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  1. Positive: 13 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. The way the missions unfold within the VR exercise really gives you a sense that you're playing a game that isn't Fallout, yet it's using the exact same engine.
  2. 90
    Despite its shortcomings, Operation: Anchorage is a must own for Fallout 3 owners. It may be short and sweet, but anything that can add life to a title this good deserves needs to be played.
  3. Clocking it at 3-4 hours, Operation Anchorage isn't extremely long, and some gamers may wish for more for their 800 points. However, most of that time is spent in combat, and the quest line feels intentionally designed to provide the best experience, with absolutely no fluff or filler to artificially pad the expansion's length.
  4. The best Role Playing Game this year gets its first dose of downloadable content to extend the game to the radioactive stratosphere. If you own Fallout 3 this is a must buy.
  5. For 800 points, you get two hours of linear combat, new items, achievements, and a couple of holotapes that detail a soldier’s experience. I appreciate Bethesda giving me a glimpse into Fallout’s lore (future), but the immersion that makes the game so tantalizing is absent during the entire quest.
  6. The changes in gameplay are refreshing and the challenge level which results from them make it a satisfying experience. It is not painfully difficult, just pleasantly so, and its running time of roughly three hours is long enough to be enjoyable without becoming monotonous.
  7. Depending on how much you like Fallout 3, I think you should look into Operation Anchorage. For me it was worth the 800MS Points.
  8. Operation: Anchorage plays like a giant action movie taking place in the Fallout 3 universe, and those of you who enjoyed the main game but haven’t tried this out yet are really missing out.
  9. Operation Anchorage has no shortage of action, but the experience is awfully short-lived.
  10. Operation Anchorage is a great pleasure to play but is let down by being a bit too quick and easy for the more experienced players, however you do end up with some cool new items.
  11. Heavy on action and light on role-playing, Operation Anchorage takes what is the weakest part of Fallout 3 and makes it into a workable three-hour tour of the Alaskan frontline.
  12. Although players expecting a new cast of characters to interact with and another vast stretch of territory to explore may be disappointed, I found this focused revamp to be a welcome change of pace and a very interesting addition to a game already brimming with quality content.
  13. Bethesda says Operation Anchorage takes 3-4 hours to complete. I’d put that number at more like 2-3, but for only $10 it represents moderate gaming bang for your buck. I’m hoping future DLC will be much better.
  14. Electrified ninja swords, stealth armor, and a new gauss rifle are only a few of the goodies awaiting players. The vignette is an entertaining diversion, but the rewards for completing it are what make it truly worthwhile.
  15. Games Master UK
    Swaps out top questing for dumb blasting. [Apr 2009, p.61]
  16. 70
    Ultimately, it's the die-hard Fallout 3 fans that should enjoy this new chapter in the series' history, and those same fans who may end up slightly annoyed after the fact. Operation Anchorage doesn't answer many questions regarding the lead-up to the big war, but it's an interesting piece of the puzzle that fits into the overall game without feeling out of place.
  17. It will extend the length of an already long game, and the 100 points are easy to get. I do however think it is slightly over priced.
  18. Operation Anchorage is the virtual representation of one of the most important conflicts in the history of Fallout, the battle between China and USA for Alaska. But where Fallout 3 is an experience of free wandering in a fascinating scenario, this expansion is a surprisingly linear and limited experience that misses many of the finest points of the original game.
  19. Operation Anchorage is an action packed expansion who seems to forget about all of the Fallout 3's strongest points: exploration is minimal, there are no choices to talk about and you can't even collect items or craft weapons.
  20. This all sounds a bit doomy and dour, but the truth is that Operation Anchorage is neither brilliant nor terrible: it's simply a sidestep that doesn't quite work. It's linear, simplistic and extremely un-Fallouty, but it does have couple of decent items and it offers a fresh change of scenery.
  21. AceGamez
    A solid quest add-on, but little more.
  22. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    For obsessive kit hoarders only. [Apr 2009, p.86]
  23. All in all, Operation: Anchorage provides an entertaining experience, but does not nearly live up to the “4-6 hours” of gameplay that was promised.
  24. Overall, it's a short DLC that doesn't have much in terms of role playing.
  25. I love Fallout 3. I love it to an almost indecent extent. It was far and away my game of 2008, and doesn't look like being knocked out of my personal top spot for a good while yet. But when you sift out its role-play, the ammo-box inspection and the exploration and draft in a fleet of health and ammo regeneration points to compensate... well, affairs just feel shallow and somewhat naked.
  26. In essence, Operation Anchorage is everything that Fallout 3 wasn't; if Bethesda set out to surprise then they've succeeded.
  27. 50
    Fallout's strength has always been found in the moral decisions and branching pathways. There is simply none of that to be had in this episode - it is simply combat. While it can be fun, and possibly challenging with a lower-level character, it's not what Fallout is about. There is no real plot, either - it is background information to the Fallout universe, and that's all.
  28. Another disappointing slice of downloadable content, with little of what made the main game great.
  29. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Swag aside, there's nothing in this reductionist hotchpotch for fans of what Fallout 3 does so well. [Apr 2009, p.103]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 82 Ratings

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  1. Oct 8, 2010
    i liked this. i liked the video game within a video gameesque theme going on here. enjoyed playing through it. i liked the goodies you goti liked this. i liked the video game within a video gameesque theme going on here. enjoyed playing through it. i liked the goodies you got after finishing it. plus the photo being taken of a few soldiers which was then made into a landmark in the fallout 3 world. Full Review »
  2. KyleT
    Jul 20, 2009
    Ok every stupid PC or Xbox 360 user needs to shut up about how this isn't long enough. What if you didn't get it at all. Would that Ok every stupid PC or Xbox 360 user needs to shut up about how this isn't long enough. What if you didn't get it at all. Would that be better for you jerks? Bethesda did a great job on the first DLC this was just the starer and they have gotten better. I own a PS3 so I have not gotten the DLC, but I have watched enough video's to know this a great DLC. it is fun gives good rewards and it is just a difernent style for Fallout. When I got this finally I will have something to do for 2-4 hours plus It will get me back into Fallout. Either like it or don't get it, stop whining, PS3 people don't even get it you babies. Full Review »
  3. Mar 31, 2015
    Basically a FPS with unlimited ammo and health refills. It was way too easy. Very light on story and character development. I felt they wastedBasically a FPS with unlimited ammo and health refills. It was way too easy. Very light on story and character development. I felt they wasted a chance to do something really special with the Fallout lore. Full Review »