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  1. Sep 24, 2013
    DON'T BUY THIS GAME! You don't play this game. You just follow the script. All the matches are scripted by EA. They decide when you win, when you lose, everything is scripted. And it's just the same thing of FIFA 13, just slower, I don't know why It's sad because I was a FIFA fan since FIFA 98, and this is the end of the line for this series for me. Another title that's a copy of the previous one and full of script.

    What I most like in videogaming was the fact that we can decide our destiny, we decide what happens in the screen. EA, since FIFA 12, destroyed this: you don't play a football videogame, you just follow the script the game definied for each match

    Run away from this crap
  2. Sep 25, 2013
    SCRIPTED everything I do is scripted. Even though they have added cool new features to normal gameplay and ultimate team i still think this is scripted.
  3. Sep 27, 2013
    This is definitely the worst FIFA in history. It brings over all problems of FIFA13 and adds more. I'm talking about single player modes, as I'm not interested in multiplayer game at all. My score reflects only a single player experience

    I'm not expecting a game to be easy, I like challenge, especially in a football game, but the game has to be enjoyable. And F14 is far from that. It's
    one of the most frustrating experiences in a game world ever. If I pick one of the biggest teams on the continent, with players valued millions of euros in real world, I'd like to feel that I'm indeed controlling a really strong team. That I have immediate advantages over a poor opponent. But there's no such feeling in this game. FIFA 'world' seems to be using some kind of level scaling, like Skyrim, because no matter how good team you pick, how close to level 99 your players are and how skiled you are in controlling a pad, you will struggle with likes of Stoke or Almeria or whatever. Your Piques, Ramoses and Luizs will be outrun by poor team's attackers, your Messis, Ronaldos and Robbens will be outrun by poor team's defenders. 60 level team will make pinpoint precision long passes and exchange ball better than Barca in their best years. And watch yourself in the last 15 minutes of the game if you're winning by 1 or 2 goals you will experience pressing like you've never seen on live TV, unless you watch ice hockey match and one team plays with a player advantage.

    Reaction your opponent AI presents is unhumanly they can react to your action a fraction of a second after you press the button. At the same time, your defenders AI is utterly stupid. There's barely any move on the pitch except the player you control. AI doesn't move your player towards the ball in the air, doesn't assist you in defence. You would imagine you could position a player manually, but auto switching doesn't work correctly and manual switching when ball is in the air is practically impossible. Your players also won't move towards a loose ball after eg a tackle (it sometimes looks like all players 'wait' until the tackle/collision animation is finished). Passing on assisted and semi modes don't work and at least 1/3 simple short passes (not to mention long through balls) end up bouncing of opponent's legs. Your attackers barely move off the ball. And even if they move and make a nice run, AI defenders will outrun them anyway, as mentioned earlier, or they will be caught offside as most often there's a huge delay between you pressing a button and AI making a pass (again, it has to do with animations)

    If that's not enough, imagine referees ending matches during your attacking move in opponent's penalty box. This however should be easily fixable in a patch. As to all other complaints, it seems like a broken engine so it would need a total revamp, which is impossible at this stage.

    If I bought the game on Origin, I would definitely apply for a refund. Waste of money. And since PES14, although significantly better than PES13, also suffers from unpolished engine and bugs, there's no football game to enjoy this year
  4. Sep 24, 2013
    I don't know what people mean by saying this game is scripted but it sounds believable, FIFA 14 is a lot different than FIFA 13 in all the wrong ways super slow extremely hard to get passes in & for some reason extremely easier to get unrealistic crosses in ronaldo's boot's aren't even accurate this game pisses me off but i'll probably just buy it anyways cause no one will be playing 13
  5. Sep 28, 2013
    I have never EVER played a football game this bad in my entire life! Passing, shooting it takes ages before you can pass, shoot, turn or whatever. DON'T BUY THIS GAME! IT IS THE WORST FOOTIE EVER!
  6. Sep 29, 2013
    Imagine the best painting in the world. Now imagine that, to spice things up, the creator decided that every few seconds the painting would release tear gas sending viewing the painting into the agony of inflamed eyeballs. Then as they lay there trying to enjoy the painting with their vision blurred from toxic gas. The painting then starts swinging around the room to make the viewing experience dynamic and exciting. THATS Fifa 10. The best sports game available. However it's marred by horrible design decisions made to make the game "challenging". Everything thats great about it can and will altered to insure that theres another obstacle in your way so the CPU can keep the game "exciting". You will play 4 games overcoming the common problems but on that 5th game the controls will mysteriously turn to mush. It's like a brand new game. It's that last and greatest level of desperate AI cheating. It will destroy your ability to enjoy the game. They take the core mechanics of the game and make it all unresponsive on purpose. Just think about that. And while you're at it, avoid this game. Collapse Expand
  7. Sep 24, 2013
    I don't know how to rate this game. It's not worthy of the critical acclaim that I suspect EA have paid for (all studios do it to be fair), but it's not a veritable flop deserving of the fires of the internet and red-coloured user scores.

    The presentation is excellent. Quite superb. Modeling off the Xbox dashboard was a bold move but it does pay off. The commentary is spot on, the
    prematch coverage is top notch and in terms of immersion into the experience, PES can't hold a candle to FIFA. I love the changes to career mode, the global scouting network forces you to construct teams that click together rather than a team full of 85+ players that pace-abuse the opposition.

    Unfortunately thats as far as I can be positive. The biggest change is the Precision Movement engine. Players are slower and clunkier than before in an attempt to replicate real physics and real build-up play. I found my teammates making intelligent runs ahead of me and positioning was better. The big problem is that everyone feels the same. Top-rated attacking players felt like they had the same agility, movement and ball control as mid-level centerbacks. It's terrible. Not to mention that one of FIFA 13's biggest draws, dribbling, is now completely broken because of this. A good example is Christian Eriksen, I usually have no problem dribbling (no tricks) past defenders. In FIFA 14, he feels like Charlie Adam.

    It could be case of something to get used to. I've only had it 3 days thanks to my sports ticket from EA, of which I played around 20-25 hours. It certainly took a while to adjust to FIFA 13. I'm not against change or one of those people who complains about things changing. I just think that it hasn't worked out as smoothly as EA hoped.

    This definitely feels like FIFA is in transition, for the better. Unfortunately so too does the game. It's very nicely packaged product but the core feels like a working beta compared to what EA vision for the game. It's gameplay mechanics haven't been worked out fully and it ruins the experience for me. I don't particularly care for paying $60 for updated kits and rosters, nor do I for an unfinished product.
  8. Oct 2, 2013
    EA sports are a scam company. FIFA releases since 1993 have been nothing but junk. There is no football logic nor tactics in the gameplay in any series. Ball possession and build up play is useless. The best football player does not win by any means, in fact if you play football like it is played in real life you will end up losing. Too many flaws in this game: headers, highways open on the sides, defense is a joke, game pace is a joke, stamina and fatigue is a joke, full game pressure like monkeys, referee and goalkeepers need alot of tweaking. This game sucks and is very much over priced. Once again for the 21th year in a row, EA Sports deceived us as customers. Expand
  9. Nov 16, 2013
    Shocking game, been playing Fifa since the 95 edition and this is by far the worst of the series...My players are fouled throughout the game with no calls from the ref, I'll have a 5 star player receive the ball and look like someone smacked him over the head with a plank of wood, I'll have a 96 pace player be chased down by a 60 pace defender then have a 80 pace striker blitz past my 70 pace defender. The only way to win in UT is to constantly foul the other team and play balls over the top with the midfield passing being terrible, every second goal I concede is because of the ridiculous auto player switching which leaves me completely stranded....The game has destroyed my faith in EA and this will be the last time I purchase a Fifa, massive opportunity for PES to win my vote. Expand
  10. Oct 1, 2013
    Yeah, originally I gave this game a good review. I liked the idea of the game being more thoughtful and stopping the speed spamming that used to go on. But what they didn't realise is that they made the game an unplayable mess. Totally unenjoyable experience and completely scripted. Only on fifa can you have 20 shots on target, hit the bar 7 times, 70 percent possession but you magically lose at the end to a 50 yard long shot. It's so frustrating and a waste of time. The new scouting system on Fifa is also completely horrid. If you want simulation go and play football manager. I honestly can't sign hardly any players. Worst fifa I've ever played. Expand
  11. Sep 26, 2013
    La verdad creo que arruinaron lo vertiginoso y emocionante que se hacia el fifa 13... Tiene grandes cosas unos menus mejorados el ultimate etc pero no convence.
  12. Sep 29, 2013
    I love all these people complaining how slow it is. It is a much more realistic game. Those of you complaining about one team being rubbish and the next being spectacular...youre probably playing Ultimate team right? Not every team is the same skill level. Game one may be Pro, game two may be world class, they arent the same.

    This is by far the best and most realistic fifa to date.
    Solid note to end this generation of consoles on. Expand
  13. Oct 31, 2013
    I had reviewed this game on Sep 30 2013 when EA promised a patch that would fix the issues. I gave a 6 because the game at the time had some promise. There were issues that completely broke the game but they promised to fix them.

    Now it is October 31st 2013. And I can only say one thing DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. I spent many many hours playing FUT 13. I only play maybe 1-2 games a week of
    FUT 14. Only to remind myself how awful the game is. Then I go back to doing whatever else I was doing.

    I will discuss the good and the bad in some detail.

    Let's start with the good:
    1) Great game modes. FUT is immensely popular and extremely addictive. There are tons of people to play quick online games with. The games are extremely competitive.
    2) The licenses EA has make it possible to play with a large array of different teams and players.
    3) The game is no longer extremely dependent on the speed of the player. With Fifa 13 everything hinged on how fast a player was. If he was slow everything else was rendered useless by his inability to keep up with anyone on the pitch. Fifa 14 does a better job of balancing passing, dribbling and others.
    4) The game can be fun. And they may still fix the issues I just don't understand what is taking so long.

    Now on to the BAD:
    1) The AI is a monstrosity. Especially when it comes to defense. In all facets of the game you will find yourself absolutely furious at the terrible decisions your players make.
    2) When it comes to online play there is an enormous emphasis on heading the ball. Headers are extremely over powered. I mean EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED. People are no longer using players like Aguero and turn to players like Benteke and Carrol instead because they can head the ball. This goes well with #1 the defenders do a PATHETIC job of defending headers. Absolutely pathetic.
    3) Corners are extremely unrealistic. You are more likely to concede a goal due to a header then any other build up play short of a penalty kick. Again this goes with #1 and #2. Heading is way overpowered and the AI to defend corners is just criminal.
    4) The full press tactic in Ultimate Team and Seasons is again extremely overpowered. Basically you can just sprint after the ball all game long and never get tired. Turns the game into a through ball fest.
    5) Lob Passes are grossly overpowered. This is mostly due to the fact that defenders have no idea how to defend against them.

    Overall I am being very generous giving this game a 3. It is a very broken game.

    What makes matters much worse is that EA has not released a patch in almost a month. This tells me that they blatantly do not care.

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Wait until Xbox One comes out. That one should be better.
  14. Sep 30, 2013
    FIFA 14 is undeniably the very best football package available on the xbox 360. As a package it could be likened to a pretty large box, neatly wrapped in the finest quality embossed paper, lovingly finished with a luxurious satin bow. Yes, this package is seductive, intriguing and ultimately "flawless" in every way. When unboxing this sweet package however... you'll be in for no small surprise as once again EA have failed to impress on the content. FIFA 14 has all the official licenses, players and fantastic game modes but the actual game is (not unlike its creators) dull, exploitative, lacking in creativity, soulless, technically unimpressive and a complete waste of anybody's money. Any football gamer who honestly enjoys this deserves to be bludgeoned to death with a Nintendo64 console & have a copy of International Superstar Soccer forcibly shoved down their throat! Expand
  15. Sep 24, 2013
    Stepping Stone
    Really this is just a stepping stone for the next gen version coming up wich uses the amazing looking infinity engine so if you bought this like I did hopefully you would have kept your excpectations low because this is really only mad for the updated squads and the pretty sweet ultimate team.
  16. Oct 23, 2013
    No fun. Horrible 'tactical/contain' defending means online players simply allow the AI to defend for them. Atrocious.

    Just a rehash of already poor game (FIFA 13).

    Don't put money in EA pockets, complete rip-off merchants. I joined the forum to complain and they Banned me... says it all really. Awful, awful product from a terrible company.
  17. Nov 15, 2013
    Game is scripted to help weaker players, one game you'll be popping in 5 the next you can't hit a barn door. Completely un-enjoyable experience, both losses and wins you don't deserve leave you unsatisfied, next to zero skill involved.
  18. Nov 29, 2013
    Oh man! I created a Metacritic account just to review this horrid game! I have bought every Fifa title since 2006 and my Fifa playing days go back to around 1996! I'm pretty good at this game and used to play on Legendary in pretty much every title until Fifa 13. I used to have a system for playing defense that was unbeatable until they made tactical defending in last year's version. Fine with me. I'm all for more realistic tackling and ball physics....whatever. I still pretty much crushed in Fifa 13. The pace was awesome and the dribbling was spot on. If you can dribble, which I was good at, last year's version is fantastic. I can almost say that Fifa 13 for me was amazing on almost every level.....except......the career mode! I love the career mode and it's the main reason that I buy the game. Create a player with your own likeness and RPG the out of it. Absolutely love that fantasy. EA Canada just doesn't give a FLYING F*** that this mode is important to a lot of gamers! They just don't care. Last year's career mode was filled with sooo many glitches that it absolutely ruined it for me. Not to mention it fails miserably in comparison to the depth and quality of other career modes or my player modes in other sports titles. For example the NBA2K series' career mode is incredibly deep. It is pretty much what I would like to play for my favorite sport! Fifa 14 career mode is THE EXACT SAME thing as Fifa 13, just that they( for the most part) fixed the glitches that marred the previous installment. I actually don't mind Fifa 14's career mode. It's ok, but wtf is it offering that's cutting edge or even interesting to delve into? NOTHING I'm not interested in Ultimate team and playing online, because you have to PLAY ALL THE TIME to get ranked and it's not feasible for someone that is not a professional gamer. So that's just career mode. Disappointing and not worthwhile half-assed effort from EA Canada. They can give two ****s, I know. Now that's not the most upsetting thing about it, though. The most disappointing thing about FIFA14 is THE F***ING GAMEPLAY! They absolutely killed it. Killed the pace of the game, the dribbling, the passing.....they ruined pretty much everything!!!! When you take control of a player in Fifa14, it's like moving a bus or a tractor trailer. Every dribble move takes longer to pull off and the whole left trigger-to-shield-off-opponent bull**** is exactly that. BULL****! LOL you almost have to play lobbed through balls every time.....don't even try to thread the needle with a hard through will NEVER HAPPEN. Guess what happens when you time that lobbed through ball to perfection and are pretty much clear on goal with only the goalkeeper to beat......the slowest and I mean slowest of defenders will catch up to your striker and almost overtake him EVERY TIME. LOL I played the other day with my friend who plays on a high level just like me....I chipped a through ball to Lewandowski, sprinting on goal with ten yards between him and the last defender. It took I feel like less than a second for the defenders to make up the ground and almost steamroll on top of him like two locomotives lol. HE JUST GOT BOSSED OFF THE BALL IN A FLASH and I barely got a half shot off. I bring Walcott in as a sub in a different game.....his pace makes NO DIFFERENCE in this game. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIBBLE PAST ANY DEFENDER.....that makes the game almost unplayable....OH OH and how bout the matter if you are there first, or press the button to clear and are holding left trigger to try to hold off your opponent, they will beat you to the ball almost 85% of the time. The auto switching on air balls was bad last year, well this year forget trying to defend against a cross or a it's a crapshoot who will win the header.....Fifa 13 took skill to play, but this utter monstrosity that is called FIFA14 takes that skill and shoves it up your ass lol. Last year I could take a player like Ramsey who is rated 77 and score a Messi goal with him. This year, you'll be lucky to score with Messi bec. he will handle like a supercharged bus, but a bus is still a f***ing bus! EA, I think I am done with this franchise. It truly feels like you are now milking your cash cow and don't care about truly innovating and raising this game to the next level! Shame shame shame. I wasn't sure whether there was anything to the "scripted" gameplay ramblings, but there is some sense in it, bec. the airballs are consistently undefendable and the dribbling and the pace of the game is absolutely on earth can Walcott not be able to make a move and sprint past a tired defender. Even the knock on move that EA created last year they went and ruined lol. This game in my opinion is the absolute worst of the franchise. It might seem polished since they own all the licenses, but they ruined the amazing fluidity of the game! FIFA 14 ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! Money back please Expand
  19. Oct 3, 2013
    This is the worst FIFA I have played. In Seasons mode, it is more like playing pinball. Defenders are always faster than your wingers and forwards. I am sure they have given all the players arthritis the turning is so bad. Passing is always off as well now, assisted all the way if you want a game which is vaguely playable. The only positive I can think of is the menu system is much better in presentation and speed. Expand
  20. Oct 1, 2013
    Sluggish player movement has increased realism but sucked the fun out of the game. They are in fact to heavy now, EA have simply taken it too far.
    The scripting in previous FIFA games was annoying but not overly intrusive, FIFA 14 is obscene. My fave game has been ruined.
  21. Sep 24, 2013
    this game has a great difference from fifa 13 the graphics are better fifa ultimate team is awesome better than fifa 13's one i think this game is great but there is lags on online thats why im giving it a 9 out of 10.
  22. Oct 1, 2013
    Where do i start with Fifa 14? Ive played Fifa for years and where they say and people say this is the best by far are got to be kidding? Online aspect of this game, its completely unbalanced. The game consists of sluggish game play and very slow. The passing on this game isnt realistic at all. Ive had this Since saturday and im already selling up as its a total waste of money and waste of time playing it.

    Only decent thing i can say about this game is when you score a goal, to a certain degree, it does feel satisfying but overall this is a bad year for Fifa and EA.
  23. Oct 6, 2013
    FIFA 14 definitely breaks my record for most smashed controllers lol. I'm a die hard FIFA fan and this FIFA 14 is just garbage. This is not f****** REAL futbal! EA Sports is just terrible at making futbal games. I'm so sick of my teammates running in front of me when I'm trying to score, blocking my shots! I'm so sick of my defenders running away from loose balls! I'm so sick of goalkeepers blocking almost every shot that "should" be a goal in real life! I'm so sick of not having any control of my player chasing after a ball that will end up going out of bounds, while using a lot of stamina. I'm so sick of 1 star team strikers being able to pass 5 star team defenders! EA Sports, get your f****** s*** together! Watch some damn real World class futbal and understand the dynamics of futbal. Expand
  24. Oct 22, 2013
    Worst FIFA release of the past 5 years.
    EA have amped up the scripting in this game to such levels that you have virtually no control over your players. Want to volley a first time shot? Forget it, the game will decide you need an extra touch...oops now you lost the ball. The game plays at breakneck speed, so there's no way to think and create anything interesting. You can only get rid of
    the ball as soon as you get it. Add the freezes and you have an absolute dogs dinner of a game. Avoid at all costs. Expand
  25. Oct 21, 2013
    If i could have given this game a minus review believe I would. Its fundamentally broken and will never be fixed, EA just take our £40 each year then laugh in our face's. No wonder they were voted worst company in America... TWICE. I will never buy another FIFA title again.
  26. Oct 22, 2013
    The demo looked quite good. On release it was OK, but had a few problems, such as overpowered crossing, through balls, corners, finesse shots. People abused these bugs. They said they would release a patch to correct these problems. The patch did not do this. IT DESTROYED THE GAME!! It basically became like a cheap version of FIFA 13 with zero gameplay. No fun. All scripted and set up for pace abuse. It is an absolute disgrace they killed the game with these patches. Since then we have had no response from EA. It is shocking they do care about their customers. I will never buy an EA sports product again UNLESS THEY SORT THIS MESS OUT! Expand
  27. Nov 2, 2013
    worst game ever u ever woke up in the morning and u cant sit down but u dont know why thats how i feel,, fifa14 is scripted i put vid on youtube a screen shot fifa14 scripting momentum ,,match intensity, fed up of havn 10 shot 8 on target ,second half starts opponents 1st shot of half 3rd all game what a surprise he scored, i scoed 2 goals opponet scored 2 golas 90th minute 4 goals in in 90th minute,,if you do the math 1 minute in real lfe is 7.5 fifa minutes so if 4 goals go in 90th minute, 15 to 30 seconds to score each goal anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes whch in fifa time is 7.5 to 15 minutes extra time,,even fergie time didnt last 7.5 minutes never mind 15,,, game of football 90 minutesa fifa game 12 mnutes, 90 divided by 12 =7.5 Expand
  28. Dec 4, 2013
    Paid for reviews is the only thing I can imagine has happened here, there is no way in hell that these game reviewers could honestly award it as high as they did.

    Let's imagine scripting and momentum isn't anything for this review.

    The Defending AI is worse than every, constantly cutting back for a fraction of a second when a through ball in the air is played. Fumbling into each
    other, over each other and into your keeper. The AI controlled defenders will ignore your defender choice at times and still mark the same player you are even when you don't call for assistance.

    The attacking AI is either rarely making a move or moving so far off side is just disgusting, The game even after numerous patches is still dominated by long lobbed through balls and crosses which just remove any sort of challenge. Player a tall striker like Benteke upfront on ultimate teams and just watch the goals pour in.

    First touch is now non existent, players like messi at times have the first touch akin to the fat guy who plays five a side and only got invited because you were seriously desperate for players. One moment you can turn on the ball immediately after receiving and the next if you dare turn within 2 seconds of receiving the ball they WILL lose possession. The sprint button has now become a combination of knock on and sprint making the game a much slower pace unless you're bursting down the wings... but don't really expect much to happen as the game seems to make the defending team 10% quicker as soon as their opponent gains possession. This sort of gameplay makes Emile Heskey look good.

    Passing and switching is the worst I've seen in any fifa, the passing is so... well it ignores what you tell it. Want to pass left? How about as soon as I receive the ball I do a quick 180, quicker than you could actually do by choice due to the awful first touch but when I do turn, I'll kick it in the complete opposite direction and then to make it more fun, I will force you to watch your uncontrollable player to chase it down. I mean... don't even consider bringing your keeper out of the box, you might have 2 miles of space but 9/10 the keeper will kick the immediately leaving your goal open straight after. Player switching is Auto by default and the options are Full Auto, Air Balls only AKA Full Auto and Manual which actually surprise surprise... appears to be a combination of Manual, Air Balls Only and Full Auto, I can let go of my controller and see my player switch rather rapidly.

    Silly 'bugs' like being unable to receive a throw-in make this game absolutely infuriating, how could EA possibly this up. My player will remain stuck to the ground but as soon as I make the throw-in he will charge towards the ball and either watch it sail over his head, or duck out the way! Sometimes you feel like you get stuck in a perpetual game of piggy in the middle when tackling. It doesn't matter how you approach it the ball will always rebound into the opponent and this can go on for 10+ tackles perfectly landing at their feet each time. Players constantly bump into each other (AI (your team) into your player). This is especially noticeable on kick off, sometimes the AI will literally barge me off the ball within 0.1s of the ball being kicked.

    Actual AI gameplay is probably worse than Fifa 12/13, it was never that good to be honest as there were always ways of winning reliably, Fifa 13 was a case of curling the shot from the edge of the box and putting it in that way.

    When people think I've given this game a 1/10 review because I'm butthurt, think for a moment. I'm not giving it because I'm butthurt, I'm actually not. I bought the game full price, played a few games online, two full seasons (Manager) and a handful of nights with friends versus. I realised my mistake almost immediately after the game presented me with a dribbling skill challenge, at that point I realised what they had done.

    Though the reason why I have given it such a low score and is the absolute fundamental problem, EA have once again somehow managed to copy and paste a game, slightly alter the GUI and along with carrying issues from previous titles have systematically completely ****ed up features that are imperative to a football game, the worst offender being throw-ins immediately putting you at a disadvantage.

    Fifa reminds me of the war between Intel and AMD, the only competitor is pretty much always considered as the lesser of the two. Being the dominant game they can do what they want and we'll still accept the crap that gets churned out.

    Games like this and Battlefield 4 prove to me, that game review sites are indeed paid for by publishers. Even my girlfriend (who doesn't play any games at all) spotted immediate flaws in Fifa gameplay within mere moments of playing. How a reviewer couldn't spot them? Well, all that delicious 'free' goodies from EA must of got in their way.
  29. Oct 4, 2013
    well... this game isn't too bad, gameplay is a bit better than last year, skills are worst. season mode is good (the same as last fifa) and career mode is pretty funny. but FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM... OMG what a shame! is completely RIGGED. is just cpu vs cpu and who must win... wins. you are only the momentum's viewer (well isn't only momentum, predetermined games before kick off is better).
    FUT (the new gem of EA) is really completely b$hit... AND... i've paid 60$ for an upgrade, because FUT is unplayable.
  30. Dec 11, 2013
    This is probably the worst game i have ever played. Yes, not only the worst FIFA i have ever played (and i played FIFA since 2005) but also the worst game overall.

    - The game is scripted and decides when opposition will score a goal. Especially in 45th and 90th minute.
    - You can have 20 shots on target and goalkeeper will save everything. Opposition's team will have one shot on target
    and will win. I know it happens in real life but in FIFA its happening too often (i am talking about World Class and Legendary here).
    - Even the team with worst passers in the team can play like Barca. Sometimes they definitely keep the ball too long on their own half if they winning (even in first half).
    - Strength is overpowered in this game. Not only overpowered but players who are lean and not muscular at all can push your defenders like wind.
    - It feels like every goal is the same. Over the time i played. maybe 40% of goals were scored after rebound when keeper saved it in front of him.
    + many,many bugs that were in FIFA 13 are back. I guess this game is fine when you play on low difficulty. On legendary, even if im winning, it dont feel satisfied because of all the bugs im getting pissed about during the match.

    All i want from FIFA is to be like World Cup 2010 with updated squads. That was a perfect football game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    In this year's installment FIFA doesn’t take any larger leaps forward. It is still a polished football game for the dedicated fan base. And for the player who doesn’t want to play alone Ultimate Team is probably better than ever. But it is still too bad that EA hasn’t worked more on improving the core mechanics of the game.
  2. Oct 30, 2013
    FIFA 14 pushes the franchise forward in baby steps without providing any major surprises or new “wow” features, yet is still streets ahead of the competition and a must for any footie fan.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    While I have mixed feelings about EA’s perch on this lucrative pedestal, it’s hard to to argue that the EA Canada team hasn’t earned it, and doesn’t continue to earn it, by delivering a game that really does feel better, really does feel different, every year, even if you have to be an avid player of the game to really appreciate how.