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  1. Positive: 93 out of 95
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  1. This is an engrossing, attractive, dramatic, and entertaining game and one that you simply shouldn't miss.
  2. Although I relished my time in Fable 2 -- really, I did -- the half-baked marriage crap nearly killed the game for me.
  3. Peter Molyneux has earned a standing ovation for realizing his magnum opus, with Fable II serving as the pinnacle of his body of work, and a high-water mark for player-concocted storytelling in a role-playing game.
  4. It’s a game that builds gradually and then becomes irresistible, a beautiful lump of an RPG that continues beyond the close of its main campaign, and will have you thinking about it when you’re not at your 360. [Dec 2008, p.79]
  5. What's important, though, is that Fable is an amazingly well-crafted and polished world that has traded the typical sandbox route of western RPGs for attention to detail and true character development.
  6. Immerse yourself in its choices and the peerless beauty of the world that supports them, and it reveals a quality that cannot be detected through objective distance. This is a game you can love, and that’s at least as rare as perfection. [Dec 2008, p.122]
  7. It successfully manages to humanise a bunch of polygons in ways that few games can. The inclusion of your dog, the accessible combat system and the trail are all things which make it enjoyable to play, but it's the humour and way in which your hero interacts with the rest of Albion which will really keep you coming back for more. Fable II is ambitious and inclusive, but this time Lionhead's audacity really has paid off.
  8. It's clear from the get-go that Fable II is a labour of love, a fantastically involving, sprawling, deep, rich and charming adventure that will take hold and not let go for literally hours on end.
  9. It's a game that makes you think about what you're doing. It hasn't perfected the RPG, and in truth isn't close to doing so, but it's a massive step in the right direction and a beautiful game to boot.
  10. Peter Molynuex was recently quoted as saying, pre-release, that he felt Fable II is a nine out of ten game. You know what, Pete? You’re spot-on mate.
  11. The inability to die and the glowing trail that points us to the next objective makes the game easier than we'd like, but Fable II is one of the best adventure games you'll play this year.
  12. Few games can pull off such a complete world that is so endearing with characters, while nameless, managing to be so memorable. The lush world and level of detail are spellbinding and your pet dog feels as vital to play as your sword arm. The love, attention and effort put into the game shines through and makes it a true joy to play – as well as immensely challenging – whether you decide to be a good guy or a bad one. It's simply one of the 360's strongest exclusives.
  13. Fable II is a game that should be enjoyed by gamers, no matter when they get a chance to play it, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. There’s plenty of content, and even though the actual story is only ten to twelve hours long, there are dozens of more hours of content in the game on each play.
  14. Overall, Fable 2 is a fantastic game. Lionhead did a great job in bringing the world of Albion to life on the XBox360 and you could spend many, many hours simply exploring the world of Albion.
  15. Whoever enters Albion is going to find heaps of fun. The game draws a charming, coherent and above all extremely humorous fantasy world. Neither core nor casual, simply good!
  16. Superbly successful action role-player that allows you to live a full fantasy life of your choosing.
  17. In spite of certain drawbacks, I went through the entire single-player campaign and had a great time. Things were moved up a notch in Fable II (a bit more than just a notch, actually), but on the whole, you can expect the same kind of experience as in The Lost Chapters. We mean that in a good way.
  18. From the amazingly vast landscape to the equally impressive NPC interaction to the first-rate story to the many, many choices and gameplay freedom it presents to gamers, to the co-op that will have gamers coming back for return visits to Albion long after the revenge on Lucien has been satisfyingly taken, Fable II is a stellar and engrossing RPG of the highest order.
  19. Consequently Fable 2 is a game that should be played accordingly to be enjoyed to the maximum, which is to say everything should be sampled and nothing overdone.
  20. The role-playing possibilities are endless, and the world is amazingly well fleshed out. Unfortunately, technical issues with the visuals and the fact that non-role-playing gamers will likely be bored by the sheer size and scope of play limit the title's appeal.
  21. Take your time exploring every corner of Albion and taking your time to effect everyone’s lives that crosses your path or simply follow your glowing trail from objective to objective to complete a world altering plot.
  22. 90
    Peter Molyneux and the rest of the team at Lionhead Studios have for the most part achieved what they set out to do with the original Fable.
  23. 90
    Fable 2 achieves significant milestones for game design as a whole, forcing players to face their own internal conscience to receive the punishments and rewards for their behavior.
  24. Fable II should appeal to any type of gamer who enjoys plot driven sandbox styled action games. Fable II isn’t overly deep or challenging which also makes it more accessible then some other role-playing action titles.
  25. A rollicking good adventure. [Christmas 2008, p.56]
  26. An exceptionally solid action role-playing game, with an immense, immersive world. The new features, including the dog as a helper, and the breadcrumb trail as a guide, have worked excellently. This time, Peter Molyneux has made a game that lives up to its hype. One of the real must-have titles on the Xbox 360.
  27. 90
    It is deceptively simple but is bursting with life and will have you addicted for weeks.
  28. At the end of the day there will be gamers who buy Fable 2 expecting a masterpiece of coding finesse, with every bug squished and a seamless play experience. The nature of the game makes that hard. The reaal challenge is if you can handle the design elements that pull you out of the game world and into the mechanics of gaming. There's plenty of people who can meet that challenge – if you're one of them, you'll love this.
  29. Molyneux invites us to the fantasy world of Albion. It's a beautiful story where we have all the freedom to live our live as we want. Good or evil? Hero or villain? Family head or silent assassins? It's all up to us. Excellent presentation, good graphics, great combat system and many surprises in one of the best games of this year.
  30. Fable II opens a realistic world to the gamer, which offers besides the main story many elements of life-simulation, fun and variety (jobs, quests etc.). A fantasy epic, which is unique on the Xbox 360.
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  1. Apr 21, 2011
    Charming game with a cool interactions on the world and on the society of the game. Its cool the options of that every actions affect your aspect giving you personality,thats cool but it needs more depth ,also annoying some AI don't act well and some weird glitches. The graphics are colorful , the gameplay is easy and simple. Full Review »
  2. Sep 6, 2010
    This is a very solid RPG. Especially for a system that has few RPGs. The story is pretty good and the gameplay is fun but some of the quests can get kind of repetitive but this is not a very major problem. The main problem is that there is not much replay value after you beat the main quest. After the game you might spend 2 hours after the game and this is kind of dull for most RPGs. This doesn't count the DLC which was actually a lot of fun for me. All and all, this is a very solid RPG with a good story, fun missions, and some cool gameplay. Full Review »
  3. Nov 18, 2010
    A truley amazing game.. despite what most people say about it, its amazing so much to do it looks amazing and its awesome to play.. i think i put in 25+ hours and i would deff play it through again Full Review »