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  1. Dec 22, 2010
    I really, really wanted to like this game but it failed on virtually everything apart from a few praises I can throw at this gaming failure. First the praise : It's a huge game with lots of roaming and places to explore. The criticism: It makes it unplayable at such a slugish pace, over controls designed by a moron which leads to much frustration, battles that are cumbersome and tiresome. The Bioshock series did it better - Fact. Expand
  2. Jul 8, 2011
    I was advised by a friend who adores this game to get it myself, I did so, however this game is simply a hyped up modern version of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is a game I love however Fallout 3 is simply missing something more and it never really hooked me
  3. Nov 17, 2011
    for what was a very creative and fun game series, fallout NV and 3 set an all time low. Sure, fallout 3 and NV pulled the series to 3d and open, and i admit it was kind of fun, but that fun was ruined by the major bugs, freezes, glitches and crashes i experienced on my copy. it happened on my PC,ps3 and 360 copies so its not my system. This is a very crap game that does not deserve a sequel. If 4 gets made, it must not be developed by obsidian and not use that crap gamebryo engine. I cant even tell you how bad the DLC makes it. Its unplayable after 3 hours gameplay. its like it purposly freezes to tick you off! Expand
  4. Feb 17, 2012
    This game doesn't deserve even a 1. You may spend a ,long time walking from one side of the map to the other, only then to feel de ja vu, as you are sure you have just been here, and the reason for that is, you have. The whole map looks the same with little variation, Voice acting in this game is horrendous and is a bore, making it unbearable to go of trying to find side quests, which are boring in themselves, and the story is boring and also a lot of the people in this game say exactly the same thing making the experience even more dull and boring. fair enough I haven't completed the story and it may get better towards the end but, because of the games flaws I don't think i will ever be able to reach the end, One more thing, within the 10 hours that I have played this game it has crashed my xbox 4 times, giving me no choice than to turn off my xbox and turn it back on reverting to my last save which can be a long time ago. a waste of my time and my money. Expand
  5. Aug 9, 2012
    I played this game for a little while, completed tutorials and i thought "Hey, this might have potential" so I go to the first city, the quest tracking is terrible and leads you to places you shouldn't be, the combat is really flimsy, and the quests are kind of ridiculous, first real quest after tutorial: Blow up a nuclear bomb or disarm it after talking to someone who should help you, but ends up dying by some bad guy first. Terrible game, would not recommend it. Not to mention you actually need to gain skills up before you can perform such alternate ways of playing the game, inventory management is poor, and the mechanics / story is poor itself. Expand
  6. Apr 11, 2013
    The game is okay by itself, if it were a standalone or a spin-off it would be kind of good. Now that's the worst part, it tries to be a successor to a series it really just doesn't have the goods to be. A lot of the quests lack any sort of emotion or critical thinking that made the first game so good, your actions had true impact. But in this you don't even get a small puzzle or area that requires thinking, it's either walk across a massive game world, shoot something, or talk to someone. And the style of the story definately doesn't fit the Fallout franchise, anybody who says this game lives up to the originals is dead wrong. The ending is FAR too much of a "Happy ending" for this game to be anything close to what is a bleak existance even after your character becomes a walking tank helping everybody in the originals. Now the gameplay and mechanics not relating to the originals are pretty good, it would be more of a "Save your money, buy it if you don't have anything to play" kind of game not considering the story. The story itself is also fine, but also lacks true depth and is quite bland. I would say you should save your money, the game is OKAY but it is far from as good as people say it to be. Expand
  7. Jun 9, 2013
    Fallout 3 is almost like a broken game. If you aren't doing a scavenger hunt for ammo, your weapons are probably getting broken. If your weapons aren't broken, you are probably getting destroyed by Super Mutants. Fallout 3 just isn't fun.

    I have given this game four solid attempts and I can only play less and less of the game. I can say that when I first got the game I had an enjoyable
    15 hour play through, but couldn't go any further than that. While this may seem like a lot of time with the game, when it says on the back "a compelling journey that leaves you wanting more even after 100 hours of play," it's safe to say I expected to play this game much more than the 15 hours I did.

    Repetition is the name of this game. Fallout 3 features subways which is where you will spend a majority of the game, and they all feel the same. Feral ghouls are pretty much the only foes you will face in these underground subways and it becomes annoying really fast. What is even more annoying are the Super Mutants you will encounter as soon as you leave these subways. It's nearly impossible to survive their assault.

    I do have to give credit to Fallout 3 for creating some interesting characters. Mister Burke, Three Dog, and the overseer are all important to the narrative and unique in their own ways. The scenery of Fallout 3 is also impressive considering what it is going for. It still can be pretty frustrating when you can't go in a certain direction because their is a bunch of rubble blocking your path.

    Overall, Fallout 3 is an incredibly over-hyped game. You will have fun with it at the start so this game is only worth a rental at best.
  8. Nov 7, 2014
    This game is the most overrated of all time. This game is awful. It is an empty mess with no direction. The first 20 minutes of the game are playable, but the rest is just a bore and a mess.
    The game is empty. There is nothing in it. Like Skyrim, the story is boring and driven by doing mindless story tasks for some random NPC that you talk to.
    Press A a bunch of times, scroll through the
    boring text, find out you have to talk to some other dude, walk halfway across a completely empty, completely thoughtless, completely boring map to find some other random NPC so you can unlock a silly story mission so you can talk to some more boring people.
    It is a very dull game. It gets huge praise because of its silly illusion that you are a survivor in this giant open world. But the open world is empty! There is nothing to do in it. Boring task, that's all that's in it. Boring tasks that detract from the game feel, detract from the characters and even the story!
    And the gameplay is nothing short of a insult to what the game is. Take a terrible game, make it a first person shooter and that's how you complete the turd trifecta.
    I can see why people would find this game "interesting" but a First Person Shooter with no charm and no innovative features that make it feel worth playing, in an empty world, boring NPCs and even dull graphics doesn't sound like a good time to me.
    Game of the Decade? Please. Sit down turn on this that you love so much and run around with a gun in a that empty world and accept that one boring task from that ugly NPC that you skipped because you thought it was boring and then tell me its a good game.
    This is not what a good game is.

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  1. Fallout 3 is an experience in itself, and while it may not offer as much replay value as Oblivion, it’s so much more then an “Oblivion with guns”.
  2. 90
    From the hollow wind blowing down through subway tunnels, to the radioactive dust clouds swirling throughout the wasteland, up to the buzzards circling the encampment where the bodies of 30 slave traders lie; Fallout 3 is as much a game as it is a training sim for the coming apocalypse.
  3. In fact, Fallout 3 is leaner and meaner than Bethesda's previous efforts, less expansive but more intense, while still offering immense replay value and quite a few thrills along the way.