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  1. Mar 8, 2011
    I have been following Bioware through their first ever steps. I own all their RPG titles until this day. Sadly this will be the last Bioware title I will own. As such an old fan I came to appreciate the effort put into game making. Titles such as Baldur's Gate, KOTOR will always be memorable. What can someone say about Dragon Age II though? The gameplay is dumbed down to the point of hack/slash. Thanks but no thanks, Diablo III will do a better job than this. Storytelling is linear and non thrilling. Tactics are next to non existent and inventory, customization are a shadow of what is expected for an RPG game of this caliber. That said I think 60 bucks for a game rushed to please the mass fan base it too much. 30 would be good for this quality.. Expand
  2. Mar 9, 2011
    Sadly DA2 is no roleplay Game in my Oppinion anymore. The only thing this game has is fighting (with much blood and exploding hordes of enemies - like the Marketing said.. for every button something flashy happens) also there are no Skills anymore, beside the fighting skills... The other thing is the story presentation, which Bioware still is good at.
    But things like the restricted
    inventory and kodex entries (50% percent of the things you find are nondescript junk?? really?), the MMO Interface.. this all makes it to an Action Adventure at best. As a roleplay game it sadly fails in nearly every way :( Expand
  3. Mar 8, 2011
    Soulless, disappointing, misstep (if not outright misshapen). Bioware has long been a gem of rich storytelling and having the ability to define gestalt. However, glamor doesn't make a game. The graphics & sounds effects are clean, dark, & too simple to bring reference to the genre (they're more suited to modern, the future, or a tech setting). The quality of voice & story leaves one wondering that budget cuts were in the wrong areas--quite frankly, the game feels low rent, a sellout, & hoping to be a cash cow--or else promising to deliver to an immature crowd. The deviation from the genre just doesn't work. Given critic reviews of the game vs. user reviews, I wonder that critics are now as out-of-touch as Tom Cruise. As much as I feel that Overlord was an underrated game by critics, I call this game far too overrated. It's a huge let down. Let RPG fans mourn the loss of Bauldur's Gate, the downfall of it's "successor", & pray Skyrim is better, not bastardized, nor as dumbed down. Expand
  4. Mar 8, 2011
    Absolute trash Bioware. EVERYTHING is inferior to the first game. It's like KOTOR 2, but made by Bioware themeselves. As someone who deeply enjoyed DA:O, I am immensely disappointed by this sequel. A terrible change in direction from Bioware, linear maps, more simplification, absurd anime-like combat with teleporting rogues that makes the whole setting unbelievable, Oversimplification compared to previous rich detailed title, where you could create numerous different characters(just one aspect eliminated by Bioware). I highly recommend to avoid this game if you played DO. It's like i'm really playing a JRPG Expand
  5. Mar 8, 2011
    The immersion and combat of this game are unmatched! A truly moving and fun epic. Anything negative you'll see about this game is an overreaction of personal preference. For what it is, it is flawlessly executed and endlessly entertaining
  6. Mar 8, 2011
    A horrible, wretched nightmare without end. That is what this game feels like.

    DA:O was a lovingly-crafted tour-de-force masterpiece in the history of video gaming. It sequel feels like a rush job to cash in on its success. The graphics look bland, the characters are boring, the quests are paltry, and the combat is dumbed down for consoles. Shame on EA! And shame on Bioware for releasing
    this steaming pile of crap. Expand
  7. Mar 8, 2011
    This game makes FFXIII feel like Chrono Trigger. Terrible combat, story, graphics, and even better, DLC on day one. You can see where the priorities lie. You are being robbed at $60 - don't think twice about it.
  8. Mar 10, 2011
    Bioware have abandoned us, they just wanted more money, so they got rid of every kind of complex aspect about this game, people blames wii for being casual, but sadly the whole industry is everyday more and more casual. And with Dragon age 2, I just reached the limit, everything on this game, from the lack of story and complexity, the lack of any sort of deph in the gameplay, and the way its portrayed as a hack and slash, is just an example of how much companies, like EA or bioware really care about their fans. They dont give a crap. This is the last time I am buying a bioware game, I guess they'll do the same with mass effect 3, I bet they will make a game for casual people who dont want to think about anything but follow instructions and pressing buttons to kill things to the end. The RPG is dead this generation gentlemen. Expand
  9. Mar 8, 2011
    Never good when you make a game worse than it's prequel. So many problems with the game. So much hype over it by DA fans. The "professional" reviewers are giving it a high score for some reason I do not know.
  10. Mar 9, 2011
    One of the most overrated games ever, second to Treyarch's works. You say graphics are good? In my opinion old Dungeon Siege looks better and juicier. Game looks like poor MMORPG. Dialogues are flat, boring, predictable, and trying so hard to be epic, that are actually parody of RPG genre. The whole history of hero's family is like "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "Dallas" with dragons. The most funny thing is the masturbation mode for 12 y.o.: dragon-sized boobs everywhere. Hell yeah, I just drowned in epicness, singing the song of the old days. What is good? I really don't know, maybe music here and there? This game is not BAD, it deserves more than 3.5 (user score at the time I'm writing) - I'd say it's something between 5 and 6 (7 if you really love dragons). It still offers adventure and ugly creatures to kill and for sure it's better than Arcania.. But in order to balance these crazy optimistic rates I give it 1. Because I have enough of this stupid trend, that if BioWare did this, or Bethesda did this, or some part of the title says "Call of Duty", than we give 8 or 9 at the very beginning and then we play the game. No, folks, all the glitters is not gold! And Dragon Age 2 don't deserve to be called VERY good game (8/10), fantastic game (9/10) or masterpiece (10/10). This game has nothing more to offer, than dozens of similar RPG games. My score is my protest against such practice mentioned above. (Sorry for bad spelling). Expand
  11. Mar 8, 2011
    As someone who deeply enjoyed DA:O, I am immensely disappointed by this sequel.
    Dragon Age 2 is inferior to its predecessor in basically every way.
    And how Bioware manged to even implement worse graphics than DA:O is completely beyond me.

    Ratings are always subjective but if you see game reviewers give this game a 10/10 praising its superior graphics .. you cant help but wonder how much
    of this praise came directly from EA itself. Expand
  12. Mar 8, 2011
    You can really tell that the developers wanted to follow in the footsteps of ME2. The game is streamlined and the inventory is cleaned up a great deal. It is by no means a bad game, and i'm finding it very enjoyable and worth the money I spent on it. If you're looking for a direct expansion of DA:0 then you may be left wanting; but if you're looking for a new experience it's definitly worth your time. Bottom line is, you have to ask yourself, has Bioware let you down before? If you answer yes, you might want to pass on this title. You really have to look at it as a completely new game, rather than an expansion, or even extension of DA:O, and if you can do that, then you'll have fun with it. Expand
  13. Mar 8, 2011
    From the beginning Bioware knew that would "streamline" the sequel to Dragon Age Origin to attempt to draw in more and more action fans. There entire advertising philosophy was "push buttons and awesome happens". However, this left out many of the old school RPG fans out in the cold. The game has not been improved by this streamlining it has been Dumbed Down. From the lack of changing your characters armor to alterations in combat, the game is no longer a RPG its an action game with elements of RPG tacked on to it Expand
  14. Mar 9, 2011
    Well, what can I say really? Its becoming the norm for Bioware now to covet what it doesnt have at the expense of what it does already. I saw it in ME2, and Ive seen it in this too. It really isnt that surprising that if you structure the game around a combat system designed for the lowest common denominator, the rest will suffer.

    Crappy environments based around ploughing through endless
    dumbed down combat. Poor story?

    It really is the transition from Mass Effect 1 to 2 in fantasy form. Both games just redisinged their core combat mechanic and made it the overriding focus of the game and all its pre-release hype in order to try and snare something approaching COD sales figures (which the PR folks are practically admitting openly).

    For me, its simple: ME3 is last chance saloon for Bioware. Currently as an RPG powerhouse, theyre simply dead to me. Its a question of if the final act of what started out to be a promising sci-fi RPG-shooter hybrid can get out the defibrillators and recapture some of that spark, or if its simply going to remain a dumbed down TPS.

    As DAII so closely mirrors it, Id have to say the same. After such a mediocre affair, the only way I could ever take interest again is from a concerted effort from Bioware to make up for all this dumbing down.
  15. Mar 16, 2011
    Just wanted to say to my xbox 360 brothers that are just as disappointed with DA2 as I am - go ahead and try Torchlight it was developed in under a year with far fewer developers than DA2 had and is a far superior game in nearly all aspects and costs a fraction of the price!
  16. Mar 10, 2011
    Quite simply a horrendous sequel in every way possible, bioware have truly let their fanbase down. Casualized combat coupled with horrific graphics and a dull plot really let this game down. It borders practically on being unplayable becuase it's that easy and boring. A game that has simply been created and tampered with to suit frat boys more accustomed to call of duty and halo. In other words bioware have ruined a once respectable RPG series and dumbed it down for the consumer market with quite horrific results. Spend your money elsewhere if you are looking for a good RPG experience, or even for that matter, a gaming experience on any level, because frankly I would rather play through crap like sonic riders than play this absolute abomination of a game again. Expand
  17. Mar 10, 2011
    Dragon Age: Origins was a groundbreaking RPG with an engrossing plot within an intricate fantasy world, with well-written characters and good replay value. Dragon Age 2, by comparison, is a lazy, cynical slap in the face. The visuals are the most obvious flaw. Somewhat dated graphics can be forgiven, but the art direction seems almost nonexistent. Kirkwall, the main setting of the game, looks like something out of a 1990's first-person shooter; it's comprised of large, sparsely-populated open areas with drab walls that essentially form long corridors with only 90 degree turns. The "bazaars" are a handful of people standing next to chests under otherwise empty tents. Assassin's Creed-level detail isn't necessary, but to actually have *less* graphical intricacy than the first game - and substantially so - is baffling. Outdoor levels fare slightly better, but are still inferior to the first game. Of course, this could be somewhat forgiven if the core story and gameplay were decent, but they both paid a similar lack of attention. The story fluctuates between being completely uninteresting and being simply generically mediocre, spending most of the time closer to the former due to a plethora of mindless and unengaging side quests, not to mention leaving things wide open for future DLCs. The branching dungeons and outdoor areas of the first game have been replaced by linear paths that would be navigable by a decapitated chicken. The inventory system has been similarly simplified. The tactical gameplay remains, thankfully, mostly intact, with a welcome action-oriented twist, but with so many other flawed elements, the game simply loses its appeal, becoming an arduous grind rather than an addictive adventure. This is easily the biggest disappointment of the year, and it's shameful that so many gaming "publications" (aka EA mouthpieces) are giving it stellar reviews. Expand
  18. Mar 12, 2011
    Dragon Age II is an astoundingly good game. Having now played for around 10 hours I can say with a measured opinion that it has met and surpassed all my expectations. I completed Origins and poured over 112 hours into the game. I am by no means a simple fan boy and would have been bitterly disappointed had I not thought Bioware had put the same level of skill and commitment into the sequel. I have not been disappointed and I fail to see where and why all the user criticism spawns from on this page. I loved Origins and I feel no hesitation in stating that I believe DA2 is a much improved game.
    The pacing is much faster and more exciting, whilst keeping the focus of the narrative throughout - something Origins failed to do at times (there's a Blight going on?).
    The action and fighting dynamics have seriously been improved. Remember people this is the Xbox 360 version we are reviewing and as a console version, it's fighting mechanics have been vastly improved. It's fluid, it's faster and ultimately, it's more exciting. There seems to be a theme arising that people believe it is more like a button basher now. Can I remind you that the sole difference there is that now rather than simply pressing A once and having the character automatically attack, you now do so yourself. I fail to see why this is a negative.
    The story is gripping and the character dynamics and interaction is as superb as it was in the original but with the vast improvement of a fully voiced character. Furthermore, the characters are equally as funny, original and likeable as they were in the original - with the exception of maybe Morrigan (a favourite of mine).
    The graphics are, as expected, a considerable improvement and the scale of Kirkwall is impressive. Another complaint stems from the fact that the majority of the game is played within it's boundaries but this is by no means a bad thing. In fact, it makes perfect sense for the story which is being portrayed.
    Please, if you are considering buying this game, do not be put off by the overtly harsh criticism on this site and do so. If you are a fan of rpgs and most particularly if you enjoyed the first game, I implore you to play this game: you will not regret it.
  19. Mar 8, 2011
    Nice to see bioware not even act like they're trying anymore with the day 1 DLC and worse graphics than the first. I mean really. If you're gonna purposely take out features atleast wait a few months before releasing it.
  20. Mar 10, 2011
    If you want to ever get decent, smart CRPG again, if you dont want the whole genre to die out - Dont buy this slasher game! Under any circumstances - dont buy this slasher, labelled as RPG!

    This slasher needs to flop. Bioware should go bankrupt. Laidlaw, Gaider, Muzyka - all these... ahem... businessmen... no longer have moral rights to wear the same badge as Baldurs
    Gate 2 creators.
    If DA2 succeeds comercially, this kind of gameplay re-imagining may very well happen to possible Baldurs Gate 3. Just imagine this nightmare - Baldurs Gate 3 : God of War style.
  21. Mar 8, 2011
    Fantastic Game.. I love all Bioware games. The gameplay is much better than the first version. The story is so much more intriguing, the combat is much more accessible and the best part is the length of the game
  22. Mar 10, 2011
    I am a big RPG fan and I was crawing for Dragon Age since i heard it for the very first time. I must say even Dragon Age: Origins had flaws although the game was ultimately sucessful on almost most of it's main points that I was simply ignoring these stuff. That is why I am so genuinely disappointed about Dragon Age 2 this much.

    They took away pretty much everything that made the original
    Dragon Age such a big sucess. Story is a way too simplified thanks for the hunger of pulling new gamers to the franchise. Dialogue options are limited which makes the Characters less and less developed and beliveable. Graphics even the animations are a little off but these are flaws that i can let go. What i can't ignore is, the fact that Dragon Age 2 is a train wreck. I played the Demo and it was horrible, though i kept my hopes high for the game hoping it would improve somehow. This is not a story that would fill it's player with awe, and make him beg for more. Dragon Age 2 is a over simplified hack and slash game where not even the gameplay but the story itself is simplified in order to make the game more accessible. I am sorry really sorry for Bioware. A game where accessiblity takes over quality and immersiveness is destined the sink to the bottom. This is trully not what I expected from developers that made such a great game like Dragon Age. Expand
  23. Mar 9, 2011
    Worst game ever of the year. Don't buy it for $60, because it's TOTALLY not worth it. They're going to hit you with a **** of DLC costs too. Wait a year until the ultimate edition comes out ... and then wait until it's on sale for $20.
  24. Mar 9, 2011
    I've had some time to reconsider after my initial shock; the game in and all by itself isn't so bad. My problem is more that this was the game I was most looking forward to this year and this is not the sequel I was looking for. If marketing had chosen to call it "Dragon Age: The Champion of Kirkhall", I might have looked at it differently. If they had only let the same team of artists mess with the original DA:O engine and give me another 40 hours of adventure, I'd have been +10 content. This one doesn't feel nearly as complex and deep as the first Dragon Age, and I don't feel as immersed and connect to the characters. I just don't care very much about them. The other aspect I really miss is the feeling of exploring a huge, mythical country. And I struggle with the framing story that just leaves unexplored gaps. Expand
  25. Mar 18, 2011
    Hi All,
    I'd just like to say that this game does not deserve a ZERO! I know some people will be angry at me, but anyone who gave a 0 score should seriously take a step back and think about it... I have revised my previous review from a 9 to an 8 - or 7.5 if the scale would permit - after about 38 more huors of play, but a zero???!!! What is wrong with you??!! If this game ain't your
    cup of tea then I can see giving it a 4-5, but any score lower is a clear indication that you SHOULD NOT BE REVIEWING VIDEO GAMES! I have been a gamer for over 20 years, and I believe a score of lower than 4 must come from someone who has not looked at this game objectively. If you hate the genre so much, stick to FPS and racing games, because your review can not be taken seriously. As a added note, anyone who has been following Bioware from the beginning (ehem... - Silvermaul) I understand your frustration caused by this games lack of ability to meet the high standards set by games like KOTOR, Baldur's Gate (one of my all time favorites) and of course who can forget Mass Effect 1 and 2 - however, this is still a decent game. ZERO! - come on folks, that is ridiculous! Expand
  26. Mar 9, 2011
    Ive never reviewed a game on here before, but after about 10-15 hours into this, i just could not do it anymore. i needed to tell people not to buy this game. you might argue that that game has good RP systems, or whatever, and it dosent deserve a flat out 0, mabye a 3 or 4, but a game that when i play it, all i want to do is **** STOP playing it, deserves a 0 in my eyes. god i hope i can get my money back on this junk. it is a total insult to all DA:O fans, and PC gamers in general. terrible console port, from a company that once made such great games. Bioware, if you are reading this, do NOT let your DA team ANYWHERE near Mass Effect 3. Expand
  27. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is such a disapointment. I am SICK of developers screwing over the PC games because of console playing peasants. Starting with DA2 , Bioware became just another EA wh0re , pushing out subpar games to please the unwashed masses.

    Really looked forward to playing this game, but the god-aweful combat, subpar conversations ( YES , LOL YES , HELL YES used as dialog wheel options) ,
    pityful graphics and a lifeless world killed the mood entierly.

  28. Mar 10, 2011
    Not one of Bioware's strongest titles, but a fun romp. Having beat the game I can honestly say the story is an afterthought, and exploration is non-existant because you spend the entire game within a single town. They constantly reuse places you've been too before, by cutting off certain doors and opening others up in an attempt to make it different. Where the game doesn't fall flat on it's face is the combat, which is much better than the original. The dialogue isn't terrible either, though the dialogue wheel is a hassle. I expected much more than this after playing Dragon Age Origins, but I guess I can't fault them for only having a year to develop. Expand
  29. Mar 9, 2011
    RPG is not a full voiced hack n slash. RPG is not a linear cinematic scenes. RPG is not a copy paste dungeons. You want profit of casual gamers but you are losing your fan player base. DLC policy are totally abusive and greedy. ad graphics, bad gameplay, bad story, loaded with day 1 DLC that you have to pay for. What is there to like? Dragon age origins is so much better than this POS. Don't give into bioware and stop buying their products. Save your money and buy something better. Expand
  30. Mar 10, 2011
    What a Disappointment.!
    Why did they dumb down the game like that?!

    There is not any fun in the combats anymore!
    The camera mechanics are extremely frustrating. There is not enough dezoom to think any tactical choice. You can't even move the camera around. The combats are way too fast paced and look completely ridiculous. Since you pass most of your time in combat, it's hugely

    It feels super scripted with cinematic every two seconds. Loading times every two seconds.

    I'm really sad for bioware! They are loosing a lot of credibility with this joke of a game.
    It's an insult to rpg players. It has lost almost all the elements that gave some interest to the first opus. And it was already pretty dumbed down compared to Baldur's Gate.

    Save your money!
  31. Mar 10, 2011
    A Dynasty Warriors from Bioware? wtf
    I loved their games but this is awful in all ways. No NPC reaction for stealing, fighting, etc. Tube Levels, cloned caves, a dumb story, cloned NPC (thx for the big **** BW! if this would be real, yeahhh!)
    Please make RPG instead of this crap Bioware!
  32. Mar 8, 2011
    Hours into this game, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The combat is leaps and bounds above the original Dragon Age. One thing I urge people to realize is that DA 1 was also similarly linear. The amount of quests in DA 2 seems to be slightly stepped back, but the combat makes up for it. People idealize a game like DA, and inevitably, they will have a problem with any sequel. Probably the same people that had a problem with ME2, as no game would "ever" stack up to ME1. The combat would best be described as a mix between DA 1 and Kotor. Yes, I went there. And this game is good. Expand
  33. Mar 9, 2011
    Don't listen to the haters rating the game below 5, they are hardcore nerds mad that the game is now more accessible to a broader audience. This game lives up to all the hype and is a ton of fun to play. Well worth the $60 in my books.
  34. Mar 9, 2011
    If this game was promised to be a worthy successor to Dragon Age 2 and this game breaks all of those promises to try to be something that not only undermines everything that was good about Dragon Age: Origins, it spits on those mechanics and insults the player's intelligence at every moment in some new spectacular way. When the game runs out of ways to prove it's not it's more mature sibling it begins to plateau into boring and repetitive quests that leave you asking, "Was this supposed to be fun?"

    The setting was supposed to be stylized more to look more exciting, though someone forgot to tell the art direction what stylization meant and they just assumed it means making boring designs and making them look ridiculous. The best example of this is the gigantic weapons that look like they'd be more fitting in a cartoon, which are lazily animated to rest on the back two inches away as if held there by magic. Also another pet peeve that's plucked about the weapons is that staffs (tools that are normally used to assist walking) are placed on the back in an absolutely ridiculous manner. Knives are also held on the back in this way and look absolutely ridiculous while placed as such.

    The writing is downright elementary and the game treats the subject matter of sex like a bunch of giggling school children who've just seen a breast for the first time in their life. We've grown far beyond this juvenile stage in video games and EA should feel ashamed to publish this trash that's dragging down the medium of video games.
  35. Mar 9, 2011
    This isn't a RPG! It's a hack'n'slash! There is nothing else to say: it's a game for casual gamers! At technical level there's only one interesting thing: the soundtrack! Everything else it's really really poor!
  36. Mar 9, 2011
    Comparing Dragon Age 2 to Dragon Age: Origins, it improves some things but also losing some things in the process.

    The combat this time around is fasted paced and satisfying. However, it does take a step back from the tactical RPG that Dragon Age: Origins was. You can still pause the screen to choose actions but the absence of the Tactical Overhead View just simply baffles me. Why would
    Bioware remove such a good idea and feature from it's sequel? I have no clue.

    The player character can now speak in conversations, must like Mass Effect. This in my opinion is a good thing because the silent protagonist in Dragon Age: Origins was really awkward and left much of the decisions you did pick in conversations up to you imagination of what was truly said.

    Facial animations are far better but the overall graphics seem lacking in some ways. On the console version I noticed Dragon Age 2 to be alot smoother and less jagged, but seemed less polished. I don't think Bioware was trying to make another Dragon Age: Origins, but was trying to go for something different.
  37. Mar 9, 2011
    Im a level 7 right now and I give this a 10 so far.I find it hard to believe 180 users have played through out this whole game already, then rushed to Metacritic to review it and take the time to warn others of a Illuminati conspiracy of gaming developers taking the fun out of gaming. Most all the negative reviews are from new accounts. Not clever enough trolls.
  38. Mar 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had high hopes for Dragon Age 2. I loved the first one and was so looking forward to this one. I anxiously awaited the day the demo was available so I could get a look at this sequel and I was terribly disappointed. Against my better judgment I did not cancel my pre order and decided to give it a chance anyway. Honestly I should have saved the 50$ I spent on it. Leaving out the fact that the new combat system is just dreadful in my opinion....

    The characters are ugly, the art style is terrible, the character creator is mostly just a rehash of the same options you get in DA: Origins. The same hair styles with a couple of new additions, the same tattoos etc. You would think that with a new game they might try to come up with some new options for your character.

    Then we have the characters... I played all day as soon as I got my game and installed it. I did not feel any connection at all to the characters. My own character is not very interesting and I know some people love that the character is voiced but it just makes it harder to give my character the personality I want her to have. I don't care for it at all. I don't care for the conversation system either. I liked being able to initiate random conversations with my companions. Being able to only talk to them when they feel like it is not immersive at all. I feel absolutely no connection with these people even though when I can talk to them I explore all the conversation options and really try to get to know about them. My sister died in the beginning and my only thought was oh damn the one with the heals died. Seriously I felt nothing at the prospect of my sister dying. In origins I was actually saddened by the deaths of my companions even the redshirts that were doomed from the start I cared when they died. In this game I really don't care.

    Then there is the story. It is boring and lacks the sense of urgency and epic feel of Origins. Where is the story? Where is the reason for my characters actions. I feel nothing, no sense of purpose, no urgency no desire to see what happens next. To me this game is a complete and utter failure. Granted I am only about 10 hours into it but it should have grabbed me by now. Origins had me in the first 15 minutes of game play. An RPG, like a good book should grab you from the first sentence and make you not want to put it down. This one fails to do that. I could look past every other flaw it has if it could do that but it doesn't.
  39. Mar 10, 2011
    Quit playing after 4 hours into the game. This game is a slap in the face of DA:O fans.
    - conversation wheel with 3 options in a role-playing game
    - Mortal Combat style fighting
    - bad characters and story
    - linear plot
    In summary, this game is not worth my time.
  40. Mar 9, 2011
    When I first heard of DA2, my heart soared. Wow! A sequel to one of my favourite WRPG's of all time! The initial trailers showed promise, but when the demo finally hit, everything turned sour and quick. I got the full game to confirm my suspicions, and I can tell you right now: This is NOT a Dragon Age game. Ok, picture Mass Effect. Now throw in some swords and magic and you've got Dragon Age 2. Next to nothing of the original game remains in this sequel, save a similarity in the combat systems. Everything else is just...No.

    The game has you play as Commander Shep- Hawke, a refugee from Lothering which just got destroyed by the dreaded Darkspawn (Think orcs, but led by a giant dragon.) This is my first gripe with the game: Hawke. In Dragon Age: Origins, you played as a character of your own creation. You could choose from 3 different races and several different origin stories. The character felt unique to you, since everything about him could be customized. Hawke, on the other hand, is always a human, and has 3 different personalities, depending on your choices: The second coming of Jesus in terms of pure selflessness, Satan in disguise in terms of full-on evil, or an arrogant prick. I went with the third option because that's how I felt Hawke's character wanted to be portrayed: An arrogant prick that has nothing better to do that ruin a perfectly good franc- kill Darkspawn.

    For those of you that enjoyed the 8-9 different dialogue choices given in DA:O when prompted that allowed the player to sculpt their character as they saw fit, there's a fun little surprise here in DA2 just for you. Gone are the dialogue choices. Instead, we get the Mass Effect choice wheel. New and exciting!

    Enjoyed exploring all of Ferelden, gathering armies to confront the Darkspawn in an epic battle of glory and chaos? Too bad. You're stuck in the city of Kirkwall, with occasional (read: rare) instances of outside exploration. Instead of gathering armies, you're gathering party members. Mass Effect 2 called, Bioware, and he wants his EVERYTHING back.

    The combat might be considered DA2's saving grace, but only because it's the only thing that remains from DA:O. Bioware claims that it's a great improvement, but I didn't see it. The only thing improved are the animations, which do well to excite the easy-to-please gamers out there who only play games because of the "pretty lights". Apart from that, the combat is the same as DA:O, minus any semblance of challenge. Protip: Play the game on the hardest difficulty setting. It equates to DA:O's easy setting.

    All in all, Dragon Age 2 is one hell of a disappointment. Many reviewers are kneeling at it's feet, saying that it's the "reboot the series needed". Yes, because a "series" that's composed of one game and an expansion for that game clearly needed a reboot.

    Bioware, let me give you some friendly advice: Don't try to Mass Effect everything. Yes, Mass Effect is a hit series and we all love it to bits, but when you start making games that are pretty much Mass Effect but in a different era, that's when you've lost everything. You guys have shown that you can make compelling games that aren't Mass Effect with DA:O. Now you went and completely **** that up with Dragon Age 2. Did someone in the office just yell "Wait! This isn't Mass Effect-y enough!"? Hopefully, Bioware will rectify all the issues outlined in this ran- review by releasing a patch. (read: Recalling all copies of DA2 and printing more copies of DA:O while they work on the real DA2.)

    This was my review of Mass Effe- Dragon Age 2. Thank you for reading.
  41. Mar 9, 2011
    Terrible graphics, terrible dialogue, forgettable music, bland characters, linear gameworld, uninteresting locations, terrible button-mashing gameplay. Overall: A very very bad game that you should avoid
  42. Mar 10, 2011
    i liked the story of dragon age 1, despite the mediocre graphics. what i really don´t liked, was the straight forward level design, it´s the same with mass effect which is exactly taken just "dragon age in space". after playing da:o i really felt like it was roleplaying for dummies. roleplaying for me ist always something like oblivion (or baldurs gate) or fallout (every part of it). different paths, a open world linked with decision making and character development with different impacts.

    but what are the changes in dragon age 2? they try to make it easier and more simple, to meet the casual gamers wishes.

    i hope this works out for EA, it´s good that nobody is forced to buy this game. life is too short for another "run of the mill - hack and slay" game.
  43. Mar 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I must say this is one of the biggest disappointments I had in the last couple of years in terms of games. I have spent over 50h playing DA1 and even though it had its flaws it managed to give a memorable and overall enjoyable experience, cool locations and character development. It was solid. I don't really know where to start when it comes to DA2. It's such a wasted title. With all the built up hype and promises from the ever so self-content developers the end result is appalling. The worst thing in my opinion is how Bioware treats us, their paying customers, delivering a product of such low standards and still advertising it as an improvement over the first installment. Day 1 DLC with an additional NPC character? Seriously? There is so little to go with in the game itself and yet you cut out one party members? I've just finished the chapter with the expedition and to my dismay discovered that I am still confined to the same city, the same locations (with re-rolled resource items so you have to look for them again). There are what - four unique dungeon/building maps which repeat over and over only to change the initial spawn point and lock some of the doors. The dialogues, although pleasantly voiced, have no impact on the story whatsoever. It doesn't matter whether you pick the nice option or the aggressive one - the show goes on no matter what. You can bad-mouth most of the important npc characters with no penalty. At some point I started skipping lines altogether and just relying on the map marker to guide me to the next objective - yes this is what this game degrades to after some time - running around delivering answers / questions to the next individual and slaying groups of cloned enemies appearing from thin air on scripted locations. I once had spiders descend on their webs straight from the bloody sky. Combat although presented as dynamic and engaging comes down to mindless button-mashing. Large groups of cloned enemies appear in waves very much alike to some arcade games. The fighting is so high-paced all you see on the screen is bloody pulp exploding all the time and severed limbs flying all over the place. I mean how is it possible to hit someone with a dagger so that the body explodes and only the boots are left standing? After a while, when you have seen all the animations and effects, combat becomes more of a nuisance rather than fun. As for me I am abandoning the game completely - it's not worth the time and it feels more like punishment or some chore. I strongly advise you to skip this game and keep your money. Expand
  44. Mar 9, 2011
    Just dire. Did not think BioWare could make games this bad. Is it the EA effect? This is neither a proper action game nor a proper RPG - it's some mutant ugly hybrid trying to appeal to both types of gamer, and failing. And a cliffhanger ending? So much for epic story - just an ad for some DLC or DA3. The graphics are worse than Dragon Age 1, like some 2005 console port. The combat is just a button mashing cartoon, dumbed down from DA1. LOTS of things have been cut. It's short - like 12 hours for the main campaign. The characters you meet feel lifeless, and the same scenery is recycled. To hide this, BioWare stuck in lots of bink cinematics and sex scenes. Get ready to be fleeced with tons of DLC now that will raise the cost of this disgusting trainwreck to over $100. Last BioWare game I buy - I dont even trust they can do Mass Effect 3 right after this.â Expand
  45. Mar 8, 2011
    Honestly, rating this game as a 3 or below is absolutely ridiculous. Ratings like that are saved for games that are completely broken, which this clearly is not. If the new combat system isn't your particular cup of tea, IT DOES NOT MAKE THIS A BAD GAME. And, Deadalious, we're talking about a video game, not "pizza". Get a job in politics if you want to use retarded metaphors.

    I happen to enjoy the newer, more fast-paced combat system just as much as the older one. So far, the story is great, and an actual main character with a voice and personality is one of the best inclusions. I'm not so sure why everyone is freaking out over the dialogue wheel either. The game obviously has its flaws, and yes, the series pales in comparison to Mass Effect of Elder Scrolls, but it is absolutely not a bad game whatsoever. I have spent the past 13 years of my life playing as many RPG's as I can get my hands on, and DA2 really does deliver, despite a couple of flaws. Don't listen to anyone saying this game is anything less than mediocre. Expand
  46. Mar 24, 2011
    This game lacked everything.Story was weak and very boring .Levels were disgracefully reused.

    The whole game screamed rushed and dumbed down.

    Bioware appear to have this PC elitist approach ..thinking we on console are so dumb we only want a dumbed down peice of garbage hack and slash.Very let down by the lack of effort that went into DA2
  47. Mar 9, 2011
    I don't know what the developers were doing all this time. Squalid landscapes, a total simplification of the RPG-component. As a result, low-grade slasher.
    Epic Fail. Sad but true.
  48. Mar 9, 2011
    I don't normally write reviews, nor read them prior to playing a game. I enjoyed DA:O, so why wouldn't I try DA II? Big mistake. I'm 4 hours into the game, and I think I'm giving up. I'm bored. The first hour of the game is 45 minutes of badly written cutscenes and 15 minutes of combat. How is the combat? Terrible. I just hold down a button. Being a rogue is usually a fun and interesting class to play. Nope, not in DA II. The characters are boring and uninteresting. They don't draw me in like they do in DA:O or Mass Effect. The voice acting is meiocre at best.

    It's like they took DA:O and watered it down with Fable 3.
  49. Mar 9, 2011
    Classic case of a game developer "dumbing down" a franchise to appeal to a larger audience. Dragon Age: Origins laid a great foundation for the future of the DA franchise. It was a deep game with complex RPG elements.

    Dragon Age II, however, basically stripped down most of the RPG elements to the lowest common denominator. So instead of a deep, fulfilling game that appeals to RPG fans,
    the result is a watered-down "hack-and-slash" game that tries to call itself an RPG that appeals to no one. Expand
  50. Mar 9, 2011
    I tried to keep an open mind, I really did, But Bioware messed up big time. Literally everything about this game is what is wrong with the gaming industry. from the insane amount of pre order DLC that they put out to the "nerdy" jokes they try to force, DA2 did not deliver at all. Now, I was a Bioware fan, played Baldur's Gate, Kotor, and Mass Effect is one of my favorite series. Hell, I even played the First Dragon age as well, but the quality of DA2 is drastically lower. from the casualized button mashing combat, to the sappy attempt at romances, to the maps that simply with a different skin. im not lying, there are 3 dungeons with the EXACT SAME LAYOUT. They said that they improved the game from the original, no, they did no such thing. in fact it's worse. the original was fun because you caould play it with rts tactics. with this, it's like they got rid of that and tried to copy dynasty warriors. And it seems they spent more on marketing than the actual game for crying out loud.
    Now The "New dialogue system?" it's a direct copy from mass effect, and your only choices are to be a boy/girl scout, a "funny" guy (not that funny at all), or an **** not much else. the graphics are only slightly better, but both the default character presets literally look decent like 3rd party hair mods. The graphics are so terrible, BW even released an official patch to help it along. Now the Characters... oh god the characters. They are too oversexualized and forced. there's a pirate with the biggest pair of knockers Ive ever seen in an WRPG and She has a Jay Leno chin. They Butchered the awesome Mage guy from the Origins Expansion. your sister is probably the best looking female in the game, why would you do that? The Templar chick looks like a dyke, Fenris was pretty cool. and The elf Merrill is literally Tali 2.0. The only saving grace in this game was Varric, the Dwarf telling the story. I found him to be very interesting and unique, considering he breaks away from the traditional dwarf, and he;s an interestin character.

    in the end, DA2 is a terrible game. i dont know what the official reviewers such as IGN etc were thinking, but it's just terrioble
  51. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is a clera example on how a company maximizes profits using a brand name, lot of resouces to advertising and marketing (INCLUDING PROFESSIONAL REVIEWERS... SHAME ON YOU) and an awful product.
    This "Sonic-like" game doesn't deserve a review, this game doesn't deserve nothing. Stay away, save your money, it's the best thing you can do.
  52. Mar 9, 2011
    If you want to play RPG stay away from Dragon Age 2 I.e.:
    - Speechless NPC;
    - Boring quests: kill, kill, kill or kill kill bring something to me;
    - Lack of interactions with game ecosystem, or being honest lack of any ecosystem.

    If you want something like full of blood fantasy movie - go and spend your money.

    The choice is your.
  53. Mar 9, 2011
    When Dragon Age 2 was announced, I like many hardcore RPG gamers looked forward to it. While in the past several years Bioware hasn't been producing awe-inspiring games as they once did, they've remained a very solid developer who's RPG's are interesting, characters are varied and get you involved, and build worlds which have depth and are enjoyable. Dragon Age 2 is a complete betrayal of this standard. The combat feels jolty and unrealistic. The characters wield a 2 handed sword that would make Braveheart sweat like it was made from tissue paper. The weapons were equally large in Dragon Age: Origins, but at least they felt like they were actually that big. Instead, what we have here is a combat system that resembles crappy anime more than anything else.

    As if the combat wasn't bad enough, the dialogue has been dumbed down into the wheel-of-fail style that was implemented with Mass Effect. Not only that, but every single piece of dialogue feels like it was written by an 8 year old who just read his first fantasy novel. There is no character depth, I'd as soon stab my party members as look at them, and to glue all this together the voice acting feels more like a group of Live Action Roleplayers than paid voice actors.

    To top all this off, the game not only doesn't look and present itself better than Origins, it actually looks worse. I can't recall another time when a sequel to a game looked worse than its predecessor. It feels as though Bioware did everything in their power to make this a worse RPG in an effort to alienate their hard-earned fan base and sell to the mass media'd console market.

    The only thing that kept this game from getting a 0 from me is the fact that maybe Bioware didn't intend for this to be an RPG at all, and simply another generic, boring, railroaded action game. As a lifelong Bioware fan, I truly hope they don't stay on this road. They've proven time and again their ability to make a solid RPG, but this game was an utter betrayal of everything I as an RPG fan have come to love and expect from them.
  54. Mar 9, 2011
    Improved upon in almost every way. More immersive, better storytelling mechanics (especially the fact that relationships develop over a series of years) and combat is just downright more fun. If you think the graphics are worse than the original, you are lying to yourself. The combat is strategic as ever, just FASTER AND MORE FUN. The abilities all actually DO something, unlike DA:O where you spent points on things you would never use. And if you really have a problem with the dialog wheel, go play D&D in your basement. Interactive cinema is what its all about. Expand
  55. Mar 8, 2011
    I find it highly interesting that there are so many user reviews posted, particularly negative reviews, after the game just came out. I will say up front that I have not yet finished Dragon Age, but I am more than half way through. So far, the game is a vast improvement over Origins, from the streamlined combat, to a more central protagonist. To those complaining over the changes to the core mechanics and Bioware's aim at a more casual audience, grow up. If you haven't realized it, developers need to make money, in fact to some extent that's the goal. Appealing to a larger audience doesn't mean they've thrown quality out the window, it just means they've made a smart business decision.

    Ranting aside, the combat is more visceral, the story more structured, the graphics substantially upgraded. If your a fan of RPG's and open to change, I can't recommend this game enough. To those who feel scorned by the changes, just stick with it and give it a chance. If after you've fully played it and still come away unimpressed, your entitled to your opinions. Aside from that, giving it a score of 1 and 0 just because you feel let down is an injustice to this game.
  56. Mar 8, 2011
    I'll be quick. This game improves combat for the better, the visuals are a step forward (in the dragon age universe at least) the story is much more..... focused (for lack of a better term) and the characters that bioware introduce to us never seem to feel annoying or useless to a point where you feel like murdering them in their sleep. There are flaws, but honestly, perfection is in the eye of the beholder and when a game of this scope manages to keep everything on track with little to no fat hanging over the side, that spells damn close to perfection in my books. This game is designed to add to the wrecking ball that sits between gamers and non gamers and it does a great job, a lot of super RPG nerds will feel let down and even be angered by the streamlining of the RPG mechanics and the game in general, but if you're like me and enjoy having a fun time and soaking in the story then look no further than dragon age 2. A side note... due to the 1-10 rounding system used here at metacritic it says a 9 for me but its much closer to a 9.3. Expand
  57. Mar 8, 2011
    I've loved this game! The dialogue is much improved, the animation is infinitely better than Origins, the characters are a whole lot more fun, and seemingly less archetypal (I've only played for 3 hours), and the voice-acting is superb. Bioware took everything that was good about Origins, and combined it with the wonders of Mass Effect. The only thing I've had some problems with is the long, constant loading screens. Overall though, I've absolutely loved the game. Expand
  58. Mar 8, 2011
    Improving on Dragon Age: Origins in almost every way, Dragon Age II brings a ton of great characters to the series and manages to deftly pack all of the strategy of the console version into a faster, more entertaining combat system. There's a ton of strategy there if you're looking for it (I'm a fan of the Rogue's upgraded Back-to-Back skill coupled with my mage's upgraded Mind Blast - it stuns everyone around you, and the Rogue teleports next to you to deal nothing but Critical Hits to stunned enemies). On the surface somethings have changed since DA:O, but after a few hours it still feels very much like it's predecessor, but with a bevy of solid improvements. Expand
  59. Mar 9, 2011
    After hearing about dragon age 2 i was ecstatic, i could not sit still waiting for this game! more Dragon Age, i thought. how naive i was. After trusting Bioware to much, and shaking off the strange new changes as upgrades, improvements or merely thinking "Bioware know what there doing, i mean hey, they made DA:O, right?" I was wrong, the game is not good. it does not play way, it does not look good, it does not sound good, its a lazy, bad game.

    Do not buy this game.
  60. Mar 9, 2011
    Purchased, played for a bit, saw the same levels copy/pasted all over the place. This is a sloppy addition to the dragon age series. A clear cash in, 1 year development time, with bought off reviews and 'high praises' from random people that have clearly been hired to inflate the rating on metacritic.

    I just hope Bioware has enough dignity left for a proper DA:O sequel.. god forbid this
    happens to ME.

  61. Mar 9, 2011
    Bioware has created what could go down as the worst "RPG" ever made. Of course, I have to say RPG in quotations, because all RPG elements have been stripped. It is a "role playing" game I guess, but that role is a very strict one laid down by Bethesda. There are no choices to make now, as has become a Bethesda trademark, and very few dialogue trees. The dialogue now is just a linear rambling between two bored sounding cookie cutter people, and the instead of influencing the conversation, you are only allowed to select whether the character will do the conversation angry, soft, or sarcastic.

    Gone is any hint of stategy of depth to combat. The game is a click fest, a poor mans devil may cry, that requires no skill to beat on hard or lower difficulties. On nightmare, a mode they obviously ran out of time on balancing, is just frustratingly impossible, not because it provides a good challenge, but because instead of balancing it, they just added 10000hp to every enemy and said "done".

    The graphics represent and huge step back not only from Dragon Age origins, but for the whole generation. This looks like something you'd find on the Playstation 2. The game lacks any art direction, and any sense for colors other than brown.

    Dragon Age 2 is not only a huge step back for the series, but a huge step back for video games in general. The dumbing down of the series marks the biggest leap in what has become a trend in video game design. I can only hope that Bioware listens to the fans after this outing and, pun intended, return to their origins as RPG designers in their next outing.
  62. Mar 26, 2011
    Dragon Age II has been a difficult game for me to review. On one hand, it does so many things right that it is nearly impossible not to enjoy it. On the other hand, BioWare has made some extremely lazy and downright uncharacteristic design decisions that really hamper the experience and keep it from truly living up to its potential. On a technical level, the game is a vast improvement over Origins. The graphics, while still not nearly as good as the best in the industry right now, are a massive step up from the muddled, poorly textured mess that was DA:O. However, given the fact that there are only a scant handful of relatively tiny areas in the entire game, I am personally shocked that they are not the best graphics I've ever seen. There is a distinct lack of inspiration and polish in the visuals (with the exception of the blood effects, which are excellent even if they are a little over the top), and to be honest I find that fairly unforgivable due to the small volume of content that the devs had to polish. The sound is a technical high point here; battle is a cacophony of clanging, banging, grunting, and yelling and often sounds far more epic than it actually is. The voice acting is superb in most cases, and even the bad sections are better than the acting found in most games these days. I am truly floored by the amount of work that must have gone into recording all the possible conversations for Dragon Age II, and I have to give BioWare credit for not shirking here. The musical score is decent, but there are sections that seem as if they were recycled from Mass Effect 2 and, for the most part, none of the orchestral background music really does much to add to the experience. It's just sort of there most of the time. On the narrative side, BioWare once again shows that they are the kings of story telling in video games today, and even though the vast majority of the story is told without some looming evil or major focal point beyond your character's development it still succeeded in keeping me interested. The fact that the narrative engaged me on little more than a character development is quite impressive, and I actually wish more developers would choose this route over the cliched good vs. evil stories most RPGs give us. The other characters in your party are collected through a series of missions and happenings in the first act, and by and large they are quite well fleshed out. Despite some claims I have read to the contrary, I found nearly all of the new companions to be quite memorable and unique - the Dalish Merril is cute and naive, but has a substantial darkside, Fenris is suitably bitter and revenge-focused to fit nicely into his backstory, and Isabella the sensual pirate captain is a seemingly shallow woman who actually has a somewhat tragic past. These three were by far my favorites, but other characters such as Varric and Anders were also well thought out even if I personally found them both a little irritating. There is plenty of dialogue between your companions as you wander the world, and some of it is actually quite entertaining. As for the gameplay, combat has been vastly altered; the game now plays as more of a deep hack and slash than the standard BioWare RPG (think closer to Diablo than KOTOR). While I initiallly favored this change, I soon found myself wishing for the old click-once-to-attack functionality. I think the problem is that the abilities (shield bash, backstab, etc.) take far too long to cool down in most circumstances. This is coupled with enemies that seem far tougher than one would expect in terms of hit points, and the end result is a feeling of endlessly mashing A while waiting for abilities to cool down. I think there is potential in this system - even a heavy attack button would break up the A mashing - but as it stands now it feels a bit shallow. Finally, the setting. This is where I feel a lot of people, including myself, feel a little let down by the old and faithful BioWare. Let's get one thing out of the way: this is not the world-travelling DA:O. Nearly all of the game takes place in one city. While I can appreciate that BioWare wanted to tell a focused and relatively small scale story, the game certianly needed more areas to explore. Most quests take place in only slightly altered dungeons (some doors open for some quests, and for others they close), and it's hard not to feel a bit disappointed when you recieve an achievement for exploring ten caves and know that all ten caves were actually the same tiny piece of game painted in different contexts. It is forgivable in the beginning, but by about 25 hours (the game is roughly 30-40 hours in length) it begins to feel extremely repetitive and downright lazy on the part of the dev team. I am not sure why they made this decision, and I hope it is different next time. For now, we will have do make do knowing that this great game could have been much greater. I say rent. Expand
  63. Mar 8, 2011
    The best RPG ever, you never played as fun and tactical party RPG combats, it's the biggest and most interesting town that you ever seen in RPG. There are many player choices with consequences on the story. The story is very well written and will make your eyes wet many times. Some companions are much more attaching than any companion of DAO. DA2 fixes many weakness of DAO, the fights are better balanced and more deep. DAO fights was ridiculously easy and now at Hard difficulty they are hard and at Nightmare it's a real challenge. In DAO the companions was sort of dead puppets once out of the camp. Now they are lively and really participate to the adventure, and even, your companions will influence the evolution of the story. In DAO you had only very few build per class, now in DA2 you have plenty more builds making you character building a lot more fun and deep. In one play through DA2 isn't as long than in DAO, because of the multiples alternatives coming from player choices and companions choose the replays are much more interesting and setup a longer play value with replays. Expand
  64. Mar 9, 2011
    Just really fun. Maybe we expect too much from Bioware. I can see why some people are disappointed, but in the end Dragon Age 2 is an extremely good game, set in a beautiful game world that is really fun to play. Sometimes that is enough.
  65. Mar 9, 2011
    th1s game is so awsome! omggg it deserves like. an 11/10. my mom bot it 4 me 4 my bday an i havnt been able to put it down yet!!!!!!!! the only reson this gaem has a low score is cuz of the mean ppl at **** /v/ board r mad and dont like the game even tho they never playd it so their trying 2 raid medacritic 2 give it a low score by all giving it a 1
  66. Mar 9, 2011
    I was genuinely looking forward to this game. I didn't think DA: O was a perfect game, but it was a solid RPG with only a few little problems could have been ironed out. Expecting that from DA2, I was severely disappointed. It seems the developers were just trying to cash in on the success of the first; this game is ugly, corny, and shallow. DO NOT BUY IT.
  67. Mar 9, 2011
    Wow, the low scores for this game are incredible. I understand the fan base of true Bioware RPGs being upset over this simplified version of a great game. When you look at the game as a whole without bias, you find a surprisingly good game. In the end the story elements come together. The small quirks are amazing, and they do feed some nerdcore passions. My main issue is a city that is supposedly filled with refugees and is the largest city in the Free Marches is almost completely empty and pristine. Now I do like the combat system, because on the PC you can truly delve a little deeper into the game. Truth is Bioware is in this business to make money and catering to we few hardcore RPG gamers does not always pay off. Now I wait for 8 mos till Elder Scrolls: Skyrim hits the market. Expand
  68. Mar 9, 2011
    I'll preface this mini-review with: I actually like the game. I do, it's mindless. After working long days at my terrible menial job that saps my mental capacities; it's nice to sit down with a mindless game that takes absolutely no thought what-so-ever to get through. But that's a problem. This is a Bioware game. It's set to a higher standard than other games, it's supposed to draw you in with it's story and setting; the characters are supposed to be memorable, witty, devious, intelligent. But none of that really applies here. What we got was a game so vapid, so unintelligent, so... test grouped, that it's now not much more than a mindless Facebook game. Re-used maps everywhere. Lack of personality in it's setting and characters. Plenty of loot, but only one character to equip it on. (Oh that's nice, a 'mage only' item that has stats that my rogue will never be able to equip. Maybe I'll equip it on to one of my mages on my team, oh wait..) Poorly written characters that are voice acted quite well. And what happened to the Qunari? I mean, what? I honestly thought they were Darkspawn. Who even thought that was a good idea? I'm starting to go off the rails, the game itself is not worthy of calling itself a sequel. The people who spent the passed year or two working on this game should not be proud of their work. They were forced to make a game that they I'm sure knew would be a big disappointment for the people who actually enjoyed the first game. Sorry fellas, people aren't trolling, they're genuinely disappointed that you (Bioware) made a subpar game. Borrow this from your friends if you really really want to play it, please do not spend your (or your parents') hard earned money on this. Expand
  69. Mar 10, 2011
    So terribly dissapointed. Don't we have enough watered down mainstream games out there? That might even have been okay if this game was a good mainstream game. But its not. It tries to be a hybrid between an action game like God of war and a classical rpg, and it ends up failing at both. The story is also the worst I have seen from Bioware. The story never picks up a main goal and all you do ALL game is run around in one city and do quests that all feel like side missions. Suddenly the game ends with a bam and a cliffhanger... Not only that but they reuse every dungeon like 15 times, and there are only like 6-7 small dungeons. Any real rpg elements are taken out, you never even get the opportunity to talk your way out of a fight everyone just charge you. If I want an action rpg I will rather play diablo or titan quest.... this is a bad action rpg and it shames the dragon age franchise. I might be a little harsh, its an okay game, but nothing more... don't expect anything. Expand
  70. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is AWESOME! Don't believe all the obvious trolls out there. They fixed all my complaints with Origins and I'm having a blast playing this game. It's obvious that the people who are giving crappy reviews haven't even played the game. Buy it! You won't be disappointed.
  71. Mar 9, 2011
    Loads of improvements over the original. Main character being voiced is a huge plus. Genuinely care about what I'm doing. About half way through and really enjoying it.
  72. Mar 10, 2011
    ´As a Player of Baldurs Gate 1 &2 , Planescape Torment , Morrowind and all the other RPG´s which deserve to be called "Role Playing Games" i am shocked were the Genre is heading. I played Dragon Age origins and enjoyed it. I loved it, Really! That´s why this game hurts so much. But now Bioware made a game where i have to think : Is this a RPG or a Action Adventure/Hack´n Slay ? THIS, Dragon Age 2, is the Call of Duty of RPG´s. DA2 doesn´t even deserve to be named a RPG. One Town, No Worldmap, ridiculous characters, a "not so interesting Story", Graphics from 2005 (Hello bioware, we have 2011 now, Even the current console generation hardware is bored to death with this program), really bad environments, no armor management for party mambers and always the same cloned level structures like the dungeons in Oblivion. They oversimplyfied everything in this game. DAII does not make ONE simple point better than part 1. A downgrade all along the line. DA II is no RPG. It´s a slap in the face of every single person who loves role playing games. Expand
  73. Mar 10, 2011
    Disappointing sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and this poorly refined game does gamers a disservice. The game has been oversimplified, the graphics are terrible, the dialogues are corny, and the quests are boring.
  74. Mar 17, 2011
    Ok, this is the third time I've revised my review. Now that I am completely finished with the game I can firmly state I stand behind everything I said before. The limitations they've put on this game are inexcusable. To all the people saying it's a seperate game and shouldn't/can't be compared, let's be realistic. Not only is this a company we expect great things from, but it's a SEQUEL so there are bound to be expectations based on the first. To all the people that are crying foul that the negative scores are a conspiracy theory, grow up. Not everyone has the same tastes and not everyone will accept anything less than their expectations. If your standards were set low, don't cry foul because we were holding this game to a higher standard. They stripped the character interactions with the party members astronomically compared to the first. They removed all customizing from your party members gear except for weapons and rings etc. The relationship building has been totally ruined in my opinion, it's nowhere near the depth of DAO. The fact that it has enemy scaling is also ridiculous in my opinion. That's what difficulty settings are for, if I work to be a badass, let me be one, don't make the enemies grow stronger with me. What, are they questing doing Darkspawny things like finding an amulet for another Darkspawn in Darkspawn village for xp and sovereigns? Having enemies pouring in from all directions is also annoying. It allows for little technique in setting up tactics for random encounters. As for positives, some of the characters are truly likable thanks to some excellent voice work and writing. The combat is a step in the right direction, but I still don't understand why developers think I want to wail on the x button for 3 hours at a time just because I'm playing on a console, patch in auto attack for my thumbs sake. The story is more up close and personal which in itself is interesting, but overall if you played the first, there's no comparison. The term "epic" could easily describe DAO, the term "meh" could easily describe this story. Interesting and good don't mean the same thing and this is just interesting, not 10 material. People need to stop being paranoid and nerd raging. The game doesn't hold up to the bar set by it's predecessor. Expand
  75. Mar 12, 2011
    From DA:O to DA 2 seems like a pretty big fall for Bioware. It almost seems like they didn't even try this time around. One of the biggest grips I have is with where the game takes place.
    DA:O had you traveling all over the place and DA 2 has you running around one city and a few other locations near the city. The main character is supposed to be this great champion but one would wonder
    how he would pull that off running around just one city. Even then the city doesn't seem all that big as dungeons seem to be copy and pasted over and over again. The only real break is the Deep Roads but that doesn't last too long.

    Combat from DA:O to DA 2 is much like from ME 1 to ME 2 where its more of an action RPG than anything else. Ultimately it just seems like they stripped down DA:O for some reason and ended up with this. Not worth your money in a time when games cost $60 new. Wait for it to hit the bargain bin if you really need to play it.
  76. Mar 9, 2011
    Wow, F-ing priks! Go play the game and stop trolling like this! Just because you don't care for the direction the game is going, you shouldn't spam MC like this. Ha, those 144 0's and 1's are probably from all the PC gamers left. Get a console and stop crying.
  77. Mar 9, 2011
    Im giving this game a 10 just because the low review scores are absolutely unjustifiable. This game is far from a perfect 10 but its also far from a 0. Come on people if you are going to write a review on this game atleast make it somewhat believable. Dragon Age Origins may have more memorable characters but this games graphics, combat, and story are way better than the first. Im certain that atleast half of the negative reviews are from people who have never even played the freaking game. Expand
  78. Mar 10, 2011
    DA:O Managed to take Biowares "tried and true" formula for action RPGs and make it neither a compelling action game, nor a compelling RPG. DA2 continues with their woefully generic lore and improves the overall story a bit, while trying to put a strong emphasis on action oriented combat this time. What's left is a clunky mess with fewer options, and an overall worse product than DA:O which is sure to appeal to fewer people. If you need romance trees, go for it. It's Bioware's strong suite. If you're looking for an RPG or action game with engaging combat, deep or original backstory, and meaningful character building options, where you aren't shoehorned into a terrible 'alignment' system, look elsewhere. Expand
  79. Mar 9, 2011
    I have loved it so far. Still getting used to it. My only griped is the inventory system. I really enjoyed the DA:O setup and being able to customize everyone. This is a great game though.
  80. Mar 8, 2011
    This game is pretty good. Comparing to previous game:
    + Less generic story and setting, no ususal boring you are chosen one crap, The stroy feels less childish compared to the first installment in the series.
    + Class system got reballanced. Warriors became more interesting to play (their abilities are a bit cartoonish, but they now have more versalitie and uses, thats more important, i

    - Restrictions to playable characters customizations. Unability to choose a specialization may be a good or bad thing (they have custom specializations, usually quite interesting ones, but only one, and they cant choose one of the specializations aviable for player. you have to play 3 times with different classes to see all of them), but the inventory restrictions is just playin lazieness of developers. Linear location argument is crap. Locations usually have branches and overall feeling is the same to dao, nothing has changed, became worse or better. Gameplay hasnt changed much, the only difference - it looks a little faster due to new animations (i dont have problems with that) and warriors now have more active role in combat (they can cc and aoe right from the start, they are as usefull as mages are). It doesnt feel like slasher, it feels like dao. Design changes arent that much of a deal. You dont see darkspawn often, Flemeth looks hot and qunari looks more interesting (change in their appearance seem quite unbeliavable and radical though, but who cares, you didnt seen them much in dao). Quests seem of the same quality, i even think da2's are better, but so far nothing to remember (i havent finished the game yet though). But they dont seem boring or tedious, so i am genereally satisfied.
  81. Mar 9, 2011
    What's with all the trolls? I am about 9 hours into the game and loving it. This morning at work all i could think of was getting back to the game. The story is fantastic, the graphics are much better than the original, and the combat is fun in medium, and quite challenging in hard. A great game from BioWare!
  82. Mar 9, 2011
    I'm highly surprised at all the negative user reviews on this site. I played the game for about 4 hours last night and could barely pull myself away from the TV at midnight. Dragon Age: Origins had its share of problems, from clunky combat to (yes, it's true) linear gameplay and maps. I'm not sure why people would say DA2 is more linear than DA:O though. When I got to Kirkwall, I had about 10 different quests I could complete right off the bat. And while I was completing those quests, 3 or 4 more popped up out of random encounters with NPCs. The combat is much more action-packed and less just pressing buttons while your character yells at you for doing so. It feels like you're actually controlling your character and you can issue more than one command at a time without feeling like an idiot. As for the maps, they are somewhat linear but no more so than in DA:O. The graphics could have been better, as they don't really offer much over DA:O but they still look pretty good on the 360.

    For those people complaining about DLC, just stop it. If you don't want to shell out the 800 points for it, then don't. If you had pre-ordered the game and gotten in on the Signature Edition deal, you would have gotten a slew of DLC for free right off the bat so I have no sympathy. So far the story is also solid and loading a DA:O save really adds to the background you hear from characters within the game. My score could change as I get further into the game, but so far it seems like an engaging, action-packed adventure that compliments the original very well. All the negative reviews on here sound like RPG fanboys that just didn't get what they wanted.
  83. Mar 9, 2011
    I think a lot of users here are unfairly beating this game up, not for what it is, but for what it isn't. This isn't Baldur's Gate 2 with improved graphics. Sensibilities by most gamers have change since the release of BG2, so re-releasing it with prettier graphics wouldn't cut it either. This game has note been diluted to the point that most would lead you to believe - this game still has more of an "RPG" heart than Mass Effect 2. Skill trees still exist and tactical combat pausing still is a must (especially on the harder difficulties).

    Sure, Bioware "streamlined" the game over DA:O - but I would argue most of the changes were for the better. Trap making, for example, has gone by the wayside, but I would venture to bet that 90% of DA:O players on consoles never touched most of these "advanced" features. Combat is FAR superior to the console version of DA:O - it is far more engaging and faster paced. Graphics are also much improved over the console version of it's predecessor.

    Voice work is almost uniformly excellent. I may be in the minority, but I don't think much was lost by going with the conversation wheel. In DA:O, you may have had 6 canned lines to choose from, but in most cases, they'd only lead to 2 different responses anyway. I think this lack of this perceived conversation finesse is largely overstated.

    I admire Bioware for the chances it took with the story in DAII. Many will fault it because it doesn't follow the generic fantasy trope of "saving the world from the bad guy" (as much as I enjoyed DA:O, I felt like its story often fell too much on the "generic fantasy" side of fence). At least this story takes some chances by going against the expectation with its tale of political intrigue and shades of gray decision making. The scope is reduced, but the result is a quality, yet tighter, tale.

    If you come in with an open mind and not have expectations of this being Baldur's Gate 3, you will enjoy the improved graphics, faster paced combat, and compelling story.
  84. Mar 10, 2011
    (skip to the paragraph starting with "Then along came DA2" to skip the DA:O-related intro)

    As a PC gamer, DA:O was my introduction into RPGs. And I have to say, even getting started was daunting to me. I had envisioned a vast open world of freedom, choice, adventure and fun, based on the reviews I had read and all the buzz I had been hearing about the game.
    Instead what I got with the
    first Dragon Age was a linear, repetitive, unimaginative and boring affair where nothing really seemed to come alive and "choice" was a thinly-veiled illusion conjured up most ham-handedly by uninspired developers.
    Also I did not care for the looks of this world and its inhabitants, which does not help immersion one bit (bland lighting, unimpressive structures, flat and unexpressive faces, goofy armor, ...).
    What got me the most though was a thing called "level scaling". Gone is the thrill of slaying a beast that once seemed completely indomitable, after having spent hours "training" your characters in preparation for your revenge. Instead everything and everyone simply levels up along with you. Disgusting.

    Then along came DA2. From what I was reading this true sequel to the Dragon Age saga promised to be substantially different from DA:O, and I was excited. Even though DA:O was a huge letdown, it had kindled within me the hope for something truly epic and inspired.
    I had been reading various outcries from die-hard RPG fans and DA:O fans, but since the latter game had disappointed me so these outcries only strengthened my conviction that DA2 might actually be different; and I might actually enjoy it.
    Not so.
    Take all the negative comments on DA:O above (uninspired, unimaginative, linear, ugly, repetitive, devoid of actual choice, ....) and multiply them by any factor you may deem impressive, and you have DA2.
    * The corridors of DA:O have become even narrower and more confining;
    * The level design is unapologetically lazy (copy-pasted dungeons and caves);
    * The choice of story-progressing replies has dwindled to a basic three;
    * The graphics are at a playstation 2 level (although the overall style has improved);
    * Combat has been dumbed down to a button-mashing fest artificially rendered more difficult with mid-fight enemy spawns (only remotely enjoyable difficulty setting is "nightmare" but as said before the difficulty is artificial);
    * Kirkwall (where all but the entire game takes place) feels and looks artificial and devoid of any bustle and - indeed - life itself;
    I could go on and on about how much I have started to loathe DA2, but in the end it really is my fault for pre-ordering a game which promised to be "different" but turned out to be merely "worse".
    Much worse.
  85. Mar 17, 2011
    The story is there but the telling of it is very poorly executed.
    It lacks the depth and strategy elements that made the first one good.
    The reuse of levels and the ability to only play human as well as the lack of control over your companions really pulls you out of the enjoyment.
    At best it is mediocre.
  86. Mar 9, 2011
    I love dragon age. Or at least the first one. This much anticipated sequel is a wreck. I played the demo and it's obvious this game has problems. First, all the systems from origins that were "improved" looked retarded and weren't to my liking. All the skills were cartoonized, the leveling tree is stupid, and your portraits are minuscule! I made a mage and guess what? They gave me one stunning spell and that was it. The new loading screen even grinds my gears! It looks high tech, at least for dragon age, while the old one was realistic, looking like parchment and blood. And the hurlocks have no detail! Their faces were completely black and I used maximum quality. This is a degraded sequel comparable only to the force unleashed two (I haven't played many games so this is all I could come up with). A major disappointment for a long time bioware fan. Expand
  87. Mar 16, 2011
    Liked DAO until the "Golems of Amgarrak". The conversions became useless and idiotic. "I wonder what's over there? What could be in that tunnel?" "Lame!" - Now with DAII, the dialog seems pointless just the same. I don't feel involved and it doesn't matter what choices you make. Tactics for fighting are bad. I liked in DAO that you could target a mob, tell your guy to fight it and at the right moment insert special abilities, now its just click click click. Mob placement could be way better, sure there are waves of monsters coming at you from ALL sides, but the fights are pretty weak and having to figure out how to combat a foe would be exciting. except for the Rock Boss, that was well done and probably the only reason why i have rated it as high as i did. If they have an addon for this game, I won't be buying it. With DAO, I would order in pizza, with DAII I think Ill go out. Expand
  88. Mar 9, 2011
    Dragon Age II was one of my most anticipated games of 2011, I loved the first game a bunch, that's why it was my choice for Game of the Year 2009. So obviously I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new game. Was it worth the wait, .... uhh..... kinda. I have to admit, Dragon Age II is not as good as I thought it would be, but it's still a really good game. The game takes place 30 years after Dragon Age Origins, and this time the game has a real protaganist. Garret Hawke, who is trying to secure his family to protect them from the Blight. Story-wise, the game is ok. I have to say, I think it's badass that your character actually talks this time. The game seems to operate more on the Mass Effect engine this time, Fans of Mass Effect will be very familiar with the layout of the game. Unlike the first game, Dragon Age II plays more like a hack-n-slash. You're not just watching your party do all the work this time, however, your only melee button is A, or in the PS3's case it's X. So you really have to maneuver around your enemies this time. Rogues are more hack-n-slash than the other classes because your primary weapon of choice as a rogue is dual weilding daggers. This was my first choice in DA2, was to be a rogue, I always start as a rogue in these kinds of games. Obviously, this game has huge differences that seperate it from Origins. There's less freedom this time, since the game has a real protaganist this time, you can't choose your race, you're stuck with being a human. So if you were hoping to be an elf or a dwarf, you're out of luck. That disapointed me, because I was always an elf in the first game. You can still customize your character though, and just like in Mass Effect 2, you can import your save from Origins, so the choices you made in Origins affect how DA2 will run, which is a very nice add on. Leveling up and equipting your characters works the same way it did in Origins. and of course you still have to keep your party members happy. Another complaint I had with DA2 is the soundtrack. It's nowhere near as deep and intense as the music from Origins. Origins has some of the best music in a game I have ever heard, but the music in DA2 was indeed a downgrade. Compare the two soundtracks, you'll fins that the Origins soundtrack is way better. Another complaint is how the game even has a protaganist in the first place. Origins was all about choosing your Origin, and building your own story. The game started differently every time, depending on your race and origin, that's why it was called Dragon Age Origins. This gave players the freedom to build up their own story of adventure, that was the magic of Dragon Age. In DA2, it's gone, you follow the story that Bioware gave you. Which is fine, but again, DA was about making your own tale of adventures, so yet another downgrade. Overall, it's still a fun game, but the awesome freedom that DA Origins had is gone, and that really downs the game quite a bit. However it is still very enjoyable. Fun combat system, nice story, very memorable characters, and a good choice system. Not Game of the Year quality, but still a great game. 8/10. Expand
  89. Mar 9, 2011
    After seeing all these negative review scores, I had to create an account to chime in. I was hesitant at first to believe that Dragon Age 2 would be better than DAO, but after playing all my fears were erased. The character customization is better, the itemization is better, the VO acting is better, the combat is WAY better, and everything else has been streamlined. I went back to play DAO after my first session in DA2 as a comparison and i realized how clunky it really was. DA2 ftw Expand
  90. Mar 9, 2011
    A great follow up to Origins. Bioware has changed enough of the menus and controls to keep it fresh yet familiar. The graphics are superb and the music sets the right mood. One thing that was kind of a disappoint in Origins was the "silent hero" problem but that has been addressed with solid voice acting. You are also able to import your decisions from Origins and Awakening into DA2. Even RPG fans that didn't enjoy the first Dragon Age should give this one a shot. Remember this is just my opinion but I hope you will find it helpful. Expand
  91. Mar 13, 2011
    Payed 60$ on steam just because of a review, and got what?! DAO was weak enough, but this ...! Simplifying everything to nothing.

    Dialogs reduced to 2-3 phrases, and thats great! Cause world and chars are totally empty. Their acts are so nonlogic and unpredictible, that in a half an hour i was just clicking icons. "Be nice", "be rude". Why DA2 is so gay?! Seriosly, in a few hours 3 f..
    proposing "their services" and not even one girl blinking.

    Enemies are just fallin at you from nowhere like in some DMC. Do you need any tactics in chess when opponent can put any figure anywhere he wants?..

    Plot reminded ME2. Just get 50 sovereins (10 companions) to get to the new chapter. And you call that a scenario? Written in 15 minutes?! I dont even know what i'm doing when takin quest in 2 clicks, killing some more enemies, done in 2 clicks. What was is?!

    Locations look like Orzamar entrance. Sooooo lowpoly. No more to say.

    3-4 hours of DA2 was enough. Looks like nothin left of Bioware i ones knew. Bye guys.

  92. Apr 24, 2011
    I have put over 100 hours into DA2 and I do not see how anyone can give this game anything above a 5 with a straight face. This game was clearly rushed. Did you know they ripped a character and all their missions right out of the game and sold separately as DLC on day one? The 60 dollar game you bought was an incomplete version of the game. The game is also one of the most glitchy I have ever experienced. The stats that rpg gamers spend so much time perfecting doesnt even work! all those points you're spending on skills isnt being calculated properly. There are tons of mission and AI glitches they are already working on a 2nd patch. I hate the dialog wheel. Hawk will always say something completely different than what you select on the wheel. I want to feel part of the conversation not alienated. I'd rather no voice acting at all than to have my main character always say something different than my selection. The combat and tactics are sloppy. As I mentioned earlier the stats do not calculate and the tactic behaviors conflict with each other leaving your AI useless on the battlefield. Your only choice is to manually control each attack or action on lengthy pauses. The original KOTOR for xbox would put this game to absolute shame. The graphics praises is nothing but brainwash propaganda. The framerate is less choppy but the actual graphics and art is a huge step back. The entire game is done in kirkwall not to mention the countless recycled caves, rooms, etc. Like I said this is a rush job. The only joy I got out of this game is the challenge of trying to beat it on nightmare mode. Look no further than your broken achievement list and store items as proof that they ripped a piece of the game right out and sold as DLC on day one. I didnt find this out until I was already somewhat deep into the game but had I known what I know now I would NOT have purchased this game. I think it's safe to say that EA has ruined Bioware like they ruined so many other developers. Expand
  93. Mar 10, 2011
    With DA: Origins BioWare captured a tiny bit of the magic they used to have in their heyday with the likes of Baldurs Gate 2 and KOTOR, and in my opinion that strategic, tactical "thinking" gameplay felt like a step in the right direction, particularly the PC version with its overhead distant perspective allowing us to get a good view of the battlefield. However this game just feels so watered down and casualised its just lost all of that past BioWare magic. I felt the same about Mass Effect 2 also, which seemed dumbed down and more about mindless action. So if anyone else out there reading this felt the same about that game, then trust me, DA2 will disappoint you too. Expand
  94. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is like Fallout 3. Not a bad game at all, but sucks like a sequel. I hate the new dialogue system (unfortunately games like PS:T will never return - zylions of text lines to read, I loved that), I hate lack of tactical view (and action style of combat) and I hate scrypted, miraculously spawned enemies. So if this game was called Hawke Adventures it would get 7 note from me, but as a continuation of good (not a legendary, like Fallout) cRPG it could get only 5. Expand
  95. Mar 9, 2011
    Very disappointing... I was hoping for even more depth, better, more creative graphical designs and more interesting combat. Instead it delivered less of all those things. A lot of the characters and monsters look absolutely ridiculous. It's not 'dark', it's just bad design. I do not get the sense of scale that DA:O had at all. It's fine that the adventure is 'smaller' but this is just plain uninteresting. And everything sexual is still cringe worthy, just so shallow and unexciting. This game shouldn't exist. Expand
  96. Mar 11, 2011
    I went into Dragon Age 2 with relatively low expectations. The first game was something special, something unique. I realized that it would be unfair going into Dragon Age 2 expecting a game of greater quality than its predecessor, yet... Bioware has been handing out top-tier games for many years now, ever since baldur's gate 2 it has been a never ending line of quality writing and top notch game play. This game, has to be the odd one out. No more than a few hours in did the cracks begin to show. Giving the game the benefit of the doubt did nothing. I went into the dungeons, I let the dialog play out, I gladly read the new codex entries and leapt into every side-quest. What was I met with? Disappointment, garbage, complete and utter surrender from the game developers side. A weak storyline, flat dialog where the conversation choices slide between "GOOD", "BAD" and "SARCASTIC". There is no way to say this nicely. When a game has been dumbed down, dissected and stripped of originality, only to be rudely presented as a cash-in and "game of the year" at the same time, I am left with two thoughts. The major game-reviewers have been paid off, and this game is complete and utter garbage. Expand
  97. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is certainly causing a lot of Asperger style tantrums and itâ
  98. Mar 9, 2011
    What an amazing game.
    Engaging, beautiful, fun and exciting.
    You don't have to be a hardcore RPG player to become involved in a long, detailed fantasy storyline.
    I think the people bashing this game are just trying to be RPG snobs and can't stand the fact that you no longer have to roll dice to slice someone's head off.
  99. Mar 11, 2011
    I loved DA:O and some people would probably consider me to be a BioWare fanboy. I have spent countless hours with their previous games. DA2 just a money milking mediocre game! I honestly can't believe that they released this crap. It's like pissing in your pants. Keeping you warm for a moment but hurts you in the longer run. Booooo!
  100. Jul 7, 2011
    I cant understand how gamers can rate this game a 9 or 10 at the same time why are they rating is a big fat 0?
    Im my honest opinion I give this game a 6/10.
    In short, everything is inferior than Origins except for a little touch of Combat and little pinch of Side quests.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 75
  2. Negative: 1 out of 75
  1. Aug 3, 2011
    I'll give Bioware points for trying to do something different in their world, but they really did have it right the first time in terms of character building and the scope of the story.
  2. May 1, 2011
    Faulty game mechanics and disappointing maps, combat scenarios and storyline direction aside, Dragon Age II still has a surprising amount of intrigue hidden beneath the blemishes. The depth of character relationships, as well as the complex nature of the world of the Dragon Age franchise are a savior to a game that would otherwise forever be remembered by its mistakes.
  3. Apr 22, 2011
    Above all, it seems like Dragon Age II is an experiment. If you're a fan of the first game and expect a direct continuation, either in story or mechanics, you'll be disappointed. If you're not willing to put up with some rough edges and some mechanics that don't quite work as intended, you'll end up having a hard time. But if you're going for a game that has some of the best storytelling in RPGs in a while, or you're looking for a BioWare RPG to tide yourself over until Mass Effect 3, you won't do much better right now than Dragon Age II.