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  • Summary: Game Party: In Motion lets players engage in true-to-life motions with games appealing to people of all ability levels, ranging from sports like Hoop Shoot and Darts to arcade and party games including Rootbeer Tapper, Table Hockey and more. Players mimic the actions and gestures of real-life activities allowing them to move their arms, legs or full bodies in natural motions to control the game. Collapse
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 6
  1. Dec 23, 2010
    Game Party: In Motion is a nice game for Xbox 360 and Kinect, which is great fun when played in multiplayer mode.
  2. Jan 2, 2011
    A half-hearted collection of minigames that would excite a pigeon.
  3. Jan 9, 2011
    Do you like Kinect? Don't bother with this title and stick to the rest. 16 minigames, 16 ways to get bored, or frustrated. This at least is an achievement.
  4. 30
    Even if Game Party was the only party-oriented Kinect game, we still wouldn't recommend it. [Feb 2011, p.73]
  5. Dec 23, 2010
    Game Party: In Motion shows that not every Kinect game is a ton of fun. This game is a complete disaster. Whatever you do, don't buy it.
  6. As uninspiring as it's bland title. Blah. [Jan 2011]
Score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 4
  3. Negative: 3 out of 4
  1. Mar 12, 2011
    the critics are slamming this for no real reason, im not saying its perfect by any means but it is good fun.
    some of the games can drive you
    crazy, darts being the most annoying, but once you get the hang of them its all good. there is a good mix of games with my fav being the root beer tapper game
    this wouldnt be my choice of a first kinect purchase, that would be kinect sports, but its definately one to add to your collection.
  2. Apr 1, 2012
    This is literally the WORST kinect game I have ever played! Here's why:

    1. IT'S SUPER LAGGY- 90% of the games you play involve throwing
    something (i.e. a dart, basketball, bean bag, ect..). No matter how hard you try to aim, the kinect will not transfer it properly. I have spun around and gotten dizzy, then threw the object and hit a target, to later spin around again and miss it, which is about the same results you will get if you actually try to aim. The kinect just isn't cut out for aiming objects based on how you throw. It can't even truly tell when you release the object.

    2. THE GAMES SIMPLY AREN'T FUN- The games involve football throwing, dart throwing, bocce ball, ski ball, and basically all the games that you go to either a family reunion or arcade to play.

    3. DON'T UNLOCK ANY NEW CONTENT- In the game you feel as though you are completely trapped. You don't ever feel like you make any progress which is very discouraging. There are no unlocked levels or unlocked games/locations/abilities. It's completely frustrating.

    4. IT IS BASICALLY ENTERTAINING FOR ONLY A DAY- Once you beat all of the games, you will be bored.

    This would be a fantastic game if it was sold for $2.99 at the thrift store.
  3. Nov 27, 2013
    Game Party: In Motion is probably not the best game for the Xbox. The only fun on this game is if you play it in multiplayer mode. The graphics aren't to bad, but the controls are still a little lack. Expand
  4. Mar 25, 2013
    I bought this game from a bargin bin for around 10 bucks, yet that feel's like I wasted my money. The game is broken. The Kinect settings are so bad that the only way to gain any score from any actions in this game would be purely coincidental. I think I hit a target in the darts by jumping up and down in frustration with the game. The other major flaw is the lack of controller support, meaning that you literally have to use the Kinect features to navigate the menu which is extremely difficult to use and only registers very precise and out of place hand signals. I would argue this is more strict than North Korea's holiday travel program. Multiplayer is also broken so don't bother attempting to play with a friend. I think if I had a dozen beers and fell asleep in the menu would grant me a better experience. 0/10. Expand