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  1. May 1, 2013
    Well, the game is funny and the gameplay excellent. Best weapons ever and the story line dumb as hell. I see a lot people complaining about the game deepness, duration, etc in front of FC3. Hey guy this is a 15$ title! 1/4 of FC3 price. Just be logic. It definitely worth more than 15$.
  2. May 1, 2013
    somethin that not too many folks will talk about is the music. the music really did it for me. i was laughing or grinning through the entire game because the music turned the game from a sort of funny 80s knockoff to a 100% funny 80s knockoff. you have to play it to understand.
  3. May 3, 2013
    Absolute perfect 10 game. Had me rolling laughing and enjoying every bit of it. I think growing up in the age to truly understand the references throughout the senses i appreciate the humor, but also always wanting to interact with a Snake Pliskin type character really immersed me thoroughly in the world. Also the value in such a cheap price point really solidified a 10 score. Keep up the good work. Expand
  4. May 1, 2013
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU WERE NOT BORN IN THE 70'S OR 80'S. You might be able to get by if you were born in the early 90's, but this game makes a ton of references to many 80's action movies. And it is glorious. The FarCry 3 engine feels as great as ever. You start off with a ton of upgrades from the original FarCry 3 (like double jumping takedowns,etc), so right off the bat you feel capable. Throw in 4 extremely powerful weapons and the game does an amazing job of making you feel like a futuristic badass cyborg. The game is extremely corny which in turn makes it extremely funny. I know the game isn't suppose to last too long (from what I've heard, it can take around 6 hours), but in all fairness I paid the same price for Journey. And in both cases, I think both these games are absolutely worth it. Besides, why wouldn't you want to kill a laser eye firing dragon? Expand
  5. May 8, 2013
    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is an amazing standalone expansion pack to the amazing FC3. The story follows Rex Power Colt, a cyber-commando in a 80's action movie style 2007 where the world has been torn apart by nuclear war and the world is filled with neon and lasers.
    Though the story isn't that good it is a classic 80's action film plotline and one that is highly enjoyable for high octane
    thrills and crude humour.
    The game plays mostly like FC3 too, just a little stripped down making the game feel a lot smaller than it actually is.
    With a campaign of about 3 hours and about 6 hours for the 100% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is worth that £10, I highly anticipate a sequel, just perhaps a bit longer and more fleshed out.
  6. May 1, 2013
    Phenomenal, just about the most 80s you could ever get. The aesthetics of Far Cry 3 are intact, but the guns, and how you play around in your environment are what make the game special. This game will make you laugh, 80s references galore, and you play as Rex Power Colt, who has a flair for stringing together obscenities and making the best/worst one liners ever. If you enjoyed Far Cry, that justifies buying blood dragon, if you enjoy an 80s feel that serves as an excellent parody, and sudo-tribute, you're gonna have a great time too. Don't expect an elaborate story, and while there are a good few missions even after you complete the main story, there isn't a whole lot of depth here. But for the sum of it's parts Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is enjoyable from beginning to end, and will keep you grinning with it's pop culture, and it's abundant over the top awesomeness. Expand
  7. May 1, 2013
    Lasers, 80s keyboard music, 80s references, 80s one liners, dinosaurs, and Nes style cinematics! Entirely awesome new map complete with multiple garrisons and new campaign to blast through. Worth every penny!
  8. May 1, 2013
    one of the only games that make you laugh not only with violence but with stupid and brainless quotes
    to. if you know 80s movies etc it wil make you day worth its moneys!!
  9. May 3, 2013
    This game is fun and entertaining, it takes me back to the 80's cyberpunk era and make me wanna kill cyborgs and shoot with laser guns, this is a must have for anyone who like cyberpunk things!
  10. May 1, 2013
    I will admit i am a little biased as i grew up on action films from the 80's and 90's but this game is great. If your a fan of the old style action movies this is the game for you. It has everything the hit and miss one liner's, a great soundtrack, explosions, big guns, ridiculous plots, all in all its a great game. The gameplay is great, and while it uses the same engine as farcry 3 the game has a much different feel to it. Got to say this game is pure cheese and man is it worth the fifteen dollars. It takes away the crafting farcry 3 had for the most part and hunting is mostly just for fun now but the game is still great. You start out with some abilities that you wouldn't have in farcry 3 and the leveling system is now linear you gain a certain bonus at a certain level but for me that wasn't a bother. I don't know what made Ubisoft make this game but i am so glad they did! Expand
  11. May 3, 2013
    Brilliant game, worth all 1200 microsoft points. The game is a beautiful look at and 80's arcade game with nowadays graphics (except the nostalgic cut-scenes which are hilarious). I does justice to old 80's arcade games by being over the top and with brilliant and hilarious dialogue. The gameplay is the same as far cry 3 which means it is brilliant and easy to get into if you have played far cry 3 or not. Michael Biehn is great as Rex Colt and there are a lot of references to the 80's in general (I loved the VHS collectibles). 10/10 Expand
  12. May 3, 2013
    great graphics, well done 80s look, a story which is dumb as and very bad jokes. what do you want more? awesome and funny game for low pricing
  13. May 1, 2013
    First off, official Xbox uk magazine!!! These redcoat ALWAYS lowball kickass games. The EGM review is spot-on...great visuals, hilarious dialogue, über ass-kicking, & just tons of fun to play. Rex Power Colt for President!!!!!! :D
  14. Jul 21, 2013
    Really should have read the reviews here first. Far Cry 3 was an amazing game. Where this DLC is not a bad shooter and is fairly humorous, why in the world, other than to suck people in, does it have the Far Cry 3 name attached to it?? That normally indicates it's a follow-on from the original....this has NOTHING to do with the original. After reading some of the reviews I get the impression that some people consider it appropriate as it uses the same engine. If that's what makes something a DLC, why wasn't Far Cry 3 a DLC called Assassin's Creed 4!!! Ridiculous garbage....not the game, which isn't horribel, but the money grab here. Expand
  15. May 5, 2013
    Blood Dragon is a chilling tale based in the aftermath of Canada's demise in Cold War 2. The year is 2007 and you play a hero out to secure freedom for the world using futuristic weaponry and one man's unwavering determination.

    Other games should just postpone launch until 2014, this is the GOTY.
  16. Jun 19, 2013
    Blood Dragon is an entertaining stand alone game, but can be 100% completed pretty quickly. There's nothing to do after that except go blast Blood Dragons with the Killstar. It is an amazingly hilarious game made that perfectly mimics a post apocalyptic game from the 80's. The gameplay is fun, but after leaving the player completely finished, there does not seem to be enough. I found myself wishing for more. It took me only about 5 hours to completely finish everything (all files, all attachments, all garrisons, etc.) and it didn't feel like 15 dollars worth. Enjoy the experience, because it's over pretty quickly. Expand
  17. Jun 26, 2013
    Easy, boring, unfunny, and wretchedly ugly (accomplished by making it permanently pitch black out and throwing a hideous dark reddish purple haze over what was once the gorgeous FC3). Everything about this screams cheap cash-in the only new model is the blood dragon, which wouldn't look out of place on the N64, everything else is hastily retextured or not at all, the bargain bin voice acting attempts (sounds like Michael Biehn just read down a list of a few dozen phrases in a 10 minutes take with no direction). The writing features an ambiguously consensual 'no means yes?' sex scene that might be most catastrophic failure of taste I've ever seen in a game outside of Japan. All of the weird interface from FC3 is still here too, unpatched, and the game will acknowledge that it sucks while mocking you for getting frustrated.

    Even for when this goes under $5, you'll still be giving your money to for a visciously unfun 6 hours.
  18. May 28, 2013
    I can't give this game less than 10/10. I had SO MUCH FUN, literally laughing all the time. It's the perfect trip back to the 80's. Over the top action and pure fun. The gameplay is solid and I find no reason to compare it to Far Cry 3, this game stands on its on merits. No overly complex plot and the cutscenes are hilarious and beautiful in 16-bit glory. The music is SO AWESOME and I can't stop talking about this game. A little short, around 8 hours to complete everything including achievements but that's allright for $15. I had more fun with this than most $60 titles. Best game since Skyrim. Expand
  19. May 9, 2013
    Everyone should do themselves a favor and buy the game, especially if you have any memory of the 80's and 90's. It was funny, the soundtrack is AMAZING, and the gameplay handles exactly how you think controlling a cyborg would feel. On top of that, if you did play Far Cry 3, then this is a must buy as well, because in a way it expands upon some of the limitations you faced because you were human. You run faster, swim faster, take no fall damage....Pretty much feels like a vacation after playing Far Cry 3 (I loved that game as well BTW). It all just flows together really well. Expand
  20. Jun 29, 2014
    Given the critical success of the excellent Far Cry 3 it would have been easy for Ubisoft to have just released bog standard DLC that just added a few more missions or enemies. Instead they have taken the brave decision to set everything in a cheesy 80's action movie vision of the future (The future being 2007 by the way) and it mostly pays off. From the neon drenched landscape to the obligatory training montage, set to Kevin Chalfant's 'Hold On To The Vision', the commitment to the genre is superb creating one of the funniest gaming experiences I can recall.

    The gameplay itself is, for the most part at least, still pretty similar to Far Cry 3 with players being able to use a mix of stealth (including the takedown moves) and firepower to take control of garrisons and complete sidequests (which I quickly found became repetitive) that include rescuing hostages and hunting certain animal species. The most significant edition to the combat is the Blood Dragon itself. These large creatures are encountered during a number of missions, as well as being found around the island, and react mostly to sound. Like other predators they can be dangerous but they can also be lured towards enemies and quickly turn the tide of a battle in your favour.

    On the negative side the main story is quite short even for a £10 download (although this does thankfully mean there aren't any of the boring missions encountered in Far Cry 3 where you had to follow or protect someone) and the constant darkness of the surrounding landscape doesn't look as impressive as the sun soaked island of the main game. Things like turret missions are also clichéd whether you point it out yourself or not.

    If you're not familiar with dumb 80's action movies you could probably knock a mark or two from the overall score but for anyone over the age of thirty this comes recommended as a good piece of over the top entertainment.
  21. May 27, 2013
    One of the most just sheer FUN shooters I have played in a long time. Well done to the people behind this game. I would love too see this as a stand alone, EXACTLY the same thing but MORE!

    Well done!
  22. Aug 4, 2013
    pure dumb fun doesn't take itself seriously and is full of good laughs with the same high quality combat and exploration that far cry 3 offered also the soundtrack is incredible
  23. May 11, 2013
    OMG! Best add on ever. I loved every second of this game. Well worth the money and I cant wait for more. If you from old school gaming, you will be in heaven.
  24. Jun 23, 2013
    It seems as though Mass Effect: Citadel might have started something. For those who didn't take a look at that one, it was a lighthearted, essentially just-for-fun romp full of laughs and moments to remember just for the sheer hilarity. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was made apparently for the same reasons. So let's take a look at it. Summarizing the game is relatively easy: take every single 1980s action movie between grades A+ and D-, pull all of the one-liners, dialogue tropes, and situation comedy, and blend them together while mixing in the Far Cry 3 engine and design, then retro it back to 80's video game design norms and you get...Blood Dragon. If this sounds critical, it's not meant to: the game is meant to just be plain fun, and it lives up to it. If you were a fan of movies like Robocop, Outland, and a whole slew of movies too bad to remember (mainly because they were bad movies, not in spite of it), then Blood Dragon was made for you: it'll take you on a trip down that memory lane and keep you in stitches every step of the way. The game developers also deserve congratulations because they didn't go too far, and it would've been so easy. While the cinematics harken back to 1980s game animations, the game itself uses the graphics engine and mechanics of Far Cry 3, so all of that polished smoothness doesn't go to waste. It's not perfect, though. First, the game's color palette gets tiring fast; everything is in a red overcast, just like innumerable 80's postapocalyptic films, but for a game designed to last several hours, you're likely to end up with retina fatigue. The other hitch for Blood Dragon is uneven pacing and difficulty. The difficulty pendulum swings rapidly and often without warning, which can saddle players with a situation harder than expected. But given the superhero mechanics at work in the game, this is usually only a temporary setback. Overall, Blood Dragon is everything you remember and love about 80s sci-fi action films: over the top everything, a wisecracking hero, implausible technologies, way too much neon, and plots that don't get a lot of explanation...but don't really need it anyway. A well-enjoyed 8 to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a trip down memory lane...with lasers...and dinosaurs. Expand
  25. May 8, 2013
    A $15 open world 80s cyber action game starring Michael Biehn! What's not to love here? Blood Dragon is not just good for a DLC but a fantastic, fully realized game in its own right and one of the most entertaining first person shooters of this generation. I've been rocking Blood Dragon every day since it came out and have to stop for a second and appreciate it when a DLC does something this mind boggling unique rather than the usual cash grab offerings of new maps or a few more hours of the same levels in an epilogue or prequel. The last time a DLC title this ambitious was attempted happened was Undead Nightmare and with the (hopeful) success of this rad new beast I hope these kinds of re-purposed games become more common. Making an entirely new game from ashes of an enjoyable older game is a great way to test out new ideas. It breeds innovation and, in this case, DRAGONS! Collapse
  26. May 7, 2013
    If you purchased Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon you are probably in 1 of 2 schools of thought: I love Far Cry 3 so this will be sweet (which it is) or I love 80's action movies/humor (which this has). This add-on (if you would even call it that) to the Far Cry 3 game is one of the best of this generation of games, in short this is what Duke Nukem Forever should have been.
  27. May 7, 2013
    Finally someone at Ubisoft gets the Idea. This is more than a fan service cause this could be a legit franchise. I'm sick and tired of the same US vs European/Middle East/Asian military BS or Space Super Soldier who I thought was dead but was miraculously alive pfffff
  28. May 31, 2013
    For $15 a cute, crazy, over-the-top game but leaves me wanting for more.
    I absolutely *loved* Far Cry 3, one of the best semi-open-world games with a nice portion of shooter and RPG elements. Right after I finished FC3 I got me BD and initially was hyped and amused by the cheesy dialogues and music but have to say it quickly started to become somewhat repetitive. I myself prefer the
    bright/lush island world FC3 had, and the combo of crafting/hunting BD I run around in world which has a darkish pinkish/redish tint...and the "droids" or whatever the mobs are supposed to be are just getting boring and must be amongst the stupidest AI in any game. It feels more like a shooting-gallery rather than a challenge. I am not saying BD is a bad game, it's not...for the price you will get a lot of fun..I just wish for another game which was as visually stunning and great to play as FC3 since I don't think BD gets anywhere near FC3. I would've rather preferred a full-price game, a sequel to FC 3 with the same depth/freedom etc. as FC3...a "real" game so to speak as compared to BD where it shows that it is a $15 title, sometimes. Expand
  29. May 5, 2013
    please do yourself a favor and buy this game. i played part of farcry 2 and hated it. i played part of farcry 3 and loved the gameplay part but couldnt stand the story. this is perfect. the story in farcry 3 tried to be serious but just got cheesy with all the be one with the forest, path of the warrior blah blah. this game dosent take itself seriously and is better for it. cant reccomend enough!
  30. Jun 23, 2013
    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a very over the top game. It has absolutely nothing to do with Far Cry 3, but it doesn't matter... this game is still great. The weapons are amazing, the story and delivery of dialogue from Rex Power Colt is cheesy, with a 80's "futuristic" style. The game is very short though, it only took about 4 hours to beat... so I would suggest that people wait for it to go on sale before they get it if they're looking for something really long. Expand
  31. Dec 10, 2013
    Love the story 2 this game and the amazing 80s references with some of the greatest video game humor of all time, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon suffers from being WAYYYYY 2 short, I really, really, really started 2 get into the game and having blast, yet before i knew it the game was over and i had a frowny face.

    7/10, also the closing song is absolutely chessey as also really funny, "FRIENDS
    2 THE END YEAHHHH" Expand
  32. Sep 20, 2013
    This was unexpected for an expansion pack, if you could call it that. Not only is it an XBLA title, but other than the game engine and mechanics, this shares little in common with the base game. With it's satire of 80s pop culture, crazy enemies and animals, and synth soundtrack (provided by Power Glove), you'd think this is a completely different game. Everything that made the original Far Cry 3 a great game (unlockable weapons and upgrades, exotic wildlife, wide open world, etc.) are present here, mixed with pop culture references, 80s sci-fi flair and cheesy one-liners by Kyle Reese himself, Michael Beihn. Of course, being an XBLA game, it's fairly short and really easy compared to the original game. NO multiplayer either, but given how unspectacular the original's was, that's probably for the best. A pretty fun and funny take on Far Cry 3, and a recommended download. Expand
  33. May 6, 2013
    Great XBLA title. One of the finest. Although, not on par with Far Cry 3.

    Great atmosphere and lots of goodies for the guys grown up with Terminator, Robocop, Rocky and other 80's films. The dialogues and the whole concept is pretty fun, as are the missions. This is one of the most creative gaming efforts as far as story concept is concerned.

    On the downside, the technical aspect of
    this title isn't on par with Far Cry 3, as the neon pink/green lights are quite monotonous throughout the game. The 8-bit cut-scenes feel like "the size of the game is limited so... there you go" and while some of them (training montage, sex scene) are quite fun, most of them are boring.

    The whole game feels like Far Cry 3 with a new skin. Totally new skin. But it plays exactly like Far Cry 3. You free the garrisons, you go hunting with a specific weapon and you stealth kill groups of enemies. So if you are into Far Cry 3, you'll probably enjoy having some of that. The garrisons are more heavily populated (about ten enemies as opposed to five in FC3) and the new weapons feel fresh.

    The best part of this game are the 80's details... Many of them and the action packed main missions. It's more of FC3... with a twist. An unexpected one.
  34. Feb 15, 2014
    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has almost nothing to do with Far Cry 3 story wise. It is set in a neon future were a rogue General has taken over an island and you must stop him. You play as Rex Power Colt, a cyborg tasks to take down this threat. The story is basic but the writing and characters are hilarious and make fun of action game troughs. The game play is very similar to Far Cry 3, you liberate garrisons and complete missions. The open world is actually quite large and filled with stuff to do. The weapons are unique and varied enough to keep combat interesting. The game's length feels just right for its DLC, downloadable price. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a cool, hilarious, and fun add on to Far Cry 3 and is a prime example of how to do a franchise spin off well. Expand
  35. May 12, 2013
    Shallow, vapid experience. Far Cry 3 was great but this game becomes boring after the first twenty minutes or so of repetitive gameplay. Great in short bursts only.
  36. May 13, 2013
    Great game, seriously, this generation needs more games like this.

    Yeah its a shooter, but the sense of humor gets you every time, and the music THAT.AWESOME.MUSIC
  37. May 2, 2013
    this game is a straight up love letter to the 80s. Even though I was born in the early 90s i really really enjoyed everything this game had to offer from its 80s style low res cutscenes to the scanlines and neon lights of the openworld. Even the menus in game are oldschool stylized. Ubisoft did an incredible job on this game. You play as Rex power colt a badass mark IV commando who is tasked with saving the world, getting the girl, and firing off one liners like a chaingun. it is a total overhaul of the far cry 3 engine which feels the same as far cry 3 but different at the same time. the awesome healing animations, looting, openworld, animals to hunt, etc are all still here but they are totally different and very much well fit the feel of the game. oh its also funny too. i dont say this much about games but i was laughing pretty much all the while i was playing it. the cheesy oneliners colt says are hilarious even today. my favorite is the tutorial, which i wont spoil, but rex gets pretty pissed like most do during the tutorials. its pretty funny. most people didnt want this dlc/standalone. most people wanted a dlc of vaas, but im glad ubisoft made this. they put alot of heart into this and it shows, This game is a rare gem that we dont see much of these days and at its low price of $15 dollars with all this content is an absolute steal. And that dudes and dudettes is pretty cool. Expand
  38. May 4, 2013
    GAME OF THE YEAR even better then the original FAR CRY 3 :D
    and if u saw the ending then i RLY hope its gona be Blood Dragon 2
  39. Jul 14, 2013
    It might not have loads of serious story arcs and character development the great visual style the really good humour the 80s homages the gameplay the graphics has a great style the animals it is just SO MUCH FUN
  40. May 2, 2013
    I'll start out by saying BD is absolutely fantastic. This game, which was initially thought to be an April Fool's joke, caught everyone off-guard when it was officially announced. In the midst of an era of straight-faced shooters, BD is one of the few to break the mold and offer a truly hilarious, off-the-wall, yet very atmospheric experience. Set in the near future, a dystopian 2007, the world is in ruins from a nuclear war and the fallout has turned everything into a bright neon color medley. Good thing too, I was tired of looking at gray cinder blocks and beige sand. BD's island sets the tone of the game perfectly with its plethora of cyber-soldiers, cyber-animals, and frikin' dragons that shoot frikin' laser beams from their frikin' heads. Now in terms of story, the game isn't breaking new ground and hits every trope along the way making it painfully predictable to those familiar with the genre and the era (which I know it was going for). That's ok though as the game plays off this with numerous references and cheesy-but-funny one-liners that make you interested in what the characters will say next. The gameplay isn't radically different from FC3's except now it's tuned to make Rex the badass feel like Rex the badasserer as he levels, instead of going from weak sauce to hot sauce a la Jason. The leveling system is now linear. The game chooses what you will get when you level up this time around instead of choosing from three different branches. It ain't what I would've done, but I can see why they did it for an XBLA (and generally much shorter game than FC3) release. I don't know how to critique music to be honest, but all I can say is that it's very 80s synth akin to the music in Mass Effect or a John Carpenter movie and every second of every track is an absolute delight to listen to. I've at times just sat on the main menu listening to that track over and over cause it's just that good.
    If you're looking for yet another shooter that takes itself way too seriously, just stay far away FC3BD. If you need some variety in your shooters, or could just do with a good laugh, give it a go. It's some of the best $15 you could spend for a game.
    On a side note, the 8-bit cutscenes do lose their charm later in the game but generally make no sense in the context of the game. The theme is like you're watching an 80s cartoon on VHS yet the game cutscene are video game style? Very inconsistent but it doesn't detract from the experience as a whole.
  41. May 2, 2013
    What can I say about this game. Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty we'll stay together through think or thin. Were on top because we play to win, make you dreams come true..
  42. May 8, 2013
    This game is a love letter to the action movies of the 80s and while there will be plenty of young people who won't understand or see the humour and references in it, I and my generation will and therefore I will forever be thankful for everyone at Ubisoft Montreal for developing this title and also for Ubisoft to decide to publish it. In this age of game-development issues, studios closing left and right and disney owning lucas it is very refreshing to see someone having the balls (or ovaries) to just go for it.
    We should all praise them for it even if some of us are too young to appreciate such a title.
  43. Jun 11, 2013
    Name two of the greatest things a man can do... 1: Laugh. 2: shooting neon colored dragons in the face with a assortment of weapons. Thankfully, Blood Dragon allows you to do both. A LOT.

    I was in stitches for pretty much all of this game, the references are hilarious. Not to forget that this is essentially just an add on for Farcry 3, so the satisfying combat and free roaming as we
    grew to love is still there, but with a massive twist of course. Well worth the money. Expand
  44. May 4, 2013
    This game is pretty damn AMAZING. I can't believe how a simple rehash of an open world game can still be stunning. Though I'm not from the 80s, I've watched a ton of 80s Action Movies from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator to Sylvester Stallone's Rambo series... Hell, I've even watched Terminator and Aliens. This game will make you feel like you're an 80s kind of action hero because of its:

    • It's Presentation, this game is probably has one of the best presentation of a 80s Action Movie like game.
    Packed funny One Liners in cinematics and while kicking cyborg ass ingame. Another thing is the
    cinematics, every single bit is shown in that 80s Arcade Game Style cinematic that anyone from the 80s
    who plays video games is gonna love.

    • The Weapons that are though few, they're still a lot of fun to use in many ways to kill Enemies in the game.

    • The Soundtrack, this one of the best parts about Blood Dragon. Really represents that 80s Action Flick with
    references of it sounding almost like the terminator's theme. Blood Dragon's soundtrack never lets up with
    it's 80s theme and it's a part of what makes this game amazing.

    All in all... You'll be feeling like 80s Cyborg Action Hero when playing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.
    The ONLY bad thing that I can say about this game is it's ending. I got this feeling the last part with the villain was rushed because nothing really happened but an epic cinematic. I feel the need of an epic fist fight with the villain especially with funny twist while in the cinematic.
    Though it kinda makes up a bit near the credits where in there's a possible sequel for this game.
    (AND GOD YES I WOULD KILL FOR A BLOOD DRAGON 2!) It kinda reminds me of that ending in Michael Jackson's Thriller Music Video... The only thing missing was that evil laugh.

    My Verdict for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is VERY SOLID 9/10. Get this game now...
    Even if you're not an 80s fan. You'll enjoy every bit of this game. for $15? Nothing can go wrong.

    "It's a Sgt.Rex Power Colt Guarantee!"
  45. May 6, 2013
    Blood Dragon is fantastic. In some ways, it's even more immersive than FC3 just in the way the world is presented, even though it's stretching what reality would allow. The music, combat, atmosphere and voice acting from Michael Biehn all create a deeply immersive experience that kept me playing from dawn to dusk, and it absolutely deserves to be played for its bizarre combination of current-gen innovation and 80's nostalgia. Expand
  46. May 23, 2013
    this game is epic. blood dragons weapons humor 8 bit cut scenes list could go forever this game is da bomb its little short but hay its stll better than re6
  47. Jul 5, 2013
    I recommend you play this before you play the original Far Cry 3 to see if you would like it.But,the game is really funny,good story and is a lot of fun to play!
  48. May 2, 2013
    The makers of Far Cry 3 have made an amazing spinoff/parody in this epic 80's scifi action packed thrill ride. Blood Dragon puts you in the shoes of Rex Power Cult voiced by Michael Biehn who played in hit 80's movies such as Aliens, Terminator and Navy Seals. The game is full of color and 80's humor and one liners. This game has to be the best arcade game so far in my opinion. The thing that really cought my attention was the 80's like soundtrack, which btw I loved so much that I picked it up off iTunes. The game is a MUST by for $15 bucks you Cannot I repeat Cannot go wrong. Expand
  49. May 2, 2013
    If you like pop culture,fun, and have $15 then Buy this game.
    Style: 10
    Humor: hit and miss cheese
    Gameplay: 9
    Value: 10
    Smoke a joint and enjoy this throwback to when things were less serious.
  50. May 3, 2013
    I simply love this game. It's retro style sequences pretty much remind me off the good old game boy times, the 80's techno soundtrack kicks ass, the sayings of both, enemys and the main character, are pretty funny, and the overall athmosphere is just nice.
    Didn't played the main story so far, atm I'm on the misson to the clear all the outposts, so I can not tell much about the story,
    but the begining is fun!

    I didn't bother about Far Cry 3, but this Standalone Spin-Off is a Must Have for Retro Gaming and Trash Fans!

    At last, some informations to the german player out there, like me:
    despite all doubts, the german dubbing is a good one. The sayings an robo voices are well translated into german. On top of that and that's a rare thing novadays Blood Dragon allows us to switch to original, english dubbing wich is, indeed, even better than the german ).
    1200 MS Points means 15 euro, so go and get this game!
  51. May 3, 2013
    Its Far Cry 3 with dragons that shoot lazers from their eyes and a cyborg commando called Rex Power Colt on a mission to save the world.
    Everything is set up to make you feel like an action hero. Rex can take more damage than Jason Brody so a guns blazing approach works like a charm, your guns can be upgraded to seriously overpowered levels (flaming shotgun shells, exploding sniper
    bullets, lazer assault rifle...) and Rex just loves the cheesy one liners.
    Unless you put the difficulty up you won't have any problems at all, it can be completed in about 5-6 hours (including outpost liberation) and the final boss was non existent (although the final mission, though easy, is as good as it gets for making you feel like a walking god of destruction).
    If you like 80's action movies then this game is gold, its crazy, it has a sense of humor and lets the player be awesome.
    Don't forget that this game is currently £12, for its price there is no better shooter out there.
  52. May 4, 2013
    I have never played a game that has so many puns and jokes in it but still matches that with riveting gameplay and a classic 80's Sci-Fi storyline. This game has billions of references to 80's action and Sci-Fi movies. I personally think that FC3 Blood dragon is an infusion of the Far cry 3 engine with Halo graphics and artstyle turned up to 100. In my opinion this game is better than the original Far Cry 3 simply because it is more unique and exciting. The only problem i have with this game is that it doesn't have any multiplayer or a seperate co-op campaign like Far Cry 3 which is understandable since it is a downloadable game but i think they should make this into a full game with multiplayer and a seperate co-op campaign. Overall a very unique, exciting and well made game. Solid 9/10! Expand
  53. May 4, 2013
    This game deserves a 10/10. Not because it is perfect, but because takes the far cry 3 experience and fundamentally changes it to be entertaining. DLC is mostly crap nowadays. Get this straight, this is DLC for Far Cry 3. It is great as DLC and it would make a good standalone 60 dollar title as well.
  54. May 4, 2013
    I'm not sure why this game wasn't a DLC attached to Far Cry 3, but as a person that enjoyed Farcry 3 immensely, this game was a perfect 10 for me. The achievements are all off-line (which is important to me) and it's fun from start to finish. I'm not a cut scene lover, and the option to skip every cut scene is available. The leveling and unlocking system is fun and fast, and the only complaint I have is 'not long enough!' but for the money, it's a perfect game. Expand
  55. May 5, 2013
    I have just finished this game. Took me about 6 hours to do most of the games stuff- including side missions. This was so fun. Some of the funniest and most entertaining moments I've had in a video video game for quite some time. So glad you don't need FarCry 3 proper, this has nothing to do with FC3 and that's a good thing. This game is to use proper 80's slang. The Voice acting in this game is outstanding- Biehn being awesome. The graphics are outstanding (360 version) and the gunplay is fun and immersive. For 15 bones this is quite the deal. Buy it. Play it. Love it. 10/10 Expand
  56. May 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A good game, but doesn't give you the same sweet experience as Far Cry 3. The time of game-play isn't very long and the cut-scenes kinda run quite slowly with me. But the price is cheap (€15,00) and the amount of irony is hilarious. The game-play works fantastic once again and the open world is very well designed. It's not as amazing as the original Far Cry 3 but the price compensates that and it gives Far Cry 3-players the chance to relive their experience playing the original game: a well deserved 9/10! Expand
  57. May 10, 2013
    If you are looking to buy this game based on reviews let me make it simple: If you were born in the mid to late 80' won't be sorry you bought this game. Everything about this game is a call-back to the action flicks of yore, where big muscles, big action, and cheesy dialogue abounded.

    My only complaint of this game is that I want even more space to run around in and cause neon
    destruction. If they make more of Blood Dragon in the future...Day 1 purchase for sure. Expand
  58. May 18, 2013
    Absolute must play for any fan of the genre! Best $15 iv'e spent on a downloadable title EVER! The gameplay and exploration we know and love from FC3, over the top arsenal, and incredible sound design make this one nostalgic romp too good to miss! BUY THIS GAME!!! (If you havent played FC3 this is a great oppurtunity to see if this is your kind of game)
  59. Jun 11, 2013
    Far cry 3 blood dragon is a game that dosent take itself to seriously which is what gives it its charm. The game focuses on making laugh and see the many references in the game like the reloading animation for the shotgun it takes it from terminator and the pistol is from robo cop. The games flashy style and gameplay makes it fun to look at it unless you have a tendency to have epileptic sezuires than this game is great especially for its price. Its way of not giving a amazes me it takes it self as a joke we need for games like this one this game is buy i hope to see more of it in the future. The game gives you a story line and 15 bases to take over and the animals are still in place but with different textures and skin. The game goes down to one thing BUY IT Expand
  60. Jun 11, 2013
    I like over the top madness but for me farcry blood dragon was just to much. Farcry 3 was A great single player game and i had a lot of fun but by the end my interest started to wain. perhaps this was a factor in why I just didn't enjoy blood dragon. It works there's no technical issues i can across but this is just farcry 3 re-skinned with neon lights and cheesy one liners. I'm not even sure why I didn't enjoy it when i saw the trailers i was like "that looks awesome" but when i finally got round to playing it i just couldn't stand the over the top 80 cliches. And the main character play OMG he did nothing but p**s me off. you will be doing everything that you did in farcry 3 and you will do these things over and over again. Like i said i just don't know what it was about this game that annoyed me so much but i just couldn't get into it so my score is based on my experience of the game from my point of view but from a development point of view it deserves at least a 8. my advice is if you have played farcry 3 and couldn't get enough get this game same if you never played farcry 3. But if you felt a little bored toward the end of farcry don't bother with this one it will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. Expand
  61. Jun 21, 2013
    This expansion is first and foremost FUN AS HELL. They clearly weren't going for the hard hitting and deep story line that they went for with the original but who cares. The fact is even though I was to young to play games when they had those types of "just make it fun" attitudes so I loved the fact that they just seemed to think about how a hyper active 10 year old would make a game. "LAZORS, CYBORGS, DRAGONS, PEW PEW PEW." Sure the story isn't very long and the island isn't huge but the truth is your not buying a full priced game here so what do you expect.

    Personally my view is this:
    To all who have Far Cry 3 and like it enough buy blood dragon
    To all those who were thinking about buying the full game but didn't want to fork out the full cash, buy blood dragon
  62. Jun 27, 2013
    One word description FUN. Goofy plot full of fun 80's nostalgia balances the humor without trying too hard. This title is full of over the top action reminiscent of 80's favs such as Predator, Commando, and Terminator. The graphics are just as great as Far Cry was and they've added gore! Soundtrack consists of awesome synths and even a cut from cult classic flick Miami Connection. If your a fan of cheesy 80's action check this out, if not, you won't get it. Expand
  63. Jul 4, 2013
    This is probably the best DLC ever produced for a videogame. It could be a game by itself! Amazing how they not only added loads of hours worth of good gameplay, but also created a unique setting with a unique story that makes it so much different than the original FC3. Unbelievable production value.
  64. Jul 9, 2013
    If you are only playing this for 5 minutes you will love that game. Its funny, full of creative ideas and with a great old retro charm. A unique game for everybody who really enjoys computer games.
  65. Jul 20, 2013
    This game is a $15 investment to relive the nostalgia we so desperately didn't want to relive. Blood Dragon captures the 80's perfectly and plays just as greatly as Far Cry 3 did. Though it was a bit short and there's not as much replay value after it's done as there was in FC3, it is still a hilarious little standalone expansion everyone should be getting.
  66. Oct 3, 2013
    I feel safe saying this game is worth more than its 15$ price. The storyline is surprisingly deep, and the characters are memorable. The 80s cyborg style goes all out, but doesn't go over the top to affect the gameplay. My only complaint is how quickly I was able to beat it, but those hours were enjoyable. I hope Ubisoft works off of this idea, and makes a full-fledged retail game, with co-op.
  67. Oct 29, 2013
    This game is great top to bottom. All of the artwork adds a great immersive feeling as it makes you feel part of the cyber universe. With all of the references from various internet trends, which I counted 14, this game is funny, sad and even a little romantic all at the same time.The only thing missing from this game is a longer campaign. Because once you beat the game and capture all of the outposts, there is really nothing to do except kill blood dragons. But this game is definitely worth buying if you are a fan of the Far Cry series. Expand
  68. Dec 12, 2013
    This game is pure, refined 80s awesomeness. I never even played the original Far Cry 3, but picked this game up on Xbox Live for $4. What a value! Hilarious dialogue, awesome game play, dragons with lasers coming out of their eyes. Plus the cheese-tastic cut scenes are just awesome. The main missions don't take very long to complete (and what an awesome finish to the main campaign), but now I want to go back to the world powered -up and blow up. I would give it a 10, but hell this ain't Red Dead Redemption (lacks depth). Highly recommended. Expand
  69. Aug 31, 2014
    Blood Dragon is one of the better pieces of downloadable content on the marketplace. It does not require Far Cry 3 to play, its fun on its own merit, and its an all around good buy. However its not perfect. The story while fun and giving the bombastic energy of cyborgs ripping out artificial hearts out of other cyborgs (literally this happens in the game and its awesome) and the thrills that have only been seen in the classic 80's action movies that its mimicking but it is also a copy of those same cliches that we've seen in those movies time and time again. Thankfully the story isn't very long and like Far Cry 3 you are free to roam the map after the campaign is complete to do the side missions and take over enemy outposts. But it also has the same problems that Far Cry 3 had like incomplete multiplayer and a few lags and freezes every now and then. It's worth the ten or fifteen bucks for the purchase. Expand
  70. May 8, 2013
    A $15 open world 80s cyber action game starring Michael Biehn! What's not to love here? Blood Dragon is not just good for a DLC but a fantastic, fully realized game in its own right and one of the most entertaining first person shooters of this generation. I've been rocking Blood Dragon every day since it came out and have to stop for a second and appreciate it when a DLC does something this mind boggling unique rather than the usual cash grab offerings of new maps or a few more hours of the same levels in an epilogue or prequel. The last time a DLC title this ambitious was attempted happened was Undead Nightmare and with the (hopeful) success of this rad new beast I hope these kinds of re-purposed games become more common. Making an entirely new game from ashes of an enjoyable older game is a great way to test out new ideas. It breeds innovation and, in this case, DRAGONS! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. Jun 28, 2013
    It's a meaty, gratifying dose of excess that refuses to pander to subtlety. [Issue#136, p.108]
  2. May 30, 2013
    As if Far Cry 3 was developed by Ocean Software and starred The Terminator. [July 2013, p.76]
  3. May 22, 2013
    Wholly entertaining, Blood Dragon chucks everything we didn't like about Far Cry 3 in the bin and cranks everything else we did like up to 11. Then adds lasers. Solid. [Issue #98, p.72]