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  1. 96
    FIFA 09 is more than just an update; its another huge leap forward for EA. It is the marzipan on a Battenberg, and the designer dress on a super model. How they're going to top this I don't know, so enjoy this near-perfection while you can. Yes, this is simply the best football game ever made.
  2. If you are desperately seeking football pursuits both offline and online, FIFA 09 ticks all the right boxes. No longer is FIFA considered an exclusively glossy presentational tour-de-force, but can also relish in a flowing sensation that will be incredibly hard to contest.
  3. With 30 fully licensed leagues, over 15000 players and a shed load of other features, FIFA 09 has really set the bar high.
  4. It is hard to say if this game will win over Pro Evolution Soccer fans, however it is a top quality football game which anyone who loves the beautiful game would be proud to have in their collection.
  5. FIFA 09 is an improvement over every football game ever released. The game now posses the gameplay engine, options, teams and online play. All in one package worth every bit of your money.
  6. A game for the soccer die-hards and for the general gamer looking for that breath of fresh air within the sports genre. There’s room for improvement, of course, but it’s easy recommending FIFA 09 to pretty much anyone.
  7. FIFA continues its improvement with 09, probably the best title in the series. Traditionally this soccer brand from EA was well-known for its quality in the licenses and by the large amount of official championships, now it´s also famous because of its gameplay values. Impressive visuals, fast answer controls and polished pace. FIFA 09 is soccer. And that´s all.
  8. 91
    With all of its improvements FIFA Soccer 09 is by far the most impressive upgrade to any sports title this year. If you are even remotely a fan of the sport FIFA 09 is a must-buy.
  9. FIFA Soccer 09 is an extremely polished soccer title with great gameplay and presentation. The gameplay is a lot tighter than it was in previous years thanks to the new physics system and animation while still remaining fun to play.
  10. EA does it again with FIFA Soccer 09. I am amazed that there are still those who swear Pro Evolution is the best soccer game. FIFA Soccer 09 has everything Pro Evo has, plus the kitchen sink. FIFA is simply the best soccer game on any platform.
  11. The best FIFA game ever made. Over to you Konami.
  12. The best FIFA game yet and a big, big improvement over last year. [Nov 2008, p.58]
  13. The best soccer sim of this generation. The groundings of UEFA 08 have been optimized in each and every most important sections; visually impressive, with improved playability and faster controls response, which was the biggest flaw on previous installments until today. Online mode for 10 vs 10 play will surely be a record-breaking in terms of participation. Features full licences, options and several game modes to entertain the audience for months to come.
  14. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    So FIFA – the series that has epitomised EA’s cynical ‘annual updates’ business model for so long – has suddenly turned the game on its head. No longer playing second fiddle to Pro Evo, the series now stands up brilliantly on its own merits and has set a lofty standard for Konami to match. Consider it EA’s way of saying sorry for churning out the same sh.t – year in, year out – for so long. And as apologies go, they really don’t come much more sincere than this.
  15. The best game in the franchise to date. It's genuinely good enough that it might even convert diehard PES fans if Konami's update this year ends up being as lacklustre as last year's.
  16. In truth, FIFA was pushing an eight last time around, so to award this significant jump anything other than a nine would be absolute cruelty. As they say, bravo.
  17. Its refined gameplay is at the heart of a title brimming with confidence and its multiple modes will keep you playing for months.
  18. A truly spectacular soccer title with exceptional player animations, ball handling and gameplay to boot. The AI will provide a significant challenge, but the implementation of one of the most advanced and complete online modes will mean that this game will truly last you a long time.
  19. An impressive variety of modes, great online play and plenty of touches make this a football fans dream.
  20. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Here is the best football simulator available in the market. It presents the emotion and tactical elements of football like no other, maintaining a connection with real world trough the Live Season. The online mode 10 vs 10 is a milestone in the genre. [Oct 2008]
  21. 90
    FIFA 09 is jam-packed with new content, from clan-based player support to real-world stat updates. Although it feels more like an incremental update than a revolutionary overhaul, EA doesn't need to reinvent the wheel so much as smooth out its edges.
  22. The gameplay on the field might not be perfect this time around either and still feels a bit sluggish compared to PES, but the shear wealth of content and improvements on the field are still massive. The Be A Pro mode and all the online functionality makes this a huge step up for the series. FIFA 09 is the best edition yet and definitely worth your money.
  23. From the refined playability to the game modes and, naturally, the new online experience for 20 players, FIFA 09 is the best football game available.
  24. If you're a past FIFA player who hasn't liked the direction the game has been going, or feel its just the same old same old, pick it up and I guarantee you'll be impressed with the depth and the way the game plays.
  25. AceGamez
    Even if you've got every other version of FIFA ever released, I can still recommend FIFA 09; the tweaks and twists that have been applied to the heart of the game make this edition indispensable.
  26. The responsive controls, improved animations and mechanics, the new collision system, and the amazing Be A Pro mode all come together beautifully to create one of the best football games I've ever played and certainly the best in the series. In short, FIFA 09 lives up to its own hype.
  27. More realistic and a better atmosphere than ever – definitely the best FIFA-game up to date.
  28. FIFA is the new home of the hardcore football gamer.
  29. 89
    FIFA 09 returns to the pitch full of swagger, and it does it’s very best to deliver on EA Sport’s promise of creating the definitive football title. An exacting game on the pitch and an overwhelmingly comprehensive one off of it.
  30. FIFA 09 is by far the finest football game of the year, if not ever, but there’s still a way to go before EA Sports’ series can be classed as perfect.
  31. If you haven’t played FIFA in a while, now’s the time to jump back in; this is a great game of soccer. But, if you’re an old hat to the series, the most compelling reason to purchase FIFA 09 may only be the roster update.
  32. The FIFA series has been stuck somewhere around Division Two for the last few years, but the 09 version is the best yet.
  33. Aside from some AI problems, FIFA Soccer 09 is a fine representation of the sport, and the new features keep the series fresh and competitive.
  34. EA Sports has finally gotten into gear with FIFA Soccer 09 after some very good but flawed efforts in past.
  35. I would highly recommend this game to any soccer fan and would also go as far to recommend it to someone looking for a bit of a change in the sport genre of games.
  36. 86
    FIFA Soccer 09 is the tightest playing football on the market and has definitely raised the bar for what Pro Evolution Soccer will need to accomplish to retake the crown this year.
  37. A very pleasant surprise and one that finally appeals to football fans of any ability. This game is simple to pick up and play but offers enough depth for veterans to still find something new. With plenty to do both on and offline it’s a real turnaround for a series that has had its share of criticism down the years.
  38. The best addition, though, is undoubtedly the glorious 10-vs.-10 Be A Pro online mode, which lets every participant commit to a single position for the duration.
  39. EA Sports has finally gotten into gear with FIFA 09 after some very questionable releases over the past three years. The sound and graphics are among the best available in any sports game and the overall game-play has improved leaps and bounds from the past HD releases. There still is room for improvement and I am confident that the future editions of Be a Pro will be better tuned and more rewarding.
  40. FIFA Soccer 09 is a step in the right direction with online play, but fails to have intelligent computer AI to give you a challenge by your lonesome. The on-field controls have improved though, at times, you won’t notice it since you’ll be exceedingly frustrated by your teammates kicking the ball out-of-bounds.
  41. FIFA Soccer 09 looks the best it ever has, the controls make it user friendly, and the improvements to player movement and animations make it the most realistic soccer game on the market.
  42. 83
    FIFA 08 suffered from stilted, unnatural movements and imprecise controls, but 09 models players' physical weight, speed, and momentum with impressive verisimilitude.
  43. FIFA 09 has two interesting features, and while they don’t always live up to their full potential, are exciting and intriguing enough to warrant giving the game a shot.
  44. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    FIFA 09 comes with a new system of passes, stunning graphics and the all elements are taken almost to perfection. Fun for both newcomers and veterans! [Oct 2008]
  45. Some strategies, such as asking your AI players to perform freeform offensive runs, aren’t really executed, and I found that they expressed themselves better in the traditional playing mode rather than Be a Pro.
  46. 80
    FIFA 09 might not be a photorealistic replication of the beautiful game, but it’s finally reached a point where you can care about the type of game played within your console as much as the one played in Old Trafford.
  47. As a heavily-tweaked version of last year’s game, FIFA 09 may not have arrived with as much flair as that of its predecessor, but nevertheless it’s a solid and impressive assertion of the ‘new’ EA’s intentions to be market-leaders, rather than simply settle for second-best.
  48. Pro Evo, for me, is a better single-player game. FIFA is a better multiplayer game, and also, this year, a better football game overall.
  49. Overall, "FIFA 09" only appears to have minor adjustments to the game play, but they provide more responsive controls.
  50. 80
    FIFA 09 is the culmination of lots of great features, like robust online support, stat tracking, and the excellent Be A Pro mode, that have been marinating for quite a while. This is the first time they’ve all come together to form a very tasty mix of soccer action.
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  1. UliW.
    Oct 20, 2008
    Rubbish! Graphics still suck, ball physics suck, speed sucks, this game generally sucks. But the stupid media believe this is a better game Rubbish! Graphics still suck, ball physics suck, speed sucks, this game generally sucks. But the stupid media believe this is a better game because it has official licenses and you got 10 vs 10, well has anyone one played 10 vs 10? It's crap, it seriously is. Players running towards the ball like lemmings off a cliff. As for this game being deeper that Pro, more like Mr Svennis couldn't hack the difficulty of pro and cried to fifa. The only things which are better here is the commentary and the be a pro section, that's it! Pro is men, fifa is for little boys (as that is all I hear online) or Americans thinking this is the super-bowl! Full Review »
  2. Oct 19, 2014
    Best fifa for meBest fifa for me .

    Full Review »
  3. Feb 18, 2012
    FIFA 09 was my first Xbox 360 game. This game led me to believe that Xbox games were not the best and I didn't play the game for a while.FIFA 09 was my first Xbox 360 game. This game led me to believe that Xbox games were not the best and I didn't play the game for a while. However when I got back into this game I realised that it can actually be quite fun and in my opinion is better than FIFA 10 and 11 due to the fact that the ball sounds so fluent and exaggerated which to me is a good feature. The game's graphics were more than decent for their time and it was a real shame when they took the servers down for the game. Full Review »