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  1. Sep 25, 2014
    I think it is sh.t .I ordered the fifa 15 ultimate team type, i get gold players like cambiasso... so it were not the elit but my every opponent have classis players ( not loan players ). I know these players buy the stars ,but i havent got money for these.... So if you dont want to spend money ,or you havent got money dont try the fut....
  2. Oct 13, 2014
    Well where do I start? Positives? The graphics are nice The BPL stadiums and chants is a really nice touch The dribbling is fun to use Pace actually holds significance now (in previous versions Mertesacker could catch Bale, it was ridiculous) The new animations are really cool and add to realism I don't understand the complaints about heading, I find it good and a lot more realistic, I've gotten a lot of good goals from it.


    The defending is totally terrible, like really, its almost impossible to make a tackle when realistically its perfectly feasible.

    The opposition don't play "football", they run at you, and keep running, and coupled with the bad defending mechanics it ends in rage disaster, my pad has never been thrown so much since I bought it, I also don't think I've shouted **** more than at this game.

    Its biased: I'm not a bad player, I've been playing this game since FIFA07, granted I'm not absolutely outstanding, but I can handle the game and I fully understand football inside out. The referees are biased, they give decisions the computers way and neglect the decision when the shoe is on the other foot. Its also frustrating when you've been attacking for 80 minutes of a game but the keeper has saved everything you've thrown at them, just for them to run at you, and keep running, past your retarded defenders to score as if its a 5 a side kick around.

    The transfer system in career mode is fairly bad. For example; when conducting a criteria search, you don't have enough criteria. You have position, name, age, country, team league etc. Nothing substantial. Even if they added an option to search for players with expiring contracts it'd improve the experience. The global transfer market is good, but you don't seem to retain information from previous scouting expeditions, or even players you've sold, you'd think it'd at least retain their last known abilities and value but it doesn't, so a lot of the money you spend on hiring good scouts and the time you spend sending them out and setting instructions is wasted.

    The passing is almost ridiculous, everything is either intercepted, or goes to the wrong player or just goes into no mans land, its really irritating and frustrating. I'd understand it going to the wrong player if there were 2 players stood in the same vicinity, but its not the case, its a case of you asking it to pass one way, and the computer misinterpreting the information and sending it the other. The interceptions are over the top, no man on the planet has a brain that works that fast to cause them to read what you're doing and react perfectly, its unrealistic. It happens when dribbling too, when you've wrongfooted a player with a bit of skill or pace and they magically do some sort of acrobatic nonsense and pull the ball away with almost German precision, it really gets frustrating.

    The shooting system is VERY hard to get used to for about 20 games. You'll take a shot using a reasonable amount of power from a reasonable distance using a player with good shooting attributes, and you'll hit the blimp hovering above the stadium or kill a fan near the corner flag. It depends very heavily on getting your players body set right and if you don't take enough touches to settle yourself it'll just spoon off into the distance, even if you're 5 yards out. Be careful or you'll frustrate yourself by missing sitters.

    Overall, its a good game, but its not solid and it doesn't quite feel finished, I'm sure all the defending errors, interceptions and maybe even the shooting will be tweaked in an update, but I'm not currently on XboxLive, so its not really fair is it?

    6/10 - Frustrating, but still a good FIFA game and plenty of fun to be had.
  3. Oct 10, 2014
    I am a massive fan of the FIFA series. I buy it every year, and I am now used to some of the drastic changes that are made between games. This game however, is an embarrassment to the FIFA series. It makes buying on current gen so unattractive that I'm actually considering going back and playing FIFA 14. Where do I start. The gameplay is awkward. Random heavy touches from attackers and stationary or otherwise just poor defending ruins the authenticity. I see fans of the opposite team cheering my goals and players like the massive Adebayo Akinfenwa somehow managing to dribble past my full defence and score. The best thing about gameplay on 15 is the new player animations. They run smoothly and are sometimes a joy to pull off. The single player game is frustrating, which I can see as positive and negative for FIFA. The game's catchphrase this year is 'Feel the Game' and sometimes I genuinely have moments of frustration on single player, something that has never really happened before. The other side to that is the fact that defending is feels COMPLETELY different from previous games. The challenge is refreshing, but at the same time, my defenders sometimes just look silly when they try to defend. I have already conceded more sloppy goals in the latest version than I had on 14. The main menu is pretty slick and stylish, but when it comes to career mode menus, they are slow and laggy. The new team select system may look good but the overall performance of it is just dodgy. One positive is the new feature which lets you make different squads. It makes it easier to make a squad full of young stars for friendlies and have another full of world class players for league games. Ultimate Team on the game sometimes feels like a flashback to FIFA 13, where all you really need is pace. This a trending theme through the whole game, with the much needed strength de-buff being again cancelled out by a slight pace buff up. However, the game's overall balance between the two heavily focused-on stats in the game is actually not too bad and a slight improvement from the last instalment in the series. My main problem with FIFA 15 is the lack of improvement. Career mode has barely been touched and is still overshadowed by fantastic career mode systems like NBA 2K15. The only real focus of Fifa nowadays is Ultimate Team, which to be honest, isn't even that good on 15. The game feels too much like an arcade game, with literally no improvements graphically and overall, not many improvements on the whole game itself. FIFA 15 is by far one of the worst instalments in my memory of the massively popular franchise, but spending money on XBOX 360 and PS3 should really just not be an option. The game feels like it has been completely ignored and it really isn't worth buying. Expand
  4. Sep 28, 2014
    This is the worst Fifa game on Xbox 360 i'll ever play. All players are so fast. You can not control the game. Just take the ball and run. You will score eventually. This game is the best game for the new fifa kids. But the ones who play fifa before and know how the handle the game, or how to do pass and skills; this game is intolerable.
  5. Oct 6, 2014
    Arcade style shambles with minimal improvements

    Good long balls and cross field passing, the ball has a nice curve on it and feels realistic.
    Passing feels crisp although it's far to easy to use the through ball to deadly effect, passing out of feet is the biggest improvement for me, FIFA 14's worst part was the inability to react last minute, either with a pass, shot, or most
    noticeable - turning on the ball, it didn't matter if you were Messi or Ronaldo it was just sluggish - this has been fixed.
    Close control and reaction times when on the ball are now excellent and sharp, for me this is what EA seemed to have worked on this year, and it feels great.
    Multiple starting lineups can now be saved in career which saves so much time when swapping fatigued players, now I just have a 1st team and 2nd team ready to go.
    Flicking through player bio's is no longer delayed and sluggish.

    Game speed is too fast and unrealistic, 'arcade' doesn't cover it! Sometimes my eyes struggle to keep up with the ball it's so fast. If you have a fast player then it's like games of old, you only need him, just 1 guy! You will be able to dribble wherever you want with him and be able to create chances from nothing with ease, every single time.
    AI sliding tackles are ridiculously accurate and constant, I have stopped playing AI now because of this, it's so unrealistic it is actually painful to play.
    Career scouting still exists - why oh why. This is not football manager, I want to search for players from a full database, based on specific stats. If I want a good passer I should be able to search for a specific passing attribute. If I want a young, small winger with a specific transfer value and overall attribute I want to be able to search for a 17-19 year old, worth between 3-4 million, rated between 70-75 and is 180cm max. Instead it takes a week of in game time to scout a player to the point of been able to see his overall attribute, value, wage etc and the players that are scouted are minimal and often obscure. This is a massive problem that has destroyed career mode for the last 2 releases. Just give us a full database to search at our freedom.
    Sloppy ricochets off other players and especially the referee are constant, players fumble over each other all the time. It's like a game of pinball sometimes.
    AI defenders are awful, unless you play a ultra defensive focus the AI leaves gaps everywhere, especially the centre backs. No matter how good you are at defending your AI defenders will let you down in every single game, FIFA 15 was not designed for tight games or clean sheets. I play my brother mainly, FIFA 14's biggest scoreline in over 300 games was 4-2 with most been 0-0, 1-0 or 1-1, our first 3 games on FIFA 15 were 5-3, 5-2 and 4-4! We have played around 30 games together now and it's still the case. This makes the game lack any sense of skill and achievement.
    Every time I want to create a pro I have to create myself from scratch, a option to use a existing creation would be a simple but nice addition.
    Once again, online friendlies have a 60 second time limit for setting up your formations and starting lineup. This is necessary when playing unknowns in seasons or UT but not when playing a friend.
    The new squad interface is poor. It takes much longer to search though and sub players, the time limit is the same as FIFA 14 so essentially there is now less time to make changes.
    A lot of the player faces are laughable, really - you will laugh out loud at some of them.
    Free kicks are harder to miss than score.

    Poor in all. Its a lazy production, a game with a following the size of FIFA's should be polished and rounded but there are so many holes in this years game I am thinking of selling it.
    FIFA 15 is a game for children, serious football fans who appreciate the games complexities should stay away and save your hard earned cash, it's a unrealistic arcade fest. It feels unfinished and sloppy in most of its mechanics. EA have dropped the ball, AGAIN.
  6. Oct 18, 2014
    Gotta laugh at how many fake accounts EA have set up on here, even going so far as to write one in Spanish to make it seem 'authentic'. One user shot authenticity in the foot by saying how much he enjoyed what they've done with career mode this year. Really? They've done zilch buddy, except a reskin...stop lying for EA.

    In short there is no way this game should get more than 5/10,
    because a footy sim it isn't! The scripts determine who is going to win, which is basically the underdog, so expect to whip Barcelona 3-0 every frigging time but struggle against Yeovil town because in EAs infinite wisdom, it's good to manufacture a challenge by boosting poor teams stats while dumbing down your teams AI, so you can't defend. Defending is awful anyway, there's just no way to overcome the AIs psychic or zero reflex time ability to turn on a dime and dribble past you. I've tried contain, high pressure and second player contain but it counts for naught because the controls stop responding to your input when the scripting kicks in (ie when the algorithms want the CPU to score). And I really mean stop responding, not just delayed. Corners conceded around the 45 or 90 minute mark, well, don't expect your 7 foot power heading CB to do anything except move out of the way to allow the 5 foot striker to head into the corner. And the goalies? My goodness, they range from being superhuman to assisting bystanders, actually moving out of the way of the ball if the AI wants a goal!

    In short this game is a mess, lots of mini scripts within a 90 minute game leave you either feeling robbed or the game gave it to you. No point building up an 80+ rated team in career mode because stats are irrelevant thanks to all the scripting going on. There's also no need for a midfield as the most effective way to score sadly is the hoof to a fast player method. So pack your defence with 6 players and buy 4 fast strikers, and as for the keeper, well it don't matter. Regardless of who you buy, there's no discernible difference in ability between a 50 rated melon and a 85 rated super star. The same types of shots will be goals or not irrespective of Keeper ability.
  7. Oct 4, 2014
    I was bummed I still had to buy this game on the old gen system. I can tell the next gen looks so much crisper. Anyhow such is life. I have been very surprised though by how much I still love this new version of fifa. The play is so much more realistic, with players running into each other better, the ball physics are more believable, and player ai is better. Your teammates will still drive you crazy at times but they drive you crazy in real life all the time too. Career mode has had few updates but is better. The scout system is a little more fluid and im really enjoying my play. Until I decide to pony up and go next gen im still very happy with this game, Expand

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  1. Oct 16, 2014
    FIFA 15 represents an improvement on last year’s game in some regards, but a step back in others.
  2. Sep 29, 2014
    This chapter is full of small but crucial enhancements to the usual gameplay.