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  1. The game consistently manages to put impressive, holy crap-worthy stuff on-screen. Your ears get their fair share of candy, too. Voice work is almost always right on and the music is epic, foreboding, and dangerous.
  2. The best single-player shooter in the history of Epic Games. If it is going to become a Hollywood movie, it should be directed by no other than Michael Bay.
  3. 100
    Gears of War 2 is, simply put, an improvement in every aspect.
  4. As a sequel, you’d be hard-pushed to track down a game that is as brilliantly structured, nurtured and evolved as Gears of War 2. With a ruthlessly enthralling pace and variation of set pieces, this is an effortlessly superb package. I haven’t enjoyed a game as much as this since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which is surely one of the greatest compliments a title can get.
  5. 100
    Just in case I haven't been absolutely clear about this, you need to get Gears of War 2. Now.
  6. It's not as emotionally deep as other games on the market, it's not a 30 hour + epic and it's not art in video game form, but is arguably the greatest action game ever created. In a year full of incredible games, Gears of War 2 sits triumphantly at the very top.
  7. A masterclass in design. Brutal, epic, beautiful and harrowing in equal measure, Gears Of War 2 announces Epic’s reign as the king of the action videogame. Absolutely essential.
  8. The real star, however, is Horde, a ballistic assault on your worst score-rush tendencies that transforms maps into Gears-flavoured Mutant Storm: weapons spawn, then a wave of enemies hits, then more weapons and then another, tougher, wave.
  9. The most pleasure from Gears 2 has to be in multiplayer, and I’ve very much enjoyed playing the campaign with friends in ever more challenging difficulties.
  10. There are very few ways that Gears of War 2 could be improved on. Only the story and the final boss in particular are a slight disappointment. Fanboys will love the fact that only one of a multitude of story arcs is concluded; everyone else will feel slightly unfulfilled. But aside from this, Gears 2 is not just the most exhilarating game you'll play this year, but possibly the most heady and downright shocking piece of entertainment full stop. Hollywood, your days are numbered. [Dec 2008, p.61]
  11. An average vehicle mission and a couple unimaginative boss battles knock it down a peg, but Gears of War 2 is still a magnificent third person shooter and one of the year's best.
  12. We're getting a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of Cliffy B interviews, quotes and other Cliff related stuff that have roamed the world wide web the past few weeks. But in all fairness, Gears of War 2 is a more than worthy sequel of its predeccesor. The co-op mode is still a very attractive part of the game, and the same goes for the Horde mode. With more enemies, more levels and especially more blood it offers just what you expect from a sequel. The game rarely suprises, but it hurls enough cannon fodder towards you that it will blow you away.
  13. There’s enough content to consider it a true sequel, and not an incremental upgrade, and it’s an overall better game. The expanded story and new multiplayer modes confirm the purchase, and for fans there’s no way to avoid something this good during the holiday season.
  14. Overall this is another fantastic title from Epic and it definitely lived up to the hype.
  15. If we were to summarize Gears of War 2 in one sentence it would be "intense and impressive action, preferably experienced together with a friend". There are some flaws here, such as a somewhat uninteresting storyline and some uneven levels, but when the overall experience is nothing short of outstanding we're ready to ignore these minor annoyances. Everything in Gears of War 2 is bigger, better and more bad ass and with an improved online mode this is the game to buy for all action buffs.
  16. Different difficulties, with the option to replay any chapter of the game on the chosen difficulty, lets us take the desired entertainment from this Gears of War, should it be a running through the fields killing spree without any special precaution in the lower difficulty, or a fight for the strategic upper hand on the higher ones. Many different modes -online, two players or solo- and a frenetic game experience justify the interest in this title.
  17. Sure it's uncouth at times, but it stands tall as an example of just how heart-poundingly exciting games can be.
  18. Gears of War 2 is a stellar shooting game and easily one of the best games of the year.
  19. 100
    Gears of War 2 does everything you wanted the original to do and then some. I have never been so hooked on a game. I couldn't put it away until I beat it. I just couldn't get enough of the intense action, the beautiful visuals and I especially couldn't get enough of the story.
  20. Possibly the single best action game ever, but certainly in the history of the Xbox 360 is all you need to know about this must buy game. The co-operative gameplay, multiplayer and The Horde mode are also great additions for the gamer who likes to play with friends.
  21. All of the multiplayer, both co-op and competitive, completely makes up for any that was lacking in the first game. For those that thought that Gears just wasn’t suited to multiplayer gameplay, that it was too tactical and slow and was better suited to a single player experience, prepare to eat your words. It’s fantastic, and rounds out the complete package that is Gears of War 2...Gears of War 2 is about as close as you can get to the perfect gaming package.
  22. We have yet to play a perfect video game but Gears 2 get’s really freaking close; probably closer than any action game has gotten before. Every aspect of the game: gameplay, controls, features, graphics, and audio have a triple A feel to it and during the first play-through every single gamer will get multiple “oh sh.t” moments.
  23. Gears of War 2 delivers on every one of its promises, combining a rich and intimate story, brutal, visceral combat, incredible graphics, outstanding audio design, a strong soundtrack, and a robust multiplayer suite.
  24. Cliff Bleszinski and the boys at Epic games really outdid themselves. Not only have they addressed the problems of the first game (skimpy story and short campaign mode etc), but the multiplayer additions and new game modes are great and insure the game will be dominating Xbox Live for years to come.
  25. Gears of War 2 is the kind of game that third person shooters should try to imitate. We are not talking about the chosen theme or its tactical arcade scope, but instead we want to point out how well the console resources have been used in order to get an impeccable gameplay. A must have. The total shooter.
  26. Gears of Wars 2 is what epic masterpieces are made of and on top of that it raises the bar for all action games on the Xbox 360. It’s an over-the-top, action junkie’s dream come true that easily surpasses the much-loved original that still haunts the dreams of all Xbox owners.
  27. 96
    I pity the developers that have to release their games around the same period as this, because Gears of War 2 is magnificent.
  28. Gears 2 has taken everything that the original did well and added some pretty good improvements making it a well rounded package.
  29. 95
    It has non-stop action, fresh gameplay, varied environments, an engrossing storyline, multiplayer that will have people busy for years to come, and some of the nastiest and coolest kills I’ve seen in a videogame.
  30. Our favorite new addition to the Gears multiplayer family, however, is Horde. A fiveplayer co-op romp played on any of the 15 maps, Horde throws wave after wave of increasingly difficult Locust foes at you and your friends for 50 rounds, putting your teamworking skills to the ultimate test.
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  1. Aug 13, 2010
    what a let down in almost every aspect. where to start . well lets start with the single player . The story for lack of a better word suckedwhat a let down in almost every aspect. where to start . well lets start with the single player . The story for lack of a better word sucked apperintly in all the questions we had from gears of war 1 Epic thought we all wanted to know about Doms wife . i guess they thought that no one cared about where the locast came from , marcus's past , How the war Started and pretty much any other importent Plot detail ive heard people asking about. The ending Boss battles where a Joke the fight with Skarr wasnt even close to being as fun as fighting Ramm in the first one . the final battle with the Brumak was a complete and utter FAIL. i mean you cant lose this fight i dont care what difaculty you have this on a freekin monkey could do it . the game does have its moments like fighting the giant fish boss that looked and felt awsome but thoose moments in Gears 2 are very few and far between . its a decent Co-op experiance but why do they not have 4 player co-op i mean this game begs for it. The Horde Mode is ok and will provide you with some fun but nothing thats amazing as hyped . The online was completely Destroyed i loved the first one online it has to be my favorite online game despite all the bugs and glitches which are MANY! but gears 2's online they just wrecked they destroyed the shotgun , the serch system was horendus , the chainsaw was unstoppable , the new maps are just Lame , The mortor was rediculas and shoulda been left for the single player, frag tagging to walls is the cheapest thing ever , theres not much good to say about this game outside of the voice acting and diolouge is great and they fixed the active reload with the sniper so its not cheap any more. some of the online issues have been fixed ive heard as of late but its to little to late . Epic Games should be out appoligizing for this game every day . i have little Hope Gears 3 will be any better then this crap . i give it a 5 because the controls are solid and the graphics are nice , and good voice acting . i can give little more praise then that. Full Review »
  2. Sep 21, 2010
    I would have given this game a 9.5 if I could. I felt that Epic Games had succeded in yet another awesome game. The new horde mode is a greatI would have given this game a 9.5 if I could. I felt that Epic Games had succeded in yet another awesome game. The new horde mode is a great laugh. The online progression system is sweet and the maps are epic. Especially now they ave released the 'All Fronts Collection' (what an awesome deal). The online is deffinatlet better than the original. But the campaign however, seemed to lack the 'feel' of gears of war 1. I miss the Kryl and Beserkers, I didn't feel scared in any way and the storyline just didn't seem quite as good as the previous and I still can't get my head around the fact that the lightmass bomb made the locust stronger? However that said the campaign did feel more epic with the large armies, and the updated technology meaning you can fit loads of enemeies on the screen. Skorge was definitely a better bad guy than RAAM and I was glad to see more of the lambant locust (except this time not just wretches). Overall, I'd say Gears of War 2 is a must have, it's an oustanding game both offline and online but the storyline just wasn't quite good enough for me. Full Review »
  3. Aug 30, 2011
    Possibly one of the best reasons to own an Xbox 360. Gears of War 2 is easily my favorite console shooter. The multiplayer matchmaking hasPossibly one of the best reasons to own an Xbox 360. Gears of War 2 is easily my favorite console shooter. The multiplayer matchmaking has improved in almost every possible way, the co-op ended up being an awesome addition to the game also. The horde mode is good, it feels lacking though. The weapon arsenal is bad ass. The maps were as good as the maps in the original Gears of War, I didn't see much of a variation between the two. The only thing I could **** slap this game with is the story, it turned it into a dramatic soap opera, it didn't turn out well either; I definitely didn't hate it though. Full Review »