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Mixed or average reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 45
  2. Negative: 4 out of 45
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  1. You want Bikes, ATVs, Muscle Cars, SUVs, Buggies, Trucks…they’re all in here, along with every conceivable type of race set across thousands of miles of populated ultra-realistic topography, complete with dynamic weather. And it all looks and plays spectacularly. Unless you’re looking for an authentic hard core sim, there’s no reason you shouldn’t leave right now, and even if you are, a little FUEL might just change your mind.
  2. 80
    Despite some flaws, FUEL is so much fun to play you'll keep coming back to it.
  3. Edge Magazine
    Even if some of the fundamental stuff has been sacrificed to the creation of this huge world, Fuel still makes it across the finish line on a far-from-empty tank. [July 2009, p.97]
  4. While it’s clear that Asobo spent ample time in perfecting the tech that’s needed to enable a speedy racing game to run smoothly for hundreds of (no-load) miles on end, more attention needed to be paid to the fleshing out the Career objectives and tightening up the overall presentation package.
  5. Some gamers may appreciate the freedom Fuel gives you, but I feel like the lack of payoff and context blunts any adventurous feelings I have. [July 2009, p.84]
  6. This Asobo Studios game is a good entry in the racing genre, although some aspects, specially the audiovisual part, could have been better.
  7. Fuel might not appeal to everyone because it fails to live up to the hype about the land mass size and open world racing, but if you are a patient gamer who is willing to just race and play the game for what it is you will find plenty of racing game to enjoy.
  8. If you were expecting lightning in a bottle, Fuel keeps the electricity in the environmental elements and out of the gameplay.
  9. The first open-world FUELled outing however will certainly be worth trying out for those that look to master every racing game, for other gamers, there's certain enjoyment to be had here, though it's not all adrenaline-fuelled, perhaps taking a test drive before purchasing would prove a wise decision.
  10. FUEL is a very cool world that’s been designed nicely with some great weather effects although lacks some depth in the gameplay to really draw you in like I really wanted.
  11. Fuel isn't lacking in defects, like not-so-great graphics, high difficulty spikes and some random bugs, but the game is surely enjoyable. The career mode gives us a very varied experience, and the online modes contribute to keep the longevity high: suggested to the offroad racing fans.
  12. A decent racer, though not in the same class as others such as Codemasters own Race Driver: Grid.
  13. The game world of Fuel is very large, … but sadly nothing more. The scenery becomes boring after a short time. There are some pros like the assortment of many different vehicles, but on the whole the game lacks soul.
  14. 71
    FUEL has a ton of potential, and moments of brilliance stashed under its rough exterior. The problems are hard to ignore though, and unless you have a ton of time to dedicate to it, the races will likely grow boring long before you uncover half of this massive world.
  15. FUEL didn’t meet its goal. Actually it went quite far from what Codemasters had promised. Although it is evident that the dev team has put a lot of effort in creating an innovative and fresh concept, and has produced a vast free-roamable terrain of proven technical quality, some unfortunate gameplay solutions and a improvable AI have mined the overall experience.
  16. The complete lack of boundaries means it's a totally unique challenge, in which standard racing skills often need to be thrown out of the window. Despite this, with such exciting technology at its core, we can't help but hope that Asobo gets another roll of the dice to create something truly, and consistently astonishing. [June 2009, p.84]
  17. Fuel is without a doubt a complete game, that thanks to the numerous unlockable areas, cars, challenges and so on, reaches an enviable longevity. Unfortunately the gameplay lacks all the functionality typical of the competition, and there are some techincal issues that ruin the overall score. Fuel is a game for all arcade-off-road racing games, but beware as you won't find the dynamism of Motorstorm nor the attention to detail of Pure, but a different game, with good free-roaming gameplay.
  18. Fuel scores marks for its awesome, appropriately used open world but loses them for the lamely executed driving mechanics and offensively common load screens.
  19. FUEL is a huge project but never quite fulfills its potential. The game lacks polish and style, and the overwhelmingly enormous world is too lifeless to keep you entertained. Thus, FUEL never manages to impress, making it nothing more than an average off road-racer inferior to competitors like Pure and Motorstorm.
  20. Those who have followed the development of Fuel will be disappointed with the final result, while those who know nothing about its scope will find an enjoyable but at the same time unremarkable game.
  21. It's simple to get into, it looks good and at the end of the day it provides some incredibly good racing action. Purists will hate it, but those who just want to have a laugh without worrying about hardcore racing simulation will enjoy Fuel for what it is.
  22. FUEL is a very good addition to open world and off-road racing genres. But despite the overall enjoyment I got from the game, I can’t help but feel that it lacks the competitive elements that have enabled so many racing games to succeed.
  23. AceGamez
    FUEL is a huge game in every sense of the word, but all too often the quality just can't match the quantity.
  24. Every fibre in every single bone of my body wanted to love FUEL. I’m a bit of a sandbox junkie truth be told, but even the huge open-world with diverse environments wasn’t enough to divert my attention from the game’s nagging design faults. With a pretty poor GPS, unbalanced difficulty scale, terrible opponent AI and average visuals, FUEL is left on a par with mediocrity.
  25. Most people will probably wade through the list of career races and challenges but only the most dedicated (or bored) gamers will ever have the desire to fully explore this enormous game world to unlock the secrets it contains.
  26. Motorstorm who has gone post-apocalyptic, thats the best way to describe Fuel. It´s not quite as good as the first Motorstorm and it has some really annoying flying arrows, but it´s still a good game. At least while we´re waiting for Motorstorm 3.
  27. games(TM)
    Only frantic devotees of racing games/loading screens could justify this over the competition. [July 2009, p.115]
  28. This expansive arcade racer may be ambitious, but it doesn't nail all of the basics.
  29. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A waste of a wonderful idea. It's vast - but inferior to most other racers. [Aug 2009, p.78]
  30. A cool-looking racing game that ultimately crumbles under the weight of its own slow pace.
  31. Everything else about the game is completely lackluster, and even driving around the open map, the high point of the game, gets tedious after a while.
  32. Again, Fuel is just a poor game no matter how you try and look at it. There's a fair amount of content here, but it's not good.
  33. 55
    When that ambition fails to live up to its promise by delivering a hollow and disappointing experience, you can't help but feel somewhat nonplussed by the final product. This should have been incredible, but having tried our very best to like Codemasters' latest racing IP, we can't help but feel like we've been taken for a ride. Fuel-ed, if you will.
  34. 51
    After putting in numerous hours with Fuel, I've struggled to find anything that I especially like about it. The racing has issues, but in and of itself (outside of not being able to select a ride you might want), it works well enough. Not great, but well enough.
  35. If the massive game world and plethora of races and things to do were housed in something with proper physics and some reference to the real world, we would have loved it. Unfortunately, Codemasters have published a shambles of a game, so we’ll spend our time playing GRiD and waiting for Dirt 2.
  36. We had high hopes for FUEL, which promised to offer an expansive game world teaming with insane weather and even crazier racing. Ultimately, however, Asobo Studio has served up a barren wasteland filled with nothing to do, bland race events, and weather effects that are far less dynamic than Codemasters might have you believe.
  37. 50
    Is it a mediocre racer with some fancy tech, or does it want to be a mediocre racer with some fancy tech? All signs point to the latter: Beautiful visuals and interesting vehicles that look like they were stolen from the set of Mad Max -- but on the flip-side, the game offers nothing in terms of customization aside from a few minor cosmetic changes to your driver and vehicle.
  38. Fuel is a race game with two faces. On one hand you've got a huge and open world in which the impressive weather effects and the sheer size alone are a new milestone in it's genre. But on the other hand the game feels a little lost and lacks decent gameplay mechanics. In the end the flaws take the upper hand and giving us the feeling that Fuel could have been so much more.
  39. FUEL is Codemasters’ and Asobo Studio’s post-apocalyptic sandbox racer. The immense game world, replete with a dynamic weather engine, is a stunning achievement. But FUEL appears to forget it’s a racer and consequently loses sight of what counts.
  40. Like a spiny armband of black ink needled in at the end of a bender, Fuel is the tragic result of spontaneity without foresight, and design without inspiration.
  41. Flawed racer which finds little of interest in its massive open world - least of all the race cars.
  42. Fuel had the makings of a great game but just falls over too many hurdles. It is fun in free mode but that isn't enough to nearly warrant a purchase.
  43. Along the way decisions were made to cheat the player and in doing so this is one racer robbed of most of its fun. That really is a crying shame.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 45 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 20
  2. Negative: 5 out of 20
  1. Aug 5, 2016
    Fuel is a pretty,but bland racer.

    Fuel main standout is it's huge map,but this is also it's biggest flaw,as there is literally ZERO point
    Fuel is a pretty,but bland racer.

    Fuel main standout is it's huge map,but this is also it's biggest flaw,as there is literally ZERO point to exploration,except for finding and driving to side-activities.And driving inbetween events is just boring.

    The vehicles are varied,from ATV's and buggies to muscle cars to big trucks,so there is something for almost everyone.They all handle decently,apart from the buggies

    The game has nice music,and decent engine noises,but storm sound effects are incredible.

    The game looks beautiful,for such a big map,plus the use of dynamic weather,results in a Fuel being a fantastic technical achievement.

    It's just a shame the game is so boring,as it had everyting needed to be good,except for fun.Pick it up on the cheap to take a look,but don't be looking for something revolutionary.
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  2. Feb 18, 2011
    Honestly I sold this game back to the store before buying it again,starting from a different perspective and now loving every minute ofHonestly I sold this game back to the store before buying it again,starting from a different perspective and now loving every minute of playing.See I was comparing it to Code masters other titles like Dirt and Grid and I wasn't satisfied.If you play it for what it is then you will find that nothing and no game is like it.It is mentioned in 3 guinness world records,gamers edition and now I see why.Up to this review I have put in around 90 hours into this game and it's great.I am knocking 5 points off because of the amount of time it was in production and it still has small problems,but all in all another amazing title by Code masters!!95% Full Review »
  3. Feb 18, 2011
    i thought this game was really good with some floors. the post apocalyptic landscape could of been better like ruined city or somethingi thought this game was really good with some floors. the post apocalyptic landscape could of been better like ruined city or something different to what it is. the racing is the best thing about this game even tho in the racing you need to get the checkpoints as well as first place to win it but that aside the races r frantic and intense. i enjoyed the fact you can free ride it was my favorite thing to do on the game was great when i just didn't want to do a race. the fact it changes from day to night is a nice touch along with the weather effects Full Review »