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  1. Positive: 9 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34
  1. This year has been a grand one for DLC, a trend which I feel will only continue to grow thanks in part to Fallout 3. A definite purchase for fans of the original game and the previous content packs.
  2. While it lacks the strong story of “Point Lookout” and “Broken Steel,” it’s much more enjoyable than “Operation: Anchorage” or “The Pitt.
  3. So do you prefer probing or zapping? Our outer space friends gladly offer both!
  4. The result is a game that looks great, ends well, but at times, leans too heavily on formulaic game mechanics.
  5. Hefty chunks of Mothership Zeta feel formulaic and repetitive, yet the sting of the expansion's low points is countered somewhat by the impeccable presentation, smartly-implemented sci-fi vibe, and a few entertaining twists.
  6. The new characters you’ll meet, and weapons you’ll obtain really set the experience up to be one of the best DLC pieces Bethesda has released so far.
  7. Mothership Zeta is a wild and humorous mission for Fallout 3 fans, but it lacks the breadth of Point Lookout or Broken Steel. It's a little disappointing as a final chapter, but players looking to explore the farthest fringes of the Fallout universe will have a blast.
  8. Perhaps I simply set the bar too high in my mind because while this is an entertaining and unique new mission, it really feels like it's lost the heart that made the rest of the game so great.
  9. We have found ourselves in a situation of victory after abduction by a strange alien species.
  10. 70
    It's short, focused too heavily on combat through bland corridors, and feels like a missed opportunity. I still had fun while wandering the alien ship, but that is more of a testament to the strengths of Fallout 3 than the strengths of this expansion.
  11. Mothership Zeta is a worthy addition, despite being fairly easy. A good ending to a great game.
  12. 70
    While not without value, instead of wrapping up my time in the Capital Wastelands in a nice big irradiated bow, Mothership Zeta just left me wondering how much fun being in space could’ve been.
  13. It’s not the best DLC pack released for Fallout 3, but it’s certainly not bad.
  14. Even though I feel a little let down, Mothership Zeta still strong points and is worth the purchase if you have enjoyed the other add-on content for the game.
  15. Considerably short and lacking in all the things that made Point Lookout and The Pitt worthwhile downloads, Mothership Zeta is not a bad add-on but it’s not the best one either.
  16. It’s still worth playing, just don’t expect a product with the same quality as either Broken Steel or Point Lookout.
  17. Alien abduction in a post-nuclear environment never was as fun as this. Wait, as a matter of fact it never happened before this little add-on. Anyway, not the strongest of Bethesda's DLC-packages for Fallout 3 but still well worth spending some of your precious time with.
  18. Despite the addition of some interesting characters, it really is a shame that Fallout 3’s steady addition of downloadable content had to end on this sour note because there was plenty of room for interesting ideas.
  19. Mothership Zeta is the worst download content released for Fallout 3. Boring, repetitive and uninspired.
  20. The bottom line here is that Mothership Zeta is about as much of a miss as Bethesda has ever been responsible for. A few hours of linear romp through boring corridors fighting boring enemies is frankly a shocking disappointment from such a successful development group.
  21. Pelit (Finland)
    Fallout 3: Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta are Fallout 3's last two expansions and surprisingly from the opposite ends of the quality spectrum. Point Lookout is an enjoyable, well-made and immersive swamp adventure, whereas Mothership Zeta is boring as hell and plays like a crappy FPS. [Aug 2009]
  22. Mothership Zeta is a let down. It's nowhere near as good as Point Lookout or The Pitt. It's slightly better than Operation Anchorage, but only slightly. It's a linear, repetitive slog through an alien space ship and nothing else. Is it a fitting finale? No. Is it worth 800MS Points? Just. If only for the Samurai Armour. Sniff.
  23. 60
    There are some memorable moments here, but it's a shame that Mothership Zeta couldn't do more with such an interesting premise.
  24. There's something so audacious to me about stacking aliens on top of the apocalypse, and Mothership Zeta does it well enough that I'm willing to excuse some of its structural bluntness and over-reliance on combat. It's not the best Fallout 3 DLC, but it's still pretty interesting, and not a bad way to spend four or five hours.
  25. It may be a change of scenery, but the final Fallout 3 downloadable content pack ends the saga on a low note.
  26. Do yourself a favor and purchase any of the other four Fallout downloadable content packs before even contemplating getting this one.
  27. Mothership Zeta has some big pros and cons. The content it delivers is meager and gives the idea that they could have done a lot more with the variation in locations. The atmosphere and humor partly make up for this. Overall this mothership has become a place where you can enjoy yourself for a couple of hours, but because of its linear nature Mothership Zeta never comes close to the qualities of the main game.
  28. Too combat heavy, Mothership Zeta really isn't that much better than the first DLC.
  29. Games Master UK
    After Broken Steel and Point Lookout, this is a regression. Makes Anchorage look fun! [Oct 2009, p.77]
  30. With repetitive, largely uninspired corridor combat, and boring, linear and samey mission design, the least you'd hope is that there would be some supplementary side quests to extend the lifespan - but not so.
  31. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Lots of items, not much excitement. [Nov 2009, p.108]
  32. The last of the Fallout 3 expansions is also one of the worst in this bafflingly dull abduction yarn.
  33. AceGamez
    If I may return to the slightly clumsy sandwich-based analogy that I began with, Fallout 3 DLC is like a BLT made with the driest bread possible; the best way to enjoy your sandwich is to throw the bread away and enjoy the flavoursome bacon, fresh lettuce and juicy tomato on their own. So forget about the stale crust that is Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - take an Atkins diet approach and just head straight for the filling.
  34. If Mothership Zeta had been half as long and available at half the price, it might have been worthwhile simply for giving players a quick peek behind the origins of the main game's enigmatic alien wreckage. As it stands, this dog-leg jaunt into outer space ends up a giant could-have-been without any real reason to recommend it, save completion for completion's sake.
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  1. BS
    Sep 1, 2009
    I don't have the game yet and wish to judge it, because I am a retarded monkey with no sense of common sense. I don't even have theI don't have the game yet and wish to judge it, because I am a retarded monkey with no sense of common sense. I don't even have the platform that this page is about, but feel that I have the ability to judge it. I luv teh blastah! I hatin' teh Anchorage! Blah blah blah.

    Kyle T, T stands for TOOL BAG.
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  2. Oct 29, 2013
    As with Anchorage, Mothership Zeta had a forgettable plot and very good loot. It was less well-integrated into the story than OperationAs with Anchorage, Mothership Zeta had a forgettable plot and very good loot. It was less well-integrated into the story than Operation Anchorage, and also left a massive and glaring plot hole in that all the technology you presumably now have access to amounts to nothing in the wasteland at large. The gameplay itself is rather normal, not remarkable in either a good or bad way. The key redeeming quality is an easily obtained alternative to Weapon Repair Kits and some nice new Energy Weapons. Key issues include a forgettable plot, irrelevance to the game at large and few RPG qualities. Full Review »
  3. Jul 12, 2013
    The Godfather 3 of DLCs. Doesn't make much sense and doesn't advance the Fallout narrative whatsoever.
    I'm playing it through this second
    The Godfather 3 of DLCs. Doesn't make much sense and doesn't advance the Fallout narrative whatsoever.
    I'm playing it through this second time now purely for the achievements.
    Play it once if you're a completionist, but never again.
    The worst of what the Fallout series has to offer.
    Playable, though just barely, and easily forgettable.
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