere and visuals.
  3. Feb 25, 2013
    Ninja Theory have against all odds created something fresh; a creatively superb and in places fantastic action adventure game. It will not be for everyone and is certainly more mainstream than previous efforts but DMC is a rip roaring start to 2013.