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  1. Dec 22, 2012
    This game is dreadful. One big fetch quest from start to finish, without little in the way of variance. Locations are all almost the same consisting of revealing an area by climbing a radio tower, then liberating it by clearing 2 enemy bases in that zone. They are all similar little in the way of difference. Once cleared there will be a wanted quest, and or a hunter quest, possibly a villagers quest, and hospital supply quest, repeating in these identically for 18 or so zones. While picking up endless collectibles to whittle the time away. The main story is un-thrilling lacking in much personality, solved by going in with guns blazing or climb, swim to escape. The AI are unintilligent always speaking the same with the same accent in every location, while getting themselves stuck constantly and die so easily on every difficulty. This game blatantly condones drug missuse everything is injected and is from a syringe. While you also slaugther endangered animals to make into bags. Money caps and cannot be collected until a bigger wallet is made, meaning hunting some rare endangered animal and skinning to craft into a larger wallet. You simply cannot pick up more cash prior. The mini game of Texas holdem poker is played entirely wrong. Every time you win a hand even after the table has folded your winning hand is shown. The format of the winning hand is shown by combining the cards with the decks cards leaving you to figured out what your opponents had. Vechiles drive like tanks, often getting stuck on terrain, while mostly it is quicker to run. There are little differences between the various gun types they all handle as easily as an another resulting in the enemy dead very quickly on which ever diffculty played. Once dead you respawn easily there are no penalties.

    A massively disappointingly game where you literally repeating the same thing over on one big fetch quest. Its playtime comes from chasing collectibles. You would really have to be somekind of stoner to find any enjoyment out of this game as it is boring beyond all imagination.
  2. Dec 16, 2012
    Many people might love Far Cry 3, but I give it a 6 out of 10 because it had many things I don't like in an open world game: there aren't much activities or minigames around, there is poker, knife throwing and racing for what you can do anytime, the rest of the activities (like bounty hunting, "path of the hunter", etc) are finite, once you complete them you can't redo them. I'm not saying they should make a replay option, I'm saying that the AI should be able to generate randomly these activities and create infinite possibilities to them. The story is great, but I think the creators of this game focused too much on it, but alright, it's better to have a good story than a bad story. And although I disliked the main character, the villains are outstanding. Gameplay is great, but it's a shame you can only spend your money in guns or maps. Another thing that let me down was the fact that it's pretty fun killing pirates around and you don't want them to disappear once you take an outpost. Not to mention you need to play the story to unlock most of the recipes and skills (90% of skills and 60% of recipes). Side quests are just bad and for the record, you race against a clock on the racing activity, not against other NPCs. So considering it is an open world game and the side quests and activites to do to enjoy freedom are bad despite the awesome story, I give that rating to this game, it's just a decent game for me. But still, my gaming taste is a bit different, so I think FC3 might be great game for average gamers and fps fans although I give it a 6/10. Expand
  3. Dec 9, 2012
    I went into Far Cry 3 with high hopes. I was let down very quickly. From the start you are thrust into the story with nothing leading up to it. From there, you are presented with clunky, choppy, BORING gameplay. The story is good and the visuals and scale are amazing, but these things do not make up for the severe lack of things to do in the game outside of the main quest. You have various side-quests but none of them are any fun. They boil down to "go here, kill this" or "Find 2 of these, bring them back." The gunplay is awful; no gun feels like it has any weight to it and they all sound the same, as if the developers copy and pasted the same sounds into each assault rifle. The number of guns you have to choose from is a joke also, not until the last few hours of the game do you actually get more to choose from but none are any good and they all sound the same. This game is riddled with bugs and glitches. Everything from floating enemies to animals that teleport all over the place, it seems as if this game could have spent a little more time in development. Anyone thinking of buying this game...DON'T. This is a solid rental at best. The game has 0 replayability. I regret buying this disaster of a game. Expand
  4. Feb 7, 2013
    the guy vaas witt the mohawk is pretty cool but there is no trace of garfield whatsoever
    0/100000 DONT BOTHER PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Aug 11, 2013
    I want to like this game. It has a lot to do and explore. Your character can kill off enemies easily by backstabbing and shooting. There are interesting dream sequences. But I do not like this game for its absolutely horrible difficulty, even on "Easy" mode, and its absolutely evil antagonist. I hate this game.
  6. Dec 29, 2012
    This game sucks and its not even ready to be released.
    BE AWARE it doest support SLI/CF and any multi GPU card such as HD 6990 in my case.

    UBISOFT support sucks big time too check my ticket:

    [Crash] in game
    Reference # 121207-000341
    Date Created 12/07/2012 Status Updated

    Almost a month in my and others problems are not solved, stay away and don't buy.
  7. Dec 9, 2012
    Read Charlius 2's review (5 rating) and he hit the nail on the head with the myriad problems with this game, especially the graphics on the 360. As soon as I got a headache the third straight time I played it I sold it back to GameStop. I mean, c'mon, there is NO excuse for the FPS. The people at GS told me that the problem is due to the sheer amount of stuff happening on screen, and I thought to myself, are you kidding me, there's hardly anything happening except shrubbery (and boy, I love a good quest to go and get me some shrubs). Also, I have to say, those damn messages that keep appearing every time you successfully take a dump are annoying as cuss. Anyways, I can't believe this game has received universal acclaim for the XBOX despite being trite and boring as cuss. Do yourself a favor and rent before you buy. Also do yourself a favor and play Alan Wake and see what a little real creativity can do to gaming. Expand
  8. Dec 17, 2012
    Very upset with UBISOFT. The only reason I purchased this game was to publish maps using the map editor. I wasn't going to get it until I found out that you could place weapons and vehicles on user created maps. Great, I thought. Only problem is you can't publish the map if these exist on your map. What a joke. Why even have that ability to put them on the map if you can't upload it for playing with friends.

    Gameplay on user created maps do not count towards leveling up or unlocking items anyway, so what's the big deal about not letting us have them?

    UBISOFT ruined Far Cry when they got it from Cryteck. They ruined Ghost Recon. I was going to get Rainbow6, but now I doubt it.
  9. Jan 11, 2013
    I am disappointed. This is not a very good shooter and has too many cut scenes. It is a sorry followup to far cry 2, which , at least, had good scenery. The AI is bad, the missions are, for the most part, corny and it is NOT a true open world game. Your world is limited to a very narrow area around the current mission and overall not a very fun game. You are very limited in your ability to explore at your leisure. If you enjoy a very scripted storyline and a confining maybe could get some enjoyment out of it. Expand
  10. Mar 19, 2013
    Glitches all up in these Multiplayer is a JOKE. The 2nd place world ranked FarCry3 player uses a glitch to turn invisible and kill everyone, this is the kind of that goes with FarCry3, Not to mention it took them 4 months after release to fix some, not ALL, but some of the game breaking glitches in Single player and Multiplayer.
  11. Mar 27, 2013
    Far Cry 3 You are dropped on an island. There are bad guys who are insane maniacs and good guys who are a mix of all clichés you can think of. You would expect that they are going to stick a flower in your gun barrel any minute now. First you kill all animals you see. Crafting is hilarious. You shoot a pig and with your bare hand you make a wallet out of it. You need this wallet since you can't put money in your pocket. Keep killing everything that moves until you have all the gear you need. Climb a radio tower. Unlock the area. Shoot up a camp of bad guys. Unlock a couple of fetch quests and a kill quest. Repeat the part from "climb a radio tower" about 17 times. End of the game. This might just be the most boring game I've ever played. Missions are generic. Sure, it looks ok, shooting is quite accurate but it just seems that this game failed to make choices. It's an ok shooter but not enough shooting. Story is as shallow as it gets. You have vehicles but you really don't want to drive. The enemy AI is plain bad. Maybe it get's better after a while but I stopped playing after 16 hours or so and I'll never get that time back. Expand
  12. Jun 9, 2013
    Far Cry 3 was probably at the top of my list (above Halo 4) when I heard about it. I loved Far Cry 2-- the action, the constant danger, the combat, the sliding, the open world. It was awesome.

    Far Cry 3 is none of that...
    To begin with there is no real feeling of danger as there was in part 2. I was playing on the hardest difficulty and ran around on foot pretty much begging for
    action, but there was nothing. Remember in Far Cry 2 when you'd be driving at night, only to have your heart stop when you saw headlights behind you, then you'd come under fire by enemies? Well, say bye bye to that. There's none of that in this game. I don't even remember getting in a car fight with anybody...

    There are a handful of enemy bases you can capture, and once you do so, that entire area is safe of enemies. Meaning...once you clear an entire island of enemy bases, you have nothing to worry about. People drive up next to you and offer you rides, say hi as they pass by, etc. It's ridiculous.

    As for the main story, I could tell it was trying very hard to be 'cool', but the main character isn't very likable, and neither are any of the friends. They're one dimensional characters, and your character seems to be a natural at figuring things out and killing people, even though it wants you to believe he's a normal guy who is growing into a vengeful hero of sorts...

    The main villain is as cliche as they come, asking you multiple times if you know the definition of insanity, and during loading scenes it has quotes from alice in wonderland, desperate to add to the "insanity" of the game. But it was all too cheesy to take seriously.

    As for combat (or lackthereof), it bugged me when you'd fight certain people and it throws you into a hallucination. In this hallucination you are forced to walk (no sprinting....very very slow step by step walking) down a dreamy road, where you have to do stupid things like shoot shadows and stuff. Then when you snap out of it you realize you've killed someone or something...waste of time.

    Overall it doesn't hold a flame to the danger, action, and detailed open world presented in part 2. But you'll find pleasure in finding animals to make things out of since there really isn't much else to do.

    I did my best to hold off beating the game, to make the most out of the experience...and I did every side mission there was, captured every base, unlocked every diamond and radio tower.. until it forced me to go back to the main storyline since there was nothing left to do.

    The replay value is little to none. There's no sense of danger, no sense of adventure, it has the elements of a good open world rpg, but lacks everything that makes those games fun.

    It's not a complete waste of time if you're looking for something to do but aren't expecting much. If you've played the first two Far Cry games, then you might be disappointed.
  13. Apr 9, 2013
    This game is a load of garbage. You go to point A to point B all the time. Tell you to go find someone half across the map to talk to someone you were just talking to. The weapons are all horrible. They have no stopping power. I play through the whole game just to find out the ending ever. There fore this game gets a 1!
  14. Dec 12, 2012
    I've heard of Far Cry. Never really played it before this one. So I figure "what the hell," and me and the missus hit up Redbox.

    We get home, throw it in the Xbox, and fire up the rig. The game starts, and ten minutes into it, we are both saying, "What the hell is this mess?" First off, the graphics are less than stellar. Choppy as hell. Looks like individual animations are randomly
    plopped into the environment instead of integrated. Second, the sound is TERRIBLE. The pirates' voices sound like something from NES days. And we aren't talking bad sound from flat screen speakers. We have a 7.2 surround system and it STILL sounds like ****

    Third, the pop-ups in this game are ridiculous. More often than not, games have useful pop ups on the HUD. Not FC3. The pop ups persist until they are cleared and they take up an unnecessarily large amount of screen space.

    The "crafting" system is mediocre. You think that you'll be building upgraded equipment, better armor, etc. What you're really doing is collecting items of value (skins from various animals, plant leaves (really?)), essentially gathering money to buy a bigger inventory bag or have more space for ammo. Essentially the crafting system is an entire quest system reminiscent of quests from WoW. Uh, no thank you. I can't comment on the Co-op or the multiplayer, because I didn't even want to try that nonsense. Now, I really wanted to like this game. I had read pretty good things about it. But, at the S.O.'s insistence, I rented it first. Thank god for that. $2 instead of $60. This game does have a few nice aspects to it. The game world is literally wide open. Oh, except if you're doing a mission, then you can not go out of the mission area. Seems a little dated to have mission areas or mission boundaries in an open world game but whatever.

    *Minor Spoiler****** The sequence when the main character gets high off of the shrooms is fairly entertaining.

    Overall, this game lacks a lot of features we have all taken for granted. Do yourself a favor and rent it before you decide to buy, or at the most buy a used copy.
  15. Dec 27, 2012
    interesting if not the most intuitive requiring you to go through. On exhausting series of menus to do anything but it was worth it I thought it was only one minor hiccup on the road to my favourite game in years. After some hours with the menus though i started to see a frustrating trend, for some reason everytime you went to the menus to craft, save or anything else the game felt the need to connect to the ubisoft servers? You might not think it is much but it took about 20 seconds every time and when you're loading up that menu 5 times minute when your hunting and crafting vigorously you are ready to throw your controller through the wall! And the campaign is the good part of the game! The other three parts of the game only nosedive in comparison, and when I mean nosedive I mean into the side of mount everest. The co-op me and my 3 other great friends were ecstatic for, finally we could team up against the forces of the island!! So we all logged on and the problems started back there, trouble logging on, ubisoft servers were apparently down for half of us while in one case it said my friend had somehow had parental settings blocking him and kicked him off! After about 15 minutes of everyone trying to host a different game, rebooting xbox's and yelling and frustration we all finally joined into a match, we were ready. As we played through it we found the missions really fun and skill testing as infinite waves of deadly enemies poured forth from the corners of the jungle trying to thwart us in our mission. We fought blood tooth and nail to keep them back and we barely succeeded, together a massive sense of accomplishment as we beat one of the hardest battles we fought on any game and as it went back to the menu we were jumping for joy when we realised the mass amounts of xp we had hoarded through co-op. With glee we watched our levels skyrocket from one to fifteen in an instant, weapons, armour and equipment were ours but as we checked back it said our ranks were stil rank one.... the whole game glitched for all of us and we lost everything we worked so hardto achieve, to say we were aggravated is an overstatement, bloody oaths of turd flinging the ubisoft offices were abound as me and my friends lost there minds. After that we found out this is a reoccurring bug that happens every time you play unless right after OCCASIONALLY your xp will be there if you play a multiplayer match or you load up your profile. For all the connecting to ubisoft servers all the time the ubisoft servers have yet to show any sign of decency or competence. To sum up multiplayer is to say it has a great class customization system and a great idea and engine but the connection to everything is horrendous. About 300 ms ping on every game I tried, making it nearly impossible to play. Every time you try to leave a match in the menu before its even started takes about half a minute, overall all I can assume is ubisoft is playing Lego's in there offices while elephants with projectile diarrhea and operating the server room. A game this day in age and with a reputation like far cry should really have this streamlined by now to either work in the background or be instantaneous like everything these days, to say this game operates like an shoddy beta that has never been tested is 100% true. It makes me sad. Now on to the map editor, now let's forget that ubisoft put maybe 10 minutes if that into thinking how they could improve upon the map editor and decided to just port the old far cry 2 one over with smaller maps, Lets forget that you can even play custom maps in a custom game, and let's forget how infuriating it is to do anything in this mess of a **** game. You are left with a map editor that has a favor amount of tools and promise to it, maybe I can make new maps to play with my friends and there is an easy way to keep it always new and changing! Yeah no, first of all they give you the option to use vehicles and A.I. bots, as well as place weapons down but if you EVER want to publish (play) your map then all these wonderful features are not allowed to exist, so what is the point of even having them!?! In short far cry 3 is dissapointing, period Expand
  16. Feb 15, 2013
    Take away the impressive open world in which this game is set and you are left with repetitive game mechanics, uninspiring AI and an unbelievable and at times embarrassing story line.

Universal acclaim - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Apr 8, 2013
    Far Cry 3 reaches for greatness, but falls short at merely being really fun. It has a few hiccups here and there and the story is very thin, but the exploration and combat really shine. It's a worthy addition to any collection.
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Almost everything about Far Cry 3 speaks to the game’s skilled, confident and tightly interwoven design, and players are free to seek their specific flavour of gratification and victory as Jason becomes the most dangerous animal on the island.
  3. Feb 11, 2013
    The freeform combat, gorgeous locations, and excellent multiplayer are strong, and Far Cry 3 does a fantastic job of putting the player in the middle of a lawless, chaotic world and letting them get up to whatever they please. Yes, video games are capable of achieving much more than Far Cry 3 does, but it makes a persuasive argument that there's nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure now and again—especially when it's as slickly presented as this is.