Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 76 Critics

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  1. Positive: 3 out of 76
  2. Negative: 34 out of 76

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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 417 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 73 out of 167
  1. Jun 14, 2011
    First, let me start with the bad. The graphics are definitely not as good as they should be for a game made in 2011. The loading times between scenes and deaths make you contemplate if it would be faster to restart the game itself. The controls are very rigid. This game is also very linear compared to the original classic. And finally, if your looking for a game with a deeply invovling plot with intriguing storyline, then you obviously don't know the Duke Nukem franchise and are too young to be playing this anyways.

    Now the good. It has all the Duke Nukem adult humor and lines. (Granted borrowed from Bruce Campbell) Pretty much all the classic weapons and enemies, plus a couple new ones. Multiplayer follows the traditional classic pre CoD formula of picking up new weapons with an XP system to unlock items and themed girls for your penthouse and accessories your player.

    My overall opinion: This game is just simply okay. It doesn't really bring anything new to the FPS genre or to the Duke Nukem franchise. A majority of the people will be buying this game simply for nostalgia, in which case this game does deliver. Also being able to buy a game with a more adult sense of humor is also nice. Multiplayer will keep you occupied for a little while as long as you are not too much of a Battlefield or CoD fanboy. I would say wait for this game to go down to the 20 dollars before buying it. Or just rent it.
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  2. Jun 14, 2011
    "This'll be interesting." was my first thought when putting the disc into the drive of my Xbox. This proved to be very true, although not in the way I had expected it to be. Duke Nukem Forever is a game that captures very much the essence of Duke Nukem 3D, it is indeed the same Duke we're about to meet. You really don't need more than a few minutes into the intro to realize this. Paying homage to the original is however nothing you can build an entire game on, and being true to the earlier games is the only thing that is done properly within Duke Nukem Forever. Everything else pretty much sucks. Animations are poorly made and implemented with characters displaying snapping and odd movement patterns. You play in first person view yet there is a ton of bugs related to this. Notice especially how the player seems to hover about a feet above the floor and how it's possible to trigger strafing movement without triggering the strafing animation. Facial animations are so poorly implemented that they seem to have no correlation at all with the content of their audio files. The sound is poor as well, with no considerable variations implemented at all. This makes the game sound repetitive and uninteresting. Just try to jump a few times in a row and listen to the grunting Duke lets out as he lands and you'll understand what I mean. The whole game sounds pretty much like this, apart from the few areas that have for some reason been left totally without any ambience tracks making them feel even more out of place and breaking immersion totally. Considering the competing titles Duke Nukem Forever has nothing to show when it comes to visuals either, it simply looks worse than the titles it's supposed to outrun. I've always thought that the most important thing to pull off when doing a game is the gameplay and since this game doesn't even manage that it's not worth anyones time really. There are huge sections with non-existing gameplay and nothing for the player to do while waiting for some pointless movie (with sucky facials and poor sound) to finish. If you want something that feels like the old Duke Nukem 3D but is a bit new and has boobs that you haven't seen before just replay the old game with some downloaded porno in the background, it's pretty much the same thing. And whatever you do, don't buy this game first hand, there's bound to be a huge second hand market for it within short. Full Review »
  3. Jun 15, 2011
    Jumping into DNF, I was hoping for a 10 out of 10 experience, but after playing the First Access Demo, I knew I was going to have to settle for a 7 out of 10 game. However, only halfway through the game, I had to lower the difficulty, otherwise I would never give this game the fair review it deserved, because I was stuck and with the crappy controls, and useless, un-dismountable MG turret, I was screwed. So after lowering the difficulty, I realized how impossible the game was and unnecessarily difficult it was so early in the game and decided to give it a 5. However, another problem arose, I died a lot, thus, I had to start over a lot, which meant settling through 1 minute load times, and has made me struggle to understand whether this game is actually a good length, or just a 'quicky' (see Duke, I can be sexual and funny too). Then finally I encountered yet another problem, I was constantly being lost. I understand First Person shooters have a higher chance of confusing, or having players lose track of where their supposed to be going, especially with games that have a highly interactive environment like DNF. However, even in Half-Life 2, where the whole environment was practically interactive, the longest I had been confused, or stuck on a puzzle was 4 minutes TOPS. And this game, may I add, takes a lot of notes/example, from Half-Life. This is just a poorly made, Half-Life wanna be. Then I encountered a boss later in the game, that I had to battle under water, and as if underwater moments in games weren't out of style about 4 years ago, DNF has successfully ruined it. They ditched the scuba gear, and made Duke somehow inhale air bubbles. And what's even more depressing was actually making it to the boss, which would be the prime example of my point as to why this game is confusing, and how easily a player can get lost. It took me approximately 5 tries, to realize I had to place a bomb, which had a glowing icon to indicate where the bomb went, but it blended in so well with the environment, that I didn't realize it till around my 10th try... which means about 10 minutes were pissed away for me trying to solve the puzzle. Another, yes, ANOTHER fatal flaw of the game is it's repitition. With all honesty, if you just barrow this game somehow, and play it up to the Alien Queen with the 3 **** (which is only 3/8 of the way through the game), you've experienced the whole game. After that, everything the game has to offer (driving, puzzles, combat, you name it) has been experienced... except for swimming, which could gladly be avoided. At this point, I knew me, trolling this game, was inevitable. There's even a frame rate issue (meaning the game can't even keep up with itself... or at least the system). It seems to be a usual thing now in the community though, because DNF has it, BRINK has it... hell the only game that's trying to not have a FR issue is COD... more games should follow THAT example (not COD). The multiplayer is very bland, nothing exciting, yes even the "Capture the Babe" mode is just capture the flag at heart, nothing new, nothing special. The Digs is pretty neat and gives you something to work for.
    However, all in all, I can't stress enough, how bad this game is. It was NOT an enjoyable experience, as much as I tried to make it...
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