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  1. Aug 13, 2010
    what a let down in almost every aspect. where to start . well lets start with the single player . The story for lack of a better word sucked apperintly in all the questions we had from gears of war 1 Epic thought we all wanted to know about Doms wife . i guess they thought that no one cared about where the locast came from , marcus's past , How the war Started and pretty much any other importent Plot detail ive heard people asking about. The ending Boss battles where a Joke the fight with Skarr wasnt even close to being as fun as fighting Ramm in the first one . the final battle with the Brumak was a complete and utter FAIL. i mean you cant lose this fight i dont care what difaculty you have this on a freekin monkey could do it . the game does have its moments like fighting the giant fish boss that looked and felt awsome but thoose moments in Gears 2 are very few and far between . its a decent Co-op experiance but why do they not have 4 player co-op i mean this game begs for it. The Horde Mode is ok and will provide you with some fun but nothing thats amazing as hyped . The online was completely Destroyed i loved the first one online it has to be my favorite online game despite all the bugs and glitches which are MANY! but gears 2's online they just wrecked they destroyed the shotgun , the serch system was horendus , the chainsaw was unstoppable , the new maps are just Lame , The mortor was rediculas and shoulda been left for the single player, frag tagging to walls is the cheapest thing ever , theres not much good to say about this game outside of the voice acting and diolouge is great and they fixed the active reload with the sniper so its not cheap any more. some of the online issues have been fixed ive heard as of late but its to little to late . Epic Games should be out appoligizing for this game every day . i have little Hope Gears 3 will be any better then this crap . i give it a 5 because the controls are solid and the graphics are nice , and good voice acting . i can give little more praise then that. Collapse
  2. Sep 21, 2010
    I would have given this game a 9.5 if I could. I felt that Epic Games had succeded in yet another awesome game. The new horde mode is a great laugh. The online progression system is sweet and the maps are epic. Especially now they ave released the 'All Fronts Collection' (what an awesome deal). The online is deffinatlet better than the original. But the campaign however, seemed to lack the 'feel' of gears of war 1. I miss the Kryl and Beserkers, I didn't feel scared in any way and the storyline just didn't seem quite as good as the previous and I still can't get my head around the fact that the lightmass bomb made the locust stronger? However that said the campaign did feel more epic with the large armies, and the updated technology meaning you can fit loads of enemeies on the screen. Skorge was definitely a better bad guy than RAAM and I was glad to see more of the lambant locust (except this time not just wretches). Overall, I'd say Gears of War 2 is a must have, it's an oustanding game both offline and online but the storyline just wasn't quite good enough for me. Expand
  3. Aug 30, 2011
    Possibly one of the best reasons to own an Xbox 360. Gears of War 2 is easily my favorite console shooter. The multiplayer matchmaking has improved in almost every possible way, the co-op ended up being an awesome addition to the game also. The horde mode is good, it feels lacking though. The weapon arsenal is bad ass. The maps were as good as the maps in the original Gears of War, I didn't see much of a variation between the two. The only thing I could **** slap this game with is the story, it turned it into a dramatic soap opera, it didn't turn out well either; I definitely didn't hate it though. Expand
  4. Jan 26, 2011
    Easily one of the most overrated games of all time, right up there with Halo 3 and Mass Effect. Story and dialogue is as ridiculous as the voice acting, Horde mode is a terrible excuse for a game mode. I really get upset when people argue that Gears created the "Horde" mode! Does anyone remember TimeSplitters?!?! I just cringed thinking about the voice acting again. Multiplayer is a total laggy, inconsistent joke. Thank god this is not out for multiple consoles so only the Xbox users can suffer. Expand
  5. Nov 25, 2010
    This is a worthy sequel to a great game. The single player has more action and explosions, though the story is still about a bunch of space marines being badasses. Who cares? The point is to shoot stuff, and in that approach, it's a great experience that has tight controls and rewarding combat. The multiplayer is well expanded and this is the first game that I can recall that uses the "horde" system of cooperative play against waves of harder and harder enemies. I like this more than the actual multiplayer of the game, which is full of people who apparently play this game 24/7 and are so good it takes the fun out of trying to play. Expand
  6. Jun 12, 2011
    Gears of War 2 feels better then Gears (1) but I'm not sure if it's better. It's not easy to explain but Gears of War 2 is not as good as the first game. But who I'm I kidding? This game has such entertainment and value that everyone who enjoys action games should try this!! The story is bigger this time around... Looking forward to Gears of War 3.
  7. Mar 22, 2012
    I love Gears of War 2 this game is the **** Sure its multiplayer components were a bit tired after a year or two but this is definetly the game i have put in most hours to in count of multiplayer.
  8. Apr 20, 2011
    Gears of War 2 is a great game. The campaign is fun, while the story is a bit naff, playing with a mate is a great experience and the fun you can get out of wiping out horde after horde of locust makes this one of my favourite games. Horde mode itself is brilliant, especially with mates and you achievement of surviving waves 1-50 is one of the highlights of my gaming career. Multi-player is the only downside, I've never got to grips with it really but it can be fun in short doses, but be prepared to get slaughtered if you're not a hardcore player. Expand
  9. Sep 6, 2010
    FAVORITE GAME EVER. ITS GEARS OF WAR 1 BUT BIGGER AND BETTER, the one thing that i ddnt like was the boss battles were 2d and more like a cutscene..jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
  10. Sep 4, 2010
    After playing Gears of war 2 I was quite satisfied with the game. The story, somewhat bland, was still interesting. However a few minor issues keeps this score from being a perfect one. Sometimes the controls are unresponsive or delayed which could mean the difference between life and death. Another issue I faced was when I switched from xbox live to unconnected form the internet the game would wipe all of my progress and start over again. So say you were on wave 49 of horde and you unplugged your ethernet cable and turned off the xbox. When you play the game again it will reset. Other then that the weapons are nice, the multiplayer, on or offline, well balanced, and horde is fun with friends. I say this game is a 9.25. Expand
  11. Jul 15, 2011
    So maybe it doesn't go farther away from the original but the gameplay is still great. The campaign story isn't as great or intense as the first's but the addition of multi-player is awesome if you wanna play online against your friends or by your self. If I could I'd give it a 9.5.
  12. Oct 20, 2010
    I knew I loved it from the first time I saw it. The graphics are stunning to say the least. The only reason people hate it is mostly because of the sometimes laggy multiplayer. My main problem with the game is those hyper gamers that act stupid for no reason. Obviously, it's a game and getting hyper over a game is idiotic and ignorant. This is a must-buy. That's why it won a lot of Game of the Year awards. Expand
  13. Oct 30, 2010
    A great improvement on the original with more weapons, characters, maps, enemy types complimented with some improved graphics and sounds. Although the story and gameplay is pretty much the same the whole way through, it is great fun nonetheless although some might feel it lacks the awesomeness Gears of War 1 brought when it was released.
  14. Apr 27, 2011
    9/10 = Amazing = A great shooter with fun, addictive gameplay. Excellent graphics, awesome campaign. Mulltiplayer needs a lot of work for Gears 3.
  15. Dec 20, 2010
    I'm not a fan of the Gears of War series so that's why I was excited to see that Gears 2 was just more the same **** put in a different engine but with a worse story. The gameplay is repetitive and boring after awhile, and the multiplayer is dull empty due having nothing worth playing in the MP and the lag. Overall, not better than its predecessor and I believe if a sequel does not improve from before, it should not merit a point. 0 Expand
  16. Mar 5, 2012
    This is another example of a sequel that surpasses its predecessor in almost every way, the story is better, the graphics are fantastic but show some age in one or two little places and has texture loading issues, and the sound is phenomenal, the controls and combat are as smooth as butter, the campaign is intense and epic always puts you in a new scenario, from fantastic cover based shooting with some of the coolest weapons in video games, to awesome vehicle sections, and it offers one of the most epic, empowering, and rewarding moments in video game history, I don't want to spoil it, but I will say this it involves a Brumak, there are still a small community playing online, but with Gears of War 3 out there you might as well go to that for your multiplayer, but it is still fun to play, and even without the thriving community the campaign alone makes it worth a purchase, so if you liked the first game this one is better in almost every way, you will not be disappointed. Expand
  17. Mar 4, 2011
    Gears of war 2 I like to play this game because you have to do mission on there and you have to zombies on there, if you kill them you can get there guns on there. They are different gum on there when you kill the monster. It is fun when you play when you play two players on there. You have to work in a team if one you die in the game the other person has to do most of the work on there. If your partner dies on there you have to do it again and you will not like. This game you can play online with this game I like play this game with my friends and cousins. With this game there is more shoot on there and there is more blood in this game I like shooting games. Most people like shooting games because there is more blood and different guns on all the games. It is better to play you mates or which people are on line on Xbox 360 or Ps3. it a great game to play. When do some a mission I will get hard and they are different levels on the they is easy hard and very hard . you can pick on of them three but the game will get hard Expand
  18. Jan 22, 2011
    This game is so much fun even after 2 or 3 years after he multiplayer is still super fun and the campain tells one of the best storys iv heard in a shooter
  19. Jun 13, 2011
    Much more of everything you could want.Story,action,awesome sauce.Could not be much better though I missed the Berserkers from the original.360 owners must have this!
  20. Mar 14, 2011
    Gears Of War 2 is bigger, and better than it's predecessor. It has taken all the elements from Gears Of War and improved on them. However, not much has changed from the first game, Epic Games has done little to tried and trusted formula, other than minor tweaks here and there. The gameplay, is very much the same. The cover system has been tightened, which makes taking cover behind objects more fluid and easier. The combat system is fantastic. The shooting is satisfying, and getting the Locust between your sights has never felt this good. Unsurprisingly, the game still encourages you to make use of the Lancer through the majority of the campaign. Making use of the chainsaw in firefights is a welcome break from the pop-and-shoot mechanic. The enemies from the first game return, with the exception of a few fresh faces to decimate. The graphics have also been improved upon, with exceptional shading, lighting, and character models. This is by far the best looking game on Xbox 360 for 2008. This game is not perfect, but it sure as hell gets close. The story, that drives the game, just like the predecessor, flatlines. It feels like the missions were created, and a story was filled in just to put the pieces of the puzzle together. With regards to the narrative, I don't care really. I still have to meet a person who played Gears Of War just for it's story. As you know, the story in the previous iteration was not one to pull at the emotional strings. This time however, Epic has attempted to introduce emotional elements in to the game, and has failed miserably. These scenes often come across as a joke, and we urge Epic Games to focus on the balls-out action rather than attempt to bring tears to our eyes. Nonetheless, Gears Of War 2 defines what an action game should be, combat is brutally entertaining and does not shy away from the extreme violence. If you are over eighteen, I suggest you go your nearest retailer and pick up Gears Of War 2. It has a lengthy ten hour campaign, an addictive multiplayer component along with co-op play. Simply put, it is worth every cent. Expand
  21. Nov 1, 2011
    Single player: The single player campaign is the main reason why I love Gears of War. I spent most of my time on the game, playing the campaign. The story is great and the controls are pretty good. I feel like the campaign was just long enough as well. With it on it's easiest level, it's EXTREMELY easy and hard is just hard enough to still enjoy the game Multiplayer: I enjoyed multiplayer but I wasn't good at it. I was very impatient and that hurt me. You have to be good at aiming from your hip a lot. It's solid gameplay, but it just wasn't my thing. It also was really broken. It was hard to get into matches and had MANY glitches. Expand
  22. Sep 2, 2011
    For me, Gears of War 2 is quite simply one of the greatest sequels ever to grace a console. Gears of War was a breakthrough game that encapsulated so many, however the improvement made in Gears 2 is phenominal. This game really does eclipse the original in every way. To begin with the gameplay is so much more enhanced and plays much more smoother than its predecessor. For example the shooting system just seems to be perfectly presented. Zooming is hardly revolutionary but I thought it was a marvellous addition to the game. Ofcourse there are new weapons which adds more to the game and as expected they are awesome. And, surprise surprise there is also new creatures within the Locus Horde.The story has been criticisized by many but I didn't have a problem with it whatsoever, yes it times it's hard to follow and here and there but its simply about an all out attack on the Locust Horde with a few side stories thrown in to spice things up now and again. But the things I found fault with in the original, however few they were I just felt had been addressed in every way i'd wanted. And whatever mas missing from the first outing is not in Gears 2! It just oozes quality from start to finish and once more you will find yourself engulfed in destorying the Horde. Theres plenty of variety on offer shooting, driving, hell even controlling the Locust Horde's own inventions one in particular at the end is awesome fun! Visually its a massive improvement on Gears 1 and takes it up another level, but you know what your getting the looks aren't everything when it comes to this seriesOnline, well what more can I say other than try it. Because when you do, you might just be sacrificng hours on end, it draws you in and you will seriously struggle to let go its incredible! All in all this is an unmissable expereince. It dwarfs the original in every way possible. All I can say is buy this game (if you haven't already ofcourse) Expand
  23. Apr 6, 2011
    Quite simply one of the best shooters ever seen on the market, an extensive campaign followed up by fun and lasting multiplayer. Epic has come a long way in developing games, they really broke the mold with this series. The controls are solid and stunning graphics and sound to go with it, there is a small frame rate collapse here and there but nothing game breaking at all. Multiplayer at launch was a mess but they cleaned that up nicely with their updates, I think it covers a lot of bases with multiplayer for all player needs. This series will just get better as the new anticipated Gears 3 will soon be out, Epic has raised the bar once again with their new release. Its a really addicting game since there is an experience gain to level up and with tons of achievements to work for. Horde mode really helped this series out a lot and adding bots was a plus for players lacking internet that way they can still use the multiplayer content. I play this game almost everyday still, its replay value is grand and you simply cannot go wrong with this game its a must have for you collection. Expand
  24. May 31, 2011
    What can i say,even better than the already perfect Gears of War 1! With many aspects,tightned up even more,such as the cover system.& Graphics seem even more detailed,thanks to the newer Unreal Engine,& a much more interesting story,with more emotion with the characters.Also more suprises with the types of creatures your going to take on.Would've been nice if they made it 3 or 4 player Co-Op in the campaign,but at least it still has Co-Op,which i'm always grateful for,& Gears 3 is going to have 5 player Co-Op(Yes 5)!,to make up for it,so the trilogy is looking to go out well.Also,for number 2,it was good to see that they introduced the option to fight against bots in multiplayer,& with other players against the bots,as i sometimes like to just play a multiplayer,but with out the stress of playing against the those people that play NOTHING BUT multiplayer,which just isnt fun.I cant comment on multiplayer on the whole though,as that aspect of the game doesnt interest me particually & i've hardly touched it.Lastly,this game is still a shining example to those lazy developers out there,who use the lame excuse that their game 'cant do' campaign Co-Op.& cant do it Split-Screen,or Split-Screen without borders.Well if Gears can,with its(lets face it)top end graphics,then ANY game can.Simple as that! Great game on the whole though! Expand
  25. Jul 15, 2011
    I loved it , not blown away by the typical standard's , i most say is an exaggeration by all any means, which is what i a hated . The story is good and is interesting, and the visuals are beautiful and well made. The multiplayer is what i found cool, quite challenging. Looking forward too Gears of War 3, that may be the monster.
  26. Jun 10, 2011
    This game sucks major balls. Why even bother with those crappy and unnecesary changes to the weapons? Damn, this feels like a prequel, gaming wise. Framerate sucks, AI sucks, voice acting sucks, gameplay sucks, and, most importantly, multiplayer sucks, especially the lag. This games name should have been Gears of Lag.
  27. Apr 21, 2011
    This game is awesome. That isn't a very refined word but this is no refined experience. There are a great many games on the market today that offer the "I'm a big, testosterone spewing Space Space, and all Aliens must be violently punished." sort of games. None do it quite as well as "Gears of War 2".

    The setting is cliche but completely realized. It's a boys club of well
    designed gigantic characters in well designed war torn environments kicking ass in the name of humanity. The Weapons, vehicles and locales in the game all help to put you into the blockbuster mind-set and played through co-op the campaign offers a ton of variety and unique shoot out moments with touch perfect controls and great paving thoughout.

    It's going to get a lot of flack for being stupid, and that is stupid. I definitely love a cerebral and innovative game experience. But sometimes I want to jump into my favorite sci-fi action movies and just blow some **** up. This satisfies that urge. If you're a shooter fan, well you're already playing this. If you think you're too good for; pull the bug out of your ass and join the fun.
  28. May 11, 2011
    With the announcement of Gears 3 recently, I decided to return to the previous titles to give them a go in anticipation for the third. That should tell you that I'm a fan of Gears of War and pretty much have played them right from the beginning. Now, when I initially got Gears of War 2, I was majorly disappointed. The campaign was fantastic, yes but I really bought it for the killer multiplayer.
    Obviously, there were a host of problems right from launch date. Lag, not finding matches etc. But Epic clearly knows what it's doing and has resolved the problems from launch day over the past couple of years. Now the troublesome host advantage is barely noticeable and it's an extremely enjoyable online experience, complete with ranking system. I'm definitely looking forward to the third title and will play this till September 20th.
  29. Jun 4, 2011
    The Campaign was brilliant and the high definition in it was immaculate. The Storyline was great as were the whole Graphics for the Game. The Insane Horde was beyond fantastic although it does get boring after you complete Wave 10 and it repeats itself by starting again but the Locusts are just much stronger. Online is slow but it is worth the wait. Multiplayer online is just as great as Multiplayer Campaign. Expand
  30. Jun 13, 2011
    The game is nice in my opinion. Story plot is very nice and immerses you in. I don't understand why people would not enjoy slaughtering something a hundred times bigger than you, makes you look like a hero. The plot is very straightforwards but with a few side plots like Dom's wife Maria. Let's be honest we all want to know where the Locust come from but then we have Dom's wife who is just... she just didn't deserve the fate she had. If you understood how long Dom and Maria had been split from each other you'd understand why Dom is so determined to find her. Voice acting is also not too bad, with each actor making use of their talent to make a believable character, in a group there should be always two who hate each other, close friends and the one who's a newbie. Over all it's not a bad buy Expand
  31. Jul 15, 2011
    Great follow to an epic series! Things to note:

    Graphics: Not much improvement from the 1st one but still very well done
    Physics: Ability to damage your environment is a huge improvement and makes the game surprisingly more enjoyable. Could be take a little further, but very well done.
    Weapons: Don't expect much change but still a solid set to choose from. Chainsaw is still the greatest
    thing to come to shooters.
    Plot: Not one to follow the story line, but it's not difficult and somewhat interesting. The places it takes you is quite exciting. Game play: Easy to catch onto and their physics engine just makes it an awesome experience.

    Multiplayer: Loving the new maps. Mixes up playing style for if you prefer more open spaces or even closed areas. Good range of weapon possibilities.

    OVERALL: Great job on the 1st. Fantastic followup, and eagerly anticipating the 3rd.
  32. Sep 18, 2011
    One of the best games of all time. Improves clearly in relation to Gears of War - chainsaw duels, refined multiplayer, meatshields. Multiplayer is awesome - Warzone, Execution, Annex, Guardian, Horde and the whole campaign (of about 10 hours) with a friend. It can't be compared to a book, but the history is well telled. Graphics are great - even more for a game of 2008. For me, Gears of War is as big as Halo. I don't know why there are negative reviews - probably from Sony fanboys, but if you own an Xbox, you MUST buy this game. Expand
  33. Sep 28, 2011
    Campaign is deep, controls are done right and the action is hardcore and brutal. Insane difficulty is as it should be. It's good that it makes it harder for co-op because if one person dies you have to restart the checkpoint. The only problem with this game is the multiplayer. While it is satisfying, I rarely got into a match that wasn't laggy. And I don't mean slightly. I mean a full 3 mins behind where the game actually freezes. To add further frustration, the ranking system got updated so I ended up losing my rank from level 21 to level 1 again. There's also no free-for-all or game mode where you respawn. Horde mode is what makes this game great. Expand
  34. Dec 4, 2011
    Gears of War 2 is a great and fun game to play that is bloodily satisfying. The game is great even if it has some flaws. The graphics of the game are impressive and the controls play out very well, much better than in the first game. The story is much better than than the first one's too. The multiplayer is a fun mode to play and you will want to play this for some time. The story is a great and more concise effort that is more logical and has some more emotion than than the first one, the intensity and emotion is well played out. The only flaws with the game are that voice acting could use some work, the graphics could use some cleaning up and the story could have less testoterone-filled dudebro dialogue. The multiplayer could get some tweaks too but the flaws are not that bad. Overall, GoW 2 is a great game that is fun to play that will entertain you for a while. A definitive better game than the second one. Breakdown for "Gears of War 2": Presentation: 9, Graphics: 9.5, Sound: 9, Playability: 9.5, Lasting Appeal: 9.3, Verdict: 9.4 out of 10 "Amazing". Expand
  35. Jan 26, 2012
    Now this is more like, because compared to Gears 1, the Gears of War 2 campaign is twice the length of Gears 1, and there's also an extra difficulty level. What I really like about this game is the innovation, with variety in gameplay. Even though Gears of War 1 was a great game, Gears of War 2 is an improvement. My only complaints I have are the absence of some enemies and weapons that were in Gears 1 (though replaced with others), the blood can look pink when fighting in daylight, and we barely know about Marcus' past. The characters also seem to say the same phrases that was recorded for Gears 1.

    I like how when you shoot an enemy (or when you get shot) the blood splatters onto the environment, unlike Gears 1 where it showed blood coming out but never landed. The sound of the weapons is a huge improvement, the music is fantastic, and the graphics are brilliant. The longer campaign of Gears 2 is what other shooters should look at as an example, where the campaign mode of games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 are just too damn short. The campaign mode for Gears of War 2 is perfect for people who don't have Xbox Live Gold.

    The Horde Mode is a wonderful addition to the game, where you can play by yourself or with friends to take down wave after wave of Locust.
  36. Nov 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gears of War 2 is even more thrilling than the 1st Gears of War. Probably the funniest and coolest part of the game is when the main characters go inside the giant rock worm and take it down by cutting its hearts out. Expand
  37. Nov 20, 2011
    The game may lack in areas, but still shines in many others. I found the campaign to be the best I've ever played in any shooters, and I've enjoyed the story very much so far. The overall gameplay is great, but the game's only yet big flaw is it's replay value. At the most, it offers campaign, competitive online, and horde. The game may not last long, but while you still have it, you are in for a wild ride. Expand
  38. Dec 12, 2011
    Graphics:5 stars

    There ainâ
  39. Jan 6, 2012
    It's awesome and feels awesome. Lame dialogue and story though. Very bad. 8 for multiplayer, 6 for singleplayer. I don't particularly like how some of the guns handle, and my favourite mode is definitely execution.
  40. Feb 15, 2012
    This game is great the story mode is amazing and hoard mode is a great addition and playing multiplayer is fun. Multiplayer may be fun but its also the worst part about the game while fighting people online is awesome about 60% of the time you will be lagging due to the lack of dedicated servers. While you move slower in this compared to gears of war 1 the cover system works a lot better in this one, letting you traverse obstacles at a fast pace. If you can get past the laggy online then you will have a blast with this game Expand
  41. Feb 26, 2012
    Gears of War 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. This campaign is by far one of my favorites! The game looks great, plays great, and sounds great! The storyline is massive, and you feel like you are apart of a desperate D-DAY-like assault against an overwhelming foe. The tale of invading the Locust Hollows is a gritty, visceral, and intense. The expansion into the depth of the World of Gears of war was great. It was nice to explore Dom's character a bit more, and to finally understand the whole side story mentioned in Gears of War 1 act 2. This game is wildly addictive, and is extremely innovative. Great boss battles throughout the game, and there was nothing like hijacking the Brumack and laying waste to hordes of Locust in the last level. This game is one of the best war stories I have ever played. The suspense, mystery, and variety are totally cool! This game reminded me why I love this series. Way to go Epic!! Expand
  42. Mar 6, 2012
    Thought it was the best and most fun of the series. Wasn't a fan of all the DLC or the cliffhanger out of nowhere ending. BUT had awesome levels, weapons, and a decent plot.
  43. Oct 29, 2012
    Gears of War 2 is a fantastic game, with an epic campaign, incredible Horde co-op experience, and improved multiplayer; all in a package that promises to keep players entertained for dozens, if not hundreds of hours. Several issues keep the game from being all it could be, but it remains a worthy addition to any 360 owner's library.
  44. Apr 1, 2013
    I'm not so sure if it tops the first one, maybe they're neck and neck, but it doesn't matter because it is fun. Everything that got your dick hard in the first game is back.
  45. Sep 29, 2010
    I enjoyed this game, but not as much as I'd hoped. I'll start with the good:

    The combat was well polished and never got old. I was really impressed with the variety of different situations to keep it new. The graphics were superb, one of the best looking games on the x-box (albeit a bit grey and brown) and lets be honest, stamping on a locusts head as they try and crawl away from you
    never gets old. I also really enjoyed the coop gameplay, and the horde mode. Bad points: It did get a bit samey after a while. The story was disappointing to say the least. Admittedly it was never going to be the games selling point, but the fact they obviously went to some effort to try and make you care about the characters, but then failed was somehow worse then if they didn't try in the first place - the lack of story in the first one didn't bother me - that's just the type of game it is. However trying to build up an emotionally involving tale about 2D stereotypical characters, just highlighted the overall floors in the narrative. I suppose my biggest criticism is that it took itself too seriously when it shouldn't have done. I wasn't blown away by the online mode either.

    I short, I enjoyed playing this game, but found it instantly forgettable.
  46. Oct 17, 2010
    I'm not going to write about multiplayer, because I don't have a Xbox Live gold account (I have my PS3 to play on-line for goddamn free) and I'll only focus on the singleplayer. Well I think the game is quite alright but nothing beyond that. I've played Gears of War 1 on a PC with my friend in co-op and we had a blast. But when I played GoW 2 alone I wasn't that happy about it.

    First of
    all there are plenty of annoying glitches like problems with physics getting stuck at some places and having problems with the cover system. The latter was especially irritating in the level with the murderous ice clogs falling from the sky. I died several times because Marcus kept hugging the walls and not running.

    Another flaw of the game is the horrible , at times, AI of the enemies and team mates. I finished the game on Hardcore and I don't whether the higher difficulty means the dumber your squad mate or did the developer made some mistakes. Dom, most of the time, is utterly useless. He sticks to the wall and doesn't even pretend that he wants to fight. I have kill every goddamn Locust in the vicinity. He pissed me off, when we had to defend a bunch of satellite dishes from reavers. After a cut-scene he shouts to me: "Use one of the Troika's!". "Okay man, but there are two Troika's, why won't you use the other one?" "Nah, I'm too lazy. I'll just stand over there and eat a taco or something..." The problem with that level was that it was kind of botched and it depended only on pure luck rather than skill to kill all the reavers in time. When playing with a friend in co-op mode I bet we would win it in one go.

    Other than that I think the story could be a bit better and more depressing like in its predecessor and someone should throw out the tickers from the game because they are the most annoying **** ever created in a game, ever.

    But, of course the isn't all that bad. The shooting is quite enjoyable and I bet in co-op it kicks ass just as hard as GoW 1. The game has some epic moments, Cole is kind of funny, the Locust are ugly and eager to die, it's nice to rip them apart with the lancer, etc.

    So, for the singleplayer experience I give it a 7. It's fun to play it once, but I don't think I'll replay it. Though I am waiting for GoW 3.
  47. Nov 15, 2011
    Improved multiplayer and visuals definently get a thumbs up from me. However the campaign is shorter and the story is far too recycled from the previous game, Ends exactly the same as well.
  48. Mar 11, 2011
    The new enemies in this game are same ol' same ol'. The game play is dead similar throughout. Doesn't matter if you're in a cave or a hotel, it's the same formula of sticking to the wall and popping off shots. Plus the story and the characters are booooring. Playing through the first 4 levels was like being in a coma. In one part, you and your men move through a tunnel ... and you don't have any torches. It seemed like such a cheap way to make the same gameplay "more interesting" except it didn't. Did I mention the enemies were boring. Urgh, how on earth this did game get such good scores? Expand
  49. May 29, 2011
    They took everything I liked from the first Gears of War and butchered it. Movement is clingy, matchmaking online is awful, and the shotguns have been dumbed down to an embarassing level. This only gets points for the Horde mode, which is fun with friends, and for a pretty enjoyable single player campaign (although it's very short at approx. 6 hours). But multiplayer is where this series lives, and I can't bring myself to play it online again. Expand
  50. Jun 3, 2011
    Bueno este juego es lo mejor que ha salido en lo que va del xbox 360 por 3 simples razones.
    La primera es que la historia es muy buena y atrapa al jugador desde el incio.
    La segunda es que el gameplay es excelente y los botones se ajustan bien al juego.
    La tercera es el multijugador que aunque el principio fue malo ahora arreglado es muy bueno tambien.
    Comprenlo, rentenlo, pidanlo
    restado; Da igual pero jueguenlo ya. Expand
  51. Mar 13, 2011
    I really don't understand the massive success of Gears of War. Though the gameplay is entertaining, the story, characters and writing are all lackluster. GoW does cover based shooters well and battlefields are hectic and exciting. However, the environments are once again comprised of a variety of brown colors. The characters are all bulky macho men who can't help but inform us of how badass they are at every available opportunity. An attempt is made to develop the character of Dom by adding the subplot about his wife, but these seem out of place among the other largely emotionless soldiers. I suppose I should commend Epic for trying. The GoW series centers on the fight between humans the Locust but two games in, there is no real heart to this game. Expand
  52. Nov 5, 2011
    It was a letdown for me. i was expecting something better from Epic. Campaign, while solid, has some not very shiny points. the ending/final boss was a mess, no difficulty at all. Still worth a rental, at least.
  53. Mar 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I recently found myself having a conversation with a very good friend of mine about GoW as a game and series. I remember enjoying the first game very much, but after playing it often I eventually got bored of it and its flaws that were evident to me after the countless hours I had played it. I felt as though Gears of War had potential and I generally liked the idea of a second game.
    In my opinion, all that anyone could have asked of Gears of War 2 was that it continues where it left off and improves upon itself. This really isn't much to ask of the game developers, and it's as simple a request as someone could ask of them. I can't say I expected the world from it. Buying this game was more of a leap of faith than anything and I only bought it months after release due to peer pressure (and I still donâ
  54. Mar 22, 2011
    Building on what Gears of War 1 delivered, Epic Games did with Gears of War 2. They brought it to a whole new level, adding new weapons, new dynamics to the game play, new characters, and a great DLC package of everything they've released, at a low price of 1200 MSP.($14.99USD)

    The only thing that failed on Gears of War 2, from the launch, was the multiplayer. The host selection was
    purely garbage, always seeming to choose the worst host possible. This was influenced by Epic Games' decision to add a Matchmaking system on a game that ran great by using a server list (Gears of War had a server list).

    I would rate it higher, but shooter games MUST have a good multiplayer in my eyes to keep their heads above those that deliver a higher quality multiplayer experience. Hopefully Gears of War 3 can deliver on the mulitplayer level, but for now, Gears 2 is not the game to be playing all the time.
  55. Feb 27, 2013
    Two years after the original Gears of War Marcus Fenix and his oversized compatriots return to once again take on the Locust horde. Rarely straying far from its predecessor's template everything in this sequel is bigger and louder than before from the explosive set-pieces to the magnitude of the foes. Level design is also improved with every area providing just enough cover to be able to advance on the enemy whilst getting caught out in the open remains a sure way to get yourself quickly killed. Co-op mode is again available and, as is often the case, the game is better when played with a friend either over Xbox Live or via split screen.

    On a negative note the games narrative is again slightly formulaic and those that disliked the, admittedly rather one note gameplay, of first game will find little to change their minds. Those that are simply after an adrenaline fuelled shooter however will not be disappointed.
  56. May 6, 2011
    Sure its got some amazing graphics, but this isnt anything i havent played before. Throw in extremely linear, one dimensional gameplay, zero exposition , and a messy control scheme, and what you get is an terribly overrated piece of garbage. Its very hard to believe this recieved such high ratings- i smell a payoff.
  57. May 12, 2011
    I don't think I've been so let down by a game before, all of my friends kept telling me how great this game was and that I would absolutely love it and HAD to pick it up... so I did, and it just didn't do it for me... the graphics are really nice, but I've always enjoyed gameplay over graphics and I think too many first/third person shooters rely on graphics rather than quality gameplay and this was just another of the many for me. I found the movement too slow and firing the weapons is just not that satisfying, they feel really underpowered even when you're blowing something's head off from point blank. Even playing with friend's on horde mode was just meh... it's just an average take on cod's infinitely better zombie mode. Maybe I was just expecting too much, but sadly a big let down for me. Expand
  58. Aug 1, 2011
    Bigger, Badder and More Badass does not make Gears 2 better but instead makes it smaller in substance, stupider in merit and lame in the big scheme of things. Gears of War's story is pointless asides from the sensation of violence, it lacks originality, the script is a joke and is immaturely predictable. There is some fun to be had with some of the gameplay, and some of the multiplayer functions are good for a while but are only original to the ignorant console crowd, all of its multiplayer modes have been done before on PC games many times. In the end Gears 2 is just another game for the uncritically minded and sits on the big fat pile of games with crap stories and missed opportunities. Gears can be fun in a mindless sense but thats not a good thing, again its a missed opportunityâ Expand
  59. Jul 13, 2011
    This is overall a mediocre game. I don't see why critics praise this game, it's not that good. The style of the game is just boring sometimes, and the campaign has no exciting moments. I also don't see why there's multiplayer. Even though I think the horde mode is fun, I still think you should skip this one.
  60. Aug 8, 2011
    Pretty much a let down compared to the original Gears of War but still an all around solid game. Story goes off a bit on you but pretty fun to play. No regrets on buying this game. Decent all around.
  61. Aug 11, 2011
    Well this game isnt much as i expected to be. Gameplay is good nicely done and graphics are good, but character not memorable crappy story 4 buffs guys going towards it their goal, mention of maria was pointless trying to give a man with rage steroids some feelings did not work at all also a horrible ending. Multiplayer is ok but has the same problem as the first it runs solely on shotguns and snipers alone. Characters feel kilzoneish pretty slow gameplay. But i gues reviews give good score for this game because of its brutality they make really well best ive seen in my life, but not enough for the game to be good. Expand
  62. Jul 21, 2012
    Despite somewhat repetitve gameplay, multiplayer imbalance and other flaws, overall game is good. The game idea itself is really good. I'm really looking forward to Gears of War 3 and hope it will be better in terms of polish, stability and balance.
  63. Jan 9, 2013
    Gears of war 2 is one the longest and most massive campaigns I have ever played. There is just something about being in a large scale assault against flesh eating monsters with guns that brings out your need to kill in gruesome ways. The 8-10 hour long campaign never gives you time breathe as you shoot, explode, and saw your way through the Locust stronghold. The third person gameplay is fun with easy controls. Filled with returning Gears 1 characters and new bosses makes this game one of my favorites. Expand
  64. Aug 3, 2013
    La accion, los personajes, la trama, la traduccion al español de 10, los mapas estan de poca, un juego muy completo, fallo en el componente multijugador online pero no es para bajarle calificacion, me brindo años de fue!! jajaja
  65. Mar 8, 2013
    Six months after the Lightmass bombing and humanity is still fighting for control of Sera against the Locust Horde. Though close to defeat the Locust have a secret weapon, one that is sinking the last bastions of humanity one by one. It is up to Marcus, Dom, Cole Baird to reunite as Delta Squad to go deep into the underground Locust cities to find this weapon and destroy it, so that humanity can be one step closer to being at peace on Sera once again.
    Gears of war 2 takes all of the great gameplay that makes Gears, Gears. However the story is no-where near as strong as last time round and the level design for the Locust cities are just ugly and horrible. GoW2 is still one of the best exclusives for the 360, but its not as good as its predecessor.
  66. May 27, 2012
    Not as groundbreaking as the first game, but still an awesome game and a fun ride.
  67. Jun 1, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is like having your cake and eating it, too. From the very moment you're training the rook to the end game battle with the Lambent Brumak, the game is very rewarding. A rich story that doesn't interfere with the carnage, the optional gore and language filters that ensure even younger gamers can enjoy the game, and top it off with a variety of challenging enemies, the game is nearly perfect. However, the AI is quite stupid sometimes. A few times, as I was dying, my stupid AI partner, Dom, walked past me ten times at least, and never revived me, as was intended. Nevertheless, don't let that change the perspective of the game. This game is very good, and I recommend it to anyone who loves shooters and action games. Expand
  68. Jun 10, 2012
    Awesome action, new guns, better graphics, Brumak rodeo, more enemies. This is what every fan or lover of shooter games was expecting. But talking about animations (not the CGs), they could be more natural and less robotic, and your character could carry that Mulcher you were carrying in that scene, and not the Lancer...Just making my point.
  69. Sep 27, 2013
    The game follows after Gears 1, the Locust are back and renewed their war with humanity, Jacinto is the last stand and a massive assault is being launched upon the Locust stronghold in a desperate attempt to end the war. Carmine has a brother and the story is very good and the levels are perfect for the game. There are more weapons, the multiplayer is better and has more modes: King Of The Hill you know what that is, Assassination has been made better and renamed "Guardian" and Submission is a great game mode that is just like fighting over the neutral flag only that it's organic and you don't take it to your home base. It is quiet annoying that there is only 2 or 3 weapons placed across the maps (atleast they respawn), because rest are just pistols, grenades and there is no need for it, you should be able to choose a pistol to spawn with. Me personally, multiplayer in this game doesn't keep me playing for long, I get bored of it quick without a good friend. Horde is fun and does get frustratingly difficult when your playing alone even on casual difficulty. Multiplayer does feature bots so if you're a local player you have them, bots in matchmaking are social only, they are useful when there are few players on social matchmaking which this game is 5 years old now, they are not featured in Horde mode though. If all what you really do on Xbox is get achievements and want as many as you can possibly get, there's a "Seriously 2.0" achievement, I've had this game since June 2010 and I don't even fill half of a quarter of it and I even used to play this game often years ago so if your want to be playing this game for a really, really long time, you know have a reason to. Gears of War 2 is a solid sequel. Expand
  70. Nov 28, 2012
    This game had great ideas such as horde, meat shield, guardian, etc. the maps were good the weapons were good. The bad thing is the servers, if this game had better servers, it would no doubt be at least an 8.
  71. Jun 25, 2013
    It might not be as exceptionally memorable as its predecessor, but Epic Games's follow-up still delivers all the action, characters, and violence that gamers warmly embrace.
  72. Feb 9, 2013
    This is one of the most visually impressive games on xbox that just isn't fun to play. High production value and all but I just didn't find it entertaining at all. Gears of War 1 was a better pick up. I'm actually playing through it now and they really did some of the strategy of fighting better as well as story.
  73. Jan 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I bought this game together with Bulletstorm from a used game store a few days ago, paid £4 for it and i think that is was too much. I played it after Bulletstorm so maybe because i had that fresh in my mind (but i had highly doubt it) i didn't enjoy playing this at all. Bulletstorm was fun and entertaining, i laughed and shot stuff and i had a good time, but with Gears of War 2 i hadn't done any of that. I am about 2 hours into the single player campaign and i really don't think i will even play it again. I got cutscenes every 5 minutes, i barely shot anything (can you even get headshots in this game?) because for some reason the enemies were moving everywhere for no reason, mainly towards my and my squads position so my dumb squad mates jumped in front of my bullets. How dumb can you get? I got lost every time i started a mission because i didn't know in what direction i should go. Story ... i am not sure there is one. They are at war with some monsters but nobody actually explained to me what the goal of the game was. Defeat the monsters forever? Give the humans an upper hand in the war? I don't think the point is to kill as many monsters as you can because there is a pretty small number of enemies in a shootout which i couldn't even kill properly because they kept moving in every direction possible at crazy speeds walking in some angles that i don't are even possible if you actually have bones in your body. So ... what is the point? What is my main mission? You go underground and ...? Graphics and sound are ok, as good as you can expect from the Unreal Engine but the feel and the story i should be getting from an action game are not there. I am not an action game fan, this is about the third or fourth action game i played, including the first Gears of War, which i enjoyed, even if it was too short, so i am not looking at some masterpiece of a game, i play action games to shoot some stuff, have fun and shut my brain down for a while i am sorry to say Gears of War 2 doesn't deliver at all. Everything just falls flat! Expand
  74. May 10, 2013
    A quite good 3rd person shooter game with a little bit over average story-telling and voice acting. The game is fun to play on insanity with co-op. I don't want to overrate this game, it is a solid 7, but I do think this game is unique out there and can be addictive.
  75. Apr 23, 2013
    Let's face it, the big appeal of the original Gears was the massive multiplayer carnage. Irrespective of the notable 'host advantage', I think it was (and remains) a success.

    After nailing the new campaign on the 'normal' level within 8 to 10 hours (it was too easy and that's coming from someone who is rubbish at shooter games) I was looking forward to some new arenas and new features
    in the Gears 2 multiplayer environment.

    Whatever the thinking was behind the new party format, IT JUST DOESN'T WORK. After 3 weeks of owning Gears 2 I have played just 1 public match. And the only reason I got into that match was because some USA based guys I met in the original Gears had a party lobby already set up.

    For me, this is the letdown of 2008. The multiplayer potential is vast but being able to access it is a near impossibility unless you can easily gather a group of 5 friends in your lobby.

    Whether EPIC or Microsoft are able to offer a patch to improve the multiplayer environment is a big question. Fingers crossed that something can be done.

    Were it up to scratch then Gears 2 would be worthy of 4 stars or more. Since the multiplayer is such a mess and the campaign is so short, 2 is all I can give. Shame.

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  76. Mar 26, 2014
    This game had so many issues that I have to give it a 5,
    Horde being the only thing to save it.

    Some great ideas, as always from Epic, but no finesse.
  77. May 29, 2013
    This is a sequel that every Gears fan should play from start to finish! The campaign is great, especially with co-op and the MP is fun! Gears of War 2, in my opinion, is the best in the series!
  78. May 30, 2013
    A wonderful followup to an already great game. The campaign is still awesome and draws me in every time. They added Horde which allows you to fight against wave after wave of Locust infantry alone or with 4 of your bro's. Multiplayer is once again not user friendly, but is very enjoyable. Gears 2 is worth your money and will bring you a great many hours of fun.
  79. Jun 3, 2013
    This is the game that started it all when it comes to horde mode. My friends and I spent countless hours playing it, seeing how long we could last. It was also innovative with its huge set pieces and interesting story. Everything was better than the first and set up a near-perfect series finale.
  80. Dec 6, 2013
    nfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffjnfjdsbfjkdfbdsjkfbjdbfjdbjbfjdbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Expand
  81. Sep 13, 2013
    For its gameplay, graphics, campaign, epic moments, further improvements with respect to the first, a great leap in the series undoubtedly, is a real gem.
  82. Sep 9, 2013
    A very good sequel that changes and adds things in to make it feel like a fresh new experience, I recommend this game to anyone that owns an Xbox 360.
  83. Nov 19, 2013
    Single Player/Multi Player (2/2) (If the single player is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no multplayer) (If the multiplayer is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no single player) Gameplay (2/2) Visuals/Story (1/2) (If the visuals are better than the story, review this section as if it had no story) (If the story is better than the visuals, review this section as if the visuals didn’t matter)

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  84. Jan 10, 2014
    mejores graficos, mejor jugabilidad, mejor sonido y un mejor multijugador que el videojuego anterior un gears of war que demuestra su actual progreso en xbox 360 y el mejor gears of war
  85. Jan 6, 2014
    in my opinion the best third person shooter on the x-box 360 even better then the other 3 games if you have not played this game yet pick it up great shooting action long campaign collectibles horde mode is quite fun also and the limited edition comes with the golden lancer witch looks awesome unlike the one from gears of war 3 the achievements will keep you coming back for more so much replay value 1750G Expand
  86. Jan 18, 2014
    The definition of a cash cow, nothing has been improved in terms of gameplay and the story is so full of **** you would think you were playing a farm simulator but then you realise you would be having more fun. The pointless and unexplained level within a worm is the biggest load of **** I have ever played through, this game nearly became so bad it was good like an old episode of Star Trek where they take on a rock with a smoke machine behind it but it was just so boring and a grind to play through and I wouldn't have touched it if I wasn't skint and had nothing to play..........and had a friend that hated me so much he offered to lend the game. Expand
  87. Jan 20, 2014
    When I think of what I love about GoW... This is the game I think of. It took everything from Gears of War (1) and made it better. The single player is decent, but this game ought to be purchased for the multiplayer.. That is where it's real value lies. Expect frustration at first... The multiplayer is very difficult to a newcomer. Don't expect an experience anything like CoD. This game is like the anti-CoD. When you die, you sit until the next round. You don't have an endless combination of guns, perks, or anything that could give a player a disproportionate advantage. This is a raw gaming experience that I only recommend to people that understand the quote "Everything worth doing is worth doing badly". The multiplayer experience is infinitely rewarding, but is not for the casual gamer (go back to CoD). Expand
  88. Aug 13, 2010
    what a let down in almost every aspect. where to start . well lets start with the single player . The story for lack of a better word sucked apperintly in all the questions we had from gears of war 1 Epic thought we all wanted to know about Doms wife . i guess they thought that no one cared about where the locast came from , marcus's past , How the war Started and pretty much any other importent Plot detail ive heard people asking about. The ending Boss battles where a Joke the fight with Skarr wasnt even close to being as fun as fighting Ramm in the first one . the final battle with the Brumak was a complete and utter FAIL. i mean you cant lose this fight i dont care what difaculty you have this on a freekin monkey could do it . the game does have its moments like fighting the giant fish boss that looked and felt awsome but thoose moments in Gears 2 are very few and far between . its a decent Co-op experiance but why do they not have 4 player co-op i mean this game begs for it. The Horde Mode is ok and will provide you with some fun but nothing thats amazing as hyped . The online was completely Destroyed i loved the first one online it has to be my favorite online game despite all the bugs and glitches which are MANY! but gears 2's online they just wrecked they destroyed the shotgun , the serch system was horendus , the chainsaw was unstoppable , the new maps are just Lame , The mortor was rediculas and shoulda been left for the single player, frag tagging to walls is the cheapest thing ever , theres not much good to say about this game outside of the voice acting and diolouge is great and they fixed the active reload with the sniper so its not cheap any more. some of the online issues have been fixed ive heard as of late but its to little to late . Epic Games should be out appoligizing for this game every day . i have little Hope Gears 3 will be any better then this crap . i give it a 5 because the controls are solid and the graphics are nice , and good voice acting . i can give little more praise then that. Collapse

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  1. There are very few ways that Gears of War 2 could be improved on. Only the story and the final boss in particular are a slight disappointment. Fanboys will love the fact that only one of a multitude of story arcs is concluded; everyone else will feel slightly unfulfilled. But aside from this, Gears 2 is not just the most exhilarating game you'll play this year, but possibly the most heady and downright shocking piece of entertainment full stop. Hollywood, your days are numbered. [Dec 2008, p.61]
  2. The real star, however, is Horde, a ballistic assault on your worst score-rush tendencies that transforms maps into Gears-flavoured Mutant Storm: weapons spawn, then a wave of enemies hits, then more weapons and then another, tougher, wave.
  3. We could be critical of Gears of War 2 simply offering more of the same, but the fact that it simply does everything better than the original in delivering a fantastic display of shoot-’em-up mayhem its quality simply shines through. With some awesome level design, supported by unsurpassed visuals and relentlessly entertaining action it is a compelling experience from start to finish. Forget the crack at putting emotion into the storyline; it’s almost irrelevant as Gears of War 2 is an allguns- blazing extravaganza and, as such, it’s just a glorious shooter that very few can match.