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  1. Oct 26, 2010
    It's been interesting to see how critics respond to the latest iteration of a well known game franchise over the course of this year. With so many top-notch titles the market itself has felt more than saturated with grade-A content. This is far from a bad thing for us gamers. Quite the opposite as it marks a new step in gaming where we aren't overstocked on too much random IP and have a plethora of games to choose from.

    The drawback has been in the way games have been received and the strange ambiguity that game critics have put forth of late. It's been a neverending series of "damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't" reviews that seem to be in constant conflict with other games. When a game like Fable III hits the shelves you'll see critics lauding the game as a triumph for its hilarity, size and willingness to change the mold, and yet another game will be crushed for doing the same. What do we as players want? The same game again? Do we want it to change? The difference in this perspective is causing critics to appear extremely random in their desires. The frustration of this all is knowing that yet another by-the-numbers FPS will be out here shortly that will roll in praise for no solid reason. We, as gamers, deserve better than that. As a result I urge you to enjoy the title for yourself and ignore negative reviews for this game because after several hours (all night) I can stamp it with a seal of greatness.

    Fable III has what I will call the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed syndrome. By that I mean you'll have harsh critical bile spewed over changes in the franchise and yet the fans will flock to it because it has a certain charm that just can't be labeled. The humor of the game is as hilarious as it's ever been and yet there are moments of true human drama that should tug at you emotionally. The games engine feels slightly dated at times, but it's never a drawback and might be considered a perk to veterans of the series. The story can feel slightly contrived at times, but there are twists to be found that make it worthwhile. It's difficult to discuss without spoilers but suffice it to say that the story is far more engaging than the so far more critically appraised Fable II.

    Everything is improved in every way. From the graphics to the story to the humor to your dog there is nothing that hasn't seen a step up in the series. Enjoy it for yourself and take the game in the lighthearted fashion it is meant to be played. If you don't you will miss out on one of this years top must play games.
  2. xxx
    Nov 1, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a long-time player of both Fable and Fable 2, I wanted to like Fable 3, i really did. So much so, that i initially dismissed the many issues including the alarmingly prevalent technical problems and the lack of any combat complexity or difficulty. What starts out as the familiarly monty-python-esque fable adventure, and devolves into an experience as devoid of life and meaning as (if not more so than) your 'end'-game foe. But it's not all doom-and-gloom, fable 3 does have its well-crafted episodes. Like previous installments, side-quests are delightfully cheeky and loads of fun. I found myself laughing--out loud!--at the witty dialogue and situations in one quest where you became part of a D&D style, board game adventure. Many of the rare books you find have great excepts read to you in-game which really speak volumes (forgive me) about the creative writing found throughout the fable franchise. And what good would great writing be without great voice-acting? Michael Fassbender, Stephen Fry and the legendary John Cleese do not disappoint. And for those who appreciate aesthetics and atmosphere, Fable 3 looks great and has a fitting soundtrack (though not as inspired as the previous two installments). These attributes, though excellent, were a polish meant to blind us from its rusty, disfigured core. Bugs. Too many to chalk up to the needlessly pandering "it's just an early version all games have bugs-golly gee, that's what patches are for!" excuse we (fans) use too often. As stated in some reviews, there were not only frustrating glitches, but game-ending ones as well. Frustrating, i can live with; game ending...that is just embarrassing (and EVIL!). I personally did not experience the worst glitches, but i guess i was lucky. It's not the hardest game either. Most of us realize though that it is fable, and not Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Ninja Gaiden Black, or playing Starcraft on Korean servers. At least in fable 2 you could have fun casting more than two spells in one battle and PRETENDING like you were about to die-err, get 'knocked out'. Although the animated executions of bad guys are fun, fighting ends up being more chore than it was in fable 2. Not to mention the reward is most often only guild seals. Guild Seals, spent on the road to rule, are experience points. The concept of Guild Seals and the Road to Rule is terrific-for another game. When you get to the bottom of it, it's partially for aesthetics (it looks good), and partially about balancing it and keeping you from becoming too strong. For fable, becoming too strong too fast is as silly as the grunting noises made when shaking hands with an NPC. Not to mention the choices given in the Road to Rule are extremely limiting and more than half of them don't do anything meaningful. If you've played it already, I'm sure you skipped most everything but the combat upgrades, adding to the superfluity of combat. Why not put in more chests, with harder choices associated with them? Why not make you choose between level 3 weapons, a legendary hammer, and a super cool-looking set of armor? Or a chest with lots of cash in it? Or the title to Reaver's Mansion? How about SOMETHING BESIDES DYES? The 'end' of Fable 2 was brilliant. If you haven't played it, stop reading this and do so. Fable 3 developers should have realized a good thing when they had it. Instead, as king (the big selling point of the game) you are relegated to essentially being the CFO of Albion-when you should be out in fantastic realms killing fantastic creatures to come and display in your fantastic castle where everyone can admire just how fantastic you are (it is also far too easy to end the game before you want it to-no warning at all). I was affected by the end decision in Fable 2-it was a hard one to make because you were only guaranteed one option...not 2 or all 3. Now, you can have you cake and eat it too (or eat your cake and have it too) with ease through owning property. Instead of every choice being having people hate you or love you, why not make it more meaningful? Like giving you the same choices Logan had you make in the beginning (albeit with actual consequences). Maybe having time only to save the Aurorans from certain death by whatever, or your castle staff and guards who will die without an antidote to cure whatever and then actually getting to go physically carry out your decision instead of having Reaver talk to you about what he did. Because the choices are based upon your wealth, and becoming wealthy is about as easy as combat, there really isn't a choice at all. And because there isn't a choice, there isn't any real interest, any real attachment at all aside from appearances. Which is really all Fable 3 amounts to. It's just sugar coated; the you longer lick it, the more it starts to melt away until you're left with such a prickly mess , you'll never want to taste the sugar again. Expand
  3. Oct 27, 2010
    I was having a great time with this game until the glitches started ruining the game. I reloaded a 2 hour old save twice to try and get past a specific point but it always screws up. There's an enemy in the room that has to be defeated before you can continue, and you can hear him, but he isn't there. I tried using Aoe magic in all the corners, even tried to go back, so my game can't be finished. I like the game otherwise but this is absolutely retarded. How can a game be released with so many issues? Did they take a page out of infinity ward and not even test the game before it was launched? Expand
  4. Nov 1, 2010
    Incredible graphics, simplified RPG, too straightforward and the end is ultimately utterly disappointing and frustrating.

    The graphics and gameplay are good/outstanding. The rpg element is way too simplified, it has been downhill ever since fable I. The questline is straightforward, which is nice, but the sidequests just aren't rewarding enough (by feel, sense of accomplishment or effect
    on the 'world' as was is fable II). There are a lot of loading times, almost like you're sitting in front of your tv waiting as much as playing. Up untill you get to be a monarch, the game is nice and pulls you in, ever drawing you onward. When you are a monarch, the frustrating bit begins, which leads to the utter downfall of the game. Choose to be a good monarch, caring for your people, leads to the death of everyone, leaving an empty world to play in afterwards. That forces you to be the tyrant you just defeated. So what's the use of being good, if everyone dies because of it?
    As a sidemark, the whole morality issue is mostly removed. The only thing that changes is what the comments of the villagers are.

    All in all: the game doesn't pick up after fable II, actually, it leaves a lot of great features behind. And the end, well the end is just utterly frustrating.
  5. Oct 26, 2010
    Fable 3 is in almost every way the same as Fable 2. This game does the same exact thing in almost every way that the second one did, Even the ending is just as disappointing as Fable 2. I could right a ton more, but I would just advise you to look at Fable 2, than compare that to now and be amazed at how they did little to correct any of the flaws of the previous installment. All in all, if you loved Fable 2 you will like this game, just don't expect anything fresh. Expand
  6. Oct 28, 2010
    Lionhead Studios apparently went out of their way to be the most dissapointing studio in 2010. Fable 3 has enormous potential but manages to fail so epically its really quite spectacular. Glitches and broken game mechanics abound to such an extreme extent that Lionhead has offically taken the glitch 'crown' from Bethesda. Fancy spending 10+ hours makin pies? Wanna play through half the game only to have to start again? Play Fable 3! Ive literally been forced to do both of those things I mentioned above. These are patently ridiculous things to have happen in a high profile title and Lionhead Studios should be ashamed of themselves. Peter "you aren't playing it right" Molyneux should fire himself for releasing such a grand travesty. There is absolutely no excuse for the unfinished and untested form that this game is being proffered at. For $60 bucks its a damn crime. If I were Mr. Molyneux I would never leave my house again. Expand
  7. Oct 29, 2010
    Fable 3 is basically Fable 2 for the majority of the game, until you get to manage your kingdom. But the combat, dialogs, economy are all just a simplified version of Fable 2. The main character is a prince/princess, who for some reason decided to leave the wealth and power, only to fight their way back to the same place. I don't really feel any connection to any of the characters. Unlike Fable 2, where I really felt like I knew the main characters and they were developed well. Now, you're just thrown in the game as some random noble doing favors for random people to start a revolution against a king who's a jerk. It's funny actually, because revolutions against the crown usually don't end up placing the king's brother in power, because they end up killing the entire royal family. That aside, the game feels so over-simplified that it's actually quite boring. The dialogs no longer have a little moving line that you have to hit at the right moment. You just hold down the button until it says "release", and that's it. Many quests make you keep going back to the same place over and over again. Making money is extremely easy. There aren't very many good/evil choices in dialog. Actually there isn't much dialog at all. And what the hell were they thinking with the hand-holding garbage?? My quest was to get apprehend a criminal called "the butcher", so I run up to him and grab his hand and we skip and dance back to the guard, as if I'm taking a naughty child back to their mother. Really? I feel so awkward when I have to do this. Also, the hand-shaking, kissing, hugging sound effects are really bad. Do people really moan and groan loudly when shaking hands? I hate this part of the game so much that I avoid interacting with any NPCs. I do like the inventory system, where you go into your sanctuary to look at your stuff. But the map is useless... I want a quick way to pull up a map, but instead i have to jump to my sanctuary, run up to the map table, zoom to the area I'm in, and figure out where I was standing. Combat is more difficult that Fable 2, but there are few weapons, and your clothes and armor have no bearing on your abilities. There's tons of outfits you can put on, as if you're playing dress-up with a doll. It's pointless and stupid, and it makes me think this game was targeted towards people who love The Sims but want to fight too. Expand
  8. Nov 1, 2010
    It seems Lionhead tried to reinvent the wheel (which wasn't broken) and ran out of time to do so. One type of Xp, One item per store, no way to view your items, TOUCH SYSTEM was a complete gimmick serving no value to the game as a whole, no online store... I can go on.

    This was a great game... until I figured out I could beat the story in 4 hours. What could have been a powerful and epic
    game turned out to be a waste of my $80. I went ahead and continued the side-quests, having fun although half felt repetitive and same to Fable II. Beat those in 4 hours! Whole game beat, 8 hours. I found all the chests, gnomes, and doors in another 5 hours. DONE. ALL DONE. In 13 hours. No more to play. What a joke, this is an RPG people. I put days into Fable II, more in Fable I... Lionhead, you should of taken another year to finish your little concept that you left bare, boring, and short. I'm a Fable fan to death... and I really want my money back with this one. Actually made me depressed on how fast it was over. I was so excited, pre-ordered, and I get a hunk of unfinished game in my Xbox. I'm very disappointed. Expand
  9. Oct 26, 2010
    Yes, this is probably the best game of all time, innovative, brilliant and fantastic.
    Fable has always been a great idea, the 3rd Part is now the king of this series.

    A masterpiece!

    Those who rated this game low, has no idea about good video games, or innovation. He's just a philistine
  10. Jun 19, 2011
    Utterly disappointing. I really don't see why every feature was dumbed down to the point of making you go around and spend hours organizing your inventory or giving gifts when the first game had those features easy and straight forward. The sanctuary should have been changed to just a viewing gallery for your stuff, not the end-all-be-all for every single little activity in the game (again, adding waaaaay too much time to simple activities). Gameplay was far too easy as well, it seems they didn't listen to the criticism of the second game at all. Expand
  11. Nov 7, 2010
    This is not your protagonist's parents game...

    Fable III lost much of what made it's predecessor great. Spell and skill progression is wonky and the story line gets really choppy half way through. With all the attention and and success of the last version you would think the third installment would be an incremental improvement. By all measures, it falls short of Fable II.

    recommendation to the dev team is to go back to what made Fable II so great and build on it. I would much rather see a solid expanded Fable 2.5 than a sub-par Fable III.

    Weapon progression? It has no sense of impact on the game and is therefore useless. Go back to socketed weapons please.

    The game feels slightly rushed, rough at the end, and ultimately void of meaningful innovation. Reboot off Fable II next time please.
  12. Oct 26, 2010
    what is the point at looking at reviews anymore? It is now routine that games are released buggy and patched at a future date so how do you really guage a game anymore? Reviewers are scoring games 100% based on their mood and love of a particular genre or game and not so much the real quality of the game itself at the point of review. As game bugs are worked out through patching the game also deserves different scores. I just give up. Expand
  13. Oct 29, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I purchased the Limited Collector's edition of Fable 3 -- and expected that I would play the game until i had all of its Achievement (as I had with Fable 2).

    My first impression (say, the first 5-6 hours of gameplay) was that it had been underestimated by professional critics. But, as I continued, doubts began to creep across my mind. Albion was full of charm and whimsy (as ever) but little in the game is innovative. My dog was virtually useless in battle. The RPG aspects appeared to be "dumbed down" -- perhaps as an appeal to casual gamers. Once i obtained the ability to combine two spells together -- I chose electric shock and ice storm -- there was hardly any enemy that could knock me out (Fable's euphemistic equivalent of "dying"). The final battle was simply a button-mashing exercise -- As most gamers will know by now, Fable 3 is divided into 2 sections; the first 90% consists of uniting various factions so that you can stage an uprising and depose an evil King (your brother). That section is moderately interesting even though nothing ground-breaking occurs. But the remaining 10% (approximately) consists of making critical decisions, most of them in your throne room, that involve major expenditures. If you decide to play as a "good" King, and honor your agreements with your allies, and improve the lives of Albion's citizens, the treasury will be quickly depleted. (If you play as an evil King you are apparently no improvement over Logan, your brother -- a paradox that the game does not comment upon.) In fact, Logan tries to justify his actions by saying that he had the long-range interests of Albion at heart and was not truly "evil" as the citizens believed.

    You are told however that, in one year's time, you must raise over 6 million gold pieces in order to protect the citizens of Albion from an unprecedented invasion (by something called "the darkness"). Should you fail to raise this huge sum, most of Albion's citizens will perish (so you are told). It is impossible as far as I can tell to make "good" decisions as King and yet raise the cost of defense. Each day as King (or Queen) you are forced to make decisions -- all of which involve spending or saving money. You are not given any opportunity to address your subjects and rally them together in an effort to deal with the economic plight or defend the country. It is not (in my view) a particularly interesting section of the game to play -- despite the stakes involved, partly because the game's mechanics force you to be (a cruel and treacherous ruler who saves the treasury solely for defense or a good ruler who benefits his subjects with but lacks the means of defending them.) A simplistic paradox barely worth thinking about.

    Fable 3 has interesting ideas but fails to develop their potential -- it has a split personality: rather like trying to combine Walt Disney with Machiavelli. And so, eventually, i felt royally let down by this game: I completed it but with no sense of accomplishment. (unlike how i felt at the end of Fable 2). I also had the feeling that this game marked the end of a long-lasting relationship with the Fable series; i.e. it left me suffering from Fable fatigue. Too much of the same thing, endlessly repeated.

    It is possible, of course, for this game to attract new gamers for whom this Fable will be their first -- and they may love it (for everything will be new to them). It remains to be seen how commercially successful it will be regardless of its quality. But, for me, it is "goodbye to Albion" -- Personally, I am drawn more to Fallout New Vegas (which is familiar but innovative enough to justify sustained interest) and also to the upcoming Black Ops (which I am fairly sure will not disappoint).
  14. Nov 1, 2010
    The game isn't bad but isn't good neither. It's pretty much Fable 2 part deux. I was expecting the game to look a tad better than the previous one but it doesn't. Mind you a game can still be excellent without being pretty. Still all the small graphical glitches got to me a tad (like shoveling through my dog or being half inside the ground when interacting with a NPC). Quest becomes repetitive a boring fast. It has good moments but still my wallet cries of that 90$ I have lost on that collector edition. I give it a 6/10. Good game but could have been way better. Expand
  15. Oct 30, 2010
    Fable III to me plays like a kinect game ported to the regular Xbox 360. Almost all of the functionality has been completely simplified to the point where I was trying to find the green plumbob over my characters head. Yes, Fable III has been so simplified it feels more like the Sims 3 w/ a weak RPG port.

    The story line is good, but the game mechanics are just not up there with any
    form of RPG on the market today. In Fable I and II you could at least pick the magic you want, nope. In Fable III you have to pick one spell or a combination of two spells and thats all you have. Of course you can buzz back to base and pick another spell there to use. Which takes time and is not FLUID. The entire game feels like an exercise in breaking up the flow of what could have been a good RPG.

    Now, lets look at the in game sales. Buzz back to base, and you hear John Cleese (the butler) selling you DLC. Yup, the game has made selling DLC part of the game experience directly.

    The only redeeming part of the game is the writing, for that the game gets a 5. If you are looking for a game with a good story and a challenge to play, DO NOT BUY FABLE III. Fable III is a good rental game for the weekend.
  16. Nov 7, 2011
    They pulled a Nintedo and made the same game 3 times in a row with one or two little changes. If I reviewed it based on what was new it would have a 3, but I was impressed with how refined and nice this one was and am updating my review as a result. It's playable, and pretty decent.
  17. Nov 7, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having played parts 1 and 2, i expected much more of this. Strangely enough it did seem to be better, but when it ended i was just astounded by the fact i was done.
    When you become king the game becomes pretty much timed. Meaning you do not have all the time in the world to finish, but a great evil is coming and you have 365 days before it reaches Albion. That's fine, but when the "time left" counter starts jumping from mid 200's to low 100's in 1 "day", you know there's trouble abound. And there i was sitting on my couch....jaw wide open to find i was done. It felt like i was about halfway through fable2, but there it was..over and done with. Tbh i can live with the bugs, slowdowns, simplified gameplay etc, but finishing this soon left me wondering wether they had to rush to release it...leaving the rest for future dlc or something.
    Fun while it lasts, but it doesn't last very long. Shame.
  18. Nov 9, 2010
    Fable 3 is say the least. It doesn't feel much of a sequel, in-fact in many ways it feels like fable 2's predecessor. The developers made some weird choices as to what to cut out from the last game, for example combat has been "streamlined" or in other words simplified to the point of it feeling totally void of any skill (i played the entire game through without dying once). Its all just button mashing. You now only have the choice of 4 weapon types, Sword or hammer and pistol or rifle. And the variety of types of magic has been greatly reduced. In a game like this where choice is key, sadly it lacks it. All the choices you make are simply good or evil, thats it, no room for personality. When you become king the decisions you make require little to no thought, its all down to whether you want to be good or bad. It feels like a kids game wrapped to to look like a RPG. It wants to be a hardcore game but it really really isn't. Expand
  19. Oct 26, 2010
    Fable 3 is much more streamlined than the predecessors, and a very different in some of the aspects you may be used to if you have played and enjoyed the prior two fable games. The menu system is gone, which is disorenting at first, but as you continue and hit the start button the 'road to rule' comes in; which is a floating road that leads to a distant castle with treasure chests you open along the way for new abilities and skills. This became a feature I really liked, it keeps you in the game, world of Albion much much more, and you spend less time treading through menus to find your items you collect, and your still able to do the things you enjoy, like playing dress up, your man in womens clothes, costumes, dye hair, etc. The other major change is the CO-OP; which is now revamped and actually very fun! Your co-op partner is now their own character and they are not tethered to your same screen like a bad child not trusted to not get into things they shouldn't be into. Your able to work w/ a co op partner now in a much more cohesive way, for example blast an enemy with Vortex and your partner can shoot lightning or a fireball at them for a great combo! You also can marry co-op partners and divorce, and obviously cheat on them, or better yet, enjoy living the life of a polygamist. The story has many many side quests, treasures to be found, children to have, or now adopt, and then the main quest-overthrow the king-tyrant, and rule Albion. This is where the new featurs of ruling becomes very intuitive and fun. As a final note; Many of the characteristics of fable 2 are still present as well such as the fighting-magic, weapons-with a new twist, and melee-new twist-weapons develop through time/use, you buy houses/rent houses, add furniture to them, sell them to make money, etc. So, my final thought is this game is very very fun. The achievements are great, original, and will take you HOURS to obtain, I have been playing 14 hours so far, and there is plenty of more game to be had. I am a picky gamer- and usually don't buy new releases, but this was a good buy. However if you hated fable 1/2, you will probably not like this. But if you enjoyed, like, or loved the other fables, you will really enjoy this game, as it is much much much better! Expand
  20. Oct 26, 2010
    Fable 3 es uno de los mejores videojuegos de esta generación. Aún a pesar de no ser muy novedoso y de no tener unos gráficos espectaculares, fable nos enamora por contarnos una historia como sólo molineux sabe llena de magia y de referencias a los cuentos tradicionales. Si a eso se le une su magistral doblaje al castellano y su fx, fable 3 se coloca como el tercer mejor juego de rol de la plataforma de redmond sólo por debajo de la saga mass effect. Expand
  21. Nov 3, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a great game. If u like fable 2, u will like this. the story is good. u get to start a revolution, and then rule the kingdom. co-op over live has improved so u can use your character, have different cameras, and get experience (now followers/guild seals). the things i didnt like is u cant buy/rent houses right away, or get married right away. you have to get far enough on the road to rule, the progression system used. also not a huge fan of the touch system, like holding hands. wish it was still follow like in fable 2. still a great game, with alot to do. collectibles, and whatnot. great game. oh i personally love u can marry NPC and people online, and have kids and STDs, fun stuffâ Expand
  22. Oct 27, 2010
    Fable III is entertaining and engaging. Aside from some minor to slightly frustrating mechanical flaws, it's been a good detachment from other gaming interests. The shooting mechanic and spell casting feels a little clumsy but doesn't take away from the satisfaction. The story, characters, and game progression feel great. I'd be willing to bet the worst scores are failed expectations from the user. If you can keep an open mind, this is a purchase you won't mind making. Expand
  23. Apr 21, 2011
    So good and so humorist Lion Head managed to fix a lot of things in the game old places just like Bower Stone are more bigger and different than on Fable 2 making you to explore the whole city. Also necessary they made a voice to the protagonist (son of the hero of fable 2) so he talks giving it a personality . Many new features cool interesting is the menu anytime you press start it transports you to a house (or something similar), and this time you are not going through vengeance, revolution is the main theme in this installment trying to throw out of the way your brother that is a tyrant King. Simply awesome Expand
  24. Nov 7, 2010
    What follows is a ranting kinda-review:
    Fable III's last mission lasted less than 10 minutes, and the final boss fight was easier and less epic than any of the (2 or 3) minibosses in the game. Fable III was a step backwards from Fable II; even from Fable I.
    There were almost no unexpected twists or setting switch-ups. Fable II had the Spire and the time progression at the start
    after being a child, and other parts as you journey around. Fable III has one interesting bit, and it's only there to royally disappoint you at the end.
    There was less humour, and the characters are less interesting. Jasper (John Cleese) might have been cool, but he stops talking (still unresolved bug), and tries repeatedly to sell you retarded DLC. So screw that.
    The landscapes are crappier. The draw distance is small, all of the landscapes were fairly samey. There's only a few more enemies, and they're not very interesting (and they only show up later in the game). There's no goofy areas like the Shadow Temple in Fable 2.
    Skill progression is simplified from Fable II, which was already pretty bloody simple to begin with. The game is also even easier than Fable II, which was pretty damn easy to begin with.
    The "choices" you make are straight up good or evil. All "good" choices while monarch will simply make the game take longer as you need to earn more money to make up for them. That is, if you even care about the treasury. There's no consequences to anything. The character is also set up as a really good guy in every cinematic, even if you're playing as a complete dick.
    The interaction system is a nice example of the unthinking that went into this game. Instead of interacting with a large group of villagers at once, you have to interact with them one at a time, and with even more coarsely-grained choices than before (A, X, Y: Nice, Scary, Rude). Why did they change it?
    And of course it's messy as all hell. The glowing "bread crumb" trail disappears, or points in an altogether wrong direction. The framerate drops precipitously all the time and the game goes into slow-motion mode. Baddies show up nonsensically in rich areas where nobles live.
    I really enjoyed Fable 1 and 2, but this? It was an *okay* time-waster, but basically completely unmemorable.
  25. Nov 8, 2010
    This game feels like a chore to play. While there is some enjoyment to be found the repetition, bugs, stale combat, and poor development designs dominate most of the game. The combat is very unenjoyable and down right frustrating some times with hit detection problems riddled in the melee, and guns, magic is over powered and the path of least resistance though gets repetitous very quickly. Exploration is very tedious, with the dog barking every 2 seconds for a dig spot where you get a very little amount of gold, and the rewards of exploration are not worth the time invested. The good/evil choices while they do have a great impact once you become king/queen it all really feels tacked on and not cohesive whatsoever. I did enjoy making the choices, holding court, and amassing wealth. The family system is terrible and investing in properties and business is more streamlined (you can do it through the map) it is not enjoyable. There is some fun to be had in Fable 3, but you have to deal with a large portion of excrement in this buggy, disjointed, and non-cohesive adventure. Expand
  26. Oct 27, 2010
    Over the years Fable has been innovated over and over, but this iteration of the game adds depth, fixes, and defines the genre, This is without a doubt the Best Fable game I've ever played, and definitely my game of the year. Nuff said.
  27. Oct 26, 2010
    Brilliant game with a sense of humor, interesting quests and main story, lots of things to do. Great characters, real decisions that change the world around you. One of the best games of 360
  28. Nov 11, 2010
    Fable III gets worse and worse with each iteration. Lionhead must be trying to create the Grand Theft Auto of Role Playing Games. There sure is a lot to do in Fable III, but none of it has any substance. Quests generally involve a cave and some bad guys to kill, dressing up is fun but the best colored inks are DLC (Like the color black for instance), raising a family doesn't require any interaction. The combat is absurdly simple, mashing a single button will kill whatever is in front of or behind you. I'd say the combat is the means to an end as the real substance lies in the story, but I'd be fooling the both of us. There is no story, no character development, no reason to continue to play which is fantastic because you can blow through the main quest line in four hours. Expand
  29. Nov 12, 2010
    So I pre-ordered this game and picked it up on the day of it's release. After enjoying Fable 1 &2 I was quite keen to get some Fable 3 action.

    The first few hours of gameplay were great, if not a little easy and a bit too similar to fable 2.

    I got a bit bored throughout the game as I never really connected with the characters, never had to struggle to get anything, there was nothing
    which i wanted to level up, never felt even remotely threatened in battle etc.

    Once I'd got near the end I was more just trudging through. Final boss, which should be the climax of the game, I just ran past enemies to the end where a bit of button bashing occurred. The end. For sale on Ebay.

    Gone from a pre-order customer, to someone who probably won't look at a Fable 4.

    I might add that not being able to manually save your game, relying solely on the autosave, is an annoying feature. Don't think it will be likely that I'll start the game again from the start just because a glitch stuffed something up or I wanted to check out the results of a different decision.
  30. Nov 17, 2010
    Fable Three is an amazing game, it would be perfect if I wasn't replaying it right now because my first game glitched. If you've played one or two you know what to expect. A simple and fun combat experience, an action/adventure that melds MMO elements, and lot's and lot's of hallow men. On the plus side the story is much better then Fable 2 (the ending of two is referenced in a hilarious moment where the developers make fun of them selves) and there's also a new interactive menu system call the sanctuary, while this is a neat addition it tend to be glitchy and could just as easily have been a normal menu. Though it is cool to see all your gold piled up in front of you, or see you clothes before you actually put them on. The game is also nicely paced, when I found myself easily killing enemies it wasn't long until they got hard, though you won't die often... and there's not really a penalty if you do. Now the biggest downside is the glitches, you'll encounter at least a few by game's end. You can't use this weapon, Jasper stops talking, or you wife is randomly killed :( A little polish on the developers end could have gone a long way. And finally the story is more interactive, the "good" decision may now always be the "good" decision. You'll need to compromise and do some bad things to make ends meet. In the end Fable 3 might not be the tightest experience on Xbox, but it is one of the most unique, and should not be missed. Expand
  31. Nov 2, 2010
    I don't know why this is such an issue in Fable games, but the frame rate dropping on almost every moving thing all the time is back. What's worse is that it's not even lag, its just bad graphical design. It's a shame because the game looks gorgeous in every other aspect. Characters mouths move strange though, and that might be nitpicking but for a game that uses a cartoony style of graphics this shouldn't have been a problem. Otherwise really, its a Fable game. If you like the old ones, you'll love this. The combat is awesome and way more fun than in past games. The new menu system takes a while to get used to, but doesn't jar the experience at all like the old menu full of text. I'd recommend definitely checking this one out at least, theres a lot of good in it, but not enough for me. Expand
  32. Dec 29, 2010
    I love this game. The storyline is very good, and the fights are awesome. You can choose between good or evil, and live your life in tons of dimensions. This game is a fresh face in my gaming library.
  33. Oct 27, 2010
    Like my other current favorite games (Bioshock and Fallout 3) this sequel doesn't stray too far from it's predecessor. There are some general game-play improvements but nothing too drastic. This game feels and sounds very familiar.

    If you enjoyed Fable 2 you should like Fable 3 but you might be wishing that this game had a more thorough update.
  34. Nov 19, 2010
    Great game kept me playing all the way through the campaign all I would say is be careful not to rush through the part when your king as i did and it goes wrong (I was being good) Take your time and build your royal balance slowly.
  35. Nov 4, 2010
    At first I doubted that Fable 3 would be any better than it's predecessor, after playing almost 30 hours on one character I'd have come to the conclusion that Fable 3 surpasses it's previous titles!

    From the moment you re-enter Albion you'll feel the magic that Lionhead created. It's funny, beautiful and most of all unique. It's something that you won't find in any other the
    game. Without any spoilers, -> You'll make a journey that will be long remembered, choices that really make you think and voice acting that'll take you away from reality. I can't praise this game enough.

    Though besides all these positive things, Fable 3 still lacks the customization of your characters face. Don't get me wrong, you can still choose to have a beard, make-up, hats, etc. but nothing as in changing the nose, eye-color etc. This is something I hope they will change in the future.
    Bugs is another annoying thing that you will encounter while traversing Albion. I myself have experienced several bugs that made me restart the console, luckily the autosave is rather common and it won't put you too far back in the story.

    Lionhead made a game that will be remembered in the years to come. Anyone who played the previous Fable games will surely find home. People who have never played any of it's predecessors, this is a good time to explore the magical world that is ... Albion.
  36. Oct 26, 2010
    This is an early review as I've just scratched the surface of this game, but what Ive played so far is really good. It looks like a lot of thought and hard work has gone into this game, the map makes it look like the game is going to be about 3 times the size of Fable 2. Already I can tell I'm going to go through on a second play through just to be evil. I cant wait to mess around with my friends on line... Sometimes its good to be bad *Evil Grin*

    So far Im giving this game a 90% Im guessing after a few days of playing more I'll wish I had given it a 10.
  37. Oct 26, 2010
    This is a beautiful game. Follows the patterns of previous, but with the elements improved. The graphics, which in the former was a weak point, this is very good for a sandbox. I love it, note 10.
  38. Oct 27, 2010
    An over all brilliant game, the team at Lionhead never fails to perform. I still havent finished all there is to do in the game but am loving every bit of it. The downsides are I miss the item system, still no multiplayer co-op arena and not much of a graphics update.
  39. Oct 27, 2010
    I know there is alot wrong with this game. The storyline isn't great and neither are the graphics. But I fell in love with albion and the hero of skill reaver is very funny. Strangely the one of the best things about it though is the property market.
  40. Oct 29, 2010
    This game is the bestttttttt.There's so many things to do that you never get bored. The story is very well done, and also contains great cutscenes. replay value is very high, due to many choices in the game. Finally, the gameplay is awsome due to weapon morphing, cool finishers, spells combining, and range) GET THIS GAME! 10/10
  41. Feb 6, 2011
    I've read many reviews and most all of them compare Fable II very heavily with Fable III saying "If you like II you will like III". That may be the case, but let me say that I almost HATED Fable II. I came into Fable III with low expectations hoping against hope that I wouldn't have another depressing experience. I was not let down. Fable III's story is (IMHO) hands down much better than Fable II's. It is more gripping, more compelling, and all-in-all more enjoyable in the way it is told, executed, and paced. I find that was the deciding factor in my enjoyment of this game. Now on to the rest. The combat has once again been simplified to 3 face buttons: X for melee, B for magic, and Y for ranged. Combat is far too easy and not once was I really challenged. I in no way take this to mean that I was good at the game. If you DO want a challenge then play the entire game without using magic. The combat lets you know right off the bat that this is a game for the casual gamer. The sanctuary menu element was a fresh take and while it could have been better implemented was still much preferable to wading through a slew of tabs. The fact that my butler kept trying to sell me things from the Marketplace was rather annoying though. An up in the amount of clothing items offered was nice, but clothing does as much for how you are perceived as your choices throughout the story. That is to say "nothing". Whether you are good or evil does zero to your outward appearance besides changed the color of your tattoos which is a bit of a let-down. The only thing that does change is what NPCs say to you, which doesn't matter in the slightest. Quests are standard, but anything outside the main story is for coalitionists only in that its necessary to do these to acquire the max number of guild seals. All-in-all this is an enjoyable game, but the depth is lacking which comes especially to light in the second half of the game. You can read about that in any review and so I won't spoil it here, but I'll just say that it's far too cut and dry and the deciding factor ($) is so easy to obtain it takes away any real moral weight to your decisions. So here's the beef: If you're a Fable fanboy, looking for an RPG to steal your time, or are new to the genre then this isn't too bad a choice to play through once or twice at most, but in the larger picture, this game is nothing special. Thanks for your time. Expand
  42. Oct 30, 2010
    Even with its problems and a bit over the line spimplicity, this is the best Fable out yet. Since most of the reviews out there have already hit on the major problems with game, I'll just say that if you like either of the past two Fables then you'll probably love this one.
  43. Oct 30, 2010
    Fable 3 is a great game, there is no doubt about it. It surpasses the first and second easily. The interesting thing is that there are difficult moral decisions to make (but the producers make sure that you can be a completely benevolent person if you desire). That said, there is freedom to do whatever you want as a ruler. Child labor? Sure. Leave citizens to die in the desert? Sure. The beauty here is the freedom. The characters are deep and engaging and the story is quite good, the antagonists are thoroughly despicable and you feel an urge to deal with them. Another cool thing is that your personal behavior doesn't dictate how you are as a ruler. If you have enough gold, you can bankroll everything out of your own pocket (though I wish you didn't get morality deductions from taking cash out if I paid all out of pocket...) The game is great but I have a few qualms. I wish that that there were a set of global sliders to set all rent or all prices at once. Other than that, the GUI is nice and made much more of a difference than i thought it would. The combat is fluid and cool, you can have any combination of magic, melee, and ranged. I had 30 melee kills and something like 1500 ranged kills at the end. You are given the freedom to develop the character the way you want. I recommend that you get this game, I just finished playing through and I want to play as an evil character now, but part of me doesn't want to deal with the grim decisions I would make. I actually felt obligated to repay those that helped me out. The game could be a littler longer, but there are plenty of side quests. A good game to rent or buy depending on how much you like the genre. Expand
  44. Oct 31, 2010
    This game looks great, and is very enjoyable on my first run through. Shortly after starting my second run through the lag was horrendous and my butler became mute. The game took 15 hours to get through and that was taking my time. The combat was ridiculously easy. The Road to Rule was an interesting idea but I believe there wasn't enough on it. I loved the first 2 games, and had high hopes for this one. With its performance I may never buy a Lionhead game again. Expand
  45. Nov 1, 2010
    the game is beautiful rich and just plain fun! i am in love with it and can't stop playing and i recommend it to everyone. The game new pause system is so cool and the map that allows me to manage my real estate it just so handy and i also love the fact that your wife doesn't leave you at random times for no reason. the combat is just plain fun and the quests and story just pull me in all i can say is that this game is great go buy it now! Expand
  46. Nov 2, 2010
    Within the first hour it is easy to feel as though you are playing something of a Fable 2 expansion, as opposed to the eagerly anticipated Fable 3. However, further on, the game begins to open up, in character and development, in such a way that it quickly becomes something else in it's own right. It looks very much like Fable 2, yes, but there are differences, other than the story, that contribute towards this being a great game in it's own right. This game, like it's predecessor, is going to be the cause of many a sleepless night. Expand
  47. Feb 5, 2011
    I liked out return to the land of Albion. It was interesting making my own family, buying everything I could get my hand on and then selling it. One major problem here is the combat. I could rant on and on about it, though at first it is refreshingly simple it eventually gets worse and worse, there is a nice selection of enemies here but button-mash your way through combat, it's really the only way. The quests are fun though and so is almost everything else in the game except the work. Pressing X,A and Y to make a pie is not fun, the only fun (funny) thing about it is the British accents "Oh that's a good pie!" and "I might keep that one for me self!" was a laugh. I loved being king and queen of Albion (I played it twice) and its little quests will keep you coming back for more. The epic battles weren't the best they could your allies may have been not been required but they would have been visually nice. I was surprised at the battles, but that's basically it. 8 Expand
  48. Jan 6, 2011
    This game really angered me. This just seems like microsoft trying to squeeze every penny out of me (again). They are destroying what was my favorite franchise from them . Crappy story ending, bad gameplay mechanics, and terrible glitches.....I have had to restart my whole game 3x due to glitches not allowing me to proceed only to get to the end and be very disappointed.
  49. Nov 26, 2010
    I don't see how they would let a game be released with such a significant amount of flaws. Yes, the story is good, but the graphics are horrendous. I loved Fable 1 and Fable 2 but this game ran the whole franchise into the ground. Their is a large amount of glitches in the gameplay such as pop ins and graphical glitches but, the story was very compelling in every way. I will buy the next one because I love the fable franchise but this was a complete downfall to the series. Not worth the money. Expand
  50. Dec 31, 2010
    Fable 3 is in my opinion one of the best games to come out this year, the only flaws are that it is too easy and it has some bugs, as far as graphics go there not very realistic but there not supposed to be and Albion has never looked better, lip sinking is off, voice acting is great as is the music and sound effects, it has an AMAZING story playing through it was like watching a movie that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, combat can get pretty dull it is mostly just button mashing, the new features like weapons evolving as you use them and the sanctuary are really cool, though I wish they hadn't changed the expression system because they did this it takes away some of your freedom which does hurt the game,I really had a blast with this game and I would recommend it to any fan of the series or any fans of RPG's Expand
  51. Jan 7, 2011
    The game is extremely short and loading times add a half hour or even more to the game, map system is extremely awkward, I can't usually find where I am in a city, because the map doesn't tell where YOU ARE and the sanctuary system is insane to handle the map, setting, items. It doesn't have anything that makes it stick up from other rpg games. By the way, the COMBAT IS TOO EASY, use magic and the game has NO challenge Expand
  52. Mar 24, 2011
    I am a huge fan of the Fable series. Fable II was a great game that I played over and over again and never really got tired of. Fable III, although good, doesn't hold my interest like the second did. The graphics and gameplay are definitely improved over part II, (especially the multiplayer) but I feel there is something missing. I only played this game through one time. You don't have the ability to make different characters and I seriously think this lowers the replay value. It was fun to play through, (I've completed the main storyline and many of the side quest) but once it's over, it kinda feels over for good. Expand
  53. Jun 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I truly wanted to like Fable III. I'm a fan of the first two games; I liked the territory explored by the first, and the second, though lacking in some of the technical elements I look for in games, is such fun that I go back to it about twice a year for a brief and fulfilling love affair with what is essentially mindless sword-swinging and spell-slinging. I expected the third installment in the series to work with what Fable II set in place for it, and improve on what was already a tremendously fun franchise. Sadly, this is not what I found. Fable III partially (and, as far as I'm concerned, needlessly) revamps the leveling system, actually making it clunkier and more tedious rather than streamlining it as is generally the trend. The plot is cheaper and less interesting than either of the previous games', consisting of two halves: making promises you have no idea whether or not you can keep, and then keeping or breaking them based on an overarcing moral choice that wants very badly to be 'deep' and 'difficult.' Ultimately, it is this choice which robs the game of any fun it might have presented before, because it renders the entire experience one big exercise in metagaming. I have a lot of trouble with this, because I don't go to Fable for hard choices--I've never really considered the series to be morally intelligent enough to need them. I go to Fable to have fun. It's a game, that's what it's there for. This choice made the game stop being fun for me. And it's not because it's not an interesting choice, it's because it's an interesting choice that requires intelligence in what is ultimately an unintelligent world. You are given the option to do bad things for all the right reasons, but never given the option to explain, or offer reparations for breaking your promises.

    I won't talk about the game's technical issues, except to say that I actually found this game's graphics worse than its predecessor's. I suspect this has less to do with the actual specs of the game and more to do with the way in which the visuals were used. I wasn't particularly fond of the voiced protagonist, since I was never given the option to control what came out of her mouth, but this, like most of my other problems with the game, is a matter of personal preference. Customization is more limited than in the previous installment, not simply for lack of options, but because of the huge amounts of money the game wants you to spend on clothing. There are a hundred other tiny, nitpicky details I could mention, but none of them are particularly relevant.

    The only thing I want to make perfectly clear is this: This game is not Fable II. It is similar enough to bear the same title, but it tears away the best parts of Fable II and in their place inserts elements that, in my opinion, don't fit in the Fable universe.
  54. Mar 25, 2011
    Let's go over the postitive first. Lionhead didn't touch fable 2's combat itself, the controls are the same and they still work, the graphics are still good, the wardrobe improved what with how detailed dying is... that's about it. The combat has become too easy, what with adding a Halo-like automatic recovery that takes seconds to completely bring you back. The RPG mechanics have taken a nose-dive, what was so complicated about using the weapon class you want to level up, and what's with using experience to buy expressions. Speaking of expressions, interacting with NPCs is a **** joke, how they think of you is way to simple, even more so than Oblivion, it all comes down to how often you press the A button. and rather than everyone knowing what's going on in front of them, it's like you're in your own private chat room, and the expressions I don't know where to begin, you have about 1 maybe 2 that aren't friendly, so if you want to be an **** your choices are belch 12 times per person, or go on a killing spree for no reason, one of which is just boring as hell the other you have no real reason to do, so you wind up being the most unconvincing villain in all fiction, and they choose your expressions for you. Attractiveness is too linear and ineffectual, everyone likes the same styles, and it doesn't affect anything except people's comments, which in no way reflect people's actual opinions. The alignment system's also gone down hill, removing purity and corruption all together, how about instead of removing that dimension you add order and chaos to reflect your position on authority, so you can still be good, without submiting to the law, real ethics are complicated like these guys wouldn't believe. I'm not going to talk about the story, I barely got the Dwellers to join me before I quit. The economy is more or less irrelevant to your adventure, with your health refilling evey time you stay up for 5 seconds, you don't need any more supplies than what you find in the dungeons, I didn't even need those. And they removed almost all gambling, I mean come on. I'm not saying Fable 3's gone down-hill, i'm aying Lionhead took Fable 2 and ripped it down to the bone like a dog with a chicken leg and threw what was left off EVE Online's learning curve. Fable 2 had problems sure, but 3 is barely enough to qualify as an RPG. Expand
  55. Jun 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After seeing all the heavy marketting for Fable III only months before its release, I got pretty excited, so I bought Fable II so I could see what all the hype was about. I loved it. Fable II was a great game, and upon completing the game I got even more excited about Fable III. So for my birthday I got Fable III. It was the most dissapointing game of this generation. The combat is over-simplified, the game tries too hard to make the characters heroic or likeable which makes them quite unrelatable, the quests are repetitive, unrewarding and have no substance, developing relationships/friendships is tedious and constantly feels like a chore AND THE GAME IS INCREDIBLY SHORT. To be fair, the game starts off as quite an exciting adventure. The main quest is very compelling and made me completely forget about the rubbish sidequests. The bugs are more or less forgivable, so this could have made a fantastic game. But the problem is that the game builds up and up but then comes CRASHING down towards the end, resulting in a brief, rude and innapropriate ending. As soon as you become king you are told that you have 365 days to save your kingdom from some kind of evil force with a generic name ('the darkness' or something) and that the descisions you make will influence the outcome of the final battle. For example, you could spend money on rebuilding a destroyed part of town or you could keep the money and spend it on more military power for the upcoming battle. So in the end of the day, if you are good more people die and if you are bad you save people. I could forgive this nonsensical system, but there is ONE MAJOR FLAW that almost ruins the novelty of being king: instead of playing every 365 days making decisions the game COMPLETELY SKIPS days, letting you only make 5 or 6 'kingly' decisions that have been so heavily promoted by Lionhead. Once the weak boss fight has ended and Albion is safe from the menace that attacked it, you can still continue playing. But there is little to no incentive to do so. The side quests, as I mentioned before, are as weak as a broken spine and you can't even make any more royal decisions about your kingdom anymore, leaving you a dead (or alive) kingdom full of brain-dead sheep; the only kingly thing you can do is kill your guards while they do nothing. It really is a shame to see a game with so much potential ruined by just a few flaws. Hopefully they can set things straight again with Fable 4, but I'm not holding my breath. Expand
  56. Apr 23, 2011
    A fun game to play but not as good as the previous game. The spell progression has been massively dumbed down and the game looses its way in the middle which is a real shame. It feels like Lionhead rushed this game and left bits out or half finished them to bring it to market quickly which is a shame as real fans of the series would have been happy to wait for a more complete version.
  57. Jul 3, 2011
    How can I say this, in the nicest possible way, Fable III is just terrible. It's a far cry from Fable 1, which actually held promise. Peter Molyneux may have promised the world in Fable I, but regardless it was a fairly enjoyable game, with a fairly decent story. Fable III on the other hand is just poor. The dog is back from Fable II, but yet again it's merely a treasure hunter. The combat has been dumbed down even further, and yet again the game relies on mashing one button. It's simplistic and annoying. The social interaction is even worse now. Fable II provided some variety but even that has been simplified to pathetic proportions. Now it's random.... Fable III isn't even an rpg any more, it's a tech demo and a cash grab from lionhead. Just disgusting... Expand
  58. Feb 12, 2012
    Bundles of charm, some pretty cartoony graphics and some fun gameplay ideas (bigamy never looked so adorable!). But the combat is hilariously dumbed down to point where it's actually almost impossible to die. You don't have a stamina bar or a magic bar, so you can spam any attack you want as much as you want with no consequences. The combat here is obviously just an accompaniment to the rest of the game, but there are so many combat situations present, that the dumbed down combat just becomes an irritating distraction from the rest of the game. It improves upon some elements of Fable 2, namely the menu systems, but fails in every other way. Fable 2 had a terrible mini-map which was unusable most of the time. Fable 3 instead has no actual map of an area, but simply a representative 3D top-down view of what the area might look like with key areas. This is fine for when purchasing houses etc, and actually makes up-keep of families and property a lot easier, but if you want to get to a particular spot in an area of the world, there is no game map to help you navigate. It's a little bit preposterous and I'm really starting to think that Lionhead Studios have a thing against maps in games. Such a basic requirement of RPGs shouldn't be messed up like this . Also the game is very very short lived and raising funds is far too easy due to the massive amounts of gold you receive after quest completion, which makes much of the game world feel a bit pointless at times. Like Fable 2 the story really struggles to be compelling and seems to lose its way and come to an abrupt end. Overall, Fable 3 does nothing to try and improve upon the issues present in Fable 2 and actually in most cases makes things worse. The only thing saving this game, is the charming jovial atmosphere and some very pretty graphics. Expand
  59. Nov 11, 2012
    It's just more of the same, minus what made fable II fun. Interactions with NPCs have been dumbed down and are boring and repetitive. Gameplay is shallow and repetitive. Technically the game is rough, frame rate isn't perfect. It's not visually inspiring. This games redeeming quality is its sense of humor, it is very funny. Humor can only do so much for a game. Straight down the line, this game is just average. It wouldve been more enjoyable if it were the only fable game ever made, however it's not. The best fable game on the 360 is not the newest one. Expand
  60. Jun 20, 2013
    Extremely mediocre. The story was rushed. The fortification of Albion was too little time. It barely gives you any time to finish your preparations. The Sanctuary may not be terrible (after they somewhat repaired it), but the map is still quite bad. Shops are kind of odd. The combat system is PRIMITIVE and easy as hell. It literally comes down to pushing three buttons. You will anyways end up using no more than two (gun and magic or melee). The worst thing about this whole game is easily the HORRIBLE quest system and interface. This could not be done worse. The ending itself is CUT. I had the feeling that I could take this ''darkness'' and ''the greatest threat to Albion ever'' all by my lonesome and win and the final boss battle was a punch in the face. The only reason I got this game is that it was for free. Expand
  61. Jan 17, 2011
    Fable III features some hilarious, but miraculous writing, mix that with some fairly mediocre gameplay elements, a quirky storyline plus outstanding visuals, and you have a decent game created by one of the most annoying old goombas in the video game industry. Fable III's defeat lies in its little mistakes. With the tacked on dog, the flimsy bread-crumb trail and various glitches -- Lionhead's latest installment can become a royal pain. Expand
  62. Dec 1, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all, Fable III is a good game. It's like a movie(But not as good as Mafia II) and I like that the fighting mechanics/gameplay are simple to use. The decisions are not easy by the way. That's what I like about this game. It got me interested in the story more. Being a good guy would leave your kingdom in debt and being a bad guy would break all of your promises to the people you helped and having all the people hate you but leaving you ready for The Darkness. Hard decisions, Great story, and simple gameplay. But I feel like the climax was rushed and the story being too short. But Fable III is a good game. Expand
  63. Oct 30, 2010
    This is easily the best of the Fable series. It IS very similar to 2 as some say, but let me tell you, everything you wished were awesome in 2 IS awesome in 3. it is ALMOST the same as 2, with the exception of getting it RIGHT this time and adding some key new features. The lack of a hud was a good idea. 1 point has been shaved for some serious glitches and a big bug or two. Everything else (gameplay, plot, immersion factor, everything) is top flight. Enjoy this one, it willl make a Fable fan of you. Expand
  64. Nov 1, 2010
    Game is great, few games are as unique and entertaining as Fable and Fable III while similar to Fable II has some improvements. Storytelling is superb, and choices you make are challenging and actually made me care about what I was doing as it effects the world around you, few games even attempt to manage this. Can't understand why it isn't getting better reviews, I played through the entire game and didn't expirience any major glitches. Expand
  65. Feb 16, 2011
    Fable 3 can definitely be called a worthy successor to the Fable series, but is it what we were all waiting for after Fable 2? I don't know about most other people, but I feel a little disappointed in terms of promised gameplay. To be honest, I felt that the original Fable was brilliant, Fable 2 was OK but nothing special or revolutionary, and Fable 3 is starting to stale the series. It plays, feels, and even looks almost exactly like Fable 2 did. Fable 3's novelty that you get to become king was promising, but turns into nothing more than pressing A or X on your controller. Instead of you choosing what you want to get done as king, you simply select it, and Reaver carries it out for you with a cutscene. However, there still are some interesting chores for you as king, despite some of the other disappointments. Managing the economy of the land is very amusing, and deciding whether or not you want your citizens to have restrictions on how much alcohol they drink is a ton of fun, watching them stumble around drunken in the streets. There are some other entertaining decisions to be had, but I'd rather not spoil it. As promised, the main quest is much longer in Fable 3. It took me approximately 25 hours to complete it, and that's excluding many side quests available. The main story is decent enough to keep you interested, and voice-acting is tremendously well-done. I thought that the ending was fitting, and did not disappoint me. Listening to citizens' witty comments and Jasper's interesting input is a treat to hear, and I found myself laughing aloud constantly. My favorite character in particular is Private Jammy, who has an extremely nasally voice but never ceases to cause me to chuckle. Many of the side quests are highly original and equally entertaining. The D&D-style side quest has been praised by many critics and it seems a little cliche for me to keep that trend up, but I think that it's appropriate to give credit where it's due. This quest is phenomenal, providing many laughs along the way to completion as well as a very comical insight on the video game development process. The combat of Fable 3 is still very simplistic. It works, but is nothing amazing, and I still feel that magic is slightly overpowered. One thing that disappointed me tremendously was the fact that enemies do not rely on being difficult to kill, rather on overwhelming numbers. Any monster you encounter 1v1 is extremely easy to kill, even the vicious white balverine is a cakewalk. The enemies constantly swing their arms around towards you, eventually making contact since there are so many of them constantly. Despite overwhelming numbers, the game isn't particularly challenging, and even the final boss crumples in about a minute. The ability to combine spells sounded great on paper, but was very poor in execution. Combining spells doesn't result in a "new and unique" spell. If you combine a fireball and a lightning bolt, you end up with a fireball with lightning around it. Kind of lame, but it's a start to a mechanic with potential. The weapon morphing system is a joke, seeing as you have no control over what shape your weapon takes. To top it off, your weapon morphs have no real effect on how it behaves, and it seems a little superficial. Since you cannot "reset" your weapon if you dislike the way it looks, it rules out the fun prospect of weapon grinding. The co-op on the game is much better than on Fable 2, but still leaves much to be desired. It's not what I would call laggy, but there is an occasional delay that tends to irritate. I find NPC interaction on this one a joke. Instead of letting you select from the vast wheel of expressions, it merely gives you 3 options that never make any sense. Why would you randomly walk up to a civilian on the street and initiate a dance with them? Makes no sense, and is completely idiotic. Despite all of the game's flaws, the core Fable experience is solid. The story is good, quests are fun, and the combat is entertaining. If you're looking for a good RPG experience or you're a fan of the series, than look no further. If you're looking for the next revolutionary RPG experience, I can't say that I recommend this one. Expand
  66. Feb 5, 2011
    fable 3 was going to be incredible due to all the hype over how it was 'supposedly' going to be the best RPG game ever. The game as i expected was not. The graphics arn't a good standard compared to many games released around the same time. Lip sink is absolutely dreadfall and the story is very poor and lacking in content in my opinion with once again a very disapointing ending much like its predeseser. All moaning aside, the game is fun. There are alot of funny voice actors including the likes of Jason Manford, John Cleeves and Simon Pegg. The game has alot more comedic value then the previous titles but that doesn't make it a fantastic game its just good. Campaign - 45/100 Free Roam/Play - 76/100 Graphics - 60/100 Fun - 68/100 Overall - 62.25 Expand
  67. Feb 15, 2011
    The story is brilliant and the combat is fun. The huge array of voice acting talent really does bring the game to life, John Clease, Stephen Fry all give fantastic performances along with many more actors. However once the game is finished their is not much to do, I would love to see somekind of free roam, as seen in Red Dead Redemption. Instead your left with boring relationship quests, and collectibles witch are no way of expanding your play time. A Good fun game, but needs more to be great. Expand
  68. Mar 11, 2011
    I thought fable 3 was a really fun game but it did not beat any of the other two fable games. The only problem i had with it really was the short story line it didn't seem as lengthy and in depth as the other fable games. I enjoyed hearing guess voice acting by john cleese and Stephen fry. A lot of things have changed which was nice to see. i enjoyed going to the sanctuary to change clothes, weapons etc. so all in all if u liked the other two u will like this one but when u first play the game play it open minded. Expand
  69. Jan 28, 2011
    Fable 3 was confusing to decide a score on. The game as a whole is fun as a single player experience. The combat is solid for the most part. The leveling up mechanic differentiates from others because of its unique 'no menu' system. And the wide cast of celebrity voice actors do a satisfying job. All of this is great, but the reason i am disappointed is solely because of your decisions and actions as king of Albion. Being king of Albion is the largest reason of what attracted me to this game. The whole concept seemed solid. Well, i'm sorry to say, but it isn't. Fable 3 suffers from a common problem of the 'press this button to be good, and press this button to be bad mechanic'. The game tells you what is a bad action, and what is good. This dumbs down the feeling as a king as the experience only lasts 2 hours maximum as well. Even though i am disappointed with this, the game is still a lot of fun. Because of this, i am awarding Fable 3 with an 8 out of 10. Expand
  70. Feb 11, 2014
    Pretty fun game, interesting choice driven story changes the way the world shapes being the best part of the game. With that I do have a few knocks. The road to rule sucks. Why on earth did someone think it would be a fantastic idea to have you run around and open chests in an unnecessary area to level up your character. Was it really such a bad idea to contain a simple menu that allowed you to spend your points? I also had a gripe with the sanctuary, it would've been a lot cooler having a house or something to store all my stuff in as opposed to the sanctuary. No repair all property option was a pain in the neck too, having to hover over every piece of property you owned to select repair ate up a ton of time if you were trying to make a ton of via real estate. There were great ideas in this game but the developers lacked thought process when it came to providing the player with simple convenience. Expand
  71. Oct 28, 2010
    I absolutely have to agree Klinesmokerr. What an insightful commentary. Fable 3 is so much fun. If you like Fable 1, 2, or just video gaming in general you are going to have so much fun with this game. It's a good length. The progression of the Fable Universe is interesting and insightful. I think game critics have become spoiled in a way. It's like fun factor and enjoyability has taken a back seat to automatic scoring and favoritism. Take COD Modern Warfare 2 for example. An extremely short first person shooter with a hacked and broken online multiplayer, but because it was COD it got automatic praise from the critics who just overlooked it's obvious shortcomings. Fallout New Vegas is another game that is literally broken and often times unbeatable due to glitching (including my experience with it. The game literally freezes at a certain point and now I can not go on in the game any more). The scores for New Vegas are consistantly high just because it's a Fallout game. Then great games like Fable 3 and The Force Unleashed 2 are getting mediocre reviews. Last time I checked these were GAMES. Games are made to be played. In the Star Wars the critics all say the gameplay is much improved, but they don't like the story so much so they give it a 5. Fable 3 they say the gameplay is improved but they don't agree with the direction of the story so they give it a 6. Ugh. Anyway, Long story short, BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  72. Nov 15, 2011
    I have played both Fable and Fable 2 since they came out and Fable 3 is easily the second best game of the series (behind Fable). It greatly improves the audio and visual aspects of the game and features a lot less bugs and glitches but the gameplay still needs a lot of work and there is no replay value to it, Lacks quests and overall interest, Also your choices have no effect on anything before you become king and after you become king, They just effect the environment and if people hate you or not.

  73. Oct 27, 2010
    I found Fable III to be a lot of fun, which is ultimately the most important thing you could ask of a game. It has its shortcomings -- a few technical bugs occasionally rear their ugly faces and the disjointed design stunts some of the more emotional moments -- but all told itâ
  74. Oct 28, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is really a fun game to play, it's a pity everyone bashes it. People like aspentitan.. Well, it's a good game, not everything Molyneux promised (It's a revolution!) The first part of the game has some good missions and is fun to play, but the second part, when you become king, is the best part. It has some bugs, and farting in someone 's face is just retarded but well then, it's still a good game, damn it! And if you liked the first Fable games, what are you waiting for? Go to your local game store and buy a copy of one of the greatest games of 2010! Expand
  75. Oct 28, 2010
    Fable 3, like any RPG, takes a few hours before it really gets going. You only truly begin to appreciate it when you have the freedom to choose weapons and spells, buy houses and shops and choose your path through the world through quests. It's just a shame that a game that appears so beautiful and has so many enjoyable elements has to be racked with technical problems. They may not be game-breaking (at least not for me) but they are frustrating and pull you out of what should be an immersive and amazing world. The humour is great, and the personalities you encounter will keep you entertained. Some of the game may get tedious, like the repetitive interactions with NPCs (Are people really so shallow that after you dance with them 3 or 4 times, they want to marry you?) but the quest system and the beautiful world make this a game that ought to be played, especially if you're a fan of the series. Expand
  76. Oct 31, 2010
    You can assume that when it's literally painful to press the "off" button while playing this game, it's a phenomenal game.
  77. Nov 11, 2010
    Fable 3 is a very good game, but Lionhead did not keep all their promises, so the game became a little disepointing. The first part of the game, and a part of the second part too, were very good. But the second part was not what i wanted. In the first Lionhead video diary, they promsied gold and green woods, but they just gave us gold. You can only set taxes once, i dont know how to sell stuff, AND i could not judge any criminal. And the game lasted maybe too long. But in the end, it was a awsome game, and i would recomend it to people who like RPG's. Expand
  78. Jan 16, 2011
    Fable III is a very charming game, however a game that requires no tactics whatsoever. Simply pressing any one of your buttons several times will finish off anyone. The story is stronger than most, and diversions such as relationships and a brief stint as a landlord are nice touches - however there is no real RPG elements to this game. In a weird way, it is similar to Heavy Rain - in that you are just passenger to a story - having to press a few buttons now and then. Collapse
  79. Nov 15, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The character and ambiance are great and unique. And although I feel that gathering support or disgust on street level is more silly than charming, the game has enough personality to deserve your attention.
    The dog is a nice touch, but it is mostly useless and sometimes downright annoying. The action is not very complicated, but if you put some effort into it, it can be entertaining.
    I had wished that the ethic choices made had a greater impact on the game dynamics, too. Based on the other installments this would be appropriate.
    Lastly I feel the entrepreneurial aspect to be exciting, but it is a little too easy that all you need to make everyone happy in the end is enough money.
  80. Nov 24, 2010
    It was good, don't get me wrong, I played through it twice, both good and evil, and was thoroughly entertained. It was the small things that kept it from being a great game though. The game was glitchy at times, it played similarly to Fable 2, and like Fable 2, the game was boring to play once the end was reached.
  81. Dec 17, 2010
    A big improvement on Fable II and one of the best exclusive titles the 360 has. The gameplay is now much more streamlined because of the omission of menus (to much time in Fable II was spent in an overly complex menu system). The story is the best in the series, as are the characters. The graphics are also an improvement on the last game. The RPG element is fairly minimal, but more natural to the series given the direction Lionhead are taking with Fable now. I would like to see a genuine character based leveling system in any future releases that develops your character automatically based on your style of play. Expand
  82. Dec 18, 2012
    Ofh Fable, you try soooooo hard. But you couldn't possible escape a 7 if your life depended on it. But you are fun. No doubt. Anyways, Fable is good, no question. It's fun' It's big. It just never, ever blows me away. I feel like "wow, I'm on a big adventure" but I don't feel like"Omg this is the greatest thing ever!!!" Anyways, play it, have simple fun. I do truly (said it since Fable1) thing it's the most overrated series ever. But it's still fun. Give it a shot. Expand
  83. Dec 1, 2010
    Fable 2 was the first in the franchise I had played. I really enjoyed it but some of the game mechanics were frustrating. I was hoping Fable 3 would be better. I was wrong. Let me first say that the environment is beautiful, very immersive. Kudos to everyone at Lionhead who had anything to do with the visual aspect of the game. The writing and dialogue is also outstanding. Great voice acting, great sense of humor. Those are the good points. Unfortunately, the rest of the game has many failures. A quick list:

    - Annoying and time wasting system of going to Sanctuary to check on settings, stats, inventory, etc.
    - No auto mapping or compass. "Twinkle trail" failed to appear frequently to guide to objective.
    - Cartoon like overhead map not accurate or helpful in finding things most of the time
    - Repetitive and (again) time wasting mechanic of having to use multiple emotesactions on citizens constantly to gain favor or unlock individual quests.
    - Large # of fed-x quests for individual NPCs
    - SpouseChild feature serves no real purpose except to unlock achievements
    - HORRIBLE "I'm now an accountant!" end game which I would not have been prepared for had I not read game guides in advance.

    Really disappointed in this release, and I didn't even suffer any of the many game-stopping bugs that many others did. I'd suggest putting your hard earned money elsewhere.
  84. Dec 8, 2010
    What an absolute botch job by Lionhead. They stripped almost everything that made the second game so good and added a bunch of new stuff...that all sucks. The ending is embarrassingly bad. The conversation system has been neutered as well as the magic and fighting systems. 2010's biggest disappointment on the Xbox 360.
  85. Dec 9, 2010
    Not as good as Fable 2. The morphing weapons are awesome, and I like the spell system better, I like menus and seeing everything I own. How "no menus, but a magical building that you can disappear into whenever you like" is more immersive is beyond me. Also, because the revolution is required, even when you are "evil", you are still the hero of the people until the end. Really, in my mind, there is no reason to replay this game as the story is pretty much the same until the end. And even then, there are some tricks (good-becomes-evil, etc). Glad I played it, probably won't play it again. Wish I hadn't paid $60 for it. :( Expand
  86. Dec 27, 2010
    Yes, the difficulty isn't in the combat, it's in the decisions you make, and many people don't see this. Unfortunately, these decisions are too few and far between, and while the choices have meaningful consequences, being the king is too short and you can't re-write your laws. Also the story can often feel dis-connected, because the main quests are quite serious, but the side-quests, which you must inevitabley do some to continue the main questline, take away the seriousness of the main story. Now for the good parts of this game. I am glad to say the co-op has been vastly improved, with your own camera and character now, though you still have to stay within the same area. Spell-weaving is a fantastic addition that helps to spice up the combat, but the biggest addition by far is the sanctuary. The sanctuary is very original and is great fun, but mixing and matching my clothes is really long and annoying with the sanctuary, but thats my only complaint about that. As for the story, it's saved by the chram of the witty characters and the ending which is a lot better than Fable II's.

    To sum up this game is great, thanks to the witty characters and thee ven more flexible combat, with some hard decisions to make at the end of the game. Unfortunately it is held back by the fact that the last half of the game, (when you're king) is way too short, and the side-quests, while hilarious at times, force out all the seriousness of te main questline. This could have been an amazing game, but is only very good, and while disappointing, it doesn't stop this game being worth your time. Better luck next time, Molyneux!
  87. Dec 22, 2010
    Fable 3 is a combination of many good and bad things, frankly it seems that for the upgrades made for the games there's some kind of retarded problem appearing in the game, first off there's the story which feels much more straightforward than fable ones or two because frankly unlike the first 2 games there's actually less choices to make, sure some choices in the later half actually have some meaning but there's only about 1 or 2 choices in the first part of the game and it just doesn't flow with fable's be good or bad attitude, because most of the time your being hero to the people and this really just leaves out players who want to be evil, basically you can be evil but it doesn't really have an effect on the story. Oh yeah and the characters you meet are just there for progression you never really get the feeling of caring or hate toward them, you just have them around, even your dog feels like something just there.
    story: 7 out of 10

    The graphics in fable 3 are actually pretty good even if a slight step up from fable 2, character models seem better, environments have better details and the style looks better here than the other games, still it feels like a SLIGHT improvement in graphics not a complete overhaul. graphics rating: 7 out of 10

    The game play of fable 3 really isn't all that different from fable 2 just slightly more organized and simplified. The good thing about the game play is it feels more organic mostly because that damn pause menu has finally been fixed instead of the laggy one from fable 2, fable 3 has the sanctuary which is your hub to view your clothing, weapons and status as well as gold with ease you even have your own butler which is sweet, too bad just like the cast he feels like he's just there.The combat has barely changed, basically magic is the most changed instead of the five tier system from fable 2 you can equip one spell and later can mix 2 up with spell weaving , though there are less spells to use combining them actually balances them out for example fireball and tornado make fire-tornado, force push and ice make um... ice-push! it looks cooler than it sounds. Even with these small changes combat eventually feels repetitive and there's little variation of game play throughout your quest for kingdom and king/queen ship. Al so dealing with npcs has changed, minorly but still different, interactions in fable 3 no longer use the wheel from fable 2 instead you go up to them and press A. Interacting now is simple and the game gives you emote to use instead of picking one, so basically whether a person is man or woman doesn't matter you'll always tickle, hug, dance to please them,Every time literally that's all you do then to become friends you do a quest for them and to be lovers you take them on a date and theres your interaction it becomes a chore and feels repetitive, even worse everyone has the same personality just like in fable 2 people will love for the same things other npcs do and it just gets boring One feature peter said would be in the game is being king half way through the game and well he lied, it feels more like 85 percent through and your basically king for 1 to 2 and a half hrs after that well your back to your travels, yay???? One thing to note though is that decisions do matter but i still found myself disappointed by the whole way the game ends because it just never felt like i stayed king after(if your going to good after the game just wait 14 days trust me!) you'll see what i mean.
    small additions like weapons challenges and weapons changing depending on how you play are interesting but not enough to add to the game.
    One good thing that saves the game from getting a 6 in gameplay is the sidequests, there are plenty of them and while some are forgetable, some are really unique and cool
    gameplay:7 out of 10
    well thats about it fable 3 is basically a flawed game that doesn't seem to use much new things and the new things are pretty minor so what you have here is a decent ride that's fun but quickly becomes repetitive and boring so beware because this game isn't the game peter promised us so only buy if you really have to or just wait for it to be used
    Overall 7 out of 10
  88. Dec 25, 2010
    Pretty much the same as Fable 3 but I'd say the difficulty is much more easier. Unless your planning on getting the achievement where you don't "die" this game is terribly easy.

    You are instantly revived and awarded scars when you die. This means that you can pretty much eat your dinner whilst watching TV whilst you endlessly mash X (and I did and beat the last boss by doing so).

    game still but don't believe Molyneux's hype and you'll be fine trust me... P.S: For those who are expecting a game as good as Fable: TLC good luck lol... Stop the expectations MS are milking this franchise. Expand
  89. Dec 26, 2010
    A great continuation of the Fable series. Amazing graphics, nice controls, intriguing story and always fun to buy every building in all of Albion. But too short and not a whole lot of replay value. DLC may change that though.
  90. Dec 27, 2010
    I found that Fable III went back to the roots that made the first one so great. I loved the original game, but was a little disappointed with number 2. While it was far more epic in scope and the quests were better, I felt the main story was lacking. In Fable 3, actual boss fights are brought back, just like in the original. This element was left out of number 2 and I was upset about it. While I haven't completed the game yet, (so close), I have good hopes that the ending is better than the previous game.
    Another element I liked was the change in the augment situation. Unlockable augments makes you work to unleash the weapon long after you've found it. Several times in fable 2, I was sad that I was stuck with the augments in the legendary weapons. Now, I can choose which ones to unlock.

    Overall, I consider this game to be worth the money. Better than the second, but not as good as the first.
  91. Dec 30, 2010
    What's the point of playing a game if it doesnt challenge you enough? And that is where Fable 3 fails. A good story falls short of becoming enthralling simply because the game tries to fit in everything and messes up big time. The game is simply too easy. I got through the game withouot dying even once, simply getting 'knocked down' a couple of times. Fable 3 is a dissapointment.
  92. Jan 1, 2011
    This is the game that Fable 2 should have been. A more coherent and engaging story than most RPGs with the kingdom management part of the game adding a new level to the Fable experience. Graphics, voice acting and story telling are all extremely well done.

    The interface is perhaps too slimmed down and combat is insufficiently challenging as a magic user. The promise of an environment
    that changes in response to your actions still has quite been met even after this third attempt. Expand
  93. Jun 7, 2011
    Quite simply, one of the best games I've ever played! Yeah fable ii was good... But this, is way better and hope there is even a better one, Then it would be 10!
  94. Apr 20, 2011
    Major disappointment. Still a quality game, but if your a fable fan, dont get your hopes up. This just doesn't feel like fable. The graphics are worse than what they were in fable II, there are only like three expressions you can do, they do not reference fable I or II at all. Before getting this game, i was really really excited. I quickly beat it and never played it again. :(
  95. MrP
    Feb 26, 2011
    This game feels unfinished, both in terms of content and technology. My biggest gripes include ludicrously low frame rate on some NPC's animations, NPC's who repeat the same dialogue OVER AND OVER again while you're standing around and an unreliable frame rate which can seriously mess up your rhythm during minigames (what's it even doing?)

    I'm a big fan of Fable 2 and was displeased to
    see a lot of the old issues carry straight across. However, new to the mix is terrible voice acting that sounds completely out of place in the world, a cringe-worthy, simplistic and juvenile plot and deeply floored progression system that takes you almost completely by surprise (those who played it will know!).

    Deeply disappointed.
  96. Oct 19, 2011
    Fable III trumps its predecessor "II" by giving you a well defined story which your protagonist can rise to the role of a hero and save Albion. Upgraded graphics, a clear map system, and a larger world to explore also make this a better game. The voice acting is top notch as usual and the side quests are as hilarious as ever. The Fable franchise has certainly become one of the more artistic and unique RPGs of this generation that is definitely worth experiencing. The decision to axe the menu system in favor of an interactive walk-in closet has good and bad qualities. The good is that you feel more immersed into the game you are playing, the bad is that it is slower than navigating an on screen menu. So it is more of an immersion experience over practicality, but doesn't take away anything from the game. The bad part of the game is that the npc interaction has been reduced from the Sims style of a player-choice wheel to floating option buttons, which takes away player choice and is limited. Not only that but the unusual choices given to you for the interactions make you feel like an idiot every time. If Lionhead could have used the Fable II npc interaction with the Fable III storyline this game would have been a 10. In addition, the "fetch" quests were just exactly that; "Could you go fetch this for me?"--"Thanks I thought I lost that forever."---If you're going to make fetch quests, don't be so obvious. Because of the lack of interaction options along with its idiocity, and the boring fetch quests, I avoided as many npcs as possible....until I realised that I could get Guild points from them, then I sluggard my way through them, not enjoying them one bit. Speaking of fetch quests, I found the final conflict to have been dissapointing in a sense that it lasted as long and I had to put enough effort into it as if it were another fetch quest. Lionhead needs to work harder on the actual climax of a story for the fan's sakes. But overall, the game was fun and entertaining so I do recomend it. Expand
  97. Apr 12, 2011
    Fable III is just fable II, minus many of the best aspects. It took Fable II, and made it into a very linear, one playthrough only game. You will have fun in the first half of the game - it's like a cheap bonus pack for Fable II, but once you reach the games second half, you have the most ridiculous options thrown your way. And the progression in the second half... not to spoil, but a hundred days pass as quickly as one in the world of Fable III. Yes, decent graphics, but not much better than Fable II's, same generic animation, audio, and a few re-imaged locations. If you love Fable, you'll like this, and if you never enjoyed previous series entries, this isn't any sort of improvement. Expand
  98. Apr 14, 2011
    Personally I didn'ty like this ame as much as the first 2 games, this game felt rushed and felt like a lazy attempt to make money. The only thing that was cool, was the environments, This was a poor excuse for a fable game.
  99. Jan 28, 2012
    The game isnt as bad as some reviewers say. I actually genuenly thought the game was fun ,funny (In some parts) and pretty unique. Sure the game has its faults. Like having to go into the sanctum every time you want to equip something. Yeah it does get sort of annoying but since theres no loading screen when heading there its not so bad and i found it actually kind of cool and unique. The combat is all around decent but its FAR to easy and removes the tension that combat should have. Heres my biggest issue with the game. The designers put a lot of effort into creating the world which looks very nice and is designed well. But instead of looking at the stellar visuals you are forced to stare at a glowing trail of sparkles to your destination, That is annoying and should have been removed entirely, and sure you can turn it off but then you have no clue where to go. Overall its a pretty enjoyable game though. Expand
  100. May 6, 2011
    This game i felt was very poor. Felt far too much like fable 2. The upgrade system was a shambles and combat shockingly bad. Running about holding little girls hands isnt my idea of a good rpg game. The only saving grace and reason why this game did not score lower is because the graphics where exceptional. In my view your not missing much here.
  101. Jan 16, 2011
    Fable III is a very charming game, however a game that requires no tactics whatsoever. Simply pressing any one of your buttons several times will finish off anyone. The story is stronger than most, and diversions such as relationships and a brief stint as a landlord are nice touches - however there is no real RPG elements to this game. In a weird way, it is similar to Heavy Rain - in that you are just passenger to a story - having to press a few buttons now and then. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 88 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 72 out of 88
  2. Negative: 0 out of 88
  1. Jan 31, 2011
    Lionhead carefully preserved everything that made Fable 2 so good. Though it's a pity that the "king simulator" concept is totally wasted here.
  2. Jan 16, 2011
    There are more highlights in the first two missions of Black Ops, then in Medal of Honor. The requirements of Treyarch seemed to be better, than in the past few years. They made an interesting setting. In addition, there's a nice zombie mode and an overwhelming multiplayer. No doubt, this is Treyarchs best Call of Duty ever!
  3. Jan 15, 2011
    Flaws in design and execution are even more obvious with this new game and, as usual, Lionhead fails to live up to the expectations.