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  1. 88
    Fable II has a great combat system, some excellent atmosphere, a smart experience system, and lots to do. It’s only when you start exploring the social aspects that things take a downturn.
  2. The world is so charming and your choices so profound, that it's easy to look past the game's shortcomings. The punishment for death is pointless and the story carries little weight, but the experience is still immensely rewarding.
  3. Through its richly interactive world, gorgeous art design, and often-humorous writing, Fable II crafts a world where you’ll quickly feel at home.
  4. A resounding experience. It’s a charming and stunning game that should occupy about 20 hours of a gamer’s time with up to 50 hours of side-quests, odd jobs, and real-estate purchasing available.
  5. The role-playing possibilities are endless, and the world is amazingly well fleshed out. Unfortunately, technical issues with the visuals and the fact that non-role-playing gamers will likely be bored by the sheer size and scope of play limit the title's appeal.
  6. Fable is a rare role playing game that offers incredibly deep customization, style and exploration. It can be both charming and disturbing. Its missions offer equal parts of satisfaction and tragedy, and when you're not on a mission you'll be making your own bed in which to lie (including a dog, he's literally always around).
  7. The main plot and combat don't exactly stand out and are perhaps the title's weakest points. Fable II is short and easy, and the plot is mostly boring. Fable II isn't a game you buy to finish, but a game that you buy if you want to goof around.
  8. 90
    Fable II presents you with difficult, meaningful decisions that shape the development of the world around you. You'll experience life from a young age and see your character grow up to become a powerful force in Albion. Whether or not you become a force for good or for evil is completely up to you.
  9. 100
    Inclusive and often thought-provoking, this is a daring portrait of a game-world with all the failure cut out, and it's hard not to love a game that loves you so much in return. Fable II will charm you, thrill you, and leave you very, very happy.
  10. Fable II might be a shallow RPG that's a bit too easy (I have never died), and if you're looking for a challenge, it's not here. But that's because it's not really an RPG. Difficulty, stat-obsession, and death is as pointless in Fable II as it is in "The Sims."
  11. 90
    What makes Fable II so thoroughly absorbing, despite a few notable shortcomings, is the heady illusion that every choice you make sends ripples through the world, its people, and your own simulated heart.
  12. Games Master UK
    Deep, funny, exciting, rewarding and immense. It's the best action adventure on 360. [Dec 2008, p.68]
  13. 100
    Fable 2 is filled with more great ideas than the last 10 years of "Final Fantasy" combined.
  14. 98
    Completely absorbing, Fable 2 is unfettered by its few faults and while perhaps not entirely epic in depth, it is truly epic in scope – and even more fun.
  15. You'll have to slog through a very frustrating few hours in order to get to the good stuff, but once you've gotten over the game's incredibly obvious flaws, you'll find one of the most emotionally evocative games ever made.
  16. The almost 20 hours of campaign of Fable 2 are an experience that a few fans to the western roll players are due to lose. The individual campaign is its unique supply, been able to witness how a legendary hero grows from his childhood to his maturity is an incredible trip as much for him as it is for us. But the gameplay is much deeper than just that, going beyond the mere fulfillment of missions. It also offers a series of mini games, most of them as a way of earning money or meeting people.
  17. games(TM)
    Immerse yourself in its choices and the peerless beauty of the world that supports them, and it reveals a quality that cannot be detected through objective distance. This is a game you can love, and that’s at least as rare as perfection. [Dec 2008, p.122]
  18. Fable II doesn’t belong to any single genre, instead it paints an engaging tapestry with an interesting story, solid gameplay, beautiful graphics, and near perfect sound.
  19. Fable 2 is an outstanding game that can't be missed this overcrowded holiday season.
  20. Consequently Fable 2 is a game that should be played accordingly to be enjoyed to the maximum, which is to say everything should be sampled and nothing overdone.
  21. Edge Magazine
    It’s a game that builds gradually and then becomes irresistible, a beautiful lump of an RPG that continues beyond the close of its main campaign, and will have you thinking about it when you’re not at your 360. [Dec 2008, p.79]
  22. Peter Molyneux has earned a standing ovation for realizing his magnum opus, with Fable II serving as the pinnacle of his body of work, and a high-water mark for player-concocted storytelling in a role-playing game.
  23. 100
    Playing Fable II is an absolute pleasure. Between the combat, the humor, and the multitude of small details, I found it decidedly difficult to put it down to get some sleep or tape the show. Perhaps the one aspect of the game that will stand out above all else for me is that, for the first time ever, my wife — whose relationship to videogames is one of begrudging, ancillary necessity — actually sat down on the couch next to me and watched me play…for hours.
  24. While it may have, once again, fallen short of being a classic, it is a large improvement over the first game despite its numerous weak points.
  25. It's a game that makes you think about what you're doing. It hasn't perfected the RPG, and in truth isn't close to doing so, but it's a massive step in the right direction and a beautiful game to boot.
  26. This is an engrossing, attractive, dramatic, and entertaining game and one that you simply shouldn't miss.
  27. AceGamez
    It's clear from the get-go that Fable II is a labour of love, a fantastically involving, sprawling, deep, rich and charming adventure that will take hold and not let go for literally hours on end.
  28. Superbly successful action role-player that allows you to live a full fantasy life of your choosing.
  29. Fable II is everything Molyneux promised the first time around. It's funny, deep, emotional, epic, and, yes, wildly charming. We are already eager for a second playthrough, and we're betting a lot of you will have exactly the same reaction. [Dec 2008, p.68]
  30. Despite some new features Fable 2 remains 'just' a sequel, with a lot of the same flaws from the first installment. As a player you'll have to look for a perfect balance between the storyline and exploring the game enviroment. Otherwise the game will probably end with you only seeing the half of it. But, in all, Fable 2 offers a great adventure, on which you can float away over the lush grounds of Albion.
  31. Molyneux invites us to the fantasy world of Albion. It's a beautiful story where we have all the freedom to live our live as we want. Good or evil? Hero or villain? Family head or silent assassins? It's all up to us. Excellent presentation, good graphics, great combat system and many surprises in one of the best games of this year.
  32. As much as I truly tried to enjoy Fable II, the fun gameplay and convincing world just couldn't make up for the game's drawbacks.
  33. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Fable II is the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for folks who hated(and liked, too)the latter. [Dec 2008, p.80]
  34. From the amazingly vast landscape to the equally impressive NPC interaction to the first-rate story to the many, many choices and gameplay freedom it presents to gamers, to the co-op that will have gamers coming back for return visits to Albion long after the revenge on Lucien has been satisfyingly taken, Fable II is a stellar and engrossing RPG of the highest order.
  35. 89
    Taken as a whole, as an experience rather than a series of discrete mechanics, this is a game that – if you let it – will draw you into its world…and then let you run loose in it. It feels refreshing enough to breathe new life into this crowded genre, and if you’re an RPG fan – even a casual one – then this should definitely be on your ‘must play’ list.
  36. It successfully manages to humanise a bunch of polygons in ways that few games can. The inclusion of your dog, the accessible combat system and the trail are all things which make it enjoyable to play, but it's the humour and way in which your hero interacts with the rest of Albion which will really keep you coming back for more. Fable II is ambitious and inclusive, but this time Lionhead's audacity really has paid off.
  37. Just like the original Fable, this is a game that's hugely likeable, but only if you put the effort in. Make no mistake, it's genuinely charming, but everything from unclear storytelling to rubbish mini-games to glitchy graphics to sluggish menus makes an appearance, and you've got to take it all with a smile.
  38. Fable II opens a realistic world to the gamer, which offers besides the main story many elements of life-simulation, fun and variety (jobs, quests etc.). A fantasy epic, which is unique on the Xbox 360.
  39. 80
    Fable 2 is a very good game that could have been a great one with some more time and care. Still, it's definitely worth a look.
  40. Fable II is a game with heart, and there are so few of them released these days. It will make you think, and take you beyond bloodlust, yet you can satisfy that too if you wish.
  41. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    A unique experience for every player comes with this year’s best RPG on the console market. Brusque humor, longevity and re-playability makes Fable II best choice for both core gamers and newcomers. [Nov 2008]
  42. What's important, though, is that Fable is an amazingly well-crafted and polished world that has traded the typical sandbox route of western RPGs for attention to detail and true character development.
  43. Strangely, I’ve been having more fun with the game since I finished it than I did when I was trying to. Maybe that says something about the game, maybe that says something about life. But now I have all the time in the world to sleep with whores, buy properties, explore lost dungeons and sign autographs for kids.
  44. Peter Molynuex was recently quoted as saying, pre-release, that he felt Fable II is a nine out of ten game. You know what, Pete? You’re spot-on mate.
  45. Fable 2 would be a superbly accessible entry-point into action RPG’s for any casual gamer, but more experienced players may feel let down by the concessions to simplicity that have been made.
  46. Developing and expanding the concept of the original, Fable 2 is a worthy addition to any Xbox 360 owner's collection.
  47. While the story isn’t very strong, the experience is full and very rewarding; it’s easy to lose hours doing trivial things and finding tucked away secrets. There’s a lot of interesting concepts within Fable II that make this a truly unique gaming experience. Albion is such a beautiful world that there’s no doubt you will want to see everything and visit the world often.
  48. The inability to die and the glowing trail that points us to the next objective makes the game easier than we'd like, but Fable II is one of the best adventure games you'll play this year.
  49. An exceptionally solid action role-playing game, with an immense, immersive world. The new features, including the dog as a helper, and the breadcrumb trail as a guide, have worked excellently. This time, Peter Molyneux has made a game that lives up to its hype. One of the real must-have titles on the Xbox 360.
  50. Fable 2 offers a experience with a reasonable durability and a good sense of humour. If you like the genre or if you are just starting in this kind of game, Fable 2 is a solid offer.
  51. Death design aside, Fable 2 has managed to improve on the original in every conceivable way.
  52. While Fable 2 may be missing out on some of the intricacy of some RPGs and may not reward exploration and discovery as much as one might hope; it is still a rich and fulfilling experience.
  53. 91
    Fable II is a game that is much better than its separate parts might suggest. As an experience, it's some of the most fun I have had all year.
  54. A thoroughly enjoyable combination of rpg elements, social interactions and appealing presentation makes this a great adventure for all to experience. The fact that your actions always affects the rest of your experience does add a lot to the experience. There are a lot of bugs that mar the experience and the variety of enemies isn't exactly top notch, but Fable II will offer you a great adventure you don't want to miss out on.
  55. In spite of certain drawbacks, I went through the entire single-player campaign and had a great time. Things were moved up a notch in Fable II (a bit more than just a notch, actually), but on the whole, you can expect the same kind of experience as in The Lost Chapters. We mean that in a good way.
  56. Fable II should appeal to any type of gamer who enjoys plot driven sandbox styled action games. Fable II isn’t overly deep or challenging which also makes it more accessible then some other role-playing action titles.
  57. While the story of Fable 2 is the weakest link in the game, the buffet of available extra features is sure to keep you salivating for quite some time.
  58. Take your time exploring every corner of Albion and taking your time to effect everyone’s lives that crosses your path or simply follow your glowing trail from objective to objective to complete a world altering plot.
  59. It's still not the revolutionary piece of software Mr. M lauded it to be, but Fable II finally sees Lionhead's original concept realised, and all round it's clearly the developer's best game to date.
  60. Fable II comes packed to the gills with content to keep you busy. While there are definitely some issues with the user interface and the occasional NPC freakout, they are easy to stagger past whilst getting drunk on the world.
  61. 90
    Fable 2 achieves significant milestones for game design as a whole, forcing players to face their own internal conscience to receive the punishments and rewards for their behavior.
  62. 88
    Whilst Fable 2 is not exactly flaw-free, the bulk of the game is splendidly entertaining. Lionhead consistently bite off more than they can chew with their games, so the scope and ambition of Fable 2 is both unmatched by other development studios and occasionally unrealisable in a current-gen video game.
  63. To define 'fable' you would be describing a short and simple story that teaches a lesson. To define Fable II, you are looking at more of an enveloping adventure, which takes hold and won't let go, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster of enjoyment.
  64. Fable 2 is a great example of developers listening to its audience, as it delivers on the original promises of the first game and brings back everything we loved about it in spades.
  65. Here's a litmus test: If playing fetch with your virtual dog doesn't move you, the rest of the game probably won't, either.
  66. In spite of frequent load times and imperfect characters, Fable II is in all respects, a new high watermark in single-player action RPG's.
  67. Lionhead packed Fable 2 with new features and depth, but a host of new gameplay issues give the action RPG some serious growing pains.
  68. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A rollicking good adventure. [Christmas 2008, p.56]
  69. It’s a much more satisfying experience than Fable 1 and has a little of everything for all types of gamers.
  70. 90
    Peter Molyneux and the rest of the team at Lionhead Studios have for the most part achieved what they set out to do with the original Fable.
  71. Fable II is a game that should be enjoyed by gamers, no matter when they get a chance to play it, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. There’s plenty of content, and even though the actual story is only ten to twelve hours long, there are dozens of more hours of content in the game on each play.
  72. Despite its shortcomings, Fable 2 is a worthy choice for those adventurers who don’t know what “RPG” stands for.
  73. 100
    You see, the best thing about Fable II is the stories you will have to tell, whether they are of love, money, murder or sacrifice. And every hero's is different.
  74. It’s a complete and nearly total success that greatly improves on its predecessor in every way. Finally delivering on the promises of Peter Molyneux and REQUIRES a spot in your game collection if you’re a fan of the genre.
  75. Whoever enters Albion is going to find heaps of fun. The game draws a charming, coherent and above all extremely humorous fantasy world. Neither core nor casual, simply good!
  76. An endearing tale of courage and responsibility, and one of the most delightful titles you’ll find on Xbox 360.
  77. Provided you aren't expecting an in-depth, stat-heavy RPG, Fable 2 can be a wonderful experience, and it's exactly the sort of game you make it, which is exactly what the developers want it to be.
  78. Fable 2 fulfills all promises that the original Fable made, and improves upon it... a bloody lot. Long live Fable 2! Long live the era of heroes!
  79. One of the greatest RPG’s ever made, a must own game for fans of the genre and anyone who wants to experience something truly unique.
  80. From start to finish Fable 2 is a great game that stands out as one of the better role-playing experiences on the current consoles.
  81. Fable 2 may not be the unadulterated and hardcore RPG some players might be expecting, but it is a vast and fun game. There are some fantastic ideas, others that work as an extra, but overall it all adds up.
  82. At the end of the day there will be gamers who buy Fable 2 expecting a masterpiece of coding finesse, with every bug squished and a seamless play experience. The nature of the game makes that hard. The reaal challenge is if you can handle the design elements that pull you out of the game world and into the mechanics of gaming. There's plenty of people who can meet that challenge – if you're one of them, you'll love this.
  83. Overall, Fable 2 is a fantastic game. Lionhead did a great job in bringing the world of Albion to life on the XBox360 and you could spend many, many hours simply exploring the world of Albion.
  84. Although I relished my time in Fable 2 -- really, I did -- the half-baked marriage crap nearly killed the game for me.
  85. In closing, Fable 2 seems to be a light hearted, witty, casual role-playing game offering you more of an experience than an actual challenge.
  86. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Few games can pull off such a complete world that is so endearing with characters, while nameless, managing to be so memorable. The lush world and level of detail are spellbinding and your pet dog feels as vital to play as your sword arm. The love, attention and effort put into the game shines through and makes it a true joy to play – as well as immensely challenging – whether you decide to be a good guy or a bad one. It's simply one of the 360's strongest exclusives.
  87. 95
    Invest in Albion, its inhabitants and its history; embrace the power you’re afforded to shape yourself and the world around you and Fable II is an astonishing achievement. It’s not an easily definable, singular vision but an impressive, unparalleled attempt at empowering the player in ways no other game has before.
  88. 92
    For all its flaws, Fable II is still a masterful piece of game design, and utterly compelling.
  89. 80
    For whatever reason, Fable II consistently stutters and hangs while you're scrolling through the menus. What should be a simple matter of handing a gift to a potential mate becomes a slog into Menu Hell.
  90. The combat handles well, it’s visually stunning, the voice acting and musical score are brilliant, and the epic storyline doesn’t end before it begins (like the first game did). But the most appealing thing about it is that it delivers everything that Molyneux has promised, plus it is oozing with wit and charm - something sorely lacking from many games nowadays. At the end of the day, Fable II is a triumph and a must buy.
  91. A brilliantly realised world means Lionhead have come closer to delivering on its lofty promises than ever before, and the players are the ones who reap the reward.
  92. 90
    It is deceptively simple but is bursting with life and will have you addicted for weeks.
  93. There's some innovation in the cooperative play and some interesting moments of aesthetics, storytelling, and decision-making; but for a game that plays like an RPG, there is surprisingly little sophistication in the implementation of character development, inventory, and NPC interactions.
  94. 98
    No interactive world has ever felt quite so alive as Fable 2, where many paths are open, but all choices have consequences. Deep, accessible and endlessly adaptive, it's a boundary-pushing experience that players will still be exploring long after the hype has faded.
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  1. Apr 21, 2011
    Charming game with a cool interactions on the world and on the society of the game. Its cool the options of that every actions affect yourCharming game with a cool interactions on the world and on the society of the game. Its cool the options of that every actions affect your aspect giving you personality,thats cool but it needs more depth ,also annoying some AI don't act well and some weird glitches. The graphics are colorful , the gameplay is easy and simple. Full Review »
  2. Nov 18, 2010
    A truley amazing game.. despite what most people say about it, its amazing so much to do it looks amazing and its awesome to play.. i think iA truley amazing game.. despite what most people say about it, its amazing so much to do it looks amazing and its awesome to play.. i think i put in 25+ hours and i would deff play it through again Full Review »
  3. Jun 27, 2011
    Fable has yet to make good on its promise of revolutionizing the RPG. Combat has been simplified, meaning that swords, bows and magic eachFable has yet to make good on its promise of revolutionizing the RPG. Combat has been simplified, meaning that swords, bows and magic each have their own buttons. There is a significant imbalance between these powers, with magic becoming so strong that you would be stupid to use anything else. The story is one-dimensional and the characters are never developed. The side aspects of the game (a variety of jobs, marrying, having a family) are shallow and there is not much point (other than money) to spend any time at them. Getting married is the most uninteresting as every man and woman are pretty much the same. The only information given are their names and moderately useful facts about them. The game is too short and the final boss is underwhelming. Still, I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy playing it. There are lots of secrets and plenty of loot to keep players interested. The combat is fast and satisfying. The world is wider and more accessible although Albion never feels as alive or as vibrant as Cyrodil from Oblivion or Hyrule from Legend of Zelda. The Fable series, though entertaining, has many problems at its core and has yet to reach the upper echelons of western RPG's. Full Review »