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  • Summary: EA returns to the field with another installment in its long-running soccer series.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 66
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 66
  3. Negative: 0 out of 66
  1. If you're looking for a football game fully capable of recreating the real atmosphere and feelings you'd experience on the pitch, FIFA 11 is surely the answer. If you consider yourself a football fan, you absolutely can't miss it.
  2. A great game, highly enjoyable both off and online thanks to new modes like the player-coach one and the goalkeeper career and a great improvement in player control and AI.
  3. 92
    The FIFA franchise claims the victory over the Pro Evolution Soccer series again this year. FIFA 11 is definitely the best football game available, at least for the next twelve months.
  4. FIFA 11 is almost as perfect a football game as you could ever expect to play and it does pretty much everything right. The passing requires a more deft touch and fine aim than previous, which can throw you off a bit at first, but other than that, FIFA 11 is the beautiful game in every sense. Personality+ seems like a far too subtle addition from our uneducated football perspective, but Be A Goalkeeper, Be A Pro, Career and other modes will keep you irrevocably hooked for months on end. It's a cliché, but FIFA 11 hits the back of the net, every time.
  5. Soccer is a free-flowing game of creativity and skill, and I can experience that on the pitch in FIFA 11. Unfortunately, weak spots like the game's bare career mode hold it back and keep the entire package from being Total Football.
  6. While Personality+ and the ability to play as a goalkeeper are nice new touches, they feel like incremental additions instead of revolutionary overhauls.
  7. 75
    I know this all sounds negative, but I also know FIFA could be much more than it already is -- and as a soccer fan, I want the series to take the same leap I saw Madden take. Still, FIFA's always a recommendable experience.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 42
  2. Negative: 11 out of 42
  1. Aug 11, 2011
    FIFA is the absolute football simulation for any fan or casual gamer. The game has come a long way and beat competition long time now. The gameplay is extraordinary with passing feeling better and smoother than ever. Online matches run perfectly and makes you come back for more. Expand
  2. Sep 30, 2010
    Was eagerly anticipating the latest Fifa variant. After playing it for a day key out-takes are; Passing greatly improved (no ping-pong anymore), but not as awkward as the demo. Personality plus is quite noticeable and well implemented. Gripes...
    Online experience still needs work- underlying foundation code remains largely unchanged, games hang often during online play requiring a console reset/exit to dashboard. Too big a focus on online clubs and leagues. Commentary largely untouched in the past 3 editions + 1 World Cup edition.

    Overall though? A great iteration, yes the best Fifa made so far. Underlying physics and player behaviours feel awesome and fluid. Personality + and new game modes and features keeping me entertained also. Career mode match sim engine very good.

    No regrets and worth the purchase. Another step in the right direction, but some obvious overlooks still.
  3. Sep 28, 2010
    Fifa beats PES every time with its different gameplay and passing. As for the passing i thought it was way to easy score in fifa 10 sumfing that you would call ping pong passing with you just pass and pass one touch passing cheating really. Fifa 11 i am impressed with all new Carrear Mode the menu's look much more better, i like how you can put your own music and chants into the game. Keepers are much more intelligent and defenders make it harder score, although you can score some brillant goals no doubt Expand
  4. Mar 5, 2011
    Teams and players update to the latest squads and overall level. Career offers Manager,Player Manager and player. Virtual pro and accomplishments put the iceing on the cake.This is well and truely the way a football game should be made! just watch out for bad losers on xbox live quiting early ! :) Expand
  5. Oct 13, 2010
    Simply put, when your in control of your team, ie. when not in Be A Pro mode, its fine, the Personality + system is a great addition for those world class players who have those strengths, and are now able to use them more effectively. The general play after that though feels very close to FIFA 10.

    When you get into the Be A Pro mode, outfield and goalkeeper then the problems start. I'll start with the goalkeeper as i've put about a season and a half in that. The points system is completely and utterly broken. Most games i will finish between 5.5 and 6.5, and generally that with doing one or two things. You barely get rewarded, but get penalised within a second of a minor error. Apparently calling for the ball results in a negative score. Another example is if you don' get a single shot on goal, your left on 6.0, the rating you start on. The assistant then deems you had an appalling game and drops you from the starting 11, absolutely infuriating. Then the commonality with both Be A Pro sections is your AI teammates are awful, can't find a decent pass, and especially as a Goalkeeper your even more helpless to do anything about it.
  6. Oct 11, 2010
    I reviewed this as a 10 at first but gradually I have found more and more problems with this game. The "all new" career mode has even less depth than ever before, no youth system, no scouting, no picking backroom staff. Annoying e-mails from your assistant manager telling you that you have spotted a good player almost all the time. I KNOW THATS WHY I BOUGHT HIM!

    Micro freezing still hasnt been fixed. Player growth is poorly thought out, Lower league teams have all the kits and names but plain goalkeeper shirts. Why have they been so lazy as to exclude goalkeeper shirts? Instead opting to just a give a plain shirt wth no sponsor or badge.

    Pro clubs online has had a server update and more servers added but it still hasnt fixed anything. That mode doesnt work.

    Personality + is a BAD thing. You cannot have a competitive game that throws in so many random elements. The AI on your team sometimes randomly decides to stick a foot in with bad timing without you controlling it and get a player sent off for a menial challenge. For this next one fan boys will say "oh well get better duh" At times the passing is ridiculous, I will be stood with no pressure on me in an open space and all the time in the world, press A to then pass to a player right next to me and sometimes it has passed in completely the opposite direction because a players personality in real life will suggest that he is not good at passing. If Im playing a fighting game and I tell my character to hit a punch and the computer says "sometimes in real life this guy misses this particular punch so I will make this punch go out wide and miss his face" I wouldnt play it competitively. Fighting in real life is down to me controlling the situation. Football in real life is the same. It may seem random when looking at it but the way it is controlled is not random. A game needs to do what its told otherwise it basically renders a strategy or skill useless because it may or may not decide to do it. This is not realistic. My leg doesnt randomly decide to pass in the opposite direction to where my brain tells it in real life. Random environment events in a game work, randomising character controlled actions do not.

    This glitch happens everytime I play a friends league online. For example I pick Marseille as my team in the league. I then play head to head matches after I finish the league and pick Chelsea. My team and shirt are chelsea but if I go to team management it will have the Marseille team list. Go to start game with this and you will have a Marseille player in a chelsea shirt in the arena and then your game will freeze after about 6 seconds. This happens 90% of the time.

    If you do get a pro clubs game then your randomised team mates that arent pros probably wouldnt even be fit to play in League 2. They are easily out paced and muscled off the ball and so virtual pros stand out from the pack and can stroll through creating unrealistic high scoring games for both sides a lot of the time. This is after only a few weeks of the games release. Imagine what this is like towards the end of the season when the random AI players havnt grown with the virtual pros and the pros are now all much better than even Terry, Puyol, Messi or Ozil with 98% of the accomplishments complete! Its pointless. Im only on 30% and my pro is already better than half Chelsea or Man Utds players.

    What is good about this game? Well the keepers are fixed and I have scored only 1 lobbed goal and nobody has against me so thats not too easy. The actually gameplay is alright in terms of physics. Graphics are better than last year. Ummm, I can pick my own chants. Oh wait no I cant because if you create your own chants apparently the game cant deal with it and freezes.

    In all honestly now having played this game more I wish I hadnt wasted my money. Ive spent more time restarting my console with all the glitches and freezing than I have actually playing the thing. Apparently there is a fix on the way but I feel for people who play offline when a developer relies so heavily on updates they cant be bothered to test a game. I remember when online updates didnt exist and games had to be released in working order.
  7. Apr 23, 2011
    the worst fifa i've ever played since i started buying them. SO full of problems. The matches are nowhere near as fluent as previous fifa's. Massive disappointment. Expand

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