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  1. Feb 8, 2013
    One of the main things I would like to point out in this review is that my opinion of this game would be lower if there were more AAA-quality games available on the Xbox that fit into the same sub-genre as this game such as Bayonetta. To me, DmC: Devil May Cry stands as one of the best "character action" games on 360, but it does not surpass the absolute best offerings on the console to date such as DMC4 or Bayonetta, partially due to the broken style system. I enjoyed this game overall more than Ninja Gaiden II, but the mechanics of NGII's combat system were also obviously superior to this game. I've never been skilled enough to consistently achieve SSS combos in any previous DMC game, and I'm ok with that. At the time of writing this review, I've completed all the DMC's except 3 (I had traded my PS2 for an original Xbox before that came out or I would have played it too) on the "Normal" (aka Devil Hunter) difficulty. In DmC 5, however, SSS combos (NOT overall level rankings) can be achieved by pretty much anyone who knows how to button-mash their way through any simple hack-and-slash game. Similarly, if you don't care about your rank, you can cheese your way through huge sections of the campaign with minimal effort, though a few of the boss fights will force you to exhibit some skill to beat, although they all revolve around extremely predictable patterns involving swinging between a few platforms with one of your two seperate types of grappling hooks while the boss will probably be trying to vomit on you or something like that. Most of the levels look incredible, and I like how they are all based on twisted versions of everyday places such as a carnival, nightclub, factory, etc. but the actual map layouts are bland, and there's so much platforming this could almost be considered a platformer with melee combat. The lack of lock-on made me curse alot as the game miserably tried to "predictively" select the enemy I wanted to shoot with guns and/or grappling hooks. I love the soundtrack in DmC, but then again I am into industrial metal music, and I do realize that a lot of people aren't. The game even suprised me by featuring a few songs that I have had in regular rotation on my MP3 player, which is rare for me since most games either have epic movie-style soundtracks, or just boring licensed garbage like a lot of EA Rockstar games. Contrary to other user reviews, there is thankfully only a little bit of actual dubstep in the game. Industrial is not dubstep, kids. The characters have a lot of terrible dialogue, just like the other DMC games. Overall I enjoyed the story in this newest entry more than DMC 1-4 because it was the only one out of the entire series where I could even tell there was supposed to be a story, even though they did copy a Futurama episode for the factory level. Finally, I would rate this game an 8.5, I would have given DMC4 a 9.25, and Bayonetta would get a 9.5. I'm rounding up the 8.5 since there's so many zeroes on these user ratings. People are acting like it's worse than Vampire Rain or something, I mean, come on. It's actually a pretty fun game when judged on its own. However, it's a step down compared to all the other games in this series (except DMC2). Expand
  2. Jan 17, 2013
    I was hesitant to get involved in the reboot DMC debate, as I personally detest it and others have made points about the game for me. However I was enraged to read certain websites slagging off the user metacritic overall opinion (slagging it off yet still reading and talking about it), acting high and mighty when in reality they are merely one set of trolls against another set on Metacritic who set up new accounts just to slag this game off! Though it doesn't surprise me these high and mighty sites and their following do not actually question the 'professional' review scores, or question industry corruption like 'Doritos-gate' for example whilst happily receiving backhanders for positive scores!? Below I've listed the main reasons why I detest this game and hope Ninja Theory never makes a game again!

    1) The Art work is terrible, it's a mishmash of dull orange and psychedelic colours. This new Dante, Vergil and Cat were designed to attach younger urban punk people to play the game. This look has zero appeal to me, and obviously many others.
    2) The dialogue and plot are abysmal, truly lame brained juvenile nonsense. Yet those who defend this game call those who point this out as juvenile, ridiculous! Yes the previous games weren't exactly War and Peace, but they had 100% more character than this.
    3) The themes like the half Angel stuff and media control are actually quite offense to those with Religious/Moral views! I really dislike Ninja Theory and their view of lifestyles, and am absolutely livid they incorporated that into the game. I play games for relaxation, not to have 'saucy' Angels (God forbid) rammed down my throat! The media control stuff makes me laugh, as again the same people who are slagging the hardcore fans off for hating this game will happily believe their governments lies in the media, please reference the Iraq war or WMD's or the economic crash etc. Pot, kettle, black.....

    Anyway they are the main reasons why I detest this game, and the uproar that has unfolded has made me realise that there are many trolls and people with no morals or ideals of their own, and that truly is the scary thing!
  3. Jan 20, 2013
    I actually enjoyed playing the game, the combat felt very smooth and first time in a hack and slash game my hand wasnt hurting from turning combos. The story had somethings that could have been done better, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Had some of the best level designs I have ever seen in a game, did not feel like anything was reused. Did I have problems with it? Of course, I thought the characters could have been done way better (seriously what happened to the smart ass Dante I came to enjoy). Why are there only 6 bosses in the entire game? If there were maybe 8 bosses in the game I wouldn't have minded as much, but 6 felt very underwhelming. Speaking of bosses, why the hell were they so easy? Hell the hardest boss in this game wasn't even as difficult as the easiest boss in any of the other DMC games. Even though I do have quite a bit of problems with the game, I did enjoy the game enough where I do recommend trying it if you are a fan of hack n slash, die hard fans of the series will be put off by how they characters are handled (seriously Ninja Theory you butchered Vergil and Dante). Expand
  4. Mar 1, 2013
    The low user score on this game, is solely because of people's inclinement to hate it for changing the original style and characters on the franchise. I for one, am a big fan of the DMC franchise, and even though, I, as everybody else hated Ninja Theory's new take the first time i saw it, i decided to give the game a chance. In all honesty, this is one of the best H&S games that's come around in the last couple of years, as well as, by far, Ninja Teory's best work (and this is coming from a fan of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword). Even when the combat isn't as deep as DMC3 or (arguably) DMC4, it's much deeper than your typical run of the mill melee action game, with new Dante's new mechanics making you alternate between long ranged fast angel weapons, slow and strong demon weapons, and the regular rebellion, as well as giving you three different ranged weapons and two types of hooks for either bringing your enemies close or quickly coming to them, with most of old DMC's signature attack's such as the stinger, with simplified controls. Yet again, it may not be as deep as old DMC's combat, but it's pretty close, and it's a blast.

    As for the other aspects of the game, the story is full of cliches, but it's way better than your typical H&S game story, and honestly (at the risk of enraging DMC orthodox fans) much more interesting than anything DMC's previously offer story wise, though it lacks the charm of the old characters. By far impressive "non-gameplay" aspect of the game is it's visuals, which aren't quite like anything i've seen before, all the different visual concepts of the limbo world are just jaw dropping, amazingly well achieved, and are complemented by a sick soundtrack that gives the game a whole new attitude.

    Overall, i was a sceptic about as other DMC fans, but i'm not blinded by my scepticism, so I was much able to enjoy this fantastic game, and you should too if you leave aside your fanboy crying for the old Dante and the old DMC style and take it for what it is.
  5. Jan 15, 2013
    I have the game early since and the way you get the weapons are TERRIBLE. So far out of the three weapons i got 1 of them was from a boss. The weapons arent creative at all, especially the fists one.
  6. Feb 6, 2013
    Let me start out by saying I loved DMC 1,3, and 4. But at the same time I will not pretend those were perfect games. The major set backs in my opinion of the older Devil May Cry's were the camera, the gameplay in-between combat segments and probably worst of all the F***ing music. Dear god the music... every time you engage in combat there is only one horrible Rob Zombie song that plays over and over and over till my head explodes. Don't get me wrong the music in the new DmC isn't a masterpiece but it is appropriately heavy and diverse. Further more the cutscenes/acting in the reboot is top notch, it has a ridiculously pulpy story, creative level design, well done difficulty settings, extremely familiar yet more dynamic combat, and most importantly is JUST FLAT OUT FUN. Although I did prefer the anime style of the older games, DmC (the reboot) is an overall more ambitious and better game. Look at the journalist review scores, the quality is there. When it comes to user reviews just remember, haters gonna hate. Expand
  7. Jan 28, 2013
    Pure action gameplay. Oddly, It reminds me of Final Fantasy X where all actions serve a particular purpose, and usually thats not a good thing, but the game has a way of making you remember what does what and it really becomes second nature. It's a wierd comparison but it's true nontheless. There's some camera issues, and more importantly way too much platforming. You could almost call this a platformer. And this brings it down a full grade easily. What a dumb decision. Dante's new look is nowhere near the problem that the amount of platforming is. Expand
  8. Jan 15, 2013
    I really want a true sequel to the old ones, rather than a reboot. Why isnt this an official prequel, rather than a parralel universe? Really disapointing story and universe, while it is an ok game. Dont buy it.
  9. Jan 15, 2013
    A surprisingly decent story,combined with excellent and stylish combat,and an awesome soundtrack make DMC a great reboot and a step forward.I especially enjoyed Dante's rejection of the mop-head,but thought it was too careless or too careful to alienate fans that way(players choice). It didn't bother this long time fan and I enjoyed the dozen hours this took to finish the first run.The harder difficulties are much appreciated though as the first run-through was waaay too easy on the toughest available difficulty.The controls,though initially tricky,only require a modicrum of practise which I actually didn't mind too much.I had a great deal of fun anyway.The Icing on the cake is the fact that a ton of haters complained,bought it and then complained again.That's almost too too funny .Almost... Expand
  10. Jan 15, 2013
    Well, they did it, and I fell for it. Let me start out by saying: THIS IS NOT A BAD GAME Let me finish by saying: THIS IS A BAD DMC GAME It tries so hard to be edgy, I felt as if I should go kick my dog. Not everything needs to be gritty, it's just what hollywood is doing. Superman, Oz, Jack and the **** beanstalk? Everything is just so badass and cool it's retarded. Donte is just a wet dream for and 16 year old, and I am returning my copy ASAP and getting the HD collection Expand
  11. Jan 15, 2013
    The characterization and writing is terrible. The combat, from what I have played so far, is decent. But not quite like the older DMC titles But that's no excuse, because combat is something they draw heavily from its predecessors and previous Ninja Theory titles . Kinda of hard to screw that up doing something when you have a defined template to work with. That being said, everything that DMC 5 tries to do to distinguish itself from the previous DMC titles is where it falls apart. The way they characterize Dante and Vergil makes them extremely unlikable, Kat seems to serve as a plot device more than a character, and the story is incoherent and too self-serious. From what I've seen in the "Official" reviews, let's say GiantBomb for example, it is clear that whoever did that review had not played the previous DMC games. Maybe that's fine for those whose first DMC game is this one. But fans of the franchise tend to have expectations and higher standards, and this particular title does not meet them. So all and all I can I can say that this game is designed to rope in a new audience, and flip off its old one. Expand
  12. Feb 11, 2013
    Pretty graphics, but crap gameplay. Basically, the same as every other Ninja Theory game. This game has an identity crisis. It tries to be both Ninja Gaiden and God of War at the same time, yet fails at being as good as either of those games. It tries to be a visceral, gory hack and slash like God of War, but
    the combat feels far too floaty and unsubstantial experience. It also tries to be Ninja Gaiden with it's end of mission scoring, but this game is just not difficult enough to actually feel any sense of accomplishment from getting a high score. And I know people will mention the mode where Dante dies in one hit, but honestly that's just an artificial inflation of the difficulty, unlike the enemy AI being substantially improved. The platforming sections are too long and are frankly boring. The story, well, it's definitely no God of War in that department. The story seems to have been inspired by teen supernatural dramas, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. I'm not into any of those shows, but if you are, you'd probably enjoy DmC. The game also includes a lot of Leftist propaganda, slamming things such as Fox News and the Republican Party (of which I am a member). Obviously, this was not to my liking. I prefer that politics do not enter my video games. Thank you very much. Clearly, I wouldn't recommend this video game for any one, except hardcore liberals. Expand
  13. Feb 13, 2013
    Don't listen to the blind sheep bagging this game. Ninja theory have done an outstanding job here, creating a rich and rewarding combat system and some of the most creative and original level design of this generation. Brilliant stuff!!
  14. Jan 25, 2013
    Truly a masterpiece when it comes to enraging old fans. I've never seen such an amazing, continuous display of "features" only made to anger. I hope Capcom makes a sequel to see more people popping blood vessels.
  15. Feb 3, 2013
    Since it was my first DMC (Aside of Bayonetta i was never into the Genre) it was fine. There where some neat ideas and the gameplay was fluid. Story was somewhat generic. If they had removed this chick from the story and put in a guy (or women) who teaches him to get over his "I'm a ponce cuz of my miserable childhood' thing, there could be some character development. But i guess we need a chick in every game cuz we secretly keep playing because we hope that we can see ber boobies in the end. Expand
  16. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where to start? How about with the complaint that Ninja Theory and Capcom are brushing aside? This is the new entry in a decade long franchise, but has been taken in a vastly new direction - NT and Capcom would have you believe this excuses them for all the ridiculous decisions they've made. Dubbed "Donte" by skeptics, the main character has undergone rather a bizarre transformation. Where before we controlled a light-hearted half-human, half-demon devil slayer with a fondness for pizza, crazy action and adventure, now we're playing as a half-demon, half-angel potty mouth teenager. Is he a badly designed character? A well designed character? That is by and large, a matter of opinion, and I do not find him to my tastes. He is written poorly and his goals are nonsensical, as is his motivation - which seems to primarily exist in the form of a throw-away female who has questionable relationships with squirrels.

    Unfortunately, Tony Redgrave isn't the only one hit by the re-design hammer. His brother, Vergil - now dubbed as Vorgil or Vergul or the like, was once a power hungry half-demon, driven to this by his failure to protect his beloved mother. Now? He's rather like Hugo Weaving in V for Vendetta. Only poorly acted, with with a fixation for acting like "Anonymous". Once he hated human firearms, but in DmC, the katana wielder uses a military grade rifle to shoot a pregnant demon hostage in the womb - and after giving her enough time to realise that he's just given her a rather swift abortion, pops her in the head. His brother later brags about this to the demonic 'father' figure.

    That leads us nicely into the plot of DmC. There's not really much to say - seen the movie, They Live? It's more or less that. Mundus is controlling humans and blue isn't very happy about that, and he requires the help of his brother red to assist him. What follows is 5-6 hours of running about, swearing like demented teenagers and predictable plot-threads with no semblance of a character arc. Indeed, rather than an arc, the characters simply transition from one perspective to the other, in a completely illogical manner. But none of that is really important. Story, writing, characters, dialogue - inconsequential in a Devil May Cry game for the most part, excessive fluff that only adds to the package deal. So what about the core? What about the gameplay? Oh boy...
    I could complain about how I don't enjoy the gameplay in DmC, but that's all opinion and I'm sure you'd just disagree with me - I'll start off with some hard facts:
    DmC runs at half the framerate of DMC3 and DMC4
    DmC has 13 less moves than DMC3, and that's being generous. DmC has 8 weapons. DMC3 had 10. This is again being generous as many of the weapons in DmC act more like modifiers than actual new movesets.
    DmC has no styles, you could argue that the weapons have been rolled in with the styles. DMC3 had six styles. Some enemies in DmC are (seemingly) immune to certain weapons, forcing you to play in a specific way, whereas in prior games, you had more freedom.
    At the same time, many enemies in DmC can simply be stunlocked with a single attack with no hope of breaking free. There are many battles in the game that can be won by using one hand, one attack, and not even looking at the screen because there's (very poorly implemented) auto-aim and no lock-on.
    Those are facts that cannot be denied, but on the subject of opinion? I find the game to be a boring button masher with no depth, there's no room for creativity and I didn't die a single time during my time spent playing (up to and including Son of Sparda) In every way, shape and form, this is a downgrade from previous games in the series. Taking a different path doesn't excuse it for being inferior to prior games in every area. What about the visual presentation? This is perhaps the game's strongest point. When I say presentation, I don't mean performance - DMC4 ran at a solid 60FPS and rarely seemed to dip below that, even in the most elaborate and grand of battles. DmC runs at 30FPS max, and often dips as low as 15 if not lower, seeming to average out at around 20-25. I didn't experience any hard-crashes, but did run into a number of stupid glitches that seem like they shouldn't exist in a game with this high a budget.
    Visually, the game has some nice touches.

    The way that Limbo shifts about is a pleasant effect, if not mind-blowing, and whilst the characters designs are not to my tastes, at least some of the assets are of high quality. It's just a shame that you can't say the same about the gameplay, the writing, the story and so on. The character of Donte simply isn't one I wanted to root for, he had no redeeming features and was thoroughly unlikable.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. Buy the DMC HD collection if you want some proper Devil May Cry. Already beat it? Try Anarchy Reigns, or Bayonetta, or Vanquish, or Metal Gear Rising.
  17. Nov 3, 2013
    There has been a lot of controversy about DmC. The design of Dante was especially criticized. In all honesty however, being this my first Devil May Cry, I gotta say that is actually a really good game, and doesn't deserve the low rating half the users are giving it.
    First, the visuals. They look really good, and are pretty smooth. Some were complaining about it being in 30 fps instead of
    60, but it doesn't feel clunky at all. I've got to say that, personally, I prefer the original DMC's designs, but there is actually an explanation revealed during the story. While the character's design aren't as good as the original, the environment is gorgeous and polished. The soundtrack is not really memorable. Too many heavy metal songs. The voices aren't memorable either, but do their job.
    The story feels like an afterthought, but I guess those who wanted to know Dante's backstory (at least, what WAS Dante's back-story until this game became part from an alternate universe), it will entertain you. I've got to say that I didn't laugh that much to this new Dante. Everyone I know says that Dante cracks a lot of jokes and trash-talks his enemies almost constantly. The only problem is that, these aren't that funny. He says a lot of and it's just not entertaining.
    The gameplay is what makes this game truly worthy. The combos are quick, fun and really entertaining to watch. The multiple attacks with different attacks give you a huge amount of variety in combos. There are some moments of basic platforming, but the gameplay is entirely based on combat. And I'm not complaining at all with that. The bosses maintain the fun factor of the game, through some can get a little repetitive. Overall, I'm excited to try on other Devil May Cry titles, and a little sad to see this title being left behind by a bad design choice. Luckily, it will be vindicated over the time.
  18. Jan 16, 2013
    Gameplay is simpler.
    Gameplay is easier.
    The Story has shameful characters.
    The Graphics are ok, as the music style. But these 2 elements just can't save the rest of the game.
  19. Jan 20, 2013
    Alright, first of all, ignore all of the angry fanboys who are pissed about the change in creative direction for the series. You know, the ones who are creating multiple accounts just to grade this game down. Is the game perfect? No. Is it a 0 or a 2? No.

    Pros: Gorgeous graphics. Inventive level design. Interesting story for what it is. Accessible and fun controls.
    Cons: The
    new Dante. The general lack of characterization.

    It's worth a play, and I commend Ninja Theory for trying something different, even if I'm not a fan of it entirely.
  20. Jan 28, 2013
    I'm absolutely amazed to see the user score so low on this game. Diablo 3 deserved an abyssmal rating, not this one. It's disgusting that this game has garnered such hatred. If you've played devil may cry 4, or bayonetta, you'll feel right at home with this game. I loved the crap out of bayonetta, but I have to say, this game edges it out in terms of action, story, and visuals. It is almost on par with arkham city for action, I would say maybe 3rd in my book for story (behind chrono trigger and the original bioshock as the ultimate #1), but the story is great. Things are pretty well spelled out after the first few levels, but with a good twist at the end. I feel like it could've been done a bit better, but it is still leaps and bounds above the story of most games. Next, let me get onto the combat. Honestly, if you are on the fence, play the demo. The combat system is fantastic. If I had one complaint, it's that the dodge system feels just a little bit lacking compared to bayonetta, but it is all in all incredible. Once you think you have a perfect combo mapped out and perfected, a thousand other viable options become available. By the time you finish the game, you can easily see that you've got your work cut out for you. There are weapons and attacks for every play style here. Finally, the visuals. Absolutely breathtaking. Limbo contains more than a few memorable set pieces, and I was truly impressed with what they could come up with. I will admit, when they first talked of a reboot to devil may cry, I was a bit pissed. It looked like it was going to be a steaming pile of $&*%, but I am very happy to admit I was completely wrong. I have only played devil may cry 4, but from what I'm told, this is easily the best entry in the series. I can't recommend this game highly enough. Forget the 12 year olds on metacritic, this is a must buy. I'm a huge dead space and bioshock fan but I don't think I will be picking those games up until well after release because there is such a ridiculous amount of playback value in this game. Try the demo, if you like it, you will love the game. Trust me on this one Expand
  21. Jan 19, 2013
    The words "Devil May Cry" hold a lot of meaning for me. Devil May Cry was the first game I ever played for the PS2, and I've enjoyed every game in the series since it (except the second entry; what a shocker). I know Dante as if he were my own brother. I've seen him grow up, grow up some more and even take a backseat to another **** little white-haired bastard. I understand every aspect of Dante as a character.

    That's why it surprised me to hear some people complaining about the new Dante in DmC: Devil May Cry. He is the same Dante as before. He's just younger and more immature. Weren't we all that way once (I still am)? Don't get me wrong; I was shocked when I first saw Ninja Theory's new character design for Dante. Now that I've played the game, I get it. I see no problem with it.

    I also see no problem with making Devil May Cry a little easier. I grew weary of getting my ass handed to me in the older games, which could be agonizingly frustrating at times, and "agonizingly frustrating" does not equal "fun". If that makes me any less of a gamer as I've seen some users on Metacritic stupidly point out, I apologize. The thing is, it doesn't. It's just yet another dumb observation by a bunch of idiots who shouldn't even be allowed to play video games.

    Besides, DmC does stay true to its predecessors in the way that its combat is an absolute blast. I found myself getting all giddy when I nailed an especially impressive looking combo. I kept nailing cool combos throughout the game. It may have been because of my experience with the previous installments, or it may have been because of the lowered difficulty, but either way, it was awesome. The combat system is deep, satisfying and easily one of the best things about DmC.

    It has tons going for it. It's very fast-paced and exciting. As the game progresses, Dante gains angel and demon weapons. What this basically means is that one type, the angel weapons, are assigned to the left trigger, and the other type, the demon weapons, to the right. It's a brilliant choice by Ninja Theory that allows players to mix things up by constantly swapping between each weapon type and Dante's firearms.

    New enemy types are introduced throughout the game, forcing players to strategize. For example, one enemy type might only take damage from an angel weapon, and vice versa. This can be one of the game's biggest flaws at times due to the lack of a lock-on feature. I found myself aiming but hitting the wrong enemy type a lot of times, which was irritating. Thankfully, the lock-on has been replaced with a dodge button, which is a welcome addition to the series. It can stay right where it is, thank you very much.

    Dante can also grapple toward enemies or pull them to him. This adds even more depth to an already broad combat system. He can also use his "grappling hook" to latch onto platforms in the environment. The platforming in DmC is kind of a letdown, but it has its moments. Still, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Ninja Theory changed it up a little bit in the inevitable sequel. It sometimes overshadows levels that are otherwise enjoyable.

    Speaking of the levels, the environmental design in DmC is amazing. Dante has to make his way through a place known as Limbo, which is a world he gets pulled into for the majority of the story, and it's a world full of wonderfully grotesque and picturesque vistas. Limbo in and of itself is an enemy type. It really does seem as if the environments are trying to kill Dante. It was an ingenious decision on Ninja Theory's part to design the game in this manner. Exploration was my favorite part of DmC (and it often resulted in me getting a bad time rating at the end of the missions).

    My least favorite part of DmC is definitely the story. It isn't really all that different from the stories in the other Devil May Crys. A bunch of incoherent crap happens and Dante says dumb stuff. That's about it. It attempts to make fun of society and FOX News, and all of that is funny at times, but it's utterly useless as a meaningful storytelling method. The character named Bob Barbas is essentially an exaggerated version of Bill O'Reilly, which means he runs his mouth a lot about nonsense nobody gives a damn about.

    The story is at its best when it's exploring Dante's past and developing him as a character. Dante realizes before the end of the game that he may have a bigger purpose in life than lying around in a mobile home, boozing and sleeping with women. I chuckled at a few of Dante's unbelievably lame lines of dialogue, but a lot of them are just that--unbelievably lame and unfunny. It's one thing to spout off Schwarzenegger-esque lines like "You're fired"; it's quite another to brag about your penis being bigger than someone else's. That just emanates desperation.

    DmC: Devil May Cry's strengths far outweigh its flaws. The story sucks, but the gameplay is great and the art style is better.
  22. Mar 10, 2013
    Great game, good story and excellent combat. Don't believe the "fan's" negative reviews, but try it and you will be not disappointed. Trust me, i did the same and has 70 hours gameplay now.
  23. Jan 30, 2013
    haters gonna hate, but this game is another blockbuster, the fans support this, and this os what really matter, like call of duty and resident evil 6, many hate, many love
  24. Jan 15, 2013
    everyone needs to relax and come to one simple question when playing this game: Is it fun? The short answer is, unequivocally, YES. Long answer?
    The game is NOT perfect, do not be the first person to pretend it is. At the same time, its a well done game by a good studio, and while it may not go over the heights of the previous franchise, its still a damn good game. Hell, even the creator
    of Devil May Cry has gone to bat for the developer to say this is a good game and is treated with respect. If anyone is allowed to have an opinion, its him.
    Overall, the gameplay is a ton of fun, and while styles could've been nice to implement here, who knows, maybe in a future installment we can see this.
    The point of this review is that the haters you see in the comment section below have NOT played the game or if they did, they only did so to complain here. They are not the real fans since they are so butthurt over the new look of Dante. And while I miss the old Dante, this is a RE-IMAGINING, not a sequel/prequel. Give the game an honest go, and you will see that the gameplay as well as the story are both fun and memorable. Don't listen to the idiots on this site and try to judge a game for yourself before you knock this one off of your list. My biggest complaint, however is the lock on [which isnt perfect] as well as how over the top the story segments can be.
    However, everyone in the reviewing-game biz can see this is a well-done game [hell Famitsu gave it a 34 out of 40, and we know how hard it is to please them].

    so, be a open minded individual, don't give into the hate [which people did before the game even came out] and judge it for yourself. You will be surprised at how much fun you can have. Be honest and you will enjoy this game for what it is. :) This is a good game for any fan AS LONG AS YOU TRY TO HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE GAME FOR WHAT IT IS [a re-imagining with great gameplay, nothing more]
  25. Jan 15, 2013
    It's obvious that the developers had no respect for fans. The game is also buggy as hell and the style system is broken. See YouTube videos to verify both of those claims.
  26. Jan 20, 2013
    Namco....what have you done

    you don't see people taking Kratos and then making him some scrawny emo kid do you....nooOO

    I wonder if it was worth the change though because fans are clearly pissed despite the critics review, but then again no one ever listens to critics these days because they always either get bribed or just make bad decisions...much like Namco did this time
  27. Jan 23, 2013
    It's a decent action game but its not a devil may cry game. Ninja theory should have called this devil may try! Graphics and music are good but story and controls are weak!
  28. Jan 20, 2013
    This is a horrible game. Here is a link why people dont like this game. A game is not made for old gamers this is like capcom is destroying there games. Use youtube and watch this vid watch?v=o4NaBrFkiDo this will show you why this game sucks in so many ways.
  29. Jan 18, 2013
    User score is just plain insulting and undeserved for this game. 99% probably havent played the game at all or given it a fair chance. This game is solid on all areas, and deserves a fair score.
  30. Oct 12, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry is one of thee best games of 2013. In fact, it kicked the year off in January as the first best game of the year. Fast paced, heart pounding, intense, fun as hell action, and a awesomely crafted and intriguing story line, including amazing, beautiful level design make DmC one of the best games in the genre. And one of my favorite games of all time. I LOVE this game. And I really hope we get a sequel to it soon. Expand
  31. Jan 15, 2013
    you really have to be objective and take this game as its own brand because it is NOT the same devil may cry that being said its a great game a bit short.....and starting on the hardest unlocked difficulty is a must if you have beaten a DMC game before. most of these bad scores are from ppl looking for DMC 5, which this is not. its getting a 9 because there should defiantly b more baby killing
  32. Jan 26, 2013
    Love this game. Having played and still owning almost all the DMC's up to this point I really dont understand how anyone who has played DMC could not love this new DMC reboot. I love everything about the game and not I'm not just saying that. I didnt really like DMC4 very much, but this reboot of DMC is just truly amazing. The graphics are awesome, I love the new Dante look and for all those trolling and crying about the new look why dont you just use the original Dante skin and stop crying because that is the dumbest reason to not like or give a game a bad rating I mean damn it came with 4 more optional skins. If you have ever liked any Devil May Cry or Darksiders I or II or any other big name hack and slash then you will be glad you got this game. and to be honest I did not like Darksiders 2 at all and am not a huge hack and slash fan, but like I said I LOVE this game, and really did not expect to. I really cant understand the people that give this game a bad rating but when you consider that all the well known reviewers and critics give it high scores then you know that they are just trolling and crying for what reason no one knows, but this game is a must have! Expand
  33. Jan 23, 2013
    As much as I wanted to hate this game with a firey passion for the Edward Cullenization of Dante...I just cant. This game is nigh unplayable don't get me wrong. The characters are far from likable, so much so that if, at any part of the game, Dante had decided to kick a puppy, I doubt I would've been surprised. The dialogue sounds like it was written by a 13 year old boy who just learned to swear from his abusive step-father. Basically they took a fun camp game we all love and "modernized" it. The gameplay is it's saving grace. Its tight, fast and a lot of fun, much like the old games. Although the lack of a lockon or targeting system, make parts of this game a nightmare. And thats to say nothing of the level and boss fights which are amazing! However the fact still remains that there are several middle fingers to the fans sprinkled about the game. All in all this game pushes me WAY to far and practically begs me to put it down. If I can't stand the main character, why would I want to play his game? The Problem is not that they changed Dante, It's what they changed him too. Expand
  34. Jan 27, 2013
    The story of DmC, which in my opinion isn
  35. Jan 26, 2013
    Ok the people that are **** about the game being destroyed are idiots, dante is different in every game, this one is like a younger version of the dmc dante, game is beautiful, layout is sick, combat is grade A, story line is great too. In all honesty its just as good if not better than dmc 3. Soundtrack is dope as hell, definitely worth buying, i randomly preordered it at gamestop, no intention of buying it honestly, saw it was a new revamp of dmc so i picked it up, i regret buying skyrim, gears 3 and halo 4 more than i do dmc, worth the $65. Expand
  36. Jan 17, 2013
    This game is NOT good, ok? Now that you understand this, please note that I'm not trolling, it's just that DmC really deserves this score. Yes, it is that bad, it's the worst game in the series.
  37. Jan 20, 2013
    8.5 - DMC: Devil May Cry is fantastic, no doubt about it. Just finished the game today, and I have to say I am very impressed. I played 3 & 4, so I can't call myself an original hardcore fan, but I can definitely say that I'm a fan of this reboot. The new Dante comes across as totally unlikeable in the beginning - the opening cutscene is way too over top - but as the clever story progresses you begin to really enjoy his new style. He is still the same pizza chiming, one-liner too-cool-for-school hero from the past games but now he has a sense of humanity in his B-movie style antics. Like I said before, the story is surprisingly clever. It's not really groundbreaking, but more creative and cool. The places that you explore are hyper-stylized and fun to traverse; Limbo is one of the coolest creations of the hack n slash genre. The ultra-stylized visuals complement the game wonderfully, and the unreal engine pulls off some beautiful landscapes. The reboot also reintroduces the pivotal character Vergil, who actually makes sense and is a character that you feel for. Voiceovers are strong across the board, along with the digital performances. DMC wouldn't be anything remarkable without the fine-tuned dynamic combat. The combat in DMC is fantastic; animations are strong, pulling off combos requires thinking rather than button mashing, and the 7 weapons you eventually have at your disposal allow the player to pull off incredibly cool combos. The soundtrack, while I'm not a fan of metal or dub step, keeps the game consistently energetic and fun. There are some very cool boss battles, along with some incredibly creative level designs that really wowed me. The game isn't without faults, though. The Unreal engine sometimes has texture loading issues (nothing we haven't seen before) and there are some herby-jerky animations for Kat and Vergil. There are also a couple of sequences where there is no combat what-so-ever, where you are just running alongside of Kat or Vergil. Also, DMC has a bit of profanity (not as much as I expected though) that is inconsistent with the DMC name, which I felt was a mild turn-off. Aside from the gripes, DMC Devil May Cry was a hard game to put down. Looking at the metascore, it seems that fans were not pleased, but I also doubt many have even played the game. It's a reboot, and a much needed one after the atrocious DMC4. It's very creative and stylish game that really surprised me from start to finish. I can't wait for the return trip and going after those harder difficulties! Expand
  38. Feb 11, 2013
    This Devil May Cry reboot is everything the series needed even if it’s something the fan base never wanted no there aren’t any demonic tanks or evil infused puppets but there is a will to advance the series with enriched environments that are beautifully crafted, better control schemes that don’t have you constantly beating your controller against a brick wall and a less convoluted story that doesn’t have dante screaming “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIGHTTTTTT” and then escaping in a biplane no you won’t be running through a castle to fight one boss only to have to run through the same castle to the same area to fight another boss what you will have to do is relax and allow the geniuses at Ninja Theory to tell you a tale or in the case of some fans allow them to strap you into a straight jacket and force feed you the Nuevo devil may cry medicine .

    (Dont get me wrong i loved the original devil may cry and it remains one of my favorite capcom games of all time.....right after Resident evil and Onimusha but to be perfectly honest this game was needed to bring back a franchise that would otherwise have been left buried under a mountain of Street fighter DLC)
  39. Jan 15, 2013
    When this game was first announced as a reboot by Ninja Theory...I as a HUGE Devil May Cry fan was furious at the direction they took with the game and had convinced myself this game would be a joke and a failure. I wasnt even interested in downloading the demo when it came out, but I began to see many different opinions ... some praising it, others bashing it. I decided to do myself a favor and just give it a chance and put aside my preconceived notions of the game. The Demo was amazing, and I felt very silly about having bashed this game so much before it was even detailed in the media.

    I have played the full game, and all I can say is, I am extremely disappointed in myself for not giving this game the benefit of the doubt from the beginning.

    This reboot even got the original DMC creator's seal of approval, and mine as well as a HUGE fan of the series. If you're a GAMER, and you want to play a fun game with a fluid combat system and humorous dialogue then you need to pick this game up.

  40. Jan 29, 2013
    The game is great, fun smooth action, a decent plot.
    Vergil is an a**hole.
    The scenarios are stunning.
    The soundtrack is the best in the franchise.
    My final verdict for this game is: A BETTER GAME THAN DMC 2 AND 4 .
  41. Apr 27, 2013
    First of all i want to start by saying that this shouldn't be named Devil May Cry, because it has nothing to do with Devil May Cry besides the name of the game and characters, The Story is weak, the characters are pretty much forgettable and contradict themselves, especially the main character named "Dante" but resembles nothing of the old character, the gameplay and difficulty is much more easy than the past Devil May Cry games, which is extremely disappointing, this game was pretty much made just for the money, however Capcom didn't get as much as they expect, i hope they cancel this and don't waste money anymore with this crap! Expand
  42. Mar 20, 2013
    THE GOOD: GAMEPLAY- Combat is a blast throughout the game, which is in part do to new weapons being added to your arsenal at consistent intervals. Switching between those weapons mid combo is fluid. The amount of platforming feels appropriate and is enjoyable.
    Graphics- Probable the best part of the game (which is often a bad sign) is the graphics. This game is beautiful to behold,
    especially while Dante is in limbo. THE BAD:
    Characters and Story- I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed Dante. He is juvenile and kinda of a tool, but it made for a memorable and sometimes funny character. His character progression is awful. They failed to show me why he began to care about what was going on in the story or why he didn't care to begin with. All they had was the revalation of his parents past, but it wasn't very impactful as it should have been. The rest of the characters boring and forgettable. Same thing goes for the story, which is a shame since this is a prequel/reboot, and was a prime opportunity to hook people on the world and mythos of Devil May Cry.
    CONCLUSION- Even for its faults this game was fun from beginning to end and does not deserve the user scores it is getting on here. Although the developer could have avoided much of this hate if they took more care paying homage to the previous games of this series in its gameplay and especially it's story and characters
  43. Mar 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've had my doubts about DmC: Devil may Cry since it's announcement for obvious reasons. The cover art alone with the new model of Dante is not a pretty sight to see as the face of what was an amazing game series. I tried to look beyond that when I finally picked up this game so I could finally say once again that I have beaten all the DMC games. This however was not a possibility. This game contradicts everything that made DMC great. Why does Dante no longer know his father, why is his mother an angel? why didn't Dante recognise Vergil as his brother? Why does Dante become loving and caring? WHY DANTES REMODEL? I tried to enjoy the game by looking past these issues but it was just not possible. I understand that this game is a "reboot" but it is just not needed. An awful story, awful level design and awful boss battles and strategies. Tie all this with the "Limbo to real life" game settings and it just creates a confusing atmosphere that is difficult to follow and just outright makes zero sense. Even the final battle is just a literal copy and paste combination of the bosses from Devil may Cry (the original) and Devil may Cry 4. I guess this is what happens when a new company takes over a popular gaming franchise as seen with many other games recently. Not to mention to most controversial scene in this game which essentially is a massive F**K YOU to long time DmC fans. Nice move Ninja Theory. Expand
  44. Jan 15, 2013
    I honestly love the Devil May Cry series, and like most DMC fans, saw this and immediately hated it. I decided to borrow my friend's copy and I was able to beat it in a day. I also got about halfway through again on Sparda Must Die before I just put down the controller. It's not worth the high praise it's getting. The writing is something by a 14 year old who just learned the word **** The story is tasteless and everything has been done before. The voice acting is.. okay. There are moments where when something happens that should be an "OH MY GOD HOLY **** type of thing, but all you get out of the new Dante is "Ohh nooooo." And that's not just the writer trying to make him seem like he doesn't care, as the subtitles say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Clearly indicating that he was meaning to put some actual feeling into it. The gameplay, while more accessible, isn't deep at all. It's kinda fun for the first 3.5/4 hours (half the game, so maybe not that bad) but even then there's not really much you can do. The scythe is a weapon that doesn't kill **** where the axe is a weapon where when you hit something twice you kill them and then a SS ranking for doing so. Everything combat related gets boring and tedious halfway through. You start fighting enemies that limit what you can do to them because only doing one thing will really hurt them. Bosses.. oh god the bosses. Only one of them was even remotely fun to fight. The rest where just a bunch of "do the same thing 10 times oh look now i am dead"

    The music is actually pretty well done. I'm not a fan of the metal-type music in this, but the music Noisia did is quite nice. It fits the game well and just sounds nice on it's own.

    Now on to graphics. The levels, the way they look and how they play, are pretty much the best thing about the game. I honestly stopped to look around in some of the environments. The combat would look neat, trying to give the feel that I was doing something cool, but it didn't actually feel like it at all. Also, the facial animations are.. not so well done. Half the time I would burst out laughing because of some of the faces people would make in the game. I'm pretty sure they where all unintentionally funny, which is the sad part.

    Replayability is there if you like to collect crap, but the game is so easy, even on Sparta Must Die, that it's not really worth it for challenge's sake.

    All in all, 5/10. Buy it if you like short, mediocre hack n slash games. If you're interested in it, just wait a bit to pick it up for $20. That's about how much it's worth.
  45. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Judging the game by comparing it to the earlier installments I have to say is a lackluster experience, not because of the redesign, not because of the somewhat weird political commentary, but because the gameplay is way slower than even DMC2 which was the worst of the classic series in that regard, the lack of a dedicated lock on button and the unnecessary platform segments (for an action game) really makes this one lose points.

    Also the music is kind of not quite fitting but different people have different tastes.

    Is worth mentioning though SPOILERS: The scene where Vergil decides to force an abortion on Lilith is disgusting and completely unsettling, if the plot was a satire or parody the scene shows bad taste, if it was serious then sorry but is not engaging, there are a lot of emotions and feelings one likes to have when playing videogames, but disturbed by a woman crying for her unborn child being killed is not one of them.

    The game overall is below average, rent it or get it used.
  46. Jul 7, 2013
    What a poor game, it lacks of imagination, you know you did something wrong when a game of 2001 looks a 100 times better, I have to give this game a big 0 because you ruined a character, let's take it this way, you had a god (Dante) and turned it into a fly (new Dante).
  47. Jan 17, 2013
    The bosses are now dull, character design has went down in quality and the combat system is "broken". For a Triple-A game, you expect quality. Instead, they took the approach of a "modern" story with terrible writing, and expect fans of the series to take it no questions ask. Everyone shouldn't wonder why this game is getting hate, there's a reason for it.
  48. Jan 17, 2013
    Why all the hate folks? It's not your usual Devil May Cry for sure. Capcom seems to be getting a lot of hate lately, some justified, some not. DMC is an effort to reinvent the series and getting Ninja Theory to do the game is a good move. The combat feels fluid and the production values great. So yeah, haters will always be haters. I am a big fan of the DMC series and I felt this is a shot of fresh air for the series. Expand
  49. Feb 7, 2013
    The first original devil may cry was my very first ps2 game back in the the day. I always remember how great it played and it looked fantastic. My expectations were lower back then and when dmc2 arrived I was quite disappointed, then the third installment was a bit better followed by the dreary 4th. Then news of a reboot surfaced and I wasn't that interested as my interest in the series had gone. I watched a few videos and read comments from everyone moaning about the new Dante and how the game looked. n vtime I just realised thatit finally, I was hooked. It's slick, funny and impressive these were fans who couldn't let go. When I played it I was well impressed. People seriously have to get over it and accept that its a brilliant solid game Expand
  50. Jan 20, 2013
    Donte the franchise killer. Take the gameplay from Heavenly Sword, the plot from an emo reimagining of They live, and slap Devil May Cry's name on it.
  51. Feb 6, 2013
    The character development is terrible as a standalone game, let alone when compared to the other games. The combat is just bad for a DMC game, all the styles and combat options are brought under two buttons, angel attack and demon attack. There is absolutely nothing left of the DMC3 and 4 combat engine or gameplay.

    If more than 4-5 enemies appear on the screen the game gets very
    noticeable framedrop.

    Would get a 5/10 if it was just another hack&slash. But when compared to the DMC franchise it's a 0/10.
  52. Jan 15, 2013
    It's hard to start on this game. The story is insipid, it's very juvenile and hamfisted in its presentation and it shamelessly takes from the film They Live. You shouldn't expect to be enriched by it.

    But the game's worst part is that it's gameplay is just.. mediocre. It's slow, clunky enemies are unmemorable and bosses are very poorly done.

    Instead of using insane combos and quick
    reaction to defeat the bosses, it's mostly just dodge their one big swipe attack and then use some platforming gimmick to make them weak. It's something I'd expect from a Legend of Zelda boss. The combat at it's core, is well. Mediocre. It's a clear downgrade from previous games but on it's own it's playable. It's just nothing special. Devil May Cry had some potential, but it's developers didn't have the competency to carry it out. Expand
  53. Jan 21, 2013
    The best gameplay for a hack'n slash I ever seen! This game is perfect... A dream of gameplay... I don't finish it yet, but I played it for about 4 hours, and it's so amazing! I don't care if they changed Dante, because what's really matters is the DmC feeling. It's a Devil May Cry game, you can feel... The atmosphere is there... Don't be so blind!
  54. Jan 15, 2013
    Simply put, this game is horrible, the dialog is horrible, the story sucks, the game is so damn easy, the gameplay is dumbed down, this game has absolutely no challenge, even on the hard modes and worst of all, Dante's look and personality disgusted me. I never finished the game, I got bored and sick of it, so I stopped playing it and popped in my DMC HD collection to get the bad taste out of my mouth and thankfully can still appreciate and enjoy those games a lot more. I'll be trading this sack of **** in tomorrow.

    If you have the need to play a good Hack n Slash game, skip this pile of **** and pick up the Devil May Cry HD collection, then you'll get 3 Hack n Slash games that are a lot better for a lot less money.
  55. Feb 2, 2013
    Ok let´s take a look into the first problem, Dante himself and it´s not only his new look it´s his personality, in the other games he was always cool, funny and a great comic relief character and a badass. In this game the guy lives in a trailer, has casual sex and it´s just an ashoole and tries to be "cool" by swearing and saying you all the time is just a punk and yeah I know that there is a freaking DLC featuring a Dante DMC3 costume but the problem is that even with that skin it´s still this punk Dante it doesn´t fix anything.
    The combat is a serious step down from DMC3 and 4, first of there are no styles in the game, secondly the style meter is beyond broken, it only goes down when you get hit but if you reach the SSS rank it stays there with no cooldown, and thirly there is no lock-on and that´s a pain in the ass specially if you want to aim for the flying annoying enemies.
    If you´re looking for a modern encarnation of DMC go play Bayonneta is made by the same director of the original DMC. just avoid this game
  56. Jan 15, 2013
    Devil May Cry was a very niche franchise with loyal, die hard fans, DMC3 is critically acclaimed and may probably be the BEST action game ever to grace console and PC so far, so when DMC4 came out we were all expecting much more and because of Capcoms failings to live up to fan expectation we now have this reboot.

    Now Im not against rebooting DMC but I think it was handled the wrong
    way, certain things are expected from a DMC game and have been reportedly lacking in the reboot, DMC was never about accessibility, it was challenging and offered layers of depth for those who mastered the complex combat system, having only spent a single play through of both sections of the demo I cant say to much with certainty, but I found the combat lacking in depth, fluidity and style, racking up an SSS rank was a challenge but its so easy now I feel like its lost its meaning.

    With almost no chance of seeing a return of the former franchise, all the questions are left unanswered and no ending or closure may ever be given, it's really not hard to understand why fans are upset Capcom. =/
  57. Jan 22, 2013
    The definite hack-and-slash game on the 360. It might not be the DMC that we all know and love--and that's exactly why it's good thing. While I own the previous games, and I enjoy them for what they are, none of them are definitively excellent. The have no story (don't argue, they don't) and just thrive on the beautiful-if-clunky combat that we all love. Sure, the story here might not be Pulitzer Prize winning, but it's definitely a step up for the franchise driven by nothing but killing aimlessly because the game tells us to. The combat? Beautiful and smooth, all wrapped up in an absolutely glorious artistic style. This is it, this is the game I've been waiting for. Epic as sin, and sure as Dante we're sin. Expand
  58. Mar 2, 2013
    When I first started this game, I had no idea what to expect, I was filled to the brim with different opinions from other people about whether this change for the series was a bad idea or badly needed. Now before I bought this game, I went out and bought the HD collection so I could get the most out of the past games and see if I turned into one of those who sought out to destroy this new upcoming series, even played the fourth one, which didn't really revolve around Dante, but was still interesting. Back to the matter at hand, I was extremely intrigued to see how they could turn such an interesting concept and amount of gameplay, to make it anew. Well, to say the least, it was interesting. As soon as it began, I knew it was going to be made to impress the more recent generation. The bumping of music constantly, the fast gameplay, but..still a good amount of story and even a taste of politics to hold everything together. Finishing the game in one playthrough, it had captivated me to find out where it was all going, how Capcom decided to put things from the original series. Enemies could get a bit repetitive at times and the moves as well, but platforming and cutscenes were smooth as can be. To really set replay value, there are all sorts of difficulty settings to keep the spirit alive. All in all, a great game, a possible great start to a renovation of a great series. Expand
  59. Jan 17, 2013
    Haha yet another disastrous game! I love seeing the polar opposite opinions of critiques and the people who know what there talking about.. anyway who cares its all about the dollars! yee ha! ninjadoll your a disgrace your score belongs in the critic section not the users...
  60. Jan 23, 2013
    honestly just dont like the feel of the combat. just a personal preference. i dont like the changes to the character but im not crazy angry about it. i skipped devil may cry 4 for similar reasons i didnt like the new character introduced and heard it was a very short game. im not acting like a crazy fan boy of bashing the game just dislike the new direction of less over the top goofy and fun, that the reboot is following. like i said i didnt like four and only rented it to try it out. voted with my dollar wich obviously didnt work. so i figured id write one of these reviews to try to do something different. i dont care if anyone reads this and if u do i dont think ive said anything to try to change anyones mind and im not trying to. i just feel sad for losing a series that was one of my favorites. im sure everyone has had that happen before and can understand where im comeing from. also i dont think this will work. its just something from a long time fan who feels like hes lost one of the series that got him back into games back on the ps2. lol end of review Expand
  61. Jan 16, 2013
    Being cool doesn't mean using *bleep* in every conversation ! this Dante Does not represent the old Dante in any way ( especially his personality ) ! and after seeing the "Wig" joke 1 thing comes to mind " The developers of this game do not respect the original series nor the fans!" .
  62. Jan 28, 2013
    I'm playing it right now on pc. Will get straight to the point: story could be interesting but the way its done it is just total boredom. Graphics is ok ( im playing on ultra settings ) but nothing to rave about. Levels are not very well designed and get boring really quickly - loads of gray corridors and a lot of copy/paste work. There is way too much platforming. Controls are convoluted and confusing, and camera somehow always sets itself in bad angle ( almost as bad as dmc2 but still worst then dmc4 which i was playing just before new one came out ). Lack of lock on is more problematic then it seamed from the reviews. Most of the time I'm "fighting" with those issues instead the enemies. Combat gets boring quickly with only about handful of combos, especially when spamming best moves does job quickly ( and if you want rank SSS, you just do different attacks for a moment until you get to SSS and then spam till last enemy fells ). Also when enemies are highlighted in yellow they are invincible and a lot of times they attack when they are in that mode just as you falling after jumping, and if you already used dodge in air once or you didn't even see those enemies on the screen, you F'ed, As for where I'm in the game there is one type which you have too pull, but there is no indication which chain you need to use at particular moment. Overall this game is a step down from Alice: Madness Returns ... Surprise! Yes, this game is almost like a carbon copy of Alice sequel, rather then being dmc game. Alice was a good game despite it flaws, but I I don't want dmc to be like that - I want dmc to be over the top - high octane action, with elegant controls and imaginative combat, and some puzzles/exploration cherry on top. And new dmc is not that. I would enjoy it ok if it would be a new franchise even thought it is mediocre at best, but because it's labeled as DMC it deserves all fans backslash it has got. Consoles get 4/10 because of 30fps Expand
  63. Jan 15, 2013
    This game caused a lot of controversy, taking a beloved hardcore franchise and rebooting and changing everything to grab an audience that might not even exist is a risky move. But did it pay off? No. Despite changing VERY MUCH of the game due to fan outcry, we have an underwhelming action game made by an amateur developer. They are trying to sell this to us as a deep hardcore action title that lives up to or is BETTER than the original games, but it just isn't at all. The combat is easy, very easy. Getting a high score is ridiculously because two of the weapons are broken. One of the weapons in the game is entirely worthless in fact. There's no sense of balance. Everything has been dumbed down considerably, the lead combat designer even admits he has no idea how what you see in professional DMC player videos works. So the company Capcom chose has no idea how to make a game in the franchise or genre. Either the enemies are punching bags, or they're annoying and gimmicky and break the pace of the game entirely. As the game moves into its final 3rd, MOST of the enemies you face will be these gimmick enemies who can only be hit by a single weapon. It's frustrating that you are unlocking more weapons and moves but the game is forcing you to use less of them. The lack of a lock-on feature causes some issues with attacking what you want. The controls are clunky and slightly slow. The bosses are a joke. This is NOT the game to go to for your hardcore action fix. It's functional and at its best when you are fighting several small enemies at once. It is at its worst when you are fighting enemies who can only be damaged by a specific weapon. There's lots of unskippable cutscenes that break up the gameplay and there's platforming that doesn't add much to the game as well. Ninja Theory has never been known for good gameplay though, so how does it fare in the other parts of the game? Well not much better. The soundtrack for the game is comprised too much of electronic scrubbing and sweeping noises, it's boring and they could have easily done better. The voice acting is unemotional and amateurish. The story is bland, predictable, and the characters unlikable. I ended up liking the villains more than the heroes and never understood why the villains were the bad guy in the first place. Visually though, this game is amazing. This game may have changed my entire opinion on Unreal Engine 3, I always thought it was **** before I played DmC. But here they've crafted a gorgeous, visually spectacular game. The colors are vibrant, the environments are cool and interesting, the special effects are super cool. Sadly the environments get less inspired as the game goes on. The highlight of the game is Chapter 10, only halfway through the whole game. All in all DmC isn't good enough to justify carrying the Devil May Cry name and won't satisfy hardcore players. The 360 version is the way to go if your PC isn't beefy enough to run Unreal 3 as the PS3 version is very choppy Expand
  64. Jan 15, 2013
    Gameplay is atrocious compared to DMC 3 and 4. Its is a huge step backwards. Jump cancelling is put in the game just because the previous 2 games had it. In this game jump cancelling is lame. You can hit the skybox on the maps with jump cancelling and that devil bringer rip off. You can keep a enemy in the air indefinitely and be safe from everything else. While previous DMC games it was a test of skill on how long you can stay in the air, this game hand feeds you air time.

    The reason for this is because NT/Capcom wanted casuals to feel pro or something while playing a DMC game. So they watch videos of pro players for DMC3/4 and they are in the air most of the time and they just put the two together. They just made it so its super easy to stay in the air. They totally missed the point of DMC's high level gameplay, which was to make your enemies look bad and you look stylish. Air time is just a byproduct. So what we end up with is a clunky combat system with awkward controls. Donte pauses for a brief moment after every attack which contributes to making the gameplay clunky. There's too much platforming in this game. Pointless platforming. They make too much of a deal out of the shifting environment shtick. While previous DMC games never had strong stories, they were still enjoyable games and had enjoyable characters. DmC however is just screams tryhard and edgy. All that cussing is uncalled for.
  65. Nov 17, 2013
    Forget what the haters say, this ones here and its awesome!

    Having played all the other DMC games I was at first not attracted to this game because, like everyone else I didnt like the character style. However once I played the demo I was over it as I knew the gameplay was solid.

    Graphics: These are the best the series has had to offer. Ninja Theory defiantly steps up their game and
    shows off some amazing visuals. The stages are not only the best i've seen in the series, they might be some of the coolest and best i've seen in a action game ever. Whats even more impressive is how great this game looks and its running on such an outdated game engine unreal 3 ).

    Audio: The audio is kick ass. However this time is licensed music. Its all perfectly chosen and fit the game perfect. Its a blend of metal, rock and techno depending on the stage. Since its not just game music its actually stuff that you'd probably wanna just listening to for hearing pleasure too.

    Gameplay: The game plays is awesome. Dante feels more like nero from part 4 in this one with his angelic and demonic grabs working just like neros arm grab. Imho this is fantastic as nero is my favorite DMC play style in the whole series. The game does suffer from some flaws however. Its vastly too easy. You're gonna just instantly wanna start on the hardest difficulty thats available from the start. Another thing it it seems impossible to cancel out of a move mid action.

    Story: DMC has always had terrible stories. This one at least tries and it does much better than any previous entry. However its still nothing to write home about.

    Over all this is the best DMC period. I really think people are missing out because they dont like Dantes new look and more "edgy" personality. Even though I honestly think his more edgy personality is more realistic than his over the stop shannagins of previous games.

    If you're a fan of the genre its a must have! Go pick it up now.
  66. Mar 6, 2013
    First i need to say, this is not Devil May Cry but it is DMC i say this because it does not feel like Devil May Cry we know and love but feel like a new game witch is why i call it DMC.
    So lets get the hair business out of the way first, i don't care about the change they made!
    The story is okey but i like the old one better, but it has some nice points that give the story merit.
    is the worst ever in the series, it just doesn't feel fun like the old one did.
    One thing i really love though is the levels how they change and how they look. They really nailed the look and feel of limbo and the demon world. Overall the game is not bad but it`s not a that good either. Rent it or get it when it`s cheaper.
  67. Jan 15, 2013
    man besides the big changes i was definetly hoping a at least playable game, but the wig joke was a greath #$%¨$##$%, man the game sucks in everything, the combos is simple and the hystory is tremendous infantible, well now i put my hopes on metal gear rising, at least raiden looks like a real male android , not like a **** like this hero , shame on capcom to allow they do this to a briliant game like dmc series. Expand
  68. Sep 17, 2013
    Seeing the bad score i had to write a little bit on my own.

    I played some of the older DmC games, but none realy that extensively.
    I like dante´s new look of, the action is great, the music is awesome like the best game soundtrack i can think of right now) the jokes are actually kind of funny, the story is not toooo bad. Compared to other games of the prox genre playing Asura´s
    Wrath now, or what was that Resident-Evil-kinda Ninja game called?? I LOOVE the lack of QuickTimeEvents All in all a very enjoyable game and there is no way it deserves a 4.9 rating Expand
  69. Feb 12, 2013
    I just finished it, and i loved every second of it, there is a lot of combos, great visuals, pretty good story line although the game is kind of short and there are not too many boss fights, but still the boss fights were really cool!! this game just makes you wanna play it more and more, one just cant put the controller down wile playing this, it really never gets boring at any point, I recommend you to buy this game if you are a real gamer and enjoy playing good games instead of bi*ching about them unlike these 500+ butthurt "fans" who gave this game a bad score.
    Sorry for bad English, I did my best
  70. Jan 17, 2013
    From a neutral standpoint you probably either think that anyone who doesn't think the game is awesome is just another "hater" who spends all day complaining about hair, or that this reboot is the worst game ever depending on who you listen to in this complete mess of a marketing campaign. Its hard to find a truthful and educated opinion from either sides in this internet slug fest, Capcom and Ninja Theory have been bashing anyone with a difference of opinion and trying to discredit them, while some of fans of the original DMC have been spending all day on the forums of Capcom and even giving death threats. I am a huge fan of DMC 1 and 3, DMC in particular is a high standard in the genre which i do not think has been met to this day, but when i first heard of the idea of a reboot my mind was actually open to the idea if it could be done right, but when i saw the trailers it didn't really interest me, but i didn't bash the game in the youtube comment sections, although i was disgusted with the way Capcom and Ninja Theory dealt with customers. What I am trying to say is that I am a DMC fan that came in with a open mind to this new reboot. I have played it solidly for the last week after renting it out and have not been overly impressed with the title, The game isn't bad but it isn't good either it instead is a completely mediocre game that you should have no problem leaving on the shelf at your local game store. The biggest thing holding it back is its sluggish frame rate, you simpally cannot make 30fps look like 60fps, Even more problematic is that the frame rate drops from 30fps to 20fps or even lower than that in my own experience, which seems unacceptable for dmc which has always run at a solid 60fps since DMC1. Also the combat seems incredibly basic and uninspired, Removing the lock on means removing directional inputs which results in a very small move set for Dante in this new DmC, not only that but it also means the combat is imprecise making it a guessing game whether or not you grapple or shot, swing or stab etc. Not that it really matters if you screw up your moves because the enemy AI is some of the worst i have ever seen in any game in the genre, the ai in this game is very close to DMC2 and that is not a good thing. Most enemies just stand there in combat very rarely swinging with a very slow and easily avoidable attack, the same can be said about most of the games bosses. Even on low difficulties a complete noob could finish this game without dying once. Take myself for instance, i beat this game 3 times in a single weak, i even managed to beat the game on Dante Must Die Mode without dying once, and this is not because im a master at DMC games, I'm pretty dam noob at DMC 3 and 4. But even DMC3 special edition on easy is harder than son of sparda mode on this reboot. The game is to short, it took me just over 10 hours on my first try and even less on my second and third. I found that the only reason the game is as long as it is, that is because of the platforming sections. These sections may look cool but add no real gameplay to the game at all, these sections are way too slow, you could walk most of the platforming sections and still survive, they are there purely to pad the games length and they put heavy restrictions on player by forcing them down a linear path. This isn't the only place were the game is linear though, several enemies can only be killed by one particular weapon, removing player choice from combat, this is dull and boring its as if the developers want everyone to play the game the exact same way and hold our hands throughout the whole game. Maybe because if we played the game a different way the game would glitch out, because the game did so for me many times, several of the glitches forced me to quit the game and start the level over, and i wasn't looking for glitches which is what most Capcom fanboys will say to defend the game. The style meter is now a complete joke, all you need to do to get SSS style is use the demon dodge once then swing the red axe and boom, in one combo you are at SSS, once your there just dont get hit and the style doesn't drop, which you can do easily with a attack you use that keeps you in the air, and drags enemies off the ground into the air with you, there is no longer any skill required to get SSS style. And the thing which Ninja Theory fanboys claimed their favourite developer would destroy the old developers at is story. To my surprise Ninja Theory screwed this up so bad, Previous DMC titles had the story line of a b grade action movie, cheesy but still enjoyable because of how over the top and stylish it was.This new DmC story is more like a 13 year old boy trying to write an edgy story but ultimately just trying to hard to be cool.Dialogue mainly consists of swear words, bad sex jokes, and the new Dante thinking he's awesome when really he is just a douche. The same can be said about most of the characters.No time to cover graphics and sound Expand
  71. Mar 11, 2013
    esse jogo um horror mecanicas ultrapssadas,dante emo,vergil um nerd idiota

    ninja thery e capcom acordem pra vida e façam jkogos de qualidade igual platinum games
  72. Jan 12, 2014
    a decent hack and slash game that maybe plays it too safe? it was an ok overall game, but one where I had more complaints than praises. The story and cast of characters were as weak as any game I remember playing in recent memories; it's basically I hate you and I'm going to kill you type of story. The gameplay is fun, however the magic wears off once you realize the move list does not grow as the game goes along, and the later weapon additions in the game were a non factor. I guess the secret to enjoying this is to not marathon play it. If your not hack n slashing, you're jumping from one area to another chaining to each other, those are the only two gametype in this game. Anyone who enjoys hack and slash games go ahead you'll know what to expect; but it is a step below god of war imo. 75/100 Expand
  73. Jan 20, 2013
    As a long time player of the dmc series, This game simply is by far the best Devil May Cry game in the series!

    Anyone who gives this game a bad rating either has not played this game or just can't let go of the older dmc series dante...which is wrong in so many ways because they are not even judging this game for what it is. in this generation..change should be welcomed. and besides
    people are always more vocal about things they dislike than like...which is an obvious factor here because this game is truly great.

    I love this game, from the gameplay aspect down to the story, the character portrayal and everything else. I love how the story is more detailed and clear this time around, and I love the real world being a demonic illusion concept by the higher powers of the world.

    As for gameplay, it may not be on bayonetta's level of gameplay which i think set the action genre bar very high. But it's controls down to it's combo's and variety and technicalities really excel in this game. easy-normal-nephelim may be easier modes, but beyond those difficulties start to provide some real challenge, this game can be very hard, challenging to master and overall so stylish and great in so many ways.

    All i can say is, ignore the negative reviews...they have no idea what they are talking about. Go out and buy the game and understand for yourself what makes this game so fun.
  74. Feb 23, 2013
    The user reviews are unfairly low for this game. The story and characters of this series have always been ridiculous, and this game is no different. If you honestly believed DMC 1-4 had a great story and characters, I am really embarrassed for you. It's a shame that this game isn't going to sell well because gameplay-wise, it's one of the best action games I've played in a long time. It is incredibly polished and well balanced in contrast to many of the previous sequels, and I highly recommend it. Expand
  75. Feb 4, 2013
    I was very hesitant to get this game at first but I finally broke down, bought a copy and i must say that I am floored by how good it is. I love this game and it deserves to be played and enjoyed by any action game fan. I am a huge fan of the previous DMC games with this one and DMC3 being my absolute favorites. Dante is voiced very well and has some great dialogue and character progression. You can also get his classic skin through cheap DLC if its that's part of the issue people have with him.The combat is as excellent and responsive as ever and its full of Holy combos and moments with flare and style. The evil media/corporation theme is very fitting this day in age so I enjoyed how it was delivered in this game. I mean, do people really think the owners of these major corporations and news stations are innocent little angels? Of course they aren't. So the story was fun and it made for some truly incredible set pieces that compliment the flashy combat. With great replay value, great graphics and art design, bloody palace (free) DLC coming soon and even more DLC on the way I cant recommend this game enough. To all fans of action games, buy this. Expand
  76. Jan 16, 2013
    Well, just spent about two days playing this game, and I'm done. If this didn't have the name of a famous franchise no one would care, it'd be forgotten in weeks. The story feels like it was written by a teenager, the dialogue literally devolves into a comparison of penis size at one point. Beyond the story, the game play is extremely sub par. The game doesn't run at a consistent frame rate, which felt slow to begin with. Seems really off putting in a game that should have a focus on combat. Probably the most insulting part is the difficulty. Actually calling it difficulty is laughable. This game goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to being the most casual, easy, boring, button-mashing trash ever. The "hard" difficulty "Nephilim" is easier than the easiest difficulty in DMC3. It's easier than easy mode in **** God of War 3. "Son of Sparda" it advertises as something that will require skill! It doesn't require anything except the ability to recognize when one of the monsters is doing their extremely telegraphed (so telegraphed in fact that they LIGHT UP IN BRIGHT NEON LIGHTS when they are about to do it) attacks. Expect about 5 seconds to react to most enemies. Not even kidding, time it. One of the challenges I won by doing 2 attacks for 30 seconds. One, I would hold O to uppercut, and two, I would press O again to do a downward slash and then I repeated that until everything in the room was dead. It's not like that's even an isolated incident. Some moves provide so much invincibility that there's no reason to stop spamming, ever.

    Long story short, I am beyond disappointed. I can't believe I ignored everything I heard about this game and gave it the benefit of the doubt. I thought good game play would make up for any other shortcomings it had and it never delivers. Don't waste you money on this. Rent it if you must sate your curiosity.
  77. Apr 24, 2013
    I played this game as a fan of Ninja Theory, not as a fan of the Devil May Cry franchise. While I was disappointed in how much they reached back to their Heavenly Sword roots with the combat mechanic, I believe they executed it moderately better in this game. The facial animation/acting is a step down from what I came to expect by playing Enslaved, but still better than the vast majority of games. Despite the popular sentiment, I found this game to be extremely difficult and would think that the 'easy' setting would be even easier to give access to a wider audience. My biggest problem, as with Heavenly Sword, was with the combat system. It is incredibly complex, but I can understand how after mastering it, the game might be too easy. I simply never mastered it. Even in the final boss fight I was hitting the wrong buttons frequently in a panic. The plot was middle of the road. It should have been better. I wanted to see more lore about the angel side of things. Almost all exposition lies in with the demon mythology. What really blew me away about this game was the level design. It is so dynamic and interesting that it made my brain tired. There is so much moving, changing and hidden for later. I was impressed at how complex it looked, while it was able to still give me guidance. I'm still looking forward to more from Ninja Theory, but could easily ditch the DmC intellectual property. Expand
  78. Jan 15, 2013
    This is a fantastic game. I recommend it without any sort of reservation. It's just pure unadulterated fun. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and the character action aint half bad either.
  79. Feb 23, 2013
    Although the new look put me off. I enjoyed the solid gameplay. The fluidity of combat is a high set bar and something that all hack and slash games should set themselves at. The atmosphere and soundtrack made this game great to play. I'd like to see more things other than a DMC sequel for Ninja Theory to develop. But this game has some issues such as its Devil Trigger. Which made it awkward killing enemies. and its repetitive level layout. Overall this game is a great game. i recommend it to everyone. Expand
  80. Jan 15, 2013
    Ok i am not a fan of DMC but i liked the DMC 3 i though it was a good game with great style and combat. This game has a good combat but i just hate easy games and this reboot it is one of them. It is so much easier than the past other games that i just didnt like it is a bit fun but the lack of challenge really pull me off and then i lost interest.
  81. Jan 20, 2013
    I can't believe how immature and unjust most of the reviewers in the user section are. This is a decent game at the least. The combat is great and the story wasn't that bad. Don't listen to the 0's and 1's on this score. They are just idiotic scumbags. No game every deserves a 0 no matter how bad it really is.
  82. Feb 20, 2013
    Much easier than the previous games, yes. I can't see anything wrong with that though, as this game is more available to the casual gamer. I have finished the game on devil hunter, nephilim and son of Sparda and haven't had any real problems except for a few fights that were a bit challenging. Currently playing it through on Dante Must Die and even though I do agree that it should be way harder than it is, I still enjoy it, hell, I'll even go as far to say I love it. The visuals in this game are absolutely amazing. The art direction is fantastic! As for the music, I liked the soundtrack. The aggressive songs with Combichrist pumped me right up at the start of the fights.

    Old fans of the series seem to boycott this game without even trying it and that is ridiculous. Just look at the user score of this game and you'll see what I mean. I actually find the new Dante more enjoyable and likable as he seems more human (how ironic is that?) and even though he curses quite a lot in this game, it's always done in a tasteful manner. One thing I really enjoyed in this game was the ambitious attempt at a real story. I felt for Dante, Kat and Vergil and looking forward to the DLC.

    The only thing that annoyed me in this game was the serious lack of bosses. In the previous games there were a tonne of bosses and in this game it's nowhere near enough of them! If they plan on making a sequel to this game, I hope they listen to the fans and implement more bosses as they usually are the one thing players look forward to and love about the DMC-franchise.

    If you like hack 'n slash games with gorgeous visuals, tight control and metal music, I'll say this game is for you. if you hate this game with all of your existence, go back to the old games in the HD collection.
  83. Jan 31, 2013
    This game is a reboot/prequel that breathes new life into the series. Luckily the things that matter haven't been changed. Most people are complaining about difficulty, but if you beat the game you can unlock the SON OF SPARDA mode which makes the game so much harder and more satisfying. The story is simple and satirical and for everyone saying it's very American it's style feels more British to me. I enjoyed the characters and have played all the old games. If you enjoy beat em ups this game is going to be right up your ally. Don't listen to all the hate about his hair not being white, besides when you beat the game you also unlock his old costume, so play on the hardest difficulty with the old costume and it'll be just like the old DMC games, everybody wins. Expand
  84. Jan 16, 2013
    Regardless of the fanatics, who can only be satisfied when developers regurgitate the same game repeatedly for decades, DmC stands as an accomplishment by every unit of measure. The fact that Capcom even attempted to innovate on this title is remarkable and is to be commended. DmC expands a space previously reserved exclusively for the most extreme of the hardcore. The Devil May Cry series originated in a different era and for as good as that game was during its generation, the market and the audience is vastly different today then it was back then. Unlike DmC's predecessors, this game is simple to play, yet difficult to master.

    It's narrative is compelling, interesting, and witty. The action is engaging without being cumbersome, and most importantly it's fun as HELL. If you like action games, particularly Bayonetta or earlier Ninja Theory games, this title is a must own. Do yourself a favor and dismiss the crybabies or you might just miss out on a legitimate 2013 game of the year contender.
  85. Jan 15, 2013
    This game spits in the face of any fan of the previous games especially the 3 and 4 ones. I cannot imagine what anyone can see in this waste of time and money. The main character was replaced, the gameplay was dumbed down, the store was retconned. Had this game been released under a different name then no one would really be so mad about such a mediocre title. BUT to put the name Devil May Cry on it and then spit in the faces of those WHO WOULD pick it up BECAUSE OF THE NAME IS A **** INSULT. And as the new Dante would say: **** YOU! Expand
  86. Jan 31, 2013
    This is an amazing game. The jump and run action is fun, the combat is fun as always in a DMC game. You have everything you had before plus amazing art. The environment changes all the time and is vibrant and alive. This game really set the tone for what I would be expecting in the future from game makers. I want a rich experience with the surroundings, the visual side of what DMC has shown on that regard seems unparalleled. The soundtrack is also quite good and regardless of what the hipster fans of dmc 1 and 3 will tell you the story and the characters are great and better even! Expand
  87. Jan 16, 2013
    The games story is overall boring and uninteresting, but the characters, the bosses, the level design is very good loving the art style too. The combat while not as deep as the others is very fun and still has a deep level you can take it too. Even the platforming type sections with the whips is fun, to the point were i feel like spiderman. exploration, hidden keys, collectibles this feels like a DMC. i really like the passing of the levels they way it changes in real time, the addition of the training mode is good aswell. I dont think its the best DMC but by no means is it the worse. Give it a shot and you may like it Expand
  88. Jan 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Don't believe the hate. This game is awesome - Ninja Theory have changed a few major bits and pieces, but overall DmC is a better game for it. They've revived and breathed new life into a franchise that had grown stale, and was looking like it was sure to be a relic of the previous generation of consoles. Even with the changes, the game still FEELS like a Devil May Cry game. The characters feel fleshed out, and Dante seems to have a lot more depth in this new story. Giving deeper meaning to his relationship with Vergil is also one of the best parts of the game. And for the people who are complaining about the way Dante looks... He ends up looking more like the character we know by the end of the game. Seeing him take this transition from how he looks at the start, to how he looks at the end, has a great effect on the character. This is an origin story in every sense - Dante becomes more and more powerful, until he becomes something resembling the white haired character we know. His physical transformation (even if it's mainly just his hair) emphasizes the change in the character that takes place throughout the game. This isn't just Ninja Theory pissing off fans. Every decision they have makes sense for the game they have created.

    The framework for the story has given Ninja Theory the opportunity to design some awesome levels, that offers some "best in class" scripted moments. DmC keeps things fresh by constantly giving you interesting locales to hack and slash through - from an area that takes place within a reflection (causing everything to appear upside down) to a level that takes place within the motion graphics of a News channel. This is the most innovative DMC has been since the first game came out.

    What people have to understand is that Capcom were pretty much done with the old DMC. They had no idea what to do with the franchise as it was. All of the people complaining about this reboot were NEVER going to get a traditional DMC sequel, as Capcom saw no reason to make it. It was either they make a reboot, or they make nothing at all. I'd rather they try and keep the franchise going with a reboot, than forget about it forever. It's just a bonus that the game they created for this reboot happens to be one of the best action adventure games of this generation.
  89. Jan 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I personally loved this game. I have played all the other before. with the exception of number 4. To me this was an amazing game. The combat, the story, the interaction between Dante and Vergil was great. It was nice to see an actual fleshed out story and background between Dante and Vergil that had been only alluded to in the others. The story also takes a pretty cool modern take on social fears. And a very fleshed out story as well. I had some issues with the story but they were very minor things. Ending of the story was great except for the very end. It felt like a letdown because it was building to this very high point that you thought was going to make Dante and Vergil's relationship different from the original games, but turns into the same.

    Dante as an individual was something that i enjoyed. He starts off as his usual arrogant self like his main universe counterpart, not wanting any help, to becoming a character that is fully realized at the end. His visual style was very likable too. Even a little nod during the beginning to his main universe counterpart.

    Combat was great. I loved that you could string out so many moves so quickly, as i am a button masher person. Platforming was great too.

    I would definitely recommend this game to someone who loves quick pace action and just senseless killing one enemy after the next.
  90. Jan 15, 2013
    Worst game in the series by far. The gameplay is dumbed down, and Capcom paid off websites to give it good reviews. Between the horribly redesigned Dante, boring and tedious gameplay, and terrible story, this is a terrible reboot of a once-great franchise.
  91. Feb 6, 2013
    First the obvious. This is a remake (Remember that word) of an over-rated franchise that desperately needed it. Out of all the hack n slash games as of late such as DMC, God of War, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden......DMC felt the most stale.
    The story was hilariously bad, the character was a pretty boy with long hair and really awful one liners spewing out of his mouth. Like most Japanese
    make games that are supposively adult he looked like an ugly anime girl with the personality of a 10 year old. The gameplay was solid and the graphics were fine but did not stand out. Capcom knew the franchise was falling behind the others and decided a shot in the arm was needed. So they call Ninja Theory.
    Ninja Theory are known for great production values mostly because of their incredible voice acting, emotion, and characters. They are also known for well recieved but commercial flops. So how did they do/
    Well this is a remake. Most gamers do not grasp that concept. So they have been on the net crying and complaining like teenage girls fighting over a guy. It has been a pathetic display and shows why gamers are considered genetic fumbles, geeks, and outsiders. Many franchises have seen reboot ps over the years and some have failed or succeeded. This one passes the test head over heals but the butthurt punks of the game community really outdid themselves with their metacritic hate and ignorance.
    The story is great. It sticks close enough to the original while taking out the ignorant banter most Japanese games in this genre are known for. In other words anyone can follow along and enjoy it. It has some great cutscenes to tell the story and move the narrative alone. Amazingly people have complained about this. (Metal Gear 4 gets a free pass though.....) It is easily the first DMC where I paid attention to what was going on.
    The difficulty took a step back but you can open up harder difficulties and the hard ones do pose a challenge.
    The gameplay is standard hack n slash and like a good reboot should, you develope more powers, combos, and such as you go. Like Ninja Theories other game Heavenly Sword, you have to use face button and trigger combos to switch weapon attacks. Takes getting used too. One cool thing that was added is the ability to ty out and switch out combo attacks.
    Dante is a likable character as well as the supporting cast. Some bosses make a return and again.....even though it is a remake the community cried. The choices were good with the bosses included but some of the fights are all too standard with what has already been done for the genre.
    The sound in more western metal instead of Japanese hair metal. It is more rugged and hard edged. The voice work is great which should be expected and the sound effects are well done. Nothing to complain about.
    The graphics and art are in my opinion the best in any hack n slash game that has been released. Not as technical as God of War 3 but the world is incredible. The rifts, shifting, lighting, and film grain and blups in the transfermation into limbo is awesome. Limbo is a screwed up place but the look is awesome. The first level was a shock to the senses and I actually had to train my eye to the art. Amazingly done.
    I do have a few complaints. The levels while they are cool does not get better as they go. They stay consistant but I was hoping for a big final. The boss fights as stated earlier are nothing new. A few on the character exchanges seem forced for shock value but it is miles ahead of the past titles. And finally some of the jumping movements, especially the air dashing can be a bit tricky.
    One last thing. I have seen a lot of crying about Dante saying "No way!" to the white wig during the game. I thought it was hilarious and was a direct attack on the babies who have cried foul this who cried foul the whole time. It said 2 things. 1- This is not the same DMC and 2- Ninja Theory has heard the cries and stayed course with their own vision. Any good dev worth their salt would of did the same thing.
    Well done Ninja Theory. The best hack n slash since Ninja Gaiden Black and a big middle finger to the drama queens.
  92. Oct 25, 2013
    It actually pains me to see a game under-sell and do poorly just because a bunch of childish fangirls dont like the style and new story. Its just annoying. The game is fabulous. From the amazing combat and superb visuals, and not to mention the heart pounding soundtrack. I enjoyed every second of it. And the only reason its getting so much hate is because dante looks different. Get over it. Ninja theory deserved so much more from the people for making dmc matter again. Ignore all the hate, and if you haven't already, play it. You wont regret it. Expand
  93. Jan 15, 2013
    What i'm loving about this game is how it's not just a button basher like previous games in the series, this time you have to use your brain and think to pull off that perfect combo. I'm constantly trying to get the 'A' rating each and every time and it feels so rewarding when i do. It's insanely hard on the hardest difficulty setting, just one hit and your dead, so i've dropped it down to medium setting for the time being. I'll give anyone who completes this game on the hardest setting a cookie because you deserve it if you do lol. Expand
  94. ECU
    Jul 17, 2014
    DmC does nearly everything right. Fast action, cool characters, dynamic levels they are all great and well tought. But there are some minor issues too. There are few too many platforming levels and they are not working well. This is an action game so controls and camera are designed for slashing, not for jumping around trying to land on the perfect spot. But the point where the game truly shines is level design. All levels follow the same design elements though they are never dull or repetitive. Fighting your way through a dynamicly changeing level is too fun to miss out. Expand
  95. Jan 15, 2013
    As a fan of Devil May Cry i couldnt wait to get my hands on a new game. Then i heard it was being made by a new developer which kinda worried me a bit, but its Devil May Cry so i bought it regardless. Even though its different its also the same, it takes a little getting used to, but once you do its a great game, one of the best in the series (a HELL of a lot better than Devil May Cry 2 and 4 thats for sure) Im really enjoying it. Expand
  96. Jan 19, 2013
    Dante ist tot, es lebe Dante. Zugegeben, es war ein gewagter Schritt von Ninja Theory das Devil May Cry Franchise zu rebooten, doch das ganze hat sich gelohnt
  97. Jan 19, 2013
    Amazing game,the graphics and the story of this are awesome.Almost everything is interesting about this game,but the gameplay,is just perfect,there so much weapons,combos and fun in this game that I caught myself laughing on how much fun I was getting in the fights and in the story.
    Devil May Cry is famous for been hard,this game is no exception,if you try the hardests modes of course.But
    a thing that I do miss from the older games of series,is the freedom.This new Devil May Cry is linear as hell and there is almost none puzzles in this game.
    Even if all these issues,this is still an awesome and fun game,every fan of the series should try this amazing game.
  98. Jan 18, 2013
    Let me start of with this: It's amazing, the story is the best in any DMC game so far, and it plays so smoothly, even at 30 FPS.
    The gameplay is by far the most fun I've had in any DMC game, it's responsive, the combos a sweet, and the fact that they removed styles shouldn't erk you, the knew hold down the trigger button system works way better, and adds even cooler chain attacks, Limbo
    is such a unique and artistic setting that it's impossible not to love, even when it's trying to kill you.
    The fact that the environment moves around and tries to kill Dante added a nice level of surprise to every mission, even if by the last three levels started to get predictable.
    The new design fits, it doesn't matter if you don't like it, it fits, and what made this Dante really cool is that he had more of a personality than old Dante.
    The new character Kat is by far my favorite DMC female character so far, I wont say why though, too much spoilers.
    However it's a little short, clocking my play time to a little over ten hours a nephilem mode, and it's a little too easy, but those a minor things.
    Dantes latest adventure is a major improvement all around, and I also would like to mention, don't trust the user score, it's just a bunch of old fans angry because the didn't get a normal DmC experience, they however, got something better.
  99. Jan 16, 2013
    this game is awesome. I have played all of the DMC games, and over the years, this franchise grew stale and i completely lost interest in DMC. after DMC4. Dante felt old, tired and i preferred Nero over Dante because his demon arm felt so much fun to use and pull off combos with. Dante of DMC4 was not cool and i dreaded switching back control to Dante.
    This reboot is what the franchise
    needed. It grabbed my interest and made me more of a fan than the last 4 games ever did. The acting and mocap is superb, graphics and design is awesome. the old dante is dead. Ninja theory did a great job. Way to show Capcom how devil may cry should be done. Expand
  100. Jan 19, 2013
    I'm going to review this game from the Devil May Cry (or hack-n-slash) fan and from the casual point of view. For the casuals: Don't listen the reviews here, this are full of haters or Capcom fanboys (or well payd reviewers). You can have fun playing the game, the storytelling is relatively interesting and the graphic design of the game itself is beautiful and original, varying from various places, with beautiful colors. The combat is very easy to pick up and play, you can have fun creating combos, unlocking abilities, using the grapple in the platform stages, etc. The game follows the typical structure of video-combat-platforms-video again... the platforms are entertaining at first, and in some points of the later game, but in general their only purpose is to attach one combat with another while you unlock some secret stuff if you look around. The combat can entertain you the whole game because there are a lot of options creating combos but beware, the enemies are very easy to kill. The storytelling is well made, not complicated, not free of cliches but you may be interested on how it goes, and there are a few moments of the game very very well made, with lots of effort in them, but with places where it feels a little rushed. I would only recommend it if you really like what you have seen in videos and gameplays, if you are new to the hack and slash you will enjoy it, but consider that the replayability isn't the strong point in DMC, so you should consider rent it first. For the Devil May Cry fan: The Ninja Theory work is appreciated in the sense that they had the task of making the game dumbed for the masses (as Crapcom conditioned them for sure), changing Dante, and the mechanics entirely, this wasn't an easy job to do, and the result is a lot of closeups of the new Dante and nods (like the anonymous at the beginning) just to convince the people to like the new character, that reflects lack of self-confidence of Ninja Theory which is also reflected in many aspects of the game (I feel that Ninja Theory wanted to make the game less idiot than Crapcom wanted) the result? a very versatile combo system with potential but a very weak enemies to make the combos woth to pull off (with a broken style system),there aren't any puzzles on the game but they added a very easy exploration system with the keys (and closed paths that needs to be open with the later weapons just to make you come back and feel that need more exploration), a mechanic to make the enemies harder conditioning the use of different weapons to satisfy the casual challenge needs but a pain in the ass for the hack and slash players, a storytelling forced in some points just make it feel like if it were more like a devil may cry than a different game like (I consider) this, overall, I don't recommend this if you enjoy the hack and slash, is very-VERY easy, the enemies are poor in variety and there are lots of better options for the hack and slash genre. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 65 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 65
  2. Negative: 0 out of 65
  1. Mar 11, 2013
    A worthy rebirth of the franchise as it possesses fast-paced chaotic action, which is diversified by the several weapons that make up Dante’s arsenal, an engaging soundtrack, and a story worthy of the DmC franchise.
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Beyond the near-perfect controls and satisfying combat, Ninja Theory has clearly sweated the game's atmosphere and visuals.
  3. Feb 25, 2013
    Ninja Theory have against all odds created something fresh; a creatively superb and in places fantastic action adventure game. It will not be for everyone and is certainly more mainstream than previous efforts but DMC is a rip roaring start to 2013.