Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. 100
    For players with the dedication to succeed and the incomprehensible desire for perfection, Droplitz is one of the most refined puzzle games available.
  2. Droplitz is the most addictive, challenging and fun puzzle game I have seen in years. It's simple to play, challenging to try and master and completely absorbing.
  3. Droplitz is one of those under-the-radar games that, in spite of how good it is, has gotten lost in the commotion and hoopla of the summer games season.
  4. For $10 on PSN and XBLA, there’s a good amount of content here and replayability that makes it a worthy purchase for fans of the puzzle genre.
  5. 85
    Droplitz doesn't have any multiplayer modes, which is a slight shame. Luckily, then, the single player is fantastic.
  6. Despite its flaws, the addictive gameplay and enjoyable game modes make this a must for puzzle fans.
  7. In any case, the immensely satisfying micro-level gameplay far outweighs the minor difficulty problems in the game -- if you're looking for a new timewaster on the PC, 360 or PS3, definitely give Droplitz a spin.
  8. Some sort of multiplayer effort would've been appreciated, but even without it, Droplitz strikes us as one of the better original puzzlers of this generation, and is well worth the effort for genre aficionados seeking a definite challenge.
  9. Droplitz offers more depth and challenge than you would guess from its simple and abstract presentation, which makes it on the best puzzle games on XBLA.
  10. A quality title which has enough about it to stand out from a crowded genre.
  11. Droplitz may not be perfect, but the promise of an addictive puzzle game experience has definitely been fulfilled.
  12. 77
    Droplitz is a simple and addictive puzzle game that will keep even the most avid puzzle gamer occupied for some time. The online leaderboards are a welcome addition, but a lack of head-to-head challenges really hurts some of the replay value.
  13. All in all, Droplitz is an incredibly addicting puzzle game, that will require a time and effort investment that most casual gamers are not typically willing to give.
  14. Yes, Droplitz is an easy game that’s not all that easy.
  15. For 800 Microsoft Points ($10 / £6.80) this is a must have for puzzle game fanatics, and a worthwhile purchase for those looking for a fun, relaxing, and addictive way to spend their leisure time.
  16. Even the mechanisms built in to help keep you going do little to relieve the difficulty.
  17. With Droplitz always on the verge of running out, the steady-drip pacing escalates to full-on waterboarding in short order. It’s smooth, polished, and well-conceived puzzler, but is often more threatening than rewarding.
  18. Straightforward, addictive, surprisingly complex. Don’t approach if you’re unwilling to part with many, many hours of your life, probably without your consent.
  19. 75
    The art style and music don't show a lot of personality, but the gameplay is simple and addicting. It'll claim several hours of your life before you even notice they're gone.
  20. Though the difficulty can be hard to swallow at times, the puzzle gameplay quickly grows on you.
  21. Droplitz put us to sleep. We mean that in the best way possible. [Sept 2009, p.87]
  22. Suitably frantic. [Issue#49, p.103]
  23. What Droplitz lacks in personality and originality, it makes up for in fun, addictive gameplay. Unfortunately, bit of repetition and a lack of multiplayer keep this one from dropping into must-have territory.
  24. 60
    No multiplayer, boring sound and graphical design, lack of variety.
  25. A clever game, then, but not a particularly fulfilling one. [Sept 2009, p.99]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 5 Ratings

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  1. ElizabethW
    Jun 25, 2009
    A brilliant puzzle game. Couldn't stop playing it for hours - really addictive.