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  1. With its copious amounts of content and impressive new locale, Fallout 3: Point Lookout provides a definitive reason to head back into the Fallout universe yet again.
  2. Worthy expansion/ Just as good as Broken Steel/ With more atmosphere.
  3. 90
    Perhaps the greatest praise I can heap upon Point Lookout is that it doesn't feel tacked-on but more like a natural extension of everything that makes the new Fallout what it is.
  4. Overall, this is the largest and most fully-realized expansion yet produced for Fallout 3, and it's an order of magnitude better than any of the previous installments.
  5. This jaunt away from the Capitol Wasteland is a welcome addition to the three adventure add-ons that build on Fallout 3's awesome adventure.
  6. Point Lookout provides players with an expansive new area to explore, an intriguing new story, and several side-quests to extend the amount of play time in the new content, making this the biggest and longest expansion yet.
  7. AceGamez
    With many full price titles lasting only a few hours with little replay value, Fallout 3 is yet to disappoint and I can happily say that Point Lookout is a near essential addition to the range, marred only by the limited length of the quests, meaning there's little reason to return once you're done, other than to scavenge.
  8. The bottom line here is that Point Lookout is probably the best model for Fallout 3 DLC yet.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    The best DLC for Fallout 3 so far. [Sept 2009, p.84]
  10. Overall this expansion is not as good as the last one, Fallout 3 Broken Steel, but I have to say it is the most fun one so. There is a ton of small quests and great areas to explore in Point Lookout and it shows why Bethesda is one of the best developers of single player role playing games.
  11. Point Lookout adds miles of new territory to Fallout 3, with a sense of freedom that matches the core game better than any of the previous chapters. The quality of Fallout 3's DLC has been on an upward climb, and Point Lookout edges past Broken Steel as the best addition yet.
  12. Clever twists and a great new setting usher in some welcome entertainment.
  13. Pelit (Finland)
    Fallout 3: Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta are Fallout 3's last two expansions and surprisingly from the opposite ends of the quality spectrum. Point Lookout is an enjoyable, well-made and immersive swamp adventure, whereas Mothership Zeta is boring as hell and plays like a crappy FPS. [Aug 2009]
  14. 85
    Point Lookout is one of the better Fallout 3 expansions and feels well worth the $10 price tag. There's a brand new area with over a half dozen trippy and exciting missions to find and work through. Plus, there are inbred hillbillies.
  15. The best in the series so far. The new area is a new world unto itself, and I would love to see Bethesda move further south in future installments if only to add more variation to the locales we’re allowed to visit.
  16. Even though the game has some technical issues, Point Lookout still provides some great new environments to explore. You will want to be pretty experienced before taking the plunge, however, as this journey isn’t for newcomers.
  17. The swampland of Point Lookout calls to all Fallout 3 fanatics that can’t get enough of Fallout's post-apocalyptic scenery. Point Lookout could be contested as the best out of the batch of DLC besides the enhancements given out in Broken Steel.
  18. Point Lookout is the best Fallout 3 add-on this far, and this is probably the only one actually essential in the gameplay side. A brilliant story and a big and vigorous new map are among its main virtues.
  19. Point Lookout represents the best expansion for Fallout 3: deep and wide, the new contents remind the original formula of the game, based on exploration and free choices with a strong and distinctive environment.
  20. Although the main quest is a little short and the rewards leave much to be desired one of the better Fallout 3-add-ons.
  21. Each and every part of Point Lookout is both challenging and interesting, and you come away with the impression that Bethesda's quality control has tightened up over the course of the year. As a whole, Point Lookout hangs together better than any previous Fallout 3 DLC pack, and as such comes highly recommended.
  22. At a very reasonable 800 points this is well worth your time. The strongest Fallout 3 DLC to date.
  23. The new game world looks great, and the omnipresent vegetation is a real change from the barren rock and destroyed highways that we’re used to. At times the frame rate seemed to take a bit of a hit, but this issue never became serious enough to affect gameplay - the action was just a bit less smooth than usual.
  24. Despite my frustrations with the crashes and glitches, I still enjoyed Point Lookout more than any of the DLC so far. The whole map is an awesome place to explore, the new enemies are a real treat and the quests are some of the best yet.
  25. 80
    If you enjoy spending time in the world of Fallout 3, Point Lookout is still a great value. While some gamers will whine about its brief play time, they just need to get over it.
  26. Essentially, Point Lookout feels more like an organic extension of Fallout 3 rather than a collection of missions bolted onto a new environment. A couple of technical glitches aside, this DLC is sure delight players who want to test their mettle in a great new locale.
  27. Point Lookout is the most interesting of the Fallout 3 DLC so far. While there’s obvious little change in the general game mechanic, and combat is as it has been throughout, it’s the immersion within the newly created setting that sets Point Lookout aside from the rest of the available expansions.
  28. Yet another expansion for Fallout 3, and yet another success! We particularly enjoyed the new settings and characters, and the fact that we did not encounter any glitch whatsoever. Unfortunately, the main story – well worth playing – and a few side missions won’t last you much more than 4 hours.
  29. Games Master UK
    Sweaty, scary and sprawling - the most impressive chunk of Fallout 3 DLC yet. [Sept 2009, p.81]
  30. Point Lookout is a solid entry in the DLC of Fallout 3.
  31. It provides an interesting locale, great story, and some fun new perks and equipment. It's also a bit lengthier than the first few DLCs, with a fairly larger map to explore, rewarding you each time you replay, checking every nook and cranny.
  32. Although the main quest line is not as long as previous content releases, Point Lookout has a large game environment, with lots of places to explore and several other side quests.
  33. Point Lookout is a miniature copy of Fallout 3. Alas, just like the original game, the wrapping is much better than the contents, but even this result is a great achievement for Bethesda Softworks. Not only they managed to produce a decent expansion, but finally added their own ideas to the legendary post-apocalyptic universe instead of ripping off stories about supermutants and The Brotherhood of Steel.
  34. An intriguing plot, fascinating characters and even a psychedelic trip within your own mind, characterize an expansion perhaps weak in terms of content, such as weapons and armor, but very enjoyable.
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  1. Nov 22, 2014
    Fallout 3: Point Lookout is a mediocre add-on. To start off, the setting is kind of bland. It's pretty much a swampy wetlands area with a hazyFallout 3: Point Lookout is a mediocre add-on. To start off, the setting is kind of bland. It's pretty much a swampy wetlands area with a hazy look to the atmosphere. The only places I like in the new dlc are a rundown mansion and an abandoned theme park. The new enemies are "Swampfolk" that can be kind of tough at times but their design is boring and just an odd additive to the game. The story itself is not really that interesting and is also really short. Desmond, the owner of the old mansion, is fighting with a brain named Calvert, and you have to side with one of them. This dlc is sort of fun in some parts but overall it's okay. Full Review »
  2. Oct 29, 2013
    An interesting story, useful loot and actual roleplaying qualities make Point Lookout stand above the other DLCs of Fallout 3. One can sayAn interesting story, useful loot and actual roleplaying qualities make Point Lookout stand above the other DLCs of Fallout 3. One can say surprisingly little about the plot without spoiling it, so I'll leave that alone with one statement: It's extremely interesting. The gameplay is difficult in a good challenging way, requiring both skill and stimpaks. The setting is fascinating and serves as an almost mini-Wasteland. The fact that you can come and go as you please makes it even better, allowing you to explore Point Lookout as you play the main game. If anything, Point Lookout's main issue is that it makes the other Fallout 3 DLC look bad. Full Review »
  3. Aug 19, 2012
    To put this review short the main quest was alright but world itself is great asking to be explored and new weapon s as well and side quests.To put this review short the main quest was alright but world itself is great asking to be explored and new weapon s as well and side quests. Fallout 3: Point Lookout 6.9/10 Full Review »