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  1. Oct 19, 2010
    Simply an excellent addition to the Fallout canon. An imaginative and extremely crafted story, numerous and refreshingly enjoyable side quests and engaging and thoughtful characters. This game will appeal to fans of Fallout 3 primarily, yet occasional references to previous games in the series to keep die-hard fans happy. By allowing Obsidian to create this game, it allows them to strike a near perfect balance of the complete Fallout experience. Many hours of mine have already been sunk into this game, and if you are looking for a thought-provoking enthralling video game adventure then look no more. This might sound sycophantic and gushing, yet this game really has brought a smile to my face. Roll on Fallout 4! Expand
  2. Oct 25, 2010
    I just want to add that the recent update seems to of got rid of the crashing problem. Well... It seems to for me as it hasn't crashed on me yet! :)
  3. Oct 19, 2010
    After the game forced me to restart my system 3 times in as many hours I figured I would be in for a rough ride (and a possible red ring). I didn't experience any crashes during the next 5 hours of play though which gives me hope. There are however some other serious pathfinding glitches for monsters and NPCs. One of which allowed me to complete an upper level quest (that involved killing 3 super mutants at the same time) at level 3. The introduction of the hardcore mode makes up some of the technical issues though. I'm actually having a lot of fun, as much as when I played Fallout 3, which is what I wanted but didn't really expect. Expand
  4. Oct 19, 2010
    Excellent game that excels in its narrative combines it with a well structured world to explore and with incredible voice acting. I'm only 12 hours in but the game already is well worth its value. So if you ever have time visit Vegas but be aware. It will keep you.
  5. Mar 8, 2011
    It's a great game. Carries on in the style of the last game (same game engine). Experienced wasteland warriors will know what to expect. There's a few little bugs. I had to restart from a previous save one or twice during the game. Loads of quests and sidequests. I think the humor is funnier and a little darker than the last game. Multiple companions are allowed this time.

    You can play
    anyway you want to progress the story. I went from good to evil and back as I saw fit. It can really affect your standing with different factions in the game.

    Well worth playing
  6. Oct 21, 2010
    Fallout: New Vegas is a massive step forward for the Fallout series. I've clocked 6 hours now and haven't even seen the Vegas Strip, and that's not a complaint. It's almost identical to Fallout 3 graphic-wise, suffers the same glitches here and there, and shares extremely similar mechanics. But in no way is it merely an expansion of Fallout 3. It's a totally new game and feels like one from the start. The customisation is more in-depth than I imagined. You're now able to customise your weapons from adding scopes and silencers, down to what type of bullet it fires. There's no feeling of monotony or boredom anymore and the game is even more challenging (hardcore mode aside). You now have almost full control over the story, with most quests forking into several routes, letting you make important decisions for yourself. That said, it's a Fallout game, it's for the fans. If you did not like Fallout 3, there's no way you'll like New Vegas. If you haven't played a Fallout game though, this is one that would be too big a shame to miss. 10/10 Expand
  7. Oct 20, 2010
    Fallout New Vegas is a truley outstanding game and in my oppinion, it's everything you liked about Fallout 3, but somehow manages to step it up to the next level. Everything Obsedian decided to change from the former title is for the better. The ability to play in real time alone is enouph to make me like this game more than FO3. They have added COD like iron sights to most of the guns and also the awsome vats animations when you kill someone happen in real time as well. Vats is still here and better than ever with more real looking animations that never get old. Weopon Mods, Companion Wheel, and double the weopons from FO3, they've got my money! Expand
  8. Oct 19, 2010
    This game is good there shouldn't be any negative reviews because it is a good game. I highly disliked mw2 but gave it a decent score because I relized it was a decently made game. vegas has its problems ( mostly tech), but all games do and that shouldn't stop a game from getting good reviews, which is why a 0 for this game or almost any game for that matter should not be an option.
  9. Nov 14, 2010
    Great game. I have had very few glitches, so i cannot comment on those. The game has new editions to it to keep it fresh, and i've found it highly entertaining. Choices and their related consequences have a large role in the game, so multiple playthroughs is a definite option. I recommend it.
  10. Oct 20, 2010
    A marvelous addition to the Fallout franchise. Even if the bugs prohibit some players to enjoy the game to it's fullest. They are a minor inconvenience to an otherwise excellent game. The story is compelling, the graphics still hold up to today's standards. Overall, an excellent and a must buy game.
  11. Oct 20, 2010
    By no means is this game perfect and some patches are needed but the core gameplay should more than satisfy and fan of Fallout 3. I have played this game for 9 hours so far and have had trouble turning it off because I want to keep exploring. More cool weapons and more interesting places and people. If you have space I suggest installing it to your hard drive and it will run more smoothly. It froze a few times so Kavorkian gives it a 0? Makes sense, might want to check your xbox. I love how its either 10 or 0 for user reviews haha. Expand
  12. Oct 26, 2010
    Not much should be said about this game but, if I could say it all in a sentence it would be this. This was amazing installment in the Fallout series for sure. I played this game from start to finish and all of the optional missions that were involved. When I was finished with the game I was speechless. All of the different endings were amazing. One way you could also put it would be THE PERFECT GAME. I know what you're asking then. Why did I give this game the Rating that I did. The answer to that is the glitches. All of the game was interesting, fun, exciting, bloody (everything a hardcore or average game would want) but the glitches should have not been as bad as they were. I mean when enemy's and good guy's spawned, they would appear in the walls, in the ground and even underground so you couldn't see them yet, they were hitting you. Another bad glitch that could have possibly ruined the whole story was the glitch where you had the passport to the New Vegas Strip but for some reason you weren't able to get inside. Overall This game was amazing. If the glitches weren't a problem then this game would have gotten a 10. The last thing I have to say about this game is this. For the game known as the longest game in history is should also be marked as the greatest game in history.

    Peace Out, TheRealDeal
  13. Mar 11, 2011
    This has got to be my favourite current gen game to be honest. Sure, its true what everyone is saying about the bugs and freezes, its ridden with the damn things, but just like its predecessor this game is so addictive. It's impossible to put it down once you start playing. The immersion and atmosphere levels are through the roof. And "Hardcore" mode is the best challenging inducing feature set ive seen since I played System Shock 2 all those years ago. The sheer depth and intelligence of the entire game is just... wow! I cant even describe it. I love this game soOOoo much. Thank you Bethesda and Obsidian. Thank you very much. Expand
  14. Mar 5, 2011
    After 2 years without a new fallout game you expect something new right? Well you get a new City and a bunch of new quests but really there wasn't any big improvments from fallout 3. If you haven't played and of the fallouts i say go pick up fallout 3 because its a better game and you get it for about 30$ less
  15. Feb 14, 2011
    Simply a great game, and a credit to the Fallout name. The game has lasting story, and there are at least three of them. This games major feature, as with all the previous games, is its instant replay value. The only thing that makes this game a 9 at best is that it has no real innovations from the last game.
  16. Oct 20, 2010
    Fallout: New Vegas has taken everything that worked well from Fallout 3 and expanded on it. The world is massive, beautiful, immersing, and jam packed full of content, quests, factions and unique characters. Iron Sights, Hardcore Mode, Weapon Mods, Factions, and countless other new features make this game a vast improvement for the franchise. The choppy framerate was easily fixed with a quick file patch, and I am sure Bethesda will be releasing some official version of the fix in the near future. Expand
  17. Oct 21, 2010
    If you liked Fallout 3, you'll like this. Its funny, dark, and the combat is nice. The addition of iron sights makes gunfighting much more enjoyable. I like the revamped companion system too.

    Its got bugs, Bethesda will release patches.
  18. Oct 21, 2010
    It's just Fallout 3...IN A NEW LOCATION! There's nothing wrong with that people! Fallout 3 was awesome and it ended too quickly! Albeit, there ARE some technical issues, and I'm sure Bethesda is working around the clock to fix them! But don't let these FEW issues deter you from this game if you were crazy for Fallout 3!
  19. Oct 23, 2010
    Its basically fallout 3. It has bugs but a few save files fix that. The RPG mechanics are solid as ever, although if your not thinking very hard about the your characters future in the game then you could get very frustrated and stuck...but a couple save files, and saving every 15 minutes, eliminates those pesky moments. This game is a great RPG and I have been fully engaged into this game from the moment I put the game in. I highly recommend this game to any fallout or RPG fanatic, but for those who enjoy skillful shooting you should look elsewhere. Expand
  20. Oct 24, 2010
    Before I say my thoughts on the game, I have to say that I'm appalled at the way you people are reviewing it. Saying "Oh, I love this game but its really buggy" and then giving it a 0? That rating to me makes no sense at can't give a 0 to a game you love. Or saying "I refuse to buy this game" and giving it a 1? IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME DON"T REVIEW IT! You people are tarnishing the score for this game by giving it crazy low ratings over one or two negatives while neglecting all of the positives.

    I'm about 10 hours into the game and so far I love it. Fallout 3 is my favorite game, so New Vegas has a lot to live up to for me...but so far it's doing it. Unlike Fallout 3 where you really had to go looking for side quests, New Vegas is jam packed with various things to do. I've barely traveled at all, still near the first town, played for 10 hours, and have only done 1 main quest so far. The new iron sights mechanic is excellent, as is the fact that critical strikes are played in slo-mo even if not in VATS. Caravan (the original card game within New Vegas) was hard to understand at first, but once I got the hang of it it's super fun...and a great way to make some extra caps. As far as the has frozen on me once, but besides that I've gotten zero. I know that a lot of people are having different experiences, but come on people...there's a patch coming out soon anyways. Just save often and stop your **** because they're working on a fix.

    In conclusion, this game has a lot to live up to in order to be on the level of Fallout 3, but so far it seems to be doing just that. The bugs aren't EVEN CLOSE to a game changer. Get this game, you'll love it.
  21. Oct 24, 2010
    although there is a few annoying bugs this game is still awesome game im loving it.loads of graphic violence beuitfully crafted map heaps of quirky characters and loads more.and once the serious bugs a fixed everyone will enjoy it
  22. Oct 26, 2010
    I love this game! I cant stop playing it. Ive gone to bed way too late every night since its come out.
    More quests, customizable weapons, and a western sort of feel to the game too. More of an interesting story line for sure! Graphics are the same as Fallout 3, though, there is a lot more depth & many improvements to the game.

    I seriously recommend that you try playing it on Hardcore.
    It adds even more to the game ;-)

    Only a few glitches, like fire ants walking around with their thorax' in the ground. Rad Scorpions get stuck on a rock and also walk around with their heads underground. But most of the time its all good.
  23. Oct 26, 2010
    Why do i get the feeling i just paid $100 dollars to run Beta for a large gaming production? I paid this money so that i can put a disk in my PC load on a game and float away in an imaginary world, instead im stuck patching this, installing a lost .dll file, changing a wordpad doc while clapping my heads and spinning around backwards saying i got suckered by a large game production company. EPIC FAIL. As much as i still want to play a finished version of this game, me and all of those having these problems shouldt be put through this.. i didint pay 'Beth' money so that i can read up forums and fix the game myself!! Expand
  24. Oct 27, 2010
    I am disgusted by the things I see written by users on this site. Everyone feels the need to compare this game to Fallout 3, when a better comparison would be to compare it to the first two games of this juggernaut franchise. Scoring a game low simply because it was developed on a broken engine that is a updated version of another engine that is nearly 10 years old is absolutely ludicrous. Games have bugs. Period. No one scored Modern Warfare 2 ridiculously low when it was released even though people could fly across the map and stab you, or because people could use infinite care packages to gain the upper hand. To top it all off, that game was released by the evil empire of the industry, Activision, who are notorious at allowing buggy games through, with no intention of fixing them. Instead people reserve their hatred for one of the smaller "big" companies in the industry, because fanboys seem to dominate this rather elite "thing of ours." So let's look at the facts shall we... Fallout 3 was released in 2008 with almost all of the same glitches and bugs present in FO:NV. And they all got fixed. The problem isn't the game, it is the engine. A weak engine allows bugs to slip through. At least Bethesda gave us another game while we waited for the id Tech 5 engine to be tweaked for the eventual development and release of Fallout 4. So rather than becoming so tied up with graphics, bugs that will take mere months to correct, or any other petty crap that childish fanboys can dream up, lets look at the real meat and potatoes...the game itself. Fallout 3 was good. Fallout: New Vegas is a masterpiece. In Fallout 3 we were treated with a beautifully horrific wonderland to explore, but we got that at the expense of the story. Fallout: NV returns us to the original world of Fallout by bringing in the storytellers of the first two arcs. In New Vegas I have met characters that I actually care about. Like Heck Gunderson, who has lost his son and wants nothing more than to find him. Or Chief Hanlon, a NCR Ranger who is a masterful storyteller in his own right. Even the evil and absolutely terrifying Legate Lanius, a monster, but a monster you care about. These people, and the day-to-day struggle for survival they are embroiled in, create a storyline that rivals some of the most story driven games on the market today. But even storylines aren't everything, and in this respect FO:NV shines as well. From a re-imagined leveling system to the crafting of healing items and ammo, this games allows for a player's creativity to take them through the adventure, and not the game's development and design. Even the difficulty of the game has been improved with harder enemies and the all-new Hardcore Mode...a first for the industry. Hardcore Mode in itself creates a completely different game for players to experience. Even if a person wants to attack the tech side of this game, I would simply retort with a bevy of moments that this game severely outshines it's predecessor. Like when you walk up over a hill and are greeted with the first sight of New Vegas shining across a nighttime wasteland. Or when you watch the sunset from deep inside the canyons of the Colorado River. Or when you first lay your eyes upon the monstrosity of the Hoover Dam. Or even when you first walk into the slums of Freeside and you hear the low murmur of partying, gambling, and the inhabitants of yet another slum. As a designer myself I want to point your attention to a fellow designer, one of the minds behind the amazing Gears Of War games, Cliff Blezinski..."Games are created by humans, and no human is infallible. Bugs get through, but they can be fixed. What counts at the end of the day is whether or not the game in itself is good. Remember there is always a patch, but there isn't a patch for a bad game." So rather than trying to burn a wonderful world and it developers and designers, grow up and see what is really there. While this game isn't perfect (and no game you ever play will be), it is more deserving than most. A solid 9 out of 10. Expand
  25. Oct 28, 2010
    I have just over eight hours into this game and have found everything that I loved about Fallout 3 is still included in FO:NV. Some new strategies and aspects to the game that expand the previous ways to do the game. I have not had a single instance of a bug or of any weird happenings since beginning the game.
  26. Oct 30, 2010
    I loved Fallout 3. I also had the opportunity to play NV at E3 and I dismissed it as more of the same. But more of the same, and it's a lot more, is actually fine by me. The small additions have made the intensified the feeling of survival. The new world is rich and full of surprises. My only criticism with the story is that it starts weak, there's no creepy vault to emerge from and no interesting plot hub like megaton. The game is a bit buggy, but so was Fallout 3 and because the game is so rich with content this is somewhat excusable. It's more of the same but it's still one of the best games out there. Expand
  27. Oct 30, 2010
    This game really captured the essence of Vegas and held my interest for hours on end. It has a wide variety of options and side-quests and you can also decide the outcome of the game. Though there are some bugs that will probably be fixed by updates it does not take the addictiveness away from this thrilling game. I would suggest this game to anyone who loves expansive worlds where there is always something to do. I also suggest buying it on Xbox 360 because an exclusive DLC (downloadable content) is coming out on Xbox only. Expand
  28. Mar 9, 2011
    New Vegas is a strange beast. At first, I was unimpressed with its seeming failure to improve on anything from Fallout 3. In fact, some aspects of the game actually seemed to have devolved, at first. The game can be glitchy and you will notice how unpolished it is rather quickly, especially in dialogue and during multi-step quests. The content feels slopped on, somewhat haphazardly. I found these flaws annoying, at first, but the bottom line came to be that New Vegas is simply, utterly addictive. There is a LOT more combat in New Vegas than in Fallout 3, and you will level much faster. Quests are quicker to complete and you have a lot of choices with where you want to take the main quest line. The world is smaller than Fallout 3, but with seemingly just as many locations. You will do far less roaming through the vast emptiness of the wasteland and far more interacting with NPCs, fighting enemies, looting abandoned gas stations and shacks and stumbling upon intriguing caves, buildings and settlements. The world of New Vegas is also significantly more populated than the Fallout 3 world, giving the game a much more interactive feel. The Reputation system, back from Fallout 2, makes a lot more sense than the karma system (even though it still exists). Essentially, New Vegas packed Fallout 3 into a smaller world, with more enemies, NPCs, quests, factions, weapons and locations. Unlike Fallout, where it could easily take hours to complete a quest or level up, you can churn out several quests and level at will in New Vegas. This makes for a very satisfying gaming experience, even though the game content could have spent another 4-6 months in development. Expand
  29. Mar 9, 2011
    xbox360 Fallout New Vegas has many same troubles that have a easy fix. Game was very laggy for play and it took long to load game area. FIX: Get rid of 90% - 99% of YOUR game Saves. Thia also works with many other games on xbox360 Game now runs smooth and no crashes or laggy play.
  30. Apr 16, 2011
    I adore this game. After sinking many fun-filled hours into Fallout 3, I was very excited about New Vegas. The formula is still pretty much the same: wander a wasteland taking on side quests and tracking down and purchasing items which are managed by your Pip-Boy, while killing monsters using the VATS targetting system, all in 2008 graphics which have aged quite well.
    Sure, things are
    pretty much the same, but anyone who gets p*ssed off by that is missing the point of the game. The Mojave Wasteland is tremendous fun to explore, bound with constant surprises. As an example, I once came out of an abandoned robotics store to be greeted by three wild grannies straight out of Monty Python! The game is truly brilliant, and the excellent additions of the factions and reputations system is a very welcome one. There are also quite a few subtle touches too, such as being able to craft ammunition. The graphics may be old, but I have never had so much fun with Fallout. Expand
  31. Jul 4, 2011
    In my opinion, this game is one of the best open world games you could find. The Mojave wasteland is full of locations that are fun to explore, and enemies to shoot. The main quest is also filled with many decisions that effect the outcome of the game. You will probably not dislike much with this game, (except for the many glitches). So if you are looking for a game to buy, I suggest you get this one. Expand
  32. Jan 28, 2012
    this is the first fallout game i bought and i love it. my friend told me it was skyrim with guns so i bought it. to all of you wondering what fallout is its basically skyrim with guns. it does have alot of glitches but i still love it it has GREAT gameplay i highly reccomend
  33. Mar 15, 2012
    Best game of 2010. Excellent work. A good story. Great ending. Excellent replayability. I'm a fan of the second part. New Vegas did not disappoint me. I do not understand people who give low scores. The creators have made a masterpiece.
  34. Mar 23, 2012
    Between Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I find New Vegas to be the more entertaining game. New Vegas has many more quests, factions you can interact with and that excellent Fallout style world to explore. Companions have much more life in this game, the main quest can end many different ways, and you can blow all your caps at the casinos. The atmosphere doesn't feel as apocalyptic, the beginning of the game is mostly linear, and Cazadores will give you nightmares. The game adds a "hard" mode which requires you to keep track of your hunger, thirst, and sleep. It makes for a fun challenge if you're the type of person who prefers a difficult game. The game has many great things about it. However, it also suffers from many problems. The game is still on Gamebryo, and so suffers from the engine's problems. Textures might not render properly, graphics can clip, things like that. The game has an extremely annoying tendency to freeze on loading screens, forcing you to restart and lose progress (save often) and there are many game-breaking bugs just waiting to be found. If you're willing to wade through the mess of bugs (and it can be extremely difficult to ignore them) New Vegas is an excellent game, with a lot of story to fill up your time and keep you waiting for Fallout: 4.
    True Score: 8.6, rounded up to 9.
  35. Jun 27, 2012
    First, I would like to state that my review concerns the latest, fully patched, version of the game, not the game as it was right after release. That being said I would like start with the game's flaws, as even this game is not perfect. The graphics speaks for itself I think - Bethesda's old engine just cannot dream to be on par with latest productions, but graphics is not what this game is about. Apart from that there are some glitches that may occasionally resurface like character ending up stuck in some invisible force field, items and critters not spawning correctly in some areas (re-loading the location usually helps), script triggers not working properly at times, rather long load times. All those may be annoying but are not able to really spoil the fun. What we got from Obsidian is nothing less but a true blood Fallout RPG, for the first time since 1998 and Fallout 2. Not only is it a rightful continuation to the franchise, but also a grand improvement comparing to painfully simplistic Fallout 3. The main plot is pretty simple, like in all Fallout games, but this time the player has a truly extraordinary control over the outcome of the story. Each and every choice influences the Mojave Desert area in some way. Completing quests may not have consequences immediately but later in the game our previous decisions may prove crucial. Aside from the main storyline there are at dozens of side quests - some of them longer, some shorter - all well-designed and interesting. In FNV there are many old-new features. Old because they were present in the original Fallouts 1 & 2, new because they were drastically simplified or totally omitted in F3. Some of these are: Levelable companions with interesting backgrounds and a "companion wheel" to control their behaviour. Traits are back! Reputation and fraction system. Maintenance bar for weapons and armours as well as minimal requirements to use weapons. Various ammunition types. Multitude of new, useful and interesting perks. Last but not least: Hardcore mode - a nightmare of Fallout 3 fans (or rather - of Fallout 3's simplicity fans). In this optional difficulty level, some of Bethesda's simplifications, like instantly-healing stimpacks or weightless ammo, vanish and the game itself gets a survival aspect, never present before, PC needs to sleep, eat and hydrate regularily - I strongly recommend ticking it on. One more thing - world map. The area in NV is a bit smaller than that presented in F3 but is more densely packed with locations and monster encounters - what should be a good news to those bored with running through a nearly empty, nearly critterless desert of Capital Wasteland. Overall - the game has some minor flaws but they should not interfere with experiencing one of the best RPGs ever created by man. The game (without dlcs) has a gemetime potential of even 100+ hours if you want to discover every location and do every quest. Moreover, if you want to exploit every possibility and gain every achievement you will want to start over and take a different path, siding with other factions and completing quests in alternative ways. Objectively, my score should be 9,5, because of the flaws, but I give it 10 as in reality it does not deserve less. Buy and play. Amen. Expand
  36. Aug 15, 2013
    Shares my top spot of best game ever with Fallout 3. Simply amazing. Great character development, great story, many ways to play, post apocalyptic world etc. Can't hope for much more. Load times are long, yes. Some bugs exist, yes. Who cares when the game is simply brilliant.
  37. Nov 6, 2010
    This game is a great, the guns are great, the story is great, the map is great. Only one thing gets me annoyed, the amount of time it takes to load when you fast travel. Other than that a great addition to the fallout family.
  38. Nov 29, 2010
    Truly an epic sequel as it is far more expansive and atmospheric than its predeccesor, infact the only reason i am not giving this a 10/10 is simply to do with all the glitches. They are not just small ones too, there are ones that will make you start from a previous save or even from the beginning of the game entirely. I hope that Bethesda really cracks down on these glitches and releases the patch to make this spectacular game just that much better.

    But that aside the gameplay definintely feels better with the addition of the iron sights and the new weapons makes it fun blowing of the heads of the many creatures of the wastelands. The weapons vary from simple hand gun all the way to bolt action 50. cal sniper, but if fighting isn't your thing maybe a bit of gambling will make this game good for you as there is always places to gamble in the strip. Overall it's a must buy there is too many things to list, that's how expansive it is so really get out there and get yourselfe a copy you won't be disapointed
  39. Oct 30, 2010
    BIG ups to the Fallout crew, this is one outstanding game. I played the hell out of F 3 and all of the expansions. New Vegas is the perfect compliment to them. Bottom line is this...if you love Fallout 3 there is no way you should miss this gem. Get it. Now.
  40. Dec 19, 2010
    I'm going to rate this game based on several categories, then combine them with different weights and come to a conclusion.

    Gameplay: 9 - Pretty much the same, fun Fallout 3 gameplay with minor changes. I enjoy the combat much more because it is more difficult. Enemies actually wear armor and can be quite difficult. The main storyline isn't so great, but I really enjoyed the sidequests.
    There was also a lot more mini quests that you could do. Factions are also a nice improvement with reputation for each one.
    Playability: 7 - Not where the game shines. Buggy, glitchy, laggy, and crashy. I wrote this after the patch on the Xbox 360 and they still haven't fixed it all. Controls work well, and I for one enjoy that it is somewhat difficult to line up a shot on a fast moving target. If only it wasn't so badly bugged.
    Replayability: 9 - Very fun to play again as an evil or good character. The story changes quite a lot if you change your playstyle your second or third time through. The only problem is the bugs might drive some away after a while. I haven't ever ran into a game-breaking bug though.
    Sounds: 9 - Guns sound pretty good (not the pots and pans sound of CoD, but also not the realistic sound of Battlefield), as do explosions. Character voices are pretty good. Ambient noises are great, and with a good sound system you can always hear some thing going on.
    Overall: 8.6 - If you are like me, and don't have much of a problem with the occasional bug and crash, then you will be fine and love to play this game over and over. Sadly, these things can happen and definitely didn't help it's score. I would love to have given this game a 9+, but can't with all the bugs it still has. If you looking for more Fallout 3, with a new look, then you are looking at the right game.
  41. Aug 3, 2011
    Great game. It takes the best elements from Fallout 3 and improves upon them. The various quests and factions are superb, and even the ending is great. Hardly anything about this game can be criticized in earnest. I can't wait to see what the next Fallout is like.
  42. Nov 2, 2010
    If you liked Fall Out 3, you will love this game. While I do think the story suffers in comparison to Fall Out 3, Bethesda has outdown itself with a huge map to explore. Seemingly every character has a side quest for your pleasure. Hands down a must buy for RPG fans. Many people complain about bugs, but there have been some patches since the release date, and I have seen few problems. This game is great. Expand
  43. Nov 4, 2010
    Imagine, if you will, a really, really big expansion pack to Fallout 3. That is basically what Fallout: New Vegas is. In many ways Fallout: New Vegas is bigger than Fallout 3 because it contains more guns, locations and people. Only a few features were added (e.i. Companion Wheel, true iron sights), but everything else was kept the same, which is a very good thing. Karma is still there, but it plays less of a role to the new Reputation system. Their are many factions (some petty, some not so much), and all your choices impact your relationship with them. While still being extremely fun, the game manages to have a downside. I guess a consequence of having so much stuff in your game is that numerous bugs and glitches will be present. And their are many. Most are more annoying than game breaking, but it still sucks when your half way through a quest and the game freezes or you find out you can't go through a certain door because you completed a certain quest a certain way (and yes, their is a glitch like that). But all in all, this game is fun. The locations, people, guns, and heck, even the enemies are cool. Expand
  44. Nov 7, 2010
    The game has a couple of glaring bugs, but they will probably be fixed shortly. I think reviewers have taken to overlooking bugs when they know they won't persist for long in the game. It's a good sequel to a great game - following the pretty standard recipe for making a good sequel to a game like fallout 3. Everything the original had, and a lot of complexity added in game play mechanics.

    If you just load up the game and start playing it, you won't see immediately obvious differences from 3. Basically all this means is that the graphics haven't changed dramatically. But just about everything else has. The item creation system is great, you can mod weapons, there are separate martial arts moves, special attributes have more direct effects on your game play experience etc. In hardcore mode, many more items in the game have some importance as you have to eat, sleep and stay hydrated. They tweaked armor and combat to be more fun. The only real downside I saw to this game was that the story didn't seem as profound to me as the first one. It's basically about a bunch of known or predictable factions fighting over ownership of a dam, just in the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world. There are a couple of sci-fi style plot twists but nothing really unpredictable. This game seems more sandbox than 3.
  45. Nov 19, 2010
    I just passed the 100 hour mark and I'm not even half way through this incredible game. Anyone who rates this lower than a 9.5 is an uncultured philistine. Obsidian deserves the eternal gratitude of the gaming community for actually managing to evolve the Fallout formula, while most other big franchises are devolving into crap (Grand Theft Auto, Fable, Castlevania, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, etc.). Sure, it has crashed on me a few times but I never lose more than a few minutes. I would wait for a patch to fix the bugs if i could stop playing. The overall score HAS to be a 10! Expand
  46. Dec 19, 2010
    Apart from the crippling bugs, Fallout: New Vegas is a brilliant installment in the Fallout series. Mixing elements from the first two games, New Vegas took me back years and years while maintaining a fun and challenging new feel. The small tweaks in gameplay like iron-sights, weapon add-ons, and new ammo give life-long fans a new dimension to the traditional 'kill 'em all with v.a.t.s.' style of play. It's a masterpiece, a bloody, glitchy masterpiece. Expand
  47. Dec 10, 2010
    Great game. There's so much to do, i've been distracted since i got it, the day it was released, i haven't even beaten it. and it's massive, but not... to be blunt, ridiculously massive, like Fallout 3. It's everything Fallout 3 should have been. A graphics improvement is the only bad thing i can possibly think of, in terms of faults.
  48. Dec 21, 2010
    This is a typical Bethesda game. It's absolutely brilliant, just to say. The sheer amount of styles, dialogue, choices, everything. It's literally any way you want to play it. You can be mean, smart, smooth-talking, an energy weapons specialist, melee fighter, anything. There's a hardcore mode which is fantastic fan service for those hardcore players. The story is absolutely stellar, just like every other Fallout. The Wasteland is so chock full of content and detailed locations that you can easily lose 100 hours playing.

    Now, I'll go to the bad part. One autosave could deter forgetful players or general idiots. I myself have over 80 saves logged out of sheer habit, because the game crashes rather often, especially after prolonged periods of playing.

    Next, Bethesda has pulled a classic slip. SO MANY BUGS! Ugh. My autosave corrupts ANY TIME I try to enter The Strip. It's so obnoxious. There are small things and big things that will just downright piss you off, but the game is so good I forgave it every time. True fans of Fallout, I ask you to do the same.
  49. Dec 26, 2010
    A great step in the right direction for the FO universe. Adding the dark humor of those who made the original FO games (Obsidian) as well as adding ADS, hardcore, and factions makes it a game that will never be the same game twice. A problem with bugs like FO3 though, but nothing that has made playing it a pain or chore me. Luckily no freezes or corrupted saved game files. Barring that a great addition the the FO Universe. Expand
  50. Dec 26, 2010
    at first i thought this game was pretty much gonna be an add on to fallout 3 there is many more unique weapons and its is a must buy. its has its ups and downs but there are about at least 3 downs but many more ups to make up for it
  51. Jan 3, 2011
    What a wonderful game! I just saw that I played 35 hours in the save feature and am no way near the end, probably half way through at this stage. I have noticed a few minor bugs, but cannot agree with the negative reviews, the bugs don't impact my enjoyment of the game. Sure, if you like COD, then this might not be your game but if you like your FPS-RPG, it is a fantastic game. Should you up get the "Animal Perk" to keep the death claws at bay or better upgrade your VATS accuracy? If those questions get your gaming juices flowing, then this is your game. The game is better than Fallout Out 3 (although it is obviously an extension, not really a new game), as the hardcore mode is great, also it feels like the Speech, Science and other skills are more powerful this time round. The different factions are just fascinating to explore and I just recently stumbled across the Brotherhood of Steel. Love it! Expand
  52. Jan 24, 2011
    Fallout: New Vegas effectively captures the soul of the original games in making a dynamic choice-driven world. I can only speak for people similar to myself, but I would strongly recommend this to fans of the original.

    What did the game do particularly well?
    -complex choices with in-game consequences -non-linear quests with multiple solutions
    -I loved the old west cowboy aesthetic

    -better developed companions
    -the Mojave fits together much better than the capital wasteland, ie. factional conflict is explained
    -interesting crafting skills
    -the game forces you to make tradeoffs in character design, and as you level allowing for a diversity of different kinds of characters to build

    What was less good?
    -Apparently the game is buggy. I haven't experienced this, but if you play nonstop for a few hours load-times go up. Then again, if you are playing for a few hours, I'd say that is a sign of a good game.
    -The voice acting is better than Fallout 3 and Morrowind, but still not up to par with Bioware's RPG's.
  53. Sep 21, 2011
    Picked this up for £10 a week ago in Sainsbury's and what a bargain. While the game eschews the starker, slightly more realistic tone of its predecessor, it falls comfortably into the lore established by the older Fallout titles.

    The game has also benefitted considerably from updates since launch and many of the glitches and bugs that put me off in reviews at the time of
    release have been sorted out.

    The game hides the clunkier aspects of RPG-dom well, but still gives you enormous freedom in how you approach your quests and the gore is just hilarous.

    A really interesting world to explore and very compelling gameplay. Obsidian knocked it out of the park, IMO. New DLC is out today too, so get on board!
  54. Aug 16, 2011
    I know a lot of people dont like this game, but I consider it one of the best games of all time! I Played Fallout 2 and this game made me remember a lot of things of f fallout 2.
  55. Sep 29, 2012
    Despite what others say about the game being buggy and crash-prone, I still find the game greatly enjoyable. Even with people saying at they are still using the same engine, it is still an engine that allows us to play great fun games. I definitely reckon this is a game worth buying.
  56. Mar 2, 2012
    Let me start by saying this game has never been glitchy or buggy in my time playing with it, it has never crashed, broken or stop working. Most peopleseem to have different stories to mine but after 42 hours of gameplay fallout has yet agian captured my heart and imagination. Fallout 3 in my opinion was a better game due to a larger world, more quests and generally more populated environment.I'll start with the bad points; some of the quests are very dull and long, they aren't very exciting at some points but in contrast some are fun, interesting and replayable. Another poor mention is no sprint button and being 'overcucumbered' at very annoying times, this can lead to frustration and boredom. Also unlike fallout 3 some of the quests are very obscure and this causes people to use the wiki for almost everything which can ruin the story, remember to use it in moderation. And the final bad thing is probably, the wasteland can get very lonely and unless you have online so you can talk to your friends, it can get boring and like me i abandoned it for a while and couldn't get back into the story etc so i had to start again. The good things are the combat has been improved marginally with the inclusion of ironsights and guns feel heaftier and more accurate. Another thing is the huge amount of things to do if you can find them, there are mini objectives such as finding all the snowglobes, mini nukes etc, this for me was very fun and helped me expore the world in full, i probably would never have found some of the locations Also you may feel compelled by a longer and stronger storyline this time round with the main aim at the end obviously Vegas. Some momens of pure brilliance occur in the game and suprisingly obsidian really did deliver a very Fallouty sort of game, the sub developers really did capture the magic of the Fallout universe. Expand
  57. Mar 31, 2011
    This game was really entertaining, It builds off of what Fallout 3 was able to accomplish. The weapons were cool and the modding system Kept things interesting. I never had an issue with bugs and I am still playing through trying to complete as many quests as I can. If you liked 3 you will like this, especially because you should be able to find it used so it will be cheap. If you are on the fence or looking for a game to entertain you buy this you won't be disapointed. Expand
  58. MJR
    Apr 23, 2011
    The game is fun, huge and interesting. What more can one ask for? While it is very similar to Fallout 3 in presentation there are a lot of new things to do in New Vegas. The faction system adds a new dynamic and the strip is really amazing to explore. It's not a classic like Fallout 3 because it is so similar and while that's not a bad thing it is the reason I am not giving it a 10. If you liked Fallout 3 and are hungry for more, much much more, then this is the game for you. It's not Fallout 4, it's New Vegas baby! Expand
  59. Apr 24, 2011
    There is so many things to do in this game, tons of replay value. Updates fixing bugs but it is still glitchy. Some I find hilarious so ill let it go unless it crashes the game. Games now a days are so linear but this is truely an open world and so many decisions to make. I only mark it down to a 9 because of small glitches. The new faction system gives this game so many more choices to make and that is where the replay value comes in. Replay the game joining different factions and use different classes. Expand
  60. May 14, 2011
    Fallout is a very good game all you have to do is more than you do for normal games because it has some glitches and sometimes lags people who rate this game bad are tards because there are about 150 quest and they all vary in length and difficulty. My final point is that fallout only costs 30 dollars and even less than that if buy it used hater need to shut up.
  61. May 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Simply a stunning game, although with no major additions to Fallout New Vegas, it offers 150+ more quests, a new giant world to explore , a new rich quest-line with multiple endings, and much more. And for only $30 it's well worth the money. Expand
  62. Jun 14, 2011
    Fallout New Vegas Is my favorite game of all time. It's basically fallout 3 with a better story and more toys. This game is the ultimate nerdgasm. The guns... there are some guns in this game... And the characters... and the plot once you get over the start, when you finally start to understand... best game ever.
  63. Oct 7, 2011
    A good game [period] The storyline is great, it provides RPG elements that aren't really difficult to understand, a huge world to explore, loads of enemies to shoot / beat / blow up / poison / whatever. Though it's extremely glitched, but I don't think that counts too much. It also has the downfall of being overwhelmed by too many quests at the same time, or too many enemies at the same time. But get a companion (or solo if you prefer) and just pick one, you'll have a good time no matter what. The final flaw I'd like to mention is how depressing it can get, you look out at the half-dead world just kinda get sad, but it also adds to the story, that again: the world is half-dead. Expand
  64. Nov 30, 2011
    Is this game flawed? Yes. Is it ambitious? Yes. Is it fun to play? Yes. I loved this game from start to finish. A large play area and aa well-written and involving story have kept me playing for hours. I agree that a game with so many bugs on release shouldn't really receive a perfect 10. These have been fixed through a series of updates now though and the game is fantastic to play. Many people gave ME2 10's despite its flaws and lack of a decent plot or any rpg elements, despite being marketed as an rpg. How that was rewarded for false advertising is beyond me. Want an RPG with guns and depth, buy this. Want a shooter pretending to be an rpg? Buy me2 Expand
  65. Nov 8, 2011
    was hypo, I absolutley loved it, I played on it for hours at a time and got so far into the storyline. Let me just say, the game is worth about Ã
  66. Nov 10, 2011
    Although with many glitches, is still a great game. This game is the same as fallout 3, it is like a map pack for 3 and could be a DLC but they have added some things like aim down sights which is nice. I enjoyed this game but I hope future fallout games are more different.
  67. Nov 12, 2011
    Improves on fallout 3 in many areas of game-play, the story is still fun and creative and like all Bethesda games there is plenty to do. Minor issues include the invisible walls in mountainous areas and the lack of improvement in textures from Fallout 3. However these issues in no way ruin what is a fantastic game.
  68. Nov 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Do not listen to the nay sayers of Fallout: New Vegas. This game is truly remarkable. The vast open wasteland filled with hundreds of quests, NPC's, ridiculous weapons and crazy wildlife is not only genius but significantly important in lasting appeal. The game has plenty for you to keep coming back to and with the addition of DLC the abundance of Fallout fun gets even bigger. You will never get tired of walking the watsteland and discovering abandoned homes and facilities, caves and canyons or even populated communities with each individual to their own story. If you love an open world game this is for you. Fallout 3 players will enjoy this considerably and Elder Scroll fans should use New Vegas as a highly respectable filler until they get their hands on Skyrim. Note the game does encounter a few bugs and graphics are not up there with majority of most games these days but don't worry, you won't be focusing on that when you witness your own execution. Expand
  69. Jan 25, 2012
    This was the first Bethesda game I had ever played. And I am impressed. This game is everything I love. Complete random enemies, an engaging plot, but best of all , the ability to do whatever I want when I want to. Exploration is the best thing about this game, as there are so many locations to loot and explore. You can make a whole business out of looting, and you can spend hours just wandering into the wasteland, looking for signs of human habitation, and running into dangerous creatures who are fun to take on. But just because you can do that, doesn' t mean that the main quest is boring at all. Oh no, even though I just only got into New Vegas, it has a very interesting path of moving you from location to location and the whole story of the NCR vs Legion is awesome too, as you have the ability to choose a side. All in all this is definitely worth your money. I only decline from giving it a perfect ten because of problems with the save system. save often because its possible a save might become corrupted. Expand
  70. Feb 13, 2012
    Best game ever. When I bought this game, I knew that it was going to be very simular to Fallout 3. But I didn't knew that it was going to be much more funnier to play, that it had a much more better story, a nicer location and, the most important, that it was much more addictive. Since the release date, I played it evry day again and again. It is such a deep experience,totally worth the buying. I would even buy it forthe double ammount of money. All the DLC were great, especcialy Honest Hearts and Old Wotld Blues. Expand
  71. Mar 11, 2012
    The sheer amount of content in the fallout games is what I really like. With many good games today I find myself being saddened that the fun came to an end in a day or two. With new vegas you'll be playing constantly and continue to find new things to do and keep entertained day in and day out.. It is funny how I always considered bethesda as like the worst game creators I knew, but that was before I discovered games like oblivion, skyrim, fallout 3, and new vegas. I cannot wait for the next fallout game to hit shelves. I hope it doesn't end soon. Expand
  72. Mar 14, 2012
    This game offers little mechanical difference from it's predecessor Fallout 3; it's uniqueness comes in it's environment. Obsidian (who contain many former Black Isle employees, developers of Fallout 1 & 2) has crafted a unique environment that will please many players. My favourite part was J.E. Sawyer's inclusion of black humor and numerous easter eggs that make exploring the wasteland fun. DLC's are average, but this is a review of the core game only. -1 for motion capture and faces as well as some minor glitches that have since been patched. Expand
  73. May 5, 2012
    Despite the shared Fallout title and environment, New Vegas and Fallout 3 play with completely different storytelling and feel. Where 3 feels empty and bleak, (not a bad thing), Vegas feels packed and alive. This game is about rebuilding and advancing as a race, where 3 was all about surviving day to day. The role the character takes in New Vegas feels much more significant, and complicated. Graphics still suffer from bugging issues, though this could be Bethesda's slogan already. The music and ambiance is a copy from 3, which is a very good thing. Weapon complexity and mechanics are vastly improved, from scopes that actually shoot where you point, to modifiable weapons and ammo. The shooter aspect of Vegas is much improved over three and makes for much more rewarding running and gunning. The dense nature of the world, compared fallout 3, is less rewarding on the exploration side, as you can get in A LOT of trouble early on in the game. Exploring comes with the much larger amount of missions. This makes the game feel more structured and restricted than Fallout 3, which for this type of game, is a minus for me. Overall, still an excellent, much longer experience than Fallout 3 that feels highly rewarding, though not without it's faults. BUGS! Expand
  74. Sep 17, 2012
    I bought this game and played it a few months after it came out, so I guess they fixed all of the bugs by then. I loved it, I did a few playthroughs, and spent over 100 hours playing it.

    The best way to describe it would be it's Fallout 3, except less gritty and much more lively of a world.
  75. Jul 1, 2012
    Got this on the PC brought it for the 360 for personal reasons so as to not hog all the time on the family PC. Looks and plays the same as the PC version, but without the modding option that just takes the edge off replay value.
  76. Aug 5, 2013
    Fallout New Vegas was a great game, the architecture was neat, the enemies were fun, you're inclined to talk to the interesting characters, and the guns were awesome. It's a really good game, I've been playing a long time, and I could almost say it deserves a solid 10. But the setbacks are only minor so I can't put it lower that a 9. The main setback is that the Mojave doesn't seem like a nuclear apocalypse happened, it simply looks like just a crummy area. The other thing is oddly enough, New Vegas. Now New Vegas looks amazing and I know that, but the problem is it draws attention away from everything else and makes it seem less exciting. Other than that, its an amazing game, and you shouldn't pass it up. Expand
  77. Sep 11, 2012
    This game is very similar in a lot of aspects, whether it be game-play mechanics, graphics and so on, however it's also a lot different. The leveling system, the abundance of side quests, hardcore mode, and the implementation of gambling make it a unique and worthwhile experience. Granted, it did not exceed our expectations set forth by it predecessor (Fallout 3), it is worth buying for the experience and the continued fun and frolic of simple playing Fallout in general. Also, if you're thinking of buying the game, it's in your advantage to pay the extra money and buy the "Ultimate Edition" with the DLCs and Gun Runner's Arsenal. Dead Money and Lonesome Road are some of the best DLCs the Fallout series, and Bethesda for the matter has to offer. Expand
  78. Nov 23, 2013
    Fallout: New Vegas was, for the most part, a great game. One of my favorites. The only problems I had with this game, is how long the loading screens lasted when going through doors, or fast travelling. Other than that, the story line was stellar, and very enjoyable.
  79. Nov 15, 2012
    One of my favourite games. Despite all it's problems, the sheer enjoyment that I got (and continue to have) from this game score it a 9/10.
    Obviously it loses a point because of the countless errors that can be stumbled upon, but I don't judge a game based on that. I judge games on how much I liked them.
    And I loved FO:NV!
  80. Dec 10, 2012
    Very similar to fallout 3 but still brilliant, odd glitches and bugs. Same graphics same gameplay would definitely recommend if a fan of fallout 3. I sympathize with people
  81. Feb 15, 2013
    I'll be honest: I much preferred this game than Fallout 3. New Vegas adds everything that Fallout 3 was missing. It made the gameplay more fun, and the environment more visually pleasing. The story isn't as good as Fallout 3's, BUT, it does add more narrative choice that lacked in FO3. While the initial bugs were annoying ,the patches have since made them almost obsolete. Overall: While it can be a bit quirky at times. New Vegas really does deliver a strong new slice of the Fallout universe. A great game that all should play. Expand
  82. Feb 6, 2013
    Fallout New Vegas has a lot to live up to. Fallout 3 was a fantastic game. How could it's sequel possibly compare? Thankfully, New Vegas is an excellent title. It may not feel quite as fresh as Fallout 3, but it's still an amazing game. Weapon mods allow increased flexibility with your armament, allowing you to attach scopes, extended mags, stocks, etc. Hardcore mode is a nice addition that forces management of your hunger, hydration, and sleep levels, in addition to more realistic healing and inventory systems. The storyline is less personal than Fallout 3, but it's branching approach allows more player freedom. The game is still fairly glitchy, and isn't a radical improvement over Fallout 3, but it's still an excellent title, and well worth your money. Expand
  83. Feb 17, 2013
    This game is really good considering that it's the first Fallout game I've ever played. The story is okay but it's a good choice that you get to support factions you like end have different endings. Graphics are good and gameplay is good. I finished this game several times and I still continue playing it now just to get the achievements and look for things I missed.
  84. Apr 28, 2013
    Life is coming back to the world with plants that are growing slowly, but danger still lurks and wants to eat the out of you. I spent hundred of hours trying to find all of the best weapons and make my character the best way I wanted, though some people complained about bugs and glitches, I have nothing to complain because I had none or barely any to ruin my experience. I never crashed as well. The story is worth to play on all sides to see the results of the choices you make throughout your many many walkthroughs on different characters. This game is a kick in the head and will make you stirring in the game for hours of adventure and looting. Expand
  85. Jun 3, 2013
    It's basically more Fallout 3, which I don't mind one bit, as Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time. Where it lacks in story, it makes up in other innovations like customized weapons and ammo. The hunger aspect is also interesting, though I didn't use it too much. Definitely worth picking up if you like Fallout.
  86. Sep 11, 2013
    Fallout New Vegas is a wonderful addition to the Fallout game series with alot more potential with the past game of Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas takes you through the beautiful wasteland of the Mojave Desert. You take place as a courier who first tries to get revenge and get your package back for a delivery to the mysterious character known as "Mr. House". little do you know that you know there were a few factions fighting for the fresh water of Hoover Dam. Legion, led by Caesar, also a group of slavers from the east. NCR, An army from the west who's natural enemy is Legion. And then you also have yes man who is just an idiotic robot who wants you to rule the wastes yourself. This game is beautiful although it has crashed a few times on my xbox. The characters are fun to talk to and the companions are revamped and are amazing to have around with their random lines and great combat help. Character creation feels more of an RPG on how you are gonna play the game with what you will mainly use. This is one of my favorite games to play with so much to do in the wastes. You should definately get this if you haven't already Expand
  87. Aug 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Fallout New Vegas is a improvement on Fallout 3 on a couple of levels it has improved crafting, iron sights, armour has a bigger variety, the weapons are the same. The location is perfect for the Fallout universe. It shows more Vaults such as Vault 34 and Vault 22. The companion wheel is a welcome feature combat is very good. Also the character customisation is a massive improvement on Fallout 3. All in all Fallout New Vegas is a big improvement on Fallout 3. Expand
  88. Aug 15, 2013
    I'm sick and tired of people downing this game! it is one of the best games i have played. the storyline, the survival and the action is brilliant. People are complaining about bugs. That is because it is a fairly old game so it will have a few bugs. But my xbox has never crashed on me while playing fallout new vegas. I feel the same about fallout 3. But I want Bethesda to add more to the game. Maybe a zombie survival or increase survival. Like you get hot or cold. But is the best RPG for a post-apocalyptic game. Expand
  89. Oct 19, 2013
    A buggy masterpiece. Fallout: New Vegas is an almost perfect RPG/FPS held back by also being completely broken at times. Obsidian are masters of writing and storytelling but are also masters of releasing buggy/broken games. I highly suggest that they hire better programmers but keep the writing staff. What makes New Vegas great is its open ended nature. There are many different ways to play this game and all are as valid as the other. In terms of gameplay New Vegas is a direct copy of Fallout 3 but with slight improvements, this isn't a bad thing although shooting and inventory management aren't what make this game great.

    There is so much to do in this game that it well justifies the price, There are many different ways to act out the main story and there are heaps of side quests as well to do, or you could just turn go wandering in the wasteland and see what you can find. Player involvement and immersion in this game are rivalled by few.

    Final Thoughts: I love this game and you will too if you give it a chance.
  90. Oct 25, 2013
    This is one of my all time favorite games. I LOVED Fallout 3 and this only made the series better. I cannot understand why people don't like this game because they "basically made an expansion to Fallout 3." If you make the perfect game, Fallout 3, then why would you mess that up? This is a better, updated version of Fallout 3. The story-line is fantastic and the new weapon mods you can make, along with all of the chems, only makes for an even better experience. If you liked Fallout 3, then you will love this game. Expand
  91. Nov 5, 2013
    this was at one point the best game ever made, it sold 5 million copies in 20 days and was praised for its amazing and entertaining gameplay, playing 200+ hours was very entertaining.
  92. Dec 8, 2013
    Can not even begin to describe the amount of fun i've had with this game. I now have all dlc& Have never spent more time or on a game since Red Dead Redmp.

    I cannot seem to find where you can see your total hours but i'd bet it would be in the 20-25 hour range and im still loving it. wish you could go back though and restart with all ur
    perks and choose different outcomes you did not do first go round. If your an RPG fan and loved games like skyrim you will love this huge free roam with multiple dlc expansions to keep that level cap rising and keep you wanting more! Expand
  93. Apr 24, 2014
    this game is the perfect example of how quality content outweighs any problems with bugs/graphics. Yes the game is very buggy but being regular on the saving is an easy way past this problem but those bugs can be easily overlooked when you see the imagination that has gone into this game, it is a must play of the generation. Now a lot of people rate this game higher than it's predecessor and I do feel the characters have had the most attention but I feel the restriction at the start of the game (not being able to head north) makes the game feel a bit linear (reason it misses out on game of the year) and although side quests and locations are dotted along the path to New Vegas the game just doesn't have the sense of freedom that Fallout 3 had. All this being said it is still a top notch videogame and all the other stuff you loved from Fallout 3 is still here (like the crazy huge and imaginative arsenal available). I believe New Vegas should be mentioned among the elite of this generation. Expand
  94. Mar 12, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this is the best first person shooter ever.With a abundance of melee,laser,bullet and explosive weapons you will beready to take on the whole wasteland.lets clear the air about something new vegas is alot better than fallout 3,although the story is'nt as good as fallout 3 the gameplay is ecxellent.only disapointing thing about the game is the constantly crawling along at super low speeds and only being to carry almost the essentials.but its still a great game with a variety of enemies from ghouls all the way to "demons".well done Bethesda Expand
  95. Mar 13, 2014
    Easily my favorite game of all time along with Fallout 3!!!Provided me with hours and hours of immersive enjoyment. I just can't give it a 10 though because of all the glitches but everyone should try this game!It may take a while to get into it but once you do you can't put down the controller down!
  96. Aug 9, 2014
    Fallout: New Vegas can be an incredible RPG if you only play it right. To start off I'd like to say that this is a really great game. The setting is amazing with you being in post-apocalyptic Nevada, with tons of places like abandoned shacks, towns, and the centerpiece, New Vegas. One of my favourite things Fallout: New Vegas has is Hardcore Mode. In this mode the player actually needs to eat, sleep, drink water, and just be a little more cautious around the wasteland. I love this gameplay because it actually feels a lot more like a survival game. Another thing I love is that there are tons of quests, but it's bittersweet. The creators wanted to put in tons of quests so the player will have lots to do and more places to explore, but this game is extremely buggy, so you have to be really careful on which quests you do because doing a quest or talking to someone can result in failing quests that you didn't even know existed; quest order is the key. The other complaint I have is that the graphics are not updated at all compared to Fallout 3. There's a two year difference between them so the graphics should have been upgraded somewhat. This game isn't bad, it can be really fun. It just gets frustrating and confusing when trying to complete quests. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 72 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Feb 11, 2011
    Until Fallout: New Vegas gets a major patch that fixes the problems, it can only be recommended to gamers who have a high threshold for frustration.
  2. Jan 19, 2011
    If you didn't enjoy Fallout 3 or are not a fan of RPGs in general, then you'll probably disagree with me. Everyone else should seriously consider taking a road trip to New Vegas.
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    The technology of the newest part of the fallout series is over aged and besides the hardcore mode and the reputation-system, the new features of New Vegas are manageable. But altogether, New Vegas is a successful new part and not just an add-on, with more than 100 hours of gaming, an interesting story and a new setting to explore.