Mixed or average reviews - based on 57 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 57
  2. Negative: 20 out of 57
  1. Perversely, and in spite of its difficulty, Facebreaker can still be completed with just two buttons.
  2. Easily not enough fun and gameplay potential to suffice for a 50-60 dollar purchase, that's for sure.
  3. 42
    FaceBreaker is fine if you want to mindlessly mash buttons and beat the hell out of friends, but if you want a deep, balanced boxing game, look elsewhere.
  4. Don't let the goofy characters and otherwise sharp-looking visuals fool you; this game is all flash and no substance.
  5. Whatever your thoughts are on the finer points of the game, it all boils down to one thing, really, and that's the fact that you're essentially mashing the same two or three buttons repeatedly, and largely winging it most of the time.
  6. Facebreaker is only for gluttons of punishment and definitely a game to avoid or give to someone that you do not really like for Xmas.
  7. So as you can tell, we really enjoyed this game. All it lacks is a major amount of quality and inspiration. We beg you, for the love of gaming, do what you can to spend your time on something more worthwhile.
  8. It's a broken game that aimed high and hit low.
  9. Looks great, is super fun for about five minutes, then every second you play beyond increases the chance that somebody is going to get hurt. If you need to see some terrific visuals and brilliant animation, rent it out then breathe a sigh of relief you didn’t pay full dollar.
  10. Facebreaker should be reserved to only the very dedicated and level headed gamer, as the enjoyment level goes from quite high to excruciatingly not fun in a matter of seconds.
  11. By removing any sense of strategy and skill EA has broken the two most fundamental rules of a fighter. Instead, FaceBreaker is nothing more than a mere exercise in button-bashing.
  12. The real crime of FaceBreaker is that its gameplay is so bad and the A.I. is so cheap that the game's excellent create-a-player feature can't really be enjoyed. Who cares how many cool characters are available in a game that is insanely frustrating to play?
  13. What we get is a boring cartoon button masher which quite honestly should have come out on Xbox Live instead of a $50 disc.
  14. The clever audio commentary and the decent character creator are the only positive things about a game that tries way too hard to be hip, edgy and cool — but just ends up disgracing boxing games, fighting games, and EA Sports in general.
  15. FaceBreaker's impressive boxer-customization options are overshadowed by terrible gameplay.
  16. Even at the reduced $49.99 price point Facebreaker must be avoided unless you like no-brainer button mashing boxing.
  17. It'll need serious steroids and gym work before it can be considered a contender.
  18. FaceBreaker is probably one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune to play; childlike not only in style but also in design, it definitely isn't worth full price.
  19. It’s just a really bad game, in places unapologetically bad.
  20. 20
    The controls aren't nuanced enough to please hardcore fighting or boxing fans. The frenetic pace and cheap shots will clearly alienate the more casual gamer. If your sole reason for getting this game is to enjoy multiplayer with your friends, it might be worth a look. Otherwise, stay away from this stinker.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 17 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. Aug 17, 2014
    I bought FaceBreaker with 5 dollars I found in my couch, and I want my money back. FaceBreaker is an incredibly difficult fighter that I couldn't keep playing past the first 30 mins. I do think that, should I put my time in t this broken game, that I might find some enjoyment, hence the 1/10, but taking the time to get good enough at this game to make it enjoyable, I'm not sure if I'm willing to do that, when there are so many other games I would rather play. Full Review »
  2. Nov 11, 2011
    One of the most fun boxing games since punch-out, a real classic. This is a sleeper title but at it's current price in most cases of under 10 dollar it'd be silly to not try it out. Full Review »
  3. DanielDeveau
    Jun 2, 2009
    Joshua C. sums this game up perfectly in my opinion. The reviewers seemed to have played this game for about 15-30 minutes and made judgments far too quickly. It has the funniest cast of characters in any fighting game. The gameplay is fast-paced, but certainly not a button-mashing festival as the reviews may suggest. Once you master the easiest difficulty level (which is pretty hard itself), the game has great replay value as you step up the difficulty. Much like the old Punch-Out!!! game, most opponents have a weakness that can be exploited, which makes even the fastest or strongest opponents beatable. If you get stuck on an opponent, finally taking him/her down feels fantastic. Seriously, try this game for yourself, it's a great time. Full Review »