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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Relive the good old days of playgrounds and recess. Double D Dodgeball recreates the classic childhood sport in a new, futuristic setting with a retro arcade feel. With frenetic eight person multiplayer action, grab seven of your friends and go four-on-four via Xbox Live to see which team has the ultimate bragging rights. Choose between a host of retro arcade-themed characters each with their own unique abilities, select either East or West rule sets, switch up the playing surfaces, and more. No need to risk injury, just blast your friends from the comfort of your couch. [Yuke's] Expand
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  1. We wanted to like Double D Dodgeball more because of the subject matter, but it simply doesn’t deliver the kind of experience we were hoping for. With better controls, the whole “playing dodgeball in space” thing could have worked. But we found ourselves worrying too much about being a sitting duck on the court to have time to enjoy the special, arcade-y features of Double D Dodgeball.
  2. The individual layers of variation don't run terribly deep, and offline exhibitions only cast a harsh light on amateurish A.I. flaws, but Double D Dodgeball's offbeat mix of arcade action and online sporting teamwork still packs enough fast-paced intensity and simple strategy to be worth inviting to recess. [Sept 2008, p.77]
  3. Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball is due for release soon, and that's a far more instinctive and entertaining affair. Save your points for that, and send this one for an early shower.
  4. The game is lifeless, dull and has no real goals. You can dodge your way to victory by dodging this one.
  5. Boring in all fronts: graphics, gameplay, audio, etc. There’s not many redeeming values packed into Double D Dodgeball so the best advice is to play the demo and call it good.
  6. With the hefty $10.00 price tag for Double D Dodgeball all gamers alike should “dodge” this title (no pun intended).
  7. I have played some bad games in the past but this has beaten them all, I cant recommend this to anybody, If the lag issue has been resolved this could get a 3 but the overall package is very poor and not worth any of your money.

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