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  • Summary: Far Cry Classic promises to be the ultimate console version of the very first Far Cry game, bringing you back to the roots of this franchise. It's another beautiful day in tropical paradise...or is it? Take the role of charter boat captain, Jack Carver, who finds himself hunted by an unrelenting team of highly trained mercenaries in this nature-gone-wrong FPS adventure. Choose to rely on firepower, strategy or stealth, abuse your freedom into massive outdoor environments, and fight for your life against tactically intelligent enemies. Features stunningly realistic foliage, real-time day and night cycles, drivable underwater, commandeer, or even flying vehicles, and more... Expand
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  1. Mar 20, 2014
    This is the way FPS games should be created.
  2. Feb 19, 2014
    Getting spotted behind a bush from 300 yards away and subsequently getting shot right in the face wasn't especially fun back in the day, and still isn't. It's kind of surprising that after ten years and under these circumstances, this reunion still manages to be quite a blast at times.
  3. 50
    Far Cry Classic exhibits many of the ideas that came to define the series, but this decade-old shooter doesn't hold up very well thanks to antiquated design and a spotty porting job. [May 2014, p.82]
  4. 50
    This is one unnecessary relic that can be safely re-buried. [Apr 2014, p.89]
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  1. Feb 17, 2014
    This is the original Far Cry from 2004. Porting ancient CryEngine 1 code on X360 is a commendable job by the dev. The game still feels what it used to back in 2k4. The graphics are more polished, the gameplay too. The gaps have been filled for eg: Melee is present in this title that wasn't just there in the PC version this is something I really like. The game itself is exactly same as the PC version with little tweaks in the design and esthetics. It still feels like the game that marked the beginning of the Far Cry saga. Expand
  2. Feb 17, 2014
    Fantastic to see old school on X360 too apart from PS3. Even if the game is 10 years old, it does not kill the feeling of what a true FPS should be. I actually bought both PS3 and X360 versions, ;) Expand
  3. Feb 17, 2014
    First of all there's a lot of misinformation floating around about this game on the various reviews online etc. This is the ORIGINAL Far Cry PC game made by Crytek which has NEVER been ported to a console before, and let me tell you it holds up extremely well after 10 years. It's really tragic that Ubisoft decided to port the grossly inferior Far Cry Instincts back in 2005, which was made for the original Xbox; that game had it's charm, but it was severely handicapped by design as Ubisoft made it for original Xbox hardware. Crytek's masterpiece clearly runs beautifully on the 360, so it's a shame it took this long to release it. Note there's some negative reviews for the PS3 version due to graphical issues, but those do not impact the 360.

    Ubisoft has made a few minor tweaks to improve the game, specifically I think they re-balanced the difficultly somewhat, so I'm really enjoying this compared to the original PC game. Most importantly, they didn't mess anything up, as I always felt this game was nearly perfect when it came out in 2004.

    So how is the game play? Well this isn't a sand box game with a billion pointless activities and achievements like Far Cry 2 and 3. That said, some of the outdoor levels are so large, they feel a little bit like a a sand box environment, and they normally offer many tactical approaches, so they are non-linear. Even the indoor levels usually give players multiple options on how to approach a battle, which sadly most AAA modern shooters lack. Most importantly, Far Cry levels never feel repetitive, and the combat and enemies keep things fresh. On the topic of things Far Cry does better than modern games, I have to
    give mention to just how effective the ballistics model is. Each of the different weapons and grenades has a unique feel and function, so your weapon choice really has an impact on combat, tactics, and ultimately how you approach each objective.

    When you consider how many hours of shooting and exploration fun this package offers for only $10, I have to rate this as a 10 out of 10.
  4. Amu
    Feb 18, 2014
    Yeah,, Only in one word, that's Awesome!!!! Excellent work from Dev team, Melee attack and target locking is present ,nice weapon animation,trophies and of course Gameplay too.I bought X360 version. Expand
  5. Feb 13, 2014
    Wow.. I Loved this game 10 years ago when I played it on PC. Since I mostly do all my gaming on consoles nowadays, I couldn't wait to play this again when I saw it finally make it in its original form. Its not an HD remaster or anything, which was fine with me.. but I have to say, I don't remember the design being so poor in this game. Right now, I am dealing with an auto save that kicked in when I was in a fire fight, so whenever I start, I immediately get hit by a rocket. The auto save starts the game by the screen fading in, so you're vulnerable without being able to fully see everything. The in game instructions tell you that tapping left bumper switches your grenades.. but makes no mention of needing to be held down to bring up the weapon wheel. It took me a little while to figure this out and left me in the dark on how to use more than just the first 2 weapons I picked up. The AI is smart, but a little too good. It doesn't make sense that enemies that are so far off in the distance you could not see them without using a sniper scope almost always hit you with bullets from ARs even if you're hiding behind trees and plants in a jungle. Enemies also appear out of thin air as well. I still enjoy the game, but it definitely left a mark on how I felt about the game prior to revisiting. After recently enjoying the excellent Blood Dragon and Far Cry 3, its evident the original has not aged well. Expand