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  1. Oct 11, 2010
    I reviewed this as a 10 at first but gradually I have found more and more problems with this game. The "all new" career mode has even less depth than ever before, no youth system, no scouting, no picking backroom staff. Annoying e-mails from your assistant manager telling you that you have spotted a good player almost all the time. I KNOW THATS WHY I BOUGHT HIM!

    Micro freezing still hasnt
    been fixed. Player growth is poorly thought out, Lower league teams have all the kits and names but plain goalkeeper shirts. Why have they been so lazy as to exclude goalkeeper shirts? Instead opting to just a give a plain shirt wth no sponsor or badge.

    Pro clubs online has had a server update and more servers added but it still hasnt fixed anything. That mode doesnt work.

    Personality + is a BAD thing. You cannot have a competitive game that throws in so many random elements. The AI on your team sometimes randomly decides to stick a foot in with bad timing without you controlling it and get a player sent off for a menial challenge. For this next one fan boys will say "oh well get better duh" At times the passing is ridiculous, I will be stood with no pressure on me in an open space and all the time in the world, press A to then pass to a player right next to me and sometimes it has passed in completely the opposite direction because a players personality in real life will suggest that he is not good at passing. If Im playing a fighting game and I tell my character to hit a punch and the computer says "sometimes in real life this guy misses this particular punch so I will make this punch go out wide and miss his face" I wouldnt play it competitively. Fighting in real life is down to me controlling the situation. Football in real life is the same. It may seem random when looking at it but the way it is controlled is not random. A game needs to do what its told otherwise it basically renders a strategy or skill useless because it may or may not decide to do it. This is not realistic. My leg doesnt randomly decide to pass in the opposite direction to where my brain tells it in real life. Random environment events in a game work, randomising character controlled actions do not.

    This glitch happens everytime I play a friends league online. For example I pick Marseille as my team in the league. I then play head to head matches after I finish the league and pick Chelsea. My team and shirt are chelsea but if I go to team management it will have the Marseille team list. Go to start game with this and you will have a Marseille player in a chelsea shirt in the arena and then your game will freeze after about 6 seconds. This happens 90% of the time.

    If you do get a pro clubs game then your randomised team mates that arent pros probably wouldnt even be fit to play in League 2. They are easily out paced and muscled off the ball and so virtual pros stand out from the pack and can stroll through creating unrealistic high scoring games for both sides a lot of the time. This is after only a few weeks of the games release. Imagine what this is like towards the end of the season when the random AI players havnt grown with the virtual pros and the pros are now all much better than even Terry, Puyol, Messi or Ozil with 98% of the accomplishments complete! Its pointless. Im only on 30% and my pro is already better than half Chelsea or Man Utds players.

    What is good about this game? Well the keepers are fixed and I have scored only 1 lobbed goal and nobody has against me so thats not too easy. The actually gameplay is alright in terms of physics. Graphics are better than last year. Ummm, I can pick my own chants. Oh wait no I cant because if you create your own chants apparently the game cant deal with it and freezes.

    In all honestly now having played this game more I wish I hadnt wasted my money. Ive spent more time restarting my console with all the glitches and freezing than I have actually playing the thing. Apparently there is a fix on the way but I feel for people who play offline when a developer relies so heavily on updates they cant be bothered to test a game. I remember when online updates didnt exist and games had to be released in working order.
  2. Sep 28, 2010
    Fifa beats PES every time with its different gameplay and passing. As for the passing i thought it was way to easy score in fifa 10 sumfing that you would call ping pong passing with you just pass and pass one touch passing cheating really. Fifa 11 i am impressed with all new Carrear Mode the menu's look much more better, i like how you can put your own music and chants into the game. Keepers are much more intelligent and defenders make it harder score, although you can score some brillant goals no doubt Expand
  3. Sep 30, 2010
    One of the worst installments yet. FIFA 11 manages to make everything more complicated while fixing few of the problems that have plagued the series. The AI is still terrible, players have no desire to grab loose balls or make obvious runs. The auto-switch is worse than in FIFA 10, leaving players less control over an already erratic system. Career mode now is clogged with three times as many menu items and still cuts features, such as the ability to sort possible transfers by asking price. Finally, I have already discovered terminal bugs, meaning that EA managed not to realize how much trouble they caused in FIFA 10 by not giving a crap about QA. Also, it's good that they included the ability to mess with sound, because their song selections are horrid again this year.

    Tips: The game will not run anywhere near well unless you download the game onto a hard drive, the load times are killer, especially in career mode. Also, become good friends with your TV mute button. Minimum screen size to read the tiny text is 28 inches, HD required.

    Looking forward to dozens of painful experiences before returning the game for a full refund? No, then avoid this game.
  4. Sep 29, 2010
    Fifa 11 isn't as good as Fifa 10, but is still a fun and cool game. Check this game out.
  5. Oct 7, 2010
    I have given this title a negative review for the simple reason that it contains lots of bugs and in the 3 days that I have owned the game, has already frozen around 10 times online and offline. EA advertised Fifa 11 with the feature of 'Pro Passing', which I would change to Selective passing. The passes can be more manual than before and that would live up to its name but I would put the same power on a pass and it would try to make a pass in the opposite direction. I have to give Fifa 11 some credit for the way the players look more like their counter-parts than ever, but I think they have taken out the individuality in the players movement. I have always been a great fan of Fifa since PES 4 but they seem to have taken a step back this year with less real life movements. I have given it a few points for the better interface and navigation around the links on the game and I also think it was a good choice by EA to join Be a Pro and Manager mode into Career Mode. Overall I have rated this 3 because of the amount of bugs in the game. I was also very disappointed to find out that the 45 games that I had played so far had been reset because of hackers, cheating their way to the top of the leaderboards, the online ranking point reset only really affected the non-hackers anyway, as the people responsible are still at the top of the leaderboard and EA are no closer to stopping the problem which has cost all of the people who earned the points. Expand
  6. Oct 10, 2010
    As has become customary with EA's Fifa the initial wow factor soon gives way to the realisation that the game has the usual endemic flaws ranging from the mildly annoying to the game breaking. It is staggering that EA can continuously release a game that is clearly unfinished and where game modes are riddled with bugs. The new concept of Career Mode, hardly a groundbreaking mode in itself, is severely let down by the amount of basic glitches affecting player growth which pretty much renders the mode redundant to name but one. Online the game is a mess.

    I was initially very impressed with the gameplay as it is definitely more of a challenge this year. However, even here the more i play the game the more i am getting fed up with the hackneyed way in which some of the players behave. Offline the AI of the player controlled teams suffers terribly from a badly designed switching system as mentioned by JudgeMental. This seems to occur regardless of whether you have it set to auto or manual. This gets you into all sorts of problems when trying to do some basic defending as you aren't able to move your defenders into position quick enough to deal with basic through balls and crosses. As the CPU AI has improved considerably (which is one of the good things about Fifa 11) you end up coughing up goals simply due to the fact that you can't get your own players to compete for the ball. The CPU AI will actively intervene to intercept loose passes whereas the players you control stand around looking at the ball and don't seem to have the capacity to stick out a leg to try and gain possession. Trying to win a header from a goal kick seems impossible for these reasons although, strangely this doesn't seem to affect going for headers in the penalty box which forms the most likely route to goal due to the AI defenders, no matter what club they play for, being able to brush you off the ball effortlessly if you try just about anything on the ground.

    There are some gameplay improvements and i do respect the fact that EA has tried to tighten up the obvious exploits from previous iterations which always lead to the same route to goal. These were absolutely necessary and it is commendable that EA has striven to make the game more realistic by eliminating things such as the oft maligned 'ping pong passing'. However, it appears to me that this has been poorly executed and has all the obvious signs of being rushed onto the shelves without adequate testing. The bugs affecting Career Mode are particularly galling when you consider the atrocious Manager Mode from FIFA 10, which EA did not fix. To repeat this with FIFA 11 is unacceptable.
  7. Oct 16, 2010
    Each year we hear from the games producer (David Rutter) that EA Sports have been listening to the fans and changing the game based on feedback and from June onwards we are treated to a host of football-shirted co-producers generating hype and showcasing new features. On release this talk usually materialises as one new function (this year it's Be A Goalkeeper), promises of improvements to existing modes ('11 has joined Be A Pro and Manager Mode into, "all new and improved", Career Mode) and some tweaks in gameplay (this year EA have given us 'Pro Passing'). Whilst 'Be A Goalkeeper' can be fun the game's AI is so poor that you are left watching what looks like a Sunday morning kick about from between the sticks. This years Career Mode is once again an unengaging and shallow experience which is full of bugs that should have been picked up at the testing phase - the alphabetical cup ties making more than a large dent in the mode's authenticity. 'Pro-passing' (whilst not a million miles away from the already present 'manual passing') is a nice idea though can be frustrating when all you want is a fun, 10 minute match. The game once again promised a lot but failed to deliver, the game is in need of a new producer and some real creative ingenuity to lift it from the feature-less, slog it currently is. On a slightly different note the critic reviews which have given this game over 90% need to step back and consider their professional integrity. PALGN and 1UP are the only two publications that appear to review this game properly. Collapse
  8. Oct 7, 2010
    Very poor version, unplayable, full lags on online mode, lot of bugs and gliches. Dont buy it ! Till now nobody is online, servers are extreamly lagged. Offline mode is broken and every game looks same. No tacticks at all.

  9. Oct 1, 2010
    FIFA 11 has the full package. It has loads of teams no matter which league you have, you have the option to choose one player you want to play and not just play for the whole team; Menus are easy to navigate, great tutorials, There are lots of customisation tools to have, including create a player and a new team as well. The weather is realistic, (although the rain graphics make the raindrops look like hailstones) but the biggest improvement is the ability to be a goalkeeper. I've remembered playing as goalie back in the NHL series, especially NHL 09. Although the music may be poor, the excessive creativity backs it up where you can put your own music tracks onto the EA Trax selection. Also, the Everton away kit is even pinker than last time! But anyway, FIFA 11 is the ideal game for sports lovers, especially those who like association football, or video games. Expand
  10. Oct 5, 2010
    This game is like a well placed strike in the top corner of the net, in other words it's pure quality.The game play is silky smooth,animations are very realistic there are only a few negatives though,some of the player models could have used some more work,the goalkeeping mode can be a hit or miss and some rare AI issues.But overall this edition of Fifa is the best yet and in my opinion THE BEST SOCCER GAME EVER MADE!!!! Expand
  11. Sep 29, 2010
    Best Fifa game ever, in fact it is the best sports game. There are significant refinments to FIFA 10, which was already an awesome game

    It is interesting that the players on the cover are injured - Kaka is out for 4 months and Rooney is out for 3 months
  12. Sep 30, 2010
    Was eagerly anticipating the latest Fifa variant. After playing it for a day key out-takes are; Passing greatly improved (no ping-pong anymore), but not as awkward as the demo. Personality plus is quite noticeable and well implemented. Gripes...
    Online experience still needs work- underlying foundation code remains largely unchanged, games hang often during online play requiring a console
    reset/exit to dashboard. Too big a focus on online clubs and leagues. Commentary largely untouched in the past 3 editions + 1 World Cup edition.

    Overall though? A great iteration, yes the best Fifa made so far. Underlying physics and player behaviours feel awesome and fluid. Personality + and new game modes and features keeping me entertained also. Career mode match sim engine very good.

    No regrets and worth the purchase. Another step in the right direction, but some obvious overlooks still.
  13. Oct 1, 2010
    @JudgeMental: the game will not run anywhere near well unless you download the game onto a hard drive? You can do this on xbox 360? Your review is insane. You are awesome because you are so insane. I give you a 9/10 for insanity.
  14. Oct 1, 2010
    (10) FIFA 11 is the best football game that's ever been slid into a disc-drive. It's the definitive football game. Everyone should play this amazing game.
  15. Oct 2, 2010
    Having not played since Fifa97 but a very active gamer, I picked up played Fifa10, Fifa World Cup, and Fifa 11 within a few months of each other. Overall, this was a great experience for me, but Fifa is not a perfect game, perfect interface, or perfect experience. However the options, variety, polish, and feel of the core mechanic makes it a great game.

    It is a general year of "hardening"
    instead of big features, but that pays off in spades, in my opinion. The passing and challenging for the ball is A LOT more crisp. Chipping the keeper really only should be done now when it is required, which is not that frequent at all. Playing in the MLS in a Career is a lot more fluid and understandable. The "Be A Pro" feels a lot better IFF you realize what you are doing when you chose a team (you need to ensure the position you chose for your BAP exists on the team, or you will be benched all the time). And best, for me, is the fact that the game just flows a lot closer to a soccer game than a video game, for me. One player CAN make a difference, but role players is what the team needs, and makes the game great, especially for Be a Pro (if you chose a view other than the default -- yuk! Broadcast zoomed in to 1/4 all the way for me). As a new player returning to the series, there are LOTS of hurdles to overcome in the interface before games, however. The menu structure is just cluttered, period. There is just so much going on and so many different game types that the menu tree is daunting. If you are looking for how to do moves, which aren't described anywhere sensible, good luck looking for and finding those buried WAY down in the controller screen... somewhere. When choosing a Career, you can choose ANY team which is just really open ended, and not inline with the offerings from the other EA games. This leaves some American gamers I have seen to wonder why you have it at all, as there are no "Minors" to play in. There appears to be no progression, but I have not played long enough to know what progression there is. However, if you are not looking to play in the EPL, and just want to play in the MLS, there is nothing other than playing in the MLS. There are TOO many nuisances to passing, lobbing, crossing, shooting, and "playing your position" that casual players are just going to be turned off if they really aren't into soccer. In a basketball game, you can just pick up and play. I would argue that is no where near true in the Fifa series, and really just alienates new players. New players just want to score, as is seen online, and that is really not what this game is about. However, if you can stumble your way through the non-linear interface and make it into a game, you find a very rich and rewarding experience. The animations and players just feel A LOT smoother, refined, and purposeful than they did in Fifa 10. The games feel more alive, and as of now for me, there aren't a lot of cheap ways to score, especially if you move the difficulty up above Pro. The scoring is more about build up, crosses matter, and playing an air game at times. And in the air, there seems to be a lot more differences in players, and plays better, in the time that I have played, making crosses more useful.

    Overall, this is a great game for people who want to play soccer. There are online roster updates, and active community, and just lots of people playing. Being able to play 11 vs 11 sounds great, but I really feel for anyone playing Goalie ;) While I haven't had a lot or really any online time with the game, the main career mode and Be a Pro mode really speaks a lot more to me with the compression of the main Career types this year making this a must buy, and a superior game to me, over Fifa 2010 (which was a great game).

    Thanks, EA!

    - brian
  16. Oct 11, 2010
    By far the best instalment of the FIFA series to date. I'm yet to encounter any bugs or errors with the game. The gameplay is fantastic and with every instalment, EA manage to make it more realistic and every year it gets closer to an actual game of football. A fantastic game.
  17. Oct 12, 2010
    Overly complicated, far too technical. The defenders are almost all, even at lower levels, world class. Yet you'r own attacking players have little to no intelligence. Unless you're prepared to play it for 20-30 hours a week with OCD like dedication you will be frustrated. The whole point of this game for me was that it should be fun but it becomes maddening. Despite all this i know that beneath it all a great football game is trying to break out, it just that i don't have the time to learn it all. Expand
  18. Nov 30, 2010
    A game which had the potential to be so much better than it is.

    The ideas were all good - online it was too easy to score with 1-2's all the way up the pitch, this was to be addressed with 'pro passing'; career mode was decent, but every game felt the same, other club's never bought players, etc; Be a Pro was limited to only 4 seasons, so this was to be combined with career mode to allow
    for 15 seasons with the option to be a player, player-manager or just manager. Unfortunately, many things were broken and even removed in this process. There is now no depth whatsoever to career mode as they removed the staff upgrades and also the scouting network. Player growth is also broken as young players will now actually drop in rating no matter how much or how well they play. Be a Pro is unplayable as your teammates run around like headless chickens running into the opposition and refusing to shoot.

    Online, well head to head is who can abuse the flaws in the game the most. While the 1-2 'ping pong' passing no longer exists, players can now player killer lobbed through balls which completely evade your defence and play them one on one. The game also more resembles a game of rugby with the stronger players literally wrestling other players off the ball. Clubs is full of lag which makes it unplayable.

    In response to these problems EA released a patch which didn't actually fix anything. As of writing this review (around 2 weeks after the patch was released) they have gone into hiding and are completely ignoring us on these issues. They are only responding to those topics they want to like ultimate team which generates more money for them.

    In summary, when playing you get the feeling of a great game, however there are a lot of bugs and missing features which completely ruin it. My advice would be to ignore all the critic's reviews as they are completely biased towards fifa for the sole purpose of money-making.

    For the record, I have played fifa since 98 and have never owned a version of PES.

    I refer you to the fifa forum where you can read some of the posts from other unhappy customers to see beyond all these false reviews:

    Don't make the same mistake I and so many others did.
  19. Oct 11, 2010
    FIFA 11 is the best YET like every new iteration is. I don't see how a previous FIFA is better than a new one. FIFA keeps improving each year in terms of gameplay amongst a whole lot of other things. Ignore the naysayers their probably PES fans trying to bash the game, they should buy lives. The Personality+ is evident and has effect in the gameplay, the gameplay is very FUN! You don't have any other soccer choice, PES 2011 is still not better, so do yourself a favor and GET FIFA 11! Expand
  20. Oct 13, 2010
    The best football game I have played ever bar none, I prefer the xbox over the ps3 but this game is great on both consoles, also shows PES as a poor game with little depth and no real detail, a must for any true football fan.
  21. Oct 18, 2010
    I quite enjoy this game. It may not be much different to the last title in the FIFA franchise but it's the subtle differences that make it a better game. The ability to a play as a keeper, despite the simple controls, is a welcome change as it brings more to the game. The new creation centre gives the ability to add to and edit the game. The only reason this game does recieve a 9/10 or even 10/10 from me is that once again it lacks depth in the form of the new "Career Mode", it may have a "Player Manager" option but not much has improved. Expand
  22. Aug 1, 2011
    Possibly one of the most buggy games you will ever get. At first glance the game looks fantastic as the graphics are brilliant but you can't judge a book by it's cover. Career mode is fair enough but there has been no advance in increasing its features... instead there is no scouting, no youth system and no staff. It makes playability a weak factor as no youth system means poor old players in the future. There are also a few misses on EA's part as they failed to include the first name of players in their bios. Very small but noticeable and in the long run quite an irritating mistake. Also the constant e-mails from assistant managers telling you a player is tired or a player is playing well... yes we all have eyes we can see this mr assistant.
    Obviously the career mode isn't the end of the problems. I noticed that the new Be A Pro: Goalkeeper is a new addition to FIFA and what a pointless addition it is. First of all being a goalkeeper is insanely boring and playing as your pro against the computer basically consists of you watching a very amateurish match which usually ends 0-0 with your pro getting a rating of around 5. Also the Be A Pro online game mode 'Team Play' has been ruined by this Be A Goalkeeper as the matches only consist of goalkeepers running around the pitch while players tap the ball into an open goal. Pointless.
    One of the ideas that I've prized EA on is the Pro Clubs game mode. An absolutely fantastic idea of incorporating your pros into online play with friends. The only problem with this idea is... the execution. EA Servers must be insanely weak as every Pro Clubs match is generally laggy. There is also the nuisance of "Sync Lag" which involves one player going out of sync with the rest meaning their player reacts about 3 seconds after what is being shown on the screen. There are also not enough cups in Pro Clubs to make "Cup Matches" a worthwhile option. Also the ranking system in Pro Clubs is faulty. Instead of going by Pro level it goes by Team Level so if you're a team of rated 78 Pros with a ranked 2000xp team against a team of rated 90 Pros with 200xp and you lose... you lose a good 100xp even though they have the better players. Stupid. Also for those not wanting to "Be A Goalkeeper" in Pro Clubs you have to deal with the absolutely dreadful AI controlling the keeper who lets in just about any shot at any angle which proves to be extremely annoying. Yes it would also be annoying to make the goalkeepers unstoppable but even just able to make at least one save would be nice... Finally a couple of bugs in gameplay... Yes! The list continues! I'm not done pounding Fifa 11 for it's hundreds of errors. The referees in the game are atrocious. The strictness gradient of lenient refs to strict refs is absurd. One game a ref will tell off a player for a red card offense and in the next he will send off a player for a standing tackle. No advantage from offsides at all: if the opponents are called offside and you have the ball in a decent position don't even think about continuing that ball is being brought right back! Oh and one more little thing, one time I went to update my squads from online... and every player's name was replaced by a randomly generated Spanish name except.. from Agger. That might just be my luck though and it was moderately humorous so I'll let that one go.
    However after the game being out for nearly a year now and I'm still playing it then it definitely must have some very good game dynamics... or it might just be there are no other decent online multiplayer games to play. Oops... sorry Call of Duty and Halo!
  23. Apr 23, 2011
    the worst fifa i've ever played since i started buying them. SO full of problems. The matches are nowhere near as fluent as previous fifa's. Massive disappointment.
  24. Jun 2, 2011
    in my opinion i think fifa has took a step backwards and released a unfinished game even to this day has not had a patch or any of the problems fixed i believe fifa 10 was a better all round game and a better experience. the single player becomes boring and repetitive ultimate team is pointless ass you have people duplicating cards to get ahead and noting is done to stop them doing this so what is the point in spending lots of time getting the team you want for some one to have a better hacked team. my biggest complaint about this game is clubs i loved clubs on fifa 10 and played it till the day before fifa 11 release but there are countless problems on 11 namely the lag/button lag and its not just me its lots of people i play with to i mean fifa is the only game i get lag on and im on 50meg fibre optics also the a.i positioning is awful im sick of seeing 2/3 opposition strikers through on goal get close to the keeper then pull it back across goal for the open net it happens way too many times but it never happened on 10 and pro passing your having a laugh its hardly changed you can still ping pong pass and i will be getting fifa 12 but if its not been improved a hell of a lot it will go back the same week. Expand
  25. Mar 5, 2011
    Teams and players update to the latest squads and overall level. Career offers Manager,Player Manager and player. Virtual pro and accomplishments put the iceing on the cake.This is well and truely the way a football game should be made! just watch out for bad losers on xbox live quiting early ! :)
  26. Oct 13, 2010
    Simply put, when your in control of your team, ie. when not in Be A Pro mode, its fine, the Personality + system is a great addition for those world class players who have those strengths, and are now able to use them more effectively. The general play after that though feels very close to FIFA 10.

    When you get into the Be A Pro mode, outfield and goalkeeper then the problems start. I'll
    start with the goalkeeper as i've put about a season and a half in that. The points system is completely and utterly broken. Most games i will finish between 5.5 and 6.5, and generally that with doing one or two things. You barely get rewarded, but get penalised within a second of a minor error. Apparently calling for the ball results in a negative score. Another example is if you don' get a single shot on goal, your left on 6.0, the rating you start on. The assistant then deems you had an appalling game and drops you from the starting 11, absolutely infuriating. Then the commonality with both Be A Pro sections is your AI teammates are awful, can't find a decent pass, and especially as a Goalkeeper your even more helpless to do anything about it. Expand
  27. Nov 1, 2010
    As impressive as it is, there are still plenty of problems which fair enough, some are forgivable but others can be down right annoying beyond belief. Ever played someone when your passes go totally the opposite to where you aimed them. Another thing is when playing against the computer you may pass the ball a bit weak, but your player will never run to get the ball yet the oppositions player will. Impressive footballing game none the less but still needs some improvements.â Expand
  28. Nov 1, 2010
    In short: the best football game ever made. This year's FIFA has taken everything that was good from the last game, and tweaked it further in terms of gameplay and presentation. I know it's a cliche, but when playing this game it looks so much like the real thing. The pro player gameplay is also an excellent addition, as it seems to have killed the 'ping-pong' pass without looking tactic that plagued the game last year. This and an improved AI means FIFA 11's gameplay is fantastic.
    However there are concerns over the game modes such as career mode, which although its improved from last year, its still nowhere near perfect, and can feel repetitive and boring through extended play. The 'be a goalkeeper' however is a welcome addition, and will satisfy many real life goalkeepers. Online is ok, but a lot of the time the connection is poor and as a result can spoil the online experience. The online friends lobby is great however, and is a great multi-player feature.
    Overall this is by far the best football game for a complete experience, and i definitely recommend it to all football and gaming fans.
  29. Sep 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As an award winning game, you would expect FIFA 11 to be improved, technical and stunning. After playing the game for 12 months, it has come to pass that this game should be a lot better. Starting off with the career mode, you cant be substituted in, if you get fouled and upon falling your hand touches the ball, you lose the foul to a hand ball, WTF? You cant beat the goalkeeper in the air for some reason, hell always win, PES 10 was better than this. Dissapointing.... Expand
  30. X11
    Mar 24, 2011
    A few bugs and unrefined areas in some of the modes but these things can be easily forgiven for a game that is such a tremendous undertaking. I think my highest rated attribute of the game would be how well they caught the likenesses of the players. Pretty amazing...even the movements it seems. I don't want to begin to wonder how long it took to render them all. Anyway, I'm on my 9th season in career mode so it's safe to say the game is not a bore. Please purchase. Expand
  31. May 26, 2011
    Fifa is by far the best game to play with your friends and this edition continues it in my view.
    Yes it is more difficult to score, free kicks are especially difficult and I usually only score of a deflection at free kick time. But through balls are crucial, you can't just finesse shot everything like in fifa 10 and once you are past a defender the guy manages to run you in mostly. It
    is in my view the most realistic sports game out there. People have mixed feelings. This is good but I enjoyed fifa 10 more even though this one is probably better. Expand
  32. Jun 13, 2011
    Hands down best football (soccer for you yanks) game ever made. Fifa 12 is already looking like it's even better, so Metacritic best make an "11" score for me.
  33. Apr 24, 2011
    At first, this game seemed to be amazing with new Be A Goalkeeper mode and a whole new passing system. But, as time went on I realised what these changes had done to the game. The passing is awkward and slow, which makes it difficult to ensure the pass goes to your team mate, rather than the opposing team. The Be A Goalkeeper mode is mind-numbingly boring, as any threat upon your goal is normally dealt with by the defence, leaving you with nothing to do. Also, the addition of Ultimate Team has really destroyed the game's credability. The constant need to buy contracts or medical cards is a huge drain on my time. Another negative is that, even though it is a monumental problem and annoyance, the 'noob pass' has still not been eradicated. The constant threat of noobies in online games has become a burden. However, some positives. The transfers in manager mode are realistic, with new board backing and player status' really has made the game more life-like. The referee's decisions are harsh but fair most of the time, but these virtual men lack the ability to let things go. A foul is commited. It is then twenty minutes before the ball is out of play and the referee has not forgotten. To make this even a 7/10, ditch the noob pass, ditch the stupid passing, ditch the unbelievable defence in poor teams, and ditch the shocking commentators. Expand
  34. Feb 9, 2014
    With the once great Pro Evolution Soccer series continuing to struggle this gen FIFA is now the choice for most gamers. If you've enjoyed the series you’ll not be disappointed, just don't go expecting anything particular new or innovative.
  35. Jul 26, 2011
    I have given this game a 9 as it is everything you look for soccer product. It has the appropriate attention to detail in the players, kits and stadia. I have enjoyed playing this game both offline and online. The ranking system is ideal. The game would have achieved a 10, if small items had of been present, such as a name search in ultimate team, to save time and effort. Also the online play seems to have a few glitches, wether it is caused by connection or poor security, i don't know. I advise you purchase the game. its great fun and sociable. Expand
  36. Aug 11, 2011
    FIFA is the absolute football simulation for any fan or casual gamer. The game has come a long way and beat competition long time now. The gameplay is extraordinary with passing feeling better and smoother than ever. Online matches run perfectly and makes you come back for more.
  37. Sep 10, 2011
    Game was more fun than Fifa 11 and I liked the player/player manager/manager mode transitions but I disliked how I was asked to play against low level oppositions when low on stamina especially when there is a midweek match against a good team.

    I wish it had an option to start me as a substitute or if I'm leading by 2-0 or something at half time, it would rest me.

    AI was a bit weird at
    times but the game play was a bit better.. hate how crosses would go into the wrong place with auto settings.. better than Fifa 10 but still not up to par :( Expand
  38. Oct 5, 2011
    Fifa 11 is a great game because I have played it before it is very releastic and the way you can curl the ball when you shoot also you can get injuries which is good overall Fifa 11 is worth all the money you pay for this game
  39. Feb 18, 2012
    This game was a disaster in my opinion. I got this game hoping for improvements from the shabby FIFA 10 effort by EA Sports, however it was better by the tiniest bit. The music was slightly more appealing however nothing which you would want to listen to all over again. The bigger variety of things commentated on made the gameplay time I had slightly larger. Ultimate Team made free was good however I do not see what the big thing is about Ultimate Team. WOW, create your own team with your choice of kit and your choice of stadium and play against other people, what an absolutely stupid thing to waste your time on. This is the game that has made me realise not to buy FIFAs from now on and I am sure it is the same with many more people. The Be A Keeper mode is the dullest yet in FIFA and provides you with more boredom than you would have if you were on the Main Menu. Expand
  40. Aug 9, 2012
    This game was the worst fifa yet in terms of support from EA and updates. The lagging server issues were never fixed, and the b button pressure was worse than ever. Fifa 12 is a huge step up from this truly awful game.
  41. Jul 22, 2013
    FIFA 11 is any doubt the best FIFA game I have ever played. This was also the 1st FIFA game I have played online the game play is so smooth and realistic. FIFA Ultimate Team is fantastic, this game mode is playable to any FIFA fans. The best thing with Ultimate Team is that the best players to get have the highest overall ratings which is excellent no one would want EA handicap it would make the game unplayable. An example of an Ultimate Team I had which was great was an inform La Liga Team and I won almost every game which proved that there was no EA handicap. Offline is very good as well, it's similar in ways to Online mode were the best overall rated players are the best players to use. The shooting and passing feels very comfortable to me because passing seems to play out very well and the shooting online and offline feel realistic, what's realistic with the shooting is that it is not easy or hard to score goals. The difficulty of scoring goals is about right. FIFA 11 just did everything well, if you're looking a football/soccer game that you will enjoy this game is worth picking up. Expand
  42. May 25, 2014
    It's a football game that does what is expected.

    That's it.

    Thought there was more? Thought your extra amount of money spent upon release went towards some extra feature or something? No, of course not, don't be stupid.
  43. Oct 16, 2010
    Each year we hear from the games producer (David Rutter) that EA Sports have been listening to the fans and changing the game based on feedback and from June onwards we are treated to a host of football-shirted co-producers generating hype and showcasing new features. On release this talk usually materialises as one new function (this year it's Be A Goalkeeper), promises of improvements to existing modes ('11 has joined Be A Pro and Manager Mode into, "all new and improved", Career Mode) and some tweaks in gameplay (this year EA have given us 'Pro Passing'). Whilst 'Be A Goalkeeper' can be fun the game's AI is so poor that you are left watching what looks like a Sunday morning kick about from between the sticks. This years Career Mode is once again an unengaging and shallow experience which is full of bugs that should have been picked up at the testing phase - the alphabetical cup ties making more than a large dent in the mode's authenticity. 'Pro-passing' (whilst not a million miles away from the already present 'manual passing') is a nice idea though can be frustrating when all you want is a fun, 10 minute match. The game once again promised a lot but failed to deliver, the game is in need of a new producer and some real creative ingenuity to lift it from the feature-less, slog it currently is. On a slightly different note the critic reviews which have given this game over 90% need to step back and consider their professional integrity. PALGN and 1UP are the only two publications that appear to review this game properly. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 66 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 66
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 66
  3. Negative: 0 out of 66
  1. Feb 7, 2011
    FIFA 11 really is the ultimate soccer experience and any fan would do well to give this game a play. New improvements to the gameplay mechanics make this years iteration even more appealing than the last.
  2. Jan 16, 2011
    Year after year FIFA 11 is getting a little better. EA has made probably the perfect football game with FIFA 11.
  3. 80
    FIFA 11 is a rock solid football game that in many ways nudges the gameplay in the right direction. But the developers should have a look at their Madden-colleagues, as FIFA needs to rediscover itself in many of the aspects that don't directly influence the gameplay, so the yearly update doesn't just become business as usual. The goal every year is to come as close to the real football experience as possible, and you only get that when you show and understand the drama outside of the pitch, too.