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  • Summary: (Downloadable Content) See the Future is an action-packed journey that requires you to lift the curses placed on three mysterious items that have come into the possession of Murgo the Trader. In See the Future, heed the call for a hero to restore color and balance to the world, or let Albion fall to the wayside. Those who emerge victorious will receive the ultimate reward - a quest that provides a vision of Albion's future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline. The fantastical new quests in See the Future will bring you face to face with new characters, creatures, events and legendary artifacts. Get ready to meet new characters and creatures. Murgo: Remember him from the childhood sequence of Fable II? Murgo returns to Bowerstone Market to bring an amazing array of new wares, including potions that can transform canine companions into new breeds. The Ghosts of the Snowglobe Quest: Holding a disturbing secret, the small model village inside it was once a real town in Albion. The people who once inhabited it are now ghosts condemned to endless torment until the shadowy threat that cursed them is defeated. The Cursed Knight Quest: Forever banished to a land beyond the dead, the Cursed Knight awaits a hero who has the strength and will to dress up in convincing costumes, even imitating a hobbe or balverine, to save him from his fate. The Colosseum: The Colosseum puts even the Crucible to shame. Only the greatest heroes have triumphed here. Your abilities will be put to the test to prove yourself in combat once and for all, to win the ultimate in prizes. [Microsoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 16
  2. Negative: 3 out of 16
  1. The new missions are great to play through, and it is exciting to see what the name of the add-on means, and to know that there has to be additional add-ons coming in the future.
  2. See The Future offers great items, haircuts and even three new dog breeds, but as a game it is quite scanty. In a nutshell it is rather disappointing because some funny innovations can’t compensate for poor mission design.
  3. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for the funny concept of See the Future, but its main content it’s brief and certainly inconsistent. Amusing quests and its low price are the main reasons to pay attention to this.
  4. Fable 2 See the Future feels more of a package than the previous Knothole Island DLC and is another good reason to buy the main game or to revisit Albion.
  5. While See the Future certainly lengthens the Fable II experience, it does little to expand it.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, See The Future is an enjoyable couple of hours, but for $7, you’re probably better off getting a goldfish … it might have more life in it.
  7. As a Fable II fan, it pains me to say this, but "See the Future" is a gauche and ultimately boring addition to Fable II.

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Score distribution:
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  1. CharlieH
    Jun 11, 2009
    Here's the secret to getting the most out of the Fable 2 DLC: bide your time. I got Knothole Island and See the Future the same day and just played the entire game through again with a new character. It made the entire experience better, and from what I see, made the DLC seem more worthwhile. As supplemental material as opposed to something to be taken on its own merits. Expand
  2. WilliamA
    Jun 24, 2009
    See the future was a exciting but short lived dlc, for the short while that i was playing it, it was actually very enjoyable with a good colour effect and fun dressing up but the difficulty was way too easy such as on the 2nd try i got the ultimate prize in the colloseum and beat the necromancer boss all too easily! Expand
  3. Feb 4, 2011
    Fable 2's DLC See the Future is better than the other DLC offering Knothole Island, but still isn't a ground breaking DLC and isn't that great off an experience, ultimately the story is better than Knothole Island and is less repetitive, and gives you a look into Fable 3 which is really cool, but the price of admission is pretty steep, all in all i would recommend for at least one play through, but buy the platinum hits edition of Fable 2 if your interested in this. Expand