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  1. When it comes to voice work, though, you can't touch BioWare. The production is great, and astoundingly comprehensive.
  2. A great storyline with plenty of twists and charismatic characters make Dragon Age: Origins a memorable experience.
  3. AceGamez
    With an estimated 40-60 hours for a relaxed, fairly expansive play through, and the choices of origin, class and race to ensure at the very least two to four replays, Dragon Age: Origins may well be one of the most addictive, satisfying and life-swallowing RPGs that you can play offline.
  4. 100
    Truly epic single-player RPG with a compelling story.
  5. High fantasy role-playing at its finest. Its detailed world, memorable characters, meaningful choices, and engrossing combat system makes Dragon Age the sort of game you’ll want to replay from start to finish several times. RPG fans won’t be disappointed by this truly epic adventure.
  6. Dragon Age: Origins is a fulfilling, involving adventure that is worth picking up. The choices you make for your character, along with the twists and turns that follow, will keep you engaged. Furthermore, the controls are well done, even without the standard PC and mouse combination. This is one adventure you'll keep coming back to for months to come.
  7. Dragon Age Origins comes without any make up. You simply don't need it when you're the best, bigger and most complex RPG of the year.
  8. From now on, to play the best GDR available you don't have any longer to play with Baldur's Gate: place your copy among the finest pieces of your collection and enjoy this great game that, despite some ugly textures and those finishing touches you will soon forget not to see, will keep you in front of the screen for a very long time.
  9. It's difficult to describe a game with so many choices and different paths, but making them all feel meaningful is what Dragon's Age excels at. Complex it may be, but it's more focused than Fable II, better in combat than Mass Effect, and richer than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If you've got the patience, it's a cracker.
  10. Dragon Age is the perfect first step for newcomers; come on in.
  11. If you like the thought of Megan Fox on your lap hating A.D.D. kids with you, if you are in touch with your inner nerd, if you are intelligent and can actually pay attention to a story, and if you love awesome things that are truly full of awesomness that last for a million hours, then get Dragon Age: Origins.
  12. 95
    Dragon Age: Origins is a rare game, one reminiscent of the PC RPGs of the past, and those who enjoyed those games will undoubtedly enjoy this one.
  13. Like the Pulp Fiction of high-fantasy, Dragon Age: Origins is an innovative homage to the greatest works of the genre, woven together with masterful dialogue and an acute sense of social interaction. In terms of storytelling and creating true emotional bonds, Dragon Age: Origins is one of the finest RPGs ever created.
  14. It's really difficult to describe in a few words what Dragon Age: Origins means for the RPG genre. It's role-playing at its roots, with an incredible story arc, deep gameplay and an atmosphere no other game can deliver. You'll hope the game will last forever. There are really few problems in the gameplay but we can say without any doubt that Origins is the RPG of the year and, perhaps, of the last few years.
  15. Dragon Age: Origins blurs the fine line drawn by most morality games. The immersive, addictive gameplay is a true testament to the hard work put in by Bioware. Every RPG fan should at least give it a shot.
  16. Players can expect a thoroughly entertaining and deep single-player RPG experience with an intriguing plot, solid quest structure, exciting gameplay and an unbelievably vast world to explore.
  17. Dragon Age: Origins is much more than a game – it’s the glorious revisiting of Bioware’s past and a look at where they are going in the future.
  18. Dragon Age: Origins is not for newbs. It’s not for the RPG-squeamish who could barely handle Mass Effect. It is for serious RPG gamers who will no doubt appreciate BioWare going back to its fantasy RPG roots, and they’ll eat this game up like the greatest all-you-can-eat buffet they’ve ever been to.
  19. Go do yourself a favor this holiday season. If you’re looking to buy a game for a friend, or even for yourself, buy Dragon Age as it could get overlooked this crowded holiday season.
  20. Dragon Age: Origins has it all! In spite of the unsatisfying graphics, it has so much on offer in terms of gameplay, storyline and longevity that it deserves to be played by every single GDR fan out there!
  21. This is undoubtedly one of the best RPG games to emerge in recent times and has a perfect balance between out and out fun, mixed with action, romance and comedy.
  22. With a great story, likeable characters, plenty of options and plenty of bloody action, this is yet another role-playing game that is Required Playing for anyone who enjoys the genre.
  23. Gamers who are prepared to think — and commit for the long, long haul — will revel in a story that touches on resonant issues and puts the fate of a spectacular world in your hands.
  24. Compelling epic storylines, characters so rich you can become emotionally invested in them, and a great combat engine that works on multiple platforms - Dragon Age: Origins has what it takes to take the RPG genre to the next level.
  25. If you are looking for a game that will keep your attention for days and months at a time, envelop you in a story that is all based around you, provide you with an amazing soundtrack and sound effects, and ultimately give you a gaming experience you will never forget.... pick up Dragon Age Origins.
  26. 90
    Dragon Age is a cinematic masterpiece that incorporates action at all the right spots to keep you firmly interested and dedicated to saving the world from the Darkspawn. You can't go wrong with Dragon Age.
  27. 90
    Dragon Age: Origins is a fantastic and amazingly deep RPG that just keeps on giving. A game that is guaranteed to give you your money’s worth.
  28. 90
    Dragon Age: Origins has sucked me in more than most other games this year. I find myself thinking about the game when not playing it, imagining other scenarios and different ways that situations could play out.
  29. Everything a great RPG game should be! The story has more twists than a box of pretzels and the gameplay will keep you hooked for days at a length.
  30. While not for everyone, Dragon Age: Origins is absolute bliss for fans of the genre.
  31. An amazing RPG that sets some new heights with very little to criticise. An great story coupled with fantastic characters and lots of replay value make Dragon Age: Origins easily the best RPG of the last few years.
  32. Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best RPGs seen in the Next Generation lineup with fantastic backgrounds, multiple storylines and a solid background. Some graphical issues and a different battle system than PC version are the minor problems of a gorgeous title.
  33. It’s clear that Dragon Age: Origins was built with the PC in mind but regardless of that fact, a fantastic story, great cast of characters and expansive world still make this an incredible experience. For those who just want to get into a bloody battle and spend a long period of time enjoying it, they will most certainly not be disappointed.
  34. Caution, addiction may be possible! The story ties you to this game and won't let you go until you finish it. After a long time we have a role-playing game back that keeps you in your living room for many weeks. Even if you play 20 to 30 hours, you won't be fed up with it.
  35. Although there may be other games in this genre on the shelf, I don’t think any of them come close to doing what Dragon Age Origins does. There are times when you really wish you had a mouse and keyboard but all in all, this is about as functional as it can get.
  36. 87
    Incredibly deep and expansive, Dragon Age: Origins is one of those titles that can easily swallow up dozens of hours of play and keep you coming back for more.
  37. Despite its lack of innovation Dragon Age: Origins is the best RPG in 2009. Its great value and addictive gameplay are among its main highlights.
  38. Whatever the game may lack in visual splendor it makes up for with a deep story and pure awesome fun.
  39. Incredible storytelling, great characters, and exciting battles are just a few of the things that make this fantasy role-playing game so great.
  40. With a decent storyline, hundreds of quests and missions, along with downloadable content the game could easily take anyone over 100+ hours to beat it; and that's not including the game's multiple endings.
  41. While exhibiting a blatant disregard for aesthetics and an almost cavalier attitude toward bugs, Dragon Age is saved by its epic design, exceptional narrative and incredible voice acting.
  42. Fantasy fans are going to fall for this game, its a true Dungeons and Dragons style RPG for the console generation.
  43. 85
    RPG lovers shouldn't miss a great RPG title which offers a powerful story and a stunning conversational mode.
  44. If you're a Western-style, fantasy RPG nut, you simply can't go wrong with Dragon Age: Origins. BioWare has outdone itself once again - they've created an RPG masterpiece that more than rivals its competitors, even if it loses its tactical luster in translation to consoles.
  45. 84
    It's a delight to give into a fantasy setting with such a dense back story, even if the gameplay still rarely breaks away from conventions established a decade ago.
  46. 83
    Although Dragon Age: Origins doesn't bring anything new, we dare to say that this is the RPG of this autumn!
  47. The story and its multiple branches will grab your attention, and the combat – while different in style – delivers plenty of thrills. I prefer the PC iteration, but it’s still good on PS3 and 360, and way better than not playing Dragon Age at all.
  48. Despite my qualms about the combat engine, graphics and the amount of minor bugs on display, it's a testament to BioWare's craft that Dragon Age: Origins is as intensely addicting and as ultimately satisfying as it is.
  49. For all its bluster, Dragon Age: Origins comes off as a game that's afraid to take risks. Everything about it, from the combat to the story line, stays very safely within established bounds. After Mass Effect, though, Origins feels like a bit of a step backward.
  50. As great as it is, there are too many irritations with the combat (and too many unnecessarily drawn-out combat sections) to hail it as a true classic.
  51. BioWare partially failed to port to console a very classical PC RPG. The Xbox 360 version of the game is ruined by bad graphics and a flawed combat system, while some aspects like the great, multiple-branching story will delight many players. Despite its problems, Dragon Age: Origins remains the only good "old style" RPG on this platform, so if you're looking for something like this you should give it a chance.
  52. The bottom line is that for all its promise and potential, Dragon Age: Origins is a game that never comes together to be anything but a mediocre game with an interesting premise and a lot of issues.
  53. It has a great story, high production values, and one of the most immersive worlds ever created in a videogame. Tragically, Origins' considerable high points have been squandered on a frustrating, unbalanced combat system, and a customizable A.I that's just too broken to adequately customize.
  54. This is definitely not the game for those frightened of the idea of micromanaging a game to the point where a large portion of it will be spent in a pause screen. However, as the sort of guy that has lovingly played an Infinity Engine game at least once every year for the past decade, I can think of no higher praise for this throwback than to say that Dragon Age: Origins leaves me feeling fairly confident I won't need to dig out the classics for this ritual next year.
  55. 100
    Dragon Age: Origins is a complete package. It offers true role-playing, a diverse and engaging story, plentiful customization options, humorous dialogue, deep gameplay, and lots of variety.
  56. 90
    After logging over a hundred hours on Dragon Age: Origins, I still want to continue playing. I want to unearth more of its secrets, to better know its characters, to see how the decisions I make can impact its world, and yes, to see more of its endings. I can't think of a better recommendation than that.
  57. 100
    The folks at BioWare have shown that they're always looking for ways to make their games better -- each of their RPGs builds upon the previous title. Dragon Age displays this refinement, and while the story may not be completely original, it's told in a way that enthralls and enchants the player. It's the best RPG of the year -- and maybe the best of the HD era.
  58. Even with its graphical hitches and proverbial chinks in its armor, and though the story may not move you by virtue of its resemblance to The Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age: Origins creates a comprehensive story-world that lives and breathes with the best that epic video games have to offer.
  59. games(TM)
    This is pure BioWare, crafted with consummate fantasy fans in mind. [Christmas 2009, p.108]
  60. X-ONE Magazine UK
    BioWare is at the top of its game and though Dragon Age does nothing to push the genre forward, it plays with the existing tools to present an incredibly polished and thoughtful RPG experience. [Issue#52, p.72]
  61. Pelit (Finland)
    A well made traditional fantasy RPG, even though the marketing department in Bioware would have you think otherwise. The world is well fleshed out and the story is traditional, but still interesting. The game lacks the truly epic atmosphere and realistic looking actors of Mass Effect, but it still manages to be great fun. Big plus for surprisingly challenging combat, which you don't see that much nowadays. [Nov 2010]
  62. Games Master UK
    A wonderfully designed RPG, but one that's also familiar and cliched. [Winter 2009, p.82]
  63. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Eventually great and undeniably epic, but it looks terrible and takes too long to begin. [Jan 2010, p.88]
  64. From top to bottom Dragon Age: Origins is a quality adventure that’s worth checking out. The story and scope of the game are epic, the rich customization is appreciated, and the gameplay is a mix of familiar and new
  65. GamePro
    A spectacular experience from beginning to end, and with an enormous amount of choices to make, cities to visit, dungeons to crawl, NPCs to interact with, treasure to find, quests to complete and crafts to master, I feel pretty confident in saying that Dragon Age: Origins is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable and immersive RPG experiences I've had since my Infinity Engine days. [Jan 2010, p.66]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 754 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 91 out of 754
  1. Feb 28, 2011
    I was never a big fan of Bioware at all. In fact, when I first put this game in my 360, I was already having doubts on if this game will beI was never a big fan of Bioware at all. In fact, when I first put this game in my 360, I was already having doubts on if this game will be good, because I tried Mass Effect, which is considered to be Biowares best game, and didn't like it. I admit that the game looked good when I first saw it. A friend of mine decided to let me borrow his copy of Dragon Age, which he later said I could keep with no charge. Thanks Josh. So, why am I thanking my friend for a game by Bioware, a company I never liked? I'll tell you why. Because this game IS AMAZING!!!!! I'll be perfectly honest, Oblivion is one of my favorite RPG's ever, but I think Dragon Age actually beats it. I'm already looking forward to Dragon Age II, it has become one of my most anticipated games on 2011. So since I only have 5000 characters per review, let's get to the game. The most important aspect in any game is, of course, the gameplay. So, how is the gameplay in Dragon Age? Outstanding! It's like a very fast paced version of the Final Fantasy XI battle system, except much more active. You're not hacking and slashing, but it's still a very active system. Don't you worry Turn-Based Haters, this game is not turn based at all. They basically took the turn-based battle system from FFXI, and removed the turn-based part of it. Absolute genius! You can also set techniques to your quick cast buttons, much like setting your items to the C-buttons in Zelda. This makes it easier, because anything that's not set to your quick cast buttons, you can only cast by opening up the ability menu, and selecting it. However, this is quick, and is a great way to pause the game if you need to observe the battle and decide a change in strategy. Of course like any other advanced RPG, you can create your character to your liking. You can choose between 3 races. Human, Elf, and Dwarf. I decided to be an elf. After that, you choose your job. You can choose one of 3 jobs. Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. I decided to be a rogue, because I like sneaking around and being quick. Each job has 4 specializations that you choose from after unlocking them through quests in the game. The rogue specialization I chose first was Duelist, which is a person who can deal very good damage, and is very good at dodging attacks, and is best with dual wielding daggers. I later made Archer as my 2nd specialization, that one should be obvious. But in case you don't get it, it means you use a bow and arrow. Each time you level up, you get points to spend on character attributes to make him stronger. You do the same with your party members. By the way, you don't travel alone, you have a party with you. So obviously, this means you have to keep a well organized party. As far as the story goes, the story starts off differently for every race, but it all leads down to the same story. You become a Grey Warden, a special warrior meant to protect the people from the darkspawn. Of course that's up to you. The game has the same choice system as Mass Effect, so the choices you make will affect you later on, and you can choose to be a good guy or a bad guy. Not only will your decisions affect you later in this game, but they will also affect you in Dragon Age II, so choose your path wisely. In either case though, you have to gather allies from around the world by either helping them solve their problems so they can aid you, or by forcing them to aid you. The only problem with this game is it's difficulty. Casual mode is too easy, but Normal mode is way too freakin hard. It's like the game completely skipped Normal mode and decided to make Normal mode hard mode. Even the hardcore RPG players are usually playing the game on casual mode, because Normal mode is way too hard, it's nearly impossible. One can only imagine how difficult Hard and Nightmare modes are. I have yet to hear of anyone who can play the game all the way through on Nightmare mode. All and all, fantastic game, and it deserves every penny you pay for it. It has to be one of the best RPG's of all time, so if you love RPG's, pick this game up. Mass Effect ain't got **** on Dragon Age! 10/10. Full Review »
  2. peterD
    Jan 12, 2010
    this game is one of the better. the storyline is definately its best quality, managing to keep you drawn into the universe of origins at all this game is one of the better. the storyline is definately its best quality, managing to keep you drawn into the universe of origins at all times. You get a great feel for the Characters, and you start to learn their ways, ideal and principles quickly, andd you learn to predict what their choices would be in the situation. impressive and rarely seen if you ask me. gameplaywise, it doesnt manage to do anything specificly new, other than the tactical element. but i get the general feeling, that the difficulty curve is very deform. some things appear very easy, but some things, like random encounters, are absolutely punishing. there were a lot of thing s that were absurdly difficult, and that drew the game away from me. and, before you start pointing fingers, i did spend a lot of time in pause Full Review »
  3. Jul 26, 2011
    I played through this game in its entirety 11 times. So many times, I had to remove characters to a flashdrive because you're only allowed toI played through this game in its entirety 11 times. So many times, I had to remove characters to a flashdrive because you're only allowed to create 8 characters. It's that good. Full Review »