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  1. Mar 21, 2013
    I decided to write this review because I'm one of the people that got Judgement on release day. Being a huge Gears of war fan I was looking forward to a new title, new weapons and Overrun Mode. And ultimately, I find myself SEVERELY disappointed. I will say the game brings to unique aspects that I did enjoy, but it's glaring flaws outnumber any advancements that game adds. As I mentioned, the game does some things right: The addition of "Declassified" missions is a pretty fun take on the general Gears formula. Some missions require the the area to completed in a certain time span, other require the use of certain weapons for example; in any case, it brings in a new level of "challenge" to the Gears formula, that's much appreciated. These declassified missions are of course optional, but unlock various multiplayer items.

    Overrun mode is a solid addition to the Gears of War formula as well. I will say playing as the Locust provides more entertainment than Cog; both Locust and Cog gain "Points" for achieving various objects, healing allies, killing enemies, etc. But ONLY Locust get to use these "Points" for purchasing upgraded Locust minions, such as a Mauler, or Corpser. Cog get nothing, just a competition for who can get the most points. I feel like perhaps the designers could've given the Cog access to upgraded weapons, grenades or powers to spend their "Points" on, but there is nothing. Overrun is is a fun game mode, but it still leaves players with the feeling that the game mode could encompass so much more and not just be a run off of the Gears version of Team Fortress or Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

    Now on to the bad news: This isn't you traditional Gears of War multiplayer experience. I understand that People Can Fly has made an attempt to mainstream the series, but this is definitely a multipalyer experience that will upset the Gears diehards and really feels like a couple of steps back from Gears of War 3. To begin, players are limited to four game types: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Overrun (VIP players get 4 more game types... Just the VIP version of each of these that offer no additional maps, no additional benefits other than double experience). Players also get the aptly named "Survival" mode, which is similar to Overrun, but against computer Locust; this is like "Horde" mode, but limited to 10 waves, and you're stuck in rigid classes.

    In any case, back to the standard multiplayer it seems a little rushed and severely numbed down. To begin, you now can select one of up to seven primary weapons to start with (Shotguns are now considered "primary") and you get your Snub Pistol.. Not only that, but you only get two weapons to switch between (with the "Y" button) and your Grenade (which you also can choose between 5 grenades to start with). Being able to select such a variety of weapons and grenades before you spawn severely limits battles over the weapon drops on the maps.

    Judgement also removes from multiplayer, some key concepts brought about by the Gears saga (but oddly enough are kept in Campaign). The first is downing opponents and executions. No more human shields, no more stunning visuals of smacking the heads off your foes with the Longshot like Tiger Woods teeing off at the Masters, now you just kill (except in Overrun). No tagging walls with Grenades to step up mines. In fact, there's not even a bullet power bonus from Active Reloads any longer (just fire speed).

    Really with all the changes, many of the weapons have become underwhelming. The weakness of the Lancer, the inaccuracy of the Retro Lancer, the weakness of the Hammerburst without the bonus power of an perfect active reload, just don't seem to do enough damage. Also, Sniper Rifles and Torque Bows just don't seem to have the same effect in Judgement as they did in game past. Multiplayer in Judgement has really become a Shotgun circle, with each team sprinting at each other, Gnashering or Sawed off until no one is left. With the other weapons becoming so Underwhelming (well minus the Boomshot, Booshka and the explosives), why would a player want to pick any other weapon? The cover mechanics of Gears feel very gimped when your target is 100ft away and they rush straight at you, eat an entire Lancer clip and manage to one shot you with a Shotgun, or survive 4 shots from a Marzka, but can kill you mid range with four Shotgun shots. The multiplayer experience seems like it was rushed, or was developed by entirely different team than the campaign. Even fun additions, like being able to wield a shield with any primary weapon, are overshadowed by the flaws in game play. The sad part is, the maps are very well designed but aren't really appreciated due to the imbalances in game play.

    In summary, this game does have some great additions to the series, but takes so much out of the Gears experience, it feels like a step in the wrong direction after such a great experience with gears of War 3.
  2. Mar 19, 2013
    The game that killed the series. Everything that all fans liked about Gears is taken away and turned into a more arcade COD like game. Disappointed is an understatement.
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    This game that runs under the moniker of Gears of War hardly qualifies for the title. Epic games has killed off the hardcore fan base and dropped the ball by changing what made gears of war...gears of war. The multi-player made gears it's own shooter and gave it the appeal that kept a solid fan base. This title however bring in changes that unequivocally destroy the unique nature of the multi-player that once was the reason people flocked to stores to buy the games. No "down but not out" ,aka no executions, has turned what used to be a game with skilled shotgun and sniper battles into a very vanilla shooter. No more can you wall bounce your way out of a head shot from a sniper. Now he can just clip you to death with poor aim. No more epic shotgun battles that caused your adrenaline to shoot up while you pop'd your opponents head off with a delightful pop.

    Epic games and people can fly have ruined what made this series.

    It's almost like Michael Jordan's return to basketball. It's a sad sad version of what once was, and what hope that had been brought with the thought of a new title to an amazing series has been... dare i say it, curb stomped.
  4. Mar 19, 2013
    Sigh, by far the worst game in the gears of war franchise I can go as far to say that it does not even deserve to be have the name gears of war in its title. the game has been totally changed the controllers have been turned into call of duty style unlike the good original gears of war controls, only 4 launch maps, around 9 characters (carmines are not included). down but not out mode is gone so you just die immediately not get downed. the story line has concept but it is badly executed half of the campaign seems like you are playing an online match just setting up defenses and waiting for the locust to come towards you it is boring and nothing but a time burn. I've been playing gears of war since the first one and I can honestly say that this is the first one in the franchise that I will return. Expand
  5. Mar 20, 2013
    Gears of War lost its identity with this game. Judgement was made by People Can Fly who made Bulletstorm and is where most of the influence of Judgement's campaign comes from. Instead of just going through the campaign just to hear the story and live through moments of the character's lives, you play through an arcade shooter with a narrator. While it's not the worst campaign they could have done, it's lacking in originality and takes all the arcade elements from Bulletstorm and tries to call itself a Gears campaign just because it uses character from the Gears universe. The campaign has always been nice to have but was never the main reason most people buy the game and multiplayer is where Judgement falters beyond what I could have even imagined. First, you have to choose between different gun loadouts, none of which allows you to have two what I will call primary weapons (i.e. gnasher and lancer). Instead you get one primary and one secondary (i.e. snub pistol) which is odd because you could always start with two primaries and a snub pistol in every previous game that it seems destructive to take away your ability to have two primaries. Part of the reason People Can Fly may have opted to make this change is also present in the multiplayer game modes. Free for all, domination, and team deathmatch are the three traditional competitive game types that make their way into Judgement and they are all copies of Call of Duty or any other first person shooter. It seems to me that People Can Fly could care less about what made Gears unique and just wanted to sell another generic shooter with the same generic control scheme and the same generic game modes and the same generic weapon loadout system. Even overrun copies team fortress with the class system and how the cog interacts. You think that's all they copied? Nope. They even copied Mass Effect 3 with their prizebox system. Instead of copying call of duty again and unlocking things based on experience points earned and what you choose, you are forced to unlock things randomly with prizeboxes. Want a really cool gun skin? Well you better pray that you can get a prize box which hopefully unlocks it for you because that's the only way your going to get it. Unless you want one of the skins you have to pay for. Yes, microtransactions are in Judgement and each character skin is going to net you $4 more, and there a lot of skins that are download and pay for only. People Can Fly effectively ruined everything that made Gears of War unique by changing mostly everything to copy another game instead of coming up with something new and creative and Epic just sat back and did nothing because they don't care about the games they make apparently, it's all about the money. Expand
  6. Mar 19, 2013
    The problem with this game, and also Halo 4 is that they both attempted to fuse call of duty in their gameplay which makes it worse. Some things have been added and removed, such as instant respawn, no more downing (you die instantly), no more active reload (WTF?), everyone starts off with a frag grenade (again, WTF?). I feel like epic betrayed their fanbase for the COD audience, and if they want that then I wont stop them. I rented this game, I'd probably never buy it. Expand
  7. Mar 21, 2013
    this entry is indeed the weakest of the series. the constant dumbing down of our games these days is becoming tedious. numerous devs including the new epic (minus cliffy b, now i see why he left epic) and people fly, are dumbing down, and "younging-down" our games. stop it. this game is a rent, just so you can see what i mean and perhaps so you can experience the free for all multiplayer which is one of the only things i liked about it. dont you dare buy this game if you havnt yet. Expand
  8. Mar 22, 2013
    This game was okay, but had too many negative points to receive a good score.

    This game completely lacked a decent story and character growth. In fact if you've never played a Gears game, your opinion of the regular characters would not only be bland, but probably inaccurate, as the writing was that bad. However, it seems the makers of this game did not attempt to make a game similar to
    the previous ones, but rather an arcade game set in the same universe.

    In this light the game does well. The game play is entertaining and trying to get all 3 stars on every stage will keep you coming back for more. I enjoyed how the Declassified missions made the various stages more difficult in different ways, although I fail to see why anyone would opt to NOT play with them on. I played this with a friend on local co op and we beat the entire game in roughly 7 hours on hardcore, doing all the Declassified missions. It had it's difficulties but it wasn't too hard. We still had an entertaining and fun time, but since it lacked an interesting story and really lacked any character development it felt rather bland. The campaign felt like a fun multiplayer variant but didn't deserve a game of it's own. The multiplayer aspect of this game is atrocious. We had no fun at all. It was very constrictive in how you have to play (heaven help you if nobody chooses a Soldier or Engineer), and the gameplay just felt boring even when we played correctly with using all the different character types. I just did the same thing over and over again and there was hardly any real strategy. Horde mode in the previous game was much better although I think that could have done with some more objectives. I was sad to see it go. The main multiplayer is nothing special anymore either. I remember when I played the 1st game's multiplayer. It was so different. You really had to have good squad tactics and use cover in order to perform well, unlike the CoD or Halo games out there at the time. This game felt like they were trying to make it more like CoD or Halo making it Red vs Blue, and it ends up just being the worst of both worlds. They messed with something good, and ended up with something worse.

    I thought this game had a lot of potential and I thought could have had a good story. Their idea was good, but awful execution. They obviously spent way more time trying make a good arcade game rather than a good story and I'm sad they didn't work harder on both. This really should have just been a series of add-ons to the previous game rather than a game of it's own.
  9. Mar 20, 2013
    Not at all up to par with the rest of the series and a bit disappointing in the graphics and mechanics which feel ten years ago technologically. I would like to think that with the modern advances in other shooter games Epic could have made the game a bit less clunky and arcade-like. I could have lived with the forced story line as that is a standard occurence in many games (even if this one is rather lame thus far) but having to follow the prescribed flow of events while using controls and viewing graphics which I could have found a decade ago is not leading to a very enjoyable experience. I will be beating the story line and returning to get something else quickly. Easily killed my love for the series. Expand
  10. Mar 20, 2013
    doesn't feel like Gears, trying to be like other games. only 3 real kinds of multiplayer games; tdm, free for all, domination. no Horde. new controls. throw grenade with LB. change weapons with Y. LB no longer shows where weapon pick-ups are and where teammates are. there is no button with this function now. only one primary type weapon and a pistol. it's still called an active reload, but it's really not. there is just a fat white line that you have to hit when reloading and that is how you reload your gun. there is no added damage (at least that I've noticed).
    everyone has a grenade now, not a pick-up weapon anymore.
    grenades are very hard impossible to plant.
    also the grenades stick to whoever they are thrown at now.
    ink grenades don't seem to stun. just walk right through them and take minimal damage.
    not enough maps for each game mode.
    have to pick up ammo. run out of ammo all the time if you don't pick some up.
    some of the maps are built kind of like a maze where there are areas that have no importance, but take forever to get through.
    i guess domination was supposed to replace KOTH, but it is a completely different game mode, not really comparable, and it is just like every other game like Call of Duty.
    instead of cogs vs locust, it's just red cogs vs blue cogs.

    this game is basically the same thing as Gears 3 just with less features. it looks the same visually. they would have been better off just making another season pass for 3 and putting these maps on there
  11. Mar 25, 2013
    This is even gears of war anymore. Multiplayer mode is destroyed while only the campaign seems to stick to gears tradition, and it still sucked. Y to switch weapons, cant be revived anymore, terrible graphics, no active reload, the list goes on and on... If you loved gears in the past, this is not the game for you.
  12. Mar 21, 2013
    Let me start by saying that i'm 35. Like many of my friends, Gears is the reason i've bought an xbox in 2006 and the only reason i subscribe to xbox live. I'm not interested in COD who have dumb down FPS to a point of no return. The first Gears was dark, short quote from protagonist and action packed but still, you needed to use the cover system and apply some strategy or you would be out in no time. The whole trilogy campaign was EPIC. The complete opposite of most game at that time. Gears was not a fast game and people liked it this way. Gears 2 tried and successfully success to bring things to a new level. Yes they had major problem with connection at launch, it took almost 3-6 month to have a good patch for the game. But it was in some ways a blessing. True Gears stayed... others left. Gears 2 was near perfect. When Gears 3 released we kind of felt Epic was trying to bring new people to the franchise more guns, more power weapons, bright colors. Horde 2.0 huge success. Many complaint about the sawed-off but in the whole picture it was still Gears...

    Then Judgment: If you played the previous iteration's campaign who were Epic in scale and story you will be greatly deceived by this arcadish feel. The campaign doesn't feel dumbed down but i would say younged-down i really don't understand who they are trying to appeal. Enough said about the campaign, lets move to the multi portion. The first thing you'll notice is the very little amount of mode and maps offered here. Theay have chosed to remove the locust of multiplayer match. Only Cog vs Cog. The only locust you'll see are in the Overrun mode that is kind of a Beast 2.0 from Gears 3. Many little tweaks of previous games have disappeared. They actually tried to bring Gears to a fast paced shooter, which is actually not really Gears...

    To sum up, i don't really know where they want to go with this franchise i love so much, but the result is, with Judgment, they are going away from my xbox...
  13. Mar 31, 2013
    I pre-ordered this because Gears. I have spent literally thousands of hours on this series and this by far is the weakest. They have a 'VIP' zone, splitting the community into 2 groups. WE ONLY GET 4 MAPS, No DBNO, no meatshields, no active reload, ONLY COMES WITH 5 CHARACTERS, the execution DLC just released includes 1 map with a seriously poor tacked on take on 'execution' The campaign should be called arcade mode as is it no way cinematic, just a start-stop point grab. Avoid this game if you want to preserve your fond memories of gears. Gears of war 3 was perfect. This looks slightly better, yet plays worse. The most disturbing thing is the microtransactions. EPIC have created more custom suits and weapons to charge you a ridiculous price for, THESE SKINS COME ON THE DISC. We are paying to unlock them, on top of the DLC and game. this review would of been expletive if It was allowed. Expand
  14. Mar 20, 2013
    how did i know that the people who made gears 2 would again fail at making a good gears game, if you liked part 2 go ahead with this game, but if your a purist and still think part 1 was the then don't bother with this. Just a few things, when playing online in TDM or anything besides overrun and survival, everybody is COG and just painted different colours to differentiate teams, i almost puked in my mouth, then there's classes, this isn't COD, then it's Y to switch weapons and LB to toss grenades, that's when i did puke in my mouth, they specifically ask you when you start the game for the first time if you know the basics, how can you ask that question if you change the basics? it gets a 3 from me because overrun is new and a bit fun but it seems like that was the main focus of this game. WASTE OF MONEY! Expand
  15. Mar 20, 2013
    Developers have once again found a way to ruin an amazing franchise. Game play has nothing new to offer, story doesn't make sense, multiplayer full of the same old stuff and no improvement in graphics. If you are s fan of this franchise get ready to get screwed.
  16. Mar 30, 2013
    I am a long time gears of war fan but honestly, anybody who gave this game more than a 5 is either a fanboy, doesn't know gears or games or both. this is game is an insult to gears of war ESPECIALLY multiplayer. They took out DBNO, meatshields,executions, active reloads and wall tagging frags. They also took out the ability to have a tertiary weapon. In other words you can only have one big weapon and a pistol with a grenade to start each match. there is no horde and the campaign is, quite frankly, boring; it's stale. the only half decent part of the campaign is "aftermath" and I'm pretty sure it's a lost DLC from gears of war 3. I beat the campaign because that's how much hope I had in the game, telling myself "the story will get better" but to no avail. people can fly are trash for even allowing themselves to think of this as a game. all they did was make a game, skin their character with the franchise game, slap on the gears name and told us real fans that it's gears of war it's not. I recommend this game to no one Expand
  17. Mar 22, 2013
    Been into gears since the first one and enjoyed gears 1,2,3 but this one is terrible, i have given it a score of 4 for the campaign but MP is a joke. Dont waste your money, this should have been dlc at half the price.
  18. Mar 21, 2013
    Pros; the game boots up, you can connect to other players, Cons; not a gears game feels like COD, took out DBNO, have to pay for warzone and execution only started gears no big deal. RED vs BLUE really? I like playing as the locust. Very broken mp was this play tested? Cover base game not in cover ever, ONLY 4 mp map not counting overrun, the maps are just bad, this list can go on and on, this was failment Expand
  19. Mar 21, 2013
    Same gameplay and same cover mechanics (Yeah, it has new few things, but nothing impressive after all) new guns? New guns dont change a TPS mechanics, Multiplayer... ITS THE SAME! I knew this game would fail, they released a trailer about this game 10months (I think) after Gears of War 3! They failed, the plots and "sad" momments are stupid, Gears of War 2 is by far the best in the series, dont buy this new one, get the Gears of War 2 complete edition! CHEAPER AND BETTER! Expand
  20. Mar 21, 2013
    Everything I loved about the original is gone. Gears used to be about deep strategic teamplay and intense standoffs but it has become a generic run & gun shooter.
  21. Mar 21, 2013
    Do not buy this game under any circumstances. I am an avid gears fan and the fact that anyone could call this gears of war is depressing. The story lacked the emotion and connection the other gears games had. The multiplayer is the worst part about the game. They simplified all the controls, nerfed all the weapons, everyone starts with grenades, and added constant crosshairs. All of this combined makes it just a bunch of people trading kills until someone finds a map weapon of value. I hate to be one of the people comparing this game to cod but there is definitely some merit to that conclusion. Overall the worst in the franchise and I hope they end the franchise after this because they clearly aren't heading the right direction. Expand
  22. Mar 24, 2013
    Split-screen can't host an online game, campaign is too short, frequent glitches, weapons layout change is horrible, build a character you can't use. "People Can Fly" RUINED my favorite game of all time. I was so excited. I took time off--prepared to spend hours, upon hours on my favorite feeling a disappointment I hadn't felt since learning Santa wasn't real. (Tears) :-(

    I gave it a 4 out of respect for Gears 1-3. So sad!!!
  23. Mar 24, 2013
    Imo, the game does deserve a 7/10 (it's good, not great), but to take what gears was and develop a short arcade campaign (that, personally, did not get me invested) then to take away Horde mode and add some non-gear like changes in other mp staples nets me scoring it in the red to bring it down. It's what has been lost that has me scratching my head; why remove Horde (survival is in no way a replacement), people loved Horde mode, Horde mode received great aclaim; this omission of Horde and the other changes to multiplayer modes (some changes are good however, and it's still fun), have to me, taken away what gave the gears series it's own flavor in the multiplayer sense. Overrun is a welcome addition and would have been more appreciated by myself if it stood along side Horde mode, not the "overrun with bots" mode that survival is. Scoring this in the red because HORDE MODE! Expand
  24. Apr 25, 2013
    Took everything that was good about Gears multiplayer and ruined it. This isn't Gears of Duty, bring back executions, actives, D-Pad switching, DBNO, no starting grenades so many things that made it a great series. Only points given in this game should go towards the campaign and overrun which are both pretty solid and enjoyable. BUT FIX MULTIPLAYER.
  25. Apr 5, 2013
    As someone who played Gears of War 3 for over 250 hours, I was excited to experience all of the changes Gears of War Judgement was gonna bring to the table. Only problem, there aren't that many! The menus, music, animations, are exactly the same! The only changes they did make, made the game worse! Just save your money and keep playing Gears of War 3.
  26. Mar 23, 2013
    (EPIC CASH GRAB: Lag and Disappointment) should have been the title for this turd. Gears of war is my favorite game series this generation. With that being said this title is a total cash grab and an embarassment to the series. Your basically paying $60 for half a game then expected to fork over another $20 for the other half in a month or so. Four maps on disc for mplayer in a AAA title is a total joke. The maps are decent but the entire drop in from above concept is totally at odds with a cover based shooter. The new weapons are fun to use but the marksa is really cheap in the hands of a good sniper because of the amount of ammo in the clips. Overrun is fun but feels unfinished-like there could have been more added to make it more balanced and technical but the developers said screw it it's good enough. The competitive multiplayer is a total joke. It's clear the second you realize everyone can spawn with frags and have shotguns with a shield this game is a total noobfest. Anything that required skill and thinking in past games is now completely removed, even the quick reload WTF!! The removal of locusts was also done for the sole purpose of milking players into buying skins for cog armor. Everything about multiplayer just feels off. Even the gnasher shotgun feels...slightly wrong like the hit detection isn't quite right. Survival is the best thing about this game. This is the only mode with minimal lag, a decent challenge, and most importantly FUN! Guess what- it's also the mode with the least experience points for play and not included in the VIP playlist at this time. Every other mode I played is so full of bouts of LAG that the game is nearly unplayable. Every game save for Gears 3 was laggy but this one is the worst since Gears 2's mess of an online mode. After four games there's no excuse other than the developers just don't care, and why should they people keep shoveling money into the series so they keep copy pasting their net code. The campaign does get some things right by including the Declassified missions and bringing back the tone of the first game. Gore and horror themes are what started the series before it trailed off into the lame generic environments from later titles. That said the story is short and pretty unremarkable, doing nothing to further the series canon in any way. This title was supposed to be a love letter to die hard gears fans, instead it's a slap in the face. Taking away nearly everything we love about a series and charging full price for half a game full of lag is just unacceptable. You can tell a REAL hardcore gears fan from a casual player just by the reviews you see on this site. I'm ditching this game in a couple weeks for Defiance and hoping for a better experience. After this Epic has it's work cut out for it in winning back my affection for this series.... I gave the game a 3 which is honestly the amount of effort I feel was put into this terrible title. For everyone else who thinks they are getting a great deal here, you are part of the problem... Expand
  27. Mar 22, 2013
    This game is a joke to the Gears franchise, there's nothing much more to be said. I am a long time Gears fan. Playing the game ever since I got my first Xbox in 2008. When Judgment was announced, I was excited. I couldn't wait for a new Gears title after been announced that the third instalment would be the last. Oh how I wish Epic games stuck to that word. This game takes everything away from what make Gears of War a unique game. Essentially giving the middle finger to long time hardcore and casual gears players. When you think of Gears of War, the aspects that come straight to mind are accelerated game play, intense close quarter battles, brutal executions and just amazing gameplay in general. The multiplier aspect is a camp fest. With players taking the infamous "Call of Duty" approach. Just sit on a ledge with a rifle and wait for your opponent, All skill has been removed from the game without any consideration to long time players. Sure, I am all for new players picking up a game and been able to play but there should be a learning curve. Not just pick up the game for the first time in your life and instantly be able to hold your own against some of the veteran players. That is not what Gears is about. Down but not outs (DBNOs) have been completely removed from the game taking with it the execution rule. Story wise, sure, a prequel sounded like a good idea but why make Baird the lead character for starters. He is the least liked character over the last 3 gears games (taken by polls on forums and other game sites). Why not take it back to Dom growing up or even Coles transition from thrashball player to COG. yes I'm nit picking now but it's just the thoughts I have about this game. my biggest issue with the game though is the control system. For 6 years, the D-pad has been iconic in the Gears play style. allowing instant switching between 3 weapon and a grenade. It worked perfectly. So why has People can Fly suddenly decided to follow the control scheme of pretty much every other shooter out there. The number of time I have hit the left d-pad to switch to the gnasher for close quarters, only to get gunned down by a rifle is ridiculous. Also when I go to check my surroundings, see where my team mates are and where I should be heading has only resulted in throwing my frag grenade. This game is just the classic example of giving a extremely popular game title to a not so well known company and them completely taking everything away from it. It happens when Ninja Theory did Devil may Cry, It kinda happened when 343i did Halo 4 (although that game was a noteworthy sequel story wise). Overall, the game is terrible. It will certainly has no replay value and I think I will stick to Gears of War 3 as my primary shooters. THANK YOU PEOPLE CAN FLY. You have killed the Gears name. Expand
  28. Mar 24, 2013
    I went into Gears of War: Judgment with high hopes but after playing the multiplayer for countless hours, I just can't reccomend this game. First, there are only 4 maps to play on. Just 4! It is like they did it on purpose so that people will buy the season pass to get more maps. The weapons have been dumbed down so much. The Gnasher is nowhere near the level it was in any of the previous Gears games. The gameplay feels overall just not as good as Gears 3. Nothing has changed that much with this game. They took out what made Gears, Gears (DBNO, Locust vs human battles) and replaced it with elements that just don't fit. As much as I want to reccomend this game, I just can't. It is more like an expansion with the good taken out of the game. Save your cash, this game is not worth it. I will probably trade my copy in shortly. Expand
  29. Mar 21, 2013
    this game sucks so bad these companies are just trying to rip us of. lets put a stop to this.. 4 maps at launch? the other 6 as season pass dlc? the average multiplayer game comes with 10 maps at launch. there going the call of duty way.. one year is made by epic and the next year is made by people can fly. so this one sucked and now there going to shift the blame on "this game wasnt made by the original gears of war people" then hype us up for gears 4 and say "epic is making this one" but following year after that we will see judgement 2. dont let these companies do this to gamers anymore. and dont trust game review sites like ign. open your eyes people! Expand
  30. Mar 24, 2013
    I am so glad this was only a rental for me, because I would of felt cheated of my money. The biggest problem with this game is content, there isn't hardly any! There are more weapon and armour skins for sale then there is to unlock! Microsoft have shamelessly overcharged for something that already exists on the disk and it costs more than the season pass! The gameplay feels samey, which would not be a bad thing but the story is so sub-par it feels like this should of been a 1600 MS points addon for gears 3! This is what happens to good games when the creative directer is no longer working on them. I got this to fill the gap between getting Bioshock Infinite, but it never did. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. May 9, 2013
    It's Gears 3, minus pacing and ambition. It's still fantastically enjoyable, but it's easily the least interesting Gears game. [June 2013, p.64]
  2. May 7, 2013
    Judgment shows that the People Can Fly team knows its way around triple-A titles. They managed to squeeze a lot out of Unreal Engine 3 – the game looks great even compared to Crysis 3, which set new standards in terms of visuals, also on consoles. And when the technology restrained them, they creatively found a way around limitations. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.60]
  3. Apr 21, 2013
    Judgment feels a bit like an excuse to provide the Xbox 360 with one last first-party game for what is likely to be its final year as Microsoft’s flagship game platform.