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  1. Oct 29, 2013
    The must-have DLC for New Vegas, Old World Blues add an entire new setting with a wealth of new quests and genuinely entertaining gameplay and characters. It contains the power of SCIENCE!, Intelligence Draining Robo-Scorpions, and large amounts of other peculiar humor. It possesses a plot that is both very funny and quite compelling and interesting. OWB also adds a wide variety of side quests and locations for you to explore, many of which have their own interesting histories and events. It still feels like you are playing Fallout New Vegas, while still being distinguishable and easily identified as its own bizarre little entity. Expand
  2. Aug 9, 2013
    Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues, where do i start with this gem of a dlc? This dlc pits you in the mysterious crater of Big Mt. A few problems i had was just finding all the items and then more show up which started to get really repetitive and annoying. With that the enemies are also something you find in the regular wasteland which felt like Bethesda (a company i love for Fallout and Elder Scroll games) did no effort of giving you a new enemy to fight but just giving us all just the same enemies. The story was pretty good but had no really big climatic conclusion of something changed. Aside the not much of a conclusion and the same enemies, The Loot is amazing, the dlc is funny and just really fun to play. it should be recommended to have a high science skill and also high energy weapons (which is what is usually found in this dlc). Also its recommended to find the personality files of your items in your room above the think tank so you can be healed and also buy better items (which will be needed because i died alot). so with the dlc's fun gameplay, funny story, good loot, same enemies, and non climatic ending, this dlc earned its place as a 7/10 to me, still a great dlc but could have been better. Expand
  3. Mar 9, 2013
    This particular DLC is my first played and still my most thouroughly enjoyable in the line of fallout series. With a interesting locale fixated upon the discovery of how certain monsters found in the mojave came to be, as well as a shockingly good amount of humor and throwback to the '50s retrofuturistic idealisms, Old World Blues to me feels like the part of New Vegas that went missing from it originally. While it still doesn't amount to the whole stress of being in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, rather, fighting in a very well developed science facility, I still found a lot of joy to come for this game. Not only are there a lot of available perks, weapons, side quests and locales to find, I still manage to keep myself coming back to this splendid place even after completing it's main quest, and the only that I've yet to down so far. The whole focus of "evolved science" really plays key to the intentionally cartoonish villains and henchman, to the artifacts you find to the creeps you must kill, to the outlandishness of the sink's AI, which also will become your main hub for just about anything you need. While I for one didn't quite make a solid decision on whether or not to continue the drastic pursuits of science or leave it in it's place, and while there is a lot of dialogue to go through in this game to get the pacing going, overall Old World Blues is consistently enjoyable to play and explore before and after. Expand
  4. Jun 15, 2012
    This is the best dlc I have played in Fallout New Vegas. It started of fun, wacky and a few moments which made me laugh. Many side quests will keep you busy for a while in this dlc. The characters are cool and funny [my favorite one is muggy] A good story but not as good as the amazing Dead Money's storyline. What I like about this dlc better then Dead Money or Honest Hearts is that it's so different to any thing I have played in a Fallout dlc. The bad thing about this dlc is that you lose interest with with the world, characters and some other things near the end. Let's just see how Lonesome Road will turn out. Fallout New Vegas - Old World Blues 8.4/10 Expand
  5. Apr 29, 2012
    One of the better DLC packs I've ever played, Old World Blues an also an exemplary addition to the Fallout world. There's an unfortunate tendency to create a DLC for the sake of profit and ignore how (or if) it fits into the game world. OWB is not such a DLC -- in fact, the way the plot is written and executed, the way the world is created, and the features added all feel like seamless additions to the Fallout world and actually add to it in a substantive and meaningful way. I will grant that some of the characters are a little oddly written, but that can be forgiven. The only real complaint I have is that even with a relatively high-level character, the enemies in the DLC area are extremely tough and can really give the player a run for his or her money. I must take a moment specifically to praise the game world; the level of detail, intricacy, and creativity are among the best I've seen in any game. Those level designers should be proud. Since this pack has been released as part of a new all-inclusive disk, players new to New Vegas should end up with this DLC by default, but for those who own the original buy-it-in-pieces version like I do should definitely step right past the Dead Money DLC and invest in Old World Blues without hesitation. Expand
  6. Apr 2, 2012
    Well written, very funny, interesting plot. My biggest complaint is the end kinds of peters out with no thrilling conclusion. Otherwise it is awesome the whole time, and definitely worth the price.
  7. Mar 20, 2012
    Actually exceeded my expectations of any piece of Fallout DLC, providing a zany alternate location that provides as much or more Sci-Fi sass since Portal. I found myself laughing at so much of the dialogue, and the easter eggs present only add to it's awesomeness. The entire experience is an excellent homage to the B-movies of the 1950's. If you only have time for one DLC, make it this one.
  8. Oct 4, 2011
    Overall, this is by far the best add on for Fallout New Vegas. You get a lot of content for the price you pay, and I was really surprised. The story is also good, and fun playing. If there is one add on to get for this game, it should be this one.
  9. Sep 26, 2011
    Better than some of Fallout 3's DLC. This DLC is 2x better than the first two DLCs released for this game combined. No i'm not exaggerating it's really that good. THe main quests and characters actually made me laugh and feel sympathy for them, something Dead Money and Honest Hearts couldn't come close to. There are new weapons suits armor that heals you, and not to mention new enemies. Now the lobotomies seem a bit dull for something else that they could have used. Now on the other hand there are some enemies like the classic robobrain, robo dogs (police/military), and my personal favorite robo scorpions. They will give you a run for your money and will make this much more challenging than Honest Hearts. This IS a must for any Fallout fan. Expand
  10. Sep 19, 2011
    Well worth the ten dollar price of admission, Old World Blues is a proper sequel to Fallout 2. While the base game of New Vegas picks up a lot of Fallout 2's storyline, it mostly takes itself pretty seriously and while it runs the gamut from western to sci fi to gangster, plays things pretty straight. Old World Blues, on the other hand, picks up Fallout 2's mix of science fiction and black comedy that was largely missing in Fallout games since. It's a fun few hours with a limited, but memorable roster of new characters (including, among others, a genocidal robotic toaster and six mad scientists, one of whom can only communicate in radio waves). The actual plot of the DLC is of varying quality; the initial premise is paper-thin, but serves to set up a good third act revelation that maybe the heroes and villains of the Big MT are not who they initially seemed. The good dialogue, fun quests, and an actual Borderlands-style boss fight are complimented by some nice new loot that both looks and acts cool. If you can only buy one DLC for New Vegas, buy this one and you won't be disappointed. Expand
  11. Sep 16, 2011
    Lengthy but not necessarily good add on. It starts out promising but turns into a repetitive roam around the wasteland. Some interesting missions keep the monotony from setting in but really only for people who want to level their character up.
  12. Sep 7, 2011
    The fallout universe has always been full of trekking from A to B then back in search of scrap off of the floor, but Old World Blues goes above and beyond. It seems that every time i find the necessary quest items, 6 more will sprout up from nowhere, then 6 more and so on. I wouldnt mind but it is such an artificial way of lengthening game play which i have come to expect but have since never been so aware of. Sure, a lot of detail has gone into the environment, the irritating AI characters and reskinning existing models, but on the whole the Big Empty is exactly that. Expand
  13. Sep 5, 2011
    The worst DLC for Fallout NV. Short but still managed to be monotonous. It suffices for someone who just wants more NV, but it fails to impress. It also takes you completely out of the game, whereas the first 2 kind of added to the game a bit. I was really hoping for better with this one.
  14. Sep 4, 2011
    I'm a bit astonished by the fact that there's so many user reviews and all are positive. After having played, and experienced varying levels of enjoyment with the other DLCs for FO, the showstopping 'money stops paying out when selling to the AI unit' bug hasn't impacted anyone else's play. This DLC, while having some interesting moments, is a prime example of a software house using offshore labor to churn out buggy add-ons. Expand
  15. Aug 6, 2011
    Old World Blues is probably the best DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, although Dead Money is certainly deeper. As the third of a four-part series, it is the comic interlude, like the Porter at the Gate is in Macbeth, and like the Porter it tends to be vulgar, obscene, and flippant in the interest of momentary relief from the dramatic tension. Unfortunately, it is ridden by a whole host of bugs, from annoying to crippling, guaranteed to drive gamers up the wall. The map is better constructed than that of Fallout New Vegas; so far I've found only one place where you can fall through. However, it is still possible for both you and your adversaries to get stuck in the geometry. I was once rushed by three nightstalkers, one of which took a header into a pile of debris and was never heard from again, and two that sank half-way into the floor and could do little more than yelp as I shot them to pieces. A bit of a relief there, but it should never have happened.

    The most annoying of the other bugs was the refusal of the Sink Central Intelligence to pay for anything it was given after about one-third of the game was past. This is a bug that Gun Runners used to have in Fallout NV; it was cured by a patch, and it's frustrating to see it come back here. A close runner-up was a fast-travel bug that crashed the game to desktop between fifty and one hundred per cent of the time you tried using fast travel when it was active (not always, thankfully). There are also the usual issues with invisible walls making it difficult to snipe. and a good deal of climbing and clambering around necessary with a game engine that hates the vertical and will often stick you on the edge of something, only able to slide back and forth helplessly.

    When looked at closely, the strengths and weaknesses of Old World Blues reflect the strengths and weaknesses of its authors very precisely. In other words, the dramatic side is as usual superb, and the stage settings are meticulously constructed. This is a map that is just plain fun to wander around and eyeball. Interest is heightened by rewards being unpredictable: it is quite possible to sweat over cracking a "hard" lock, only to find that the container it is attached to has a trivial amount of caps or ammunition in it. Difficult things can be rewarding, but they aren't guaranteed to be, which gives the game a more lifelike feel compared to games where you can guess how much you get at the end from how difficult it is to get there.

    The actual gameplay mechanics, the layout of the quests, is rather less commendable. It can be mind-numbingly repetitive: you go through one obstacle course no less than six times. It is top-heavy with fetch quests, though quite often the things you fetch are amusing enough to make it seem worth it. But it suffers severely from the unimaginative practice of putting your opponents on steroids rather than making the quest itself more difficult. The Lobotomites stretch credibility in their ability to take multiple AP rifle hits while dressed in nothing but hospital gowns -- the toughness of the Y-17 Trauma Override Harnesses is much more credible, since they have a protective suit and helmet. The nightstalkers, your biggest wild-animal nuisance in Old World Blues, have apparently been armor-plated, since they can take a good deal more damage than in Fallout New Vegas. It is, to say the least, annoying to blow one of these fifteen feet into the air with a well-aimed rifle grenade only to have it land and go after you instantly, seemingly none the worse for wear. And as far as offensive abilities are concerned, these also seem to have been magnified in a rather illicit manner: it is weird to get into a fight with Lobotomites and be shot to ribbons despite wearing medium armor, and then find out that said Lobotomites were firing 10mm pistols and 20 gauge shotguns, weapons that should hardly be making a dent in you. You'll be spending a lot of money repairing your armor, which is what makes the bug that shuts down the merchant function of the Sink Central Intelligence unit so tiresome.

    Enemies also spawn in a very irregular manner, popping up right in your face sometimes. The worst example of this is at the entrance to the villain's lair, where three large roboscorpions suddenly appear literally under your feet. That's just cheap.

    In short, Old World Blues has all the strengths and weaknesses we might expect, given the people who made it. And that's depressing. Can't they afford to hire someone who can actually program a computer so that the game doesn't crash so often? Buy it and play it, by all means. But also remember this word: tcl. It's the command to go into No Clipping mode, and you'll be using it, perhaps not as much as in Fallout New Vegas itself, but still far too often.
  16. Aug 1, 2011
    Most likely the greatest video game of all time, (why would it have a higher rating than every game except GTA IV on here). Only Ken Levine could make a game based off of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism and make it work. The game tells a wonderful and compelling story filled with horror, action, philosophy, morality, romance, revenge, and redemption. Hands down my favorite game of all time. The atmosphere of the game is just beautiful, just beautiful and wonderful. Rapture is seriously one of the scariest damn places on the planet. Just walking around a corner is horrifying. The graphics were spectacular. The best of its time, at the time of its release, and still quite wonderful today. BioShock is truly the PERFECT game.

    "It was not impossible to build Rapture under the sea, it was impossible to build it anywhere else." -Andrew Ryan-
  17. Jul 31, 2011
    Finally, after two pieces of so-so DLC for New Vegas, fans get the treat that they've been waiting for. Old World Blues gets off to a dialogue-heavy slow start, introducing you to the world and the characters. It can be a little confusing listening to all the professors talk, as sometimes I didn't know what the hell they were on about. But once you adjust to the world around you, you'll discover that what you have here is a great slice of DLC with some truly excellent characters, quests and weapons all wrapped up in a brilliant story. I highly recommend that you buy this.
    You'll love:
    +Some of the best characters in New Vegas
    +Quests will keep you in Big MT for a good 15 hours plus
    +A brilliant story...
    You'll hate:
    -Which can often be quite confusing
    -The lack of friendly people
    -Wishing that the previous two DLCs were as good.
  18. Jul 30, 2011
    Old World Blues is the third in the series of downloadable content released for Fallout: New Vegas and I have to say it is the best so far. It also adds new perks and a level cap increase of 5. The map layout which is a crater filled with scientific labs located in what is known as Big Mountain or The Big Empty translated to Bid MT is by far the best as it is the most outstanding (unlike the very forgettable Zion from the Honest Hearts DLC) without being annoying (like for example Dead Moneys layout) which means Bethesda's decision to introduce the choice to revisit the map after completion a brilliant idea and the new enemies are again the best so far. The first time I saw the X-17 trauma override harness - basically a skeleton in protective clothing - I literally nearly lost control of my bowels which brought me back to the first time I saw a feral ghoul back in Fallout 3 when the very same fatality nearly happened again. Also worth mentioning are the old world so called 'boffin's' that happen to be floating brains - that seem to have single digit IQ - which you work alongside that provide some very humorous dialogue although the interactions between them and you can whilst at first be funny, become tiresome as I found myself to be skipping through their speeches. The funniest moment came when I first met the Sinks various AI personalities which included a tiny robot obsessed with cleaning mugs and a toaster that wants to scald the world. The storyline in this DLC was very simple and although while sometimes this can be a good thing this time it wasn't as the story was distinctly average. The thing I think that most F:NV fans will be wanting most is DLC which prolongs the game past the last mission like Fallout 3 did with Broken Steel. But of course there is still time and Bethesda has announced that there will be at least one more DLC package to be released. For Old World Blues however I'll give an 8 out of 10. Expand
  19. Jul 28, 2011
    While playing this DLC I had my brain, heart, and spine removed, got hit on by a light switch, and attacked by a giant robotic scorpion, so needless to say this DLC is a lot of fun, it's definitely the best New Vegas DLC yet, I wish more of the actual Fallout: New Vegas game had been more like this DLC, I had more fun with the 4-5 hours of this DLC then I had with the entirety of the main game, it reminds me of playing Fallout 3 do to the fact that it gives you an interesting world to explore with tons of secrets and lovable characters, this DLC is also incredibly humorous, I laughed out loud numerous times throughout, it also extends the level cap by 5 again, adds cool new weapons and achievements, my only complaint is that you have to go through some boring and repetitive "tests" once or twice to get through the main quest, and one or two side quests that require you to go through them, it's nothing that bad it's just slightly annoying to have to go through the same scenario two or more times to get anywhere, but like I said this is still the best New Vegas DLC yet, and a must download for fans of the game. Expand
  20. Jul 24, 2011
    This DLC must be the best of the year and in my opinion the best piece of content in the Fallout universe. The story begins with you being locked inside a test facility having being unconscious for indefinite amount of time (standard stuff) but that's about wear the unoriginality ends as you are plunged into one of the best gaming experiences you will ever know. You are greeted by five extremely comical characters that are really just floating brains with protruding monitors and after having a extremely long (but completely hilarious) conversation with them it is revealed that you must defeat the scientists arch nemesis Dr. Mobious and in his words an unstoppable roboscorpion army. This is an appropriate time to address the one part of the DLC that most people complained about how dialog heavy the first part of the game is to this I say that it is a rather lengthy conversation at the beginning but I can say confidently that you will not regret having it and will make you laugh also I hardly think long dialog has ever been a reason to discredit a game case and point Mass Effect. You will never contact another human throughout the entire game but don't let that discourage you the AI apliances you get for your home base are absolutely hilarious with a variety of equally entertaining personalities that match the cleverness and charm of GLADoS. To be honest though the world does come with a few drawbacks making it more of a rating of 9.5 than 10 specifically it is annoying that there are practically no stimpacks anywhere on the map and this game has enemy bosses that make the legendary deathclaw like a radroach so make sure your science is at least 25 so you can make stimpacks (though you should have even more for speech checks). In conclusion this DLC is well worth the money and will leave you with high hopes for the next add on. Expand
  21. Jul 23, 2011
    Surprisingly good. While Dead Money was wandering a hateful maze and Honest Hearts was an extended nature walk, Old World Blues brings back the excitement of exploring new and interesting places. The landscape, locations and interiors seem to have a lot more effort put into them than the previous downloadable content. The plot is like a b-grade sci-fi movie, which in this case is a good thing. The enemies are all re-skinned versions of other enemies already in New Vegas, but they are good nonetheless and don't detract from anything. Given the Science theme, players may want to have higher than usual science and energy weapons skills before playing the expansion for optimum enjoyment. As for faults, OWB is lacking in the NPC companion areas for which DM and HH excelled at despite their other problems. Also, sneaking in this expansion doesn't appear to be nearly as effective as the regular game or expansions, with enemies noticing the player from rather surprising distances at times despite 100 sneak and the silent running perk. And while some of the locations are indeed quite detailed, they become less wonderful after you are required to navigate them multiple times in item fetch quests. Expand
  22. Jul 20, 2011
    This is the DLC Fallout fans have been waiting for since Broken Steel and Point Lookout were released for Fallout 3. In fact, it blows those two out of the water in nearly every aspect. A must buy for every Fallout fan.

    I picked up this DLC earlier today and even though I've only played it for about 45 minutes, it already blows away the previous DLCs from either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New
    Vegas. It provides everything a good DLC pack should - A sprawling, interesting area ripe for exploration, witty, hilarious dialogue (I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout the first few conversations) and an engrossing story. Collapse
  23. Jul 20, 2011
    This DLC was the best of all. It was full of awesome weapons and armor. You can go back to Big Mountain anytime you want and do all the secrets. Best DLC of the year!
  24. Jul 19, 2011
    At long last, a Fallout DLC which delivers MORE than anticipated. New Vegas finally has a DLC even better than Point Lookout that actually makes the player want to immerse themself in the setting rather than purchase the content for loot. The dialogue is extremely hilarious and the ambiance of the location truly makes you feel like you're in some sort of 1980's science comical-horror film.
  25. Jul 19, 2011
    One of the better DLC's for the Fallout games. clocking in around 4 hours of gameplay, this one adds another sci-fi storyline (but better than Mothership Zeta from FO3). I enjoyed the lack of human interaction in this DLC, and the addition of a more mature setting (more cussing and sexual innuendo). The DLC was entertaining, and the weapons were different. After the very dry Honest Hearts, this is more refreshing and enjoyable. Like I said, I finished it in 4 hours or a little less, but there is stuff to go back for, and the area is unlocked to back and forth when finished. Good work. Expand
  26. Jul 20, 2011
    This is the DLC Fallout fans have been waiting for since Broken Steel and Point Lookout were released for Fallout 3. In fact, it blows those two out of the water in nearly every aspect. A must buy for every Fallout fan.

    I picked up this DLC earlier today and even though I've only played it for about 45 minutes, it already blows away the previous DLCs from either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New
    Vegas. It provides everything a good DLC pack should - A sprawling, interesting area ripe for exploration, witty, hilarious dialogue (I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout the first few conversations) and an engrossing story. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

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  1. Jan 17, 2012
    Although it's larger and more fully developed than Honest Hearts, I'm afraid that Fallout: New Vegas-Old World Blues is another case of a great idea not living up to its potential.
  2. Sep 25, 2011
    There's several enjoyable hours of fighting and fetch-quests here. [Nov 2011, p.91]
  3. The best Fallout DLC to date. [Nov 2011, p.112]