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  1. Mar 6, 2012
    Awesome RPG! A must have in my opinion. This has all of the DLC for a great price. If you enjoyed Fallout it's a safe bet you would enjoy this. If you are new to RPG's try this one. Great complex story, challenging gameplay and interesting NPC's. Very long gameplay as well.
  2. Feb 13, 2012
    This is Fallout: New Vegas at it's best. It includes all dlc for more than 50% off of the game price at launch including all of the dlc. Definite buy. Too bad I only rented it. I'll have to buy the whole thing to truly experience everything but wtv I tried half of it it's awesome. 12/10
  3. Jun 3, 2012
    This game without all the down loadable content was awesome, now with all the DLC the game is ten times better. And the games like $40, all the DLC is like $45 with this you get it all and a game on top of it. If you don't own this game you need to get this game ASAP.
  4. May 27, 2012
    New Vegas when it was released in 2010 had so many issues it was virtually unplayable. I remember the sheer frustration this game caused me. Yet two years later I buy the ultimate edition and all I can do now is smile. The DLC in this game and edition of new weapons and ammo make for quite a treat. I don't quite understand what people are complaining about. Fo3 had some pretty shabby dlc. I remember point lookout locking up at least 20 times during my playthrough and the pitt wasn't much better. New Vegas has it's issues but most of these from what I have found 80 hours in the ultimate edition have been rectified. It's a good thing I wait until a game is truely complete these day. I remember all of the old gta games and how bug ridden they were. Yet they didn't get a bad rep at all. This game is about gameplay and content and you get a TON of it. I'm not walking through mountains anymore and the quests that I could not complete because they were broken before I am now able to finish. People will say the engine is dated, well this isn't fallout 4. It's a spin off and massive one at that. You have to remember that Skyrims beautiful self was being developed when this game was released. We live in a new age of gaming where bugs and lack of content can be rectified. The ultimate edition of this game does just that. New Vegas is far more thriving that fo3 and I for one enjoy this. Fo3 felt so depressing and emty at times. There are actual towns in New Vegas with the same great dialog that was found in fo3. Some like that dreary feel of fo3 and thats fine but I like blue skys and more people to talk to. Also more factions, great khans, powder gangers, the kinds, brotherhood of steel, ncr, caesars legion, and so many others in this game. Fallout 3 beyond rivit city, tenpenny tower, and paradise falls, was vastely emty. I love fo3 and it will always have a special place in my heart and now so will new vegas. I also love the addition of the weapons and ammo, so much fun! I don't miss the broken and limited weapon arsenal of fo3. I also like blue skys! While I loved the capital wasteland, the mojave is a very fun place. This game is less centered around the player like fo3 and more focused on being part of it's world. While yes the engine is dated obsidian did all it could with being able to push something that was already pushed as far as it could be in fo3. A spin off much like vice city, and san andreas was it deserves all the praise in the world. Interesting story lines, great dialog, and a game world jam packed, Funny how those previously mentioned games didn't get any flack for not being any sort of a graphical upgrade or any less buggy than gta3. Yet new vegas gets a rash of crap even after all the additional content and patches. So for the person who said they didn't patch the game is wrong read up on it! Fallout new vegas is fun, massive, and worth every penny. If not go pick up your average graphically centered 12 hour game that will collect nothing but dust after your first playthrough. This game is for hardcore fallout fans (me) and if you are don't cheat yourself by listening to how bug ridden the game is. It has bugs but all games this massive will. Never does it detract from the overall game and the broken questlines seem to be fixed. Go buy it $39.99 for well over 100 hours of gameplay. A level cap of 50, and enough perks to put a big smile on any gamers face. Yes I'm a fallout fanboy, but if obsidian would have missed the mark the first people it would have angered are the fanboys. A vast improvement from the 2010 release... Expand
  5. Oct 10, 2012
    Honestly the best game i have ever played in my life. I can honestly say after playing over 6 times all the way thru that this is a masterpiece. how it is rated 7.5 is beyond me. Who does not love running around the Mojave Waist land blowing off peoples heads.

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  1. Mar 25, 2012
    How many more reasons do you need to buy Fallout: New Vegas. With the Ultimate Edition, you will get tons of content for a fair price. If you don't already own this game, run to the stores immediately!