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Summary: EA announced that a new installment in the Dragon Age series will arrive in the first quarter of 2011.
Rating: M
Official Site: http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/
Developer: BioWare
Genre(s): Action RPG
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore, Language, Sexual Content, Violence
Cast Credit
Mark Darrah Executive Producer
Sung Kim Concept Artist
Tim Dadabo Additional Voices
Gideon Emery Voice: Fenris
Gideon Emery Voice: Fenris
David Gaider Lead Writer
Jean Gilpin Voice: Knight-Commander Meredith
Jean Gilpin Voice: Knight-Commander Meredith
Jo Wyatt Voice: Hawke (Female)
Jo Wyatt Voice: Hawke (Female)
April Banigan Additional Voices
Caroline Livingstone Voice Casting
Jocelyn Ahlf Additional Voices
Mark Meer Voice: Jethann
Corinne Kempa Voice: Leliana
Corinne Kempa Voice: Leliana
Jon Curry Voice: Zevran Arainai
Jason Singer Voice: Javaris Tintop
Timothy Watson Voice: Gamlen Amell
Daniel Curshen Additional Voices
Rachel Atkins Voice: Grand Cleric Elthina
Susan Duerden Additional Voices
Adam Leadbeater Voice: Justice
Yunus Balcioglu Technical Artist
Cody Watts Graphics Programmer
Robin Atkin Downes Additional Voices
Keith Szarabajka Voice: Barthrand Tethras
Deborah Moore Voice: Leandra Hawke
Kate Mulgrew Voice: Flemeth
Kate Mulgrew Voice: Flemeth
Fred Tatasciore Voice: Wryme
Simon Chadwick Voice: Nathaniel Howe
Paul Fox Additional Voices
Steve Valentine Voice Of Alistair
Steve Valentine Voice: Alistair
Greg Ellis Voice: Anders
Greg Ellis Voice: Knight-Captain Cullen
Jamie Glover Voice: Ser Thrask
Tom Chadbon Voice: Danarius
Rebekah Staton Voice Of Bethany
Rebekah Staton Voice: Bethany Hawke
Danny Webb Voice: Meeran
Nicholas Boulton Voice: Hawke (Male)
Nicholas Boulton Voice: Hawke (Male)
Keith Ferguson Additional Voices
Shaun Dingwall Additional Voices
Joanna Roth Voice Of Aveline
Joanna Roth Voice: Aveline Vallen
Eve Myles Voice Of Merrill
Eve Myles Voice: Merrill
David Sterne Voice: Magistrate Vanard
Alec Newman Voice: Seneschal Bra
Mark Bazeley Additional Voices
Stephane Cornicard Additional Voices
Kellie Bright Additional Voices
Rick D. Wasserman Voice: Arishok
Clinton Carew Additional Voices
Nico Lennon Voice Of Carver
Nico Lennon Voice: Carver Hawke
Victoria Kruger Voice Of Isabela
Victoria Kruger Voice: Isabela
Riley Beach Additional Voices
Oliver Bee Additional Voices
Kate Binchy Voice: Keeper Marethari
Shannon Blanchet Additional Voices
Charlie Cameron Additional Voices
Óscar Castellanos Additional Voices
Pandora Colin Additional Voices
Lora Brovold Voice: Athenril
Paul Morgan Donald Additional Voices
Héctor Garay Additional Voices
Jesse Gervais Additional Voices
Christopher Godwin Voice: Viscount Marlowe Dumar
Steven Bigras Audio Artist
Steven Bigras Sound Designer
Chris Egert Dialogue Recordist
James McVinnie Cinematic Designer
Greg Lidstone Lead Cinematic Animator
Nathan Zufelt Senior Cinematic Animator
Phil Evans Voice-Over Director
Adam Howden Voice Of Anders
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