Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. 80
    G-Force was a shock to me. Rarely do I find myself actually wanting to play a game of this type outside of reviewing it, but I found myself coming back to it over and over to finish it out.
  2. Gamers who enjoyed the movie could do worse than this well-polished platformer.
  3. At first I will admit the game did not appeal to me but as I played the game and pushed back the expectations I held for a game of this type and realized it was made for kids I began to enjoy the game and its quirks. It may not be a game I would recommend to buy for most gamers but if you are an average gamer rent it and if you have kids buy it, this is a great summer distraction.
  4. In conclusion, G-Force doesn’t push the envelope in terms of technological advancement or new gaming innovations, however where it does succeed is through its gameplay.
  5. Don't underestimate the wow factor of the 3D mode - if this is the future of games, sign us up. [Oct 2009, p.75]
  6. Fun combat and crafty puzzles make this a good companion to the blockbuster movie.
  7. Gimmicks aside, G-Force is an enjoyable game. The controls are solid, the graphics are quite good and the sound is better than expected.
  8. If you've been looking for a game for the younger gamer of the household to spend some time with, then this furry adventure is currently sitting at the top of the pile.
  9. What it seems to do, though, is do a decent job at portraying the movie to which it’s connected, which also is pretty rare in this industry. It’ll keep you engaged for hours (especially if you seek to get all of the achievements), though with a few bouts of overdesigned gameplay challenge to break it up, it’s not perfect.
  10. G-Force is a movie based game that really took me by surprise. With some solid visuals, a neat 3D mode, good sound, and gameplay to match, the only real flaw is that the levels can feel the same which can make some of your time seem bland.
  11. 73
    Yes, the story will be an enigma if you haven't seen the flick and sometimes levels can seem like they go on and on, but collecting data discs, solving puzzles by flipping between Mooch and Darwin, and blowing up possessed blenders is fun.
  12. If you came into this review expecting to hear about a shoddy children’s game, you’ll have to look elsewhere. G-Force is delightful family entertainment.
  13. G-Force surprised me very much. The highlight was for me the feature with 3D eyeglasses, which provided a different kind of gameplay. Also I am very content with eight hours of playing G-Force.
  14. Even with its signature gimmick disabled, it's actually not too bad.
  15. Offers a few hours of decent shooting at $10 less than the average Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 video game.
  16. G-Force is a solid movie tie-in that will please the 10- to 12-year-olds. The game doesn't do anything particularly well, but isn't doing anything wrong either. Don't expect a challenging game though, because of the repetitive elements and the helping hand that are offered it doesn't pack a punch. Of course, that’s to be expected in a children’s game.
  17. I imagine that G-Force will be one of those Trojan Horse games for my nephew that gets him familiar with games that are definitely for the mature player. Who would have thought a guinea pig with a jetpack could be a Trojan Horse?
  18. Despite my initial trepidation about a shooter-style kid-movie tie-in, G-Force actually manages to be a competent game that goes beyond the tried and true platforming format.
  19. G-Force isn't likely to attract many fans over age 13, but parents shouldn't regret picking this one up for their kids. It can get a little repetitive, but it's fun to blow apart household appliances, or watch a guinea pig rocket across the floor.
  20. G-Force is a average game which will bring perhaps most enjoyment to fans of the movie. If you are in the market for a game of this type then there are better.
  21. G-Force is a jet pack enthusiasts dream and a solid action game that's worth a rental. Just don't expect much to do after completion.
  22. G-Force isn't a horrible game, it's just not that fun.
  23. For fans of the film, you’ll probably be more than satisfied in what Eurocom cooked up even if the adventure is rather short.
  24. 67
    A "solid" game: It works great on a technical level, and presents enough challenge to engage veteran players, but also enough on-screen direction and help to make it accessible to the game's younger audience -- it's just too long.
  25. Overall, Disney Pixar’s G-Force is one of the better movie-to-game titles available. The way in which it has been developed and the majority of the game’s many features, make the title stand out in such a crowded genre, despite its faults.
  26. 62
    G-Force is nice, but not for serious gamers. However, the game deserves a six, because there's a lot of action, which makes it a little more fun to play, but it's still made for children.
  27. The game isn’t great, but its much better than you’d expect, and certainly worth the purchase if you’re buying it for a youngster.
  28. A surprisingly high quality tie-in, which for once acts as a good introduction to gaming for youngsters.
  29. The game is abnormally long for a kids’ game, and the enemies are a varied bunch, so be prepared to have the young’uns glued to it for a while.
  30. 60
    G-Force is, against all odds, a decent kids game. Entirely derivative, but it steals from the best.
  31. A surprisingly solid platformer that soon becomes repetitive. 3D's fun, though. [Nov 2009, p.92]
  32. Predictably devoid of ambition. [Issue#50, p.95]
  33. The game mechanics, voice acting, and enemy designs are all wonderfully polished. But if people could live on polish alone, there’d be gourmet restaurants serving linoleum and fingernails. A game should first and foremost be enjoyable. G-Force’s downfall is in its repetitive puzzle design, bland visuals, and antiquated 3D technology.

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