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  1. 70
    Matt Hazard is not a great game. It falls victim to a lot of the cliches that it pokes fun at and Matt Hazard doesn't have the star appeal of a Duke Nukem or a Marcus Fenix. It doesn't take the spoof thing far enough--they totally waste the voice over talents of the awesome Will Arnett--and the action needs three more coats of polish but it definitely has its moments. Despite its faults, I more or less enjoyed it.
  2. It comes out of the gate with a strong opening set and sprinkles in a good joke every time the audience gets restless. But the gameplay itself is as diluted as a happy hour special in an 18-and-over club.
  3. Speaking strictly in terms of mechanics, calling Eat Lead mediocre would be excessive praise. But its charm, savvy writing and excellent humor shines in the face of all of its shortcomings and elevates it to a being a game that may not be worth owning but should certainly be played by anyone who can manage to plant their tongue firmly in cheek.
  4. AceGamez
    If you're the type of gamer who still has fond memories of the 8- and 16-bit era, plays a broad range of genres and doesn't scoff at the idea of playing non-triple-A games then Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is an absolute blast - pun intended.
  5. If you can look past the remarkably average gameplay, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is an enjoyable action parody.
  6. In the end, Eat Lead's story and characters have far more personality than the gameplay.
  7. 66
    Eat Lead is a funny game to play, nevertheless the gameplay doesn't function properly. Thanks to the large amount of humor in it, the game will give some satisfaction. Although it doesn't have a high replay rate, it will get you laughing.
  8. If Eat Lead developers wanted to revive some of 80's gaming cliches, they succeeded: but this brought with it some heavy shortcomings, like great linearity, no environment interaction, and a very repetitive soundtrack. Nevertheless, the game is still enjoyable, mainly due to some very crazy moments. We suggest to give it a chance just for trying, but only when you'll be able to find it at a budget price.
  9. This game brings back a lot of memories but fails to provide many out and out laughs. The game is also remarkably short and easy even on the toughest settings, so will not really provide any long term appeal. Rent it for a nice homage to some classics but never imagine it will be join them in the upper echelons of gaming goodness.
  10. The cover system is actually pretty good. The rest of the game, completely rote.
  11. A warm-hearted parody but pretty repetitive game, Eat Lead may sometimes be the victim of its own jokes, yet few titles have ever sent up our hobby in such a passionate and enjoyable way.
  12. 60
    The purpose of parody is to comment on a topic, by means of humorous or satiric imitation, and Eat Lead manages to pull this off admirably. I enjoyed playing this game, not because it was a very good shooter, but because it made me think (and laugh) about the other games I play.
  13. Eat Lead could have been a better critique of the medium than any reviewer could ever write, but it’s neither bad enough to be a savage commentary nor good enough to feel like a satisfying, stinging satire.
  14. Eat Lead's humor carries its lackluster gameplay for only so long.
  15. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is trapped in many of the clichés it seeks to skewer, but it’s still a fairly adequate shooter and occasionally gives you a chuckle. It’s just that we were hoping for something truly unique.
  16. Indeed, Eat Lead is like Domino’s Pizza…satisfying in its initial moments, but after a while it sits in the pit of your stomach leaving you wondering what the hell ever possessed you to indulge in the first place.
  17. Despite the classic gameplay, which does not rejuvenate the FPS genre, Eat Lead is a nice experience, because of the intelligent humor wich pervades the adventure. A brilliant parody of videogame icons, of videogamers and of the industry itself.
  18. 59
    Probably the most disappointing game I have played this year. It had potential to be one of the most original titles to come along in quite some time. However, the mechanics of just about everything are not the punch line and truly make the game unplayable in certain portions and outrageously frustrating in others.
  19. The problem with Eat Lead is that it only replicates the looks of all the games it spoofs, and not the gameplay. What's left is a repetitive, subpar third-person shooter skinned in various game themes and filled with cheap gags.
  20. Ugly graphics and bad gameplay totally ruined a good concept. Despite this we recommend you try Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard because it’s a funny game based on a histrionic character that will make everyone laugh all the time.
  21. A bad shooter with worse excuses, and there’s little chance you’ll enjoy playing it as much as Vicious Cycle enjoyed making it. The developers relied too heavily on cheap laughs, and didn’t take advantage of the satire nearly as much as they should have. Instead, they used it as a crutch, explaining missing features and other problems on the game’s premise – an excuse that grows thin quickly, as far too often, it’s used to the detriment of the player instead of to their benefit.
  22. Eat Lead The Return of Matt Hazard does a good job of creating a cohesive universe. However, the game play is so poorly executed that even its best moments are not worth the time.
  23. The nuggets of genuine hilarity hidden within a few encounters are worth a once-over, but Matt Hazard's reboot should perhaps have been left for a later date.
  24. There are laughs to be had, and for that it might be worth a rental, but anything more will only be Hazard-ous to your wallet.
  25. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is a disappointing effort to obtain a good action game with an original and innovative focus. The bland spectacle of boring and senseless action destroys what could have been an enjoyable and bizarre game.
  26. A game I wanted to like but it slapped me across the face and called me "Imelda" due to its poorly implemented ideas and less-than-fleshed-out possibilities.
  27. While Eat Lead tries its hardest to be a funny game, it never manages to stay funny long enough to be enjoyable. Thanks to the game’s weak enemy AI and frustrating shooting and cover mechanics chances are that you won’t invest the time to see what happens to Matt. This game has Bargain Bin written all over it and even then, I would be hard pressed to recommend it to anyone.
  28. 52
    The story isn't there, the gameplay is tedious, and there's nothing visually exciting about this one. There are a few laughs here and there and some Achievement padding, but this has "bargain bin" written all over it.
  29. Bland shooting, idiotic bad guys and an average story left us disappointed. Developer Vicious Cycle should've spent less time making fun of superior shooters and more time making Eat Lead play like one. That's no joke.
  30. Eat Lead simply isn't a good enough game to make the most of the brilliant script. While you're likely to enjoy Matt's many one-liners and smirk at the sheer absurdness of what's going on, you're not going to enjoy the clumsy combat and generic gameplay.
  31. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is a rather average game, which is a problem when it is up against some great titles.
  32. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is a tedious game. The gameplay consists in shoot everything, take cover, and shoot all over again. At least, the initial idea (control a star of video games in a bad moment of his career) is funny, and there are a plenty of jokes to laugh at.
  33. 50
    Videogame humor is the main -and almost only- strong part of Eat Lead, but it falls to be, in fact, a good game. It is not bad, but actually what it proposes in gameplay has been already made a lot of times with better results.
  34. The game just doesn't do anything for me and it's just a bit "meh!"
  35. games(TM)
    The problem isn't that Eat Lead is bad, it's just very, very average and at no point justifies its smarter-than-thou stance. [May 2009, p.117]
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  1. Jul 5, 2011
    One of the most under-appreciated current generation games, Eat Lead is an intelligent satire of the gaming landscape from the mid 1980'sOne of the most under-appreciated current generation games, Eat Lead is an intelligent satire of the gaming landscape from the mid 1980's onward. While it brings only an average-length single player shooter to the table, and graphics that fall short of the expectations laid out there by big-budget, triple-A 'Hollywood' titles, it asks for less money in return. It invokes the indie spirit of lovably ballsy bargain-bin titles like Serious Sam and relies on clever writing to paint a humorous, violent picture onto the bare canvas of standard, cover-system shooting mechanics, while tweaking those mechanics with a few nice little innovations of its own, such as the ability to aim at your next desired bit of cover and tap a button to sprint towards it, a feature later used to widespread acclaim in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Also, while the game was made for Xbox 360 and PS3, much of the game's humor is derived from the same Apogee and id software games I first cut my gaming teeth on. Eat Lead loves many of the same games I love, and while the game is full of cutting jabs, there is vein of sportiness that runs through the whole thing. It's not insulting other games, it's roasting them, much like your best buddies will do to you at a bar. So if you're looking for a few fun-filled evenings at a low price, grab a beer and hang out with Matt. Full Review »
  2. Nov 20, 2012
    One of The most underestimated games of all time according to me, Eat Lead is a parody of some real old classics like Mario Brothers amdOne of The most underestimated games of all time according to me, Eat Lead is a parody of some real old classics like Mario Brothers amd Wolfenstein 3D. The game is not intended to be the best game ever made, it is not meant to be THAT game. It was made to make you laugh at it as much as with it. Personally i think the gameplay could've been better since it's a generic shooter with a bit repetetive gameplay.and stiff controls (like gears of war but he moves like he just got shot in the legs).

    The story is about this made up classic videogame character: Matt Hazard that was one of the most popular video game characters during the 80's to mid 90's. This made the developers put him in som many genres and the games kept getting worse and he ended up "jobless". He regains his chance to get his career back in this new game called Eat Lead. The problem is that he doesn't know that the story ends with him getting killed... And thatäs the story of the game. Simple and just an excuse to shoot some bad guys.

    The graphics and sound is just what the score implies ok but nothing special. The weapon effects sound stiff and uninspired. Way to plastic contrary to what the guns give the visual impression off. The highlight... ohh how many times didn't I laugh through this game. It requires that you have played some titles from several genres but the jokes are so good that you actually want to keep playing just to see the next cinematic throwing another boot to a popular game. My favorite one is actually against a boss in the game, where it makes fun of the menus in JRPG's .

    Overall I think this game was way underrated by most critics but it does require some gaming memories to get itäs full quality. The game overall is mediocre but the jokes are at top and the developers made at least me laugh. It it a fun game to play one time and just enjoy the ride but there is not much replay value. By the time I've reviewed this game you should be able to get it for like 15$ and it's money well spent for a weekend with Matt Hazard... Game On!
    Full Review »
  3. RicO
    Dec 16, 2009
    This is a very interesting game, and a great idea. However, it has a very flawed gameplay system, with enemies spawning all over the place This is a very interesting game, and a great idea. However, it has a very flawed gameplay system, with enemies spawning all over the place and terrible character AI. However, this being a parody of 20 years of gaming, it probably wouldn't have been the same if it did have one of the best examples of gameplay to date! Generally, it's a great, fun game for anyone who has seen the rise of computer and console games through Mario, to Duke Nukem, and into the Halo days. Full Review »